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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Brothers, sisters, Samana Billa.

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Welcome back to another lesson on the life of ibaka acidic or the Allah and who, in the previous one we spoke about Boubacar the alarm embracing Islam and his zeal for Dawa.

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His zeal for saving people from the fire of jahannam and entering them into jhana. So saving them from eternal doom. Today we are going to start off by speaking about a book called The alarm new helping and saving the oppressed people. Now, we did Abu Bakr add, who learned this from in reality abubaker had a natural nice man he was soft hearted, but it was refined who was refined by refined by the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. So when we look into the life of the prophets of Allah, and he was the first revelation descended upon the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was in the cave, and he rushed towards his wife, Khadija rhodiola amha and he said, Zambia, loon is a meluna Cover me

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cover men. She asked him what happened he told her, and then he said Akashi to infc I fear for my life. What did she say she hadn't prepared to talk on his life. It was impromptu. So beautiful. This was his sila, impromptu. So as you said, color will lay it out, you'll see color up at the end like a little pseudo ripe. What below can lower taxable madam, to the end. So she said, By Allah, Allah will never forsake a man like you because why? Because you are the person who reconciles ties, you are the one who carries the burden of people who nobody else wants to carry the teams, the widows, etc, etc. So you are the one who cares for the modern man Doom are those people who are nobodies in

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society, nobody's interested in them. And this was the nature of the province of Lhasa before the boom. And this is where Abu Bakr although he had a very beautiful nature before Islam, but it was refined by the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi Salaam, working on the land along with dates at a very interesting where some of the slaves are walking past Abu Sufyan. Abu Sufyan was a little sneaky. So they said, they said, you know, we can't wait for the sword of Allah to strike the neck of this mushrik.

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Because the these people have been oppressed by the machinery key and he was a leader of the machinery key. thermo Barker was from the crash. He was a foreman. These were slaves. So abubaker although he was a believer at the time, he got to be upset, said How dare you say that about the leader of koresh.

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Now these slaves were upset because they expected boubakeur to defend them because they were going through persecution.

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So the Messenger of Allah heard about this, and the Messenger of Allah, someone, Abubakar and he said to buck up, so Baka, maybe you upset those people, maybe you upset those slaves. And if you have upset them, then you have upset Allah said if they're upset, then Allah is upset.

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I will look at a lot of big aboubaker ran behind them. And he asked them for forgiveness. You see here the process is refining the character. Yes, you're soft hearted But no, these are believers. These are oppressed believers. Yes, abuse of yarn may be from the core, he or she may be the leader. He may be your friend. But remember, these are people who are people of Eman And another occasion, I will work out or the alarm was cursing some of the slaves. So he's cursing them and the Messenger of Allah walks past

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and he sees a boubakeur cursing them and the message of Allah a worker, make your choice. Either you're acidic or your lamb said the either you're acidic or your land your cursor, you cannot be the two.

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Now a worker being Abubakar SeolA says this and he walks away. work or the Alonzo message of Allah may witness I that I have freed all the slaves. I have freedom all look at this. See Subhanallah you make a mistake and they will lie. This is the life of Abu Bakr you will see this when we go through it anytime he made a mistake anytime somebody pointed out to him. Yeah abogado the olana straightaway accepted that he made a mistake is really unique in our welcome of the alarm. And this is why you know it is only a law

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Who is perfect and the Gambia, Allah Subhana. Allah says from any faults and any shortcomings

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as the rest.

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They have their shortcomings. But this is the unique the characteristics of people like abubaker, the sooner they realize that they change, they accept their fault. So Abubakar, the Atlanta says a message of Allah you bear witness that I have freed all the slaves. And this is where the mercy of Allah refine the character of the law. And wherever blocker was known,

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wherever he could save a sleeve, wherever he could buy a believer, he would buy a believer and they will well known, for instance, below

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the Messenger of Allah, Allah, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once went past and below is being persecuted. So he goes to the Sahaba or the Allah and Khomeini says to the Sahaba, he said, who will free Bilal abubaker kanessa. Bach was always the first person to do good things. worker said, Meo messenger of Allah. So he gets up and he gains to be the caliphate. He says to me, he said, free buy me a sell me blog. So he said, Yeah, I'll sell him to you. You're the one who corrupted him in the first place you buy. So he said how much he said, 10 you know, give me 10 coins. You can have

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a look at all the money goes how he brings 10 coins, and he gives it to Amelia and Amelia pushes, beloved to take blood

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and then only he'll begin to laugh.

