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Military Epeditions, Change of Qibla


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of the military expeditions of the Prophet sallua and the sila, including the lack of protection from Muslims and the use of the term sallam for the term sallam. The importance of finding peaceful and peaceful living is emphasized, as well as the use of the Mahdi Lawson machine to strengthen and increase weapons. The sallaru was intercepted and used to prevent the enemy from spreading too far, leading to the use of shelling and warfare to prevent the enemy from spreading too far. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the implementation of the sacred month and the spread of propaganda. The loss of the caravan was due to the Jesus ofdamn change and the return of the caravan.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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number two who suddenly are a lot of Sudan Karim beret for the villa him in a shell tiny little agenda

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for him.

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Today inshallah we will learn about the military expeditions. All right, the start the beginning of the military expeditions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when you think about the military expeditions of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, and then what word comes to your mind? But okay, what is a military expedition called an Arabic reservoir, right? So for example, as well, but because words are heard, right, the word was wa. And also remember that there's another term which is said iya, or saraya. So as a word, and the salaria now has a word is the plural of as well. And it refers to those expeditions, those battles in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam himself

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participated. And saraya is a plural of city. Yeah. And city. Yeah. Was that expedition that that was sent by the prophet sallallahu wasallam. Right. He sent a few companions on that expedition, but he did not himself participate in that expedition. Alright, or some say that the suryya sariah were those expeditions which the prophets Allah sent him sent, and the intention was not battle, the intention was something else, such as to find out about the whereabouts of the enemy. All right, find out about their activities.

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Now, the question is, why is it that the Medina and Sierra is full off? battles? Has a word sariah? Why did this start? How did this start? What's the history behind this? Alright, because whenever we learn about the sila, as soon as we begin the Medina era, what begins the battles, right? And then we wonder, why is it like that? Why is the Medina and sila full of battles? And besides, there are many people from amongst the Muslims also who object right at the way of the prophets and a lot of them that why is it that he fought so many battles? If this religion is supposed to be the religion of peace? Why is it that there were so many battles that were fought even in the lifetime of the

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messenger sallallahu the center? If the messenger was supposed to be a mercy to the world's? How come so many battles were fought by him? Right? And then that accusation that Islam has spread through the force of the sword? Right? So we have to understand why is it that so many battles were fought Where did all of this start from? Why did it start? How did it start? Remember that as long as the Muslims were in Makkah, right, were they allowed to even defend themselves where they know if the enemy attacked them if the enemy torture them abused them they were not allowed to you know, take any any form of defense in the in the sense that they weren't allowed to take revenge. They

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weren't allowed to fight back rather, over and over in the Koran. What do we learn if our ability here arson, Rebel evil with good, right, that if someone is harsh with you, do not be harsh in return? calm the situation down with your tolerance with your forgiveness, right. And we see that armadillo on who he used to get very upset about this that why can't we stand up for ourselves? Why is it that we cannot take revenge? Right? So in Macau, what do we learn that throughout that period, the Muslims were told, be peaceful, no matter what happens, you have to be peaceful, you cannot be violent even in your defense, you cannot be now What happened? When the Muslims moved to Medina,

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right. Now they have freedom. They can practice their religion in peace, right? They have their own space, their safety, right? But did the kodesh leave them in Medina? Did they? They did not. So for example, we learn in a hadith which is an Abu Dawood it's a sorry, Hadees in which we learned that even karbonn Maliki reported that a man from the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the mushy Guna kadesh wrote a letter to Abdullah ibn obey, who was I believe, in ob, he was from Medina and right from the locals from the Arabs, and at this point in time, he had not embraced Islam, right, he was from the Michigan. So they wrote a letter to the Leben obey, and to others who

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worshipped idols from from amongst the Elson hozelock. So basically they wrote a letter to the mu shikun of Medina.

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And they said that you have given protection to our companion. We swear by Allah you should fight him or expel him or we shall come to you in full force until we kill your fighters and appropriate your women. So this was a threat to the Michigan of Medina. Either you expel the Muslims especially the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or you fight them. Do not let them stay in Medina and if

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Don't do anything about it, then we're going to come and fight you. And we're going to take your women. So what happened? Our dilemma obey, and the other wish deikun they got worried. So they gather together to expel the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to fight against him for their own safety. So when the news reached the prophets on a lot of them, what happened, he visited them, he went to the machete con, and he spoke to them. And he said that the threat of the kurush to you has reached its end, meaning this is only a threat, it doesn't mean anything. Just because they've said something, it doesn't mean that that this is actually going to happen. It's only a threat. And they cannot make

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any plan against you, greater than what you yourselves intend to harm yourselves with. Meaning this is only a threat only if you do something, then it is that these people will harm you. So if you raise weapons against your own people, the Muslims of Medina, then you're basically helping the crush. Right? There threat is only a threat. If you fight your own people, you're assisting the crush, you're making their plan work out, right? And he said, Are you willing to fight your own sons and your own brothers? What are you doing? Because obviously if the most shikun of Medina fought against the profits on a lot of alum, who were the fighting against?

