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An-Nisa 51-70 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 69-70

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Well, my youth There are however soula and whoever obeys Allah and the messenger for una ecoman levena anomala. Who are they him? Then those will be with the ones upon whom Allah has bestowed favorite. Who are they mean? And maybe Gina was slid the Athena was she had a while slowly, he will have sooner oola ecoffee.

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They are the prophets, the steadfast firmers of truth, the martyrs and the righteous. And these people, Allah says an excellent are those as companions.

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Over here, Allah says, woman, user Illa whoever obeys Allah, whoever. And you, Larry is our What is his army?

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obedience. And part of obedience is following the commands, accepting the commands, and staying away from the prohibitions. So whoever obeys Allah, will Russell as well as the messenger,

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even our best will they learn who said, Will may yield to a left field for what was soon is soon

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that whoever it is a loss of penalty with regards to the Father.

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And whoever it is a messenger sort of loaded up with regards to the son.

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So for example, when you're praying the Salah, you have the fault, you have the sun,

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in every action, you have the fault and you have the sun, what do we ask? What is the fault? And we say, What's the need of doing extra sun?

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This is the reward

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that will may yield a level or soul whoever obeys align the messenger. So one way of understanding this is that whoever obeys a law with regards to follow it and the messenger with regards to the sunon. Secondly, they said that whoever it is the commands of Allah and whoever obeys the commands of the messenger.

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Thank me I've seen in these ayat, as well as in many Hadees, that Allah and the messenger I mentioned together,

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obedience to Allah, obedience to the messenger is mentioned together in many, many places in the Quran, as well as the Sunnah.

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Now personally wonder that how can the prophets of arson was always been mentioned with Allah so

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we learned about shift the trick is that you don't give the rights of Allah to anybody else, even if it's a prophet, even if it's a human being, even if it's the most righteous person.

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So how come obedience to Allah is like obedience to the messenger? How come? This is always mentioned together?

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Remember that this is not sure. Why? because of two reasons.

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First of all, in county matters, where county Affairs Committee matters with regards to the death of someone the birth of someone that is for someone, the lifespan of someone in county matters, is only the decision of a loss.

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When something is going to happen, when something can happen, when something will not happen, whose decision is it? Only a loss of anger? Which is why we learned about the Hadees, that when a person who said that if Allah wills and if you will, what are the profits are the law doesn't say that you're underneath the law? He didn't? Have you made me for Allah, I need a partner. That if I will, and if Allah wills, this is incorrect. Why? Because it's only the will of Allah subhanaw taala that matters.

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So in county affairs, it is only the decision of a loss.

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But secondly, in shattering matters, in shattering matters, what is the machinery with regards to the religion?

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Then the profits are the hardest enemies mentioned along with the loss of penalty because the Prophet said about his enemies conveying the commands of a law.

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He is conveying the message of Allah. So whatever the prophets are about, isn't me saying is actually from who?

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from Allah subhanaw taala and whatever loss of Pilate are they saying is coming to us by who

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the prophets are among them.

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So remember, that in county affairs, it is only the decision of almost,

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but in shatavari affairs, Allah and the messenger sallallahu wasallam, both of them must be obeyed.

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So when you very Lego or soul, whoever it is allowing the messenger for Allah Eco, then those people who those who will be aligned the messenger, they will be my levena along with those people, they will be with those people, which people and I'm Allahu RNA him whom Allah subhanaw taala has blessed

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instead of the fact that what do we pray

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so often Medina an untimely guidance to the path which path The path of those whom you have favored?

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So over here Allah says that those people who obey Allah and the messenger, they will be with those people whom Allah has favored.

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They will be in their company, they will be with them, they will have the same and who are those whom Allah subhanaw taala has favorite? Who are those people whom Allah has an AMA, and I'm telling him, they are meaning the big

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men over here does not mean some of but rather mean is a ban and what does ban mean? It is explanatory. You can understand this as i.

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So, who are those whom Allah subhanaw taala has blessed they are, first of all an OBE the prophets.

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I just imagine the person who obeys a line the messenger, who will be in the company of the prophets.

