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An-Nisa 123-134 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 129-130

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One in this theory, and never will you be able Antara de lubaina Nyssa that you'll be equal between whites, lenses theory. This is an address to the men that all men this can never happen, this will never happen this is beyond your ability, this is beyond your capacity, what

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to be just between the women

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30 lu is honoring veterans in their lab and other is justice it is to give to the other what he deserves. That is what other is.

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So you are never going to be able to be completely just between your wives that you'll be equal in your feeling towards all the wives that you love them all equally, that you treat them all equally. So basically in every aspect, you cannot be just there will always be various degrees. When it comes to treating your wives when it comes to dealing with your wives.

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You love one more you love the other one less. You like talking to one wife more and you don't like talking to the other white man. So it's beyond your capacity to be completely just between people.

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When you have a stone, even if you desire greedily what is Huddleston hair alongside his

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that even if you desire greedily, even if you strive to be just between your wives you cannot be just Why? Because human beings are different. And every person has their own likes, every person has their own dislikes. And if you think of it all the wiser all two different one wife is more beautiful. One wife is more attractive. She's very nice. She has children she is very good cook the way that she looks after things she's very nice the ways that she treats her she's very nice. Even the wives are different. So no matter how hard you try, you cannot be completely just between all your lives. So what should you do? Just because you cannot be just therefore Don't even try to be

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just know what does Allah say? filat amino then do not incline tomatoes on the roof actress Mia Anna made do not inclined kolel Bailey entirely meaning all of information. So basically, do not inclined to one completely. Do not inclined to the one whom you like more completely do not exaggerate in treating her the way that you like. Do not exaggerate and loving her do not exaggerate and spending on her. So that further Oh her so that you leave her leave who you leave the other wife kalmar unlocker like the suspended one

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more another is from New letters I inland cough, I inland cough. And what is my

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one that is suspended one that is hanging. So what is the mean by this one that is hanging.

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You see when something is apart of the other, then it's not hanging.

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But when it's not really apart, and it's still apart, then it's hanging.

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I gave you the example of a banner that's on the wall. And if it's cut from the middle, then a part of it is going to hang. So if it's hanging, it's actually a part of the banner. But at the same time, it's not really a part of the banner because it's hanging.

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So what does it mean by that you leave her like a monocle, meaning she is neither divorced. Nor is she in the state of conjugal life, nor is she enjoying the rights of marriage. She doesn't feel like a woman who is divorced, she doesn't feel like a woman who is married. Why? Because she has been completely left by the husband. Why? Because he is inclined towards otherwise.

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So over here, the men are being told that you're not allowed to do this. You're not allowed to what? ignore your wife in a way that she becomes like a suspended woman?

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Well, in Tesla, who, and if you do Tesla, if you do this law, what does it mean by this? That you do justice between all of your wives that you divide equally in your wives, whatever they're supposed to divide according to the power that you have.

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So we're into slavery and many times between the wives also, there are a lot of problems.

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So into slavery, you just keep on doing is left with a taco and you fear fear Who? Allah subhanaw taala concerning the rights of the waves. So what do you have to do is keep fixing things. Every time you make a mistake, fix it, because what is it slash reform? So every time we make a mistake,

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Every time you feel that you ignored one, don't ignore her the next time, every time you feel you give more importance to one, and you didn't give more importance to the other, than give the other more importance next time. So every time there is a mistake, fix it into flow.

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And secondly, that the coup fear of law, about what about this duty on you, that you should try your best to be just between women

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in the law who can have a photo of a hammer, then Indeed, Allah is most forgiving, and he's also merciful.

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What do we learn from this ayah? First of all, that either complete justice, complete justice between all the wives, it is not an obligation upon the husband. Why? Because Allah says, that learn tested theory and 32. And now you can live for long enough and 11 Allah does not overburden us all, more than what it can bear. So first of all, we learned that either between all the wives is not an obligation upon the husband. And what does he mean by

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that he is just in every respect, that if he smiled at one, he smiled at the other. I mean, if that is, then it's going to be extremely difficult for the man to live even. Just imagine, because either has to be in every respect. If he looks at one, he has to look at the other. Can you do that, if he's driving one, he has to drive the other as well? Can you drive two cars at the same time, he cannot, he cannot do that. So our other is not mandatory upon the husband when it comes to treating the wives. However, the husband must try his best, he must try his best to be just with all of his wives.

