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Al-Maidah 15-26 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 25-26

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He said, meaning most artists to them said, Robbie, oh my lord, in me Indeed, I let unlegal 11 FC, what

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I do not possess except myself and my brother, that I'm likho, meaning I do not have the authority in that, except over who never see myself. Meaning I can only tell myself do something, I only have control over myself, I can only force myself, I cannot force these people. And I can also tell my brother, what he and my brother, meaning I only have power authority over myself and my brother, I don't have any authority over these people. It's so difficult to deal with them, I cannot make them understand. They don't listen to me. And this is something so difficult for a leader, so difficult that he is making the people understand he's telling them what to do. He's telling them over and

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over again, he's making them understand he's making them realize he's approaching them in a positive sense, then he's giving them confidence, and other people are telling them, but they still don't listen, they still don't listen. This is something extremely hurtful for a person who is in charge for a person who is in a position of leadership, that he keeps on telling those people who are under him to do something, and they keep refusing, extremely hurtful.

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So it is an obligation on those people who are being instructed by someone to listen to their leader, especially the leader is telling them to do something that is correct. We have learned early in sort of the mindset, that obey who aligned the messenger, what would help me remain calm. Because if you don't obey, it's going to lead to chaos. And it's extremely hurtful for a person who has been given that responsibility.

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Because remember that a person who is in a position of leadership, he's not just enjoying, you know, a status. But in fact, it comes with a great responsibility. He's been made a leader. He's supposed to make people do something. So musallam is not just, you know, a prophet here, leader here, enjoying the status, no, imagine the difficulty that he's going through. Throughout the journey. He's been with them. He was happy in his house. He was happy in his house with his family. But he went to Freetown he went to Egypt. And he freed the Bani Israel. He went through so much difficulty. And now over here in the desert as well, and look at their reaction, disobedience, refusal, denial.

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It's extremely hurtful for the leader.

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So he said, in Milan, liko, inland FC Well, he Allah, I don't know what to do. I only have control over myself and my brother. I don't have control over these people, for Vayner ouabain. And

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so separate between us and between these disobedient people. I don't want to know them anymore. I don't want to lead them anymore.

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And this is great humiliation for the Bani Israel that their leader does not like them anymore. He wishes to depart from them. Their prophet wishes to depart from them. He doesn't wish to be with them anymore. He prays to all of that, oh, Allah separate me from these people. I don't want to be with them anymore. These people who are fascinating imagine how hurt was I listen, I must have been how hurt for for Kubina webinar coming up.

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So what do we learn from this is

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that musallam at this stage, he despaired of any good from the Bani Israel.

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When this happened, then he despaired of any good, it reached the limit.

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There was an incident of the cow, so many things happened. And this just did it. That's it. He said he completely disparate of any good from these people. Now.

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We also don't know this either a person he only has authority over himself, in the sense that he can only make him self do something.

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Other people he can only tell them. For example, you can only tell somebody to do their homework during their assignment. Can you force them? No, you really can't. So whose responsibility is it to do the work? Is it you or someone else? what you're supposed to do? You have to do it yourself. Don't leave it on other people. Don't wait for them to tell you because you have control over yourself. So make yourself do what you're supposed to do. Don't wait for other people to tell you. Okay, clean this do this. Do this. No. Do what you're supposed to do. musallam did not have any control over these people.

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We also don't want to say about the permissibility of praying for separation from Adam Fisk and

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that those people who commit Fiske

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Those people who commit for you who deny who refuse who disobey, it is allowed for a person to pray to Allah subhanaw taala, for separation from them, that I don't want to be with these people.

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If there is some benefit in leaving them, then a person should pray. And if there is no benefit in leaving them, then he must not, then he must not.

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And sometimes they just assume that, Oh, I can't tolerate this person anymore. I can't live with them anymore.

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And we just say, we become very impatient, and we just want to give up, give them a chance. Try again, keep trying. Was it at the first occasion that masala Sam said, That's it? I cannot deal with these people anymore? No, it was at this stage when they refused completely.

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You see, when they had to slaughter the cow? Yes, they asked a lot of questions, they delayed as much as possible. But eventually they didn't want Macedonia for them. They almost didn't do it, but they eventually did it. But over here, they just wouldn't listen. They just wouldn't obey. So when you don't see the other person changing at all, when you don't see any hope whatsoever, then you pray for separation. But up until then, you have to keep trying. If there is some benefit, that could be achieved by staying with them, then you must be praying Don't be so you know, we can't get that at the slightest difference of opinion. You're like, I can't deal with this anymore. I have to

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leave. Because sometimes we see that people get married and if they have a difference with their spouse or with their in laws or something, they say I cannot deal with this. I'm leaving. This has also lack of courage. This is lack of confidence. A person should be confident, and he should do what he's supposed to do.

