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This juz includes Surah Al-Mujadilah (58), Al-Hashr (59), Al-Mumtahinah (60), Al-Saff (61), Al-Jumu’ah (62), Al-Munafiqoon (63), Al-Taghabun (64), Al-Talaq (65), Al-Tahrim (66).

Theme of the 28th Juz – Faith, Family and Community
All Madinan surahs. Largest collection of consecutive Madinan Surahs in the Qur’an.
– Lots of “Oh you who believe!”
– Character flaws discussed for improvement.
– There are 5 Surahs that begin with glorifying Allah, they are called the Musabbihat. Four of the five are in this Juz.

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You have to look at them in the Son of God who only have been at Santa Santa for Canada, not Santa Monica de la he will go to Milan for waiting patiently here. We're Welcome today to choose a day Alhamdulillah. Today we have with us the 28th Jews of the Koran. The 28 pages of the Quran is a very, very unique, very interesting Jews. This is something that we will discuss if I can also just get somebody on the Facebook page to just give me a like to show that they can hear me all right. Thank you. That's awesome.

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So 28 years is what we have today. The 28 years of the Koran is a very unique juice. It is the juice of the Quran, that is comprised entirely of Medina and era sutras. It begins with surah number 58 Surah Al mujer de la and it ends with surah number 66, surah Karim and all of these suitors from 58 to 66. These are all Medina era sutras. In fact, this is the largest collection of consecutive Medina era surah in the Quran, you have for example Surah Baqarah, that is in Medina era surah that spans are just an N to excuse me two and a half years and you have a collection of them, like batara and Emraan Nyssa ma either These four are all Medina era Sutras, but they're only four even though

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they're a lot larger in, in, in,

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in quantity. There's four of them here you have magilla then you have a hash of you have monta henna and you have SFX you have a Jumeirah, you have Manasa Poon, you have the lavon, tala and the helenium nine series in a row, all of them a Medina era sewers, and that is what's really unique about the 28 years, it's the largest collection of consecutive Medina era sewers.

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As is the case when you have the sewers that are Medina era, in the inner all in a row, what you end up having is lots of talk about or lots of Yeah, you are loving amanu. Or you will believe a lot of that phrase repeats itself. Or you find that excuse me a lot in these passages. Because in this case, the audience is the audience of believers, the ones who are believers in Allah and His Messenger, that they're all living together as a community in Medina. So Allah is addressing them, and why does he address them because as believers live together, they will make mistakes, there's going to be problems, there's going to be a lot of betrayal, there's going to be legitimately like

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some serious mistakes, some mistakes, that are slip ups, all of those are discussed. And the way a lot discusses them, is he addresses by saying yeah, you are Latina, Manu, or you have believed that is how he talks about the about improvement. Because he affirms that the ones who are

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they've had a slip up, they're still believers, they're still righteous, they're still good people. And a mistake does not define them. And mistake does not make or does not throw away all the good that they have done. It's a mere mistake. And that's an incredible lesson. If there's one lesson you can take away from this just the 28 years. It is how Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about people who makes mistakes, don't define them by their mistake. They're defined by their good qualities that define myself by the thing that that

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is their identity, which is their Eman. Their mistake does not define them. That is a very like, That's an incredible way of dealing with people. If you like I can tell you, someone who teaches kids and young young students, I often at times feel that I you know, there's a student who define as like the bad student, the student who defined as a good student, and your prejudices take you in that direction. That's actually not the way we should think about people. We should actually characterize them by the best of their characters. And that is what the Quran does. And that is how it speaks constructively. And that's why the change has happened. That's why you see people change

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so dramatically, so transformed by spending just a few years with the prophets of Salaam that they are transformed people. The community was a transformed community.

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There are five sewers in this in the Quran that begin with sub baja or u sub bihu. This phrase means glorifying Allah, and they are called sub behad for us

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These five are in the 28 years. So this is all the things that are unique about the 28 Joe's largest collection of consecutive marinara sauce. Lots of Oh, you who believe. Yeah, you and Athena amanu, character flaws, disgust for improvement. And for the five, most of behad are in this judge. What is the theme of this judge? What does it speak about? it largely focuses on three aspects. Its focuses on faith, family, and community faith. What is it? What does it mean to be faithful to Allah? subhanho wa Taala? What does it mean to not to be faithful to Allah subhanaw taala faith family, what happens as you lived, you know, our families, we consider them to be part of an extension of

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our faith and application of our faith is our family in Islamic law. Family Law is part of a study of Islam, it's considered not something that's detached from it away. The prophet SAW Some said that the best of you, they are Okun hydrocodone, hydrocodone, the athlete, the best of you are those who are the best to their families. So a measure of a person's goodness in the sight of a law is how good are they to their families. So for us, faith and family is intertwined. An extension of family is the community. And that all these three is like a triangle. It's not three separate topics. It's a triangle, it's all linked together. And these three things are discussed in the Medina era sutras

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largely, sometimes there is, you know, one aspect emphasized over the other because some of these are really short sutras. But a large by and large, you find this to be the theme. And all of these students have a lot of like, there's a background to Revelation. If you read just the translation, you may not understand what the surah is talking about, because something happened. That was the reason for which the ayah was revealed. And that has to be understood, and that I'm going to try my best to come to this so that all that long introduction, let's get into it. Surah number 58 Surah mogera is the surah that we have as the first one. It begins with Sami Allahu Colella due to

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geography So do you have a dish turkey in the law he will love we have smart route to how what Akuma in the law has me around we'll see you garden has indeed heard the words of the woman who pleads with you about her husband, and later complained before you got here is what the two of you have to say, God is all hearing and all seeing what is this referring to? As you can see, it's talking about the woman who is the woman here you will know that from the Quran, the Quran with a lot of soums you know who he's referring to. Now, what you are trying to learn is what happens now what do we learn from this incident and what is extrapolated from the incident. But what is the incident the Quran

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doesn't actually mention that that is found in the books of, of, of the fear in the books of Sierra, and this was what happened there was a man by the name of our informant who had his wife Her name was Layla event or, excuse me while I bent the leech.

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She and O's had a bit of a problem in their marriage whaler and house houses have met husband Hoya is a woman. Kayla is a woman was mentioned here in the in the Quran, this ayah she's the one who's referenced it. So

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the her husband and her had a fallout, but instead of the husband divorcing, her issuing an outright divorce, the husband said you are like the mother or you're you're like the back of my mother gave.

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Meaning I cannot like I'm not gonna divorce you, but I'm not gonna have relations with you either. Because you are just like my mom. To me, you're not, you know, I can't approach you. Now this was a old,

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old Arab way to punish a woman.

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You know, like even anybody who has a wife and you compare your wife to your mom, you know you're in trouble

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or vice versa. But this was not just that this was like, not just a dis this was a means of torturing the the girl. And this was something that was sanctioned in the Arabian society. Now, if something was sanctioned in the Arabian society when the Prophet son was alive, it remains sanction unless the Quran made it Haram.