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Who were they fighting against the Muslims? Because remember the mythique of Medina? What does that mean that the O's has Raj Mahajan? Regardless of who or what the background is, if a person is Muslim, what are they one oma? They are one nation, one community, one body one people, right? So fighting against the prophets that a lot of cement they would fight against the ocean has their own blood relatives of the prophets or the laws that have made them realize what they were about to do. So basically, when they heard this, they scattered, right meaning the machete cone, they basically decided that they weren't going to do anything. And nothing happened. Right? Now, this hadith

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continues that after the Battle of butter, what happened the machico. Now they wrote a letter to the hood. All right, and especially the banana lead, and they wrote in the letter that you are men of weapons and fortresses, you should fight our companion, or we shall deal with you in a certain way. If you don't find Mohammed sallallahu wasallam then we are coming to fight you. And nothing will come between us and the anklets of your women see the credential, they are inciting the people. All right. Either you do something about it, or we're gonna come and take your women. And now obviously, if an Arab man is threatened that look, if you're not going to do anything, your women are in

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danger. You think he's not going to stand up and do something to defend him? His family? He will right? So we see that the kurush First of all, they wrote to the machico enough Medina when that didn't work, and eventually, events led to the Battle of brother. What happened? Now they wrote to the Jews of Medina. Okay. So what do we see over here? The Muslims are in Medina, but are things? Are they perfect? No, they're not perfect. Right. But what happens generally, that once we get over a difficulty, once a difficult phase has passed in our lives, what do we expect? ease and comfort? Right, that now things should be easy. Now, nothing should be perfect. But what happens when there

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is a change, then the difficulties in the trial, they just change, they don't go away. They just change they come in a different form in a different way. So for example, in winter, are there any difficulties? Yes, there are, right the weather, it's, you know, your bones hurt your your body hurts, it's difficult to step outside. But then what happens as the weather changes and and the heat of the summer comes? Then heat is a problem. Right? dehydration and summer brings brings its own challenges, right? So this is a part of life. That just because one phase is over, doesn't mean now it's going to be sunshine and flowers. Right? Now, it means that with the sunshine and flowers,

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they're going to be bees, right? And they're going to be other problems. So never expect ease and comfort, total ease and comfort in life.

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And also we see from the way of the prophets that a lot of sentiment that how when he heard that the Michigan of Medina were gathering together to take some action against the Muslims. He went and he calmed them down. He went and he spoke to them, and he made them understand the reality of the situation.

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Now another incident happened very soon, that started even more ultra low and Who Who was he? He was from Medina. Right. He was from the unsought he went to Makkah with the intention to perform or Milan, right. And when he went to Makkah, he stayed with omega, even Aleph right now, maybe you haven't heard of Who was he? He was a close friend of Cyrus even more ultra low on him.

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Because remember that the people of Macau when they would travel to Sham, you know for their trade, what would they do? They would go through Medina, they would rest at the strip. This is how Abdulmutallab right? His father stayed in Medina married a woman right of the Madonna was born. All right. So this is why we see that the people of Makkah and the people of yesterday, they had some close ties of friendship, you can see, right, so many have been Khalid whenever he would go to Shang he would camp at Medina and he would stay with Saudi tomorrow. All right, and furthermore, odd whenever he would go for Hydra formula, he would stay with omega. So they were close friends.

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Alright, omega was still a mushrik and sounds a little low on who had now embraced Islam the prophets of Allah Islam had done the draw to Medina.

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So what happens are they when rod goes to Makkah to perform Ramallah and he stays with omega omega is a little worried because sada is his friend, he's a Muslim. He's from Medina, and he knows how angry The machico are. So he's worried for his friend. So he tells her the little arnoux that don't go for the laugh right now who go in the afternoon when everybody's resting, and GABA is basically the Harlem is empty, then go. Alright, so sala de la or new, he takes his advice. Now he goes in afternoon like at the time of play Lula to do to do his tawaf and when he goes there, there's hardly anybody but Abuja is there. A boudjellal sees our little Dylan. And he says, Who is this society the

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lower and who very confidently, he said, It is me Sorry, they've been wrong. So a Buddha has said to him, are you doing the left of the Kaaba safely, even though you have given refuge to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and his companions, meaning how dare you step it in Makkah and do tawaf around the Kaaba, while you have given refuge to our people. So Sandra, the lower end who said, Yes, I have given them refuge and yes, I am here doing collapse. What are you going to do about it? So basically an argument. It started between Abuja and saw a little demo on who and omega. He came in between and he started telling sod Do not shout at Abuja, he is the leader of the people of this valley. Right

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do not argue with him. So he's trying to calm them down but he's trying to calm solder the lower and who down basically, he's not saying anything to a Buddha. So you can tell that he is with a Buddha on this right? So salad alone and who finally he got really upset with omega right and he said, Get away from me. I have heard Mohammed saying that he will kill you sallallahu wasallam. So my Yeah, he got worried. He said Viola Mohammed's a Muslim never lies. He never lies. If he has said this, this is going to happen.

