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An-Nisa 135-147 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 142


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the confusion between Islam and the law, with Islam acknowledging actions and the law highlighting actions. The use of "overcome" in certain actions, such as drinking alcohol and praying, is emphasized. The importance of praying for the upcoming election and not just prioritizing actions is emphasized. The need for men to learn from theipped quote "has been their best source of reference" for their actions is emphasized.
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Lesson number 65. So within this app I have number 142.

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Inland Mona Tina, you had your own Allah wa who will hardier, whom,

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indeed the hypocrites think to deceive Allah. But he is deceiving them. The hypocrites what is their behavior

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that they pretend to have Amen. But inside their hearts, they actually have cough. They fluctuate between Eman and COVID. Why, in order to gain the benefits of being a Muslim, and also to gain benefits from the non Muslims, so with this behavior, what are they trying to do? They're trying to deceive Allah. In Illuminati Athena, you hide your vanilla. You heard the aroona is from the fetters hot then.

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And we read this word earlier in silicon bacala. Harder, you harder is to deceive someone How? By showing on the apparent what is contrary to what is inside

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to show on the apparent what is contrary to what is inside.

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So what was the feeder what was the reception of the hypocrites, they were showing email, they were pretending to be very righteous believers. But in reality in their hearts, they had disbelief. So they're trying to deceive Allah, how, by their outward profession of faith,

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by their outward profession of faith and on the inside, by hiding.

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So by this behavior, they were thinking that they were actually deceiving a lot.

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Because the reality is that no one can ever deceive Allah. Why? Allah subhanaw taala is are the envy That is so true.

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If a person is showing something on the apparent that is different from what is inside, a loss of parents are the knows what he's showing and what is inside. So a lot can ever be deceived.

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And what it means by you have their own agenda is that they think that they're deceiving a lot. Why?

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Because they have managed to deceive some people.

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They think that they have deceived people, the rest of the believers in this dunya so on the Day of Judgment, similarly, they will be able to deceive a lot by saying that we are believers, which is why we learned that yo maya artha Houma la huji, Miran for ya una la Who can I go

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there on the day of judgment when Allah subhanaw taala will gather all people, what will the hypocrites do? On that day also, they will swear to Allah, just as this were to you today that they are believers that they are sincere.

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So the thing that they're deceiving Allah, they have been successful in deceiving the law. But the reality is that they're not deceiving Allah. The reality is that we're who are how they are who he is actually deceiving them. How do you how there is one who deceives and notice where the hypocrites you hide there was used the verb was used, and alasa planetary uses the noun for himself. Why? Because when someone is described with the noun, it shows that they have more ability over that particular action. They have more ability to do that. They are more powerful in performing that action.

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So while they will have their home the same word has been used. Why? Because it shows Cova. It demonstrates the strength of a loss of Hunter.

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You know, if somebody is deceiving you and you're not able to play along with them, what does that show that you are being fooled, but if you are able to deceive them in return, what does that show that you are stronger than them, that you are more powerful than them?

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So over here hardier, whom Allah subhanaw taala uses it for him. This is not blameworthy, but rather, it is praiseworthy for him because it shows his power. It shows a strength, that he is not a victim of their deception, but rather he is the one who is deceiving them.

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The question is, how is the loss of hanadarko deceiving him?

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This is understood in several ways. First of all, that what this means is that he will punish them for their leader, He will punish them for their deception, who will hide their home because in the Arabic language, many times the word that is used for the same for the offense, the same word is used for punishment for that offense. The same word is used. So how will how they are what this means is that he will punish them for their for their deception, how that they will be humiliated in this world and they will also be humiliated in the era that their hypocrisy will be exposed. They're trying to hide it, but in fact, it will be active

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Secondly, it has been said that wha hoo ha there him he deceives them, meaning he gives them rest bite, he gives them rest bite, he does not punish them immediately. And as a result what happens? They increase in their hypocrisy. As a result, they increase in hypocrisy. So, he gives them rest bite, he does not punish them right away. And thus they are deceived, thinking that they are right, thinking that they're fine.

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So, in fact, they're the ones who are in deception, thinking that they're okay because Allah subhanaw taala does not punish them immediately.

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will either come in a sauna? And when they stand to pray, when they stand in order to perform the Sunnah.

