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Al-Maidah 41-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 47-48

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When you come around India, and let the people of India, for the people of India, the Christians then a sorrow over here, lots of friends, Allah says, Well, yeah ingenie Bhima Anza, Rama houfy and let the people of the gospel judge by what Allah has revealed there in meaning they should follow the Injeel doesn't mean they should follow it now, and they should not follow the Quran. What does it mean by this?

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Over here, when the Echo, this is a continuation of the previous ayah, that when this Injeel was revealed, when India was given to the people, what was the purpose, just so that they should read it, and that's it, know, that they should judge according to it, they should live according to it. So the reason behind sending the Scripture is not so that people just read the book, and gain Baraka from the book, and just recite the book and earn good deeds, no, what's the main objective, live by the book, Judge according to the book, this is why Allah said in June, that the people of NGO should judge by the book according to the book.

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And others have said that this is also applicable to the people of India today. That they profess to be the followers of the gospel. So they should follow the engine. And if they compare their actions, with the commands that are given in the NGO, they will see a clear difference, they will see a clear contradiction, that the Indian is saying something else, and they're doing something that is completely different. They claim to be followers of the book, but they're not actually following the book. Just like the Muslims today, we claim to be believers in the Quran. But we don't actually believe in the Quran. The prophets are allowed a certain kind of Hanako Quran, his character was put

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on why? Because he followed the Quran very closely.

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So we're here they're being questioned that if you claim to be the followers of the gospel, then how come you don't follow the gospel. And if you really did follow the gospel, then you would actually believe in Mohammed Salah

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if you really follow the gospel.

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So Aliyah come, in Gili, we met under the lung fee. Well, my lamea convener under Allah, and whoever does not judge according to what Allah has revealed, for Allah ecomo, fair sukoon then such people are sinful, they're crossing limits. They're disobedient people.

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What do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we see that the one who does not judge by the book of Allah, He is called fasciae. Before that, he is called La Lim. And before that, he is called caffeine.

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So cough, one and Fisk. These are the characteristics of those people who do not follow the commands of Allah.

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Those people who do not follow the commands of Allah, who do not judge according to the commands of Allah, that first of all, a person says, No, I'm not going to follow it, I'm not going to observe it. What is that?

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When a person does not accept the command of Allah, he is going to do something else. And what is going to be one against himself against others against Allah. And as a result, he's going to be committing Fiske, he's going to be crossing the limits. So when a person refuses to follow the command of Allah, it's not just copper, but rather it leads to learn it leads to Fisk, it leads to learn and it also leads to Fisk.

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We also learn from this ayah that each people have the Scripture. They were required to live by the scripture that they were given.

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In South America, and number 68. We learned Kalia and Akita be less than or less a inheritor to a moto Raja, will India woman, en de la, la, la Pico, se, are People of the Scripture, you're standing on nothing, until you uphold the law of the Torah, the gospel and what has been revealed to you from your Lord.

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So until you truly follow the Scripture, you're not believers in the Scripture.

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Well, and then Eli calcaterra will help. And we have revealed to you or Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the book in the truth, meaning this Quran that we have given to you, we have revealed it with the truth, meaning containing the truth, this key tab contains the hook, it has brought the help. It is based on help all of the accounts that are in the Quran, what are the truth? They're based on justice, similarity, all of the incidents that are mentioned in this book, what are they true accounts?

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Similarly, as we learned earlier, what are they you never open a demo will help. So not just the outcome, but also the incidence of the past the stories of the past, they're also based on the truth. Similarly, the prophecies that are mentioned in the book, they're also true.

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The news about what's going to happen in the future everything in the Quran.

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Based on the truth, Allah Subhana Allah says we'll be happy and the level will be happiness with the truth We have revealed it and with the truth it has come down so will help you and this is called an Masada Kalima beignet. It confirms that which was before it. what came before me, Nikita of the books, meaning it confirms the truthfulness of all the previous scriptures that were revealed before it which scriptures that all are the Injeel and all else whether we know of them or we don't know of them.

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But that's what it is also more Haim in an early. It is also one that guards and protects over the previous scriptures.

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The word mo Haman is from the room fetters hare meme noon. Her me noon.

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And mo Haman is also one of the names of alasa panda.

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And it's also one of the characteristics of the Quran.

