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Juz’ 2: Al-Baqarah 142-252
Al-Baqarah 217-252


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The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding evil behavior and being aware of one's own actions in marriage. They stress the need for men to be aware of their bodies and not compromise their appearance, and the importance of avoiding double standards and not taking gifts back at the time of divorce. The speakers also emphasize the importance of not giving things up too much for personal gain and spending money on religion to regain control of one's life. The importance of hardship and staying in a place for a few hours is emphasized, and the need to make the person in hardship a good intention and make the right choice.

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They ask you about the sacred month about fighting they're in, say, fighting they're in is a great thing. But averting people from the way of Allah and this belief in him and preventing access to illnesses that are held on and the expulsion of its people there from our greater evil in the sight of Allah. Many times that happens that people can make great things, but then they seek answers to minor petty issues. We hurt other people, but then we ask if it's permissible to kill a spider and fitna is greater than killing. So a person must look at his own sense. Instead of spreading propaganda about a genuine error of another person. Let's be concerned about our own mistakes, and

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they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion if they're able. And whoever of you reverts from his religion to disbelief and dies while he is a disbeliever. For those their deeds have become worthless in this world and the Hereafter, and those are the companions of the Fire. They will abide there and eternally with a person cannot ever exit Hellfire in alladhina amanu will Edina huddle wotja doofy Sabine Allah Allah eco Judah rahmatullah wa la hula foto Rahim indeed those who have believed and those who have immigrated and fought in the cause of Allah, those expect the mercy of Allah and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. Yes, aluna, carnal harmony, while may

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said they ask you about wine and gambling, because both are related to desire. When a person has wine, he feels Hi. Gambling is a means of acquiring quick money. So man thinks they're fun to do. And so they should be allowed. So they ask you are these allowed are these permissible say in them is great sin and yet some benefit for people, however, their sin is greater than their benefit. So whatever has more evil, it should be left. And they ask you what they should spend, say, the excess meaning that which is beyond your needs. So whatever you are not using, you are not in need of then deposit it for your home in the hereafter. We fill the storerooms in this world, letting things lose

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their value over time. We let them age we let them get ruined, and eventually we throw them. Whereas if we give it away, and we don't even get a penny in return, but we give it to please Allah, then what we will find in the hereafter will be better. So Polina awful. What do you want to spend? Spend that which is extra, spend the excess? Does does Allah make clear to you the verses of revelation that you might give thought, to this world and the Hereafter, and they ask you about orphans, say improvement for them is best. Meaning when you're dealing with the orphans, ask yourself what is best for the orphan? Many times there are some good things that we have to do, but we don't want to

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do them. So what do we do we go on seeking fatawa when there's something bad that we should not do, we should leave when we want to do it anyway. So what do we do we go and seeking fatawa that somehow somewhere someone will allow this for me? What does unlock tell us this level of the home life? Ask yourself what is best? Ask yourself what is best. And if you mix your affair with the affair of the orphans, then remember, they're your brothers. And Allah knows the corruptor from the mender. Allah knows who is good and who is bad, who has done well and who has done evil. Allah knows each one. So we should not be concerned about our image before people. Rather we should be concerned about our

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image before Allah because he knows what we're doing and with what intention we are doing it. And if Allah had willed, He would have put you in difficulty. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in mind and wise, while Athan Carol mushy Cathy Hata Yeoman, and do not marry polytheistic women until they believe and a believing slave woman is better than a polytheist even though she might please You mean the policies to may please you but still believe in woman is better and do not marry polytheistic men to women until they believe and believing slave is better than a polytheist even though he might please you. What do we learn from this that from marriage? Eman is a condition. Love is not a condition.

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attraction is not a condition what is condition? Eamon Arpita must never be compromised. You know people compromise on money, compromise on the looks on the family background compromise and many things. But when it comes to faith, there is no compromise. Why? Because if faith is compromised, then what will happen? Either the couple will live in constant conflict, constant conflict that one wants to raise the family according to his religion, but the Muslim wants to raise the family according to her religion. So there will be constant conflict or something has to let go. The religion will be compromised.