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How do they stand to pray? How do they approach Salah

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amaco Salah, they come to prayer lazily. This is the behavior of the hypocrite with the most honored and best act of worship. The most righteous act of worship sada which is an obligation on the believers how many times a day, five times a day. This is how much Allah loves Sunnah. This is how much Allah subhanaw taala likes the prayer and the hypocrites what is their behavior what is their characteristic towards seller that when they pray, they pray and easy pusilla

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The word kosala is the plural of Caslen. It is the plural of Caslen

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and Caslen, his newsletter scaff seen them.

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Because LAN is one who is lazy. One who is sluggish one who is lazy in what he shouldn't be lazy.

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So basically castle is to be lazy with regards to something that a person should not be lazy

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in a matter of something that a person should not be lazy. So why is this word being used over here because they are lazy in performing sunair and performing so that a person should not be lazy about it. A person should be careful about performing Salah, making sure that he prays at the right time and making sure that he approaches for them with happiness as well.

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Now what does it mean by this that common inner fanatic camo kasana.

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This has been understood in two ways that when they come to pray, when they come to pray,

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and remember that for the men, where do they have to pray? In the masjid?

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So when they go to pray in the masjid, how do they go? lazy, lazy, that they delay going? they dislike going? They go very reluctantly. And if they do go they take their time and they're late.

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Secondly, camo in a selective Tomoko Salah that they pray while being lazy, meaning they're very lazy in their center.

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But the question is, why do they pray like this? Why do they pray like this? Because they're not praying out of the hope of reward for praying silently. They're not praying, hoping for reward. nor are they praying out of the fear of punishment for neglecting Salah for leaving center. Why are they praying and just to please people, just to satisfy people.

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Because if a person is truly praying to gain a loss of pleasure to gain closeness to Allah, to get the approval of a lot to gain some reward, he will not be lazy. And out of the fear that Allah will question me about my Salah, a person will not be lazy. This shows that they're not praying from the heart. They don't believe in it. They don't have humidity in the center. They don't understand this water because if they truly understood the Salah, then they wouldn't pray like this.

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So outwardly, they're very lazy in performing the Salah in coming to the Salah. They delay as much as they can.

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And when they do pray, how do they pray? Why do they pray your own a nurse in order to show off to the people? You are owner from LA Hamza Ja. rule,

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which means to see, so your owner, they show, meaning they show themselves to the people.

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What do they show their Salah? So why are they praying just to show people

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but other said that By Allah, if the people were not there, they would not pray? What does it mean? If the people were not there, they would not pray. The only reason why they pray is because the other people are telling them do is because other people will question them otherwise

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People will doubt them.

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So they're praying not out of the fear of Allah, but out of the fear of people. And this shows that they have no sincerity in their ibadah no Islam, no sincerity and there is no interest in Riba whatsoever.

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It is also said that your own analysis is not just limited to Salah, but it applies to all acts of worship, that the hypocrite performs. He does. So why, just to show off to the people just to get their approval so that people don't question their email.

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Because remember, at the time of the profits are allowed to sort of in particular, everyone used to pray everyone, what distinguish between a believer and a non believer was set up. So if a person would not pray, what did that show, he's not a believer.

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So in order to save themselves, they would pray.

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And obviously, they had no interest in Santa so they would come lazy, and when they would perform Salah they would only do so in order to please other people.

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When I had kurunegala illa kalila and they do not remember Allah except very little. They only remember Allah a little bit.

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What does it mean by they could over here?

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First of all, they could refer to Salah that in the Salah fistula in the prayer when they are actually praying. They don't remember a lot except only a little bit. What are they thinking about? Who are they remembering other people? What happened, what they said what they should do what they want, what they liked. This is what they're thinking about. They're not thinking about Allah subhanaw taala they don't mention Allah. They don't remember Allah in their Sunnah.

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Secondly, it has been said that liat, Karuna La Ilaha Illa meaning outside of Salah they hardly ever remember of law. The only they could have Allah subhanaw taala that they do is what Sunnah because Salah is also the

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so the only the Kerbala that they do is solid. That's it. nothing other than solid. No recitation of Quran. No aska. Notice we had no is there? no drama, nothing. The only thing they do is prayer. That's it. Nothing more than that, nor the kerravala beyond saga. And this is something very scary. Because we need to check ourselves. How much do I remember Allah? When I eat? Do I remember to mention Allah after I eat? Do I remember to thank a lot. When I go to the bathroom, when I come out to the bathroom when I put new clothes on? Do I remember Allah? When I see something beautiful? Do I remember Allah? The hypocrite only praise the Salah. That's it, nothing more than that.

