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Juz’ 4: Al-‘Imran 92-200 – An-Nisa’ 1-23
Al-‘Imran 118-155

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All you who have believed, do not take as intimate, close friends, those other than yourselves, for they will not spare you any ruin. They wish you would have hardship. They love you to suffer, meaning those who don't have email, they don't want the best for you. They love to see you suffer. Hatred has already appeared from their mounts. Think about what they say to you, you still consider these people to be friends, and what their hearts conceal is greater. We have certainly made clear to you the signs, if you will use reason. This does not mean that all disbelievers are the same. But we see that those people who do express verbally their hatred for Islam, then it is clear that these

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people are not your sincere friends. So don't be deceived by them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at one occasion he said, Behold, the children of my father's he was referring to a particular group of people who were related to him by blood. And so and so they are not my friends. Why? Because they were disbelievers. They rejected the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam they rejected the Quran. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Verily, Allah, and the pious believers are my friends. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said, associate only with a believer, associate with who only with a believer, because Allah omarama have been close, intimate friendship should be with who

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those with a man, this doesn't mean that we're not in good terms with those who, with non Muslims. No, we interact with them, we speak nicely with them. But if someone shows hatred to us, then let's not be fooled and think that they are our best friends know, if someone clearly, openly verbalizes their hatred for us, then realize that those people are not sincere to you. Here you are loving them, but they're not loving you. They don't love you. While you believe in the Scripture. All of it, you believe in the color you believe in the MGM still they don't love you. And when they meet you, they say we believe, but when they're alone, they bite their fingertips at you in rage, they

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hate you that much say die in your rage. Indeed, Allah is Knowing of that which is within the heart, which is within the breasts. If God touches you, it distresses them.

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If you succeed in any way, in this world, what happens they become worried. But if harm strikes you they rejoice at it. And this is something that is hurtful, right? That if you receive something good, somebody becomes upset. And if you suffer, they become happy. This is something very hurtful. So how to deal with these people, how to deal with the situation how Allah says we're in the hospital with a taco bukom cadeaux home shy. And if you are patient and you fear alone, meaning when you respond to them, Fear Allah, be patient at that time, then their plot will not harm you at all. In fact, this very opposition will be a means of growth for you.

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It will be a means of going further for you. This is something that will cause you to grow and succeed. Look at the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so many people hated him. So many people waged war against him. So many people came to kill him. But what happened with each problem with each test the prophets that a lot of them observed Southern and Cuckoo. And what happened, those very problems led the prophets of Allah sent him to victory. Those people who came in their head against the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Allah gave victory to this messenger over them and like this, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam won the hearts of so many people. And Islam was

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established in his lifetime. Indeed, Allah is encompassing of what they do. So what do we learn? Anytime we come across a person who shows hate to us, or we feel like they're not sincere to us, don't be sad. Rather, have sub have the core, do what you have to do, and realize that this test is for the reason of growth. In sha Allah, Allah will improve your condition. Through this test, it seems to be destruction, but it is through this destruction. You know, like when a seed is planted, it's buried, but then what happens? The seed, the outer covering, it completely erupts, it, it completely, it's destroyed, the seed is destroyed, but then what comes out from a seed? What comes

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out from a seed a plant. So it is through the process of destruction, that growth happens. It is through trials, that Allah gives us success. It is through difficulties that Allah makes us go on the path of success.

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And indeed, Allah is encompassing of whatever they do, so don't worry.

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Now the following verses are about the Battle of

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Allah says And remember, when you meaning a prophet sallallahu Sallam remember when you left your family in the morning to post the believers at their stations for the battle, the province of London was commanding the army himself. And Allah is hearing and knowing when two parties among you were about to lose courage, because what happened that the love and obey who was a hypocrite, he went out with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for this battle. But then he took 300 people with him back to Medina, he left the Muslims, Allah says, Let the for Roku, and that's exactly what are the loving obey? Did he separated from the Muslims? Why? Because he said, You didn't listen to me. You didn't

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agree with me? I'm not coming along with you. So what happened? When he went back with 300 people there were some Muslims in the Muslim army who felt very discouraged. And they also thought about going with our beloved obey, because they thought Oh, the number of Muslims has reduced and if it has reduced, certainly we're going to lose. So they thought, let us go back. But what happened? Allah says, But Allah was their ally, Allah was their friend, he gave them strength to remain there. So what do we learn? If there is a man in the hearts and a person makes the right intention and he seeks the help of Allah, then Allah will plant his feet firmly. But if there is hypocrisy in the