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We also learn from this either abandoning Jihad and refusing the command of the Prophet of Allah. Being argumentative with him. This is Fisk.

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All of this is what Fisk musasa called them. alcaman fascinating. How are they coming? First thing he told them enter the city Do you have they said no way. Do other people they came in advise them. They're like, no, we're not moving. So abandoned in jihad, refusing to obey the command of the Prophet of Allah being argumentative. All of this is what Fisk

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Kala he said, meaning Allah subhanaw taala said, he responded to the DA of musasa.

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That for him or her, then indeed it meaning indeed that land indeed an urban Macaca that Allah had written for them, but they refuse to enter it. This land it is more Hello Rama to nine au it is forbidden upon them. How long upon them? Well, how long from the route that was held on me. And how long is that which is forbidden. Mohammed Rama is feminine of that it is Maha Brahma feminine because it refers to an urban wickedness so far in the home, how limited Itanium it is forbidden upon them for how long? Oh varina center 40 years, meaning they will not be allowed to enter it. They will not be allowed to enter it. And this team, this has the him cadre. Remember there are two

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types of pottery and the cream shuttering. What is there anybody that when a person is not able to do something,

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it is forbidden for him. It is not in his decree. Like for example, from Tucson, Arizona, we learn well how long there is a model there in COVID. That was Arizona when he was taken by the wife of her own and many women they tried to breastfeed him. What happened Alyssa how Rhonda Leahy model their meaning the different wet nurses they had been made her arm upon him What does it mean? legally? No, by decree that so many women tried to feed him but it just wouldn't work out.

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The second time especially Mr. Heym Sheree, what does it mean? When something is forbidden in the law that almost Pankaj has given? Like for example, eating Mita This is what the acronym shutter

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so all of a Maha Maha vomited Iranian it is haram upon them it is forbidden to them for 40 years Yachty hoonah fill out and they will wander in the land.

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Yet the hoonah is from the refectory stare. Yeah, have that Yeah.

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Dahlia t who is to wonder about basically it is to get lost in wilderness in a desert in a waterless desert. So basically a person is lost, he doesn't know where to go. Because you see if there is water in a desert, like for example if there is an oasis of there's a

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Well, there's a spring or something like that, then from a distance even, you can tell why.

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Because you will find birds over there. You will find people over there, you will find some trees over there. But if the desert is empty, how do you know about any sense of direction, you don't have any sense of direction whatsoever. You go towards one side and you realize, oh, there's nothing here. And then you change your route, you go somewhere else. There's no direction whatsoever. So telling a tee who is to be lost in a waterless desert, to wander about in a waterless desert, and tea is a desert that is waterless way less land.

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So they will wander about in this land, meaning in this desert, for how long 40 years fill up.

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And this land, it is said that it is known as the tea. Why? Because of the same word Yeti hoonah because they wandered over there, the term wilderness, it applies to this. So Yeti hoonah, fellow,

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fellow sarlo, COVID, Vaseline, so do not be sorrowful over those people who are sinful, who cross limits, who has this address to do musar listening

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and after him, others as well.

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That don't feel bad about these people that they have to wonder about in the desert for 40 years, lost in the desert? No, because they deserve this punishment. They deserve this retribution. They have brought this upon themselves. Allah commanded them cassava, he wrote this, he ordained this for them that they must enter the city. They refused. So Allah subhanaw taala deprive them from entering that land.

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So what do we see? What do we learn from this ayah

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that first of all, when a person refuses to take a step, even, to even try to do something, when he doesn't even take the first step, when he doesn't even make an attempt, then Allah subhanaw taala takes that away from him.

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Then Allah deprives and completely

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when, when a person does not even take a step, when he doesn't even make an attempt.

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Because over here, they were being told just try, just go enter the city. That's it. That's all they're supposed to do. But they said, No, we're not moving from here.

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So when a person does not even take a step, then Allah will take that away from him. And when a person tries, when a person makes an attempt, even if it doesn't seem to be 100%, successful, but Allah will make him successful, he might not see the success immediately. But eventually, Allah will make him successful. Why?

