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Al-Baqarah 63-73 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 72-73


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The speakers discuss the meaning of "brink" in the context of murder, including the significance of "brink" and "ma'am" in relation to actions of others. They emphasize the need for accountability and responsibility for one's actions and avoiding blaming others for their actions. The speakers also emphasize the importance of not delaying good deed and not asking too many irrelevant questions. The speakers stress the need for people to know what they are doing and not let things happen without knowing what they are doing.

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The billing machine rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. So we were studying the iOS about the Bani Israel, the incident of the cow, in which the Bani Israel were commanded to slaughter a cow. And instead of obeying the command right away, they came up with a lot of questions, one after the other. Why? Because they did not want to follow their command, they did not want to slaughter the cow. And this is what a person does when he does not wish to do something. But questioning excessive questioning, only made the situation more difficult for them, more complicated for them. And then eventually, they did slaughter the cow. And when they finally slaughtered the cow, what were they

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supposed to do with the cow? Allah Subhana Allah says in number 72, what is called l two nutzung. And when you killed a person meeting and also remember, oh, buddy is for you. When you had killed a person. The word attack is from for the lamb, cotton, and cotton is to murder someone to kill them. So when you killed a person, meaning when the bunny is trying to kill the person from among them, who was the killer, that was unknown. So as a result, what happened

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to her, then you all blamed each other? concerning it. The word it

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is from Dan raw Hamza,

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then Omar Hamza, do you see these three letters in the word

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that are actually means to avert something, to push something away. For example, something is coming towards you. That is to push it away, to avert it, to throw something away, to move something away. This is the literal meaning of the word.

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And you see the elephant in the word

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between the doll and the rock there is an Elif and this Elif, it gives the meaning of an action that is being done by more than one person. So it shows the participation of more than one inaction.

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So over here, it means that you were averting or you are pushing to one another, this is the literal meaning of the word,

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you're pushing something to each other. So just imagine, there are two teams, okay. And let's say they're playing volleyball or something like that. So what happens in each team, they throw the ball towards the other team, which throws the ball back to the previous team, and then this continues.

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So this is the meaning of the word.

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When this word is used in the context of argument, then it is to throw blame on each other. It is to accuse each other of a crime that has been committed. So what does it mean by a document? That you all were blaming each other? You were hurling the blame on each other? One person would say you did it, he would say, No, I didn't do it, you did it. And this was continuing on and on, this was going on and on. Because sometimes when people cannot figure out who's the person who did that action, what happens they begin to blame each other.

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For example, if you know somebody broke a glass at home, or somebody moved something, and you assume that a person did it, and you say, why did you do it? You said I didn't do it, she must have done it. And she was I didn't do it, you did it. Until eventually the culprit the criminal is exposed as to who is the person who actually that action. So similarly, the Bani Israel, they began blaming each other for having killed a particular person and the murder, he was not coming up. He was not coming up. And he was not confessing or he was not acknowledging his crime.

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And many times people do this. Many times people do this, that they have done something wrong and because they're not admitting it, there's such a big chaos going on.

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And they're scared of admitting their fault. So this is exactly what happened over there. So $5 fee here, you all were blaming each other concerning it. Each person was defending himself and he was blaming the other.

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But what happened?

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Allah says, Allah who and Allah, mostly June one who brings out Lockridge Islam for the project, what does coraggio need to come out? mockridge is one who brings out so Allah brings out what Macintosh tech the one that which you were hired.

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In that which you are concealing, or testimonies from cattlemen calf their knee and catella means to hide something to conceal something deliberately.

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You know, sometimes a person is looking for something and you're not hiding it deliberately. You just didn't realize that that person was looking for. But the other is that you know that that particular person is looking for his keys and you know where the keys are. You hit them, but you don't reveal them. You don't show them. So this is what got them to hide something deliberately. So Allah says, that will love them. Look at your McClinton, Dr. Moon, Allah was going to bring up what you were concealing, meaning Allah was going to make manifest who the killer was, who the murderer was,

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who the murderer was, Allah was going to expose him. So what happened? Then Allah subhanaw taala commanded to the Bani Israel that they should slaughter a cow once the slaughter the cow for coal net so we said who said a las panatela ordered every boohoo you all strike him every booth strike him. Every booth is fun. bada bada bada we have done this word several times before now It means literally to strike. Every boo is a command all of you meaning Albany, Australia, you strike him who does him refer to the person who was killed? The slain person, the slain man

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hit him with what the burly whoa with some of it with part of it barliz from bear, I thought we have done this word before as well. And it means some off fart up. So hit the dead man with a part of the cow. Which part of the cow? We don't know. And we don't need to know. This is something that doesn't concern us. Right.