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heart, then what will happen? One wind one gust of wind will blow him away, while Allahu folia toa Kalyan Menon and upon Allah the believers should rely, don't rely on your numbers, but rely upon a law and already had a law given you victory at the Battle of button. While you were few in number than fear Allah, perhaps you will be grateful at the Battle of whether we learned that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam went out along with 315 companions only. Only 315 and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he saw the number of the arm of the enemy 1000 much better equipped because the 300 Sahaba had left they had not gone out of Medina to fight a battle. They were basically going

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to just fight 20 people or so because they were just going to go attack a caravan. But what happened an entire army showed up equipped with weapons. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said a lahoma in the home whoa Fatone family home Allahumma in the home rotten Fox to home a lahoma in the home Jia on their home. Oh Allah. These people are on foot, provide mount for them. Oh Allah. They're unclothed they're unequipped. So close them, Oh Allah, they're hungry, provide food for them. And the Sahaba said a lot and bestowed victory on the Muslims. They returned when they were closed. There was no man of them, but he returned with one or two camels, they were clothed, and they eat to

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their fill. This is a hadith. So he had these in a Buddha would say when a person goes in the way of Allah, even if he has limited capacity, limited strength, but whatever he has, he's giving it. Why? Because lanthanum will Villa hatherton, fecal matter hibou then what will happen Allah will grant him strength, Allah will grant him victory. We learned that at the Battle of hyper, the Muslims left and earlier the Allahu anhu he could not go because his eyes were hurting. He had some disease in his eye, his eyes were hurting, he could not participate in the battle. So the Muslims left. But then he thought to himself, what am I going to do here? I should just get up and go, Allah will take

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care of my eyes. What's the point of sitting at home with eyes that are hurting? So he got up and he went, he joined the Muslims and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one night he said when the Muslims were not able to conquer a particular fortress, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said tomorrow morning, I'm going to give this flag to the person who loves Allah, and Allah loves him. So all night long does have a we're wondering, perhaps it's going to be me, perhaps it's going to be me. And what happened? The next morning everybody's coming, and I do the low bar and who did not come he was resting. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked Where is early, so they brought him and when he

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came, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave him the flag. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam applied his saliva in his eyes and made the owl for him and his eyes were cured. And earlier of the lower arm who fought like a giant that day and he conquered that fortress. When you go with whatever you have, even with, with eyes that are hurting. When you go in the way of Allah, you fast you pray, even though you're tired, even though you're feeling exhausted, but you do when you are giving whatever little strength you have left for the sake of Allah, Allah will put Baraka, Allah will give the energy Allah will grant you success. Remember, when you

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To the believers, is it not sufficient for you that your Lord should reinforce you with 3000 angels sent down? The thing is that the work of Allah is so great that we cannot do it just with our own ability. We need help. We need a lot of help. So anytime we feel that we are not able to do it ourselves, and certainly we will feel that we feel weak, we feel tired. Who is it that we need to call upon Allah subhanho wa Taala we need to ask him for strength. Yes, if you remain patient and conscious of Allah, and the enemy comes upon you, attacking you in rage, your Lord will reinforce you with 5000 angels having marks of distinction, the prophets, a lot of them said 3000 angels can

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come, Allah said I will send 5000 angels I will give you more help, then you can even imagine, then you can even expect and Allah made it not accept as a sign of good tidings for you and to reassure your hearts thereby and victory is not except from Allah, the Exalted in Might the wise that he might cut down a section of the disbelievers or suppress them so that they may turn back disappointed, not for you or profit, but for Allah is the decision whether he should cut them down or forgive them or punish them for indeed they are wrongdoers, when the profits on a lot of them got wounded at the back of our head. He said that how will these people be guided when they have done

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this to their messenger?

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So Allah revealed this ayah that No, you cannot pass judgment on any servant of Allah, even if he comes fighting you. You cannot say that he will not be guided. Why? Because this decision lies only when Allah it was Khalid bin Walid, a club in Abuja, who gathered up the army of the disbelievers after they had fled and attack the Muslims again surprised and attacked them. And that is what led to the loss, the huge loss that the Muslim suffered at the Battle of world. But the same two people Khalid and Willie, I can live in Abuja, within four to five years, they embraced Islam, when the lahemaa for semi workiva marfil. Up and to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens, and whatever is