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Just imagine

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what's the deal clean, and the truthful ones

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aside the pain as a plural of so deep, and he was the one who speaks a lot of

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one who speaks a lot of

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it has said that, so do his sidekick feel colicky? So he decided in his statements, in his words, whatever you call it, and also in his belief,

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also in his belief,

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so what kind of learning he was called to do? Why was he called to do?

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Because he always confirmed the Prophet said

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he was true in his Eman, and he always confirmed the profit sort of on us. And when was he given this title Sunday

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after the incident of marriage,

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that just because the prophets are about Islam, saying, therefore I believe in the fact that he went from marriage.

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So severe because first of all, one who is very truthful, and secondly, unquestionably believing meaning he believes without any doubt,

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in his mind, he believes without any doubt, his belief is free of guilt.

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So, what's the duty and those who are truthful? Meaning they are truthful, and they also confirm the truth?

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Who are the speaking?

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So do you clean refers to the most excellent of the companions of a prophet?

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Who are so deeply

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the most excellent meaning the best companions of a prophet?

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Why are they called sitive

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because of their truthfulness, that when they see the truth, they accept it, and also because of their event.

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Also because of their email, because of their affirmation of the truth.

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So under begin was like the thing you wish you had and the martyr is a sugar that is a plural of Shaheed

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and he was the

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one who dies in the way of a loss of hunger. That is how we understand you

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know, why is this your heat called Shaheed?

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It's on the roof after she had that Shahada. What does she have?

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To bear witness to see, to testify?

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So actually, that's called Shaheed. Why, because he sees his reward. When, immediately upon his death.

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Immediately upon his death, he sees his reward as soon as he dies.

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We also learned that actually this country because he reaches the stage of giving up his life after observing the truth of the team, after literally bearing witness to the truth of God,

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this is why he's called Shaheed that he gives Shahada to the truthfulness of the deen and because of that as an evidence for that you will give up his life that the deen is so true that even if it means I have to give up my life, I will give it up. The Deen is so true.

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It's like you know how people do anything to protest or to support something?

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Sometimes it will give a lot of money, sometimes it will go walk from one part of the Earth to the other. Why? in support of something

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so Shaheed is called Shaheed why because he is giving up his life in his confirmation of the truthfulness of the deen.

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So once you had that and the show had that, it is said that you had that reverse to those people who die in the way of Allah soprano data. And secondly, it is said that you had also refers to the ruler,

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the ruler, man, and why are the cultural hair there? Because they bear witness to the truthfulness of the

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back we learned early into the earlier one that Shaheed Allahu Allahu La Ilaha Illa Hua while mela eco wa ilmi call

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that Shaheed Allahu Allah bears witness, that there is no god worthy of worship except him.

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Who else bears witness along with him, the angels and who else will do

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In as well as the people of knowledge, the possessors of knowledge.

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So, as you heard, that has also been understood as scholars, they're older man.

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So we're sure that they will also be in the company of the Shahada.

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And if you look at it, when you read about the righteous people, who do they include, first of all, the prophets, and then you learn about the most excellent companions, like a hobo COVID-19. And then after him, you learn about the scholars. So a person who bears Allah and the messenger, even though he hasn't seen any of these in this life, he will be with them in generosity, Athena will show her the

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wasabi hain and the righteous

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a file again as a part of silence. And who was

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who was one who is righteous? Remember the title is from solar and solar is when something is right and proper when something is correct. When something is good.

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It is said that solar is everything or every person who's secret

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who's battling and who's apparent.

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Who's battling Enza his

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secret, as well as a parent that publicly so the secret side is what is the public side, they are both correct and proper.

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They are both good. They are both virtuous.

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Because many times some people have a good image of righteousness of piety before people.

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But at home, they have a completely different side,

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who is a silent one who's studied who's battling as well as his law here, who's Anania, both our son, both are correct, both are virtues, both are in obedience to a loss of control.

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So such a person is funny.

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So over the side of him, sila hain are all those righteous ones, who are neither of them have been nor other severe thing, nor have the Shahada. So who was lying to him all the other righteous ones, who are neither been nor said they've been no Shahada.

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And now we can also understand Salinas, all of the profits out of the set up all of the Shahada, they're signing, they're righteous, they're virtuous, aren't

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out of the profits. And this is the screen and the Shahada, they fall under the category of signing.