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So what are the alarm? Who said omiya? What are you laughing for? Is there a book I swear by a life you had haggled with me? and offered me one coin for below? I would have sold for one coin.

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And I've walked out of the Atlanta said, Oh me, I swear by Allah if you had haggle with me and asked me for 100 gold coins for blood, I would have given you 100 gold gold coins. I would have given you 100 gold coin for blood code that is what is worth slave, but in the eyes of Abu Bakar the Allah and oh he was worth

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you know how worthy he was. Imagine

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aboubaker is the greatest man to walk on this earth after the mbls Aslam. Yeah. And Abubakar says regarding Bilal, Bilal CGT. Bilal is my must. He bought bill,

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the free bill.

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And then he saying Bilal is my master. Omar. Allah Allah would say abubaker say you do not want the person or the second greatest man to walk on the face of this earth after the mbls luxman says Abu Bakar is our master and he freed our master recording Bilaal, African descent, slave.

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The Abu Bakr and Omar are saying he is our master. You see how the Messenger of Allah change the society.

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This never happened even in a society today. He showed me one society, I'm not talking about slaves. I'm talking about those who are the lowest cost in society

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in any third world country, that they turn around that the leaders say that this is our master, nobody no matter how low is cost, this is not the level of a slave. The slave is the lowest that you can get. And then Abubakar buys him, freeze him. And he says below is my master La ilaha illAllah. Amara says, Willa is my master or the Allah at home? You know, imagine this.

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He freeze Bilal. And then Bilal becomes a more of the Messenger of Allah.

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And he gives than and every time we give the alarm, the message of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam for Salah.

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And the message of Allah lead to Salah Bilal does the

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the Sunnah of Bilal is revived over a million times in the world today. All over the world, Iran is given wherever you may be. You can go to Australia to Canada from China, in the tip of South America, the son of beloved is revived. The only way Bilal could have given the advan is because Abu Bakar freed him.

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If he hadn't bought him and freed him, Bilal could never give the athon. Therefore, Abu Bakar gets the reward for every Amazon Bilal gave an every summer of the advantage of Bilal which is revived in the world today.

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That's what you call investing in your ARCA. That's what you call doing an action which our lives your existence. That's what you call leaving a legacy bill on himself and Abubakar the alarm. This is what made beloved special. Now what made Bilbao special on what made Abu Bakar special, its characteristics. They made the sacrifice for this Dean when nobody else was ready to make it. That's what made them special.

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abubaker was ready to go out with the dean when nobody was ready. Billa was ready to proclaim Islam he could have easily said the rest of you Allah said that a day will come that Islam will reach all corners of the world. Let me wait for that day. Let me wait for the Muslim to be live and to be the dominant force then I'll come out No, but the reward is when you do make the sacrifice when things are difficult.

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Anybody can make the sacrifice when things are easy.

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In the UK today Masha Allah massagin upon masajid Madonna is upon Madonna This is quite easy now. You ask the elders when there was no machine who made the sacrifice.

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You go to Spain today

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and go to the south of Spain on the loose. You look at the level of Dawa today and you look at people who are making the effort today and you support it. That's a struggle.

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That's the struggle. And there was no bigger struggle than the time of Abubakar and Bella of the Alliance. And this is why they are the cyber Kunal over loom they are the full full goers and that's why they reward is different by Allah subhanho wa Taala and each other later on I will discuss this in more detail inshallah. Another person that he freed was Ahmed bin for Halo. And Armand before Halo was also of Abyssinian descent. He was punished by his master of Boca del bought him freed him and then he became one of the qura one of the most learned out of this habit of the alarm. So what happened is on the fourth year, a group of people came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam,

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and they said messenger of Allah send us a group of people who could teach us Deen in nudged. So the problem is Allah Selim said 70 Sahaba, the Allah Allah who are known as the Pura, they were people who you know knew about the DEA. So this happened in the fourth year of hijo.