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Well is from Jaime moon and Haman is to control and protect, control and protect.

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It is basically used as share hit, meaning one who looks after one who bears witness, one who watches, one who preserves. So it gives a sense of watcher and preserve it. And it also gives a sense of hacking, meaning one who judges

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Mohammed is Oh, first of all che. Secondly, hacking

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for this corylus Mohammed, how is it Mohammed that this called an prevails over all the previous scriptures? It prevails over all the previous scriptures. This is the final book. Now this has to be followed the previous books, they're not to be followed anymore. And this Quran it preserves their original and unaltered messages, the message that was given in the total, the message that was given in the interview, where is it preserved? Where is it preserved in the whole own,

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because in the previous books, the message that was given it was altered by people. So basically what I mean first of all means that the Quran is hacking over the previous books, meaning it has corrected the previous books, it is nice if it is the aggregator of the previous books, whatever was distorted, whatever was changed. Whatever was removed from the previous books, whatever truth that is necessary for people to know, where is it preserved? Where is it preserved in the Quran.

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And secondly, Mohammed also gives a sense of showerhead, that the Quran is a showerhead. There were previous books, meaning it testifies to the fact that the previous books were revealed by a loss of prime time.

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So first of all, it gives the meaning of hacking meaningless. Now what book is applicable, the Quran and secondly, the Quran is shy, there were previous books that it testifies to the truth that those previous books were revealed by Allah meaning their original books, original forms.

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So now that this has come, and it is Mohammed over the previous books, it is NASA, therefore for combiner home Bhima Angela. Now what are you going to follow? How are you going to judge? What are you going to judge according to the Quran, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being told the convener home judge between them being under a law according to what Allah has revealed meaning according to the law of the Quran,

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because up until now, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would judge between the alligator according to their law, because he was a political leader, so you would give them their law. But now the profits are the lowest has been told that no matter who comes to you, what law are you going to use? Which law are you going to use that which is based in the Quran, meaning that has been revealed by Allah,

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while at the very, end, do not follow their desires? Because they don't want you to follow the law of Allah.

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Don't follow their desires. Why? Because if you do so, then what's going to happen? Following the desires leads a person astray from that which Allah subhanaw taala has set.

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So we're not that severe of a home I'm magia come in and help from what has come to you of the truth.

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The code name for each meaning for each. For each people, whether it was the oma of masala Salaam or Isa dissonant or Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam for each oma jalna we made men come from you should earthen Allah woman Hajin and a methodology.

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So each nation was given a law and a methodology

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What is a shutter shutter is from the roof that are seen all the time and shutter is used for a road.

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In some countries you may go and you find the name of a road is shoddy, so and so. So shad here is what a road.

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So basically, shed era, or should or is that way of life, that way of life that leads a person to salvation in this world and the hereafter. It's the way of attaining salvation in the author.

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This is what Sharia is because Sharia is what a road in particular Sharia is used for such a road that leads to water. And water is that in which life is based.

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So, this shery are the law that Allah has given it leads to salvation. It leads to success in dunya and after.

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So sugar is the Divine Law, meaning what to do Divine Law, what to do, what you're supposed to do.

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Min hatch is from the root fetters known her gene.

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And when harridge is used for a way that is open, wide, clear and bright, it's lit. It's not like a way that is going through a forest or a jungle and as you're going through, there's no sunlight. No, it's clear, it's bright, it's lit, and it's open, it's white.

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So it is said that men Hajj is the methodology, meaning how to act on the laws that Allah has given.

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Even our vessel the man who set the shutter and refers to the Koran. And when Hajj refers to the Sunnah,

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because Shura that teaches us what to do, and men hatch, it's the methodology. How are you supposed to do this? You understand?

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So for each oma a loss of powder to give them a lot, as well as a clear way as well as a methodology, what they're supposed to do, and how they were supposed to do. And this is the beauty of the law, that of loss of time God has given to people that he has told us what to do, he has clearly informed us as to how to do it, he hasn't left it to us, because if it was left to us and there will be so much chaos, so much difference just imagine if the methodology of performing the Sadat was not given how much disunity people would have. How much Just imagine so liquorland dynamin considerata woman Hydra wallow shout Allahu and if Allah had willed leggera come home with and

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wahida he could have made you all into one nation meaning either Melissa would have been given the same * out in men hedge will say Listen, I'm the same *ter on manhood. Are you sorry, listen at the same *ter on manhood. Mohammed todo lo does that him same should our admin hedge, but a lot did not do that.