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However, every solid is not going to be every silo is not a city and every silo is not a shape.

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Society hain is a general term used for all the other righteous ones was funny.

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Well, hustler owner he got off your car, and how excellent how excellent ohnaka are those who does would like to refer to then it'd be the significant issue that decide between these Allah says, How excellent are they as Rafiq as companions? Meaning what a good company this can be.

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You read about the prophets, you hear about the scholars, you hear about the Cydia thing about the show there and you wonder how it would be like to speak to them, to talk to them

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to Allah says what an excellent company is this? Don't you want this company? Don't you want this companionship? If you want this companionship then what do you have to do? obey Allah and the messenger.

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Now the word refuge has been used over here.

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And refill is used for a companion and it's a little fetters or fell off riff.

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And riff is to be kind. To be nice to be gentle.

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It is to be kind to be nice to be gentle. It also gives a sense of friendliness.

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mythical is used for a small cushion.

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And the field is someone who can recline on someone who's very comfortable. someone whom you are with, and they don't poke you, they don't irritate you.

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Yeah, sometimes you sit somewhere like on a sofa or something on a chair.

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And what happens the sides or the back, it's uncomfortable, but if you have a question with you, then what happens? It becomes comfortable.

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So raffia is used for a friend who is guiding a friend who is compassionate a friend who is gentle, who is soft with standard, who has good lab, who is not hard, who is not harsh. And the opposite of rift is earnest,

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which is hardness of the heart.

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So I have to note when I got a few, what find companions they are

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what find companions. They are

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So where do we learn from this is

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that a person who obeys Allah and the messenger, it's possible that in this dunya, he becomes alone,

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you follow the command of Allah, you follow this another prophet sallallahu wasallam. And many times, you're left on your own, the friends who you had before, now they're not your friends anymore. It's possible. It happened in Indonesia with many people. And this is something that really scares us from obeying a line a messenger. But what does Allah say, you own that company? Why do you care about that, look at the reward, a person who is aligned the messenger, he will be with these people in general,

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without a comma aladeen. And moreover, he has been understood as that they will be with them, meaning in general, meaning they will benefit by looking at them by being in their company, by meeting them by visiting them. And remember that the ranks in Paradise, obviously the different

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and how does it differ based on what based on the actions of a person based on the level of a person. So now, just imagine the profits are up there, obviously, and maybe we're in a much lower level. So doesn't mean that we're never going to see the prophets let us

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know, Allah says a river would like a mark, that they will be with them, some will be given the reward of actually being with the prophets, let alone a sudden being in the same level. And some will be given the reward of seeing him visiting him.

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You know, there is another thrill of visiting somebody,

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right? When you're just with somebody, then you know, you enjoy their company, but eventually what happens you can use to it. But when you visit someone, there is a different kind of excitement and pleasure. So they will visit them, although the ranks in general will be different.

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We learned that. So Ben, who was the freed slave of the prophets, autoloaders.

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He loved the prophets of Allah some a lot.

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And he used to serve the profits out of Madison, and then he was out of the habit sofa.

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So once the profits are about us, and him saw him, and so when you look very sad, look very sad. And the profits are a lot of them. As you look what makes you sad. What makes you so upset? So he said that, I'm worried that on the day of judgment in the afternoon, you will be up there in Ghana, right now in the dunya, good to see you. I get to serve you, I get to be with you, I get to sit in your company. But what will happen in the engine? That you will be up there in general? How would I get to see you and if I don't see you, I will be so sad.

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So just the thought of not being able to see the profits or a lot of them everyday, made him so sad, so excited. And this I was relieved.

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that although the levels may be different, however, a person who obeys Allah and the messenger, where will he be among the company of these righteous ones?

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So what do we learn from this ayah?

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In this dunya, human beings, people were social. We don't like being alone. We love company, we love friends. So in this linear, it's possible that we're going after somebody to gain their friendship, to gain their company. But that company that friendship might mean that you have to compromise on your team.

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So in this case, don't compromise on your deen. Don't compromise on your obedience to align the messenger. rather look forward to this company that allows peloton is offering you in the app.