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Because he is trying, he is struggling, and a person who tries a lot will help him.

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Secondly, we learned from this, that a person, he should not support the facet, he should not feel pity for the facet. He should not side with the facet.

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Because Allah says over here, let us don't even grieve don't even feel sad, don't even feel pity for these people. So a person who has done something wrong clearly, don't even feel bad for them. Don't feel bad for them.

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Like, for instance, the person who has committed Zina, when he's being punished. What is the last pantallas in sort of the news?

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That No, no compassion? Should you have in your heart for these people? It doesn't mean you kill them viciously. But what does it mean that you implement the punishment on them, but at the same time, you don't feel pity for them in your heart? Why? Because they deserve this punishment, what they have done is clearly wrong. So this teaches us that when a person has done something clearly wrong when they have committed fist, then you don't feel pity for them. We also learn from the side that when a person has done his best to advise someone, when a person has done his best to advise someone to help someone. And still if they don't listen, still, if I don't agree with you, still, if

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they don't help themselves, then yes, it's going to hurt you. But don't grieve, don't feel bad about it. Move on.

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Because musasa he tried so hard, so hard to make these people understand.

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He made them think positively, he reminded them of the blessings of Allah. He gave them courage. He motivated them so much, but still they didn't listen. So if despite all of your efforts, a person refuses to help himself, then it's not your fault. You don't feel guilty for that person. Don't feel guilty. You've done your

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You don't feel guilty. Because a person should be most concerned about himself and then about others. So if you have helped them as much as you had the strength and they don't change, then don't harm yourself. Don't harm yourself, be concerned about yourself.

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We listen to the recitation of these

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do wanna go

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to move.

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la. Curlew.

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Me on Wi

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at all.

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This reminds me of a story that happened to me with tobacco. So, one time in high school, I remember, in high school, there's one course that nobody can understand. And for me, it was physics. So I remember all the time I've tried to study and like do my hardest to get a good mark. But I'm not I didn't fail, but my marks weren't that good. So I remember every time I would be inside the basket club, make it easier for me shallot. And then I remember our teacher, she's like, you know, you guys have a unit test. So stay hard. And I was like, Okay, what am I going to do? So I made that I need to, and then I remember I kept asking off for a really long time. And then in my salon one

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time, I kind of gave up I was like, I'm like, Girl I've been asking for so long. I don't know what to do. Nothing's changed. So I kind of just gave up and then somehow the second I got out of my soul, I came back to my senses. Like, what am I doing? So I said, you know, I'm not going to give up and shall I'm going to try my best. And you know, a lot doesn't leave any prayer unanswered. So I studied and hamdulillah When we returned, when the teacher returned our unit tests, she actually said, you know, guess who got the highest mark in class.

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So I will I had no idea was staring. Because if you had come to the class, and she called you in front of everybody, she's like, Michelle, you got the highest mark.

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See, tawakkol is that you do your best and you trust upon a lot but you have to have constant thought about him as well.

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You know, sometimes we say that yes, I'm trusting upon him, but we don't have personal one about Allah. We don't have personal one.

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And because we don't have personal one, our debacle is incomplete. So how can it be the worker and then how can we get the help of Allah? The worker includes all four aspects of even one is missing. It is not complete debacle, then we

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Do not expect the hope of all four must be there.

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I have a very similar story when I was in grade six, we were supposed to memorize a few questions, but I got really, really sick. And I couldn't study at all for this final exam that I had. And I was only able to memorize like six or seven points or whatever. And I was crying. I remember the last night the night before the exam, I prayed to Allah and I was like, this is the best I could do. And all I can do now is that booth, a vocal ornella, and hope for the best. And the next day when I went to read the exam, guess which question schema was exact six, and I got the ice cream.

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I was just thinking that we all have been blessed with different kinds of blessings. annamma more or less, we have to just train them up. And when we do have then we are we need to see what kind of motive we do have is it Manitoba Radovan. If you're looking for the red one,

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then remember, again, you're going to be tested from the home in Japan, right, and everybody of us have their own customized Coleman jabbari, for adding to the Eman And according to the strength and abilities you have been restored from us, Montana. And the common Joe Berliner, like, you know, something that you just don't want to face. Like I can do everything else. But this, you know, everybody has some challenge. And Allah Subhana Allah wants us to overcome that challenge as well, that weakness as well. And we're like I can do anything else. But this, this, I'm not going to touch. I don't want to face this, but we have to face it. And again, I was thinking it's not Dr.

