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Al-Maidah 41-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 44

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In Lanza lotta errata indeed we sat down to Tara fee her houden one in which was guidance and light

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meaning that our that Allah subhanaw taala revealed the original Torah

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in the Torah was guidance for who for the people and in the Thoreau was also nude, what does no do? It shows you the way. So no one over here first to the explanation, the exposition of the rulings of the laws

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that were given in the Torah.

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So in the Torah was houda guidance meaning clear commands and notice what meaning how to carry out those commands. Yeah, come over here, He will judge by by what by the total who will judge by the Torah and number unit the prophets which prophets, Alina assalamu those who had submitted

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now notice over here, the total was given to who was arrested even after him many prophets came. Notice a word another Yun, who is an abbey. How is it different from Rasul Nabil is someone who does not bring a new carrier who does not bring a new scripture.

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He follows the same scripture he revives the teachings of that scripture.

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So the prophets who were sent after Masada center, up until recently center all of those prophets they were judged by what

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by toto

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and these prophets what's their characteristic

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and Medina Aslam, they had submitted submitted to who, to Allah subhanaw taala, which is why they judged according to the book of Allah,

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because they had truly submitted to Allah and a person who has not submitted for him, it is very difficult to live by the book of Allah, then he will find exceptions. And he will go ask people to find out about someone who will say something to him that he likes. The prophets are those who had submitted who had surrendered themselves. And when the word Islam is used for a prophet of Allah, what does it refer to? Islam, of all meaning submission of the heart, submission of the tongue, as well as of the limbs.

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Because it's possible that a person, an ordinary person, he shows that he has submitted, but in his heart he hasn't actually submitted.

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Like, for example, the hypocrites when they said we have believed they were told, don't say you have believed but say, Well, I can kuno Islam now, but rather say that we have submitted but when Islam is used for profits, what does it mean they have submitted by heart down and limbs they are true believers.

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And some people might find this strange that the prophets have submitted I mean, this is something that other people are required to do. However, the prophets are the most submissive to almost the

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use of others to them. What did he say? There were funny Muslim and what will happen in Bisoli Ibrahim is and what was he commanded? is called a horrible as slim color, a slim to me.

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So these prophets, Allah says they had assalamu so they would judge according to the book of Allah, meaning the Torah. For who amongst you, Lin Latina hairdo for those people who have become Jews. Meaning for those people who were good, who else are judged according to the Torah. What up Benny, Yuna, and the venue

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who else well above and the

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who are Benny Yun Rabanne, unison Florida or Banyan we have done the meaning of a venue before Who is he a worshiper worshipper of Rob

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And secondly, Rabbani refers to one who nourishes himself and others through their in, which are

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that Allah subhanaw taala has given

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sort of Benny is a worshiper, a model servant, as well as one who educates and trains people. One who educates and trains people, one who does their therapy.

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And Rabbani is an island. But such an island, such a scholar, who also has a lot of spirituality. Because sometimes we do find scholars who are very knowledgeable, very knowledgeable. They're experts in their field specialists in their field. However, they lacked spirituality.

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Like, for example, there could be a person who is a professor in the university, he has mastered a particular field of the dean. And he's teaching that it's not necessary, that he's also very spiritual. He's also leading the people. Sort of Benny Zhu

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Very scholarly, very academic, as well as very spiritual. He's also good in his spirituality is also a spiritual leader.

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On the other hand, there's about

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baptism, the fetters have Allah.

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And about as a point of hibbott inhibit is someone who was greatly learned. It is said that humor is actually from

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what does that mean? See, by her is the sea. So just as a sea is huge, it is vast, it has a lot of water in it. Similarly, a haven is a scholar who has a lot of knowledge, who has a lot of knowledge. So very scholarly, a jurist, someone who has specialized in the knowledge of the deep.

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It's also the need is to beautify. What does it mean, to beautify something? So, these scholars, they present knowledge in such a beautiful way, the most technical issues even, they can be easily understood by people.

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by for example, sometimes you read a book, it's so technical that you don't get it. And you read a book that is on a similar topic, but it's written in such an easy way that you get it. This is what it is. That technical stuff has been simplified so much that the person, the reader, the student, he gets it.

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So what's the difference between Rabbani and above?

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Or Benny noon refers to an earlier mat and hookah mat, who are also spiritual

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and about in particular, who the specialists, the experts, Bheema because of what we might as connected with what Yeah, como

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como be Hana be Yuna. lilla, dinheiro, Rabbani uniwell.

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So all of them meaning the prophets, that abahani Yun and the about, they will judge according to the book of Allah? Why? Why would the judge according to the book of Allah, be met because of what is filled lumen keytab in there, because they were given the charge of they were commanded to preserve the book of Allah is the fellows from the roof veterans have felt locked hips and what this helps me to preserve, to guard to charge to take charge off, to look after. So we must follow when Peter be left, meaning, because they were commanded to guard the book of Allah, to preserve the book of Allah.

