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Mufti Menk
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Good morning to you all, all the way from Bali Indonesia, beautiful island, Masha, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. And with me, none other than my brother moved in. And what Abraham, there are two Bismillah Karlovic Salam Alikum. We just completed a lot of Fajr a little bit earlier. You can hear the beautiful water here, looks very quiet. I love America. You know, before everyone comes out, we're here. We're just here for one day, and inshallah we have a beautiful event today. We ask Allah to grant us acceptance. But you know, the nature that Allah Almighty has created is amazing. It is so soothing, it actually helps an individual calm down.

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Imagine when you connect the Dhikr of Allah with the creation of Allah. The morning

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the morning, you sit by yourself here, no one is around and you just reset you look at the sunrise. This is it's just mind blowing. Subhanallah behind Subhan Allah Subhana Allah, you sit here for the first hour after fetch, and that's it. It makes sure that you recite your Word of the Quran you set your morning altcar That makes not only your day your entire year while BarakAllahu li masala article a beautiful morning as the Musharraf mentioned. But there's one thing always I remember Allah whenever I come to the beach and that that our is the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim that the baraka in my ummah was made during the early hours of the day. So it's a reminder for all of us to

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seize this opportunity immediately after fajr to stay with ourselves for a bit to mention Allah subhanaw taala to make dua and ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us all general freedoms. As Bohannon was Muhammad Ali Allah Subhan Allah. Okay, one thing before we leave, we all know that there is one one single supplication. If you see right now, if I happen to die today, the prophets Allah Salam says, well, guaranteed you will go straight to heaven. And likewise, in the evening, if you recited in the evening, the evening which is you know, before sunset, if you recite it and you expire on that night, you still go straight to Heaven, to the extent that the Prophet peace be upon

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him named it, the master of the supplications for seeking forgiveness. I'm gonna turn it to move the monk, I believe you will be the best explain how come very simple citation. Any child can memorize it, but it has a huge version, it takes you straight to heaven. Why? What is the big deal? You know, subhanAllah Allah Almighty has kept great success with sincerity. The deeds and everything we say and to the sincerity we have is what determines the power of what you are doing. So when you are sincere, small words would actually be so impactful. Allah man, corrupt Bureau Allah You are my Lord. La ilaha illa Anta there is none worthy of worship besides you, halachot and you made me. So

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number one, it begins with the acknowledgement of the Oneness of Allah, it begins with the key to heaven. That is true. It starts with towhid It starts with the fact that we worship Allah alone, you are my Lord, and that's it. And on top of that, we don't just say, Allah, You are my Lord, but there is none worthy of worship besides you know, Allah, you made me so if you made me you have the right to determine what I should do what I should not do. You know, the do's and don'ts there. It's up to you to decide and here I am, I'm your slave. Anyone. And on top of that, I am your slave. I'm totally under you. submission, and Hannah. One I handicap. Well, what are the cameras Todd, I am

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upon this covenant, this promise that I have made to the best of my ability, and you are renewing the fact that I'm going to try my best with everything. So it's only a covenant with Allah on a regular basis. Morning and evening.

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One Abdo and Allah had the karate master part, that oh, the weaker men coalition we must

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I seek refuge in You from every evil that you have created from everything, sorry that I have made from every deed, every bad deed that I have done. Every bad deed that I have done, I seek refuge in You from that so we are seeking the forgiveness of Allah. Number one, if Allah protects you from something, we will be protected from it. If Allah is not protecting you from something, you will end up doing it and you will so you ask Allah for protection. No matter how powerful you are just like when you want to do something. You seek Allah's help to do it. It doesn't mean I'm powerful, I will do it with my own power. So how to become a creator we must enact a boo, Abu Salah cabinet magically

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when you acknowledge the gift of Allah upon you. I'm fully acknowledging what Allah Almighty has given me

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The Ebola epidemic together with them be and I'm acknowledging my sin, there is no point that is a secret which is begging Allah for forgiveness. After admitting us for misuse, if you don't admit this and there is no forgiveness, that's why we say those who justify sin, there is no chance for them to seek forgiveness of Allah. This is why they say a bit that is worse than a person who does something wrong, knowing this is wrong, and you won't be forgiven. As long as you don't acknowledge when you know what I'm doing is wrong. Then you will say Oh ALLAH forgive me. But if you think what you're doing is right and it is wrong, when are you going to seek different use of Allah. So that's

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why we ask Allah to guide us before filming.

