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Al-Maidah 82-93 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 84-86


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The speakers discuss the importance of accepting the truth and being positive in life. They stress the need for people to be in the weren't-to-win culture and avoid hesitation in accepting the truth. The responsibility of men to care for others, including affirming the truth and denying false accusations, is emphasized. The speakers also touch on the impact of the coronavirus on people, including the excuse for a Christian practicing class.

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And they say a woman? And why should we not?

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Let me know? biLlahi?

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Why should we not believe in Allah?

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Why my daughter Anna, and what has come to us mental health of the truth?

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Meaning, what is the reason

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that we should not believe in Allah? Why should we not believe in Allah? When the truth is so clear, when the Quran is so clear? When the truth is so obvious, why should we not accept? There is nothing to prevent me, there is nothing to stop me. And who do they say this to?

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Either it is that they say this to themselves in their hearts. Because whenever a person wishes to take such a big step,

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what happens?

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What happens? He's reluctant. So over here, they're telling themselves that why should we not accept the truth? When it's so obvious? Why should we not believe in our Lord? I mean, the Quran is telling us to believe in Allah, the Quran is telling us to believe in the day of judgment to believe in the prophets of Allah, the righteous men,

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the Quran is telling us to do certain things. And this is something that is acceptable to me.

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So there is no reason as to why I should stay away from believing in the Quran.

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So they say this either to themselves, or they say this to those people who criticize them.

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Those people who criticize them for their email, that when people begin to oppose them, for becoming Muslim, for accepting Islam, this is a response that they get that I mean, why should I be Muslim? Like if somebody asks you, why are you a Muslim? You're like, why not?

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Similarly, what am I Elena? I mean, why should we be Muslim? Why should we not believe in Allah? What my dad and I mean, I'll help and why should we not believe in the truth that has come to us? Why not tomorrow while we hope and you the healer, now better, man?

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Well, we hope that our Lord is going to admit us, where

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Mario calm is sila hain, in the company of the righteous people.

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Notice the word not tomorrow, not tomorrow from the reflector, stormy.

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And thumber is to desire is basically used for a very strong desire that a person has in his heart, a very strong desire, intense hope and longing for something.

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So not tomorrow, this is our hope. This is our wish. This is what we longed for. This is what we yearn for. Then we want some way of getting into gender.

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And if this is the way, then why should I stay behind from it?

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nakada Catherine Latina palu in the law, well, Missy Herman Maria, woman, you should be live akata harmala already done?

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So if we know that this is the path that takes a person to gender? Why should I not accept it? Because I wish to go to gender I yearned to go to gym

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and use a financial planner, Mario Coleman?

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And who are the sign of him?

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The righteous ones where they are among the prophets, or the other believers, or the martyrs?

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So what do we learn from this ayah? That when the truth is fear to a person, then he should not delay or hesitate in accepting it?

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Because over here, they're saying, why should we not?

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Meaning we should do it right away.

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So when the truth is clear to a person, he should not delay or hesitate in accepting it.

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We also learned from this is that a person should hope for entry engineer.

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mean you should be positive, he should prefer it.

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But you should never think that yes, I'm definitely going to gender.

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Because the person thinks like that, then what happens?

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What happens?

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He becomes careless in his actions.

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Because he thinks has I'm going there anyway. So no problem. If I leave this, no problem, if I don't do this, no problem if I do this, so he becomes negligent in his actions.

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Then we also learn from this idea about the importance of being with the righteous ones.

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The importance of being in the righteous company,

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because if a person is with the righteous people, then he will develop righteousness.

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Remember, your company is always going to affect you. Always.

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If you want to develop good habits, then stay with those people who have those good habits.

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If you want to develop a particular characteristic in yourself, then being the company of those

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Those people who have that good characteristic

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because automatically your friends, your company is going to affect you.

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We also learn from this AI about the importance of Amen. Because they say that why should we not believe in Allah?

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Eman is so important that there is no reason to stop us from accepting human. It is so important it is so necessary.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says For atharva, whom Allah will be milk Allah so Allah rewarded them for what they have said,

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notice over here, Allah is rewarding them for words that they uttered Bhima onlu

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some words are so precious, some statements are so good, they are so beloved to Allah subhanaw taala that a person says those words and a lot rewards and widgeon

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for atharva hormone level b malpelo. Genetic integrity means RTL and how, why are they getting gender because of what they said.

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So some words are so good. They're so beloved to Allah, that a person is promised gender.

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And on the other hand, some words are so bad. They're so negative, they're so hated by a loss of data that a person utters them. And he would fall in Hellfire for atharva home willowby mal Carlo. Genetic integrity means bacterial and how.

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Now, what is the statement that they said?

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What are the words that they said?

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They announced their email when

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they announced their email. And they also made some dereyes. They also made some prayers,

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that writers amongst those who are share him, keep us in the company of those who are sila hain.