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Thirdly, it has been said that Leia, Karuna ma illa cadila. Over here, they could refer to Salah that they only pray for now except a little. They don't pray Salah except a little meaning they pray the least amount of Sunnah. The shortest seller, the bare minimum just to get by just so that people don't question them. That's it. Nothing more than that, no extra solar, no sun, no knuffel an inner Solar as well, just the bare minimum. They're not concerned about reciting difference or they're not concerned about reciting different accounts. Whereas there are so many other cards that a person can read so many different types of this we had that a person can read in his record in his salute. When

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getting up from record between the such that inertia hood then after sort of factor also, it's not necessary that you only pay so little floss. No. There are 114 surah in the Quran. But a hypocrite. He only prays a little bit, just the bare minimum just to get by when I add kurunegala her in the cadila.

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And remember we learned earlier that we're in a hair indeed salad is like a viola. Surely it is huge. It is great in there and hi Shireen except for those people who have for sure.

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Because one who has for sure in his Salah. Then he will do a lot of bigger of a loss of patent and insights Allah as well as outside. So now when I add Coronavirus in kalida except only a little bit and why is it called a little bit because literally in its quantity, it's very little and it's also described as little because it's not acceptable. It's that little that it's not acceptable. And it's also called numb because it is real

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Because if it was really done out of sincerity, then it would automatically be more

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remember that it is called before Why? Because it is done out of Riyadh they remember Allah dimension Allah, they praise Allah. Why? out of the if there was Islam, then automatically the Salah would be longer, there would be more than

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it is react that prevents them from remembering Allah subhanaw taala more.

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What do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we learned that a person who tries to deceive others, is actually deceiving himself, especially someone who's trying to deceive a law. That doesn't matter. Who cares? As long as people don't say anything to me? No, a person who tries to deceive others is actually deceiving himself.

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We also learn from this is that a person who is being given rest bite is also being deceived, is also in deception. A person who is being given best bite meaning he is not caught immediately. He's not punished immediately for the wrongs that he has done. Many times what happens such a person fault and deception, that if I was wrong, then I would be punished. If I was wrong, then this code would not happen to me. If a person thinks like that, and he is in deception, because when a person does something wrong, you should realize that this is unacceptable to Allah subhanaw taala and Okay, even in this dunya if I'm successful in the afterlife, I will not be successful. And this is

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actually deception that a person is in.

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We also learn from this idea that it is of hypocrisy. It is of nofap to approach the Salah leisurely to perform the Salah leisurely, it is of hypocrisy. It is of no foul that a person performs as well allegedly he approaches us leisurely.

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Just think of it. If you have a friend and you have to visit them, you have to meet them. You have to speak to them. And you really like them. Are you lazy? Are you reluctant? Do you delay your meeting? No. You can't wait. People literally count down, especially if they're meeting someone after a long time. Or if they really like someone they wait to speak to them they wait to meet them. Why is it that we claim that we love our last panel data a lot. But when it comes to praying Salah we are lazy, we are reluctant we delay as much as we can. When I do that slotta illa wahome Casa Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said about the prayer of the hypocrite, that this is the prayer of the hypocrite. This is the prayer of the hypocrite. This is the prayer of the hypocrite. He sets watching the sun until when it goes down between the dual horns of the devil meeting until the sun is almost setting. Then he stands up and he backs out for rocker. The word has been used backing just like chicken backs on the ground or bird backs on the ground. This is how he packs for aka

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one such that after the other size that one rocker after the other aka without remembering a lot during them except

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Just think about it. If you delay to the last moment and you have only a few minutes left. First of all, the Salah is going to be very fast. Secondly, are you going to be able to remember a lot at all? Hardly. This is a prayer of the monastic. This is what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said that he waits until the last moment until then everything seems to be so important. Everything seems to be so important. But when the Salah is about to come to an end, then he goes to pray and he backs just like a bird. And he doesn't remember our last panel data except a little.

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The profits are a lot it's also said that the heaviest slider, the heaviest prayers on the hypocrites. Are there a shot and the budget bears?