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So forgive me because there is none.

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To forgive sins besides you. Amazing begins with acknowledgement of the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. And it's also the acknowledgement, acknowledgement of one's own is only one forgivable humbleness and you know, the lack of arrogance in our hearts that can

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show humility for submission and move them into May Allah bless him, said something very beautiful, showing your weakness before Allah and I can never do it without you. I can never achieve it without your help. I can never quit sins on overcome in all my inner desire without your help and assistance. It reminds us would what use rally salaam who's the purest prophet? And he says when those women try to seduce

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Welcome Nigel. He didn't give himself the credit saying yeah, I'm strong man. You say if you don't love word of the evil for me, attempts to seduce me well, how would end up yielding a bid for answers? Well hola answer but nuk

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had we not been the ones who strengthened you upon this, there was you know you would have fallen for some people for it. You know something that's very interesting that I remember now. When we say you must admit and acknowledge yourself we are speaking about acknowledging it to Allah and our data. So we don't go to another human or another thing or something else and acknowledge to them and think that if I acknowledged this person, Allah will forgive me. You acknowledge to Allah you are a slave of Allah. Now you have been over in

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contact, ever contact with Allah if you allow me you know not everyone has an access to actually

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recite this long list of Afghan which is not much by the way it maximum takes 15 minutes Subhanallah but Subhan Allah also the Messenger of Allah is upon him give us an access to we'll call it a short come short I'm sorry a shortcut shortcut or shortcut access to a simple simple citation if you recite it, you still get a huge word when he left for federal prayer and he returned he found his wife beautiful wife Joy rehab interactive was the setting until it was after you know the forenoon. They said you're sitting there while you're doing she said when making the speech. He said I said one statement three times you know equals all what you've been doing. What is it to say subhanallah

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here we have the other the Humpty worry about NFC was in atashi

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How good is it and why?

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Hola so before I go into the DA

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is that does that mean that it is okay for us to do a shortcut is leading for loss

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one thing I wanted to hit yes. I think what was the reach you know when we were young and we watch open sesame and the cave and full of gold all of us all of us were exception thinking about how much can I take so imagine you enter the cave which is full of jewels. Jim's diamonds expensive stuff gold and silver. Of course you want to take the whole thing you want to take you want to carry with you the whole thing but sometimes you don't have right sometimes you don't have the means to carry everything so what do you choose Mahathir was no well Allah Salman seminar. It is something similar to that. Sometimes you have an exam, you have a business meeting light and valuable exactly the

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biggest value things you know, if you're going for the kill, take the most valuable thing that you can quickly go get away with but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't neglect the rest. I mean if I have the means to take everything will be well. If I can pay my dues every night if

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it reminds me of it reminds me of how when the Hadith says to add a little food with an Quran

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is equivalent to a quarter of

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a third of the Quran. It does not mean that you forget the rest of the Quran. And you just keep on reading this three times every day. But that means also there is no excuse now for anyone who said I was too

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watch too much Allah subhanaw taala and through His Prophet gave us those shortcuts

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carry old versions, the jewels the shortcut and the loved ones and actually read Dracula fulfil Quran if I can add it's also the some of the scholars say that you know what it is because it has in it to heat and a third of the Quran is filled with no heat. This is exactly right. So some people think oh if the Hadith says instead of, let me read it twice and it's done,

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but doesn't decrease the value of the rest of the Quran you have to still give value to the entire Quran it says For example, doing

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Amara in Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj with nebi Salah if that is the case, can someone come in Ramadan? Just do Omar and go away forget about I did Hajj with the Prophet habibi. You know how the Prophet Salah selama said Kulu yes thoroughly Nakula everyone will find it easy to do. Allah has created him. There are some people who are few businessmen mentality they are very good at it. They make money out of the sun, masha Allah, as long as they are making it out of halal and elfin. I know people helping 1000s of families, you and I have visited some brothers on daily basis. He feeds 2000 people by the Grace of Allah. So when this person his schedule is very tight and Masha Allah is

