Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 234D Tafsir Ya-Sin 66-83

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Our amiano Allah says Have they not seen? This is a continuation of the previous verses that how did they deny? Because you see warnings are given, and then their doubts about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they're clarified. And then the purpose of the Quran is mentioned so stupid. How could they deny our mural? Do they not see that uh, no Hanukkah, Nana home, that indeed we have created for them. Allah has created for us created what NUMA from that which

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it has done, Idina, our hands, our hands have worked, our hands have done, meaning what we have produced, what we have made, what we have crafted with our own hands, and this is referring to the creation that Allah has created. And yes, some creation Allah has created with his own hand. So do they not see that we have created for them that which we have made meaning our hands have made? What have we made a non grazing livestock? For whom so the meaning that people now have for it for what for the grazing livestock Malecon ones who own meaning owners?

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Meaning how dare they deny? We are the ones who have created everything. And we are the ones who have created these grazing livestock also. And look at these people. They own these grazing livestock, these animals, and they think so highly of themselves. Allah created them, you own them, you use them, how could you deny Allah? Where is the gratitude? Where is your gratitude? Everything you have, Allah gave you and you're denying the given? Where did you get this fun? How did it come about by itself? Did you make it? No, you didn't make it, then who made it? He made it then how could you deny him?

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within them? Now Hala home was alumna and we tamed how it and what is her referring to and

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meaning we have created these animals such as the grazing livestock in such a way that they can be easily subdued. Because submission is within them is in their nature, the nature of law of grazing livestock, the word vendela than lamb Lamb, the well known is to make humble, to subdue, to make obedient. So whether lay now hammer home, we have created these animals, humble submissive in their nature, for who for human beings. I mean, it's amazing, really, when it comes to goats and sheep and cows, look at their massive size seriously and look at their horns. But look at how submissive they are. It's as if submissiveness is in their nature. It's in their nature.

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Can you imagine if the only way of getting milk for example, or meat to eat was through Tigers or such animals? They will probably eat us before we create them.

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So then they know how to home so humble, Allah has made them and it's amazing how these animals they're milked. I mean, they're slaughtered. Right? Little kids are taking flocks of sheep and goats and even camels. Right? It's amazing, they can be controlled so easily. So easily the Mohana home who has put this on their nature Allah has why for our benefit. So first, we can own them. And secondly, we can tame them. And it's amazing how these animals are used for so many purposes, even for agriculture.

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Right? For me, so far, it mean fun, these animals are cool, the home is there, right? Or cold is from the letters raw calf BA and record is a mustard and it's giving the meaning of Markab meaning on which Urraca is done meaning on which one writes so for minha, Kuba one. In other words, some of these animals they use for the purpose of for the purpose of writing, warming her and from it meaning some animals they use for what purpose yet coulomb they eat. It's amazing. We can sit on top of them. We can put our stuff on them, we can slaughter them, we can eat them, and these poor animals. They'll never rebel. It's amazing. Right? All the damage that they can cause human beings

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is very minimal compared to damage that other animals can cause. Right? Did you see that video of that tiger in India? I was on loose recently. I mean, how vicious he was attacking one person after the other

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viciously so many people were wounded, sorry, people were injured. Right? It's amazing one time, you cannot be controlled. And look at one person controlling so many animals. Right? I don't know if I've told you the story before this lady I know of she lives in Ontario. And she used to have a goat.

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And she used to milk that goat regularly herself. Because the milk, the raw milk, she would give to one of her friends who was suffering from some illness, and she needed goat milk in particular, and raw milk. So every evening, she would go milk the goat and she would take the milk to her friend. But this goat was a big goat with huge horns, alright, and she didn't like to be touched. So basically, her husband would hold the goat from the horns every day. And then this lady would milk the goat right? Now what happened one day, her husband had to go somewhere, and he was gone for 10 days. And she thought to herself that look, my friend, she needs the milk, I have to take the milk

