Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 06 – L074F

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and importance of seeking forgiveness through actions, including seeking forgiveness through actions and words. It also touches on the concept of the Holy Spirit and its relation to seeking forgiveness. The segment highlights the history and importance of avoiding false accusations, staying in touch with reality, and not drinking alcohol. The segment also touches on the origins of the concept of Islam and how it has been proven to be true, emphasizing the importance of taking time out of eating to earn money and creating a healthy lifestyle. The segment concludes with a discussion of lavo and loss and benefits of those who cannot harm themselves.
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Failure to buena in Allah. So Will they not repent to Allah? We are still Fiona who and seek His forgiveness will love over food over him and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

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Over here lots of parents are this questioning, if Allah

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that will then entrepreneur trippin. Meaning Why wouldn't they repent? Don't they realize that they should repent? What's stopping them from repenting?

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Don't they know that Allah forgive sins? Why don't they come to Allah, in repentance in seeking forgiveness.

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Because you see this concept which is in Christianity, that man is sinful, and God sent His Son who died for our sins, and because he died, now, we are not going to be held accountable, we're not going to be punished and we don't believe in Him,

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then we are going to be held accountable to basically this belief that we are eternally sinful. And God had to send His Son in order to forgive us.

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This is like being refuted over here.

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That the way out of sin is not that Allah is going to send a son who is going to die for you.

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If that was the case, he would have told you that you should kill your sons to seek forgiveness

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on life so forgiving that you turn to Him. And you ask him for forgiveness, and you forgive you.

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This is amazing.

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You think that the matter of seeking forgiveness is so complicated? It's not complicated? It's so simple. If an area to buena Illallah, will they not repent to Allah? Will they not stop what they're doing? Will they not leave their acts of disobedience? Will they not leave their incorrect beliefs about Allah and turn to him?

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Fly to buena in

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West Africa and seek His forgiveness for what

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for what they have done before. Now how does a person seek forgiveness?

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First of all through words, that literally a person says stuff.

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And secondly, a person says such words and you perform such deeds consciously, which are a means of earning forgiveness.

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Like for example, we learned from the Hadees that if a person says to Pamela he would be harmed the use of Hannah LIDAR, Lima 100 times a day, then his sins will be forgiven, even if they amounted to the form on the sea.

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Just imagine,

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so, way of stopping whenever they seek forgiveness, how? First of all, by seeking forgiveness, through words, such as a soffit Allah And secondly, by performing those actions and saying, those can be met which earn a person the forgiveness of Allah.

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So Will they not without or will they not seek forgiveness? Well, la foto Rahim Allah is Forgiving and he's also merciful.

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Meaning he is most worthy of being turned to in repentance.

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Because he is

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He forgives,

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and he is most worthy of being sought forgiveness from

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because he is

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because he is.

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What do we learn from this ayah First of all, encouragement to repent to Allah subhanaw taala that no matter how great the sin is, no matter what a person has done,

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he is encouraged to repent to Allah and to seek His forgiveness.

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Instead of unfiled I am 38 we learn only Latina cafaro, enter who you follow who Mercado Salah, say to those who disbelieve that if they seize, if they stop what they were doing before, then what has previously occurred will be forgiven for them.

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They will be forgiven for what they did previously.

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Because a Thai woman and then come and lead and Bella

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The one who repent from a sin is as though he never committed that sin.

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From the same idea, we learned that there is warning for those people who do not prevent,

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rather Allah subhanaw taala reproaches those people who don't repent, because a further meaning Why don't you

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and if you don't, then you're worthy of being reviewed.

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We also learned from this eyeball the vastness of Allah subhanaw taala that he is offering these people as well to repenting

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that he hates the fact that partners should be ascribed to him. Look at his vastness,

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that if a person despite committing this huge crime, if you repent to Allah, Allah food and

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now in the following if there is reputation

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Other claims that are mentioned the previous.

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In the previous if two claims are mentioned, do believe prevention of the Christians and the following is a lost pound dollar refute these claims. How?

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First of all, he says men Merciful,

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the Messiah is not meaning eSATA Sam, who is the son of Mario, he is not in narrow sort of except only a messenger.

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Meaning he was a messenger. Just like other messengers.

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He is not God, he is not the Son of God. He is only a messenger.

