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An-Nisa 26-35 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 33

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under the name of the ship ideology Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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lesson number 57 sola tunisair number 33.

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What do you call in john Nirmalya? memento? Okay, well he then well

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and for all meaning for all men and women, for every single person, Geronimo whadya we have made ears for him.

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For what? metaphorical Well, he then will occur a bone of what is left behind by the parents and the close relatives. What are you calling Jana and Jana? We overhear refers to Allah subhanaw taala

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What does it mean by this, that Allah subhana wa tada has fixed, he has said, he has appointed for every single person morality and these morality, what do they do? They inherit these heirs, they inherit, what do they inherit? mathematical Well, he then was accountable of that which the parents and the relatives they leave behind.

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The word mo le is the plural of molar from the root fetters well, lamb Yeah.

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And what that means to be close,

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it is when two or more things come one after the other without any third thing or without any different thing between them. Like for instance, you have students from the same class coming one after the other. And between any of them there isn't a student from any other class. So, it is when two or more things which are of the same type, they come right behind one another. So what is the true similarity as well as closeness, that there is nothing coming in between?

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So this is the literal meaning of the word winner and from the sword what is used for friendship. And the word Mona, which is the singular of modality has several meanings in the Arabic language.

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First of all, the word Mona is used for announcing helper, like we learned in the Quran for in Allah Who am Ola, who, then indeed a las panatela He is the molar of the profit side of London said what do you believe? And you breed also, and also the righteous believers. So what's the meaning of molar first of all nasally helper?

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Secondly, the word molar is also used for a close intimate friend.

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It is also used for a close intimate friend.

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Like for instance, we learned Nirmal Mola when you leave a las pantherella Nirmal Mona when you're asleep, if over there Mola, Magnus leave or nasally then Nestle would not come separately. So what does Moeller mean?

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Also a close friend.

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So, first of all, what does it mean helper? Secondly, what does it mean? Friend?

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Thirdly, the word molar is also used for more

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from it kind of

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and more, is one who freeze a slave, the emancipator of a slave.

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Why? Because remember, I mentioned to you earlier, the three dies off inheritance. One of them was NASA, another was marriage, and the other was one that

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so from the word Weiner, the word Mola is used for Mercury, meaning the emancipator of the slave.

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Fourthly, the word Mola is also used for it. And it was, I think, the freed slave. It's also used for the freed slave of a person. Like for instance, we learned that in the modal Tony Minho, that indeed, the freed slave our people, is of the people, meaning he belongs to the same people. Even though he has been freed. He will belong to the same family in the sense that he has a relationship with them. Which is why if the freed slave he dies, and he doesn't leave behind any relatives who inherits from him, his ex Master, right, so in the moment, pomi main home

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and also we learned about several companions or tiberian, who were the slaves of the companions, and we know that they had the name of Mola, so and so

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then the word Mola is also used for a manager or a leader with a one nil move, meaning the one who takes charge of all the affairs,

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the one who takes charge of all the affairs, the one who manages all the affairs of

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So a manager a leader, a Malik was the meat leader. Basically the meaning changes depending on in what context the Mola is being used. Okay.

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So, over here, the word mo le What does it mean? As you know, there are several meanings of the word Mola in the Arabic language. What does it mean over here?

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Over here Mola is being used for an heir.

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Why? Because as I mentioned to you one of the meanings of Mola is with a one or more one who manages the affairs of someone.

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So once a person dies, he leaves behind his estate, he leaves behind his children, he leaves behind his house, his family, his work, correct. So who manages all of that after he's gone? The Heirs?

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So over here, Murali. What does it mean? Is

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so for every single person, Allah subhanaw taala has appointed heirs and these heirs these millennia what do they do? They inherit his well.

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They inherit his well. And they are from among the asaba, the close relatives, so on and so forth, as we learned earlier

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mimma from what Donal Cal Wiley Daniel accruable what is left by the Wiley den and the close relatives. Now this part of the eye has been understood in two ways. First of all, it has been understood that for each person meaningly Colin, we have made Mohali, who are the Medallia errs, and these heirs, what do they do? They inherit what has been left behind what has been left behind by who?

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The parents and the relatives. So these heirs, they inherit what has been left by the close relatives as well as the parents.

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Secondly, what this means is that for each person, we have made my family meaning heirs for what, for what this person has left behind.

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For what each person has left behind me matter, aka, and then you pause, who are these moheli? And while he then and

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in first meaning the why that an acrobat? They're the ones who are leaving behind the estate. And the second mean the why then are the heirs of the person who has died?

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So it means the same thing? If you think of it, this depends on how you look at it.

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And these close relatives are who who does the baboon include?

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The parents, the children, the spouse and in some cases, the siblings and in their absence, what are you going to do?

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A club, a club, a club?

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That depending on who the closest relative is, he or she will inherit.

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So what does it mean by this part of the idea

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that Allah subhanaw taala has fixed the shares. And he has also fixed the is

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the shares as well as the IRS. They're fixed by who by last panel data Jilin.

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And remember when the word john is used for a loss pensado gives us two meanings.

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That first of all, Jana, that he has made something in the county sense. Like, for example, when a lot of plans are said to be angels in New Jersey to fill out the halifa I'm going to make in the earth a halifa. What does it mean by Jana? Meaning I'm going to create in the county sense.