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on the earth, He forgives whom He wills, and punishes whom He wills, and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So what should we do, we should want the best for every person, even if he turns away from us, even if he says the most harshest words to us still wish the best for them. Pray for them that may Allah guide them, or you will have believed do not consume interest doubled and multiplied, but fear Allah that you may be successful, because what happened at the Battle of word? Why is it that the Muslims victory turned into loss? Why? Because when they saw the enemy retreating, they thought, okay, we have one. And many of them, they left their positions, where the profits on a lot of seven

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had appointed them. Why did they leave those positions to go and gather the booty to go and gather the things of this world? What does that show her Petunia love of this world? So Allah says, leave interest, leave interest, why? Because when a person is consuming interest, what does that show also love for this dunya that I cannot do without a house of my own. Even if I have to take it through interest, I will take it. I cannot do without this and without this and without this even if I have to take it through interest, I will take it. But we see that when we disobey Allah in these matters. What does that show that something else is more beloved to us than a law that we are not willing to

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give up our love for a house. Our love for material things for Allah subhanho wa Taala so all believers leave interest, leave it, don't deal with it, it is dirty, whether it is doubled or multiplied and fear Allah that you may be successful and fear the fire which has been prepared for the disbelievers and obey Allah and the messenger that you may obtain mercy will Sadie rule a llama filati Mira become Why are you holding on to the things of this world that will take you to the fire? Why are you so greedy for the things of this world, leave them and hasten to forgiveness from your Lord. You should be rushing towards forgiveness, not rushing towards this world rush towards a

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garden agenda, which is as wide as the heavens and the earth, but it is prepared for who for those who are righteous, who those who are willing to give up 2200 square feet when they will give up 2200 square feet 3000 square feet of how long Allah will give them

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agenda which is as wide as the sky and the earth,

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as wide as the sky and the earth. Just look around you when you go outside how massive This world is, how huge how high the sky is. And imagine the vastness of gender that Allah has promised to who do who. Those who just claim that Allah Allah, those who have Taqwa, those who truly fear Allah, and what is the core of Allah, that a person leaves, leaves? he avoids what Allah has forbidden. Because if he does not avoid it, if he does not, if he does not leave it, then he's presenting himself for punishment was Sadhguru hastened to forgiveness from your Lord and a garden, as Why does the heavens and the earth prepared for the righteous? Who are they Alinea, you will feel Kona, for some law, you

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are the raw, there are those who spend in the cause of Allah during ease and hardship and those who restrain their anger, anger also can be controlled by who, but the one who is willing to give up his beloved expression of anger, because sometimes we also love to show our anger. So the one who is willing to give that up for the sake of Allah, he can control his anger and those who pardon people and Allah loves the doers of goodwill loving your head bullmore sinning, highlight this will love Will you have been more sinning, because a month of your son is coming up.

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in Hades, we learned that the strong person is He Who controls himself at the time of anger. Why? Because he has overcome himself. And he has also overcome the chantler he has defeated himself and he will defeat a champion.

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And those who, when they commit and immorality around themselves by transgression, they remember a lot immediately, and they seek forgiveness for their sins, and who can forgive sins except Allah when my federal law, sins have been committed, mistakes have happened. But who can forgive sins except Allah, only a luck and forgive so don't wait and ask him for forgiveness, beg him for pardon. And those who do not persist in what they have done, while they know meaning once they find out, this is something wrong, they leave it. Those they reward is forgiveness from their Lord and gardens beneath which rivers flow in paradise wherein they will abide eternally. And excellent is the reward

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of the righteous workers, similar situations as yours have passed on before you so proceed throughout the earth and observe how was the end of those who denied look at the houses huge and tall, fully furnished, lavish houses? The owners are gone. Because the fact is that the places we live in the things we enjoy, we only have them temporarily. Ultimately, where are we going to end up in the grave? So look around unless that's traveled through the earth? See, what was the end of those who denied this Orion is a clear statement, the message is clear. There is no ambiguity. Make no mistake, the Quran is a clear statement to all the people and the guidance and instruction for

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those conscious of Allah while after he no one, no one are alone in quantum meaning. So do not weaken. Do not feel weak. Do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are believers. If you are believers, you fix your faith. You reform your faith first, then what will happen, Allah will grant you success. But if our man is corrupt, if our man is weak, if our relationship with Allah is not correct, then how can we be successful? How can we be successful in anything? If a wound should touch you, because you see at the Battle of the Muslim suffered, suffered the loss of 70 Sahaba 70 Sahaba were martyred at the Battle of Earth. This was a huge loss. Allah says, if a wound has