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Japan, it's us, we're making them the way we look at them, they become Japan,

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I was thinking sometimes we should recognize that it's a call for action. And that can keep us within the realm of man in this ayah it ends at five o'clock in the morning, and the next day, you fall back into the category of pain. So we have to respond to the call of action every time we need to do something for a man you do it because you never know who failed to do it, you will fall into the category of risk. We don't know which one it is and how because if you don't do it, and Allah takes it away from you, and then you don't know how many doors closed upon you because you refuse to go through one door.

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Looking at the power, how they were taking away the power if you look at even our oma I'm assuming we had so much power after the Prophet died, we had gentlemen, again, we were taken away from it because of our own okay that we were after power we rather than yet. We don't have it now because of what we did. And we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in his time, although they had very little, but they became so victorious because every opportunity they were given their real did

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their thing they were doing their lesson and you're saying

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so bad? How could they do that? But I'm thinking also how many commands have we studied that we're playing. So

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we are not saying it better in the same way we are planning but so many comments.

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Again, it reinforces the theme of the surah. That wherever you've been obligated with whatever commands Allah has given you do them. And it's possible that there is some command that you like, I will do everything else. Except for this one. We have this behavior towards the deen of Allah, that I can do everything except for this one. And that same command is also very important. Every single command of Allah is important. And we don't know if we refuse one comment maybe a lot of days a week away from us. Do observe other comments. If you find it difficult, just try. This is what we were being encouraged to do. Just try to take the first step, trust upon Him and He will help you do it.

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Just try it.

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If you don't even try, then how would you be able to do it, then the problem is at the heart, it's denial that you don't want to do it.

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I was just saying to that point, that just because you understand doesn't mean that everyone else around you will understand and includes your loved one as well. So continue to teach them until they actually surrender basically because at one point Allah will give them to the feed

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musasa he tried his best man at the end of people still don't listen then. Yes, you do feel sad about it, but don't feel bad for them and you move on. Worry about yourself worry about what you're supposed to do.

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Sonico I just want to say a lot of people they find it really daunting to take the first step they like to be known little comfort zone. And like one of their teachers gave us an example like if everyone was standing on one line, no one would want to take the first step out of that line. So if you take that first step and you have talked about now, everything will seem a lot more easier. And it's just you have to take the first step take the risk, because life you have to take risks in order to succeed in life.

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You can just stay in your little comfort zone.

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And many of you must have experienced that, for example, when you first put on your hijab, you when you put it on and you walk, oh my god, oh my god, you don't have the confidence the first time. It's extremely difficult, but you just take the first step, you just have to break the ice, and then it becomes easier. But if you don't even take the first time, like, yes, yes, I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do it later. But I can't do this on I'll do everything else. But this, then, maybe you'll never be able to do it. You just have to do it.

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I just wanted to share one more advice that I give us once one of my friend she was surrounded with many different problems. And to her I got this advice of myself as it is a wonderful advice actually. She says sometimes when you're surrounded by too many difficulties, too many problems. Remember, this is a test. And in this test, you have to take one step because this is the only solution. Otherwise you will never come out of it. So never think that I can't come out of it because there are too many. No take one step and then Allah will make a stuffy

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psycho. I was thinking that everything that I believe or dislikes is

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right. And but I always keep remembering why you call it for long enough and allow us to have so even that first step that you think is like daunting is possible.

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We learned that the money is for you when they refuse to enter the city. Allah subhanaw taala said that it will be Muslim upon them for 40 years. Soon after Musashi Ceylon passed away. And when he passed away after 40 years, when that entire week generation was wiped off, then the Bani Israel they entered of the mucosa under the leadership of you share a balloon. And even Kathy, he reports that when these years ended, use or even noon he led those who remained among them and the second generation and laid siege to Jerusalem, conquering it on a Friday afternoon.

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When the sun was about to set, and you sharp feared that the Sabbath would begin. He said to the sun, you are commanded. And I am commanded as well. Oh Allah make it stop setting for me. Because on the Sabbath, you're not allowed to fight. Allah made the sun stop setting until you shall conquer Jerusalem. And next Allah Subhana Allah commanded you shark to order the children of Israel to introduce it and from its gate while bowing and saying HIPAA, meaning remove our sins. Yet they changed what they were commanded and entered it while dragging themselves on their behinds and saying, help or hinder. So this was the way that they entered the city.

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Let's listen to the rest.

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for the wave.

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wanted to add a Santa Monica to life