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So my Yeah, he got really worried he went to his wife and he told him and she said the same thing Mohammed Salah said I'm never lies, and eventually what happened when the Battle of butter occurred? Maria went and he got killed in that battle. But this argument that happened between side little little argument, Abuja sided or who said to Abuja, that by Allah if you stop me from doing for wife of the Kaaba, I will spoil your trade with champ, meaning you have to go through us to get to sham. And if you prevent me from doing collabs, then your trade your business trips to Sham will be prevented. I'm not going to let you go in peace. I'm not going to let you travel safely. So realize

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what you're bargaining for. So basically, they let him go, they let him do tawaf and sourdough and who very soon he made his way back to Medina. But basically this incident, what did this mean? What did it show that the Muslims were now not welcome in Mecca? Muslims, whether they are from the unsought or the Maha Joon and southern Morocco was no ordinary man. He was from the elite of Medina. Right. He was friends with omiya, who was one of the chiefs of Makkah, you can understand his status. Right? But just because he was a Muslim, he was not safe in Makkah. He was not welcome in Makkah. Right. So this gave a clear message to the Muslims in Medina, that you are not safe in

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Makkah, you're not welcome in Mecca. Now what happened? in Medina, the Muslims were in danger continuously. Why? Because there was a threat from the people of Makkah. Because imaginative sodre the lower who is not safe in Makkah and who is going to be safe in Makkah. If he is not welcome, who will be welcome? Right. And at the same time in Medina, the relations with the Jews were worsening also. Because remember, this is the time when sort of Bukhara was revealed and all of the if what do they show? Initially, the Jews were given, you know, a special invitation to Islam. But then what happened when they refused and they resorted to a mockery and, and lying and things like that

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accusations and finding faults in the message of Islam.

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Right, what happened the relations with the Jews they got worse and overtime. And then we shikun in Medina also we're not very happy with the Muslims. So you see the Muslims, what are they facing external danger from the people of Makkah and internal danger from who? From the Jews and from the machete cone.

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Alright, so what happened in a hadith we learned that the Muslims were constantly in danger in Medina, so much so that they would go to sleep with weapons.

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All right, in a hadith and Muslim we learned that I show the learner she said that one night the Prophet sallallahu Sallam lay on his bed and he said, Were there a bias person for amongst my companions who should keep a watch for me during the night meaning if only one person would come and watch me by night so that I could sleep comfortably? I can't even get a good night's rest. Why? Because there's constant danger.

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So what happened she said that we heard the noise of weapons. So the prophets on a lot his alum, he got up immediately and he went to see and he asked Who is it and he found out that it was solid even a beaver castle de la jolla and he asked him that Why have you come so far they've been it'll be will cost will be lower and who said that I have come to guardian.

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I have come to guard you. In another version in that didn't really we learned sounds a little lower and who said fear for the Messenger of Allah came upon me so I came to protect him being I just got worried for you Yasuda loss of Islam, I couldn't sleep so I just came in order to guard you. So what happened the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made the offer him and he slept, I should have the lower and he said that he slept such a sound sleep that I could hear the noise of his snoring.

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Now, isn't this beautiful that the province of Lawson expresses his wish that if only someone would come and guard me so that I can I can sleep in peace. And he's saying this to his wife in his house. And what happens at the same time saga, he gets worried for a little less than a lot of time he leaves his bed, he leaves his home, whatever it is, and he comes with his weapons to guard the prophets of Allah cinema at night.

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What happened over here, the servant of Allah expressed his wish, and Allah azza wa jal fulfilled his wish.

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Because what do we learn in the Hadith, that when Allah loves a servant, then what does he do? He spreads that love for him. He called up and he tells you be I love so until you love him. Right? So jabril announces in the NSM that Allah loves, so and so I love so and so all of you should love so and so. And then what happens the love for that individual spreads amongst the out also. So this was love for a sort of muscle a lot isn't that broadsided at the lower I knew in the night to come and garden? Right Allah, but that, that that thought in the heart of some of the lower

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because Allah protect his servants. So anyway, eventually we learned that Alice Palatine revealed the I will love We are similkameen and nest that Allah will guard you Allah will protect you from the people. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us a harbor basically, that no one had to guard him at night. Allah, Allah Himself will guard him.

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But this shows that the Muslims in Medina were constantly living in

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in fear,

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my constant threat of the enemy.

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So it was in these circumstances that the I asked regarding PETA were revealed which I asked in sort of hedge, for example, or Dinelli, Latina, ukata Luna be unknown, Lulu. That permission has been granted to those who have been fought.

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Those who have been fought Who are those who have been fought the Muslims constantly they've been fought right. So now permission is being granted to them to do what to fight back. Why be anomalous anymore because they have been wronged. Likewise, incircle baccara Wakata roofie Sybil La La Vina, ukata Luna come fight in the way of Allah, those people who fight you.

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Because remember that so far, Muslims were not allowed to take revenge to raise any weapons. Now, the Muslims were allowed to fight the enemy. All right. And very soon this permission turned into an obligation when the ayat were revealed quotevalet Komal Patel Patel has been cutting back on you What does it mean by cortiva? It has been made obligatory upon you. Right. So at the beginning, in the early stages, for the first few months permission was granted and then it was made obligatory. All right. Now remember that the prophets are the law is that him? He fought the enemy in several stages. Right. The first stage was fighting the Quraysh. The machine of courage, the people of

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Makkah. Why? Because they're the ones who began the offensive. They're the

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Ones who, who began the load of the oppression. They're the ones who came with weapons, right against the Muslims. So the first mission was against to the crush the people of Mecca. This second stage was a fighting the allies of the Quran, those who supported the crush who sided with the crush, all right, because remember that the tribes in Arabia, what would they do? They would make alliances with one another. All right. So and alliances and these facts? What did they mean? That if I go to war, you go to war with me, if somebody fights me, they're also fighting you. So you so they can also attack you? You understand? So if the Quraysh are fighting the Muslims, then along with

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them, somebody else is also coming. There their allies are coming. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam didn't just wage war against the kadesh the people have macabre also their allies, then the next stage was off fighting those people who are not decoration. We're not Arabs, all right, but for example, the Jews, right with whom treaties were made, treaties of peace were made, but when they violated those treaties, then they were also fought against right so this is why we see the expedition against the people of fiber or even the Jews of Medina and inshallah we will learn about that.

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And then in general, the I look it up who began the offensive, so for example, the Christians, they also inshallah, you will learn about that in sort of Toba with regards to the exposition of the book, right that when the prophets have a lot of times sent letters to various kings, all right, one of the messengers of the sort of loss of a lot of them who was sent to the Christians, he was killed. All right, and remember that if the envoy is killed is assassinated, what does that mean? War is being declared. Alright, so this is the reason why the prophets Allah laws, and I'm also fought against the Al Kitab, the masala Alright, so you see how the circle increased gradually? All

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Now, what happened? The first stage, which was fighting against to the crush, how did this start? Now remember that in Medina, the Muslims were constantly living in fear. Right? So the prophets, a lot of Salaam

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and the Muslims, they were alert from the very beginning. Right? They were careful from the very beginning. How is obvious by the very fact that they would sleep with weapons, they would guard result of loss at alladia center? Right? And part of this was also that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would send troops, he would send groups of armed men outside of Medina.

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All right, so for example, a group of 60 people group of 20 people, a group of 100 people, how many ever All right, that was needed, he would he would assemble a group of Sahaba appoint someone as a leader, and he would send them on a particular expedition outside of Medina. All right, and you can you can call this sariah right minor skirmishes, alright, or infantry patrol? So basically, he would send them for patrolling the area outside of Medina. Right? What was the reason behind this? Why is it that he would send these groups of people outside of Medina, on trade routes? All right, why? For several reasons, first of all, to learn about the activities of the enemy. This was basically being

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proactive, right? That are the machine of Makkah gathering anywhere in order to attack us, are they coming? You know, a group of them armed men, are they coming? Are they making their way to Medina to attack the Muslims?

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Right? So this is the reason why the prophets Allah Lawson would send groups of Muslims every now and then outside of Medina, to learn about the whereabouts of the enemy, the activities of the enemy See, who is coming who is going all right. Because otherwise what would happen the enemy would come and the Muslims would be unprepared.

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All right. And another reason was to guard Medina,

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guard Medina from outside because if the enemy sees that there are armed Muslims outside Medina, what does that mean? That the Muslims are prepared right, and the Muslims inside are safe. So the objective was also to guard the borders. Another reason was to show strength to the enemy.

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That just because we we have left Mecca, we are now in Medina doesn't mean that you can come after us and attack us. You know, we are equipped realize what you're dealing with. Don't threaten us for no reason. Right? We are prepared if you raise weapons against us. Now we are also going to raise weapons against you because so far the Muslims were never allowed to raise weapons against mockery against the people of Makkah against the machine. So the machine thought that you know, okay, Muslims, we can we can go and you know, if we could

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torture and abuse them in Makkah, then certainly we can go and kill them in Medina but with the Muslims coming outside Medina armed? What did that show to the enemy? courage and look we are prepared to fight with you.