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And he has been prohibited from inclining only to one wife, while depriving the other of her share. Why?

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Because the prophets are a lot of them said Whoever has two wives and inclines to one of them too much. He's not trying to do other and he inclines to one of them too much, then he will come on the Day of Resurrection, with one of his sides dragging,

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meaning half of his body will be as though the word is socket. So it's like, either paralyzed or it's like following. It's not there. People have interpreted that in different ways. So basically, half of his bodies are going to be functioning properly. And I mean, this is great humiliation for a person that in public is like this.

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We also know that I showed that on her she said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam he used to treat his wives equally, meaning in the matters that he could, to the extent that whenever he would travel, he would take at least one wife with him. And for that, he will draw a lot. So that it's not his decision, but it's, you know, whatever happens happens.

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So he would do a lot of other between his wives.

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And he would proclaim Allahumma, Heather kusmi, female unlegal fenetre, Looney female tan liko wanna,

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oh, Allah, this is my division, in what I own. Meaning This is my division between my wives. This is how I have, you know, done justice between my wives according to my capacity in what I own. So do not blame me for what you own and I do not own.

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What is it that entirely in the hands of a lie not in our hands,

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our heart.

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So I am trying my best to be just between the wives in whatever way that I can. So whatever that I cannot do, meeting the state of my heart, you don't hold me accountable for that.

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So we see that yes, although it is not an obligation upon the man to do it. However, he is required to do his best. He is required to do his best.

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We also learned that each time, there is a problem in the family, between the husband and the wife, or between the CO wives, between the daughter and the mother in law between the family members if there is any problem, and these problems are inevitable. They're always happened. I mean, the nicest of people as well. The most righteous people are for the most decent people as well. If you see them in their house, sometimes they have problems. And you wonder, oh my god, I thought they were so nice. Well, there is human being.

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So having problems and family life, it is inevitable. So what should be done? Instead of making problems a big deal, instead of making a big deal, what should a person do? He should do his love and fear of loss.

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This is what you should try to fix the situation try to do is lie. Don't make it a big deal. Oh, why did you say that? I'm not going to talk to you now. And how dare you? And that's it. I cannot live here anymore. I cannot stand this anymore. I have to move out. No. Calm down. Relax, do Islam. Don't make it a big deal.

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fear of loss of data because sometimes in our emotions, what do we do? When we're overcome by the emotions we don't do? What is the commander of a loss predator.

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We also learn from this IoT obligation of trying to be just in all matters. That not just in the matter of multiple lives, but in every single situation that a person is in, he should try his best to be just, and you should feel a loss.

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Because, you know, we never know where we're making a mistake. It has been said, we're into slavery, you make a mistake, fix it, the taco you fear Allah, then Allah Subhana, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

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Now, we see that some matters that are beyond our ability, we don't think that we are able to take them upon ourselves, we're able to take the challenge, we can deal with the responsibility, we can carry out the responsibility properly.

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Because over here, someone could say that if it's not possible for a man to be just between two wives, and why is he allowed to marry more than one way?

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That's what some people would say. But why is he allowed to marry more than one wife, then you should be only allowed to marry one wife, there will be no problems like these things. But as we discussed earlier, could be different reasons as to why a husband wishes to have more than one wife.

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So some matters are beyond our ability. The solution is not in not taking the responsibility and staying away from those matters. But the solution is in accepting it, taking it doing Islam every time you make a mistake, and having the Kabbalah meaning constantly you seek forgiveness.

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Like for example, if some people are told, would you like to teach Koran?

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Like for example, would you like to teach on to the weaken school students, you know, now that you will have the last 35 years maybe by the end of this course, you will be suggested to help out in some of the classes. Some people think, no way. I cannot do this. Why? Because I've only studied once, and I'm still not an expert. You know, I still need to learn so much more.