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One will have to leave the religion so that he can be on the same page as the other. Otherwise the family cannot continue, a couple cannot continue. And in this process what will happen? The Dean will be compromised, that a person who is abundant Dean will have to leave the either all of it or most of it, then the dean will just be a title a name, that's it, no more than that.

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Allah says, even if they please you don't marry them. Why Allah aka the Rona Ellen now, they invite you to the fire. But Allah invites you to paradise and to forgiveness by his permission, and he makes clear his verses to the people that perhaps they may remember. So if we choose Allah, then Allah will give us dunya and Pharaoh and if we choose dunya, then we might not even get dunya Where's aluna Carla Hale and they asked you about menstruation say it is harm, meaning it is a hurt. women feel hurt during this. So keep away from wives during menstruation meaning do not have sexual intercourse with them. Everything else is permissible and do not approach them until they are pure.

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And when they have purified themselves meaning their menstruation is over. They've taken a bath then come to them from where Allah has ordained for you. Indeed Allah loves those who are a bean and he loves those who are al Mata Hari, Allah loves those who constantly repent, and he loves those who purify themselves. doba is purification of the heart. And repentance is the purification of the soul purification from what from since it is to wash your record of deeds clean it up, dislike our body, does that meet the heart of cleanliness? Yes. bahala is the purification of the body. So the body needs to be clean. The soul needs to be clean, and those who are clean inside and outside, then such

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people are beloved to Allah in the law, your hibou so we must check ourselves how clean is my body? how clean is my heart?

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how clean is my mind? Nisa oakum household lecan your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you. So you have to care for them and make them productive. So come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth righteousness for yourselves. Because a woman is not just an object of sexual satisfaction, there's more to this act than just pleasure. So don't deprive a woman, have children and fear Allah and know that you will meet him realize that you will meet him one day, so don't disobey him even in this matter which matter of sexual relationships and give good tidings to the believers. It's amazing sexual intimacy is being mentioned. And we are reminded of the our meeting

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with our Lord, because this is the core when a person fears Allah, even in the privacy of his bedroom, that a person remembers what is permissible and what is not permissible even at this time. What are the law but only a manickam do not make your oath by Allah and excuse against being righteous and fearing Allah meaning don't swear an oath that you will not do good. Like, for example, the person says, I swear I'm not going to pass this on a mobile or I swear, I'm not going to forgive this person. I swear I'm not going to give any charity. I swear I'm not going to recite Quran I swear I'm not going to go to any Islamic event. No, Allah says Don't make such oaths. Don't

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do that. And don't swear oaths in refraining from making peace among people that do people have an argument don't swear an oath at all. I'm not going to help them know Allah is hearing annoying. ly, you know, como la bella, Wi Fi a man ECAM Allah does not impose blame upon you for what is unintentional in your own meaning, if habitually, you say well, nah, he will law he, then that author does not count. But he imposes blame upon you for what your hearts have earned. If you meant it. When you say well lucky, then that oath matters, and Allah is Forgiving, and forbearing. Now sometimes the husband and wife fight and swear that they will never see each other, they'll never

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speak to each other, etc, etc. What should we done in this case, that was set in anger, so no harm However, if a person meant it, then what do they need to do? They need to give the photo of the oathbreaker off and go back. Leila De Luna Mandisa him for those who swear not to have sexual relations with their wives is a waiting time for four months. If a man says to his wife, by Allah, I'm never going to be intimate with you ever, ever, then this man has a chance of four months meaning within four months, if he returns to his wife breaks his oath returns to his wife marriages together. But if he does not, then this marriage is over. But if they returned to normal relations,

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then Indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. And if they decide on divorce, then Indeed Allah is hearing and knowing what to now some rules concerning divorced women, women who have been given divorced by their husbands. Divorced women remain in waiting for three periods, meaning three menstrual cycles and it is not lawful for them to continue.