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Remember, when it comes to asking questions, it should be only those questions which are relevant and which are of use which our benefit to us.

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So it will remove you badly has strike the slain men with part of the cow whichever part it was, it doesn't concern us. But they did it. And as a result what happened. It is said that the dead man, he came back alive and he spoke out the name of the person who had killed him. And he became that again. So through this, what happened, the Bani Israel was shown another miracle. Through this incident, the Bani Israel was shown another miracle you see the bunny Australia are very special people. They weren't just all believe in this, you were told believe in this and they were shown miracles as well.

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The entire city was fighting for them. That was a huge miracle. Similarly, when the Torah was sent to them, it wasn't just that masala Salaam said that the Torah has been revealed to me in such and such are the words of the Torah know, he brought the tablets the physical form of the book, he brought that to them. Similarly, when they were told to believe in the unseen when they were told to believe in the hereafter in the resurrection, they weren't just told believe, but instead a dead man was brought back to life at the command of Allah.

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And when a person sees something like that, obviously, his belief should increase, he should develop belief in the hereafter. So through this incident, Allah subhanaw taala showed to them, that he is also capable of bringing the dead back to life. Because if any is right at this point had also become very weak in their belief in the hereafter.

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So this incident served many purposes,

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taking out the love of the cow from their hearts, similarly showing to them that you cannot hide anything from Allah, the murderer who wasn't coming up and speaking, he wasn't confessing his mistake Allah show to the entire people, that he's a person who kill that man, he's the murderer.

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And similarly, through this incident, Allah also show to the Bani Israel that he is capable of bringing the dead back to life. Which is why Allah says gallican like that meaning in the same way, just as this that man was brought to life, similarly your healer who

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Allah brings the death to life. You he is from her? Yeah, yeah. From the word higher. Chaos means life, you he he will give life or he gives life who gives life Allahu Allah to Allah Mota to the deadlands. Mota is the plural of the word may get.

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It is the authorial of the word may get.

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may get youth and My youth is one who is dead, diseased.

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psychedelica your healer who will notice similarity. A lot

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We'll bring the death to life when when will you bring the death to life?

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On the Day of Judgment at the resurrection, and right now, where you equal and he shows you, UT is from the root letters. Ra Hamza. Yeah. Ra Hamza. Yeah. ut, he will show he shows Yuriko, he shows you, what does he show you at His signs? Which signs are these that Ally's showing the bunnies? Right? What type of is are these? What's the term for these type of if Kony. Remember the two types of Kony and shutter shutter yard versus text, and counties through what happens in the universe. So for example, a dead person is brought to life. This is if county and these signs What do they prove? they prove the power of the ability of Allah? Well, you read it, and he shows you the signs, why? La

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La Quinta de Lune, so that you can understand,

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so that you can use your reason so that you can realize they're actually doing this from our color. I in Portland, we have done this word earlier as well. hakala literally means to connect things together. What does it mean, to connect things together? And it's used for understanding for using one's mind. So he shows you His signs, so that you can understand, what can you understand that alone will bring you back to life as well.

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He brought this dead man back to life, and he will bring all of you when you have died back to life as well as

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the one who is capable of bringing one saw that life is capable of bringing all of you to life as well.

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Similarly, lambda Kentucky don't do that you understand? What else do we understand from this miracle that was shown to the bunnies stream?

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What else do we understand?

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One is that Allah will bring the death to life clear. What else do we understand?

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Exactly that the truth will be exposed. No matter how much a person tries to hide it. No matter how much a person tries to conceal it.

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The murderer was not coming up.

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The dead person was brought back to life and he spoke out the name of the person who killed him. And his crime was exposed in front of everybody.

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Learn the Kentucky learn so that you understand.

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So from these verses that we have read the verses about the cow the story of the cow and the two concluding verses which are relevant to the incident as to why they were trying to slaughter the cow. What do we learn from these verses?