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to her. If I don't take it, the goat is going to stop producing milk. So she said, I went towards the goat with my bucket. And the gorgeous, you know, showed me its horns. As you know, wanting scientists get away from here don't even dare come close to me. So she said I wanted to milk the goat. And I'm like, Oh Allah, I want to do this. You know, this is something good that has been going on for so long. I don't want it to stop. And she said, you know, just from her mouth, the words of the Quran just started coming. You know, it's like, when you're in some difficulty, you start doing Greek. So she said she started saying Allah, La ilaha illa. Allah, He looks like what am

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I going to do? So she's saying La ilaha in the LA and she kept saying that and she said, the goat literally put her head down. Alright, but it's head down, literally. She said, I kept saying that God loudly I went to the goat, you know, closer, closer, step by step. She didn't do anything. She didn't say anything. She's standing there with her head down. She said, I went Milk the Cow myself, that the milk and this happened for 10 days. Every time she would start doing vicar.

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Every time she would start doing because the goat which is put his head down. It's amazing. Whether Manohar Lacan, Allah has made these animals humble and submissive, for our benefit. him think about it, the milk that we drink, right? So easily the cream that we put in our coffee, right, the extra cream that we get for our coffee for our tea, the desserts, the treats that we consume all the time. Where is this coming from milk? And where's that milk coming from from these animals? Just think about it. How submissive are these animals? How are they? You know, the other day somebody was telling me about this farm they went to and they wanted to get their own meat. So the person he said

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that the farmer he said that you can come and slaughter yourself and I will do the rest of the work for you. And she said that I only get baby lamb.

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I said why? And she said that because the farmer told me that goats as soon as they experience winter. All right, what happens is that their meat becomes kind of smelly, right? Or all of these animals as soon as they experience winter, their meat becomes smelly. So she says I always got a lamb. Right or kid. Why? Because it's small, the meat is tender, and it doesn't have any smell. And I'm like, for mother.

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Seriously, I felt so horrible. I mean, it's alleged that Allah has made it halal for some I guess he has no problem. Allah has made it halal for you. But it's amazing how these sheep and goats you know are producing baby after baby. And those babies are being eaten by people. We really don't appreciate it. The milk we consume the meat we consume so easily we throw it away. We leave it half eaten. We don't cook property. We're just experimenting, right? Burn it. Leave it raw, you know, we don't bother to do Ersan over here and we waste food. And then when we waste food we're basically showing gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala for these blessings.

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Monica come

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for me how cold warming higher Korean some animals they ride and others they eat one of them and fund them fee here in it meaning in these animals are men airfare various benefits. Other benefits How many are there not even mentioned here because there are too many. Whether it is from their hides their skin, the milk or the meat that we get from these animals and from it, the different foods that we make creams that we made different products that we make for our consumption for our use, and Monera field benefits even from the dunk. Isn't that amazing? is used as fuel. And also Manasa benefits in another way that when a person invests in

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The business of these animals for example, you know buying them selling them trading they're making profits. Why am I shouted and various drinks also plural of the word mushroom and marshmallow giving the meaning of mushroom being that which is drunk. So milk, other beverages they obtained from these animals you know we get the milk and then from the bones or from the meat we extract broth soup, endless Alpha Allah Yes Go rune. So will they not be grateful then? Why are they not grateful? Did they make these animals? No. Did they create them? No, Allah did what the * don't but instead of being grateful to Allah, what the * do and they have taken when do Nila besides Allah Ali hurt

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and other gods? Why llama him so that they use or when they are helped helped by who? By these gods meaning the worship these gods in order to get help from them when when they are in trouble? Well, can they help? Allah says Allah yes still to your own. They are not able to they're not capable of nasarawa their own help, meaning they cannot even help themselves. These idols cannot even help themselves then how can they help you?