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In every time, every year, every messenger

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there was a different law.

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There are key that the belief was the same. However, there was a different law. Why? Because that is what the situation required. Like, for example, at the time of other medicine, as we learned earlier, marriage between siblings was permissible, why? Because that is what the situation necessitated. Today cannot be applied.

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So Allah is mentioning over here if he wished he could have given the same law from the very beginning. But he didn't do that. He changed it over time.

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Well, I can but he didn't do it. Why? LEAH Beluga calm so that he made us to

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each and every single one of you, FEMA terracon in what he has given you,

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so that Allah may test each and every person each and every oma with the commands that they have been given

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because each oma has been given such commands that are relevant to them.

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So when they're given the command, Allah subhanaw taala tests that who is going to be obedient and who is going to be disobedient?

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festival call hierarchy surveys in good deeds meaning don't get lost in these differences. What should be your focus? performing good deeds please in the last panel titled The festival, hayride, rush towards good deeds don't get lost in disputes and arguments, but rather hasten towards performing good deeds in Allahumma dercum Jumeirah to realize your return all of you for you to be a convener can configure telephone, and he will inform you about what you're used to differently.

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So what do we learn first of all, about the obligation of judging by the Quran?

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Because the Quran has been sent down bellhawk and the Quran is mosaddek and the Quran is Muhammad. three reasons. What are those three reasons first of all the honors will help. Secondly, it is Masada. And thirdly, it is my aim and this is why what law should be followed

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the law of the Quran.

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Secondly, we learned that Allah subhanaw taala kept variation in the differential on air and manage that he gave to a different woman. Why? For a particular reason, a test.

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Because you see, the people on the Torah, they were fine with a photo, even if they didn't follow it properly, they accepted it until NGO came, and then there was a problem.

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There was a problem that am I going to remain firm on the Delta? Or am I going to accept the new Sharia of Los Angeles and

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similarly, the people of the NGO, they were fine with the NGO until the Quran came.

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So this is a test for the people that what are you going to do when you know that Allah subhanaw taala has given you this command? Are you going to follow your desires? Or are you going to follow the commands of Allah?

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And the same test applies to us as well? When we see differences within our Deen in the sense that differences within the different schools of thought then what are we following? What are we following?

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Are we following our desires? Or are we following an evidence? Are we following some delille

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because for every comment, we will find different different opinions. One says rebar is hollow the other says rebar is not 101 says this particular issue is rubber. The other says this is not rebar, one says niqab is, for example, for YG others as it is only Mr. hub? What are we looking for? Am I looking for the lead? Meaning really the lava laser that I want to follow? Or am I looking for something that would suit my desires? This is the test. This is the test?

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There is a Philip but alasa Peridot is testing us that with what Nia Do you follow a particular command of the team?

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Are you following your desires? Or are you following the evidence when I can Leah Balu he is testing you that who is here and who is Aussie.

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And we also see that these differences they cannot be solved in this world.

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Because Allah says to Allah is your return for you know, Bo can be my quantum field of telephone, and he will inform me as to what used to different.

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So there are some issues, the differences cannot be solved in this dunya. And if you want to try to solve them, you're not going to be able to solve them since 1400 years these differences have existed. What is your responsibility? First of all,

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your focus should be on performing good deeds, that whatever I learned, my Nia should be that this is something that Allah subhanaw taala likes, this is a command of a lot, I will do it. I'm not going to go looking for it or looking for permission looking for an allowance looking for another opinion. No. If I find that this is a command of Allah, kick it, accept it.

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So what's the main lesson that we learned from all of the ads that we studied today?

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What's the main lesson that we learned from all of these is that we studied today

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that it is an obligation upon us that we must follow all of the commands of Allah and we don't have a choice with regards to picking and choosing and selecting what we desire.

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And that our focus should be fear of Allah subhanaw taala and not the fear of people, because if we fear people, then we're going to start looking for different options, different opinions, but if my focus is for stoical high rot, then you're not gonna care about what people have to say. What people have to object to.

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