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But the fact is that if you know even one I What is your responsibility

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you have to convey

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and the journey of knowledge, it continues until you die.

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Mr. Ahmed was asking questions on his deathbed. He was asking questions. When at his deathbed,

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did he think that he knew enough, he didn't need to learn more? No, the journey of learning it continues for the rest of your life. So it's possible that something you think is if it's beyond your ability, you cannot take it you cannot do it. You cannot do it at all. But what should you do? It is important, it needs to be done. If you after studying the Quran, don't help out other people in learning the Quran? How is this message going to spread? Is every single one of you going to go and study for 10 years? 15 years? No, everybody's not able to do that.

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So whatever that you've learned, it's your obligation to convey to the other. But what should you remember, every time you make a mistake to

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correct yourself, fix your mistake, and constantly engage in doing so

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constantly do is about half the guava, seek forgiveness from a loss.

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And we see that this was the way of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in this situation, that he would try his best to be just, and he would make sure that all of this is my division in what I own. But what I don't own, what I don't have power over. You don't reproach me for that. So all of this is all that I know. I'm going to convey what I know if I make a mistake not to assume that in this scenario.

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We see the profits that a lot of sodomy is the best example for us. He used to love our children are no more than anybody else more than any other wife.

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Why? Because of different reasons. And if you look at the kinds of questions that you would ask him, they tell you for sure as to why he loved her. So we see that, despite the fact that he loved her more Still, he tried his best to be just and what did he do? He used to pray to a loss of penalty that Oh Allah Don't call me to account for what I don't have power over. This is my heart. You cannot force love into your heart, you cannot reduce the love in your heart. No, it just comes and it just leaves you don't have any control over it. So similarly, you know, because I'm relating this to our lives to what is relevant to us, which is why I'm giving the example of teaching the Quran or

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helping other people understand the Quran. It may be very daunting, it may be very challenging, but you do what you can do. Don't step into something first of all that you know you cannot handle. Do what you can do do something at least and

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Along with that, what should you do focus on Islam. If you ever make a mistake, fix it, and then seek forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah.

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Then Allah says what he later found Raka. And if they're two separate, you have to follow call from the ruthless fell rock off the front rock.

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And what does that mean? separation, division, splitting.

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So if they bought separate how, by divorce, meaning the husband and the wife, that the matter exceeds the limit, and there seems to be no way for reconciliation, there seems to be no way for doing any type of solid, any kind of compromise, the wife does not want to compromise the husband, he's doing new shoes.

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So in that case, what is better, what is better, the divorce is better.

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Similarly, the CO wives, they just cannot stand one another. And because of that, there are constant disputes, constant arguments. So in that case, if it leads up to divorce, meaning the husband and wife they decide to separate, then what does Allah say?

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Your vanilla who couldn't I mean, sorry,

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Allah will enrich all of them can learn all, meaning both the husband, and the wife, the man and the woman,

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he will enrich all of them in society from his abundance. What does he mean by that? That he will enrich the men, he will make the men independent of the woman that he was married to?

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Meaning he will not be in her need anymore.

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Why? Because he finds a better wife.

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Or in the other case, the woman, she'll become completely independent of the man that she was married to? How that maybe she finds a better husband.

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Or maybe she's much better living by herself, living with her parents.

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So you can allow her complementarity

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of luck with her enrich both of them from his PSA?

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Because many times what is it that stops, especially women from taking divorce?

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It's the fear of fear of what? Money that I'll be a single parent, what will I do? I don't have any degrees and I won't make that much money. How am I going to support myself? What does Allah say you're looking at the PSA, at the money of a person. Look at the center of the last panel.

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Now, this doesn't mean that everyone should think that yes, I don't need the husband. That's why I should take a divorce. Allah is my provider know, what this means is that after trying your best, after trying your best, you compromise, it didn't work. You did this, it didn't work, you tried so many things, but still it didn't work and you think that the best solution is actually divorce. So in that case, know that our last panel data will enrich each one of them from one another.