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See what Allah has created in their rooms, if they believe in Allah and the Last Day, meaning of their pregnant, they should not conceal their pregnancy, they should let it be known. And their husbands have more right to take them back in this spirit of ADA, if they want reconciliation, but if there has passed and there was no reconciliation, then the two shall separate. And due to the wives is similar to what is expected of them, according to what is reasonable, meaning women have rights, and the men have rights. The thing is, that we are overly concerned about our rights, and we neglect the rights that other people deserve from us. And the fact is that for a relationship to

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work, what is necessary that both parties are concerned about their obligations. In a marriage, the husband has rights, and the wife also has rights. We cannot keep demanding from the other without giving back. Because we complain a lot about women's rights. What about men's rights? The men who are abused in their homes, they're not respected, they're not fed, they're treated like children, they're insulted. What about their rights, Allah has preserved the rights of men, and he has preserved the rights of women. And the thing is that we cannot keep demanding, sucking from the other, you give me money, you give me respect, you give me freedom. You give me this, you give me

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that. And when it comes to your rights, well, I'm not obligated because I'm a woman, and I am free. And I live in Canada, and you cannot order me anything? No, it has to be both ways. A relationship has to work both ways. The wife must be concerned about her duties to her husband, and the husband needs to be concerned about his duties, his obligations towards his wife, both have duties, both have rights, because the thing is that if we keep demanding from the other four, how long can they give, they also need something in return. They also need a break, they also need to be appreciated. So both have rights. However, Allah says but the men have a degree over that means the husband has

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one degree over the woman, what kind of degree degree of responsibility and authority and that means that the man is also going to be in charge? Because Allah has made him a woman. Think about many women find it difficult to accept, why is it that men had been given one rank above the women in a marriage? Why? Think about it, when at home, you cannot open a jar, who do you call?

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When there's a leaky faucet? Who do you call? When there is a bag that needs to be taken up the stairs or down the stairs? Who do you call when the furniture has to be moved? Who do you call when urgent grocery has to be made 11pm? Who is sent to Walmart at that time? The husband? So is it fair then that constantly they are called for help? We need money, we asked them the car needs to be repaired, he has to do it. Is it fair then that this man is not respected in the house? Is it correct then that he's insulted? He is looked down upon by the very wife that he looks after and he provides for? This is injustice. So we all need to be concerned about our obligations, and Allah

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will take care of our rights. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise Allah is Hakeem. So if he has decreed this, there is high. He is wise. This is why he has ordered this to us upon our Camarata. Divorce is twice meaning it isn't stages, the familial bond is very strong. This marriage bond is very strong and it should not be destroyed in just one goal. No, it isn't stages, then meaning when divorce has been pronounced, that either keep her in an acceptable manner or release her with good treatment. The laws of HELOC have excellent lessons for us to live peaceful social lives with. When the two people separate with the husband and wife separate. What do we learn here? They should also

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separate in a good way. And this is not just with regards to husband and wife, even when to friends, when they depart business partners when they go their own ways, co workers when they go their own ways, how should they go? They should depart in a good way. Because yes, it is very emotional. But think calm down. Use your mind and a relation that we have must not be ended and just one goal. Allah likes people who are clean hearted. It is not lawful for you to take anything of what you have given them, meaning don't take gifts back. Why? Because this is something disgusting. This is something that is repulsive, that a person at the time of marriage gives a gift and at the time of

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divorce has given back to me. No, this is something that is disgusting. Think about it. If we deprive someone of their rights, then how long are we going to keep it? How long are we going to keep their money until we die and then we have to face Allah. So do not take anything back at the time of divorce. Unless both fear that they will not be able to keep within the limits of Allah. But if you fear that they will not keep within the

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limits of Allah, then there is no blame upon either of them concerning that by which she ran sumser. So basically, hula is being mentioned over here. These are the limits of Allah so do not transgress them again and again this has been mentioned and whoever transgresses the limits of Allah, it is those who are the wrongdoing, people. And if he has divorced her meaning after two divorces, now there's a third divorce, then she is not lawful to him afterward, until after she marries a husband other than Him. And what is this known as halala, which should not be done deliberately. Why? Because the one who does it deliberately, he is Maroon, the woman is cursed, and the man who does it