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The heaviest slap under your pocket is which one, Russia and fudge. These are the heaviest silhouette on the hypocrite. And the profits are a lot isn't I'm sad that if they knew their reward, if they knew their reward, they would attend them even if they had to crawl even if they had to crawl to the masjid to praise Allah.

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What does it show to us that first of all, we should be careful about performing the survey that we should not delay the sooner we should perform at the right time as early as possible, give Salah priority Why? Because if you give such a priority, then you will be able to remember a lot more. And if you delay, then what's going to happen till the last moment you won't have much time. You can't concentrate you won't be able to remember them. And we also learn from this Hades in particular that the men were should they perform this Allah in the masjid.

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And if for

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Some genuine reason that to the mustard is far, they're not able to go five times a day, then in that case, at least, at least fragile, and Russia, at least fudger and Russia.

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So it is our obligation as wives, as mothers, to encourage our men to pray for that in the masjid at least budget inertia. Because the prophets are a lot of them said that if they knew the reward, they would attend them, even if they had to crawl. Like they were so sick, that they weren't able to come, and the only way of coming would be crawling, they would crawl if they knew the reward of praying these two Salah in the masjid.

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We also learned from this ayah that it is of hypocrisy, to do the analysis of a good deed. It is of hypocrisy to show off a good deed that a person is performing. And this warns us against Ria against showing off because when a person shows off a good deed Even it is not accepted. Allah subhanaw taala does not accepted

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the prophets little notice Adam segment somehow somewhere Allahu be he woman, Allah, Allahu be whoever wants to be heard of a lot will make him hurt off and whoever wants to be seen a lot will show him that said he will get their award in dystonia, nothing in the alpha. Because Allah subhanaw taala is the you and he only accepts that which is Lee. He only accepts that which is like

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he doesn't need a good deed that you're performing to please people and also to fulfill that obligation. No, he will accept only that deed which you're doing for his sake, which you're doing for his sake only. We also learn from this ayah that because the hypocrites they pray with castle they pray with laziness, and they only pray to show off. Their Salah is not accepted. How are they praying? First of all they approach as kosala and secondly, your openness to things. And these are two things that prevent a good deed from being accepted. into law Toba is number 54 we learn women are home and to Kabbalah men whom never call to whom Illa unknown cafaro belay will be la su de la

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tuna salad 11 kosala What are you in Fukuda? Illa, whom carry whom,

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and what prevents their expenditures from being accepted from them, but that they have disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger, and that they come not to prayer, except while they are lazy, and that they do not spend except while they're unwilling. So if a person does a good deed, even reluctantly, and in order to show off, that deed is not accepted, even if it is slender. Why? Because when a person is performing this letter, he's not remembering the last time you get reward of the seller, depending on how much you were part of the sudden meeting how much concentration you had, with what Nia you prayed. There's a hadith which tells us that like I'm in South Africa, Morocco, the minute

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you get off the Salah, meaning you get the reward of the Salah, as much as you understood of it as much as you understood of it. So the part that you don't understand the part that you don't know what you're saying that you don't know if you're saying at the head or you're saying that the route that a person does not know if he is saying, if he's doing the first rocker or the second rocker. He's that last? He's not remembering a lot, even this much. So how much reward does a person get out of the Salah? Only as much as he paid attention

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only as much as he understood of it. Like I'm in South Africa, my uncle tamina but the hypocrite How does he pray? How does he pray that layer Karuna diet Corona La Ilaha de la they don't remember my exact only a little bit. So therefore, they don't get any reward.

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We also learn from this ayah that it is of hypocrisy, to not remember a law much it is of hypocrisy to not remember a loss of panel data much because the hypocrites their characteristic is that liath Karuna la de la cadena

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whereas a believer What did we learn about the owl bear in mind and Medina yet kurunegala pm and Walker road and wind up in all states. The profits are modest around how much did he remember Allah all the time, which is why we have all of these doors all of these occurred entering the washroom coming out, putting new clothes on. There is a door for everything.

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remembering Allah subhanaw taala all the time. Similarly, we learned what that could mean a lot.

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You learn with accurate and the men who remember a lot a lot and also the women will remember a lot a lot, such as a true believer and the hypocrite on the other hand does not remember a lot much.

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So we need to check ourselves how much do we remember Allah

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