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And if he was in the force, if there was something that was not there, and it was introduced by Allah than a force that became a in obligation, an example of that is in our tradition, we have the blood money if somebody is has

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killed somebody accidentally manslaughter, then what happens is that the person who committed that, that mistake, the way they ransom themselves is by 100 camels worth of Blood Money is paid as a acquittal to the family of those of the one who died. Now, where did the 100 camel figure come from the 100 camel figure was actually a pre Islamic tradition the Arabs had, and Islam did not change that Islam kept it. And then Benny became part of the tradition of Islam, the law of the shed era. And that's like the law in Islamic Islamic penal code. Now, there are certain things that are like that. Then there's other things that the Sharia came and tossed out of the window, like the practice

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a man having you know, more than four wives or a man having a wife for, you know, or a wife, a woman would have multiple sexual partners. This was a practice of the old Arabs of the time, or the practice of a man marrying or inheriting his father's,

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his father's wives after he passes away, you know, like his step mom's. All of those are repugnant things that the Shetty are abandoned throughout. And then there is this part, the issue of divorce. And this particular one, this was very common. So now this lady Hoya comes and she's like, I do now I'm stuck. And the Prophet said, I can't do anything for you.

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Until I get something from Allah, I cannot just like give you something without divine revelation. And that is when and she kept pleading her case, she kept reading a case. And that's what Allah says, semi Allahu Allah, Pooja De Luca physiologia, the woman who kept pleading with you about her husband, and the law heard her case. And then Allah, Allah issued the ruling of the heart, the one that you say is like, your mother's back is not your mother, that's false. That's not going to happen. She's gonna she's your wife, still, ie either you remain married as a married couple, or you divorce and go your separate ways. But don't put the woman in this state where she's neither here

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nor there. And that is what Allah says, the ones that you say this to me, You are like my mother's back. They are not your mothers, your mothers are the ones who gave birth to you. And this is in the who were in the home layer, una Mancha mineral Cola, Zara. This is an evil thing to utter. And it's a lie. It is something that harms something that hurts its intent is to make somebody feel miserable. And that is what it's an evil statement, and an evil and a false statement. But Allah is Forgiving, and merciful Allah, Allah will forgive you if you make amends, you make amends by how you have to make amends by freeing a slave, but had he recovered him in public yet? amasa. Okay, you got

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a free a slave for that. For the for the for the as an atonement for what you have done. So this is family that's mentioned here. And that's where the surah gets his name, mucho de la. And this is where like, you know, Hoya, you know, she became quite kind of famous because of this incident. So Pamela is always good in difficult situations, she got the ruling, and she set the precedent for the rest of the Muslim woman afterwards. And then she became as she she's now known as the lady who lost, you know, references here. And one day, you know, our mother, who was the halifa was walking around, and he saw suela. And, you know, he just stood there and he was like, Okay, what do you have

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to say, listening to her very carefully, and the others who didn't know who quayle I was, was like, a miracle, meaning by and listen to this old ladies with so much respect. And he said, Do you know who this lady is? This is the one that I spoke about. In this surah Allah heard her So who am I not to listen to her. And this is again, something that shows the humility of Omar despite being a dominating kale if he had the humility, and to honor those were humility and the grace to honor those that Allah has honored in the Torah. Faith. Allah mentions how

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he is the all knowing he is the one who knows everything. And I'm Tara Illa, Allah, Allah para la jolla, La MaMa for some automorphic Do you not see that God knows all that's in the heavens and the earth? There is not a secret consultation between three except that he is the fourth and nor between five except that he's a six nor fewer or more but he is in their myths wherever they may be, well amerihome A nama canuto Muna, b1, Bhima, Emmylou Yama, Yama, and then the NT will tell them the truth about the conduct on the Day of Judgment. in the lobby condition Allium, God has full knowledge of all things. This worse may be misunderstood to think that Allah is everywhere. That is

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something that some people might take away from

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This is in fact that is contrary to the belief that we believe a las pantalla is above his creation he is on it is above his throne, or Rahman, Allah our system is established on his throne. That means that Allah is not inside the creation is not a member of the creation is that a member of the genius of the creation, he is above the creation, he's not constricted by the time and space and the limitations of the creation, what is this is referring to look, it starts by Yala MoMA, for some it will have, he knows it ends with Yeah, lm or Aleem, he knows everything. So the AI is speaking about the knowledge of Allah He knows fully well, whether a group of three people or five people, or six

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people, or seven or more or less, it doesn't matter which group of people are consulting and trying to plot something Allah knows what they're plotting him, he is with them IE with his knowledge, who am I whom am I can do with his knowledge, and that is the correct understanding. And that is something that for example, Mr. Mohammed was asked about a verse like this in sort of Hadith. So number 57. And that's exactly what he explained, that look a lot begins these verses when he talks about him being you know, with them, begins it with his knowledge ends with his knowledge, the idea being It is about the knowledge of a law, about the knowledge of God, He is the all knowing one.

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Also the idea is, as you can see, the verse speaks very particularly about groups of people conspiring and that's because, unfortunately, there's a lot of betrayal. in Medina, there's a lot of betrayal in Medina, people in Medina were betraying the prophets of Salaam, left, right and center. And these people were the hypocrites. Allah references them. lm Tara in a Latina tava lo Coleman Ali will love ya laid him my home income while I'm in home while at the funeral kdv omiana Moon, this is a theme that is that is that one through the Medina and era surah has the attitude, the behavior of the hypocrites, the people who would lie to the Prophet that there are Muslims. Imagine that imagine

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being alive in the time of the Prophet son, what a blessing. And then imagine the Prophet comes to your city. You don't have to go somewhere to find him, he came to your city. Now imagine you're such a miserable wretched person, that instead of accepting Islam, and have been happy with the blessing that you have just experienced that literally nobody else experiences.

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You say to this man who was the Prophet of Allah, that I'm a Muslim while you live, you lie to him to his face. That was the hypocrites now, so their lives were not just like a personal thing. They were also scheming and plotting. And that was something quite often the case that happened with them, there was a lot of betrayal from them a lot of betrayal that the Prophet had to face from the these people from inside. Now. One of the types of betrayal that they will do was the wood, the profits from an event in Medina, the profit some had made a peace treaties with the Jewish tribes and lived in Medina. In fact, that peace treaty was that we are all citizens of Medina, but no

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Colella, no, no live, and by no clay, no car, there were three tribes that were ethnically Jewish tribes that lived in those areas. And they lived in the area of Medina because in the Torah, they knew that the Prophet was going to come at the end of times would come in a city is similar, similar to Medina, and lo and behold, he shows up in Medina, the prophet salam, but he was not and he is not an Israelite, he is a from the progeny of Ishmael and they couldn't accept that. So there was a lot of scheming between the fake Muslims the lying you know, the the hypocrites who were lying about their Islam and the Jewish community. Of course, they had a similar goal they all wanted to

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overthrow the profits on they didn't want him around. So there was a lot of that the trail and a lot References This frequently and says don't do that. That is unacceptable. Also, what is

