Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 07 – L075C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The term "theological" is used to describe the belief that most people convert to Islam and that most people are Christian. The importance of accepting the truth and being open-minded to one's own opinion is emphasized. The transcript discusses the impact of the Quran on people's lives, including the potential for mistakes and negative behavior. The recitation of the Quran is seen as powerful, and the importance of not losing faith and not being a woman to be a woman to be a woman is emphasized.
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Another reason as to why they are more closer to the Muslims in affection.

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And what is that what he does semi rural, and when they hear more on Zilla Ella was Sunni, what has been revealed to the messenger? Who does Samir refer to?

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They refer to a Latina carlu in nosara those people who say we are Christians.

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So when they hear that which has been revealed to the messenger, so the love where it was and then what happens to them? What is their reaction? What is their response?

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Dada, you will see are you know whom their eyes what's happening to their eyes,

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the field Lumina them right, overflowing with tears. Why mimma are for mental health, because of what they have recognized of the truth. Because they have recognized the truth when the Quran was recited to them, you will see that they're so soft hearted, that their eyes are overflowing with tears.

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This is a big reason.

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Behind they're having affection towards people in general, and specifically the Muslims, that they're not arrogant when it comes to accepting the truth. When they hear the truth, when they recognize the truth, they're so soft in their heart that they melt and that tears overflow from their eyes.

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Over here, the immediate reference is to the joshy of Abyssinia

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and his coaches, the people of this court who when the Quran was recited to them when the Muslims were migrated to episode you and the machine they came after them getting the Naja she that he should send them back. But Natasha said that I would like to hear what they have to say as well. So the Muslims that came in Jaffa later on he recited the Quran to him. So when the Quran was recited, what happened?

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He was crying. He was crying and the quarters as well the people in the court even they were crying.

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So the immediate reference is to know joshy and his quarters. But this is general as well. It applies to other people as well.

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That when they hear my own data a lot more soon when they hear the Quran, when they hear the Quran that has been revealed to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam there are

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the feelings from the reflectors fail but and failure is the flowing of water.

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It is when water flows out from somewhere abundantly and easily.

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When water flows out from somewhere, abundantly, easily gushing forth,

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So you see their eyes overflowing when a dumb, dumber is used for tears. Why?

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Why do their eyes filled with tears? Why do they overflow with tears?

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mimma because of what are forming and how they have recognized of the truth. So when they recognize the truth, immediately they begin to weep. They begin to cry, tears come in their eyes.

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The word awful is on the roof that resigned Rafa and it's from Martha and Marley fails to recognize something, to know something.

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So upon recognizing the truth, which truth, the truth of the Quran, the fact that these words are not the words of a human being, the fact that these words are the words of Allah.

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So when they recognize that, immediately they begin to cry.

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And we see that this was the reaction of Natasha. And this was also the reaction of what even nofal

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Do you remember what oh five, but no, Who was he?

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That when the first one, he came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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and he did not know what it was, and he was very worried and concerned, how do you generally learn her? She took him to what Okay, the NOFA who was a Christian man? And what did he say?

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That this is what was sent to Moosa. This is also what was given to Musa and Natasha, what did he say that this is what was given to Risa at his center.

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So we see that when they recognize the truth, they immediately confirmed it.

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And what show that they confirm the truth, it was a tears from their eyes. Yoku Luna they say, Robin Amanda, our Lord, we have believed factor of numerous shading. So writers amongst those who are witnesses, write our name with those who are shahidi put our name in the same list. Because remember, there are lists of people

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As well, near a loss of final data.

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There's a list of those people who are truthful. There is a list of those people who are allies who are liars. There's a list of people who are share headin or shy, the shy there's one who bears witness. So does it refer to just any witness? No, it's Ushahidi.

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And as Shireen refers to the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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Why is the culture hidden because it will bear witness against other people. When on the Day of Judgment, as we learned earlier in terms of Baccarat I 143. waka Danica john Malcolm Omar man was upon Lita kuno Shahada Arlen ness.

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So immediately they begin to we

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they proclaim their Eman and they pray to Allah that Allah make us amongst those who are shady,

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that we are also Muslim. We are also one of these people in this dunya and alternative era, we want to be with them, those people who testify to the truth facts, Mr. shahidi

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and your Shahada. What is your testimony to testify? testimony of faith? That eyeshadow La Ilaha Illa Maha shadow under Mohammed Rasulullah. So facto, Mr. shady, right is among those people who bear witness to your oneness, who testify to the truth. Back to Mr. shady.

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What do we learn from this ayah?

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We learned that, first of all, since this is directly connected with the previous idea that most people who accept Islam who convert to Islam are from Mangu.

