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hamdulillah salat wa salam o.

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Bina Mohammed. He also had a woman who said that we had to stand the vision that he laomi Deen assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome to lessons in

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Hadith number 114 is in the chapter that deals with tm and we have three or four Hadees. inshallah, to conclude this chapter, and most of them are not authentic, yet we have to go through them and tell you which one is not authentic. And if there are any issues, connected or related to these hobbies, horizon 114 brother

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narrated, ignore a verse for the Allahu and Homer regarding the explanation of the words of Allah and if you are ill, or on a journey, handfuls of water on your head.

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Okay, this hadith is not authentic. Now, even at bass, as you all know, is the cousin of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and he was one of the great scholars of Islam. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed to Allah to make him one of the scholars of Islam. And he became indeed one of them. He is telling us the reason of the verse of this verse, why was it revealed, but because it is not authentic, so we should not go through it and explain it. It's enough for us to know that not only when a person is injured or fearing death, that he's allowed to perform a balloon drive illusion to know even if he's not fearing death, if he has

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something that prevents him from using water, such as such as in the case of a person with burns or with injuries, and he cannot wash them, then it's okay for him to perform to mom. The following Hadith 150 please smilla rahmanir rahim narrated by Ali you will be pleased with him. One of the bones in my forum was broken. So I asked Alice messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam concerning purification in this condition, and he ordered me to wipe over the bandages.

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Now this hadith is regarded by scholars as Bobtail which is not even weak. This is completely out of the question. It's regarded as unauthentic at all.

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Now, I live in avatar live is the cousin of the prophet Isaiah Sam and his son in law, and he asked him about the time that he had a broken arm and what to do the Prophet as in this Hadith, he told him to wipe over the bandages, the Hadith is Martin is not correct. So,

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does that mean the verdict itself is incorrect? No, the verdict itself is correct. scholars say that in the case of a bandage or a cast that you put on your broken arm or foot, you may

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wipe over it. Other scholars say no you have to perform tmo Why? They say because this area cannot be washed. So whenever there is a we cannot wash a particular part of the body then we have to

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go or refer to tm. But this hadith falls in line with other Hadees and it's authentic. That is when a person has a bandage or is wearing a cast and he cannot wash what's under it. He may perform a pollution normal

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lotion when it comes to the cast or to the bandages or to whatever covering the body, he may rub or wipe over it and this suffice and it does the job.

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Now, scholars when talking about the subject, said that it's resembling wiping on the hoof wiping on the socks and shoes. And actually, there is no resemblance

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in the sense that there are many differences. For example, brother Zeki, how many days can a traveler wipe over the shoes?

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In who gets travel when he's traveling? Three days, three days and three nights and the resident could only wipe for one day and one night, in the case of a cast, you may wipe over it for as long as it's there a month or two. So there is a difference, right? Okay, now, can I wipe on my shoes or socks? If I wore them, while not on the state of evolution bahara

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I have to perform evolution and then wear my socks or shoes on the state of purity so that I can wipe over them whenever I need to. In the case of caste, I don't have to be on a state of evolution of tahara because it's not up to you when to break your arm or break your leg, it's an emergency took place it happened and they put the cash and fixed my arm or leg. But I can't tell them wait before you put the gas I want to perform ablution because this is a necessity. It's a different story altogether.

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In the

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house of socks or shoes, it has to cover the whole foot. In the case of cast, it can cover half of the arm which means that I have to wash the uncovered part and wipe over the covered part and chew and chew their socks. I cannot do this because I cannot wipe on the slippers test to cover the whole

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foot and so on. So the scholars say the Hadith though it's not authentic but the verdict is correct, because there are other hadiths that back it up. And this is what all Muslims used to do. You have a problem you have a bandage you have blasters you have cast on your arm or your your foot. You have to do this instead of referring to pay him the following Hadith

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Hadith number 116 Mela Mustafa

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narrated Jabba radi Allahu anhu concerning the man who has sustained a wound in his head and took a bath and died. Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, it would have been sufficient for him to perform tammo then bind a bandage over the wound and wipe over it with wet hands and then wash the rest of his body. Okay, this hadith

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scholars have different opinions. Regarding it. Some say it's unaccepted unauthentic. Some say it's Hasson

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and what appears to me and Allah knows best that the Hadith is not authentic, because it tells us to do three things,

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which is to

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have illusion and wiping over the cast. And this cannot happen, it's either this term or evolution and wiping, but you can join both as the sun that did not bring us any other examples similar to this. So what appears is that you either can perform a solution or you cannot. So if you cannot, then it's enough for you to prefer the form tm, let's assume that the person has his whole arm, God forbid, covered with burns, severe burns, you cannot put bandages, you cannot put cast on it. And at the same time you cannot put any water to it. So what to do, according to this Hadith, you should perform Tamil

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and then you should wash the other limbs of warble that you can and if there are bandages on it, then you should wipe on the bandages. But this is not the case because if there were bandages, then that would have been enough for me to wipe no need for tomorrow.