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what Allah mentions in this sutra is as believers as this phrase, yeah, are you living in harmony will appear a lot of believers, when you confer together in private do not confer in support of sin and transgression and disobedience to the messenger, but confirmed for the promotion of virtue and righteousness. And this is a beautiful thing. You can obviously have private gatherings and consultations. But don't be the one who's doing so to attend like a nefarious and do so for the promotion of virtue and righteousness. What our job will be what taqwa okay. And that's the idea. Don't be like that. Don't be the one who is trying to do sinful matters publicly or privately, but

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the law and fear God before which you will be gathered, also in mentioned accommodation, accommodation for the believers in that Yeah, you're letting me know all believers when it's told to you that clean Allah

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First of all modality FAFSA, we have the hula, hula comb, if you are told to make room for one another in your assemblies that do so meaning accommodate for each other, that's part of being community. And the least level of competition is that if you're sitting in a gathering and a mosque, and you know, the Imam tells you please make room for the other person, make room for the other person squeeze in, of course, this is pre COVID-19 stuff. Right now we keep our social distancing. But assuming things are normal, make space squeeze in so the others can also come in accommodate for others. And if you do so, God will make room for you. You have such a level can you accommodate for

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others, Allah will accommodate for you. And not just that he will raise your airfare Allahu la Vina Excuse me. And if you're told to rise up, if you're told, okay, move from here, the Imam tells you please move from here, or the one who's in authority tells you please move from here. Then do so except the authority of the one who's in charge. Doing that your father in law who larina hamano Minh kumala de novo Tolima, Dora Jad call, God will raise in rank, those who believe and those who have been given knowledge, he is fully aware of what you do, the idea is that if you can Humble yourself, it's an emotional thing you're being picked on in the middle of this gathering, and you're

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asked to move, it's kind of embarrassing, maybe even humiliating, but if you have the humbleness to accept and move on, that humbleness is a way that Allah will raise you because that humility and humbleness is what Allah loves. Mata Baba, then mattawan follow Allah I've done the law he lot of our whole lot as a person never is

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humble for the sake of Allah. Accept that Allah raises that person, many levels. And in fact, knowledge, knowledge, true understanding of faith is that you're not taking this as an insult, you're not taking this as a slight, you're not true knowledge of the faith is I will act in humility. And I will accept this Even if my ego doesn't like it. And that is a very beautiful, you know, command here of accommodation. The surah also speaks about allegiance. If I if some of the people on the Facebook feed online, if you just give me a couple of likes to tell me that you can see and hear me okay. And also because when you do this, a lot of some other people can also find

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the stream and shout out I know there's a bunch of you watching regularly, I appreciate you all. Thank you very much about it for

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those who oppose God and His messenger will on judgment day be among the most based, a God has decreed I and my messengers shall most certainly prevail. So this is the thing that allegiance must be given be made to Allah and His messenger. And this is something that cannot be made cannot be given to you or do a man had the law what azula allegiance cannot be given to those who oppose God and His Messenger. And this is an important principle for us. Our Eman is not just, you know, I pray I said the Shahada and I prayed is actually who do we align ourselves with? It is unacceptable, unacceptable for people to align themselves with people with

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with communities or with nations that are politically opposed to Islam. And that is something that it doesn't it doesn't mesh and doesn't add up. And that is what this is saying that what we say our allegiances are actually an expression of our faith. And they're not just something that our political nature no in fact, they speak about what we really believe. Thank you, Papa online is a colossal

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sort of hashtag and number 15 surah number 59 surah Hashem is actually

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a very beautiful surah it's like two parts. One part of it is about a lost part of the second part of it is about what happened in Medina. And the two parts are very subtly related. I'll try my best to explain it. Sort of Hashem begins with Subhan Allah He maphorisa Malati muffle, Hakeem, everything in the heavens and on the earth glorifies God and He is the Almighty. And the all wise This is one of the one of the most of behad I have them highlighted in red, the ones that begin with sub baja sub bihu. So this is one of those tours as you can see because with sub Baja, Nila, okay, now, what is this surah speaking about? It speaks about an incident that took place with one of the

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Jewish tribes the Jewish tribe of Banu, Nabeel

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Who are the Prophet had signed that peace treaty with upon arrival in Medina, as I had explained to you before, and what had happened is that the police three there was not a minimum, Allah Dima he him and him. Were the robbery him and Allahumma Kala

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Kala ableman Ahmadi here him

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well, you have to know whom dora dora home mama home.

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So he's very interesting.

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This is the poverty mentioning this. Somebody mentioned this I'm reading this from this book here that they had a peace treaty with a problem. They broke the pre peace treaty with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. In fact, they attempted an assassination attempt on the Prophet so solemn and jovial came to tell the Prophet either about the attempted assassination attempt on you get up and leave. And when that happened after the Prophet son went, he said, You guys cannot stay here, you have violated that treaty, it's time for you to leave. And that was the decree that they were given. The Prophet could have sought revenge and killed all them, right because they are attempted to

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assassinate him. But he didn't do so because they attempted assassination on him only. And it didn't actually even materialize. They were in the process of unleashing a rock on the Prophet's head as he was sitting in the house of one of their chiefs. Imagine what a terrible way to greet your guests.

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But the prophet didn't do that to the whole community. But they were asked that now are they recommended? Now your treaty is over, you have to leave. And when they were told to leave, they refused. And the prophets some later siege. Eventually they buckled under the pressure of the siege, and then chose to leave. But the condition of them leaving was you leave with whatever you can take on your camels, and you take whatever you leave with whatever you can take on your camels. So this is the betrayal that Allah speaks about here in the community, the betrayal that who allele astrogeology Naka for him in the RMB, a wallet hush up in his he will turn those people of the book

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who denied the truth out of out of their homes in the first banishment in our little hashtag, because it's the first banishment the second banishment would be on the day of judgment when they all are gathered again. You did not think that they would go because they were extremely fortified, but

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for uttama, lahoma and Hazel, um, yeah, that's evil, but God came upon them from where they least expected, and cast such terror in their hearts that their houses were pulled down by their own hands. You Cremona, Buta home, be at home with Aiden momineen, as well as by the hands are believers who are willing to learn a lesson than those who are endowed with insight. What is this referring to the Prophet when the siege was over? The Siege actually was not very successful initially, because they were very well fortified. Then the prophet SAW Salem and the believers started to cut a few of the date palm trees, Marcato, Molina tin, the date palm trees, and the moment that happened

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immediately, these people gave up because the date palm trees were their lifeline. That's what they were, you know, surviving on, and they could hold on for months and months and months. And that seems because the date pumps could have sustained them. But once the profits started to chop away at them, that completely broke the spirits. And that led them to give up and, you know, give up in the siege. This is an important point because it also never ever cut trees. When he went to battle. This was the only time he did so and only a few. And there was then strategically to show them that this siege cannot last forever, that break the resolve of the of the of the people here. This was a rare

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exception. The only exception This is not the norm and the province some did that immediately gave up. The Prophet said okay, you can leave or whatever your cameras can carry. That's what you take with you. So they literally tore apart their homes ukri Buena Vista Home, they pull down their own hands pulled, their houses were pulled down with their own hands, meaning they would tear them apart to take whatever they can salvage whatever they can on top of their camels, and off they went. So this was what this is referring to. And it is referring to the betrayal, the betrayal