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Those people who were Christians before, rarely ever, are there muesli cane? Or are there Jews? And again, remember, this is in the general sense. Why? Because the Christians, as mentioned in the previous ayah they have knowledge,

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whatever little knowledge they have, they have knowledge.

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they worship they have the sculpture of sacred knowledge and worshiping God.

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This is a culture that they have.

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And because they're not arrogant,

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yes, their knowledge may be incorrect. Yes, their worship may be false. Yes, their humanity may not be that acceptable to Allah subhanaw taala. However,

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these qualities, they make a person humble, and they give the ability to a person to accept the truth.

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So this is why when they hear the Quran, when they see the Quran, when they learn about the Quran, what happens most of the time they become Muslim.

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Secondly, we learn from this ayah

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that when a person learns about the truth, because it has been said men met, Rodolfo miniloc

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when a person recognizes the truth, then what should he do? What should he do?

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He should accept it, even if that truth goes against him. Even if that truth means that you were wrong,

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that when a person recognizes the truth, what should his behavior be? That he should accept it?

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Like, for example, if you find out that a particular food is not good for you, or a particular way of cleaning is not good, doesn't really clean. And somebody finds out your mistake. What should you do that no, this is the way to clean. This food is definitely good for me.

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Remember that no person is fault free. No person is error free. Every single person makes mistakes, every single person.

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And the quality that we need to develop it ourselves is that when we find the truth, when we find some evidence behind something, we should be open hearted. And we should accept it.

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Even if it means we have to admit our mistake, we have to admit our fault.

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Because no one is fault free. Why do we learn about so many scholars who had a particular opinion earlier and then they change their opinion?

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Or that they said something else later on? Why?

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Because they were open to the truth they accepted the truth even if that meant what I said before was incorrect. What I said before was wrong.

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For example, mmm Jeffery.

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Many times we will find multiple opinions. Why? Because some of them were from his earlier life, and some of them were towards the end of his life.

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Because when he learned more knowledge when he gained more knowledge of the Hadees when he found out about the truth, he changed his opinion he changed his mind.

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So this teaches is a very important lesson. That when a person recognizes the truth

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He should accept it, even if it goes against him, even if it means that a person has to say I was wrong.

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Thirdly, we learn from this ayah that the Quran impacts the heart.

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It impacts the heart, it affects the heart of the person.

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Even if a person does not believe in it,

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even a person does not believe that this is from Allah, even then it's going to affect him. And we see that the machine, they would go and try to listen to the Quran secretly. Why? Because the Quran is beautiful,

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in its words in its effect, so they would be affected by it. And we know that the machine of Mecca they would call the Quran save magic.

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That just says magic affects a person. Similarly, this Quran also affects a person.

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Because we see over here that when they hear the Quran, then the tears begin to flow from their eyes.

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Because on has an impact. So what does this teach us?

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That when we have to do Dawa, what should we do?

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What should we use?

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The Quran?

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The translation,

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the Arabic.

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And for that, what do we need to do?

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What do we need to do? We need to improve our recitation.

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Because if we cannot recite correctly, if we cannot recite beautifully if we cannot recite from our heart,

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then how can the recitation be beautiful? How can we beautified

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How would it have a good impact? You see that sometimes you hear particular recitation, it moves you.

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Even if you don't know what it means, still it moves you inside out. You have shivers going all over you.

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So many people that just hear the recitation of the Quran, and that affects them. Then as a result of that, they become Muslim. They're like, what is this speech?

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And it's very amazing.

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The other day, somebody had come to my house to fix some plumbing.

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And I had played some code on

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the CD was going on. I didn't turn it off. Actually, it was going to turn it off. And he said, Please don't turn it off. It's very beautiful.

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I was amazed.

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And that person had to come again. And again, it was on. So he said, Can I please have a copy of this?

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And I was just amazed. I didn't do any damage to him. nothing whatsoever. But just that he heard the recitation of the Quran, he got so affected that he's like, this is beautiful. He kept on describing how he was feeling. And at the end, eventually, he said, this is divine.

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He said that this is divine.

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And he's like, you know, it gives me goosebumps. It makes me shiver. It is amazing. It's beautiful.

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I gave him a CD. And he said that he plays it for his son now.

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And I was so amazed that he probably doesn't know what it means.

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But it's just the recitation of the Quran, which has such an impact on the heart. So what did we learn that the Quran impacts the heart? They heard the Quran and then they accepted Islam in this ayah

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what it has some year they heard the Quran and then they accepted Islam, if they had not heard the Quran, then how would they have understood? How would they have cried? How would they have made the so we see that there are people in the society who are in search of the truth, they desire the truth. Apparently, it may seem as though they are not interested at all. But when they hear the Quran, then you see the hair coming out of them.

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Then you see the head coming up to them.