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working hard. He's feeding people sponsoring orphans, whiskey, widows and so on. I asked him so how many Potter did you read today? And how many of you pay off the loan often feel he's not like the chef, or shall they have all night long to pray or read books, read of a car and so on. So there is also an easy access to obtain your share of the goodness you know the Hadith, the hobo before

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the poor companions came to the Prophet SAW Selim complaining. He said, This era from Allah Zabba authority will do what the world wants you companions. You have had this older word and you're lagging behind is it and how is that? They see the Rasul Allah they pray as we as we fast and the Hajj as we do. And they have some selflessly given sadaqa and we don't receive. So the Prophet SAW Selim said, Let me guide you to something if you don't, no one can beat you in this regard. What is it? After every prayer Just Say Subhan Allah and Allah Allah Allah,

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this is better than all what they give in surah Allah so when the rich companions learn about it, tell us what happened.

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Obviously they will do it as well to say okay, now we are above you. Now we are also doing this. They came back with this they said what now? They said no, our rich companions also started doing the same, what did he say Zelicah.

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And then we can combine all of that is excellent. So that's why to use whatever Allah has made easy for you to get Jana is up to you. We must make sure everyone is gifted differently, the basics and the follow up that we cannot compromise but besides that, whatever you can do, in terms of your capacity, your qualification, your ability, your Mohabbat your your gift that you have, use it to get closer to Allah subhanaw Hadith of the process and about the Sunnah of Salado fajita to raka performed before the obligatory act

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Hiram in a dunya so the Torah call is performed before the obligatory federal prayer is better than the whole world and what's in it so how much more they ordered on

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island mashallah, this is just an island Have you paid such

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fine before sunrise and have you played the sooner the two units before there or not this island rather the whole way Hollywood

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Orange County whatever anyone considers wow it's better than all of them you were telling us about that hadith

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Dr. Soft mentioned earlier Subhanallah you're handy so that because starts with glorifying Allah subhanaw taala and acknowledging the old praise due to him alone, but how many times you can go for this either the whole PD V number of his creation Allahu Akbar, which is unlimited Of course we cannot number Yanni Bismillah

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Allahu Akbar how many drops of sands in this hand

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1000s Hundreds.

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This is also the tradition of Allah some you say added the key of what we know and what we have no clue about you know how many of us call and ask about aliens Of course there are aliens. There are conditions Allah

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may Allah Tala mu creates what you know what you have no clue about our earth planet.

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Absorbed in an ocean compared with the sun. The earth is like one of these

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Grace. Recently they're discovering what the James Webb Telescope millions of other planets and stars around the so called multiverse so it's actually billions of planets and galaxies hundreds of them Masha Allah Kelvin. So we literally like this

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you know, I am very very fascinated by this discovery of the James Webb Telescope if anyone wants to check it out you can check out the James Webb Telescope look at what they're discovering they have launched it a million miles away from this earth and they're discovering planet after planet and there galaxies like ours galaxies like ours being discovered right now. And we were here a few years ago thinking it's just these few planets that are so the praises of Allah as equal to as many times as a number of the illusion that we know

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what is the RFC? You know, correct me about the translation ship and the level of Allah satisfaction about himself as much as it will make him happy as much as it will make Allah some kind of news to come a load of NFC, was it at Archie and the weight as heavy as the weight of his throne? Allah subhanho wa Taala Almeida de Cali Murthy No, no, no, no okay, that I can imagine.

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Oh Allah who

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spoke about, you know, Masha, Allah, the galaxy has billions of planets and galaxies. You know? And the Hadith says that the prophets Allah selama said, Allah has never created anything bigger than the fool.