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Now that you know the story, extract lessons, think what's the first main lesson that we learned?

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First number 67? What if palamu side

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when musar Listen, I'm Sachi these people in Allah yet Moodle come and testify

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that we must obey the commands of Allah right away.

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Without objecting without questioning, without complicating the issue for ourselves. Just accept.

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Remember, the first one of the first things that we learned the Quran was valuable, Peter will allow me Bucky. This is a book in which there is no doubt at all.

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So if Allah is telling us something, there is no doubt that it is indeed that which is best for us. And it's possible that we read something and it doesn't make sense to us. We don't understand right away, why it doesn't make sense. But do it. And then you will see the benefits. Just as a bunny in Australia that time slaughtering the cow wouldn't really make sense to them, but eventually, they learned the benefits. So similarly, because we are human beings, we have limited intellect. We have limited foresight, we must obey the commands of Allah right away and there is benefit in it for us. Also, we learned from this that in particular, because this is the context of the Bani Israel, the

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bunnies right at the time the prophets are allowed in certain they were being reminded of what happened in their history. So they're being reminded of a time when their forefathers did not accept the truth as it was.

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They did not accept the truth as it was. And instead, they demanded too many details and too many explanations.

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And as a result, what happened?

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The matter became more and more complicated for them, isn't it?

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Because they demanded too many details. The matter became complicated for them.

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Now the bunnies trail of the time of the profits of the lotus oven, what were they doing?

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the truthfulness of the profits are not essential.

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was very clear, it was very clear to them that he indeed was a messenger. But instead of believing in Him, what would they do?

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They would come up to him and would ask him random questions one after the other. Why? To know if he was really a messenger? And each time, his answer would satisfy them, but still, they wouldn't believe and instead, they would come up with more and more questions. For example, they would come and ask him, how did the bunnies end up in Egypt?

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So the use of was revealed?

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Similarly, they would ask, what is the root? The soul? What is it? Similarly, they would ask about the people of the kind of people of the cave. So it was revealed, they would ask what the food of the people of gentlemen, they would ask about how come a child resembles his father and not the mother, you know, questions, which sometimes won't even that relevant to the dean, they will come and ask him those questions.

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So they're being reprimanded over here. Stop asking too many questions. The truth is clear, just accepted.

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profits are allowed us Adam is clearly a messenger. You see His signs, just accepting.

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Don't complicate the situation for yourself just like your forefathers did. Because at the end, when he asks too many questions and it complicated situation, it is he who suffers, other people don't suffer.

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If they were to slaughter any cow, it would be so simple. But they weren't asking what kind of a cow which color which type. And at the end, they were told to slaughter only a specific kind of account. And if they were to slaughter any other cow, that would be disobedience.

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Allah soprano, diners commands the commands that he gives us they are for our own benefit. They asked for a solution. And then, as a response to that as an answer to their question, they were told to start with a seminary the commands that Allah gives, they are for their own benefit. Another lesson that we learn is that we should not take the commands of Allah lightly.

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We should not take the commands of Allah lightly.

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The B'nai Israel were taught, Allah has ordered you in a La Jolla, Morocco. What did they say? Are you joking?

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Why on earth would a messenger joke about the commands of Allah?

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When we learn of a command, give it important, take it seriously.

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Similarly, we learned from these verses that making fun of people mocking them is what is a part of ignorance, not smartness, not intelligence. We see that sarcastic people, people who make fun of others, they're considered to be very smart, very intelligent.

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But they're not actually intelligent. They're not smart. It's a part of ignorance. You see, joking, is different. Having fun, by jokes that are liked by jokes that are true, that is different by having fun by laughing at others by mocking others. That is something that is

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similarity we learn from these verses, the bunnies, Ryan said, if Allah wills, we will be guided. Right? So in other words, what were they doing?

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They were saying that we are not guided to the right guy, because Allah does not work for us. So we should take accountability or we should take responsibility of our own actions. We shouldn't blame others, for doing something or for not doing something.

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If we're unable to do something, we have a list of excuses. I cannot do such and such because either my brother does this, or my sister does that or my mother doesn't allow me or this and that. I can't do this because such and such reason.

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But at the end of the day, who is responsible for his actions, we ourselves are.

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So take responsibility of your own actions.

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Another lesson that we learned from these verses, that all mankind is in need of Allah subhanaw taala and all mankind is needed a loss protection.

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With regards to matters that are very small, as well as matters are very big. Moose is an undertaking allows refuge from what is seeking refuge, from what

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from being of those who are ignorant.

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Have you ever done anything like that?

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Hardly ever. He is seeking the protection of Allah from being of those who are ignorant. If we have a bad quality or a habit that we want to get rid of.

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And we're trying, what should we do?

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seek a loss protection. ask Allah to help you.

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Similarly, we learn from these verses that a person should not delay in doing a good deed.

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Should not delay in doing a good deed.

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When we ask too many questions, what are we doing? We're deferring. We are delaying doing the good deed

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doing what we're supposed to do.

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Allah tells us in the Quran was Sadie or Ilana fear of Ronda forgiveness was Saviola. Sorry for those who are in the front of foreigners. They're the ones who make it to the front, fulfill it a lot run to Allah. So when it comes to doing a good deed, don't delay it.

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Because we never know when our time is going to. And

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similarly, we learned from these verses that asking too many irrelevant questions is something that is disliked.

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Notice, asking irrelevant questions is something that is disliked.

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Asking relevant questions is very important.

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Asking relevant questions is very important. But asking irrelevant questions is not like now how do you differentiate between relevant questions and irrelevant questions?

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relevant questions are those which has to do with the armor, which have to do with the action.

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For example, a person wants to know how he can increase for sure in a Salah?

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Should he ask that question? Of course, why? Because it has to do with his Salah. It has to do with

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whatever person wants to know which part of the cow that the bunny is trying to strike the dead man with? Why do you want to eat of that part? I mean, how is it relevant to your actions? Is it going to increase in your faith?

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Is it going to help you bring a dead person to life? No. It doesn't have anything to do with the AMA. Similarly, people ask, what was the size of the ship of new hanazono? is that relevant? It's not

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the buraq the creature in which the prophets are allowed to sit on went on the night journey? Is it head on? Or how long? Have you seen him?

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So relevant questions are those which have to do with the animal? Once the instruction is clear, take it as it is. Don't ask too many questions. For example, once a person he came to the Prophet sort of autism and he said, O Messenger of Allah, where's my father?

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His father had died. And he came in as a prophet sallallahu. So then where's my father? And he replied, in the Hellfire, because he had died as a Muslim.

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Then when the man turned away, the prophets are a lot of sudden called out to him and he said, my father and yours are both in hellfire.

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Why? Because both died emotionally.

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Now, if we ask such questions, what happens? It only saddens us, doesn't it?

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So this is why the believers were told. So with Amanda, number one one, Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you are letting me know, let us adore and ashia Intuit Anaconda soupcon. All you have believed, do not ask about things, which if they are shown to you, if they're exposed to you, they will distress you.

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They will make the situation more difficult for you.

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They will make following the religion more and more difficult for

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you si bien is simple. The mean is simple.

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We are clearly told what we're supposed to do what we're not supposed to do. But when we ask, you have to do it every day. You have to do it every year, then what are we doing? We're making the situation difficult. For example, when the Muslims found out about hedge being mandatory, some were wondering if it was mandatory every year.

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They were wondering if it was mandatory every year to perform. And sometimes when such questions would be asked specially at the time of the profit sort of audits are done. If the response wasn't the affirmative, meaning Yes, it is mandatory every year, how many people would be able to follow this command?

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Hardly anybody.

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There is a hadith which comes in and Buhari, in which we learned that men hostile Islam in Mali, Turku melayani, from the beauty of a person's Islam, the beauty of a person's Islam is that he leaves what is not related to him, What does not concern him? And what concerns you is that which is related to your actions is that which is related to your online you cannot do that action without knowing that information.

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Could they still have started the car without knowing the color, the size, the occupation of the car? Of course they could have was it really necessary to know all those details? No, it wasn't.

00:24:50--> 00:25:00

So irrelevant is that which is not important. That which does not relate to the actions of a person and relevant is

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That which is so important that you can not do the action without knowing. Without knowing what you're asking about. There's another Hadith in which we learned that the prophet SAW that alone is an asset.

00:25:13--> 00:25:37

That alasa panel dollar has disliked for you three things. Allah subhanaw taala has disliked for you three things and what are those three things being worked on? Or this thing work on me? It was said and he said, he said, she said they said you said, talking about what people speak of them. Talking about other people's conversations, Allah dislikes that.

00:25:38--> 00:25:43

One more thing that Allah dislikes is wasting well, wasting money,

00:25:44--> 00:26:02

wasting wealth, this this is also what Allah dislikes for us. And another thing that Allah dislikes for us is asking too many questions, asking irrelevant questions. So we learn from the story that asking irrelevant questions is disliked, you know,

00:26:04--> 00:26:16

also, we learn from the story from this incident, that if a person does something secretly behind closed doors, or he does something, in the absence of others,

00:26:18--> 00:26:27

thinking that he will not be found, he should know that Allah subhanaw taala is aware of his actions.

00:26:28--> 00:26:30

Allah knows what he is doing.

00:26:31--> 00:26:39

Many times, we do something that is right out of fear of people. And we don't do that which is wrong out of fear of people.

00:26:40--> 00:26:48

Or we do that which is wrong behind people. Why? Because we don't fear Allah, we fear people.

00:26:49--> 00:27:01

We learned from the story that if we only fear people, we should realize that there's somebody out there who's watching us, who knows what we're doing. And every single deed that we're doing is being recorded.

00:27:02--> 00:27:07

If you go somewhere, and you see surveillance cameras, what happens?

00:27:08--> 00:27:10

All of a sudden you become conscious.

00:27:11--> 00:27:22

So when we see surveillance cameras, what happens we become very conscious, very careful. Do we forget that there are angels of Allah, who are watching everything that we're doing,

00:27:23--> 00:27:25

who are recording everything that we're doing.

00:27:26--> 00:27:29

And on the Day of Judgment, everything is going to be exposed.

00:27:30--> 00:28:03

And when it's going to be exposed over there, we're going to be utterly humiliated. Just imagine how humiliated that person would have been. How humiliated that person would have been all that time. He was hiding his sin. He wasn't coming up. And the people were going through such chaos, such a problem. And eventually, when people would have figured out how humiliated that person would have been how embarrassed. Similarly, on the day of judgment, all those things that we were hiding today, they will be exposed. Allah says in the Quran in Soto, hatha I number 18, let the famine come coffea

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not hidden among you is anything concealed meaning on the Day of Judgment, nothing will remain concealed, every single deed is going to be exposed.

00:28:15--> 00:28:31

Also, we learn from these verses, that Allah is capable of bringing the dead back to life. And when he is capable of doing that, when he knows all of our actions, what should we do?

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We should fear Him, we should be conscious of him.

00:28:36--> 00:28:40

And also, we learned from this, that we are here in this dunya only temporarily.

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So we should remain focused, we should remain focused on what we're supposed to do. Because this life is only temporary.

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Anything else that you learn?

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Many times, we asked too many questions, because we don't want to do that action. And also, we asked too many questions because we want to delay in what we're doing.

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And we learned that we should not delay in doing good because the angel of death is not going to delay. When he comes to take our soul. He's not going to wait.

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So we should, whenever we learn of something, it has to be done. Just do it widely.

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Yeah. Similarly with the story of other medicine, people ask which tree was an apple tree? It doesn't matter to you. When you meet other medicine, you can ask him that.

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We learn a lot from musalla. slow moving

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this patient with his people, his patient with his people with a big heart he had.

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Just imagine if somebody doesn't listen to you. What do you say to them? And ask him any questions. What do you say when should you find don't do it? I'll do it myself. That's what we do.

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Who saw the tsunami every time he went back made or to Allah? Oh Allah, what about this, how embarrassing it would have been for him as well.

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How much he suffered because of this people.

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But how patient he was dealing with his people. And every time he brought the answer to them, and every time he encouraged them to do it for for aluma, tomorrow, do what you have been commanded. He encouraged them to do it.

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Sometimes we need clarification, for example, when they were told to slaughter the cow, they said, Are you making fun of us? And that is understood as what kind of response Are you giving? So, if you do want to ask about is this really the answer to my question, you can ask him that way. But don't ask other unrelated questions just to Denae, just to postpone doing what you have to do.

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Listen to the recitation of the last two verses.

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of stuff with one or two really, really cool.