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Al-Maidah 15-26 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 17-18

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nakatsuka for alladhina carlu in Allahu Allah mercy Hoban, Amalia.

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They have certainly disbelieved who say that Allah is Christ, the son of Mary.

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Meaning there is no doubt about this. locket, there is no doubt about this, that Claire fara he has committed copper.

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Meaning such people are not believers. They are not believers at all. Instead they're committed COVID

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How? Who are these people?

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There alethea there are those people who are who they say that in Allah indeed of law, who and mercy indeed he is the Messiah. He is Mercier who is perceived In Memoriam son of Maria, meaning a side hustler.

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So those people who say that Allah is actually a certain cinema with a villa, then what is this? Then what is this coffee?

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So such people who claim this they are not believers, they are committing coffee.

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So many times, we hear this amongst Muslims as well, that everybody is fine. Everybody's okay. The Jews are okay. The Christians are okay. Every single person is okay. No matter what religion they're following their different ways. All of them lead to the same end. Know, Allah subhanaw taala says clearly over here that a person who says this, what is he committing?

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Because it is not possible that Allah has a child, that Allah has a partner, or there's someone else who was like Allah.

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So, those people who say that Indeed Allah, He is mercy, that Allah and restart SNM r1 this is incorrect. This is COVID

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all say familiarly common Allah shaken. So who has authority against Allah for anything?

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Yeah, Miko is under root is mean lamb calf milkier and what does milking me possession authority to have power over something.

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So who has power minute law meaning against law

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and Malaka min is to prevent someone from something.

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So who has the power against a law anything at all in order if he wished, and you've legal mercy have pneumonia,

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that he destroys restart is the son of money over here you've liquor gives a sense of that literally destroys meaning inflict some harm. And others are said that unica gives a sense of that he gives death to do

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that, is there anyone who can come and defend a solicitor?

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Or who can try to give him life? Or who can save him from Allah? Is there anyone? No one can do that. Well, Omar, who and also his mother,

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meaning if Allah wishes to give Death to the mother of Eros are listening, or he wishes to inflict some harm upon her. Is there anyone who can protect her from Allah? No woman fell off the Jumeirah and whoever is on the earth altogether, meaning who can protect from Allah, everybody who's on the earth? Nobody can. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has supreme authority. So if he is the one who has supreme authority, nobody shares that with him.

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Nobody can be like him.

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Nobody can be like him. So it is wrong to say that these are this is actually a law, where it's a lie. In fact, he has complete power and authority over a certain seller.

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And nobody, nobody at all, can save himself from Allah if Allah wishes to inflict any harm upon them.

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When he learned he will somehow it will up and to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. Why am I being a homer and whatever that is between them do?

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So Allah is the one who has supreme authority over the heavens and the earth and everything within them? Yes, no Kumbaya, he creates whatever he wills, meaning he creates. However, whatever he wills, if he wishes to create someone with a father, he can do that. If he wishes to create someone, without a father, he can do that. If he wishes to create someone without a father and a mother, he can do that he created another listener. And he created his wife her work without a mother and a father as well. So, yes, loco, Maya, he creates whatever he will to just because you cannot comprehend how he started Santa was created. What proof do you have? What authority do you have to

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say that he is God? will love our condition included and Allah is over all things capable.

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What do we learn from this ayah first of all we say we learned that the Christians than Asara

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They are not believers. They are not true believers. Why? Because they claim that a site is Santa is Allah or is the son of Allah or they have some incorrect belief with regards to him.

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And what is Allah say? Lakota? Kapha. Certainly, those people who say such, those people who believe such they're committing copper. So those who say such a statement that is incorrect, they cannot be believers they're committed.

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Now person might say that no, no, how can they be disbelievers? They actually believe in the other prophets of them. They believe in the scriptures. But what do we learn that if a person does believes even in one messenger, even in one scripture, then again, his Eman is not acceptable. His email is not acceptable. They denied Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam they denied the Koran. So their emails are acceptable.

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Una eco homolka fue una hochkar those people who differentiate between the messengers of Allah What does Allah say? That such people are disbelievers In truth, meaning definitely their disbelievers. So, it is incorrect for people to say that everybody is okay and everybody is a believer, no, this goes against the teachings of the Quran.

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People who say such statements their Eman is not acceptable.

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Secondly, we learn from this ayah that Reese are the center. He is not a las panatela

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nor is he the Son of God, nor does he have any divine attributes in any way whatsoever.

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And anyone who claims this he is committed.