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I showed it on his head that I heard the Messenger of Allah subtle. Notice that I'm saying every prophet who falls ill is given the choice between this life and the hereafter. every prophet who falls ill is given the choice between this life and the hereafter. During the illness that preceded his death, his voice became weak. The Prophet sort of Alice's voice has became weak and I heard him saying, Mara, Dina and Amanda who are leaving, Mina Nabina was said the Athena was Shahada was solid.

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So when he said this, I should have been on his head, I knew then, that he was being given the choice that would you like to stay in the dunya? Or would you like to go to Paradise?

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Sometimes, we love this dunya. Why? Because of the people here because of the worldly enjoyment and worldly pleasures over here. But if you think about what is in general, righteous company, righteous people, the profits or losses and wish to go there, he preferred that.

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So again, we need to see that some friends or some pleasure or something

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enjoyment might be taking us away from obedience to Allah and the messenger. And on the other hand, some friendship, some pleasure, some enjoyment might be taking us closer to almost a planet.

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So we have to make a wise decision.

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That's listen to the recitation.

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He knows.

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If you look at the theme of this is, the benefits of obeying Allah and the messenger are being mentioned. What are those benefits?

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First of all, what's the reward?

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If you look at these if that were just recited, what are those benefits? What is the reward of obeying the command of Allah and the messenger unconditionally, no matter what command it is,

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first of all, the kind of hieronder it is better for them. It is something that is going to bring benefit in the dunya as well as the

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Secondly, I showed the test data, it's going to give you steadfastness.

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It's going to help you be stable on your deen.

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Thirdly, I don't know Alina a great reward from Allah subhanaw taala, then he Daya to Serato was the femur.

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And these are the things that we want in this life.

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we want that which is best for us. We want to be steadfast on the team. We want to know that we're really getting rewarded for this effort that we're putting in. And we want to make sure that we're guided on the right path.

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So obedience to a London messenger will ensure goodness benefit in this dunya and India Hello. Such a person will receive the benefit of righteous company, the friendship of righteous company.

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You know, when you read about companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Muslim heroes, Do you ever wonder, do you wish to meet them?

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People watch a movie. And they want to meet the superstars and the celebrities. Whereas in fact, what they're doing is completely fake. There is no reality to it.

00:23:25--> 00:23:31

But when you read about the companions, when you read about the Sahaba, when you read about the scholars, do you have this yearning to meet them?

00:23:32--> 00:23:47

To see them to ask them questions? Because sometimes you wonder, why did they do that? I'd love to know. I'd love to ask, what is it that gave them that confidence? I'd love to know. What would they do in my place? I'd love to know.

00:23:48--> 00:23:50

If you want that company, this is what you need to do.

00:23:51--> 00:23:53

Obey Allah and obey the messenger.

00:23:54--> 00:24:16

Sometimes, in school, people are asked to write about which person from history they would like to meet and give reasons. What would you ask? If you were given the choice? What would you ask? So just an idea like that, that if I were to meet these people, what is it that I'm looking forward in meeting them and being with them

00:24:18--> 00:24:34

and the Hadith and model Omar man I have a person will be with the one whom he loves, in the hereafter. So a person can only be in the company of these people if he loves them. And Indonesia, also person should seek the company of the solid he

00:24:36--> 00:24:41

even uses Edison made a similar drug. They were finding muslimin what a hook and he decided

00:24:43--> 00:24:50

they gave me death in this data, that I'm a Muslim, and then join me with the righteous and the profit sort of honors level, which was also the same

00:24:52--> 00:25:00

vaniqa that they're like over here refers to what they're being with these people.

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those people who will be alone in the messenger, they will be in the company of such and such Allah says that is alpha, the bounty the grace from whom in Allah from Allah.

00:25:12--> 00:25:30

Meaning This is an extra favorite given to them by Allah. Allah could have just put them in gender that's enough. But being in the company of such, this is what an extra favor given to them by Allah. Not something that they have earned. This is an extra favor from Allah

00:25:31--> 00:25:41

work effort and he is sufficient to a sufficient belay. Definitely Allah. Allah is definitely enough as far as our limit nor nor of what

00:25:42--> 00:25:45

No, we're off what they deserve. What he gives them

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in home

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de nella shuhada

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una una