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All right. And also remember that Medina was where was it located on the way to a sham. And every year the people of Mecca traveled to a sham for the purpose of trade, which means that once they would pass Medina on their way to a sham, and once they would pass Medina on the way back to Morocco, this was certain right, this would definitely happen. So the plan was to intercept the caravans, right? Also, why? Because if the mushy kornfeld the people of Makkah, they felt that their caravans were in danger. What would they like to do? make peace with the Muslims? You understand? They basically had two options. Now, when their caravans were being intercepted were in danger. The

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most shikun of Makkah, they had two options, either make peace with the Muslims, right? We're not gonna come fight you. You don't touch our caravans. right we'll be friends. Or even if we're not friends, we'll just we won't bother one another. right this is this option was evident, make peace with the Muslims come to some, you know, peaceful agreement, just like the prophets on a lot of intimate mythique with the Jews, right with the mushy cone of Medina. This was also kind of an invitation to the people of Mecca con you you can make peace with us. Otherwise, look, your your caravans are in danger. Or the other option was fight. Come defend your caravans and fight. We

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We fight. Think about it. We fight you have learned about the Battle of weather you have learned about the Battle of war hood. Right? We fight? Okay. Yes, you see people of Makkah, who are now at war with the people of Medina, it was clear that they were enemies. And this enmity was not just going to be verbal. It was it was going to turn into some kind of violence. All right, it was evident, because look at the threat of the people of Morocco are constantly giving to the Muslims of Medina. All right. Then we learned that on one occasion, with some of the allies of the kadesh they came into Medina attacked the shepherds, right killed some of the herdsmen and took their animals

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and ran off. Right. So now they were at war. So basically, when the Muslims were intercepting their caravans, the message was being given either make peace or come and fight openly, right, come and fight openly. It doesn't make sense that you come and attack some of our people take some more people as prisoners. This is not right, if you have a problem, come and fight openly, you understand? So this was also another reason why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent groups of armed men outside of Medina. Another reason was to do Dawa to the neighboring tribes because remember that the people were not just living in Medina and Mecca, there were many tribes, right Bedouin tribes,

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or small settlements between Medina and Mecca. So when the Muslims went to these places, they would come across the different people. And when they would come across different people, they got a chance to do that, what to them? And if not, that, at least, they would get a chance to be on friendly terms with those tribes with those people. And was that necessary? Of course, it was necessary. Because if there were tribes on the side of the Muslims, what would that mean that if the Kurdish were ever to come and fight the Muslims, those people would not help the coalition they would side with the Muslims, right? Any important news? They would come and give that to the

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prophets all along. All right, so you understand why now all of these battles came about right because many people they accuse the Muslims they say, well the prophets or the Lawson was the one who started this right the trade caravan that was going from Morocco to a sham the Prophet sallallahu Sallam intended to you know attack that and this is why the machine of Makkah they came in defense of that caravan. And that's how the Battle of butter came about. Right and or hard wasn't revenge for butter and one battle just led to the other but it was started by the Muslims, so they blame the Muslims. Yes, inshallah, we will also learn about that, that the caravan especially that

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was on its way to a sham, it was the biggest caravan ever, ever after the hegira All right, and it was being led by Abu sufian. And why was it the biggest caravan ever? Because now, the people of Mecca had taken over the properties of the Muslims who had left for Medina. Remember, Sohail Rumi, when he left Makkah, he had to leave everything behind. Right. And other people of Makkah, whatever property they had, whatever valuables they had, what would they do? They would sell them in order to make profits. And where would they go and sell them?

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a sham or you

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Amen. All right. So this is one of the reasons why the Muslims, it was helpful for them it was just for them to attack the caravans. Right? attacking the caravans does not mean mean highway robbery over here. Okay? We have to understand that the people of Mecca were now at war with the people of Medina. And when two nations are at war, then what do you want to do? Break the strength of the other. And one of the greatest strengths that people have is their economical, their money. Right. So if the caravan returned to Makkah with the prophets, all right, with all that money, what would that mean, to people of Morocco would be even richer, they would be even stronger, they would have

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even more resources to fight the Muslims with. Correct. So you know how like they say the best defense is a good offense. Right? The best defense is a good offense, right? That you braid the strength of the enemy, so that they cannot even attack you. They can't even come against you. So this is also one of the reasons why the caravans were intercepted. All right, now we'll just go through the timeline of the first two years all right, the major events that happened in the first two years now the first year after Hitler, there'll be a will is when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did his will. Right. Now for the first six months things are somewhat okay. But what happens in the

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month of Ramadan? In the month of Ramadan, so Why will the Prophet sallallahu arrives in Medina? What's after it'll be lower than geomagic Allah manual okra

00:31:41--> 00:31:57

Raja Charmin and then Ramadan. So basically, after six months, what happens in the month of Ramadan? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent about 30 mahadji rune, right? 30 Mahajan, under Hamza, there'll be a lot more.

00:31:58--> 00:32:12

All right, so now all of these people are from Makkah Mahajan. And they make their way to the Red Sea. Right and over there, they intercepted a trade caravan. That was under Abuja.

00:32:14--> 00:33:00

All right, and basically there were people of Makkah. But the 30 Mahajan on what happens they come face to face with this trade caravan. And a fight was about to break out. But someone came in between and they resolve the situation. So basically, there was no fight. All right, and the Muslims returned to Medina. This happens in Ramadan. What month is after Ramadan? show what? Right after Ramadan you have asked in the month up. So well. What happens in show wild that Abu Zubaydah even had his little dilemma. He was sent with 60 Mahajan, right now 60 module to intercept another caravan that was traveling with Abu sufian Abu Sufyan was their leader.