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So these are others that they made as a result of them. Allah subhanaw taala grants them what Jeanette invited him in 30th. And her and in these Jeanette holiday in a fee here, there'll be a binding there eternally whether Luca does that with Marcin, and that is the reward of those people who do.

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That is the reward of those people who do airson. So what do we learn from this ayah? First of all, the importance of the words that we utter

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the importance of the words that we say,

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keep a check on every word that you say.

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The other day, somebody was yelling at another person.

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And the person who was being yelled at, he said, hear yourself, listen to yourself.

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Because they were yelling at them, that I listen to your own words, what are you saying to me. And sometimes, if we just stop and try to listen to the words that we're saying to other people, even we would be embarrassed, we need to hear our words, we need to hear our tone, we need to see our expressions, and see how we talk to other people in what way we address them.

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Because sometimes they are so harsh, that they can shatter a person completely.

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They can tear him up completely, they can destroy him completely, it can ruin a relationship severed completely.

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And on the other hand, some words, they can be so effective, so kind, so affectionate, that they can mend people who are broken up, they can mend their hearts, they can put their hearts back together who are broken up.

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So first of all, we learned about the importance of the words that we utter. That some words they can earn a person, a lot of reward.

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And some words, they can bring the person a lot of punishment, a lot of anger and sadness of a loss Pang.

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Secondly, we learn from here

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about the immense reward of those people who do so.

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And that f7 includes exam through speech. Because over here, you see, their call is mentioned that this is what they say. And at the end, they're described as more sinning because of what they have said. So exile includes sand through actions. We think that your sign is only being generous to someone.

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We think signage is giving some charity, giving a gift giving some money. financially supporting someone know their son is also in words.

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Remember that if someone is towards Allah, and it's also towards people, what is their son towards Allah, that a person worships Allah as though he can see him?

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And if he cannot do that, then he should remember that Allah is watching him.

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And when a person has this consciousness, that Allah is

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watching me, then automatically, it's going to bring quality in his actions because their son is beauty quality. So automatically it's going to bring beauty and quality in his actions.

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Whatever he's going to do, he's going to do it properly. Why?

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Because my Rob is watching me.

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And the second half of your sign is towards the people

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that a person treats them well. And how is that done? through words, for instance, good speech, kind speech.

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Good advice, then it's also done through actions. Like for instance, helping someone physically helping someone opening the door for someone holding their bag for them. Sharing your lunch with someone, this is what you're saying through actions.

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Sometimes we become so desensitized that people are struggling right before us. There's a person who was working all by himself.

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And we don't have the heart to ask them if they need help. We don't have the heart to go and help them and assist them, carry one of their bags for them.

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If sand towards people is to physically help them through actions, help them through actions, be generous towards them, cooperate with them, assist them, show your kindness to them.

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And we see that sometimes the mothers they're standing in the kitchen working, cooking,

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and children, they're just watching television, or they're sitting there talking on the phone, and that's it.

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And the poor mother, she's been there all day, she's much older than you she's suffering from illness that you're not suffering from.

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She has to look after you she has to look after herself, she has to look after her husband, she has to look after her work as well.

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And you're so hard hearted that you see the mother but still you don't have compassion, that no, this is not my job, I don't cook my mother cooks.

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This is what we think generally, that this is not my duty. This is not my work, therefore, I'm not going to help them. I'm not going to assist them, I'm only going to do what I'm required to do.

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Our religion teaches us

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that you do that, even what you're not obligated to do.

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Meaning even that, which is not your duty.

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Even if it's not defined in your job description.

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Even then, if you see someone who needs help, it is your duty to help them.

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And your son is authored on how throughout that a person financially support someone.

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And your sign is also through Jeff, meaning through a person's status. Like for example, writing a reference letter for someone

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giving them a link giving them the number of someone who can help them

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who can work with them.

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So with Annika does our own work singing that is our award those people who do air sign

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will allow your humbling mercy.

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But on the other hand, what levena cafaro and those people who disbelieve what cuz there will be a Tina and they deny our verses, meaning they see the truth. But so what do they do?

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reject it.

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They deny it.

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And they call that truth ally.

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Allah equals herbal jehane. And such people are Who? companions they're inmates of the blazing fire.

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Notice over here, gopher is mentioned. And that leap is mentioned.

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What's the difference between the two?

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golfer is to deny in the sense that a person rejects a comment.

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A person rejects a comment that he says this comment in Islam, I'm not going to accept it. I'm not going to do it. I reject it. I refuse it.

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Like for example, select what is it? It's an obligation. A person says there is no select in Islam. There is no prayer, nothing like that. This is what denying a command

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and gullible tech lead is to deny the Hubbard meaning it is to not confirm the truthfulness of something do not confirm the truthfulness of something that is a part of being.

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For example, a person says there is no Day of Judgment. What does that mean?

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He is denying the coming of the Day of Judgment. So he is not affirming the truthfulness of something that is a major part of Deen. So what is COVID that a person denies and I'm a command

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and what is the clip that a person denies a hub

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so those people who do

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Cofer enter cleave of the Ayat of Allah, such people are the US herbal Jain.