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We learned that a Christian delegation, it came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he recited the Quran to them. They heard and they started weeping.

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The field limited them. Why? Because women are for mental health because they recognize the truth. They were waiting for the messenger. And then they recognize the truth. They accepted.

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It just like when you're looking for something when you're in search for something, and eventually when you find it. Don't you start crying out of excitement out of happiness.

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This was their reaction. Then when they heard the plan, this is like this is exactly what we were waiting for.

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My motto for mental health and as a result, they began to cry out of happiness. This is tears of happiness.

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We also learned that when we are doing garwa then we must recite the Quran.

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We must recite the Quran. Yes, giving the translation of the plan is beneficial.

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Whenever giving an audio is more beneficial, giving them an audio is more beneficial.

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Once we have gone to this church, and this priest was there, and we were just talking about Christianity and Islam, we're just discussing the similarities and the differences, etc, etc.

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And my sister was there. And she said that let me recite a portion of the Quran to you about the birth of Jesus.

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And she recited the beginning verses of sort of the beginning verses which mentioned actually the birth of your hair this and um, and then the birth of a certain incident.

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And then we recited the translation. And they were so touched by it. They were so touched by it that they wanted a copy of the Quran.

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Imagine, this is a priest. This is a priest, but he wanted a copy of the Quran. Why? Because when he heard the coupon, it really impacted him. It really left a mark on him.

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So this shows to us that when we're doing Dawa, then we should use the recitation of the Quran. Yes, giving the translation Yes, it's beneficial. But over here we see some error

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when they heard the Quran, that is when it affected them.

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We learned earlier on io 199.

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We're in Nome and Ethel kitabi llama Yomi Nabila human unzila aleikum wa. ala la him. Harsh Irina Lila, layer storeowner bat la salmon and Kalia hula ikara eduroam are interrupting him in a la serie on herself.

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That indeed, among the People of the Scripture, are those people who believe in Allah, and they also believe in what has been revealed to you.

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They also believe in what has been revealed to you and what has been revealed to them. And they're humble before Allah subhanaw taala.

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So when will they be able to believe in the Quran? When we present the Quran to them?

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There's another iron so it'll cost us if 53

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they will either youth or lay him. How to an IV. That when the Quran is recited to them, they say we have believed in it

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in a whole * kkoma rabina Indeed, it is the truth from our Lord, in condemning poverty muslimeen Indeed, we weren't even before it Muslim.

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Even before they'll put on can we were Muslim, even before we knew the Quran, we were Muslim. Now that we have learned the Quran, we are more Muslim.

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We also learned from this ayah that crying

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when listening to the Quran is something that is beneficial.

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And it is in fact a sign of a soft heart. It is a sign of an accepting heart, a believing heart, a humble heart.

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What? What is the sign

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that when a person cries when he hears the plan when he recites the floor,

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but remember that there are two types of Booker. There are two types of crying.

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When people cry out of listening to the Quran, there are two types of crying.

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First is that which is broken left and muslin, meaning it is fake.

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It is a pretense

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that just because oh, it's 2pm. So I have to cry.

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And just because everybody's crying, so I must cry as well. No, this type of crying is what the this is showing off. And it doesn't benefit a person. It doesn't help a person at all.

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In fact, it goes against a person because he's showing off.

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And the second type of bokeh is that which is out of Russia, out of lean out of fear of a loss penalty out of the softness of the heart. And this is since here, this is a result of email.

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And it in fact increases the amount of a person as well.

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And this type of crying is what is beneficial for a person.

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So yes, crying when reciting the Quran when listening to the Quran, it is something that is praised over here. It is something that is praiseworthy, however, it must be sincere, otherwise, it's not going to benefit a person.

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We also learn from this ayah that when a person recognizes the Hulk, only then can he benefit from it. Only then can he be affected by it.

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That the reason behind they're crying is what mimma autofull mental health because they recognize the truth.

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If a person does not even recognize the truthfulness of something, will you benefit from it? No. So the more a person believes in the truthfulness of something, the more he will benefit from it, the less he will believe in its truthfulness.

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The less he will benefit from it.

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So the more a person has European in the Quran, that women are still coming a Latina woman are still coming to light her Lisa, woman accidentally in a lie hookman They call me Ukrainian.

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When a person has yaqeen then only you will benefit from the Quran if he doesn't have the certainty, then he will not be able to take benefit from the Quran.

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We also learn from this I bought the encouragement to announce even

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to announce even upon accepting it because they say Amen, we have believed

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and we also learn from the side but the encouragement to pray to be of those people who are righteous to be of those people who are shahidi because a company of righteous affects a person.

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The company of the righteous affects a person

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and a moral Marmon

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a person will be with those who meet up in the year after wherever they will be. That is where he will be.

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Presentation of these

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