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of the Jewish community among Alia, who had an alliance with the province of salah and he was in the house of their chieftain, and instead of honoring your ally, you attempt a covert assassination on him. And that was the end of that. So last part that I mentioned this, and he also says fire attendees will learn a lesson those who are endowed with insight. This is a lesson for everybody less than for those who are

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They're in Medina that time lesson for those who come afterwards. The trail doesn't get you anywhere. Betrayal doesn't do anybody any good. So this is something that happened to these people then, you know, community, there's a betrayal aspect and there's a loyalty aspect, betrayal aspect, also, by the way, continues talking about the Nath aku, the hypocrites, right? We can add that to here as well. The hypocrites between the prophets of Allah going to the ones that the Prophet is besieging, saying, you know, what we're going to be with you will support you against the Prophet, you know, how terrible is this kind of action, but this is what these people used to do, because

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their goals were aligned, trying to overthrow the Prophet saddam, but it didn't amount to anything. In fact, Allah says that these people are liars, if ever it came that there was a battle, they will be the first to run away, they will never support the Jewish community. They are just saying these things that just words empty words. But then there is also loyalty. The ones who are loyal to the prophet SAW solemn, who left their homes in Makkah, came all the way to Medina, seeking the pleasure of God and supporting goddess messenger, having left literally nothing except what they could carry on their backs. And that's all they had on their possessions. They that is loyalty. loyalty is the

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unsoldered the people of Medina who opened up their arms and their homes firmly rooted in faith. They love the ones who came to them. It wasn't like a Alright, find your hair. Okay, we can host you. It wasn't begrudging, it was lovingly hosting them, not just lovingly hosting them having no desire in their hearts for what the others were given having no desire to acquire what the Mahajan we're acquiring, in fact, wanting the muhajir una maka to get stuff that they themselves want needed, preferring the mccanns the mahadji rune over themselves. This is not just there is a province Hadith that says now you will know how to come after you hate Ballina, see he might have to

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your head but he might not see that you will not attain complete faith until you believe for or until you like for your brother, what you like for yourself, you will not attain complete faith until you like for your rather what you like for your self. These people, the unsolved people in Medina were one level above that. What was the level they were not just loving for the people of Makkah, what they liked for themselves, they were actually wanting for the people maca stuff that they even didn't have themselves. They were like, instead of getting it, we want them to get it. And it sounds like that they didn't have any need they had need themselves to, but that was their love,

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and that was their loyalty. And that was the man and that is what Allah wants to highlight. And now amazing that is and that's one of the prophets have said that loving the answer is a part of he man, loving the answer is a part of faith. And Allah mentions that here about how amazing their loyalty was to Allah and His messenger and also those who come afterwards and inshallah that's us, right, those who came afterwards in faith, but what are we to do? We are to the following. They say rabanal will fail Anna, our Lord forgive us and our brothers who preceded us in the faith, making the law for ourselves and making the law for the our brethren in faith before us, and all alone leave no

00:33:41--> 00:34:14

malice in our hearts towards those who believe a lotta Gylfi Rubina Hillel in Medina, Amman Ola leave no malice, no grudge in our hearts for the believers. That is an expression of of living together of being together or being united or being loyal in Naga Antara over him You are indeed the compassionate and merciful. This is the daughter of brothers and sisters I would like you to make for yourselves and for your families and for myself and for my family. Such a beautiful flower make this

00:34:15--> 00:34:36

is number 10. So the 59 I attend easy one to two, you know to look up and Sharla make this you know day and night because it is such a beautiful flower. It cleanses the hearts it soothes the soul. That is what this guy does. asked a lot to give us makers of these people that he describes here. I mean your anatomy.

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

Also, Allah describes in this sutra very beautifully salvation, your salvation or people, believers Yeah, you are living in harmony. You see the expression again, fear God and let every soul look for what looked to what it lays up for the future. Fear God for God is aware of all that you do and do not be like those who forgot

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

And so that he caused them to forget their own souls, their own true interests in his day who are the rebellious ones, meaning, don't be distracted by the left of this world. Don't forget about your salvation. Don't forget about the future future in this world. But more importantly, future of the next life. Don't forget that and work for it. Well done, don't have some academic liquid, okay? The people who are in the fire and the people in paradise are not equal. So don't let yourself think for a minute, or don't act for a minute in this way, as if it doesn't matter what is to come. What matters is the people paradise of the victorious ones. So work to be of that this beautiful examples

00:35:42--> 00:36:25

as well. unzen or Anna Robin, had we sent this for an on a mountain, we would certainly have, you would certainly have seen it, falling down and slipping asunder, because of the fear of God. And we set forth these parables to men so that they reflect this is the second part of the surah. Describing the glorious Names of Allah subhanaw taala. And the link here is that the more you understand the glorious Names of Allah, the more you are able, the more equipped you are to overcome the challenges of living together, the better prepared you are to be united to be loyal, the better prepared you are to be protected from betrayal, but are these glorious Names of Allah who Allahu la

00:36:25--> 00:37:09

de la ilaha illa who he is God, there is no day to save him. He knows the unseen and the visible. I'll even leave you with Shahada is the Compassionate, The Merciful man or him who Allahu Allah de la ilaha illa who he is God, there is no day to save him. And molecule conduce, the medic, the sovereign the king, and produce the most pure a Salaam, the source of peace, the source of peace, Minh, the grantor of security and more Haim in the protector, Al Aziz, the mighty al Jabbar the subdued the ones able to it all subdue and

00:37:11--> 00:38:03

and apply pressure to extract change and move the cab better, the Supreme, the Supreme, the only one who was worthy of having the name al Motta cab bill, you know to the one who is able to say he is above everybody else better than everybody else because he is almost a cat but as humans we can't have that we can look at another person and say I'm better than you that it's actually not allowed. But Allah Allah Taka he is the only one who can say that he is the supreme so how to lucky I might record glory to God for who is far above what they associated with him while law he is God. Allah holics the creator Albury, the originator The one who made something without a precedent before

00:38:03--> 00:38:49

almost all were the giver of form. The Giver of shapes lol a smile on his and only his are the most excellent names somebody who lahoma for sumati will outlaw who realizes will Hakeem everything in the heavens and earth declares his glory is the mighty Allah Aziz al Hakim, the Wise One a very beautiful passage of Quran. I encourage you to learn it and read it in your Koran. Read it in your Salah. It's a very beautiful passage. Next Surah Surah Al monta Hina alone Dinah means the one who was tested the lady who was tested, who was the lady who was tested Well, before the lady was tested, we'll come to that. The theme of the surah is mistakes happen. And a very interesting

00:38:49--> 00:39:21

mistake took place, there was a Sahabi by the name of how glib how lame excuse me, even a b belta. How could be belta was a was a decorated Sahabi left Makkah came to Medina made the migration participated in the Battle of other one of the Select chosen ones. This is a man who sacrificed whatever the Messenger of Allah had asked the sacrifice. He was right there sacrificing. What how they made a very fatal mistake. However, the loved one who