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And secondly, the shutter essense like over here, that in law, he has appointed in law he has fixed in the Sharia that Allah Subhana Allah has given he has fixed the shares of every single heir. And these heirs are who either parents or close relatives. They're not friends or they're not other people. Who are they? the relatives of a person

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that was planted it says one Medina and those people who are cadet Amer nukem, your right hands died.

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A man is a thorough enough You mean and the word you mean is used for hand. But it's also used for an oath, a pledge

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and accurate from ironclad then, literally means to tie a knot.

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And I'll call that a manucho. What does it mean by this, that your right hands have died, meaning whatever promises, whatever contracts, whatever pledges that you have made,

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As the Arabs, what they will do is that when they would make a contract, what would they do? They would either shake their hands or they would put their hands on top of each other.

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Like, for example, the barrel of the one, what happened over there,

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out of this habit, they had their hands one on top of the other, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he put in his hand for whose

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first manual

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So when Medina after that a monocle meaning those people with whom you have made allies, with whom you have made pledges,

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remember I mentioned to you earlier that up until the law of inheritance was given to the Muslims, what was prevalent in that society

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that if a person died, who would come and take all of his wealth, the leaf

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remember the Hollywood come and take as well. So over here a lot, Pankaj says that those people with whom you have made ties, meaning with whom you have made some pledge with whom you have made some allies, these people for whom mostly bond then give them their share.

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What is the share of these people?

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It is said that earlier, meaning at the beginning, the share of these people was one sixth. Initially,

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it wasn't asleep, because all of a sudden a family didn't get anything. That was something very difficult.

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And remember all of the commands that were given gradually, one after the other.

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So initially, their share was one six, but later on this ayah was abrogated by the I off me loss.

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This ayah was abrogated by the IRF muralist in which no share was given to who to the leaf.

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But does it mean that somebody with whom you have really good friendship with very close ties with they're not your relatives, they don't inherit anything. Or just imagine them would have been the adopted son, they have lived with you all your life, there is no relationship meaning there's no kinship, similar, there was no law. So for them even no kind of share. So what do we learn that what's there and asleep then that a person can do with CF for them?

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So then how do we understand mostly by whom their share

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their share refers to the maximum one third, that a person can do will see it in their favor?

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So there's basically two ways of looking at this it First of all, if you take the pain into this is abrogated, how do you understand this? By the eye of neurons? And secondly, even if it is abrogated, what do you understand by Nestle?

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That Nestle was what the friend what the hell leaf left behind, as we'll see, which is maximum up to one third.

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This part of the eye has also been interested in another way

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that when the dinar aka that a mannequin, it doesn't refer to the Holy Father Hanif or the Moto Banda,

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but rather it refers to the whole world. The Brotherhood that was established between who the more hygiene and the unserved

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even our best for that are who said that one dental hygiene came to Medina, the mohajir would inherit from the I'm sorry, the Mohammed he would inherit from the unsightly because of the bond of brotherhood which the profits are no longer is established between them. But this was later abrogated by other parts of the plan as well.

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So one was by the eye of Murata and also from other parts of the Koran as well this was abrogated

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that what will our hammy baboon owner develop that the close relatives, they are more deserving, they're more likely.

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So when Medina opposite a man who come to homeless leave a home, so give them their shame.

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Others have said that one Latina aka that a man who can what it refers to is the women, meaning the wife of a person.

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Because these women as well, a person has made an act, right? It's awkward to nikka nica

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so for these women, give them their share.

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Because up until now, the women were not given their shares.

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So give them their share for our to one nurse leave him in the Lucha Cana. It couldn't be Shay in shahida. Indeed, Allah is Ever over everything a witness, meaning he witnesses everything, including including what the division of the estate and the distribution of the shares that is a worthy heir is he given his shares

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are not in the Larkana on our condition shader.

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And this is a warning that has been given to people what warning

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that you better give everybody their desert insurance.

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So what do we learn from this is that first of all, Allah subhanaw taala has fixed the heirs and he has also fixed the shares. So we do not have the authority to change the law of Allah.

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Because Luckily, there Allah, Allah has appointed

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and therefore, anybody's estate should be divided according to what according to the law that Allah has given, not according to our culture, that just because the oldest son is the one who has done the most Therefore, he would inherit everything and the daughters, they are living in somebody else's house now, so why should they deserve no, Allah has fixed the shares. Therefore, we cannot alter the love of loss.

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And also we learned from this ayah that if a person has done was in favor of a friend, in favor of someone who was not an heir, then what should be done, what should be done?

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that bortion should be given, because sometimes the disease before he dies, what does he do? He specifies it so until my property should be given to such and such person or such and such must either so and so cause and what happens what do the relatives do afterwards? The height that will

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the height that was the pretenders if it doesn't exist?

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What does Allah say?

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For Add to Home nusseibeh home, give them their share.

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And also we learn from this I about the obligation of fulfilling promises. That if a promise has been made, if our CI is given, if Allah subhanaw taala has laid a responsibility, and if a person does not fulfill that promise does not carry out that responsibility, then what should you remember that Allah is a witness over my actions in the volcana Allah condition in shahida