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and preserving and guarding the book of Allah does not mean that you put it in a nice beautiful cover, and you put it in the shelf, and don't let anybody touch it.

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But preserving the book of Allah means that you apply it, you use it, because when it is going to be in practice, then it is going to be known. If it's not going to be in practice, are people going to know about it? No, they're going to forget about it. So only if it's practiced, then it's going to be preserved. If it's not practiced, it's going to be forgotten. So they were given the charge of preserving the book of Allah, how that they must implement the book of Allah, they must judge by the book of Allah.

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What kind of are they you should had that and they were witnesses upon it, meaning they were witnesses, that whatever the law of Allah was, whatever the book of Allah said, it was the half, it was the truth. And what can really show that also means that there were guards over it, meaning they were supposed to ensure that it's understood correctly, it's implemented correctly, the book is not tampered with. The book is not distorted. So basically, they were supposed to keep an eye over its preservation, and implementation. This is what the prophets that are Benny Yun and the rebel, were given the charge of were given the responsibility that they must keep an eye over the preservation

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of the book, as well as the implementation of the book.

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For lack of show NASA so do not fear the people who is this address to this address is to first of all the same who are mentioned in the same ayah meaning the Rabbani Yun the above that they were told that this book you have to judge according to it, and when you're judging according to it, then don't fear people.

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Because it's possible you give a judgement and people deny people refuse. Why? Because they disagree with the command of Allah. They don't like the command of Allah, but don't fear them. Instead, who should you fear? You should fear Allah.

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Secondly, the set the Filatov show NASA this addresses to who the Jews are

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Today meaning the Yahoo that the time the profits are allowed is

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that don't fear people in what? in following the book, in respect to believing in the profits or of ourselves

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that the book tells you about whom Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is. So if you believe in him, why do you fear people that they're not going to respect you anymore, they're not going to like you anymore. They're going to oppose you. Don't fear them. Fear Allah, your book is telling you that this messenger is true, so believe in Him and follow Him.

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But at the show, NASA will show me and instead you should fear me meaning fear Allah will let us know it will be it feminine pudiera and do not sell my verses for a better price. Do not sell my verses for a better price. What does this refer to

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changing the law of Allah for some worldly gain for some worldly benefit? That they will change the law they would alter the law, the law, the command that had been given in the Torah? Why? Just to gain some fame, just to gain some money, just to gain some worldly prestige. So let us know Ruby is the feminine kalida. And this worldly benefits is described as feminine patina. Why? Because no matter how much it is, it is less compared to the benefit of the author.

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And it's also funny Why? Because it's only temporary. You can enjoy the approval of people for some time. But soon, it's all going to be over you can enjoy this money for some time, but soon it's going to be over. You can enjoy this position of authority of leadership for some time. But soon it's going to be over.

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Woman let me compliment under Allah And whoever does not judge according to what Allah has revealed. But without ecomo caffee rune

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then it is such people who are actually disbelievers. And remember, over here, gopher gopher is of two types. Remember, gopher is obviously above as well as income.

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There is another categorization. One is gopher above, what does he mean by that, that a person can make such an action which takes them out of the fold of Islam.

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For example, He says I do not believe in the Quran. I do not believe in the Quran. I do not believe in Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. This is what confer Akbar, when a person does that automatically is out of Islam is not a Muslim anymore.

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The second type of conference call for asthma. And what does that mean?

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A person commits such an action. That is an action of coffee, but it does not take him out of the fold of Islam. It does not take him out of the fold of Islam. So for example, even our basketball in our new he said that this is coffin Duna coffin. This is copper, but it's less than real coffee.

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It's less than real coffee.

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So for example, there is a command of a law, a ruling a prohibition, a person refuses to accept it. A person does not implement it. He doesn't say that I refuse this is from Allah. But he says I refuse to implement this. One is to say I don't believe this is from Allah. And the other is that I'm not going to accept this. Do you understand the difference? One is a person is denying this is from Allah. The other is that a person is refusing to implement it. He knows that it's from Allah, but he's not going to implement it. So over here, what type of COVID is this? Go for?

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That for all ecohome all Cafiero then such people such are disbelievers mean, they're committing an act of government.

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What do we learn from this i?

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First of all, we learned that the scriptures that are lost the penalty revealed, they were all a source of news, they were all guidance for people. Secondly, we learn from this ayah that it's the responsibility of the people of that scripture, those people who have knowledge of that scripture to guard and preserve the Scripture, how? By implementing it, by practicing it, by not hiding any of it. So if the Quran has been given to us, what is our responsibility, that we just preserve it such that we don't touch it when we don't have to? And we don't let anybody touch it when they don't have to do these are regarding it? What does it mean by guarding the book of Allah by preserving the book

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of Allah, that we make sure that it's understood, we make sure that it is read, we make sure that it's implemented properly, that it's understood correctly.

