Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-010D Tafsir Al-Baqarah 53-59

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Bible is used to teach the church not to worship idols and to not worship the beast. The church's actions cause harm and negative consequences, including negative consequences of their actions. The importance of mental well being and forgiveness is emphasized, along with the need for forgiveness and blessings. The history and context of Islam are discussed, including the implementation of Islam laws and the use of animals as symbols of Islam. The segment emphasizes the importance of not seeking revenge on negative media and reflecting on one's personal and political struggles.
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What is tainer Musa al Kitab Al Furqan. And recall when we gave Musa alayhis salam, the book, the Scripture and the criterion. So the book is the Torah. And criterion, like I mentioned earlier, is the characteristic of this book, right? The teachings of the book, clarify to the Bani Israel, what is right and what is wrong, and it gave them a standard by which they would be able to discern truth from falsehood. Lauren Lacan data don't, perhaps you would be guided. Now they were in desperate need of guidance, any if they did not realize that they should not worship idols, that they should worship only Allah subhanaw taala. And he clearly these people needed guidance. So in the Bible, it

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has mentioned about how when the Israelites were saved, and the people of Pharaoh were destroyed in Exodus 20, the 10 commandments basically are listed, right? And the 10 commandments begin with the words and God spoke all these words, I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, You shall have no other god. Besides me, any, this is the first commandment. And before the commandment is given, they're reminded, realize who these commands are from these commands are from your Lord, who saved you. Okay, who was actually your real God? And so what's the first thing you should know that you should not worship anyone besides Allah, and then other

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commands are given. So the reason why the scripture was given the reason why these commandments were given, were for the purpose of guidance, law and law contact at home. So this shows us that the purpose of Scripture is guidance. Without scripture, there is no guidance. And this teaches us the importance of the Quran as well and indirectly, the Bani Israel are being told that look, you need the Book for guidance. And the book that you have right now, you know that it's been distorted, you know, that the instructions are not clear in it, you know, that certain things are extremely difficult. You know, that in certain things, there is ambiguity. So you need a book, and Allah has

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sent this book for your guidance, just as Allah gave the book to Musa alayhis salam for the guidance of Bani Israel at that time. So remember that the fact that Allah subhanaw taala has sent books, this is a huge blessing of Allah upon mankind. The Scripture is not meant to be a burden. The Scripture is meant to be a blessing, especially the Quran. What if kala Musa likoma He and recall when Musa alayhis salam said to his people, now this is a description of how they were pardoned after they worship the calf. So most artists and I'm returned, okay, from the MT after the 40 days. And when he returned, in surah Taha, we learned about how he was extremely angry how the burner, a

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Sefa extremely angry and he was very, very sad as well, very upset. And Allah subhanaw taala had already informed him that this is what your people have done. And samedi is the one who made the calf. So Musa alayhis salam came and you know, Allah subhanaw taala, gave Musa alayhis salam, the tow rod, the initial teachings, the commandments that were given on Allah on tablets, meaning was our listener was given those tablets, the written scripture was given to him put on was revealed to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, orally, right Gibreel would come in, recite that to the Prophet salallahu earnings, the Torah, the commandments, they were actually given in a written form. And we

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learned that Allah wrote that himself or Zoa gel. So Musa alayhis salam returned, carrying the Allah carrying the tablets, such a huge gift, all right, and as he came, he was extremely angry and he was very upset. And immediately he came to Harun Ernie salaam, he grabbed him by his head and by his beard, and he began dragging him and he's like, bit summer in here. What a terrible thing you did, or how terribly you lead people in my absence. And how rune early his sternum. He said to musante, salaam Yamuna, that all son of my mother do not do this to me. I stopped the people but they were at the verge of killing me. So Musa alayhis salam then left Haroon early sent him and he went to his

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people. And here we see he said to them, yeah Comey in the Cumberland and full circle that oh my people indeed you have wronged yourselves. You have wronged yourself

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olbs How the HA the Komodo original by you're taking of the cat for worship. So remember that when we do something wrong, okay, when we disobey Allah subhanaw taala a person might feel like you know, I don't care about God somehow harming God, no way. People can never ever harm Allah subhanaw taala. Okay, when we do wrong, we actually wrong ourselves, we harm ourselves. Why? Because sins have consequences. We are the ones who will suffer the consequences of our own sins in this life, and in the next life. Allah subhanaw taala will not be harmed at all. Now person might wonder, well, if they worship the calf, how exactly were the harming themselves? Well, they were worshiping something