00:39:22--> 00:39:59

had family in Makkah, and as he left Makkah, he made a deal with the Qureshi. He's like, Look, please leave my family alone, leave my possessions alone. And in exchange for that I will provide you intelligence. I'll tell you when the Prophet is coming to attack you. That's all he made the deal. That that that's that's that was the extent excuse me of his deal. I'll tell you it wasn't he wasn't a spy. Excuse me. I misspoke there. It's not like he was providing them intelligence. He wasn't a spy. All he said was I am going to tell you when the Prophet is coming to attack you that one piece of information that one piece of intelligence I will provide

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

But as a, you know, in lieu of that, leave my family alone leave my possessions alone came. Now, however, the Lord who made this deal, and when the Prophet son was planning to ambush Makkah silently, to overwhelm them, right not to ambush them, to destroy them, but actually to just overwhelm them by the number of people into surrendering and becoming a peaceful surrender. healthhub immediately wrote to his ally, and his his, to his, get them his end of the deal, told them Atkins, this is what's coming, get ready. Last month, I told the Prophet some that this is being said. So the problem dispatched earlier, the llorando and a few other Sahaba. And they

00:40:48--> 00:41:30

intercepted the letter and brought it back, the Prophet asked Helen, and said, What is this letter how to how to go to the one who explained himself and said, Yes, Hola. I did not intend to betray you explain the whole thing the province was on, was not sure what to do or not are the one who wanted to make an example of how them and you know, you wouldn't blame me for doing so. But the Prophet Solomon said, know how Islam is a man who has done all things right. He has sacrificed, he has done everything. So this is a mistake. And he was at bother. He was a buzzard. And the people above that Allah has forgiven them, Allah has let them you know, they are they have made such

00:41:30--> 00:41:35

immense sacrifices that, you know, there they have attained salvation. So how

00:41:37--> 00:42:20

you're free to go, but don't do this again. This was the incident and that as a response to that Allah revealed this surah Yeah, are you 100 in harmony with all believers do not offer friendship to those who are enemies of mine and yours? Would you show them affection, when they have rejected the truth that you have received, when they have driven you and the messenger out of your homes simply because you believe in God your Lord, if you have left your homes to strive for my cause, and out of a desire to seek my goodwill? How can you secretly offer them friendship? I know all that you can feel and all that you reveal, whoever view does this will surely stray from the right path. So this

00:42:20--> 00:43:01

was the betrayal the mistake by help them but you look how amazing is Allah zwei a lot ever mentioned who had that was in the Quran. Last month, I did not put this as a you know, I'm telling you this as a context to the surah. But if you didn't know the context of the surah, you would never know this because Allah didn't mention this name. In fact, Allah calls them all believers. Yeah, you Latina Amano, not just even singling out help. He just addresses the whole community and addresses them as a whole even though only one of them made the mistake. And this is the beautiful way of correcting mistakes. You don't throw the person under the bus. You don't put them you know, you

00:43:01--> 00:43:40

don't put the spotlight on them. You don't let the mistake define them. All of these things we learn of how amazing the Korans way is of correcting people's mistakes, how it was addressed in this way, and here are some stern words for the disbelievers. You know they have disbelieved and they have expelled the Prophet How can you express love to them and friendship to them? This is a misunderstanding of this would be that this applies to everybody. This applies to the people of coloration maka How can you say that? Well, because I remember he talks about kindness to the non Muslims generically. Okay, Lion Hakuna lohani Latina Lemieux hottie Luca Dean, he does not forbid

00:43:40--> 00:44:22

you to deal kindly and justly with anyone who has not fought you on account of your faith, or driven you out of your homes. If a person who is not a Muslim has not fought you in a battle the battle was because of you believe in Islam and they believe in a different faith and has not expelled you from your homes. Allah has offered you to be kind to them, and be just with them in the law, you have no consultation, in fact the word that he uses for kindness and the word is for Bill. Samburu home from Bill there is used in the Quran for parents. That's the same word that's used not to say that you treat like a stranger like your parents or something. But the idea is you can treat them kindly. And

00:44:22--> 00:44:59

that is something that is not just it's logical, but also it is something that Allah has no has encouraged antiva rovuma toxic to LA him because Allah loves those who are just the only case that Allah has forbidden that you make friends with those who have fought against you on account of your faith and driven you out of your homes or help others to do so. That is your enemy. Don't defend your enemy. And this is a very clear thing. The Quran makes it very clear this, you know, like, if you study a little bit of you know

00:45:00--> 00:45:16

I don't want to go too much of a tangent. But if you study, say, the civil rights movement, particularly the original civil rights movement that's led by Malcolm, and Muhammad Ali, and Martin Luther King, middle ammersee, and Malcolm and Muhammad Ali, those guys,

00:45:17--> 00:46:06

you know, very clear, like, it's not that this individual or This race is an enemy. It's the problem is that the enmity that's shown by factions systemically were the ones who are in power, but the ones who are in police, the ones who are have the force, the ones who are implementing policy, that's where they would, you know, that's where that's the, the target of their wrath. And this, give me an example of this. And that the clear, that's what the Quran teaches as well, that clarity of identifying This is a someone who is not, doesn't have your interests, has opposed you has fought you has expelled you don't befriend them under the name of friendship, and, you know, just being

00:46:06--> 00:46:53

cordial. No, because that is insulting to yourself, because they have expelled you and fought you. What does that say of you, but the one who hasn't done so anybody else who hasn't fought you on account of your faith, or remove you from your homes? That is a person and that's the vast, vast, vast majority of people, you should be kind to them should be gentle with them, you should we just with them, just as is expected of a good believer, and that's a very clear message. The Quran gives betrayal not acceptable. Kindness is encouraged. But no kindness is the one who's your enemy. No kindness is the one who is your enemy. You know, keep that clear vision in mind, not so that it's

00:46:53--> 00:47:29

not out of just pure animosity is out of the desire to, to to get justice out of the desire to get justice, not animosity. I hope that point is clear. Also, the surah represents Ibrahim Al Assad as an example, you need an excellent example Abraham, and those who followed him who said we dis own you and whatever you worship besides God been announced you the idea is don't betray Allah and His messenger. There's a clear line, and Ibrahim Islam draws that line very clearly. Also, the suitors name come from the believing woman is Minato Mahajan, from

00:47:31--> 00:48:11

the from the hainault hoonah. That's where the name comes from tahina, the women who were tested these women, then the priests GTO davia, was made. The word of the treaty was no man will go from from Mecca to Medina. And if a man goes from Makkah to Medina has to be returned. Now what happened is that the believing women of Makkah started to sneak away and come to Medina. And the prophets, Hassan was like, Well, what do we do? Should we return them back to Makkah? And Allah said, No, don't return them back to Makkah, flattery ruhuna lol kuffaar, do not send them back to the to the disbelievers. They are not lawful for them. And nor are those who denied the truth buffle for these

00:48:11--> 00:48:53

women, this is the ayah that tells us that the Muslim ladies are only allowed to marry Muslim men. So this was the the IR that explained that. And then the people were like, hey, how come you are not following the the treaty? The response was, well, the treaty said no man, and this is a woman. So she's excluded from the the treaty, right? You didn't think think this through when you're making this deal. And in fact, you dictated the terms we didn't come up with the terms. It was your terms that we agreed to. So according to that the the Quran allowed them to stay here and that was a great boon because it allowed these women who were oppressed who were hiding their fate in Makkah to find