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Well, hum and de meaning the worshippers home refers to the machete cone the worshippers know home for them for whom for their idols. They are a dream done. An army, army of soldiers, what kind of soldiers that are more balloon ones in attendance more balloon foil have more adult one who has been brought meaning made to be present somewhere. All right. So we're

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Jim Rohn. These people, they are as if soldiers in attendance for the production and preservation of all of these idols. So Allah is saying over a year that these worshipers are attending to their idols, as if there were soldiers, defending their idols always present. Wake up people, you are helping these idols more than they are helping you. This is the message, what are you doing? You're worshipping these idols in order to get help from them. But can they help you know, because all your life you are helping them, you are serving them, you're cleaning them, you're polishing them, you are bringing food to them, defending them, making sure that nobody steals all those offerings, then

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how can they help you? This is similar to how in Soto mbi 68, the people of Ibrahim alayhis salam, what did they say? Lisa called her retopo burn him meaning Ibrahim Wan soo early how to come help you God's meeting, fix them, pick them up and fix them because Ibrahim has broken them. So whereas what you're doing, can these idols help you at all? No, they cannot. Now, this idea can be interpreted in another way also. And what is that? That what does that mean? In dunya? Allah He early Hatton La La commune saloon, they have taken these idols, these gods in order to get their help, well, will they help them on the Day of Judgment? No, they will not help them. Because layers

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that we own in Assam, they will not be able to help them because on the Day of Judgment, a person cannot even intercede for another without Allah's permission. So how can they help the machete grind against the Wrath of Allah? They cannot. And on top of that, the exact opposite will happen and what is that, or home and day now which one is referring to the items the false gods, those who are worshipped besides Allah, they will be no home for them for who? For those who worshiped them, the machinery Kuhn,

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they will be against them general, like an army, more Ballroom in attendance, meaning they will turn against them on the Day of Judgment. These very idols, these very false gods will turn against their worshipers on the Day of Judgment. They're not going to help them they're going to become clear adversaries, opponents.

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They're not even going to show a little bit of pity. Look around shaitan will turn against the very people that He

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misleads, right. So what's the use of this worship then, when it's harming them? In reality, it's not really benefiting them from a zoom cocobolo home. Now Allah addresses the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam firm, so not yet zoom. It should grieve you what should not grieve you own a home there

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Speech, their remarks, their mockery, their denial, it shouldn't review. Why? Because of the person who is calling to the truth. If he is grieved by what the people say, by people to comments, negative, their criticism, then can he focus on the real work? No, he cannot say Allah has Anca cola home, don't grieve over their speech, meaning whatever they say to you, about you against you. Don't pay attention to it.

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Don't let it get to you because if it will grieve you, then you cannot do your work in indeed we sufficient is that indeed we no longer we may use a ruiner what they conceal why you are known and that which they declare you sit room from Cyril secret, and you only known from Erlang to announce to openly express Allah knows the hatred they conceal and the hatred they express. So leave it to Allah. i When I'm now an example is given up the arrogance of people I want

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does well and lum not y'all Insano? Meaning does man not see has band not seen?

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That indeed we have a canal who we have created him may not have attained from a sperm drop. Meaning what kind of arrogance is the displaying? Has he forgotten his own reality? What is he? Does he not see that we created him from a sperm drop not to fall for either? That at once, meaning as soon as he grows up, and he's got a little bit of brains? What does he do? Hello he is Hasina more been a clear adversary and open opponent has seen hasard mean from the word Hustle Hustle is dispute. And we have done this word many times before. And the Coliseum is one who disputes one who argues and how seem very one goal is extremely argumentative, or use a lot disputes a lot. So for Eva who has

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seen the movie, look at this man, Allah created him from a network. And now what does he do? He disputes about Allah. He argues with the messenger. It as if we are being reminded that look at your beginning. Does it even befit you to oppose the One who created you? What Dorabella Anna and he presents for us marathon an example. Verbal nothing is to present an example. So he presents an example for us meaningful Allah was here, and he forgets his own creation. Meaning he's being very intellectual here trying and in his argument, what is he doing, citing examples for Allah, proving trying to prove that Allah is not capable of something? And while he's doing this, in reality, this

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man has forgotten his own creation.

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Allah What is this example that this man is presenting for Allah? Allah, He said, Man who you are healer Obama, who will you Ye, he will bring life and aroma to the bones, while he will while it is Rami disintegrated. But I mean, from the letters around me mean that which is rotten decayed wrong, the oven is old bone or broken part of an old rope. Have you ever seen it? I can all decayed walk, right? Maybe you see something like that outside maybe in your backyard after years and years after the winter after the summer. And then what happens when you pick up that rope? You can easily shred it in your heads. Right? So this word is also used for bones that are old decayed with it. So this

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man says, My your healer Ivana. We're here Amin who can possibly bring these bones to life when they have disintegrated. What is this referring to? This is referring to this particular incident that happened in Makkah, as been while he came to the Prophet salallahu Salam once and he waved a bone in front of his face. So as when while back this bone, an old bone that he found somewhere. And he began waving it in front of the Prophet saw a lot of space. And he said, Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, do you really believe that Allah will cause this bone to come back to life after it has decayed? Do you really think this will happen? Now he's been very scientific here, right?