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What kind of law who and Allah is Ever West Aaron, he is one of abundance and he's also hekima one who is wise.

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What does it mean by the sterilize West here?

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Why is there a meaning he has a lot of wisser he has a lot of capacity, vastness extensiveness, in what?

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In His attributes and also in his treasures. In his attributes, he is very Western, meaning he has a lot of capacity, what does he mean by that?

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That for example, his his knowledge, what do we know that Allah subhanaw taala his knowledge encompasses what everything, we just did the word Mohit, it encompasses everything. So it is vast similarity, His mercy, he is a man in his forgiveness, he is a foul in his Audra, he is Cadiz. He is mocked up there. In his wisdom he is Hakeem. So in all of the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, he is where Sarah

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secondly, in his treasures, in his treasures in his favor, in His grace, he is also asked here that he is the one who has tremendous favor. He is one was a lot of treasures was theocracy, you semi wet, he will up that he owns the entire heavens and the earth. So Allah subhanaw taala has a lot and you can give a lot. So what can Allahu wa seren and he's also hacky, meaning everything that happens, is based on the Hickman was printed.

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So what do we learn from this idea?

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That it's possible that two people, they may be very good, but still, they don't get along.

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Remember that it's not just the evil people, the bad people who get divorced. Because generally if we hear Oh my god, that person is divorced. I wonder what they've done. I wonder how bad they are.

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Which is why if somebody is proposed by a person who was divorced previously, they get very concerned, they're very fearful.

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So it's possible that two people who are very nice, very righteous, very good Otherwise, they just don't get along with one another. And because of that they cannot live with one another.

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Like we learned that they'd rather learn him and his wife, they could not get along with one another. And both of them were who companions. Both of them were companions.

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One is the cousin of the Prophet, and one is the adopted son.

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Now, righteousness is on one side. And on the other hand, is relationship. It's possible the two people are very good, but they just cannot get along with one another.

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So in that case, if the divorce is permissible, in fact, it may be better for them.

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We also know from this idea that if the purpose of marriage is not being fulfilled, the purpose of marriage is not being fulfilled, then there is no blame if the couple decides to divorce.

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Why, what's the purpose of marriage and so the room is 21. We learned woman it and clinical acumen and physical as well.

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Lita school

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so that you find tranquility in your spouse.

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Now, every time you see your spouse, you end up in a fight. You don't want to see your spouse, are you getting any tranquility from them? No. So if the purpose of marriage is not being fulfilled, then what? There's no harm if the marriage is dissolved. And the ayah continues with john avena, komagata. Tamara, if there is no more what that there's no love. There is no mercy in the heart of the man or the woman for one another, then in that case of represent marriage is not being fulfilled.

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We also learned that in family matters, in family issues, one should remember that whatever happens unless a penalty is fully aware of it. And he is Hakeem in his decree, in his honor,

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that whatever he has decreed for me, Allah subhanaw taala is always,

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for example, there is a woman, you know, she gets a proposal and she doesn't know whether she should marry that person or not. She does is too hard on everything works out very nicely. She ends up getting married to them, they're very righteous, they're very pious, they have a beard, they Griselda in the budget. I mean, they meet all the conditions on her list.

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But still, what happens, things don't work out, which is quite possible, things won't work out.

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So in that case, if there is a divorce now, a person should not say, you know, I did this. And I chose a person who was supposed to be righteous. I didn't look at his money. I didn't look at his family. I just look at his Deen, which is what the Sunnah tells me to, but still the marriage didn't work out. Now, don't have doubts about your religion, don't have doubts about turistica know that you asked Allah for height. And in this, perhaps there is height for you. Perhaps there is played for you in this. Maybe right now you cannot see. But later on, you will realize that even in this divorce that has happened because many times people think if they have been divorced, that's it,

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their life is over, it's finished. It's not finished. This is just a part of life, move on a low arm, something much better might come your way. And maybe you have learned from this experience, something that you might not have learned otherwise, it's possible. Like for example, it happens with some people that if there's a man, he is married to someone, and he ends up in a divorce. Now he marries another woman. And he values her the way that he would not value her otherwise. It's possible.