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We also learn from this ayah that there is no justification for people who have the Scripture, to leave that scripture and go elsewhere for judgment in its presence. Because over here, the EU there being reproach, that if you have the book of Allah, then how come you're coming to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. It doesn't mean that they weren't required to believe in Him forever.

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They're being rebuked, that you refuse to believe in him. At the same time you say you are the advocate at the same time you don't follow the book of Allah.

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And this is a lesson for us, that it is not permissible for those people who have the law of Allah to go to other than Allah for judgment.

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We also learn from this I that the owner in the people have knowledge, they are the heirs of the prophets. Why? Because after them to be Yun, who are mentioned, Rabbani Yun and about are mentioned.

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So, what is the show, that they are in? They are the heirs of the prophets, how that they do the same job that the prophets performed,

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which is up guarding the book, judging by the book, living by the book, spreading the knowledge of the book.

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We also learned from this ayah that last paragraph is praising those people who have

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Allah subhanaw taala praises.

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Why because they are the preservers of the book of Allah.

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They are the preservers of the book of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala himself has taken the responsibility to guard the Quran. However, if a person he does this, that he also plays a role in guarding the Quran, meaning in making sure that people are understanding it correctly. They're implementing the Quran correctly, then he is praiseworthy. Allah subhanaw taala is praising the state over here.

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We also don't miss is that it is not just the judge, mean the political leader that passes judgment between people, but it is also scholars who decide

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because then it be mentioned that Oh, Bernie, you mentioned about our mentioned Who are they religious leaders, generally, who makes the decisions. It's the political leaders however, we see over here, that even the scholars, they can also pass judgment. And the decision that a scholar gives is called a fatwa. And the decision that a judge gives that is implemented.

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We also see in the side that it'd be Yuna mentioned, then Rabbani Yuna mentioned and then about I mentioned,

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who are the BU and alladhina Aslam, who are are Benny Yun, those who don't just have knowledge, but they also do therapy and they also have spirituality, they're also worshipers and who are above specialists. If you look at the order, first of all, maybe you secondly, spiritual scholars, and thirdly, specialists. What does this ayah show to us that the status of the profits is greater than the Rabbani Yun and the ABA.

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Sometimes people are in so much love of their scholars and teachers that they don't love the Prophet as much. They don't love the Prophet of Allah as much.

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They will follow their scholar their email to such an extent that even if there is a statement of the profit target autism that goes against it, they will not accept it. But who will they follow their email their scholar, but what does it show to us that the status of the Prophet is higher than the scholar?

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Secondly, we learn from this that the status of the Rabbani Yun is higher than the bar.

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That one is that a person just becomes a specialist in knowledge. But the other is that a person learns the knowledge and he uses that to worship Allah.

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He uses that to worship Allah.

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Because yesterday somebody was asking me about memorizing the Quran. So I asked them, What is the purpose behind memorizing the Quran? What's the objective? What's the purpose generally,

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that if I know the Quran, then I will be able to quote it better, I will be able to remember the layout better. I can say that I have memorized the Quran. I can do many, many things. But if you think of it, the main thing is what? What's the purpose? If you want to find a reference, you can open up the code and you can go online, there are search tools through which you can find references from the Quran within seconds. Right? So what's the objective

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that you should be able to recite on in your Salah

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in your Salah. That's the objective. That's the reason. Because if you want to read it, otherwise, you can read it from the heart, you don't need to put it in your memory. If you want to find a reference, you can use the search tool. What's the objective then? So that you can worship Allah subhanaw taala to this knowledge that you have learned.

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This is what abahani is that he's not just learning, but he's using that knowledge to worship Allah.

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And when a person reaches this level, his level is higher than that of a specialist even his level is higher than that of a specialist. He

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We also learned that about the prohibition of fearing people, fearing people in implementing and following the command of Allah because Allah says that filetto ness was shown even our best. So the nine who said that if a person fear someone, then that person is made to overcome him. But if a person fears only Allah, then Allah will not allow anyone to overcome him.

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We also learn from this I that the reason behind not observing the commands of Allah is first of all, fear of people and secondly desire of adonia because first of all, let us show NASA as we mentioned, and secondly, what has been mentioned, let the shuttle be a determinant.

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So what is it that stops the person from observing the commands of Allah,

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fear of people and secondly, love of this world.

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We also learned a very important thing from this is that a person who does not judge by the law of Allah, then such a person is committing an act of kindness.

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So again, it takes us back to the theme of the sutra that whatever commands Allah has given, take them, accept them, live by them, follow them. Don't try to find ways out ways of escape of avoiding the laws of Allah.

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