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he is also cursed. And if the latter husband divorces her or dies, there is no blame upon the woman and her former husband for returning to each other, if they think that they can keep within the limits of Allah, meaning that they will take marriage seriously. So if a husband and wife they were married, and then they ended up in divorce, both her separate are there is over, the man is living separately, woman is living separately, no nikka between them because the law was done. But after some time, they wish to get back together, can they? Yes, nikka will be performed. So there is no harm if they marry again. But what is mentioned, if they think that they can keep within the limits

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of Allah, then yes, they will take their marriage seriously. These are the limits of Allah, which he makes clear to people who know. And when you divorce women, and they have nearly fulfilled their term, and what is the term three menstrual cycles, then either retain them according to acceptable terms, or release them according to acceptable terms, meaning now decide, either she's staying or she has to go. But if you do, make her go, if the marriage is coming to an end, then don't kick her out. Don't throw her out, and really, rather center away gently honorably. Because a normal person deals with everyone with an ability with good manners, and do not keep them intending harm to

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transgress against them, meaning don't just keep the wife to keep torturing her. And whoever does that has certainly wronged himself, and do not take the verses of Allah in jest. And remember the favor of Allah upon you, and what has been revealed to you of the book and the Wisdom by which he instructs you, and fear Allah, and know that Allah is Knowing of all things. And our matters are not hidden from him. Without the luck to manisa. And when you divorce women, and they have fulfilled their term, then do not prevent them from re marrying their former husbands, if they agree among themselves on an acceptable basis, that is instructed to whoever Have you believes in a line the

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last day that is better for you and pure, and Allah knows and you do not know. What do we learn here that a divorced woman has a right to be married, she should not be prevented from marrying again. While while the two and the mothers may breastfeed their children to complete yours, how long can they breastfeed their children to complete here is not more than that, for whoever wishes to complete the nursing period. So the complete nursing period is two lunar years, not two and a half, not three, only two. And upon the father is the mother's provision, and their clothing according to what is acceptable, meaning the Father has to give the mother a stipend, even though divorce has

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happened, but because the mother is nursing the baby who has to provide for the mother, even after divorce, who the father has to, he has to take care of her food as well as her clothing. No person is charged with more than his capacity. No mother should be harmed through her child. And no father should be harmed through his child because usually, when this divorce happens, it gets very messy, and who is used to demand more rights from one another. It's the child that is used, and the children get neglected children are abused also. And upon the father's air is a duty like that of the Father, meaning of the father dies that his heir has to provide for the mother during the

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nursing period. And if they both desire weaning through mutual consent from both of them, and consultation, meaning even after divorce when it comes to the matter of children, then both must decide together, both must consult each other and decide for the child what is best for the child, there is no blame upon either of them. And this shows to us that a child may be weaned before two years old. So there's no sin in that. And if you wish to have your children nursed by a substitute, there is no blame upon you as long as you give payment according to what is acceptable. So basically what we see is that the child should not be neglected because of the divorce and fear Allah and know

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that Allah is seeing of what you do, and those who are taken in death among you and leave behind wives, they meaning the wives shall wait for months and 10 days. So how much is there in the four months and 10 days according to the lunar calendar. And for a divorced woman it is three menstrual cycles. And when they have fulfilled their term, then there is no blame upon you for what they do with themselves meaning they can remarry in an acceptable manner and allies fully acquired

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With what you do, there is no blame upon you for that to which you indirectly allude concerning a proposal to women, or for what you conceal within yourselves. Allah knows that you will have them in mind, but do not promise them secretly except for saying a proper saying, and do not determine to undertake a marriage contract until the decreed period reaches its end, and know that Allah knows what is within yourselves. So beware of him. Allah knows the thoughts that are in your heart, you're thinking of marrying a woman, you're thinking of marrying a man Allah knows what is in your heart. So be aware of him, and know that Allah is Forgiving and forbearing he pardons minor mistakes. So

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you should also do the same. There is no blame upon you, if you divorce women, you have not touched nor specified for them and obligation, meaningly God was done, no man was appointed, but marriage was not consummated. And the man died or divorce happened, then in this case, what should be done, the woman who has now left husband less, she should be given something, but give them a gift of compensation, the wealthy according to his capacity and the poor according to his capacity, a provision according to what is acceptable a duty upon the doors of good and if you divorce them, before you have touched them, and you have already specified for them and obligation, then give half