00:33:01--> 00:33:33

All right, and also Fianna 200 people with him. So 200 was shikun and on the other hand, how many Muslims are there 60 again, a battle is about to break out but 111 nothing happened. Okay. Now this little card doesn't hedger Muslim suffer. These are the sacred months, right. So basically, no expeditions, no, no skirmishes, but definitely the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent a few people to to learn about the activities around Medina, what's going on? Who's coming? Who's going all right. Now, second year after digital,

00:33:34--> 00:34:19

right, because the hedger is the end of the year. Right. What's after the hedger? Well, hold on sacred month what's after more have himself on which is also a sacred month. However, in the month of suffering, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam took 17 Mahajan with him. So now for the first time the prophets have a lot of them goes with the Muslims. All right, 70 Mahajan, to meet another group of Michigan but again, 100. A lot there was no confrontation. However, what happened that a peaceful agreement was made with a particular Arab tribe. All right. So there was no the Muslims left Medina, in order to catch up with a group of Michigan a but there was no confrontation, no battle, nothing

00:34:19--> 00:34:31

at all. However, they did come across some Arabs, some a particular tribe, and the Muslims made some peaceful agreements with them. Right. Now, it'll be a while.

00:34:32--> 00:34:59

There'll be one or 200 who had Iran, they go with the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Right again, outside Medina. Again, there was no confrontation. Right. But in the same month, what happened with Dina is attacked by the allies of Kurdish. It was a very small minor attack. And this is what I mentioned to you earlier, that they killed some of the herdsmen and they ran off with some of the animals that belonged to the Muslims. But again, this

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

was a clear message that we are at war. Right?

00:35:05--> 00:35:28

So the prophets analyze them and the Sahaba they pursued the people who who attacked Medina, but those people they got away next month, Jamal Allah or some ceremonial opera. What happened the profits on lots of them took with him about 100 or 250 million were to Lucia euro. Now this is important, right? Though Lucia euro.

00:35:30--> 00:36:21

He takes about 100 or 250 of the Muslims with him to overshadow what was the purpose. The purpose was to intercept a trade caravan that was on its way to Sham from Makkah. So from Makkah, the caravan is making its way to a sham. All right. And this caravan, again, is under who Abu Sufyan. But what happened. Abu Sufyan, right one of his men, he saw the Muslims coming, it has said that he just went off to the side to do something. And by by chance, he saw the Muslims, when he saw the Muslims he told us of Canada was up and quickly made a made a clever move and they basically changed the route and they escaped. Alright, they escaped. And they made their way to a sham they reached a

00:36:21--> 00:36:25

sham. This is known as azwan Ola

00:36:27--> 00:36:41

was why bother Ola the first expedition two. But was there a battle? No. Was there a confrontation? No, nothing happened. All right. And this is also known as Russia.

00:36:42--> 00:36:43

Right? Because this is where

00:36:45--> 00:36:59

the Muslims were at the place of literal shadow. This happens in your module oola origin model. Now in Rajab, the model oola geometric Ohara. What's next? which month is next? Roger?

00:37:00--> 00:37:43

All right, and Roger is a sacred month. Now what happens in logic is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent Abdullah evangelische, a little bit longer on who, with a few other companions, about 12 of them, or some say less, all right. And he sent them to a Nala to learn about the activities of the Moroccan caravans, because remember that caravans are going to a sham, and they're also going to Yemen. So the prophets of Allah sent him sent them towards Allah to see if there were any other caravans in the area, right? Because they missed this one that was on its way to a sham. Right? So let's see if there's any other caravan. Now what happened? Long story short, these Muslims, they saw

00:37:43--> 00:38:26

a very small caralyn that was on its way to Mecca that belong to the people of Mecca. And they thought, let's attack even though the prophets have a lot of them, but not send them to attack he sent them to learn about the whereabouts to to get information to get news, but to remember that so far, Muslims had had no success, right? Because every time there was a possibility of a confrontation, the situation would dissolve. Right? If they wanted to intercept a caravan, the caravan escaped, right. So they thought, you know what, these are just a few camels, just a few people, it's our chance to gain some, you know, to take some revenge basically from the wish to

00:38:26--> 00:38:50

corner of Mecca. Right. So what happened? They attack the caravan. And they killed one men, or according to others, two men. And they brought the other two men, as captives do Medina with the goods, and they're so happy, right on 11 Gerrish, it'll be lower on who and his companions that were so happy. But what they didn't realize, or they did realize was that it was the last day of origin.

00:38:52--> 00:39:11

Which means that it was the last day off the sacred month. So they weren't supposed to do that. Either. This happened by accident, they were mistaken. Or they realized that there were only a few hours left until sunset. Right? Because it was the last day of logic. And they thought that if they waited until sunset, the caravan would escape.

00:39:12--> 00:39:54

So they figured that it's only a few hours, no big deal in sha Allah. It's it's not a serious action. And they felt that the good was greater than the harm. All right, so this is why they attack the caravan. However, when the prophets Allah, Islam, saw them coming with captains and with goods, he was upset. I didn't send you for this purpose. Right. So what happened? He returned the goods to the people of Makkah, he left the capitals go, and the blood money was paid. However, the people of Makkah as well as the Jews of Medina, they made a lot of noise. Right? They spread a lot of propaganda, that what kind of Muslims are you? Or what what kind of a prophet Are you that you are

00:39:54--> 00:39:58

waging war in the sacred month of suffer

00:39:59--> 00:39:59

and then the

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

revealed in total bacala Yes aluna Carnage shadow halloumi qatal in fee they asked you about the sacred month fighting there in bulk Italian fee, Kabir say that fighting in it is great Is it serious, was subtler in Serbia Allah He will go from be one must be done How long will you allow him in Who? A couple in the law, but the crimes that you are committed? Which ones are they stopping people from the way of Allah? Right? And this believing in Allah and stopping people from the sacred mosque and those who live in the area, expelling them from that from that area? That is worse, that is greater in the sight of Allah. Alright, because remember, that sounds a little our new person

00:40:42--> 00:40:54

from Medina when he went from LA, was he welcoming Mecca? No, he wasn't. Right. And the people who were in Makkah, the Muslims of Makkah, were they say from Mecca? No, they weren't. This is why they have to leave and go to Medina.

00:40:56--> 00:41:03

Now what happened in the month of charbon? So after Rajab is charbon, in the month of charbon, the Qibla was changed.

00:41:04--> 00:41:42

This is a second year of digital. Right Tableau was changed in the month of shaba. And this is the first time when NUS was done. abrogation of a ruling happened. The prophets that a lot of them was initially commanded to pray towards beta democritus. And this happened even in Makkah, right because the prophets are the laws and face the Kaaba in such a way that karma was before him. But he was praying in the in the direction of beta democritus. Right. But now when he was in Medina, Makkah, was one way and by to mock this was the exact opposite way. Correct. Now, when the Prophet sallallahu first immigrated to Medina, he was finally amongst the people who believed in prophets,

00:41:42--> 00:42:22

scriptures, right? There were people of the book, there was some resemblance to them. The kadesh the people of Makkah, didn't even know what a prophet was, Who were they? Oh, miyun, they had no scripture. their belief in the angel was was also messed up, right? They didn't believe in resurrection. All right, so they were not as close to the Muslims in faith. But the Jews of Medina, were they close, in fact, very close. Right? Even now, we see so many similarities between Muslims and Jews, right? Even when it comes to dietary restrictions, there's so many similarities. So anyway, the prophets of Allah Islam was very optimistic that the Jews would believe but they did not

00:42:22--> 00:43:01

believe and without was made, but over time, their relations with the Jews they worsened. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he did not wish to face, beta blockers and Salah himself. Why because firstly, you missed Makkah, he missed the karma. All right. And secondly, the relations with the Jews were, were not good. And he didn't, you know, when, when things are not too good with a particular individual, then you just want to do everything different from them. Right? So the province of a lot of them didn't want to face their Qibla he didn't want to, but obviously he waited patiently, he wouldn't change the Qibla himself. gibreel couldn't do that for him either. He had to

00:43:01--> 00:43:43

wait for the command to come from Allah subhanaw taala. And finally the command came. And the prophets Allah loves him. He prayed for budget facing basically mock this. Then what happened in the early hours of the day, where he came the command to change the Qibla right that came, which meant that Lord Salah was prayed facing the Kaaba, right so fudger was prayed, facing basically macness and Allah was prayed facing the Kaaba, right. Now what happened? Some of the Muslims who were who prayed Lord with them with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in much of the novel way, they found out the Qibla had changed. Now they went home, alright, and some of them when they returned home. So for

00:43:43--> 00:44:24

example, one particular companion, when he reached the area of Bonnaroo cinema, he saw the people performing are sort of facing beta muchness. So while the Salah was going on, he told them loudly that I just prayed for now with the prophets on the laws and and facing the Kaaba, the Qibla has been changed. So what happened during the Sunnah, the Eman. He turned around, he walked all the way to the end of the congregation. All right, facing Kaaba. And the whole congregation basically turned around and this is why the most of the one who selama it came to be known as Mr. Qibla thing, right because once Allah was performed facing both privileges, the first half facing beta blockers and the

00:44:24--> 00:45:00

other half was prayed facing the Qibla in Makkah, right. And now, this is where you see with the change of the Qibla what happened, the back of the masjid became the front of the masjid of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam at this point, there was no roof on the masjid of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam no roof at all. All right. And this is why now the back of the masjid which was previously front of the masjid the Prophet sallallahu Sallam instructed that allegedly put, which would be a shelter, right for the people who would sit under it, who would rest under it. So it was a

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

So far, right? Which was a shade for the people who would rest under it because up until this point, the Muslims who were immigrating to Medina who was being established well heart was being established but now the houses were full the houses were full. So now the people who are coming in had to be accommodated somewhere. So what would they doing? They would they were staying in the masjid. But the prophets Allah allows them instructed that a shade be put for them at least, so that when they arrested during the day, they have some shade. Right. So these are the sofa right? Now what happened? The Qibla was changed and the following month, what month is next after Shabbat?