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And this is not something unique. This is not something strange, because other highlights mean public apostle,

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the messengers before him, also past suggests as they passed,

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he was lifted up from the earth.

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And when he will come back to the earth and he will die a natural death as well.

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So called the Hartman public it was

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for oh and his mother. She is sadaqa. She is a greatly truthful woman, a righteous woman.

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Look at the description of Maria Maria center, she is being described as satirical.

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And this negates or this refutes the claim of the yahood

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who called her a bully, meaning a woman who is unchaste she's not about unchaste. She was very chaste, she has to do

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almost a deal. And who has a de casa de basically gives us two meanings. First of all, Sadiq means one who is Medallia

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meaning extremely truthful in his words in his actions.

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Extremely truthful, there is no contradiction, never uttered a lie, always truthful.

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Secondly, Sadiq also gives the meaning of Masada, meaning one who testifies to the truth, one who confirms the truthfulness of something.

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So how would she do

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that? First of all, she never lied. She was very truthful.

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And we know that how she was a very special child, even in her youth, that she was very young and she was raised up were

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in the Henkel under the supervision of

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a prophet of Allah. Zachary arisa. So that is where she got her tarbiyah from her training from. So she grew up to be someone who was very truthful, she never uttered ally.

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And secondly, for the means that she supported the truth. How, by believing in it, she confirmed the books of a lot and she also conformed to them, she lived by them.

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We don't insert that the Haim is number 12. Madeira has an M. Well set up but we can imagine I'll be happy weekly to be what kind of community and she believed in the words of our Lord and His scriptures. And she was of the devoutly obedient.

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She was very obedient.

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We think as women are what can we do? No, of course you can availa

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Look at her she was devoutly obedient were almost identical.

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Kinda. Both of them were meaning both Risa Edison and his mother, Medea. Both of them were yet kulanu Tom, both of them would eat food.

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Why is this being mentioned over here?

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That both ate food just like other people eat

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and God does not need to eat.

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Eating is a weakness of the human being.

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The one who eats is weak. Why?

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Because he needs to eat over and over again, in order to continue to take nourishment.

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Isn't it so?

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If you eat once and you don't eat for three days, while you still have energy,

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you eat your breakfast. And by this time you want to have your lunch.

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And by the time you go home, you want to have a snack.

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What does it show that the one who eats is weak and God is above any weakness?

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He is not dependent on food.

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One who eats food depends on the food if he does not eat he will die.

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So are you saying that God will die?

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Allah is a high he is the EverLiving it's not possible.

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Similarly, the one who eats he excretes waste after eating

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an animal but

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Human Being

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even a car, you feed it fuel, what's going to happen?

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What's going to happen, some waste is going to come out. Anything that you feed, waste comes out of it. Anything that eats waste comes out of it. And God is pure. He's clean.

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How can you attribute filth to him?

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You cannot do that.

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Thirdly, eating is something that occupies a person.

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Don't you need to take time out to earn your food to make your food?

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And even if you don't have to do anything to earn your phone or to make your food? Don't you need time to eat your food? to chew your food?

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I mean, think about it three meals a day, two snacks a day. How much of your time goes in just eating? I'm not talking about preparing, just eating

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a lot. And while you're eating, can you talk

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you can try to but it's difficult.

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Can you do your work at the same time you can try to but it's difficult.

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So, eating is something that occupies a person

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and narrows a villa if God starts eating, then how will he have time to take care of the people who is supposed to be looking after.

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Similarly eating has to do with desires.

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You create a particular food you like a particular food, you enjoy a particular food you don't like a particular food.

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This is what this is a weakness again, and Allah He is above such weaknesses. So the fact that it restarted his son and his mother both of them they ate food What does it show? It clearly shows that they were not God they don't have any divine attributes Can I call Allah

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Allah says only God look okay for you by you know the human eye at how we present to them how we clearly explain to them

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what is I admin over here? evidences

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sometimes or then look at them. And now you have a cone, how they are during the way how they're diluted

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you for who is on the reflectors, Hamza FACA.

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And if is to turn something away from its original direction,

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to change a purpose or state of something.

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And if because also use for life.

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So a nice focus on how they're turned away from the truth. Despite the proof being established.

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Look at them. How clearly

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this evidence proves that they don't have any divinity but still they believe in their divinity.