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of what you specified, meaning that he got was performed, Maha was appointed, marriage was not consummated, then what should be done divorce happen, then the woman should be given half of her mother unless they forego the rights meaning unless the woman says it's okay. Or the woman whose hand is a marriage contract for goals that the man says it's okay you keep all of it, and to forego it is near to righteousness. And do not forget graciousness between you Indeed Allah of whatever you do is seeing Happy louella salatu wa Salatu was for maintain with care the obligatory prayers, and in particular the middle prayer and stand before Allah wakulla carnitine devoutly obedient two

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things, first of all, guard the prayers, which prayer in particular, the middle prayer and which one is that also the prayer, the time when we are extremely busy, but guard that prayer, you guard the rights of Allah, and Allah will guard your rights. And secondly, what we're taught over here is when you stand before Allah Stan, devoutly obedient, like obedient, humble servants, and if you fear an enemy, then pray on foot or writing. But when you are secured and remember a lot in prayer, as he has taught you, that which you did not previously know. And those who are taken and death among you and leave wives behind for their wives is a bequest maintenance for one year without turning them

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out. Meaning when a woman her husband dies, then initially the command was that she would stay in the house of the husband for one year, but later on, this was abrogated, but if they leave of their own accord, then there is no blame upon you for what they do with themselves in an acceptable way. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise, while al mukalla potty Mata on and for divorced women is a provision all divorced women is a provision according to what is acceptable meaning every woman who is divorced, she must be given something and this is a duty upon who the righteous if the man was appointed for our cabin, then again you have to give her something the mother was not appointed,

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still you have to give something you must give something when two people are parting from each other. Why? Even though both are angry, emotionally hurt, hurt from one another? Still, Allah says give something because when you give something when you give a gift, who is it that you free yourself? Yes, you bring a smile on the face of the other person. But more than that, you benefit yourself you free yourself of guilt you free yourself of the bad feelings of hatred of pain. gallica up you know la hola como de la la Kentucky loon dusters Allah made clear to you his verses that you might use reason use reason Allah has revealed His laws. Have you not considered those who left

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their homes in many 1000s fearing death, Allah said to them die, then he restored them to life and Allah is full of bounty to the people. But most of the people do not show gratitude. We learned that plague spread in a particular town and the people thought that they would die. So what happened in order to save their lives, they fled. But when they fled, they died, where they fled to. The fact is that our running away from a situation does not guarantee security. It does not guarantee safety. It does not guarantee that things will be good. What is decreed for us what is meant to hit us will hit us whether we are in the midst of a problem, or we have just escaped the problem. Many times it

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happens that a person escapes one land in order to save his life. But what happens in the process, he dies in the process of escaping to another land and this is something that is not strange in today's world. So

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What do we learn that whatever happens, we should remember that Allah His decision we can never escape. This is what this teaches us that allows decision concerning us is something we can never avoid. Well katello feasable in the Muslims are prepared for battle fighting the cause of Allah and know that a lot is hearing and knowing who is it mundo de la de la hora de hacer una who is it that would loan Allah Gogi loan so he may multiply it for him many times over. And it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance and to Him To Him He will be returned part of the Hashanah. Allah tells us to give out a persona, what is called Asana, it is that which a person spends to support

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the religion of Allah, like we discussed earlier many times will give in charity for our own personal gain for our own personal benefit. But here we are taught that we should also spend for the religion of Allah as if it was our personal matter. Just as we spend on our education, our houses, we should also spend on the house of Allah. We should also spend for the promotion of the deen of Allah. And Allah says that the one who will give for the deen of Allah, that Allah takes it as a as a loan, which means that he will definitely return it and how much will he return more than what you gave? So the one who gives him the way of Allah should never fear poverty. And I'm Tara Ll mela him