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Therefore, it's either to a mum or a solution. And in this case, because you cannot perform complete evolution then to me would be

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sufficient and would be enough for a person to do this and the Sharla This is the most authentic verdict of the scholars regarding not joining tiamo and evolution at the same time. It's either this or that. The following Hadith, Hadith 117 narrated by ignore best may Allah be pleased with them. It is the Sunnah, that the person should not pray more than one prayer with one time, then he should perform Tammam for the next prayer.

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Okay, this hadith is regarded as wife, it's weak. Now, what is the meaning correct?

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Is the meaning correct? Do you think the meaning is correct? Why is that because they can perform more than one player at the same time. Okay, he could perform more than one player with the same time as long as the key is that we and we've mentioned this

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a while ago, and we said that it is completely substituting for mobile. If you don't have water than they are mom exactly takes the place of time mom, in all means. So once the minute you perform to your mom, then you are in the state of purity that allows you to pray. As long as you did not nullify this state, you may pray one, two or more prayers with the same previous first time you have done. The Hadith itself is not authentic. So you don't have we don't have to waste our time studying it. Now, we move on to a chapter that is one of the most difficult chapters of

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to some scholars, which is the chapter of menstruation. And why is it so difficult? Simply because it is not a man's job. You know, there are things that, okay, I can figure out things like this or that. But when it comes to menstruation, I can base my thinking on the Hadith that I have before me. But then there are things that I cannot realize, therefore, usually,

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generally speaking, women are the best to advise each other in this matter. You know, we get sisters calling in and saying that, I have this and I have that. And I did this and I did that. And it's not embarrassing, because this is religion. You have to ask about religion. But at some point, one has to refer to his wife or to his sister to ask them. What do you think? Because it's a handful of hadiths and scholars have so many different verdicts regarding this subject. So many it's beyond, you know, sometimes it becomes beyond recognition. It's confusing. Shay, webinars a mean, may Allah have mercy on his soul, one of the greatest scholars of our recent modern time said that it's very

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easy. Always go back to the basics. Don't confuse yourself. Don't put and indulge yourself and the differences of scholars just put the hadiths look at them. Try to understand them and try to stem all the verdicts needed from them without going into details that like they say the devil is in the details. You put yourself with the details. you confuse yourself and confuse all the others with you put the five or six heads covering this issue. Look into them, studying them and then try to come up with a verdict that fits all. We have a short break. Stay tuned and we will be right back in Sharla.

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Santa Monica Hello, and welcome back. Just before the break, we talked about the new chapter. And it's a horror chapter. And you should be really careful when walking this minefield. But in Charlotte's, it's not that difficult. Once we read the Hadith, we try to get all the knowledge from the Hadith, and restrict and limit ourselves and thinking to the Hadith, we have inshallah, no problem, the chapter of menstruation.

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menstruation in Arabic means Mustapha, and higher book. And originally, how about NYT which means that the valley is flooded with water, it's running water. So, from this scholar say that height has to come in flow is not a drop or two, it has to come in flow, it has to come in large amounts, this is height. And this helps us a lot when some of the sisters call and say I had a drop or two. So should I refrain from praying and fasting? The answer would be no. And this is the factor of eminence, Amy, may Allah have mercy on him? He says, No, because hi unhide. ministration means to come with the flow. And if it doesn't, if it comes to drop or two, then this is not considered as

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height. Now,

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why do scholars mention the chapter that deals with menstruation after purity? Simply because it is considered to be one of the things that nullify will do. And for you, as we said that all that we've studied, is connected to the second pillar of Islam which is solid. So the types of water, the containers of water, and if it makes it pure, or impure, and the types of water as regarding not just spa hair, the how to perform a lotion, how to perform your soul,

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obligatory bath, what to do, in the absence of water to them, and what to do and answer the call of nature. How to Clean oneself, the manners of it, all of this is connected to prayer. And of course, menstruation is also connected to prayer, but it's not connected only to prayer. There are so many issues

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regarding menstruation.

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10, we try and think of few just brainstorm one

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American I have intercourse with his wife when she so this is marital relationship. There's no intercourse while a woman is having

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her monthly period. What else? No first thing. First thing, no fasting so they don't pray. And they don't fast while having the monthly period. They do.

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Raise your hand so that we would know exactly who to check. No God forbid to touch and read Holy Quran. She is forbidden to touch and read the Holy Quran but we've mentioned this. Three four programs are going we said that this is

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an issue of dispute among scholars, Imam Shekar Abadi says it's okay for her to touch it as the evidence is not that strong. The Hadith lemma so Khurana pyre It is not that strong in implying that which style did he meant did he mean Ali Salaam wa sallam so it's an issue of

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difference among scholars Zeki

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Okay, think of another one while we go to our medic genre, and hedge fund an ombre This is not correct.

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Woman on her menstruation can perform pilgrimage as in Asia. May Allah be pleased with her. He told her that the woman and her miseration can do everything that a pilgrimage a pilgrim does except for tawaf. So that's the only thing that she should refrain from. But she goes to Mina, she goes to alpha, she goes to Medallia. She spends a night there she goes and cast Rosetta Stone on the 10th day of aid and she slaughters if he has sheep, she cuts her mix the hell but she does not perform tawaf. She doesn't enter the masjid. I'm right. It's true, because ombre is comprised of made of tawaf and Zach and they have to be done inside the mosque with the difference amongst scholars

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regarding site is it in sight

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Outside, but she cannot perform ombre in this sense.