00:45:40--> 00:45:45

Ramadan in Ramadan What happened? The Battle of budish

00:45:46--> 00:46:05

but the Cobra Cobra occurred what was the oola What was the first one when the Muslims tried to intercept the caravan but the caravan escaped. Right. Now the caravan reached a sham. They made their profits. All right. And now they're on their way back to Makkah.

00:46:06--> 00:46:08

who's leading the caravan, Abu sufian.

00:46:10--> 00:46:20

Now it was a vianne was already scared. Why? Because they had just escaped the Muslims. Right now. On their way back I was a fan was even more careful.

00:46:21--> 00:46:41

Right? He was even more careful. What did he do? As he was making his way to Makkah, he sent his spies to spy on the spies of the prophets of Allah Himself. Okay, so he sent people to find out who's coming, who's going.

00:46:43--> 00:46:59

Now what happened. He's coming. And he finds out when he speaks to certain people, that there were some people of Medina, some Muslims who passed by this area. So he goes to check that area. And he sees camel dung over there.

00:47:00--> 00:47:10

Takes a camel dung breaks it up. And what does he find in it? date seeds. All right. And he recognized those date seats to be from yesterday.

00:47:12--> 00:47:28

You understand? So I was a fan. He was not an ordinary man, very intelligent, very sharp, sharp. So he realized that the Muslims have just passed by this area, which means the Muslims, nowhere coming. Right. And they are getting ready to attack us again.

00:47:30--> 00:47:38

So I was a fan. What did he do? two things. First of all, he changed his route completely. And secondly, he sent were to Makkah

00:47:39--> 00:48:15

that come and defend us. All right, come and defend us. So he sent word to Makkah right through this man London. And this man when he reaches Makkah, he basically tears his clothes up and he makes noise and he goes about the streets of Makkah, you know, creating a scene. So what happened? people from every household of maka came in order to defend the caravan. Why? Because first of all, the the cry was so intense that everybody got, you know, emotionally involved. And secondly, that caravan, remember,

00:48:16--> 00:48:26

every household of Makkah had invested in that caravan. If that caravan didn't make it to Makkah, that would mean financial loss for every household.

00:48:28--> 00:49:20

So anyone who was able to go, got up and went. So about 1300 people went from Makkah, the leaders included, the only chief that did not go was Abu lahab he was the only person who stayed behind. So you can imagine the 1300 people left Makkah to go and defend the caravan. And if necessary, fight the Muslims. All right. Now the Muslims, how many Muslims had come from Medina to intercept the caravan? Only 300 Muslims, right? In a hadith we learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he he had sent spies, right to find out if the caravan was returning. And what the caravan was like. So the news that he got was that the caravan is coming with about 1000 camels, all right, and only 40

00:49:20--> 00:49:57

people guarding the caravan. Only 40 people. So the prophets on a lot of them decided right now we have to leave. So he made the announcement that we're leaving right now, immediately. So anyone who could immediately get ready, was to go along with the Prophet sallallahu sallam. You know, some people they said that Yeah, well, you know, our animals already over here. Just give us a few minutes. We'll we'll go and join you know, right now. Whoever could leave could leave. Why? Because all that the Muslims needed was just a couple of people, right? So the profit total loss. figure that even if there's only 300 Muslims to go and intercept the caravan that's efficient because they

00:49:57--> 00:50:00

have only 40 guards. The sooner we

00:50:00--> 00:50:49

Go, the better it is. Right? So only 313 according to others 316 or 17. There's a slight difference of opinion. But 310 odd number of Muslims went along with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and this is the reason why there were only two horses, right and 70 camels. Why? Because when they left, they went to catch the caravan, which had only 14 men 40 guards. All right. So the prophets are the laws and the Muslims, they leave Medina to catch the caravan. But the caravan escapes because it was affion found out but in the meantime, what happens 1300 mushrikeen from Makkah, come all right. I was a fan sends work to them that I am safe, go back. But Abuja house has no way. We're not going

00:50:49--> 00:51:21

back. We have come all this way. And we're gonna fight the Muslims. All right. So what happens 300 of the people of the mystic army, they left the sudden No, we didn't. We just came to save the caravan. The caravan is safe word. We don't want to participate in any bloodshed. We're just going back. So now how many machico remain 1000 and how many Muslims 313 something right. And these are the events that lead to the Battle of better and inshallah we'll learn about the actual Battle of weather in our next class inshallah.

00:51:22--> 00:51:30

subchronic. Along will be handling the alert Illa Illa and Mr. Whittaker wanted to break down more than a camera to lay over cattle.