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they made with their own hands. They were not realizing the favor of Allah upon them. And what foolishness is this? And what great harm is this, basically, that a person does not even realize the favor of the benefactor of the one who has blessed him. Any we know how important gratitude is, for our mental well being, and how important mental wellbeing is for our overall well being. So when they were not exercising the right gratitude, the right kind of gratitude, they were harming themselves essentially. And you know, a person might say, well, you know, what, it doesn't really matter. Absolutely, it matters. When people are disconnected from Allah subhanaw taala, then there

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is this void in the heart that cannot be filled by anything else. And we see this, that no matter how much we advance as a people, when people are disconnected from Allah, subhanaw taala, then nothing of this world can bring them satisfaction. And nothing of this world is enough to tame people 10 People literally, because look at the injustices that people are committing today. Any there was a time, you know, when we read about genocides, and you know, people would say, never again, okay, never again. But guess what it's happening right now, in so many parts of the world where people are being killed. There's, you know, literal ethnic cleansing in not just one part of

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the world, different parts of the world. So this is what our technological advancement has brought us know, this is the result of what this is the result of being disconnected from Allah subhanaw taala. So in a column two and full circle, you have wronged yourself, which is why when we do something wrong, when we commit a sin, we say, probably in your column tune up, see, Oh, my Lord, I have wronged myself, so you forgive me. And when we seek forgiveness from Allah, you know, the word Milford is actually used for a helmet. A helmet is meant to protect you. And just like that, the forgiveness of Allah protects us, because when we commit sin, we put ourselves in danger. So he said

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in the Cumberland I'm Tom and fossa calm with the HA the common origina. So you need to make Toba for tubal Isla, buddy Ico and Tober remember, has many conditions, or rather many components. The first part of Toba is regret remorse that you realize you have done something wrong and you feel bad about it. There's guilt. Okay, there's realization and guilt. The next component of Toba is that a person seeks forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. All right, that yeah, Allah forgive me. But that is not enough. Because sometimes there are certain you know, crimes or sins where other people have been harmed. So Toba includes seeking forgiveness from them as well. And like I mentioned earlier,

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Toba also includes making amends that you right the wrong the wrong that you did now you correct it and you fix it. And sometimes that means going through the punishment, because that punishment will be a means of purification. So for tubal Isla berry calm, and remember that Tobin literally used to turn back so you've taken the wrong exit, you're on the wrong track, you need to turn back you need to go back to how you were before you need to leave this way. You need to leave the sin. So for Tubu Isla buddy calm and what is the punishment, faculty Lu and Fusa, calm kill yourselves Valley compiled on the corner in the very econ that is best for you while in the sight of your Creator.

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This punishment is necessary. Okay. Now in the Bible in the book of Exodus, chapter 32. It has mentioned that Moses said to the Bani Israel that this is what the Lord the God of Israel says, each man strap a sword to his side. So on the thigh on the leg, strap a sword, and then go back and forth through the camp from one end to the other. So you understand what's happening. People are standing on different sides. Each person has a sword tied to his thigh.

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And what's happening now, people are going, you know, across to the other side, back and forth. And what's happening now, basically, people are killing each other, each killing his brother and friend and neighbor. Allahu Akbar. So in the next verse in the Bible, it says, The Levites did as Moses commanded, and that day about 3000 of the people died. So fuck to do Infocomm 3000 of the people. Now, some orlimar say what happened is that remember, they were 12 tribes of Bani Israel, right? So each tribe had to carry out this punishment, meaning the sinful among them, those who worshipped the calf among them, they had to do this. Okay, where they went back and forth like this, killing each

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other. All right. And it was only people of the same tribe that, you know, members of the tribe, you know, they killed each other. It was not that people of one tribe killed people of another tribe, because if that happened, then that would create animosity among the Bani Israel. So this is one interpretation that the sinners among them, they had to do this. Others say that what happened is that from each tribe, the people who did not worship the calf had to kill the people who worshipped the calf. Okay. And some say that what this means is that they had to kill themselves. Allahu Arlin. What exactly happened? The main thing is that the people who worship the calf were killed. And based

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on this, the ruler must say that the Mosaic law basically is that the punishment for schicke is what death

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the punishment for apostasy is death. And this is not just mentioned in this part of the Bible. It's also mentioned in other parts of the Bible as well in the first testament. So fucka Tulou and full circle Valley come hydro Lakota in the valley eco. Now when you read this, any shook is what they openly committed shit. They worship the calf. This shows us what a serious crime Schick is associating partners with Allah is in the shitcan alumina Aleem, it is the greatest sin. So fucka true and fossa calm, Valley calm, highroller calm are in the very comfort harbor Aleikum when they carried out this punishment, then the repentance was accepted. So in verse 29, of Exodus 32, it

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says, Then Moses said, you have been set apart to the Lord today for you or against your own sons and brothers, and he has blessed you this day. So now your repentance has been accepted.

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So in the first interpretation, the innocent ones, they also part of it, okay, so it could be either just the guilty ones, or the entire tribe, innocent and guilty, or just the innocent killing the guilty Allah who are them, regardless, any The main thing is that the punishment was very severe. And in some reports, it is said that when they began killing one another like this, most artists that I'm called upon Allah, He said, Lord, the tribe of Israel is going to be annihilated, they're going to be finished. And if they continue, going back and forth like this, with swords, on their thighs, any none of them is going to remain. If all of the tribes had to do this, none of them is

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going to remain. So when Musar isn't called upon Allah, then Allah subhanaw taala bestowed His Mercy upon them and pardoned the ones who were still alive and those who were killed, then this punishment became a source of purification for them. And remember, that any legal punishment, okay in the shed era, any legal punishment, for which basically is death. Like for example, in the case of murder, deliberate murder, the punishment is death, that punishment is actually a means of purification, which means that the person will come on the day of judgment as innocent, any on the day of judgment, He will not be punished, okay, unless in the heart was no remorse and no guilt. Because

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there are people who are like that they never confess, they never admit guilt, they never show any remorse. So even if they're killed in the world, they're given the greatest punishment, that punishment is not going to be a means of purification for them. Stop it Allah, what is called tomyam Musa. Now imagine this happened. Now they have the toll rods, okay, they have the Allah, the written scripture, you know, it's written on the tablets, there's physical proof. All right, a gift from Allah, written by Allah azza wa jal, and what happened when Musa alayhis salam presents the teachings to them gives them the 10 commandments. What was their response? What is it called to me

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or Musa la nuit Milaca. They said to Masada salaam, we

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I'll never believe you. We're never going to believe this is from Allah. We're never going to believe that, you know, Allah spoke to you and you got these from Allah. We're never going to believe anything we're not going to listen to you had done or Allah hija Hara until we see Allah outright. Now who is saying this? These are basically people who did not worship the calf? Okay, or people who were pardoned. All right, they are saying this to Musashi, he said, that we're not going to listen to you until we see Allah, any what kind of a demand is this? This is basically expressing denial and great doubt and skepticism that we don't trust you. You say this is from God? Well, we

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want to see God. So when they said this for 100, commissar you're called to untangle alone, they were punished. So yes, you are chosen people. Allah has favored you a great deal bestowed many blessings upon you. But stop taking things for granted. And wake up and realize that you cannot keep on saying whatever you want and doing whatever you want, there is going to be consequences. So the Bani Israel are now being reminded that look, yes, Allah has favored you a great deal. But realize that there's consequences to what you do, you do not have a free pass. And do not think that you have a free pass today. And you can go on committing any crime and you can justify it by saying, you

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know, this is we are God's chosen people. This is the promised land to us, so we can do whatever we want. No, you do not have a free pass. Look at your own history. When you said something that was wrong. God disapproved of it for Alhadeff como Sarika the Thunderbolt struck you were unknown tons alone while you were looking on because there's this wrong concept among people you know, when they have the sense of privilege that you know, we are the chosen people, and even many Muslims have this idea that we can do whatever we want. No, you cannot. There's consequences to what you do some my birth knuckle mimbar the multicam Lila conditio Quran Then We revived you after your death that

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perhaps you would be grateful. So basically what happened from another place in the Quran we learned about how Musa Ali Sinha when the Bani Israel expressed their wish that we also want to witness this meeting of yours with Allah Musa and he said, I'm took 70 People from the Bani Israel, okay to mount toad. And why so that they would witness you know, the conversation or they would witness the blessing of Allah upon them. And Allah subhanaw taala would, you know, give more teachings to Musa alayhis salam basically be 70 people were honored that you come in and witness this revelation, when they were taken and the 70 people are who they have been chosen walked out on Musa we learned most

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of our lessons selected the best. And these people, you know, either the innocent who did not worship the calf, or they were, you know, people who had been pardoned. Right, they were spared. So when they came, they said to Musa alayhis salam, that no, no, first you show Allah to us, we have to see Allah with our own eyes in front of us. Jehovah can outright openly overtly we want to see a love right before us. And then we will believe that yes, this conversation is happening between you and God. He so much entitlement, right and arrogance. And this is what happens with many people, that the more good you are to them, the more entitled they feel, no gratitude, no cooperation, no

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humility. So they were killed, lightning fell, they all died. And then we learn how Musa alayhis salam made dua to Allah. Right, he prayed, and then those people were revived. Now imagine what a huge lesson this would be for them, that we made a demand that was not appropriate. And we literally died and now we have been brought back to life. We better be humble, we better be cooperative, we better be obedient, but their actions did not change as we will learn later on that they only got worse with time. Lauren McIntosh Quran, when Allah bestows a blessing upon us, this is so that we express sugar, we do sugar, we at least feel gratitude in the heart. And yes, we should express it

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and we should also exercise it. Now what happened? Well, Elena, I Lake Como la marina, they were in the desert, right? When they left Egypt across the sea, for their own drowned. They entered into the open desert, and Musar Islam then went for 40 Nights, came back and then again those 70 people were taken back and forth. Basically, now they're in the desert, and they're given the teachings they're supposed to observe the law, but people are people human beings have certain needs, right? So Allah subhanaw taala this

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toward his special blessings upon them and what were they first of all Allah subhanaw taala shaded them with clouds. Okay, clouds that would be like a veil in the sky to protect them from the harsh heat of the sun. Because in the desert there is nothing that will provide you shade and they were not just a few people. There were an entire nation bunny sloth you so will Ilona la Kamala Hama what and Zelner la como el mundo a silhouette and we sent down to you man and Salwa Okay, now men if you look at the word man in Arabic man is favor, huge favor. Okay? Favorite that is bestowed upon you know someone from someone who is above them greater than them. So min essentially is what food that

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was given to them as a complete favor from Allah subhanaw taala and they did not have to undergo any hardship to obtain it. Anything about it when you enjoy good food, even if you have not prepared it yourself, there's some effort that you have put in right even if you do skip the dishes, Uber Eats whatever you know, you have paid for it. You had to go to the door to collect it. You have to open up the packaging, wash your hands a few times and then you eat it. There's some level of effort and especially if you are growing the food yourself harvesting it yourself preparing it yourself there is more effort. This food was sent to them from above already prepared, already cooked. Okay. They

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didn't have to undergo any hardship to obtain it. They just have to eat it, pick it up and eat it that's it. So what is mine and what is Salwa? It is said that man is do okay, which would basically in the Bible that is mentioned or how it was given to them in the morning there was a layer of do around the camp, okay, and it would turn into something sweet you know crystal like that they could eat Okay, in a hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that I'll come a terminal men that truffles so basically kind of mushroom are men and it's juice is the medicine for the eyes. This is a Hadith in Sahih Muslim so it's a kind of mushroom a desert truffle. So Allah

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Arlen perhaps the do caused, you know this plant to grow and they could just pick it up and eat it. Not necessarily sweet. Okay. And some have said that yes, mon was sweet gum or honey like substance or sweet drink. Okay, so there's different interpretations of what mon was exactly. And then Salwa is quails. Okay kind of bird. So meat as well, bird meat. Okay. So in Exodus 16, verse four, it says that the Lord said to Moses, I will rain down bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day. In this way, I will test them and see whether they will follow my instructions. Because you see the Bani Israel are now going to be given more instructions

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to follow. This is how you worship Allah. This is what you do. On this day, you do not do anything on Sabbath day, for example, right? These are purity laws. These are laws related to marriage. These are laws related to death. These are laws related to inheritance, they were going to be given an entire law. So they were being prepared for that law to carry that law to follow that law. And how are they prepared through this test? That you're going to get this food and you will only take what is enough for you Don't be greedy and don't take extra Okay, so what did they do? They took extra they took extra they did not listen to the clear instructions that were given they were told

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Kouwenhoven play you back tomatoes are gonna come Eat of the good things we have provided you but then they did not follow the instructions were mela Munna and we did not wrong them. Well, I can cancel and Fusa homeopathy moon, but there were only wronging themselves. So how did the wrong themselves first of all by not following the instructions that were given related to MN and Salwa and secondly, they also did Gollum in another way. We will learn later on that how they said, We're tired of eating months and why basically, we want to eat other things. Okay, we're tired, we're bored of this. We want to eat other things. So they expressed extreme ingratitude, they were not

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content with heavenly food, they wanted earthly food. So their ingratitude essentially harmed themselves. Okay. So when we show in gratitude when we disobey the commands, even which are related to food, you know, dietary laws, we are harming ourselves. disobedience to Allah is basically a person harming themselves and this is a theme

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Now that we have been seeing in these verses, what if Khaled who had the hill Korea and recall when we said enter the city, remember Oh, Korea, I mentioned to you it's a population and inhabited city. So Musa alayhis salam, there's two ways of understanding this. Okay. One way of understanding this is that in the lifetime of most artists Anam, you know the Bani Israel expressed their boredom basically, of eating one and salsa. So they asked for earthly food. So most artists that I'm told them go to a city or the whole Loomis run for in Nila comesa ultim. And there you can get whatever you want, whatever you have asked for. So before entering that city, okay, whatever that city was,

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doesn't matter. There was some population around that area. And remember, this is fertile crescent. Okay, so there's definitely different populations around this area. So they were told, enter the city and yes, you can eat up the different things over there. But remember, when you enter, enter with humility, make such the seek forgiveness from Allah, and we will forgive you. And Allah will give even more to those who do good. So now they were being transitioned from heavenly food to earthly food. Okay, and these were the instructions that they were given. But as we learned in the next idea, they completely disregarded that they showed even more arrogance, and even more

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entitlement, and even more ingratitude. Another interpretation of this is that Musar s&m was supposed to take the money slot you back to Palestine. That was their home. And in the Bible, it's mentioned very clearly about how Allah subhanaw taala promised that land to Ibrahim Ali Salaam and his descendants and the Bani Israel were the descendants of Ibrahim Ali Sana. So Musa alayhis salam came with them to the entrance of Canaan. And he told them enter the city in this manner. And they said no way. And this has mentioned in the Quran about how they said that, you know, there are people in there we are afraid of them. So you and your Lord go and fight we're sitting right here.

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So Musa alayhis salam, now he had had enough of Bani Israel. So he asked Allah that separate me from these people, I cannot deal with them anymore. So Mossad is salaam passed away them. And eventually 40 years after Musala sunnah. You share it by noon, early his Salam, another prophet of Allah, and you shall early his syndrome. He was the Fatah, the young boy who was with Musashi Sena when moosari Sanam went to meet him. In South Africa have we learned that story? So anyway, you share Joshua in the Bible, He is the one who led them to enter canon right which is basically known as the Battle of Jericho. So this is talking about the conquest, okay. And they were given clear instructions after

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the conquest, this is how we enter the city, okay, with humility, with gratitude, and we seek forgiveness from Allah at the same time, okay. But they did not enter the city with humility. This is how they entered the city with arrogance and pride and a sense of entitlement and greed. This is how they entered the city. So, they were told what the whole Baba suggestion. Now literally, this can mean you know, make such the, as you enter, so stop at some point, make such that and then carry on walking. Or this can mean enter the city while your head is low. You know, as if you're doing such though, like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When he entered Makkah, his head was so

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low that His beard was touching a part of the saddle. So they were told to enter with humility, and they were told that you should be saying HIPAA, now, HIPAA literally helped is to fall down. Okay? So HIPAA is an expression which means healthy another nobuna that remove our sins from us cause our sins to fall down from us. Okay, relieve us of our burdens. So basically, HIPAA means forgiveness. This is similar to how we say hope. Ronak right. We don't say is a fiddly we're saying Hofer Annika who flaunt means forgiveness. So when you really desperate for something, you don't say an entire sentence, you just say the main word. Like you want water, you're not going to say May I please have

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water? It doesn't say water, water, right? You're desperate for water. So that's what you're gonna see. So like that they're told, say HIPAA, and we will forgive you your sins, and we shall give increased to those who do good. So those who do it or sand those who follow these instructions properly, then Allah will give them even more, more reward, more opportunity to do good more increase in righteousness, more blessings. But what did they do? Forbidden and loving Allah Allah mu colon Hydra love Euclid, Allah

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They change the word those who wrong change those words to a statement other than that which had been set to them, what did they say? I mentioned to you earlier, they said the word hinter. And what does hindpaw mean? hindpaw means grain. Okay, seed, it means Hubbardton fish out any basically grain, they changed the word, mocking the Word of God, mocking the instructions that were given a StuffIt allah and You know, it shows their sense of entitlement that we can do whatever we want, we can say whatever we want, and something that is clear even today that how people will make claims that this is our Promised Land, and okay, fine, but that doesn't mean that you can commit in

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justices and great atrocities in taking that land and entering that land. And it doesn't mean that you can, you know, ridicule people's religion and you know, express so much hatred. So, for better a Lenovo, they change the word of boyhood edital de la hora, and who narrative that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the bunny is sloth you were told, enter the gate prostrating and say relieve us of our burdens, your mistakes will be forgiven, but they altered it, they change the word and as they entered, they entered sliding on their buttocks any instead of doing such the How did they enter as if they were sitting on the ground and sliding forward a StuffIt Allah and he

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complete ridicule saying him or habitant V Shara which is a grain of barley.

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No respect for Allah, no regard for the favors of Allah. No humility, no sense of gratitude. May Allah forgive us. Any, we can talk about people. And remember that these verses yes, they're mentioning an incident of the past. But there's a lesson in this for us. And we need to reflect on our lives as well. That when Allah grants us different blessings, different favors, how do we respond? How do we celebrate? And we think about it, any blessing we want to celebrate? How do we celebrate by disobeying Allah, any a wedding, for example, is such a huge blessing, a marriage such a huge blessing Nikka but then at that wedding, what's happening? So many commands of Allah are

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being violated?

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So many, I'm not saying every wedding is like that. But in many parties, whatever the occasion is, we witnessed this, that instead of being loyal to Allah, we become disobedient to Allah. So there is consequences to such behavior. For Ansel now Allah leadin Allah Allah moonridge is Amina sama EV McCann, we have sukoon so we sent down upon those who wronged a punishment from the sky because they were defiantly disobedient. So I decided that this was some kind of plague, some kind of disease that spread among them, they suffered a great deal. And again, a consequence like this is not because, you know, when people take penalize each other, you know, there's a sense of taking revenge

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and I want to express my hatred to you, I want to express that I don't care and I'm angry to you. When Allah subhanaw taala punishes a slave in the world, that is not just to express his wrath. And yes, Allah subhanaw taala does express His wrath, right, which is why we seek refuge in Allah. Allah in the Ruby, the law come in socket like that, Oh Allah, they seek refuge in your favor in your approval against your anger. But remember that the purpose is to wake us up as well, to make us realize what we're doing. So this is why in any difficulty that has come upon us, we need to introspect. We need to turn back to Allah we need to seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala.

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That doesn't mean that we despair and we begin to hate ourselves. No, it means that we realize our need of Allah subhanaw taala and we express our humility before Allah, and we beg him for our shortcomings. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all real gratitude. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from being ungrateful to him. And may Allah subhanaw taala bring ease to Muslims all over the world. And may Allah subhanaw taala rescue us and our brothers and sisters from the difficulties that we are in whether it is in our personal lives or in our political social lives, at a structural level, whatever difficulty we are in May Allah protect us and may Allah rescue us the way that he

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rescued the Bani Israel eel May Allah open up the ways just as you parted the sea for the bunnies right here. I mean, Inshallah, we will conclude over here so

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Panic Allahumma will be handling a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta a stock Furukawa to buoy lake was salam or aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato

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