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Look at this bone. It's decayed. It's not possible for it to

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be brought back to life you believe that God will resurrect.

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Right? This is what the man said. Allah subhanaw taala reveal these ayat, Allah Allah mural Insano and now Hala co now who may not fall. Does man not see that we created him from a sperm drop? You think it's difficult for Allah to recreate to give life to these decayed bones? Well think about it. Where were you? Before? What where you? Your creation began from what? From a sperm drop. Look at your beginning. What Dora banana methylene wanna see a Hulka he goes on giving examples for Allah saying that Allah cannot recreate what is the example referring to that the man brought a bone and old bone and he said, You think Allah can recreate this? Go borrow banana method and this is the

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method Allah says when I see a Holika while this man has forgotten his own creation, what is his own creation, that Allah created him from liquid.

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Allah created him from war from liquid. And now he arrogantly questions our ability, while forgetting his own lowliness.

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Allah says, say, your ye Ha, he will give life to it, he will bring it to life. Someone will resurrect these bones, who are muddy and SHA Ha, the one who produced it a one on one for the first time. The one who could make these bonds in the first place from where from a sperm imagine from a liquid comes up you're wrong many bones and a whole system, a whole human being resulting from a sperm. Allah the one who did this he can also give life to these bones. Because waha and he is the only Harlequin with every creation. He is Aileen he is knowing meaning he knows how to create everything. Every type of creation. Allah knows he can create something hard. something solid from

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liquid, he can create liquid from solid. It's possible for him because well who will be coming from canali so these are what are they showing us that our own body is proof of resurrection?

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Our own body is proof of what? of resurrection? Was it always there? Did our body always exist? No. Allah created it. Allah made it from something and then when we die and our bones have disintegrated then Allah can recreate them also. He can it's not difficult for him. Have you ever seen your baby clothes?

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Can you imagine that? They fit you like once upon a time you actually wore those quotes

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and now if you tried you probably wouldn't be able to put your hand in them

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So then where did all this flesh and bone and where did it come from? From?

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Is this a proof of resurrection?

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If Allah can create a body originated make it from nothing make it grow Go Go

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then once it dies why why would it be difficult for him to bring it back to life again it's not because well hello be Cooley Falcon Ali. More proof is given a lovey he is the one who gyla Calm he has made for you. Men from a sheduled in the green tree a shadow what the shadow tree and what is after green. So he has made from the green tree. Now on fire. Green Tree what does that refer to? Fresh that which is not dried.

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It's still fresh. Meaning when you break the branch when you break the twig firstly it's very difficult. Right? And then secondly, when you break it it's actually green from inside it's called green leaves on it. This is a shadow of fresh tree not dead but found that Allah makes fire.

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Amazing what is this referring to? This is referring to literally how from fresh twigs. Also it is possible to ignite fire. And there are certain trees like the month refiled, which were very common in hijas. And these trees were especially good for this purpose. Meaning you could take a fresh twig and ignite fire with it. So it's amazing from something that's fresh heat and fire is being pretty

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used because one will be quickly halting IE, he can create anything. Like I mentioned earlier it's not difficult for him to create something solid out of a liquid and liquid out of a solid and likewise from something fresh fire it's not difficult for him for either so then I'm telling you Minho from it from what from this sheduled up to you ignite to be don't walk off

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remember under the stone an hour to ignite fire to kindle it. So for Evo and to Minwoo to ketone, then you light fire ignite fire kindle fire from what from green fresh twigs. Allah asks, Is what and laser not our laser, then is he not? Who Allah the the one who Holika Santa was the one who created the skies and the earth? Is he not? Because they're definitely capable able, I know over a year

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that he should create the likes of them, the One who created the skies and the earth in all their immensity, then is he not capable of creating the likes of these people, meaning resurrect them in all their minute Agnes. We compare the size of a human being with that of a mountain and then compare the size of a human being with that of Earth.