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And you know, the greatest ayah in the Quran is advocacy 255 Chapter number two, right? Why is it that good is certain about the glory of the Almighty Allah and it says, Once you see you have summer work you and his crew see has encompassed the heavens, not this worldly heaven, which encompasses only billions of galaxies and planets and size. Yes, and the earth was AquaSeal Somoto. What is our policy? It is not the alash

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Yeah, it is the footstone and the prophets, Allah Salinas said the Al Cusi compared to a large is not getting thrown in the desert. So it's mind boggling. It is mind boggling, mind blowing. Then how big is a louche? It is the biggest creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala ever, and in sha Allah, we all intergender SHA, SHA Allah We ask

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Allah to Allah, which is the highest atop the spark agenda. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said whenever you ask Allah for him and ask him for and for those who don't know

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what's up, man alone dash to talking about will be the rooftop.

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May Allah subhanaw taala upon Allah he'll be handy with that intention. Allah subhanaw taala things are still good deeds as heavy as the creation of a lot of Allah subhanaw taala want me there Kalamata you should never get a better translation than us. And so

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you got the mic. Differences in the sub hotspot? me Dad, me Dad, the stretching with the link with the stretching of all his words Subhanallah all his science, all his words, everything. This entire dua is actually praising Allah, equivalent to em we think he is made and up to when he will be pleased and stretching beyond all his words, meaning to the to the tune of all of his words and phrases Subhanallah limited. When you lifted the sand a few minutes ago, one handful and I'm thinking imagine every single grain of sand in that dua you are saying, Oh Allah Subhanallah he'll be handy as per each one of these grains dropping here. That is something amazing Subhanallah

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something that we can never achieve physically. And you want to know, how much are they made out of the kilometric Allah.

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In South Africa for innocence, Almighty Allah says, We'll pull canon battery.

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This is one see, but the word Alba here refers to all the seas and oceans, rivers and ponds on earth, all the water that exists on earth which represents about 80%. Okay, pulling out Canada who needed a liquid metal the word needed refers to the ink which we use the bamboo in order within the impact so we write if all the water on Earth Turn into ink. So we shuffle all the trees into pins.

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And we keep writing right and what are the traits of Allah? The beauty of Allah the free

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Jesus Allah, the countless blessings of Allah intero dunya Allah He, if you ever tried to escape and count the blessings of Allah never will you be able to keep count. So Lola, Fidel bajo

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all this water would be depleted, but the words of Allah will not be depleted and his signs and his Grandia never depleted, the water will be depleted. The trees will be depleted, Allah says, well under my fill out of the Misha Kalam well back to him and badly he's about to manifest that Kalamata Allah, like Dr. Muhammad said, if every tree was a pen, every tree was a pen and all the water on Earth was actually ink that would that ink and the pens and would be depleted, but the Kalama to learn not depleted, there are maybe people shopping online Sorry to interrupt, who maybe never heard that before the record before. So I want to repeat it one more time down and we write down also in

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the description

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and the meaning but the pronunciation inshallah for those who are listening, maybe you can start writing maybe the transliteration so that you can memorize it in sha Allah Tala so the Han Allah he will be handy he either the hunter he worried or NFC he was in a car she he want me Dad, Kelly man, he sounds better. I forgot he used to be a saint.

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Last but not that nice because it's really sunrising

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says who that this you and those who are in the field of dour, they don't enjoy the lives. We do not only enjoy our lives in vacationing going swimming and horseback riding. Sometimes we publish that and we show the viewers to tell them that we along with our families and hamdulillah we're extremely happy, happy even when we get stranded.

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And we don't seem like that.

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Happy whenever we are being afflicted whenever we're being tested whenever we're being in very hardship, because it's all from Allah being content with Allah's decree and decision. And also whenever we have an opportunity like that, alongside with the Dawa, we enjoy we reflect upon the magnificent, beautiful creation of Allah. So may Allah fill our hearts with joy, delight and happiness and have a beautiful beautiful morning to all of you know your morning morning evening an everyday May Allah may Allah mashallah you will probably be in different time zones and you probably will see this at different times. May Allah bless you wherever you are. The greatness of Allah is

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such that we have no option but to surrender to Him completely to worship Him alone, and inshallah we will meet with him in the hereafter.

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Allahu wa Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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