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What if he started SLM say,

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we learned in school earlier on I have 51 in the la hora be one of boo boo who had a Serato Mr. Kane, he said that Indeed Allah is my Lord, and your Lord, so worship Him, and this is the straight back. So what did he say? That I am also asleep. So he does not have any divine attributes.

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We also learn from this ayah that he started Instagram is a stay of Allah, and Allah has complete authority over him.

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Allah has complete authority over him.

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If beside a salon was God, then he would be able to defend himself.

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But what do we learn from this is

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that he cannot defend himself if Allah wishes to inflict any kind of harm upon him.

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Because God, Allah, the MAR booth, meaning nobody can harm him in any way whatsoever.

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We don't talk Mario 93 that in collusion for some malware, it will only hurt your family are there. There is no one in the heavens and the earth but that he comes to the Most Merciful as a servant.

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So these are the Santa being in the heavens and the earth who is he? A servant of Allah.

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We also learned from the side that Allah subhanaw taala creates whatever he wills, however he will he created either Melissa dam and her work or the Sunnah without a father and a mother.

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Similarly, he created restart Islam without a father. And he creates others with both mother and father, it's up to him.

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We also learn from Messiah, a very important concept that the creator and the creation are completely different. The Creator, the Harlock and the mock Luke there completely different.

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So, no relationship can be established between the two in the sense that you cannot say that human beings are children of God. No. The Harlock and the Maloof are completely different. And those who are related to one another, they have some resemblance, some kind of similarity between the two.

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However, Harlequin mukluk, they're completely different

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color than Yahoo and Massara. But the Jews and the Christians say that national Eleanor Allah, we are the children of Allah. Well, hey boo, and we are also his beloved.

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It isn't that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam invited them to believe in Him, this is how they responded. And we are the Beloved of Allah. We are the children of Allah, we don't need you. We don't need you. We already find we're so righteous from before. We don't need to believe in you. We don't need to follow you. We don't need to worship a line anyway. Because we are already his beloved ones, we are already his children.

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Others have said that they said this, to say that because we are the children of a lot We are the Beloved of Allah. Therefore we are more worthy that the final messenger should be from among us. So Mohammed sobre la

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He's not from among us, therefore we don't believe in him. We are more Where did the final messages should be from among us.

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So they say that National Urban Allah, we are the children of Allah.

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What does that mean by this that we are the children of Allah, meaning literally that we are His children. He is our father, and we are His children.

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Others have said that what this means is that national Advair Ivanova,

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that we are the followers of the sons of, of the children of Allah,

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and who are the children of Allah,

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according to them, are you sorry, this, according to the who is at the center.

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So we are their fathers, and because we are their fathers, we believe in the children of God, we believe in the only child of God, the only son of God, therefore, therefore, we will attain salvation. And this is what they promote as well. That you just believe that Allah has one son, and that he sent him and he sacrificed him for your sake, for your sins. And if you believe in that, you will attain salvation. So they say National Urban aroma, and the word urban that is a plural of it. And the word even is used for a son, real, or stepson. But the word even is not just used for one's biological son. But it's also used for someone with whom you have a very strong relationship with a

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very strong connection with like, for example, even a severe What is it necessary to me? Does it literally mean he is the son of the path he is the son of the road? Doesn't mean that there is a biological relationship between the two? No, what does it mean? That he has a strong a constant relationship with the road, meaning he is constantly on the road, meaning he is a traveler.

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Similarly, the word even is also used for someone who does something a lot. He's a person is called the son of someone when he does that action a lot. Like for example, it is said, even though he doesn't mean that he's a son of war.

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What does it mean? That he likes to fight a lot? he participates in a lot of battles. He loves warfare.

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So when they say that we are the Abner of Allah, what do they mean? That we are literally his sons. We are literally his children,

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that in our close relationship with him in our high rank, he is like our father, and we are like his children. He is like our father. And we are like his children.

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That just like a father, so affectionate and so kind and generous towards his children, that no matter what his children do, still, he forgives them. Still, he overlooks them. And especially you see, a veneer has been used not only that,

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because well it includes our lab includes male and female children, but AB nets specifically includes male children.

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You know, generally sons, the way they're spoiled, that every wish of theirs is fulfilled, no matter what they say, no matter what they want to eat. They're given that food. So this is how we are spoiled. We are very beloved to Allah. We're like his sons that no matter what we want, no matter what we wish Allah fulfills our wishes.

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You know that there is a term that is largely How do you translate that into English? Were very pampered, not just pampered but like, spoiled that we can do whatever we want. Our every single wish is fulfilled. We're never reproached. We're never held accountable. We're just up there. So Nana vanilla, we are the children of a love that the way sons are spoiled their love, they're cared for. They're never called to account. They can do whatever they want. This is how we are the children of a lot. We are so close to him. We are beloved. And we are also wahiba who we are His beloved ones, I bet is florala. Hubby and who is Habib, someone who is loved by another, a dear one a friend.