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So what do we learn from this? Ayah? That coffin, enter the where do they take a person?

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They make a person an inmate of the Hellfire

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who listen to the recitation of the if

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Okay, who would like to share the reflection?

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I was just thinking about it when we were reading the ayah. But how the Christians they cried over when they heard the Koran and they, how they affirm the truth. I was thinking about time during that away, and we were praying Salah, and the man was leading us and he was crying for a lot. And later on after we had ended, a lot of people started complaining, realizing I'm crying, why is he crying? Why is he crying? And I was just thinking, why wouldn't he cry, this is the words of our last for hamdallah. These, if you came here just to pray that over really quickly, then there was no point of coming to pray that away. So if the Quran doesn't affect you as a person, then what is stopping you

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What is wrong with you, you have to check yourself.

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I was just sharing an incident in my philosophy class that we had, it was basically a class of non believers and atheists or people who had once been believers. And there was a Christian girl in my class who was a practicing Christian, and we were always sort of managed to be on the safe side. So she was like, my biggest supporter, when someone would attack religion, or the belief in gender or something like that. And I always noticed that people who didn't believe or people who were like, sort of believers and sort of not they were sort of more like ready to fight over something where she was more willing to listen and be like, yeah, you know, that's my religion, too. So just shows

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you a practical example.

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I was noticing that Allah subhanaw. taala is informing us that these people, and then they are persisting, and it'll manage their work closer to your interaction, and I was really overwhelmed with allies informing that they have an affection for us. That's our job. And we should have the same kind of affection for them. And it's not the matter of words only, we have to prove, we need to do a kind of essence. So we just learned about a sign as well be a part of it to something so there's really, really working hard the system is there really spending the whole night to do the Ababa to try to please Allah subhanaw taala and on the end is going to be wasted. This is not the

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So to sum, like, I've tried to put more effort to do that as much as you can.

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I'm just remembering a time when my friend was telling me when she was in high school, she's a revert, that in her MSA, they were having like a little gathering. And so they were talking about STEM and when she hit the put me on the transition, she's like, Oh, I have to believe in this or else I'm gonna be in trouble. And so I'm like, Subhanallah how like Muslim non Muslims are so like, ready to believe in like, Muslims that are born Muslims, they don't even like accept them.

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I think the problems with us, we are hesitant. We don't have the guts, we don't have the confidence to present the truth to them. I mean, what are they going to say? No, thank you. So what I mean, you offer food to somebody and they say No, thank you. Do you feel Oh, I'm never gonna offer food to anybody again, you don't do that. So really, what are they gonna say? You know that they are very kind, very affectionate, very loving. So why not take the opportunity?

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I remember one time, I used to have like this notebook. And like, whenever I'd be mad, or very angry, I wouldn't say anything to the person. I was angry. But I would write, like, write all my feelings on that piece of paper. And then after when I've calmed down, I would come back and read what I wrote. And then somehow, like, you're like, oh, wow, that actually write this. Like, you're not in your right state of mind when you're angry. So it's like really important to, to know what you're saying. Like, it's like when you're speaking, it's always good to speak good and like, not speak bad. Because you're not your state your rights even when we were talking. That's why

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I remember when I embraced Islam 10 years ago, and for five years, I was practicing Islam, but I didn't think that it was always right. Because of ignorance. Like, you know, when I decided to study Quran now, like, you know, every time I see something, it was just like, it was

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easy for me to obeys. Like, oh my god, this is the truth now, what am I doing? So everything has changed like it because every time people would tell me Oh, you got to change this, you got attention isn't that you know what? Allah and I are like this, like, you know, we don't, I don't I don't do that stuff, right? But when I actually read it and it was like speaking to me, that's when I realized that I have to obey. Because then you know, this is the word of Allah. It's not a person telling me something, it's a law telling me something. So again, it shows us that we must use the Quran when we're doing.

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I remember yesterday we were learning about having the importance of good intentions. So like with the Christians, at least they had good intentions that they wanted to please God, you know, even though they had cancer, that was wrong, they had a goal. So that's why at least it was easy for them to accept the truth, but I'll make the Jews are the machine learning have good intention. They maybe did it for like worldly benefits or something that was wrong. So that's what they were, like arrogant, and it didn't benefit them when they heard the hold on or not. So now, they get scared for us. Like what is our intention when we learn the Quran? I will not benefit from it or not.

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Yesterday, we were learning about Christmas, right? So I went home, I started surfing the internet, but Christianity, and then it led me to a Jewish website and the man he wrote an article about, you know, the real roots of the Christmas and practices. And then as I went along, I read some other articles. And I noticed like how close you know what they practice and what we practice, like how similar it is. At the same time, they're farther than us and Christian themselves. So the same thing that they should learn how to agenda and configure the angels that was arrogant. So when you listen to the truth, and you know, we should avoid