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What do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we learned that he saw this and I'm inviting him or herself both of them were the slaves of Allah.

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They are not God, and they don't share any divinity with him.

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Until Episode 559, we learn about Reese are listening in who are in there I've done an honor lady, would your Allahu methoden liberty is for you.

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restarted Cena was not more than a servant. We granted our favorite to him. And we made him an example for the children of Islam.

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So, the first part of the ayah where he said that he was only a messenger. It refutes the claims of both the hood and then as far as they hold the Jews, they denied the messenger ship of medicine and they denied they rejected him said he's not a messenger. What does Allah say he was a messenger.

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The Christians What did they say? No, he's not a messenger, he's Son of God.

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What does Allah say? No, he is a messenger.

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Secondly, we learn from this is that he started this and I was a messenger among the messengers of Allah.

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And just as messengers die, they suffer from death,

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or Isa and his Sunnah. He also will suffer from that.

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What does it show that he is a human being?

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Other messengers as well, they were also human beings. He is also a human being so because he's a messenger, what does that show? He is a human.

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that his mother was also a human being. They don't have any divine attributes.

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We also learned that the messengers, no matter which messenger

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they cannot be God, they cannot have any divine attributes because they suffer from death. Because there are some people who attribute divine attributes to the prophet SAW a lot of people

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and not just him, their scholars or their righteous saints or their righteous people.

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But if a messenger

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does not have any sharing divinity, then how can someone lesser than him have any share in divinity?

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We also see that Maria Maria said she has been praised that she is called sibelco.

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And we know that the people of Paradise Who are they then begin the sibylline, the Shahada, the family home. So look at her, she reached the level of Cydia.

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Because she supported the truth.

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She believed in the truth, she lived by the truth, she upheld the truth.

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And in this is a lesson for us as well, that we must also support the truth, live by the truth conform to the truth and not our own whims, our own desires.

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And we also learn from this idea that

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God, Allah, He does not need food.

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And this is also an encouragement to use our mind, to reflect, to realize the truth to be perceptive in the general sense as well as a specific sense because many people they look at many things but they don't take a lesson.

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Unless as over here and look, look,

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look at this and reflect be perceptive, take a lesson.

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We see many things we don't take lessons, what does Allah say?

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Generally, everything that you see, make sure that you take a lesson from it.

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And in the specific sense as well, when you want some evidence, look around and you will find evidences

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all say we will Prophet sallallahu wasallam say to them, a tabula mendola. How

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do you worship besides Allah, Ma, that which lay em licola conversion will identify

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that which does not have any power to harm you or benefit you.

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You're worshiping someone who cannot harm you, who cannot benefit you. Because if they could harm you, if they could benefit you, they would have benefited themselves, and they would have protected themselves from harm.

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But because they were not able to protect themselves, benefit themselves and how can they protect you?

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Well, lavo, who was semi early

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and Ulla He alone is the hearing and annoying,

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meaning a voice to Samir. He hears everything he is earning, he knows everything. You are leaving him and you worshiping others who cannot benefit you.

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who cannot protect you from harm?

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What are you doing?

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Allah Samir, you pray to Him. He hears you. He listens to you. You do something? You're in a difficult situation. He knows what situation you're in. He can help you and you're leaving him and worshiping others.

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So what do we learn in this? First of all, we learn about the error of those people who worship others besides

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that they're worshiping those who cannot benefit them who cannot harm them.

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We learned instead of a half woman, our Lu who is more a stray

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woman oberlo me my younger woman doing a laggy malaria study with Ella Yeoman piano. Well, Homer and Dora

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and who has more history than he who invokes besides Allah, those who will not respond to him until the Day of Resurrection?

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Allah Samir you pray to Him. He will hear your door he will respond to your door. You pray to someone else.

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They will not hear your drop until the Day of Judgment even meaning never.

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And they have their invocation are unaware. They don't have any idea that you're praying to them.

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Well, either Herschel on NASA, Canada home are there and what can we be reverted to him caffeine. And when the people are gathered that day, on the day of judgment, they who were invoked will be enemies to them, to

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those people who worship them,

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and they will be deniers of their worship.

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So first of all, we learned about the error of those people who worship others besides Allah.

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we learned from this ayah that

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the loss and benefits they come from who Allah alone, nobody else, nobody else

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