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in Bani Israel. Have you not considered the assembly of the children of Israel after the time of Musa when the sexual prophet of theirs sent to us a king and we will fight in the way of Allah? He said, Would you perhaps refrain from fighting if fighting was prescribed for you? We learned that about 300 years after the death of Masada Center, the Bani Israel suffered great decline. Someone saw that their enemy destroyed them confiscated their lands, killed their people. So they realized that they needed to do something collectively, they needed to get together and fight back and regain their freedom. So what happened? They went to their Prophet, and they said, Please appoint a leader

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for us so that we can acquire this goal, we can regain control of our lives. So what happened? The Prophet said to them, are you just saying that, are you really going to do it? They said, Why should we not fight in the cause of Allah when we have been driven out from our homes and from our children, but Allah says when fighting was prescribed to them, they turned away except for a few of them. And Allah is Knowing of the wrongdoers. We'll call it a home nebia home and their profit set to them. Indeed, Allah has sent to you for Knuth as a king, they asked the king should be appointed the prophets that Allah has appointed a king he is followed. They said, How can he have kingship

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over us, while we are more worthy of kingship than him? Because he has not been given any measure of wealth, we are richer than him. He is for the Prophet said, Indeed, Allah has chosen him over you, and has increased him abundantly in knowledge and stature, meaning he has physical strength, and he has more in so what do we see over here? they asked for a king King was appointed, what did they do? They made an excuse. Why? Because they were seeking personal glory. They were not seeking the glory of the religion, if the glory of the religion was the goal than any King, that Allah decided that a lot appointed would be acceptable to them. When the king was not acceptable to them, what was the

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problem here, they thought they would be appointed as a king. They thought of using this opportunity, as a cause as a reason for their personal glory for their personal fame. So this is why they presented excuses over here. And their prophet explained to them that look electricals and why because of Israel, because they're in knowledge is better than money. He had, so Allah chose him, we cry for money, we chase money, but what is it that we should chase in knowledge, because when we chase knowledge, money will also come lunia will also come along will give you what is decreed for you. And Allah gives us sovereignty to whom He wills, and Allah is all encompassing in favor, and

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he's knowing he knows his servants he knows who should be chosen, will call allow him to be your home and their profits up to them. Indeed, a sign of his kingship is that the chest will come to you in which is assurance from your Lord and a remnant of what the family of Moses and the family of one had left carried by the angels. Indeed and that is a sign for you if you are believers. Basically we learned that the enemy they had taken away from the Bani Israel their precious valuable belongings including a chest in which word man and Salah, the staff of Musa and some other member boots. So what happened their profits after them if you go with followed what is going to happen, you will get

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this chest back you will be made victorious. So what happened, went by loot went forth with the soldiers. He said to them, Indeed, Allah will test you with a river. So whoever drinks from it is not from me, and whoever does not taste it is indeed of me, except the one who takes from it in the hollow on his hand.

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Meaning he's preparing them for a test. Because he who goes out in the way of Allah, he's definitely tested that a lot tests him. Is my sermon capable of this work or not? You see over here, initially, so many people got ready. But then what happened when the king was appointed, many people turned away. And then eventually when the king left, what happened over here also, the people were told, look, you're going to be tested. Don't drink water from that river, if you must drink, drink only a handful of water. But what happened? Allah says, They drank from it except a very few of them. Why? Because they were not patient, very few people were patient. What do we learn from this, that the

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person who cannot observe patients in the matter of food and drink, then he cannot bear hardship? And if he cannot bear hardship, then how can he work for the cause of Allah? Like, for example, sitting over here, you've been sitting here this whole time, you weren't able to stand up, you weren't able to walk around. But what are you doing here controlling yourself? This is bearing hardship in a way, because as you do sub, you are increasing your capacity when you increase your capacity to sit for two hours, then inshallah You can also stand in prayer for some time, can you not, if for two hours, you can look at the Quran, then inshallah, one day you can also look at the

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Quran for two hours reciting it page after page. So we see that the person who cannot observe patience in the matter of food and drink in the matter of bodily pleasures, then he cannot bear hardship. And if he cannot bear hardship, then he cannot work for the cause of Allah. So we need to see that if we have to sit for a few hours, then do we observe patients? If we have to stand for a few hours? Do we observe patients? If we really aspire to work for the cause of Allah? Then what is it that we need to prepare for hard work? So very few people, very few people are like this. Then when he had crossed it, one thought he would cross the river along with those who believed with him.