00:48:53--> 00:49:42

this safe passage to Medina to be with the believing community and to re establish themselves their and their families their source of surah number 61. speaks about be Allah's helpers self is actually a rule right a row. So be in allas helpers is also a massage behad begins with Subhanallah but it actually has a very interesting way of addressing it actually says, it talks about Moosa he Medusa said, Oh people, why do you cause me grief when you know that I am God's Messenger to you? Okay, very interesting because the people around the Prophet are causing grief as well. The hypocrites are causing the Prophet a lot of grief. Right? So Allah is reminding everybody including the Prophet

00:49:42--> 00:50:00

that masala Sam dealt with this as well. And also a reminder for Lamas, who is our local boom, when they wavered, God let their hearts we were to and he does not guide the transgressors. So this is the idea they kept on

00:50:00--> 00:50:45

On hurting moussaka kept on, you know, wavering from the truth. And eventually, that's how they were defined the the evil of the Israelites. And this was the thing if the hypocrites don't change your ways, that's how you end up being as well. musasa was mentioned. And then he says mentioned. And Lisa actually La Silla mentions that alternate Israel I am sent to you by God confirming the Torah that came before me bringing the good news of a messenger to follow whose name will be mud. This is the name that the derivative of the prophets name, Mohammed and Ahmed actually have the same approximate meaning in Arabic, same route letters, the one who was praised a lot or praised more, or

00:50:45--> 00:51:26

praise the most. That's what the name means. And this is in reference, perhaps to the way it was written in the Bible. It's spelled as Ahmed in the Aramaic or the Syriac, not as Mohammed that is the Arab. That is in the Arabic version. So it's a very beautiful reference. And the prophecy was also known as Ahmed as well, he had a secondary name as well. But this is a clear reference in the Quran, to something that existed in the Bible. In this, there's some, you know, Bible study that still have this, you know, but the original copies, you know, the ones that maybe had a clear version of this are unfortunately lost.

00:51:27--> 00:52:11

But you still even find this to this day. He said, a psalm is mentioned here, because Allah says that all believers be like, be God's helpers, just like Jesus, the son of Mary said to his disciples, who will be helped my helpers in the cause of God. If Allah had asked his son had asked for help, and there were some who helped them, and how are you? The disciples said, we will be the helpers of God. But there were some of the children of Israel who believed and others disbelieved, and Allah help the believers over the disbelievers. And they triumphed over over their enemies. So Allah says to the prophet to the believers, be like the disciples of Jesus who helped Jesus, You be

00:52:11--> 00:52:18

the helpers of Allah by helping the prophets of Allah, and how do you help a lot? Firstly, don't say what you

00:52:19--> 00:53:07

know, don't don't say what you don't do. Don't practice or don't preach what you don't practice. Why do you say one thing and do the other believers that is very hateful to Allah, we ask Allah protection from this kind of attribute. And also he says, that all believers are what you should do is you should do the following believe in God and His messengers, strive for God's cause with your possessions and your lives, that will be better for you. If you only knew that is a you know, be one be a loss helpers, just like he said Islam had his helpers. And the parallel is that Vanessa had helpers of Isa and ones who disbelieve in Isaiah and the prophet in Medina had his helpers, his

00:53:07--> 00:53:20

unsolved and the magnitude, and the hypocrites who were out to get him. So Allah, Allah is saying, Be like the ones from the hawala Yun from the disciples who helped a silence and I'm not like the other group.

00:53:21--> 00:54:10

I'll do more so number 62 also begins with sabaha or excuse me, hula him after Samadhi my wife and other medical co duessel Aziz and Hakeem, this is a very beautiful surah talks about Juma prayer. That's where the, that is mentioned there, Juma prayer, okay, but it actually has a more intuitive interesting theme, which is knowledge without action is useless knowledge without action is completely useless. How so? Allah mentioned here is number five methodology no formula dourada from Alameda, CA methylene himari Yami Lu esfera. Those who were charged with burying the Torah, but did not do so are like a donkey again, came out here as a donkey carrying a load of books. How

00:54:10--> 00:54:58

unfortunate are those who belie the sign of God? God does not guide the wrong doors. here Allah Allah is not calling the Israelites donkeys that will be somebody who is uninitiated with the with the Arabic language and also even uninitiated with just rhetoric in in and prose generally. Okay. It says the example of those who are charged with varying the Torah is like the example of a donkey that's carrying a load of books. The thing back in the day, they would carry stuff and transport subway donkeys. You wouldn't put you know, materials for transport on horses. horses were not meant for that purpose horses you right? And they're actually like, like a luxury car. You wouldn't put

00:54:58--> 00:55:00

that stuff on it.

00:55:00--> 00:55:08

cow or a sheep, because that's not their job. Okay? camels generally carried people and generally would carry

00:55:10--> 00:55:35

larger items or like a hoe that you know, which is where a woman would sit in like a little house where a woman would sit on top of a camel. So what do you put stuff on? That's not that big and not a human. Generally I would go on a donkey. People would also write donkeys but donkeys were like, you know, like they were the workhorses. They were the ones who would transport stuff, they were like, you know, the camrys of the day,

00:55:36--> 00:56:23

they would transport staple stuff everywhere. The idea of the that's what the donkey was. So now allow us seeing the person who was given the responsibility, those who are given the responsibility of bearing the Torah, meaning the responsibility of living by the Torah, but didn't do so. is like the donkey that's carrying books, the books do not benefit the donkey in any way. He could carry the most amazing books, the most wisdom he can carry on his back, but that donkey is still a donkey. He's not learning anything from those books. In fact, it's nothing but a burden that he is carrying, it doesn't do any good to him. That's the example of the one who has knowledge without action. It's

00:56:23--> 00:57:05

a burden that that person is carrying, and that knowledge hasn't done anything for them if it didn't make their actions better. And that was a major mistake of the Jewish community that Allah highlights. Now, he highlights also a similar mistake, a parallel comparison with the Muslims. What was the mistake the Sahaba made the mistake that the Sahaba made was when Juma was first started in Medina. The prophets of Allah did not issue the command of Jumeirah, you must sit and listen and not talk and you can't walk away. That was an issue yet. So the Prophet son was in the middle of his holdover. Yeah, you know, the Namu the new della sola, sola tomiyama geomorphological. Allah He was

00:57:05--> 00:57:49

around where they live in Darla moon when he was in the middle of his Juma prayer when a trade caravan arrived into Medina and a bunch of Sahaba got up and left the Juma prayer to go purchase items because if they didn't purchase it, now somebody else would purchase it. And then they won't have the ability to buy those things. If this was like a real legitimate needs. Without our ot Jonathan Ola honinbo la hatanaka Halima, when they see some merchandise or entertainment they break away to go to it leaving you standing, say that which is the God that which God has in store is far better than any merchandise or entertainment. And God is the most magnificent munis munificent, give

00:57:49--> 00:58:30

her the one hierarchy has been the best of those who provides what is the idea? They were like, you know what? The Zuma food was nice, but right now we got to go buy some stuff, because if we don't, someone else will buy it and we will be left you know, you know, with nothing left. And that they got up and left there was like a mass exodus and there's only a bunch of Sahaba sitting there listening to the hope of the Prophet song. That is unacceptable. That wasn't acceptable. That isn't acceptable. So the last part of the highlights that mistake, it says, Don't do that again. But again, notice how the mistake is highlighted. First year you're gonna have new believers. That

00:58:30--> 00:58:38

doesn't define you your mistake doesn't define you and doesn't name who left. We don't even know who left actually only we know the ones who stayed behind.

00:58:39--> 00:59:20

And it says new de la sala de Miriam and Juma fossa, Willa Nicola motivation, what's the reason why you should be there? Why are you doing what you're doing? why you're doing this is so that you can remember Allah and that is the soul food that will sustain you. So leave your trade leave your business for a little bit because learning about Allah feeding your soul Vickery law is going to help sustain you for the rest of the week. And by the way, this is the point of the Jehovah remembrance of Allah in the Jehovah does not remind you have a lot on the Molly that's a disaster. Okay. It should remind you of a lot pantalla and that's the purpose of it. Then when the prayer is

00:59:20--> 01:00:00

done, now you are free to go and do business fantasy to fill out the woman Fabiola. Go spread on the land and seek of the bounty of God, go do business. And it's not that business is bad. It's not that it's bad to make money. It's only that time you need to break and listen and come to Juma to sustain your soul. And then you go back to your pursuits of the world. And that's a beautiful way of addressing and making sure that mistake doesn't happen again. Again, the theme is knowledge without action is useless. will not feel good.

01:00:00--> 01:00:43

So number 63 if I can take a few minutes to wrap up and it'll be nice. I have a little bit more time in the lab we've gotten used to a little extra time so I appreciate you all for that. The dangers of pretentiousness being all talk and no action. And that was what a lot of calls the hypocrites the Mona Poon. They would say all these things Oh, we bear witness all profit you are the Messenger of Allah. And this is Allah says they're liars. They're making a scene just to hide themselves in the huddle a man 100 another using this as a ruse as a cover. But in reality, they have no Eman. And they're very insecure. They're very insecure, you know? Yeah, so Nakula saya Denali him, they think

01:00:43--> 01:01:22

that every shell is directed at them, they're very self centered, they think everything is about them. The last model says, Don't pay heed to them, don't forget that they are your internal enemies. But the prophet SAW them did not treat them as enemies, though, the proposition did not, you know, hurt them or harm them or singled them out the prophets, some had the most amazing, compassionate way of dealing with them, hoping that they would see the kindness of his of his heart, the excellence of his character and maybe change their ways. Right? And some of them did, many of them didn't. But the prophet SAW them, continue to treat them in a very beautiful, very, very honorable

01:01:22--> 01:01:42

way, despite the fact that they kept trying to overthrow him like I mentioned, the man who was the worst of them, have to love and obey Him and Samuel accused the prophets wife of having an affair heard the prophet in so many ways the Prophet even forgive him and was standing there to pray janazah for him, I mean, what an incredible

01:01:43--> 01:02:21

what an incredible heart you need to have to be able to do that he asked Allah for such purity of heart. Now, you will see these people are full of like hot air, you know, they will say stuff and they will say stuff that is very, very insulting. Right? They will say don't spend you know, on the path in the path of God. Don't do that. Okay. They will stop people they would and then this is a characteristic by the way of the fox stopping others from good, they would say insulting things that we are these these Muslims are contemptible, and once we have the upper hand will kick them out of our city.

01:02:22--> 01:02:37

These are all really really terrible things. This is all pretentiousness. But it's all talk. There is no real action there. Allows Parkland reminds the believers to not forget that this to not fall in that trap. Don't be like that. And also,

01:02:38--> 01:03:21

don't just like don't be all talk and no action, or will you believe that he can Amala Kumara mangalam Birla, don't let your wealth or your children distract you from the remembrance of God. And that will be those who does do so are the losers spend from what We have provided you before that comes to you, when one of you will say, My Lord, if only you would grant me to spite for a little while, and then I would spend and be of the righteous, you know, don't the regret that a dying person would have would be that they didn't spend enough they didn't help enough causes. So do action now before it's too late. Don't just be all talk and no action. Like the hypocrites Sugata

01:03:21--> 01:04:04

harben Surah 64 is related to this topic, which is Don't let your family become a distraction. This is the last of the most we had use of beholding lahemaa for some allottee when I fill out the last of them. It speaks about what does faith actually mean? Faith actually means but I mean Obama he was only when Lula V and Zelda believe in the God and His Messenger and in the light which we have sent down seeing the Quran and Sunnah as a light as a heavenly light as an illuminating light. That is what faith means. What does faith mean? faith means that masaba mean mercy but then 11 is the law, no affection, no affliction.

01:04:05--> 01:04:51

To me, no affliction can befall the man, but by God's permission, he guides the hearts of those who believe in him and God has knowledge of all things. Understanding that good and bad is from Allah understanding that when something bad happens, that only happened because a law allowed it to happen, and that understanding that and acting accordingly the one who does so that is believed for my human Billa that is true Eman And the one who has the kind of human Yeah, the Cobra who God will guide their heart, he will not let their heart waver, he will not let them misguide he will not let them fall into despair. So it's such a beautiful expression of what a man is.

01:04:52--> 01:04:55

A man is obeying Allah and the messenger obey God and the messenger.

01:04:57--> 01:05:00

Family. Don't let family become a distraction or

01:05:00--> 01:05:22

People yeah you Olivia Manu in as Raji como la de Kumar Kumar LaRue. Whom, among your wives and your children you have enemies so be aware of them. What does this mean? This means that the Quran says your kids are a gift Yeah. Booty Manisha. inasa. But yeah, budimir shower the cool we saw that in Surah Surah zoflora

01:05:24--> 01:06:14

in one of the high means of getting forgot which one and that was exactly. But we saw that in the 24th Jews we spoke about that how the Koran says that our our kids are a gift. And we saw in score 25 how Allah said, all believers make the falling to Earth. Our Lord bless us and endow us with the gift of spouses and kids that are forgotten, that are the source of our happiness and joy. So family is a gift family is a source of happiness and joy. But family can also become the reason why you do something wrong. And that is what the law says. Don't let your family become the reason why you do something wrong. Don't let your family become a distraction, or a reason for doing something

01:06:14--> 01:06:26

impermissible in Islam, and that if you let that happen, that is where that's the explanation of Islam as Roger qumola de Gama do welcome. So be aware of them.