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But he learned to value his wife out from the device.

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So, you know, there's always hikma there's always wisdom behind these things that happen. So never despair. Know that Allah is Knowing he is wise here. He is a provider, he will find a spouse for me. Because many times people think that if I'm divorced, nobody will marry me now, Eloise was here. I mean, he's created so many human beings. Why do you think that that person was the only one for you? know, there are 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of men on this world? You think that was the only man? No, there's so many more allies was here He will send somebody for you who is much better for you. And he is hacking. If you cannot find someone now. There is hekla there's wisdom allies last year and

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he's also hurricane.

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We listen to the recitation of these

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Hello, Ross, Vela, Emmylou.

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to sleep,

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work long was he on hakima.

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Sometimes we expect so many things from people, we expect them to give our rights. And because of that we argue with them, we fight with them, we show them that we don't like them, we remind them of what they have to do. And instead of we go and make the law to a loss mentality, like you are rd, you are hobbies. You are Hakeem, I want help from you, you put it in the heart of that person, you make them realize you make them understand, maybe that's a much better solution. Instead of confronting the other person.

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If you look at it, your son and I haven't mentioned and many times when people are going through such difficulties in their married life, doing silent UCLA is something that they completely forget. Because people are concerned about their rights. What does a lot of us be concerned about the other person's right? We want to do what we want to do. And Allah says, have Taqwa fear me, do what I have commanded you to do.

00:26:31--> 00:26:46

Many times we expect so many things from other people. We expect them to give us our rights, we expect them to be nice to us to be kind to us. But at the end, we are disappointed. And what does that teach us that if you go to Allah, He will not disappoint you.

00:26:47--> 00:26:57

We think that we become important when we have everything. But in fact, we become important when we compromise. Because when two other are

00:26:59--> 00:27:03

the one who compromises the one who lowers himself, Allah gives him honor.

00:27:04--> 00:27:26

And this is something very difficult to do in married life. Because, for example, sometimes when girls get married, they want since I'm married, I should have this I should have that I should be the queen of the house. How come this mother in law of mine is there and she's running the house, I mean, I should be running the show. That's what many girls walk into marriage with. This is what's in their heads. And they don't want to compromise on anything.

00:27:27--> 00:27:50

But the fact is that if you compromise just for a few, I would say months, even days, even just a few years, even whatever is needed, like whatever is written for you. But you need to compromise, if you compromise, then you will be able to do whatever you want. But if you don't compromise from the first day, believe me, you will never be able to do what you want to do.

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Except by disobeying the last panel,

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the story about how this woman did not get along with her mother, and she went to somebody to get some help. And he gave her a portion that you know, you do everything, you'd be very nice for the mother in line, then you give her this portion and have a garden is it going to create love in her heart or something like that. And the woman didn't realize and she was being very nice to the mother or not. And as a result, the mother in law became very nice to her, because of her niceness, because of her goodness. So, again, don't be concerned about your rights, do ersan have the core and Allah will give you what is written for you will definitely get it. If you compromise, sometimes it's

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possible that the other person, they notice the fact that you're compromising, and they will appreciate the fact that you are trying your best to deal with the situation as possible, they will also compromise in some respect. But if you're just a straight wall, that whatever they say doesn't affect you, you don't want to move, you don't want to bend, then in that case, even they're not going to bend, they're not going to listen. So it's not going to get anywhere the situation is only going to get worse.

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Again, if you want your relationship to work with anybody with anybody, whether it is your husband, or it is your children, or it is your you know mother in law or your father in law or your daughter in law. Any person, friend, sister, Aunt, cousin, anybody what is better, was suddenly Hi, compromise is always better.

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But Allah says what are the Inquisition? Very few will do it because you're full of Shafi full of selfishness and greed. So, I mean, very few people will do this. But in doing this, there is

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the recitation of these verses.

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Jonah howling, Hema

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whoa, no longer can i Bhima Luna hobby Oh?

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You want

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to sleep?

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was he on hakima

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what to sleep

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well can Allahu hakima