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They said, there is no power for US law catalana. Earlier, they said we don't have any strength today against jelutong and his soldiers, but those who were certain those who were certain that they would meet Allah, they said, How many a small company has overcome a large company by the permission of Allah, and Allah is with the patient. Just like in Ramadan, what happens when we eat so much? What do we say? I don't have the strength to stand in the doorway. So what happened over there people drank so much, they said, Oh, we don't have the strength to fight the enemy anymore. But others encourage them. This shows to us that when some people are losing their motivation, they're

00:32:37--> 00:33:21

falling behind. What is our duty, encourage them come come to them, just listen to one juice, just one juice. It's okay. It's just a couple of hours we need to encourage each other what the last level what there was always sub, because yes, all of us are busy. But all of us need to reconnect with the Quran. Do we not need to recall the reminder from the Quran we all do. When a member of soldier lose and when they went forth to face john Ruth and his soldiers, they said robina afraid Marlena sobre O our Lord, pour upon us fictions and planned firmly our feet and give us victory over the disbelieving people. This is a summary of this juice in order to please Allah. In order to

00:33:21--> 00:34:03

attain something in our lives, we need three things. What are those three things first of all, a good intention. Make the intention, I want to do it, we see that those people who truly intended to fight in the scars to go fight the enemy. What happened? Allah made them go through it, Allah made them go. So make a good intention. And yes, there will be tests, but Allah will make you pass the tests if your intention is sincere. So make the intention. So for example, for many of us, it could be that inshallah I have to go through this course will call on make the intention when you make the intention, then what's the next thing that we need to do hard work effort, that was full effort,

00:34:04--> 00:34:48

even that day when we're becoming lazy and we feel like oh, I don't have any strength, then ask a lot of hard work, make yourself work harder. And for that, the third thing we need is do our ask Allah for help or benefit of arlena sobre el, I cannot do this. You have to help me You give me the patience, you give me the strength. So what happened? When they follow these three steps, intention, hard work and draw? Allah granted them success. So they defeated the enemy by permission of Allah and David that would kill dilute and Allah gave him the kingship and Prophethood and taught him from that which he will. What do we see? The greater Our work is the greater effort is required, and the

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

greater effort we put in the greater reward. Allah will also bless us with a low amounts of lessons with a greater reward if our effort is more if we want to accomplish more in our life.

00:35:00--> 00:35:19

So what do we see the orderly salon, he was just one person in the Muslim army. But he set his goal I have to kill the enemy, which enemy in particular, dilute the leader of the enemy. He sat his eyes on him, and he killed him. Allah granted him success. And then what happened?

00:35:20--> 00:36:08

That Allah gave him kingship and Prophethood because the greater the efforts, the greater the reward. So now we have to check ourselves, how productive do we want to be in our lives? What goals do I want to accomplish in my life? If I think that what I have right now is enough, then Okay, I won't go any further. But if I'm greedy for more more success, than what will happen, I will take one step after the other, then I will not remain behind. But in order to go forward, then we have to put in our best efforts. Allah says, and if it were not, for Allah checking some people by means of others, the Earth would have been corrupted, but Allah is full of bounty to the worlds. You see the

00:36:08--> 00:36:48

money is how it were oppressed, but Allah defeated their enemy when they came forward to help themselves. Likewise, we also have many challenges we find ourselves weak, what do we need to do? Make the intention put the effort make Dora and Allah will grant the success tilka Ayatollah Hina, through Hara Lika will help these are the verses of Allah which we recite to you in truth and indeed you are from among the messengers. So whatever we have right over here, what are the Allah's verses the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is addressed that whatever you are telling people in the Koran it is how now it is up to the people, what do we do so merna will Alterna so what is our goal that we have

00:36:48--> 00:36:58

to become high achievers and Charla subchronic along we'll be handing a shadow alert Illa illa Anta stuff we will cover today Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh