Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2021 – Verses of Hope and Healing #5 – Shaytaans Plot

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of shaytan protection is discussed, along with the need to be aware of it to protect from it and following guidance. The healing process is emphasized, and the importance of not being fearful of the future is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need to practice forgiveness and pray before giving up, as long as one is willing to work for oneself. The importance of remembering the favors of Allah and setting up prayer for others to help with healing is also emphasized.
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One owner Xin Amina Lupo Nima who was

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a Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, my brothers and sisters. In the previous episode we saw how Allah subhanho wa Taala beautifully blames shaytan for what happened to Adam alayhis salaam. This goes to show that human being is actually good, but shaytan is bad. When you see people doing bad things always remember, the devil had a role to play in making them do that which was bad. So have hope in the person that if they can protect themselves from shaytaan, then they would definitely be a lot of hope for them. And at the same time, their hearts would heal, their situation would improve. The same applies to all of us. So don't judge a person based on the sin they've

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committed. Rather help them come out of it. If you truly care. If you're a person who is loving of Allah, you would love goodness for the creation of Allah. The first thing should not be a negative thought in your heart. It should be a positive force towards people who might not be on the straight path. For this reason, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, kept praying for those who were astray. And yes, while some deserved punishment for injustice as they perpetrated, remember, he prayed for them and he was never unjust himself. So one thing that is very powerful is Allah says to Adam, that in order to protect your progeny from shaitan, in verse number 38, Allah says, I will

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send you guides and messengers, your progeny. And every time a messenger comes with a message, whoever follows the guidance will be protected from shade bang, for them will be goodness, they will have no reason to fear no to be sad for him, the lagoon,

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Zone, every time guidance comes from me, whoever is going to follow that guidance will have no reason to,

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you know, to be fearful, nor will they have reason to be sad, amazing. So if you want healing, follow what Allah has revealed, you won't be sad, and you won't have reason to be sad, or Subhana. Allah, to be fearful, to be scared, no need to be fearful. You know, some of the best days were ever going to live. In fact, the best day for me would be the day I'm going to meet with Allah. Because we've heard how merciful he is. And we're trying on earth to be the best possible version of ourselves. We faulted Adam alayhis salam is faulted. Allah forgave him and told us, I'll continue forgiving you. For as long as you realize you've done something wrong, you feel that you did

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something unacceptable. You sought forgiveness from me and you tried your best never to do that again. Subhan Allah, once that happens, and it means you believe in Allah when you believe in Allah, there is hope, a lot of hope, hope for the day that I'm going to meet with a lot of hope for the day that I'm going to die actually Subhana Allah.

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A lot of hope people may miss me but just for a short period of time because Allah will unite them with us in a very short period of time. And we will be together for everlasting bliss, the promise of Allah Why should I doubt that promise? It's Allah. When we doubt we don't have the contentment when we doubt we will never heal, as we've said in the past, so this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about Adam alayhis salaam, Allah tells us about shavon and Allah says the guidance we will send to you and follow it. When Allah makes mentioned in Surah Al Baqarah, verse number 40, of Banu Israel in the children of Jacob the children of Yaqoob alayhis salam, Allah says to them more than

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once in the Quran. Yeah, when he saw elf koroni mature Lottie, anon Twyla enqueue are children of Israel in Israel, meaning the Prophet Jacob, or children of Jacob, may peace be upon him. Allah says, Remember the favor of mine upon you with Corona mighty ality and I'm to Aleykum remember my favor that I favored you with?

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Now this was at the time when they were going through hardship and difficulty, and also at times when they just came out of the hardship and difficulty. Allah is telling those who have

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Just come out of all who are in hardship say that, remember the favors I bestowed upon you so many things I've given you think about them. I've given you a lot. My brothers and sisters in thinking about the gifts of Allah during times of hardship, there will be a lot of healing. And they will be much hope Allah has given me in the past so much Allah has given me right now that which I haven't asked him for. I'm breathing, I'm looking, I'm smelling, I'm eating, I'm drinking, I'm clothed. I can Subhanallah I have so many favors upon me, Allah has given me the deen is given me faith is given me conviction to a great degree, may he strengthen it for me. And he's given us certain number

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of family members, he may have taken some away, but we still have something.

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Even if he's taken everyone away from around you. He's still given you the life

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has given you some form of ability, don't sit back and give up. Because if you give up, that is a source of hopelessness. But when you stand up, look at what you have, and go for it. Go for the improvement. Keep trying, don't ever give up, you lost the job, no problem, keep going and trying for a better job and a better job and you trust Allah, He will give you a much better job either in terms of recompense, or in terms of condition, or it's better for you. It might be a stepping stone to something beyond your imagination. But don't give up. So Allah says, Remember the favors We bestowed upon you, and we have blessed you, Allah says so although this verse is revealed to the

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children of the Prophet Jacob May peace be upon him, the lesson is for all of us how to heal, we heal by remembering the favors of Allah upon us when we are going through hardship, and by remembering the favors of Allah upon us, when we are in days of ease. So what that would mean is, oh, I was going through so much of difficulty, look, Allah favored me, look where I am today, almost all of us, if we look at our forefathers, they had far less than what we have. Today, we have much more, but we are less content. So if you are to look at that carefully, you will realize Allah wants you to look back and appreciate how far you've come, even though you may not have everything you

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want, or you think you want, or you think might be beneficial for you. But Allah says, haven't we given you so much already? Haven't we taken you out of so much, thank Allah, thank you. For indeed in gratitude, there is healing, in gratitude, there is increase of goodness, in gratitude, there is minimizing of the negativity Subhanallah, all of that. In it, there is hope and healing. My brothers and sisters, these are amazing verses this series. And the title of it is so beautiful, because myself going through these verses, it just brings a smile to the face, how merciful is my Lord, how great he is how much he has bestowed upon you and I how much we have. But unfortunately, shadeland

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comes to us and keeps on making us think of the negatives and the bad and what we don't have and so on. And he wants us to become hopeless. He wants us to think that Allah has not given us anything. But Allah says, You need to ponder, reflect, go back, go back a few generations check where they were, look at how things have progressed. And yes, you must be going through some form of test because we have to test you and we test the best of our soldiers with the greatest of the tests. May Allah protect us. So when you're going through a lot, remember it's the love of Allah.

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You know, people who don't believe say, That's absurd, but it's not absurd, because the amount of goodness that comes out of it. We've seen so many people start praying, we've seen so many people change their lives because of hardship they're going through we've seen so many people turn to Allah because of difficulty they have. We've seen so many people start doing the right thing and making peace with others because of so much of negativity that's been happening in their lives. But Allah once you to prolong that some time so at times, it takes a while. You cannot have displeased the law for 20 years and suddenly in five days, you expect the tables to turn. It might take a few years, it

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might take a few months and if you're lucky, it could change in five days. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us that comfort. So that is Allah subhanho wa Taala saying, remember the favor upon you then in verse number 43. Once again, he tells us what are the most Salah zakka tawonga, whom Allah King, fulfill your prayer, establish it give alms to the poor, and

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bow down with those who are bowing which means collectively try to bow down with those who

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bowing. Look after the others. We spoke about praying and establishing prayer. We spoke about giving charities to the poor, reaching out to those who have less than you is definitely a means of healing.

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And then Allah says, try and do it collectively bow down, do good with others. We're doing good. You're not the only one. So reach out to the others. Look at them. try and do good May Allah bless all of us. akuto Polly hada or sallallahu wasallam Allah Baraka ala nabina, Muhammad, WA Lunas xeno Minato Nima, who worship

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me many

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