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touched you, then don't worry. Why? Because there has already touched the opposing people a wound similar to it, meaning previously at the Battle of burden which was before what did you do? You killed 70 of their men. You killed 70 of their men, now you have lost 70. Now you're equal. And these days of varying conditions, we alternate among the people so that Allah may make evident those who believe and may take to himself from among you martyrs, and Allah does not like the wrongdoers. The thing is that when we suffer a loss, then we become extremely sad. we grieve so much. We go into depression, thinking that now we can never be happy. But the fact is that whatever loss we have

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incurred in this life, if you look around there will always be people

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Who have either suffered more than you, or at least as much as you? At least as much as you? So think if they're still working, if they're still trying, why should I give up the mushrikeen, they suffered a loss of 70 people at budds that did not prevent them from coming again. They came again and they fought Muslims that are hurt, and they killed 70 Muslims. So the Muslims are being told that if your enemies to stood back up on its feet after this loss, why can you not get back on your feet? You can also do it. And remember, this loss is not really a loss, because the 70 people who die a lot took them as martyrs. And with this test, Allah will purify the believers and destroy the

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disbelievers. Or do you think that you will enter Paradise, while Allah has not yet made evident, those of you who fight in his cause, and made evident those who are steadfast difficulties and trials come for this purpose, so that our true nature is known. And you had already wished you had certainly wished for martyrdom before you encountered it? Meaning before you were thinking, yes, I want to be sure he and then what happened? You have now seen it before you while you were looking on? Who am Mr hamedan illa rosu Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not but a messenger. He is only a messenger, a human being. You see, when the Muslims left their positions at the Battle of

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Earth, and when to collect the booty what happened the enemy returned and attacked again. And so the Muslims were not able to get back on their feet and fight back. And so many lives were lost, so much so that a rumor spread that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has also been martyred. And at that some Muslims, they said, What's the point of fighting? Now? Let's just give up. What's the point of fighting that grief, that pain that all the profits are the medicine has been killed because of our negligence. They felt so weak inside because of this, this loss because of this pain, that they that they could not find the strength to get up and fight, to fight to fight back. So Allah subhanaw

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taala says, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not but a messenger, other messengers have passed on before him. So if he was to die, or be killed, would you turn back on your heels to unbelief? Meaning Why did you stop fighting, you should not have stopped struggling. Because this religion is whose religion allows religion.

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The religion lives on even after the death of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. This religion moves on, even if one person dies, even if one goes away, the religion moves, it continues. Because this religion is Allah is religion, and Allah is Ever living. So if we're trying to please alone, if our struggle is for the sake of a law, then it doesn't matter who is there or who is not there, what is there or what is not there? Why Because Allah is watching us, Allah is there, we are striving for him. And he who turns back on his heels will never harm a lot at all. But Allah will reward the Grateful who are the Grateful people, those who bear loss with patience, because remember, loss vain

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hardship, when a person bears it with someone, then that is a form of sugar. That is a form of gratitude. That Yes, Oh Allah, I'm suffering from this, but you have still given me so much. Yes, there is still more that I can do. I have not died, my life is not over. There's still good things to do. So those who are grateful, Allah will reward them. And it is not possible for a person to die, except by permission of Allah at a decree determined and whoever desires the reward of this world, we will give him there off and whoever desires the reward of the Hereafter, we will give him their off, and we will reward the Grateful and how many a prophet fought and with him fought many

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religious people, many religious scholars, knowledgeable people, companions of the Prophet, but they never lost assurance due to what afflicted them in the cause of Allah, nor did they weaken or submit. And Allah loves this techfest. in Hades we learned so hello the low or no, he said, that when the helmet of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was hit, it was struck, and it got smashed on his head, and blood covered his face. And one of his front teeth got broken on either below or on who brought the water in his shield. And Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam wash the wounds of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And when she saw that the bleeding increased more by the

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water, she took a mat and she burnt it and she placed the ashes on the wound of the prophet in order to stop the bleeding. This is all that the Prophet of Allah had. This is what he went through.

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Think about it. What are we suffering in the way of Allah? Because if we do have to suffer Something in the way of Allah, we think we need to stop. We need to we need to take a break. We need to give up. Look at how much rasulillah suffered. Did he give up? Did he give up? No. Did he did he become weak? No. He kept working. He kept striving.