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So we are also noble innosight we have a very special rank before him that no other people have. We are special people. We are his beloved ones, and no other people. No other nation has this status that we enjoy.

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Unless as I say, meaning past them or profits or alone. Isn't that funny when you are deeply committed and will become

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then why does Allah punish you for your sins? That if you really his children, if you're reading his beloved ones, then how come

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You suffer from punishment.

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When you do something wrong.

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funnymen, your ID will can be the new become

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that how come Allah has been punishing you for your sins. And we have learned so much about how the money is right? You the educator, whenever they did something wrong, something seriously wrong, they suffered the consequences in this union. When they disregarded the sanctity of the Sabbath, they were punished very severely. They were punished very severely. So funny or evil can be the new week and then how come Allah punishes you for your sense? Or secondly, this can be understood as that How come he threatened to punish you for your sins in the hereafter? Then if that's the case, then do nothing, don't worship God don't do anything. Why are you going to be held accountable in the

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hereafter anyway or they will, convenient will become?

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Allah says, well, rather, until you are vegetarian, you are human beings, Russia, is very fetters bashing, or

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you're a human beings man Kanaka from whom he created, meaning you are children, of all of those beings whom Allah created. So basically, you are human beings, you are most Luke, you're fairly mania share, he forgives whoever he wills while you are the woman you share, and he punishes whom He wills when he let him win, because somehow it will up and to a love belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. Why am I being a hermit and whatever that is between them to what you know you must lead and to him is the destination?

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What do we learn from this ayah? First of all, we see that when some people, they're called to increase in their Eman to learn the Quran. To practice something, when they refuse, saying that they're already fine, and they don't need anything else. Then this is the attitude of who those people whom Allah does not like that when a person is invited, that come believe, come learn, come do this, practices follow this, and a person's responses that I'm fine, I don't need to do this. I already do a lot of good deeds. I don't need to do this extra good deed This is for you guys, I don't need to pray this hijabis for you, I don't need to wear the hijab, then this is the attitude

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of who those people who are las panatela does not like

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because this person is just assuming that he is a Beloved of Allah, because of his good deeds because of his righteous deeds. So if a person does this, then this is resemblance to who? To the alligator.

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Secondly, we learned that every single person, every single person, human being, no matter who he or she is, he needs to increase in his iterable. And never can he think that I am fine. The bunny is fine. Yes. Allah have sent them many messengers, many prophets, special favors were given to them. I mean, they were in the desert and manansala came to them huge favors. Why? Because of what they did because of who they were. But still, where they're required to do more. were they?

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Yes, they were, where they're required to have a lot more. Of course they were, they were given the photo more teachings where they're required to follow them. Yes, they were. So no matter who you are, you still need to do more. Never think that you are righteous now. You are good. Now. You don't need to do any more. No, every person needs to do more. And the moment a person thinks that I am fine, I don't need to do anything else, then that's where his downfall will begin.

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And a person should realize that if everything is fine, if I don't need to do any more, then how can I suffer from punishment? How can I suffer from illness? How can I suffer from fatigue? From little issues in my life? What does that show that I am still needy, before a loss penalty, I still need to worship Him. The Prophet of the Lord is adamant he would worship a lot of Pandora so much that his feet would swell. What would he say? Should I not be a grateful servant? Have we reached that level that we don't need to express more gratitude? We don't need to do more. We better know. You see all of these I asked what are they pointing towards again and again? What's the main thing

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you have to do? what you're supposed to do? What Allah has commanded you. You cannot make any excuse. If it's this excuse that I'm already righteous, not acceptable. You still have to do more. Never think that you're up there and you don't need to do anything else. There is always room for improvement. There's always room for improvement.

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We also learn from this is that when it comes to religion

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When it comes to the deen of Allah, then no race, no nation, no group of people is given preference. Because Allah says well unto buchon women halaqa that every nation, every race, every people, they're the same. They're equal. Yes, if anyone does have some superiority, it is based on their taqwa.

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It is based on their righteousness. But just because a person belongs to a particular nation doesn't mean that they will definitely go to Paradise. Just because a person belongs to a certain family doesn't mean that he will definitely go to Paradise everyone does the same. Meaning everyone has to do something himself in order to attain the pleasure of Allah.

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We also learned that Allah subhanaw taala is the real owner and supreme authority belongs to Him alone.