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Anything else? Or should I give you what I have?

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As you said that it's forbidden for her to go inside and most Yes, that's true is forbidden for her to enter a mosque. Okay. There are a few things that I've listed here that

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where menstruation comes handy in the sense of Islamic law. So we've mentioned that she is forbidden to pray, she is forbidden to fast. She is forbidden to make tawaf around the Kaaba. She is, of course, there is an exception. In the case of if she is a traveling, if he comes from Europe, for example, and today is her last day in Mecca. And she has to perform the pillar of Hajj which is a wife and a father. Yet she has her monthly period. So what what can What can she do, if she goes back home, then she did not complete the Hajj and had his Hajj is void. And if she stays, she cannot stay because she she is related and

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she's going with a convoy and they have to leave the country at a certain particular time. This is a different case scholars say that this is an exception she she may perform a laugh while she has her menstruation and leaves.

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One of the issues related to

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a woman with with menstruation is that how often would that does not become obligatory on her. So if a woman performs everything from for Hajj and the only left thing that is left for her to make the farewell, tawaf. She is exempted and she is allowed to leave without any compensation on her side. She may not stay in the mosque, she may not have intercourse with her husband. She may not be divorced.

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So it is forbidden for a man to do do divorce his wife, when she has a menstruation.

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She has to finish her menstruation. Take about mucosal and then once she once she is ready before intercourse. He may divorce her if he wishes. And this is a deterrent. Now Islam tells you if you want to divorce your wife, you have to

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wait until she gets the monthly period. She's purified then divorce her now, this is not the case. You know when I want to divorce my wife. I hope she's not watching. When I whenever I want to divorce my wife, I want to divorce it because she's nagging she's been nagging at my head. She's doing this you should do that do this. I'm angry with her. She's saying you're not a man. And that purpose, my anger. She said you you're not doing this. You're not doing that. Then I shavon comes to me as I say, you are pileup you are divorced.

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Divorce takes place. Islam tells you Wait, wait, wait, wait, cut. This is unacceptable. Why? She's aggravating me. She's, she's on my temper. No, no, this Allah does not approve of this. Okay, what do you want me to do? Now what I just want her to shut up. So Well, you're in the wrong place. You're a man. Allah gave you the right to divorce, you should be responsible. So what should I do? Shut up and wait until she is pure for her from her menstruation. She that she doesn't have the period. period is about two weeks from now. You have to wait. So you wait two weeks. She gets a period for a whole week. She's purified from her period. She takes a bath. She's ready for you.

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Now divorce her the forcer after three weeks, you're crazy. Who wants to divorce her? And you wanted to do that three weeks ago? That was three weeks ago. We we were not on

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equal terms in May we didn't wasn't okay now. Everything is fine. And this is one of the great aspects of Islam.

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Jail It teaches you how to control yourself. It tells you that shaitan comes and asks you to divorce her now. Allah tells you do not do that. Wait. And if you wait half an hour, she comes running to you you can run into her you can sell makeup. That's it.

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But if you were to respond to your your anger, you would have divorced her and then you would have had lots of divorcees worldwide. But hamdulillah Islam tells you know, she has to have her ministration first, then she has to be

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Then get yourself pure then and clean, and she's ready whether for you to have intercourse or whether you have to divorce her choice is yours. So again, also, you may not divorce administration woman, the administration is good for us to know that dad appeared after the Divorce, Divorce took place, I can re marry her again. She's still my wife until she has three main situations. If she has three months, then she is a stranger to me, she may marry again. I cannot marry her again unless I propose to her as if it's the first time for us she becomes a total stranger. menstruation gives us the verdict that there is no baby in sight. Because a pregnant pregnant woman usually does not

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menstruate. And

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there are so many things regarding menstruation. Among them is that menstruation usually, and generally speaking, it's about six to seven days. average woman, this is normal thing six to seven days. 99% of women have it this long. And it comes once every month. That's why they call it the monthly period. But what month are we talking about? The lunar month or the Gregorian month? We're definitely talking about the lunar month in Islam. Everything is connected to the lunar month, such as fasting of Ramadan, such as the month of pilgrimage, even the month itself. If someone says there's another, there's an oath that I wish fast a month.

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Should we ask him to fast 31 days? Or 29 days or 30 days? No, the month is either Cray nine or 30 days. This is the lunar month and all the things that are connected with Islam depend entirely on lunar months. And this is one of also the beauty of Islam. If you're stranded in a desert, can you tell which month of the year you're in? Impossible? He cannot. If you look at the sun, they look at the moon. Is it June or July? I don't know. But it okay if I'm in the middle of the month or in the beginning of the month or the end of the month. I don't know. In Islam lunar months, you can be able to know the beginning of every month by just looking at the moon. You see the Christian, the

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Christian disappears at the end of the month. The Crescent is born again. It's a new month, you can know when it's 13 1415, the middle of the month, and so on. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. So until we meet next time