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Who created the earth?

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Allah subhanaw taala so will it be difficult for Allah to create and recreate men?

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No, another proof of resurrection is given. Oh ma seletti akana Asana where it will be accorded in Allah you know, commit force you can, instead of Rafi i 57. Allah says Allah Holika sama what you will have the bottom in happiness. The creation of the skies and the earth is greater than the creation of people into the Alpha 38 Allah says Welaka Holika silhouette you will also have a normal fee sit at a Yamin one ma'am Asana mill lube, we created the skies and the earth in six days. And we were not affected, touched by any fatigue. Allah created this entire summer lab and the other in how long? Just six days? Was he tired after that? No, he wasn't. Because it's very easy for him to

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create the sky the earth than why would it be difficult for him to create human beings or to bring them back to life? Bella? Yes, of course, he is capable, because wahala and he is a HELOC. The Supreme Creator and I leave the knowing he is a HELOC law lien he is the knowing creator. Meaning he is a supreme creator who knows knows what how to create what to create, one to create, how much to create, he knows.

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Because when we think about resurrection, we think of what we are capable of doing. What people are capable of doing. Allah subhanaw taala his ability is not like that of a human being. What did you think about Allah? Why do you think it's difficult for Allah because you're containing with the creation, we are creation and he is the creator Rahu and Kalapa Aileen in nama indeed only

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his command, meaning his command is only that either one are either che and he intends something. Meaning when Allah intends to create something to make something happen, then his only command is a Akula that he says Lahu to it can be. So what happens for your Kulu so it becomes it happens.

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It exists.

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This is how powerful Allah speech is. This is how powerful Allah's command is, because He is Allah.

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When he says, It shall happen because for him, nothing is difficult. He only needs to intend he only needs to command the thing once

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and how quickly does it happen?

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Fire corner you see the fire what is the fire indicate immediately after next what follows is your clue it happens

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For super Hana, so Subhan Allah the perfection is for the one who exaltation is for the one who Brd. He in His hand is Maluku the round the possession of what of cliche in of all things of everything. The word Melaku is for meme lamb calf and you see the wild wonder that at the end is for mobiola. Hyperbole to show the absolute total empire, Rome, Dominion, Kingdom is loose, it belongs to Allah, it is unreasonable. Allah's hand so for silver Han and lovey Via de Makoto cliche, everything big or small.

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Who owns it, he owns it. What he lay he told your own and to Him you shall be returned. This is your Lord and He is the one that you're going back to. So think about how you are going what you are doing right now because that is what's going to go with you because in NO NO NO he'll motor one act two will now

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what I thought all what we're doing now a demo what I thought of him, all is going to go with us. What la he told your own sweetie I seen this is the end of sorority I seen and it is really one of the very important Sutras of the Quran, because it mentioned some very important matters related to our beliefs Imani yet and especially the emphasis is on the hereafter. proofs of resurrection are given the reality the events of the of the Hereafter are mentioned in detail why to make us realize its reality to make us realize this is something serious so prepare for it especially at the beginning where we're told about my abdomen what I thought our home and at the end what Eli he told

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your own this is an inevitable journey unavoidable journey. So prepare for it and think what you're taking with yourself for it. Let's listen to the recitation oh well Amuro

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Hala owner

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more mean

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wala fie hum and if you're a woman Shadi will realize

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what the Hozumi

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he really had to learn

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lie is doping your own

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Whoa now

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while I'm you're all

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either Warhorse Lee Mubi one bought all ballerina masala

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upon all me

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on that one he got on me

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he's a lead levy

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will go up equally hunting gnarly levy Jhala can mean a shadow of body now

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to do

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mommy body not

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Hello palmists love Bella Wahoo

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Lolly in

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order Shaggy and am all

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go home. First over had a lovely meal

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De Melaku to correlation

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to jell o

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particle lung will be handed a shadow Allah ilaha illa into a stuffy Luca were to relate a ceremony kumara to Allah he will

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