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And their words were not but that they said the only words they said at the time of difficulty was a benefit Lana de novo now what is Rafa? nafi andrina Our Lord forgive us our sins and the excess committed in our affairs. Because the fact is that when we do suffer, when we are feeling weak, it is because of what it is because of our own sins. It is because of our own sins, because remember that our sins become a barrier between us and Allah. So whenever we are finding difficulty upon difficulty in the way of a lot, what's the number one thing we need to do? Is the far Robin outfit learner the nobuna what is Rafa? nafi and Marina, our Lord, forgive us our sins and the excess that

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we have committed in our affairs, we have crossed many boundaries and planned firmly our feet and give us victory over the disbelieving people. So Allah gave them the reward of this world and the good reward of the hereafter. And Allah loves the doers of good. Yeah, you have ladina amanu or you have believed if you obey those who believe they will turn you back on your heels and you will then become losers meaning you must remain firm on a man on allows obedience in every situation. But in our Humala comb, Allah is your protector, and he is the best of helpers, so seek His help seek His protection, we will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelief for what they have associated

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with a law of which he had not sent down any authority and their refuge will be the fire and wretched is the residence of the wrongdoers. And the law had certainly fulfilled his promise to you, when you were killing the enemy by his permission, meaning at the beginning you were victorious until the time when you lost courage and fell to disputing about the order which order that was given by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when you did not remain together, what happened? You lost Allah's help also. Because remember, when we were united, we received the help of Allah when we become disunited, then we are left to ourselves. And you disobeyed, after he had shown you that

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which you love. Because what happened, they ran after the booty. So what happened you disobeyed the messenger when he told you do not move from there, among you are some who desire this world and among your some who desire the Hereafter, then he turned you back from them defeated, that he might test you in this loss was also a test and he has already forgiven you. And Allah is a possessor of bounty for the believers. So whenever we fail in something, remember that is also a test. That is also a test that what do we do at that time? What do we think about Allah at that time? How do we look at our own mistakes at that time?

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So what do we learn that our efforts whatever we do, it should be for whose sake for Allah sake, when it is for Allah sake with sincerity, then there will be Baraka. And when we do something which is apparently religious, but for worldly benefits, then what happens? We will get only those worldly benefits. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever fights in the cause of Allah intending only to get an A small rope, then he will have what he intended. He will have what he intended. So see, anything we're doing for the sake of Allah, even if it's fasting, what are we looking forward to the fact that we can say to people yeah, I fasted the entire month of Ramadan. No.

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Hoping for an award from who? Allah subhanho wa Taala is to do remember when you fled and climb the mountain without looking aside to anyone, while the messenger was calling you from behind? Because when they were running away the prophets Allah Lawson was calling them he put his own life in danger, and he called the Muslims in order to get them together. When he called out the Muslims, the enemy knew where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was. So immediately all the enemy went to the prophets on lots of them in order to fight him. So Allah repaid you with distress upon distress, so you would not grieve for that which you had escaped you. What is it that they had lost now victory,

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spoils of war or for that which had befallen you? What is it that the Muslim suffered at this point? injury death? So what do we learn? Allah strengthens us through loss and suffering, one loss after the other one pain after the other, what does that do? It increases our pain. tolerance, isn't it? It increases our pain tolerance. So one thing after the other Why? So that you do not grieve

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For that which had escaped you or for that which had befallen you, and Allah is fully acquainted with whatever you do.

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Then after distress he sent down upon you security in the form of drowsiness, overcoming affection of you, one another faction worried about themselves, thinking of Allah, other than the truth, the thought of ignorance, saying, Is there anything for us to have done in this matter? So we see that when the Muslims did suffer this loss, the sincere believers, they remain firm. But then when after you clean, the hypocrites, they began talking, they began saying that see, we told you, you should have listened to us. If you had listened to us, you would not have suffered today. Allah says tell them indeed the matter belongs completely to Allah. It's not about what we want. It's about what

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Allah wants, they can see within themselves what they will not reveal to you. They say if there was anything we could have done in the matter, some of us would not have been killed right here. Meaning you should have listened to us and we should not have gone out of Medina. And we should have just defended Medina from inside. And if you had listened to us, these 70 people would not have died.

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Allah says tell them, even if you had been inside your houses, those decreed to be killed would have come out to their deathbeds. It was so that Allah my test what is in your breasts and purify what is in your hearts, and Allah is Knowing of that within the hearts. Allah knows what we can see in the hearts. Indeed, those of you who turned back on the day the two armies met, it was shaped on who caused them to slip because of some blame they had earned. Why is it that the Muslims incurred loss at this time? Why? Allah says it was shaped on who caused them to slip because of some blame they had earned because of some sin that they had committed. But Allah has already forgiven them. Indeed,

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Allah is Forgiving and forbearing