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When they reached a place called Viet Romana they were ambushed and killed. Amongst those who was killed was Ahmed bin for Hara lubaina, who was lubaina the painter was a slave girl of Omoro local power on the Alon Omar would beat her until Omar would get tired. Now you can imagine Omar was Omar, they say they say and Omar a stood in a gathering of people, you would know that that was Omar because he was taller than everybody else. Shiva had been to Abdullah says that when Omar would strike, you would know you would feel that strike. So Omar would be third generation mentioned and Omar would get tired and he would say Wait, let me get my breath back and and I will beat you again.

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And she would say one day Allah will guide you La ilaha illa Allah, what kind of guidance Allah subhanho wa Taala gauge on what

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angle? You know, such an enemy of Islam was Omar, that they would say it's more likely that the don't kill a buco hoffa.

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The donkey of Al hubub was his father, the donkey of his father will embrace Islam but Omar won't embrace Islam.

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And then almost embrace Islam. The Nira Zinnia has any rubbish browse both ways. The Nira was a slave girl of Abu Jamal, and he would persecutor and he would beat her until they beat her so badly that she became blind. And then the mushrikeen began to say, see a lot and oza took away your eyesight.

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So she made a dewater last $1 she said, Oh Allah, return on my eyesight because they are taunting me that lot, and I've taken my eyesight. That night she made the Diwan Allah smart Allah restored her eyesight, the verse in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says wacol illa de Naka, Freudian Latina, Manu loca Anna halen, masaba Puna LA.

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Those who disbelieve, say to the believers, if there was any good in this religion, they would not have beaten us to it.

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They said if there was any good in this religion, all these people who are the slaves

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At the untouchables of society would never have beaten us to it, but because the religion is no good, this is why we the leaders, we are not inclined towards it.

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And this is Luca Subhana. Allah how I mentioned to you how go Mia and nationalism racism blocked people from entering the deed of Allah handle in one of the earlier lessons, you see his status, how status because they were the leaders of Christ said how can we sit with beloved? How can we sit with the hubbub How can we sit with somebody in a mud and yes, we are the leaders and these people are nobodies in society. This is what is Carla D Rockefeller Linda Dina amanu loca Anna Hayden, masa de una LA. If there was any good in his religion we the Joe Drees we the sardars we the rasa we The lead is what do we embrace this lamp first and this is this is unique. I tell you what,

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because the prophets Allah Salaam gave these people hope nothing else in society gave these people hope but this Deen gave them hope. And this is why they rushed towards it. Another person, the Nina was actually also she was also of European descent. So she was European descent. And then you had been for a year been for a year was the slave of savoir they may or may have wanted no, Maria was one of the leaders of barrage but he was also the brother of Halliburton elite.

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And then aerations mentioned that they would make this

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for a year lie on hot pebbles below was also made to lie on hot pebbles. The ama assays I saw Bilal lying on these hot pebbles is led by Allah And for those who have been to Saudi in the summer you will know you cannot walk outside barefoot It is impossible. It says by Allah I saw the making Bilal lie on on hot pebbles that if I placed a piece of meat on there, that it would cook the meat.

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And same with a muh*a above Okay, or the same thing that was done he was made to lie on these hot pebbles. And then the narration mentioned that one day there was this little spider walking path.

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So So why didn't omiya said that? Sure, Lord, isn't it that your Allah that you worship? And he said, No, my Allah is the one that created me created you and created the spider. So Abubakar, the olara, also bought Abou faqeer. Then other people who bought was a woman called omiana ace. Another woman is Nadia, and her daughter, Nadia and her daughter, Lady owned them and she would beat them relentlessly. And she would say to them, until you leave this religion, I will carry on beating you abubaker of the unimportant. So So Pamela, Now watch what this shows is the compassionate nature buckle the alarm. See why? Because see, often

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people who are nobodies in society nobody cares about.