01:06:29--> 01:07:18

And the law says this explicitly in the Muslim world. okuma Allah Dooku fitna your wealth and children are at trial. But God's reward is great for de la ha must have at home. So be mindful of God as best as you can try your best was smart will listen, obey and spend in charity that is best for you. And those who guard themselves against their own greed will surely prosper. Oftentimes, family makes us our, you know, like not forces us, but in a way pushes us to make choices that are not so good, that are against the commands of Allah and His messenger. But Allah says don't let that happen. Don't let them become a distraction. Number 65. Second last surah follow up divorce. The

01:07:18--> 01:07:48

surah is called divorce. And it talks a lot about divorce but also talks a lot about why because divorce requires taqwa dealing with people requires taqwa specially, and dealings that are difficult like divorce, messy, emotional. The thing that keeps a person from becoming an acting evil is taqwa. That is what it does. It talks about the rulings of divorce but also notice how many times Allah will say,

01:07:49--> 01:08:33

Romania, tequila hija, Allahu Maharajah. Whoever fears God he will grant him a way out of his difficulties and will provide him from an unexpected source. It's a guarantee from Allah guarantee, the one who trusts Allah, Allah will be enough for him or her, anybody going through a divorce, understand, Allah will be there for you just have to trust him. And you have to fear you have to act in accordance, the righteousness, the fear of Allah, the consciousness of Allah and if you were to do so, Allah will provide for you, He will take care of you. It's his guarantee is not mine. You notice how much time you have stuff for repeats I am number four. what that will mean tequila Hydra

01:08:33--> 01:08:43

Allah human Omri Yusra, whoever is mindful of God, Allah will make their things, their matters easy for them. Whoever when you

01:08:44--> 01:09:29

get the law, you got Fernando sejati whoever fears God shall be forgiven his sins and will be richly rewarded. So it talks about taqwa so much. In fact, a little bit more than even the rulings speaks about the wounds of divorce, which is to divorce the women during their period of purity, not when the woman is in her period, not in her menstrual cycle. It has to be done when she's out of her menstrual cycle. And that is a way to ensure that the decision is made not irrationally, and it's not hurtful, or extra hurtful. At that point. It talks about the waiting period of what happens, you know, how long is the waiting period? How long is it before the divorce is final? It speaks about

01:09:29--> 01:09:59

that here. What happens if the girl is pregnant? What happens if the girl or the woman isn't happy doesn't have a menstrual cycle for that to happen. So data to assure the waiting period is three months. If they're pregnant, then the waiting period is the pregnancy itself. And after that divorce, we find out what happens what expenditures all that is mentioned here. You know, it's the responsibility of the man to provide expenditures for housing and clothing and the un* loose it means that it the one who has means should spend

01:10:00--> 01:10:25

Accordingly, the ones who's restricted should try to spend according to what he has, in his, what he has access to locally for long enough sun Illa was Aha. In Lama Atta, how God does not burden any person with more than that He has given them sajama level Barbarossa usila and this is the final thing about this that God will bring soon will bring ease after hardship and that's the reality of the of,

01:10:27--> 01:11:07

of divorce that Allah mentions that it's difficult. It's painful, it's messy, but inshallah Lola bring a good, something good out of it. Last surah Yeah, you and me. It talks about the two women. Okay, there's actually six women here in this surah it's a very short tour two pages. They mentioned six women. first two are the two wives of the Prophet Salaam are Asia and hacer la de la one who are mothers Ayesha and hafsa. What happened? One of the wives have saw and again notice a lot is a name the one. Okay, Allah is hiding the flaws of the believer, but there's a lesson to be learned. The husband, the

01:11:08--> 01:11:30

father of Ayesha is a worker, the father of hafsa is Omar rodilla one home okay, what happened? hafsa had the Prophet had told hafsa a secret in a southern mbu Illa ba the as Raja he had either look at the expression, some of his wives, but only his some of his wives in reality is only one wife that he's taught told a secret to,

01:11:32--> 01:11:48

but a man but he or she didn't keep the secret. The Prophet told her a secret she didn't keep the secret. She told that secret to our Asia or the larhonda. Now the Prophet was told by Allah that the secret has been leaked to Ayesha. So the the the

01:11:50--> 01:12:26

the province alum asked hafsa about the whole hour and Bob, he told her that well, this is what this is this the case. She was said man Ambika hada, who will who I told you about this, assuming it was Arusha all in a Bernie allowed him when he replied, The all knowing the all aware one, okay, this was a domestic situation the Prophet had, you know, he had a secret that he wanted to keep with one of his wives have saw a request that she had made something that she found, you know, that she didn't want her husband doing.

01:12:27--> 01:12:35

And then that got leaked to another of his wives Ayesha, and this became a problem because this was like,

01:12:36--> 01:13:15

it was causing issues in the household. And the last partner says, Don't do that. That's not the correct way of approaching things is not the right way of you know, like, if you want to have open communication, have it open. And then if you're going to keep keep secrets, keep them honorably. In the toolbar, it Allahu faqad Sadhguru Kumar, if you to return to repentance, then your hearts are already inclined to do so your hearts are already inclined to good. You are the mothers of the believers, you are the best of the best. If your hearts are already inclined towards good, your mistakes are just it's just a mistake. It's gonna you know, it's a it's a passing mistake. But don't

01:13:15--> 01:13:59

be obstinate or into law Lee, if you uphold each other against him, then understand that the law is supporting him and jabril is supporting him. And the righteous among the believers are supporting him IE are your father's. And angels are also his supporters. The idea here is this was a mistake that the two wires of the prophecies are made and the last one that addresses that and very gently reminds them of their honorable place of thought summit, Hulu comma, your hearts already inclined to good, you're the best of the best. Okay. But also reminds them that don't make this mistake, and don't become stubborn about it. And that's a beautiful, inner reminder. And of course, I shouldn't

01:13:59--> 01:14:06

have Salvadoran hemangioma immediately repented and fix their ways. Then there is the two evil women

01:14:07--> 01:14:48

to evil women that I mentioned here, a lot of a lot more Motherland in London, aka from LA to New Haven, mom wrote a lot as an example to those who are bent on denying the truth. God cites the wife of Noah and the wife of lot who are married to two of our righteous servants, but they betrayed them. They are the example the wrong example, even though they were married to the two of the greatest prophets. They could be couldn't ask for anything better yet. They didn't mend their ways. And then they were told enter the fire amongst the rest of the people. And then Allah mentions the example of the two incredible women okay is the two top ranking women of all time well not available

01:14:48--> 01:14:59

method a little Idina, Armando Murata for our own, to the believers God has given the example of the wife of the pharaoh couldn't be in a worse situation. You're married to the biggest tyrant in history.

01:15:00--> 01:15:43

This is a believing lady. Her name was asiyah My Lord she prayed build me a house in nearness to you in Paradise and saved me from the Pharaoh and his misdeeds and saved me from all evildoers. She was also the, the, the, the mother or the adopted Mother of mozzarella. And then you have the mother of eisah or Maria magnetom Ron and Lottie, so Natasha, the second one that's mentioned here, the two incredible woman, the two best women is Miriam, and he has a Lamb who preserved her chastity and we read in our spirit into her. She testified to the words of our Lord and His scriptures and was truly devout well hamdulillah with that, we reached the end of the Joseph mlok area for sticking around.

01:15:44--> 01:16:02

These are very, very packed just so trying to make sure that you get a taste of all of the of the sutras. appreciate your patience, and I'll see you all tomorrow, same time, same place. Joseph Campbell, often part of the Lomo Hamdi Ganesha de la ilaha elanda stealth Luca what to do with a Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh