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Al-Maidah 41-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 49-50

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Rosa belay him in the shape of a genius Monday night over him.

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Lesson number 72 similar to that either I am number 49

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well any combiner who's been under a law, whether that be a home

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and judge a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam between them by what Allah has revealed, and do not follow their desires, do not follow their inclinations. What their home and be aware of them, be careful.

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And over here, what an econ This is a command that has been given to the profits on line seven.

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Previously, we learned that the profits or losses and it was given a choice, that when they come to you, it's up to you whether you wish to decide between them, or you don't wish to decide between them.

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But if you do wish, if you do decide to make a judgement between them, then make sure you do so hell with with justice.

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And over here, again, he's being told that we're an air combiner home when they come to us seeking judgment. Then when you decide between them, how should you judge based on what

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Bhima ends at a level according to what Allah has revealed? Meaning according to the Quran, because up until now the prophets are about his son would also sometimes make judgments with regard to them from their books from their revelation.

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Like for instance, you remember the incident of Yvan Soria, how he was brought and he was told to recite the Torah.

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But now However, if they come to you for judgment, then how are you going to decide between them? Where are you going to get the ruling from, from the Quran? Not their sources. Why? Because the Quran is now the mo Haman. The Quran has abrogated the previous books, it is the Mohammed.

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So combinar won't be my answer Allah and when at the veto, do not follow their desires, not follow their inclinations, when it comes to making judgments for them.

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Why? Because if you follow their desires, than if you follow the desires of people, they're going to lead you astray from what Allah has commanded

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him and be cautious of them.

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If not from her, then

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meaning beyond the alert, be very careful. Be cautious when they come to you. From what if they knew that they put you to trial and away from meaning they tempt you away from because fitna is also temptation. So be careful lest they tempt you away from BB Lima under Allah, from what a lot of panel data has revealed.

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There are some people who want to bring their case, you know, they're presented very honestly, they're very innocent people.

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And there are some people who are very sly, who were very clever. And when they speak, you know, they literally spin your head. They mentioned such things or they present their case in such a way, or they say things in such an ambiguous way that you don't know what's going on. And very easily you can be deceived by them.

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So the profits or the monitor has been told over here that when they come, and they present their case to you, be very careful, be very alert. Don't be tricked by them. Be very careful.

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Because it's possible that they might turn you away, they might lead you away from what Allah Subhana Allah has commanded.

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And bow the messenger Allahu Allah acre

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for indoor low then if they turn away, meaning if they turn away from the judgment that you make for them far along then no. And now you read the law that Allah wishes and you sleep for whom the valleys movie him, that he reaches them, because of some of their sins. You see the whomever he gives a sensor, that he punishes them.

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Why? Because of the sense that they have committed.

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What in the Kafeel Amina nursey, the fancy phone and indeed many from the people are sinful?

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What do we learn from this ayah? First of all, we see that a person should be extremely careful with regards to closely following the commands of Allah soprano.

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The commands that Allah Subhana Allah has given a person should be alert, he should consciously try to follow them. He should be very alert, because there are people out there who will come to you and say, Do you really think this is the correct way of doing custom such? Well, don't you know about that? Hadees? And don't you know about that? I don't know about that scholar about that interpretation. So a person should be on his guard. When it comes to following the Quran, internet. Don't take this light, because there are other people out there because they're not following the Quran internet themselves, and they want the same thing for you.

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Like, for example, I remember once I was very young, and I just started wearing the hijab, I went to school and this girl asked me, Do you really think that hijab is mentioned in the Quran, and I hadn't studied the under that?

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I wonder, I began to wonder, because I was still very young and I hadn't studied the Quran.

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So you have to be very careful, very cautious, very alert, that there are other people out there who can create doubts in your mind in your heart. And you can become shaky within moments, you intend to do something, and they come and there is doubt in your head and that's it, you lose your confidence. So when it comes to following the deen, be very careful, be very cautious. And for that purpose, you have to be well equipped with knowledge as well.

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You know, sometimes if you believe that a certain type of food is good for a certain type of diet is good for you. And certain types of food are not good for you. And there are people who come and say that, you know, don't be so finicky. Don't be so picky. Why do you have to eat organic? Why do you have to eat all fruits and vegetables? You know you you've done your research, you've done your research. Why? Because in case somebody asks you, then you're able to defend yourself, what is that? precaution. So similarly, when it comes to following the dean, we have to be extremely alert, extremely cautious. And we have to be well equipped, because people are very clever and making

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others misunderstand the deen and follow the deen incorrectly.

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Secondly, we learn from this either if a person turns away from the law of Allah, for into a low, if a person turns away from the law of Allah, then why does he turn away from the command of Allah? What's the reason behind that? It is a consequence of their sins. It is a consequence of their sense. Because over here Allah says, fire alarm and Noma you read the level and you Sliva whom be badly behaved. Know, that Allah intends to punish them for some of their sins that they have committed. And because of that, they're not getting the trophy, do follow the commands of Allah, to follow the law of Allah.

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So off the consequences of committing sins is that a person is deprived of following the commands of Allah.

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We also learned from this I that most people, many people, their physical, were inactive Amita Nessie the festival, they're sinful.

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Meaning they don't follow the commands of Allah, they don't wish to follow the commands of Allah.

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We don't insert use of IO 103 extra bonus when our heroes harassed by many, and most of the people although you strive for it are not believers, most of the people so you know when we see so many people are not following the commands of Allah do we think that maybe we're wrong? But remember, that majority is not authority. Even if there are many people who are not following the commands of Allah and you're perhaps the only one in your family in your school at your workplace Don't doubt the dean because remember that in Naka theorem in a NASA physical You know, sometimes you start something one person comes in, questions you another person comes in creates doubts in your head,

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another person comes in discourages you. And at the end, you're like, maybe they're right, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I shouldn't do this. But what does Allah say? That the majority is not authority because most of the people their festival

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in total, and am I a 116, we learn what until they're upset, amen, fill up, you'll be Luke and Sabine in there.

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And if you obey most of the people on the earth, then what's going to happen? They're going to mislead you from the way of

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their way to mislead you from the way of a law from civilian. So remember, that majority is not authority. Even if you're the only one following the commands of Allah, everybody's opposing you still because you have the evidence from the Quran and Sunnah. adhere to that, stick to that.

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And if you look at it, over here, where Allah subhanaw taala said that what inokashira Milanesi love as a con, this is such a big reality that you look at any group of people. You look at any population, we see that there are some people who maybe they're very particular about fasting, but when it comes to praying for that they're very negligent. Or there are people who are very particular about praying the salah and performing the fire, but when it comes to dealing with the people and giving their hope. They're very negligent. So most of the people, they fall into this category of crossing limits somewhere or the other. And here we have to check ourselves that what is

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our behavior with the deen of Allah that the commands that we come to know about

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What is our behavior? Do we cross the limits? Do we exceed the bounds? Do we commit sin?

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Ever hope Raja helia tiova? Who, then is it the judgment of the time of ignorance that they desire? Woman santolina la hoekman. Live coming up noon. But who is better than Allah in judgment? For people who are certain in faith

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over here lost a parent that is questioning us, keep all of the ayah that we learned so far in your mind

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that how they would they would come to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Why, in order to find out about his opinion about his decision that if it suited their desire, they would accept it.

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And similar was the case with the hypocrites as well. That Once there was a hypocrite men who went to the prophets Arnold autism seeking a decision. I mentioned this incident to you before as well. He gave the decision. He didn't like it, he went to go back to the same decision. He didn't like it, he went to remodel the learn who What is this? looking for someone who would tell you that which suits your desires.

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So what is the person doing? He's basically trying to get away from the command of Allah.

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He's trying to find a loophole. He's trying to find someone or something through which he can figure out as to how he can escape the command of Allah.

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And also points out is asking us that by leaving the command of Allah, what do you want? By leaving the home of Allah? What are you looking for? The hockomock, Jamelia, the laws of Jehovah, the laws of the days of ignorance. That's what you're looking for. You want to go backwards? Where do we think that if we leave the commands of Allah, we are getting what? advanced? We are becoming modern. But what does Allah say? That by leaving the command of a lot of a hookman j Li overhaul? Are they seeking the hook of of J helia.

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Over here, this Hamza Fr. hookman, this Hamza is different is for our job. It is for amazement, that this is very strange. Then look at these people wears their Apple, they want to go backwards. Allah subhanaw taala has given his lot and look at them. They don't want to they want something else. This is very strange.

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And how can I hear the word jelly is from the root letters jeem hat lamb, jelly, jelly. What does that mean? ignorance. And what is ignorance? lack of knowledge when someone does not have knowledge when someone does not know.

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And Jay Z is also to have incorrect knowledge about something. Jay Z is altered to have incorrect knowledge about something

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because the person thinks he knows but he doesn't actually know.

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You understand if a person is misinformed, then he thinks he knows. He thinks he's fully aware, but he's not actually aware. So that is also Jamia.

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And Jamelia is also to ignore to act upon the real knowledge

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that a person knows what should be done, but he still doesn't do it. This is what Jenny Lee is.

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But as a term as a technical term. jelenia refers to the pre Islamic state of ignorance, the pre Islamic state of ignorance,

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that the ignorance that people were in until the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came.

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And what was that ignorance. People were ignorant about a loss penalty.

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That he is one. And because of that, they were lost in paganism in worshipping idols in getting their children eating Haram, not giving one another their hokku depriving the women of their inheritance inheriting women, we have learned about many, many traditions and practices, the customs of the Arabs. So all of those traditions, all of those practices, what are they known as? Jay Z? Why?

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Because people were performing, they were practicing those customs. Why? Because they were unaware of the law of a loss.

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So it is a pre Islamic time of ignorance. When people did not know about the law of inheritance, what did they do? The oldest son would come and he would take all of the property where the people did not know that women also have a share of inheritance. What would they do? They will just go in, take their property. When people did not know that women are actually human beings, they're not to be treated as commodity as some property

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That is inherited. What would they do? They would inherit women, the son would adopt the wife of his father. So all of these practices are what? Generally, pre Islamic state of ignorance.

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So over here, lots of parents are always asking, if I have to vote no. Why did those people have those practices? First of all, because they were ignorant of the love and loss.

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And secondly, because they follow their desires. Secondly, because they follow their desires, whatever they wish to do whatever they wanted to do, they did that. Whatever seemed good to them, they did that. So if I hook no jelly at the other one, meaning this is what they're striving for, this is what they're looking for something other than Islam.

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Well, my accent Amina la hookman. And who is better than Allah in judgment, Lee call me up known for people who believe with certainty.

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So basically, we see that before Islam, people were lost in ignorance. Because of that they were harming themselves. They were harming others, they were negligent towards a loss penalty towards his rights and also in giving the rights of other people.

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So a lot of printer is asking us that by leaving the command of a law, are you trying to go backwards? Are you trying to go backwards?

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That for example, auto patent is something that is forbidden novelty. mean, obviously, that is not justified.

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In the time of ignorance, people, they did not like to have daughters. They thought having daughters is a big burden. So what would they do? What would they do? They would bury them alive?

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Today, what do people do? By leaving this command of a lot of potlucks forbidden? What do they do? They abort their children if they don't wish to have them. Now, by leaving the command of a lot of people advancing, are they going backwards? They're going backwards, that they're doing the same thing that people back then would do when people did not have any knowledge when people were ignorant completely.

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So by leaving the command of a lot, you're actually going backwards. And that is something very strange. This is something very amazing. And over here last 100 questions as well man accent I mean, en la hookman. They call me up for those people who have your team, meaning who have your team, in the fact that Allah Subhana Allah has given the best law. For them the judgment that Allah subhanaw taala has given is the best for who those people who have been, who trust Allah, who have conviction, they recognize Allah, they realize that Allah subhanaw taala his knowledge, his mind, his wisdom encompasses all things. Such are the people who accept the Quran and Sunnah. Such are the

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people who change themselves, who don't try to change the law of love, but rather they change themselves. What is one of the first things that we learned about the Quran radical keytab narroway, Buffy, Lowery, Buffy.

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And in those ayat as well yaqeen was mentioned your teen was mentioned. Why? Because it is your theme, it is conviction, it is certainty that a person has the fact that this is the vest that enabled him to follow the commandment of Las panatela has given

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so what do we learn from this ayah First of all, we learned that a person who adopts a law other than the love of law, then he is in what state in the state of Jamelia.

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And remember that every person goes through this as well. Every person goes through this as well. That he is unaware to the novela he is unaware of the commandment of loss apparent Allah has given he's in a state of joy here. And because of that, either he is following his desires or he's just following what other people are doing.

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And then he learns the deen

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so when he learns the deen What should he do? What should he do? Change himself show that he is learned how by following the commands of Allah, if he is not following the commands of Allah, then what is he going back to J helia. He is going backwards into j helia.

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And sometimes we learn about the commands of Allah, we start implementing them and then we stop. Why? Because we think that we cannot advance we cannot go forward in our dunya if we continue to follow the commands of Allah.

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For example, there are girls and this is something that I will mention openly because this is something that I find extremely disrespectful towards the the that there are people who start wearing the hijab who start wearing the niqab.

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start wearing the job. And as soon as you finish studying the Quran, they go back to, you know, their school or something or the other, they wait for some time and back to the same thing. hijab is off to the Bible is off, the cob is off. And when they come to the Institute, they will wear and when you see them elsewhere, they will not be wearing it. And we think that if we're not wearing it, we're advancing. We're like everybody, we're modern. But what are we doing? We're going backwards to Jamelia. We're going back to the same state where we didn't know of the commands of Allah, then what's the difference between us and those people who haven't studied?

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If our ways have not changed, if our practices have not changed, that despite learning our amo does not change. What does that show that we are still in Jehovah, we're no better than those people who don't know.

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So never consider yourself higher or superior than those people who don't know the Quran. Because in your actions, you're just like them. Over here loss of power that is reprimanding us. For Hawkman jania Bolin. Are you seeking the law of Jamelia? you're seeking the judgment of Doheny, you want to go backwards? You don't want to advance in your deen have a hermoza helium balloon.

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So this is it teaches that a person who adopts a law other than that of Allah, what is he doing? He is in jail helia this is not modernism. This is going backwards. People kill their children back then if people kill them today in the name of having a small family, then this is the same thing. jania

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Secondly, we learned from this is that the best judgment, the best law is the law of who the law of a loss penalty. Because Allah says woman Arsenal is asking us who is best, who is better and giving judgment than Allah subhanaw taala

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What's the answer? No one it's only a loss of time.

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So the best judgment is that of Allah subhanaw taala. Why? Because his judgment is based on his

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on his either on his on his hikma. His judgment is based on his knowledge, His justice, his wisdom, His mercy. And the judgments that people make, what are they based on? bias, desires, ignorance, prejudice, and alasa pile data's judgments are based on his supreme knowledge. And if a person truly believes in the names of the last panel data in the Esma, and so forth of Allah soprano data, then you must believe that the hookworm of Allah is best. If a person truly believes that Allah is Arlene, that in that case, he would have no problem in accepting the commands of Allah.

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If a person believes that Allah is Hakeem, he would have no problem in accepting the commands of Allah. If a person knows that Allah subhana wa tada is the most just then you will have no problem in accepting and implementing the commendable

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therapy we also learn from this idea that when a person has up in the fact that a loss of penalties judgment is best, when a person has been in the fact that Allah subhanaw taala Jasmine is the best, then he will be able to accept a loss judgment and then he will have contentment with regards to the decision of Allah, he will be able to submit and if he does not have your theme, then he will not be content with the decision of Allah, He will not be able to submit, he will not be able to accept.

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We also learn from this ayah that the Hakama the judgment of Allah, the laws that are most apparent Allah has given even if other people say that it is not good. Even if other people say that it's not good, it is still the best.

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Because we learn about the law of ammo, we learn about the commands that Allah Subhana Allah has given and there are people who object there are people who will show you the negative consequences of following the commands of Allah. However, still a person should believe that Allah Pendleton is law is the best.

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Because apparently, or initially, a person may find it difficult to observe the command of Allah. He may find it very challenging. He may find it very challenging, you may find it very difficult. But what is surprising? What is surprising that a person controls himself on what

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good deeds. This is where we need software.

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The reason why we don't continue to follow the commands of Allah is because we don't have such

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and if a person believes that this is a heck of a lot, no matter how difficult I find it, no matter how challenging, I find it. This is a lot that Allah gave and this is the best if I do find it difficult

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Have to do suffer. And when a person continues to do so, but eventually he does see the benefits, he does see the benefits.

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So a person must believe that, yes, this is the best judgment that it must append data has good.

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We listen to the recitation of

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so the next time

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finding loopholes, instead of finding, okay, what is that scholar saying? What does that scholar saying? Is there any other opinion? What should our approach be? This is a heck of a lot. And this is a lesson, and I have your pain, that this is a lesson. If I find it difficult, I will do something. This is a solution. If you've noticed this, that the address or the approach in the surah is very direct, and it's very firm as well. Why because it was one of those ones that were the last ones to be revealed. And at the end, this is the clear instruction that a lot of Pantone is giving very directly in a very firm manner, that don't take that lightly. Don't go here there. Don't find

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loopholes, take it as it is.

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and turn it see that you know, people they keep changing their opinions, one after the other, and trends keep changing. So if a person just follows other people, following the trends and following their opinions, then you will eventually you know be neither here nor there.

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I will just remember that sometimes people do change their opinions Why? Because they have learned something new. So sometimes if you hear that a scholar said something different first and now he's mentioning something different. It's possible that he has learned something different.

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So just because you hear that a scholar has changed his opinion don't think that he's following his desires don't say that have personal one because it's possible that person did not know of something before and now he's learned about it.

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woman asked

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subclinical locomobi

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into a stockbroker

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already called