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It's easy to help people have status in a society, because you know, you are going to get something back. But when there is a person in society, he was no status at all. Not many people will run run to help them. And this will unique. Not only would you run to help them he would spend from his own wealth. He would give them from his own wealth, and he would buy them one day, his father came to Abu hanifa came to him and he said, Oh my son, look, you are very interested in freeing slaves to no problem we want to free slaves free slaves. But do this

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free slaves who are strong, who can protect you when you need it? Because the mushrikeen are always looking to beat you and attack you. Free slaves who are strong. Now what the Arabs had is that they had this call

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without a tapa without a document that if you freed a person, that person would always have a link with you. He would be indebted to you to the degree that when he died when when he died, you would inherit from him. That's what your link was with that person. So he said, if you want to free free people who are strong, free people who can protect you, I will back up Abu Bakar was Abubakar Walker said oh my god, I don't do it for that reason. I do it for to please Allah panadol and Allah Subhana Allah

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engine in the ground so you didn't double led you tomato yet? Well Molly had an endo we never did, sir. He said Allah says, After Abubakar said this, Allah subhanho wa Taala recall this in the Quran said we will remove the most person with the greatest taqwa God consciousness away from Johanna le UT malo, it is. The only reason he gives his wealth is to be purified.

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And there is no worry that he gives his wealth so that he can get a recompense from and then Allah Subhana dalisay elliptica guajira Bell Allah, Allah sofa Yoruba and then Allah Look Look at this. This is such an amazing verse I tell you why. Firstly, Allah received we will remove him from the fire of Jan Allah give the guarantee. Then a law called

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an APA is the superlative means it is made of the and it has an olive lamb upon it which makes it definite. So Allah is saying that he is the one with the greatest taqwa.

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Then Allah say a lady you know you're the vector, the one who gives you wealth. Only Allah gives the guarantee for the ecological obachan not just in one verse, that Allah is given guarantee, the only reason this man gives his wealth is not to free slaves, so you can have strong slaves with him, No, to become purified.

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And then Allah goes further and he goes again. He said, there is no body that he wants to recompense from. Then Allah goes again to make sure that you understand that I believe we understand who we're talking about, but God Allah says that the only reason he does it is to search the pleasure of his Lord. And then Allah La ilaha illa Allah, right in the end Allah azza wa jal so for your we are his creator, Allah will make sure that he is happy and content with the read competence we give him.

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Could it be a greater virtue than this?

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in Allah give the guarantee for your taqwa Allah gives the guarantee that he will remove you from Allah and three verses mentioned a your class,

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your class, and this is why when the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to aboubaker a worker came and the command came that keep your garments above your ankles, because it could be a sign of the cardboard or it could be a sign of arrogance. He came to the message of allies and also thinner messenger of Allah my charges don't remain around my waist that probably is the last item said no problemo broke up in the cupboards come near you. Yeah, you are you are you don't fall into that category.

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And hey, Allah gives you know the most difficult thing is a class.

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Nobody knows if they have a collage reality.

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But aboubaker of the Allah Allahu Allah gives the guarantee for his excellence. So you see abubaker was made out of two components. Last week we spoke about Abubakar on the olana concern about freeing the give without what Allah subhanho wa Taala saving people from the fire of Jana, and this one we see Abubakar Are they a lot of saving people from punishment, saving more money, not being able to base seeing a person who is a believer who recites La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah being punished a great lesson for us Why? Because today we live in a global village we see the suffering of Muslims day in day out.

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And the life of Baccarat the alarm should inspire us that we have a concern at least an iota of the concern that Abubakar as a leader of the Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala elevate the status of abubaker Sadiq or the Allah Allah, Allah Subhana Allah give us a trophy to follow his precepts. bordatella leikam salam aleikum wa rahmatullah zakka mala heydon for watching, and please do not forget to watch the next episode, and inshallah when you're GWAS they will be plenty more history series coming very soon. barakallahu ecom salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah