Reviving The Spirit For Ramadan (Part 2)

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It's our knifes and for that we need to pray to Allah. We need to make the video how you can use the right medical studies or living or ever sustaining with your mercy. I seek help, I need your help. I'll slickly shut Niccolo reform correct all of my affairs. While at McKinley Elana thought flattering and don't leave me to myself even for the blink of an eye. Don't let my desires drive me helped me to control myself because that is what we need in the month of Ramadan.

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So in order to maximize the benefit of this month, we need to look at three things. First of all, we need to do our pre Ramadan, planning, preparation, just like if a guest is coming going to make the most of their visit. They're coming for a short amount of time. What are you going to do? start cleaning when they come? start cooking when they come? No, start shopping when they come? No, you're going to have everything done before they come. Then during Ramadan, what are we going to do? And then after Ramadan? What good habits are we going to continue with? What good ways are we going to continue with for the rest of our lives? We learned from our Hadees that it is said in the month of

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Ramadan that an angel a caller calls out every single day of Ramadan that year Belial hate a comment that all one who runs who hastens and doing good advanced keep going forward keep moving, keep doing good. Wherever they are shot upset and all one who runs in evil stop this just leave your bad habit stop now. And for that to excel in good to stop wrong. What do we have to do some planning? Because we have a rough planning in our minds that you want to read on? Yeah, I'm gonna go further away. Yeah, I'm gonna do this, but how? And especially when you have too much to do, what do you need some organization, some planning, otherwise, you will be inefficient and as a result, you will suffer in

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one way or the other. We learn from our Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, verily gibreel came to me and he said, Whosoever reaches the month of Ramadan, but he does not have his sins forgiven before his death. and due to this he enters the hellfire. May Allah distance that person. And then gibreel said to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say me, and he said, I mean, a person who finds Ramadan, Allah gave him the opportunity to live through Ramadan, but he does not make the most of it. He does not have his sins forgiven, then May Allah distance him, meaning May the curse of a lovey on him may be far away from the mercy of Allah from Jenna, that he got such a great

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opportunity, but he did not avail it. How many more Ramadan Do you think we will have to live through that can come at any time allow arland if we will even live to see this coming Ramadan, which is next week? Because death can come at any time. We don't know we might not be alive next year. Don't we know people who died in this past year? Of course we do. We could be of those who die this here. And this month comes to improve us this month comes so that we can have our sins forgiven so that we can become clean. You know how if a person has not gone for a facial for an entire year, their patient is overdue. I mean, they should go already. Likewise, if a person has not gone to the

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doctor in a whole year, it's about time they go. A yearly checkup is good. Some tests are good every year because if you don't you delay them. It might be too late. By the time you find out what disease you've developed, what illness you may have developed throughout the year will become dirty, we become filthy. All of us know that we should be patient all of us know that we should be grateful all of us know that we should have the court but really do we have that feeling throughout the year we don't it fades away and the month of Ramadan comes not just that we only talk about Ramadan but that we reap its benefits that it can actually have a lasting effect on us. So what have you decided

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that you're going to do this month of Ramadan so attend the local on attend classes in which the Quran will be read explained briefly so that your connection with the Quran become stronger? Read a juice of the Quran every single day we know that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to review the entire Quran in the month of Ramadan. So we should also do the same. Pray that are we

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you may have heard that failing to plan is planning to fail. So I want you to have a notebook a piece of paper whatever you have in your hand with a pencil or a pen and write down what you're going to do every single day. Write down your goals, what you want to achieve in this month.

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Pre animal bond prep. There's some things that you have to do before a guest comes that you have to mentally prepare yourself. And for Ramadan, you have to spiritually prepare yourself. But if you are ready for the arrival of your guests and your husband has no idea or your children have no clue, is that good enough? No. If you want to make the most of your visitors time with you, then you also have to prepare your family. Prepare yourself and also prepare your family. Don't walk into Ramadan with fear. If you notice, everybody's talking about long fasts later, we're less leap. Everyone is talking about it. I don't think I've met any person who's talking about Ramadan, and they don't

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mention something like that about it. We're entering Ramadan with fear we need to become excited about it. Because excitement it dispels fear. It dispels worries. There could be a person who is jumping off a cliff because they're bungee jumping. One person is excited. They're screaming and joy. They're smiling, they're giggling, they're jumping. And there is another person who's terrified. They could have a heart attack and die literally, but the person who's excited they'll really enjoy that jump. So we need to walk into Ramadan with some excitement with some mental preparation and to prepare you to prepare yourself for the long fasts. I want you to remember this

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Hardee's the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said no slave fasts one day in the way of Allah without Allah putting his face 70 years journey away from the fire on account of that day. A person fasts in the way of Allah What does it mean by in the way of Allah meaning when they're out traveling for the purpose of jihad? Now, think about Arabia, think about the time of the Prophet sort of all the sudden people traveling for Jihad with a fast with their stomachs hungry with their mouths thirsty with the heat, long, fast, tiring, exhausting, but because of that, Allah will distance their face away from the fire how much 70 years journey Imagine you're traveling constantly, non stop 70 years?

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How long is that distance? It's very long. Because of that one first, you're far removed from the hellfire. remind yourself of this, remind your family about this. Also tell your children about Grandma, even the middle kids. My son, he's barely three years old. And he doesn't know much about what fasting is and what not. Fasting is obviously what can a three year old understand. But as I was preparing for the stock, I was going through many resources. I was also listening to machines. And I've been telling him Ramadan is coming Ramadan is coming. The other day a friend of mine was visiting and I told him who was coming. And I asked him who's coming. He said Ramadan is coming.

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I showed him in a sheet in which the person who was thinking they were smiling. And he said, Oh, he's so happy because Ramadan is coming. Even if they don't understand what Ramadan is about what fasting is about. You want to put happy feelings, good feelings in their hearts so that they're also excited. Their smile will put a smile on your face. So prepare yourself. Prepare your family. Allah subhanaw taala says we're under Sumo highroller calm. If you fast, it is much better for you. So don't leave fasting just out of this fear. What if I'm not able to do it? Unless there's a genuine reason that's different. But don't be afraid. Allah says we're under Sumo highroller calm it is

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better for you. Secondly, what we should do is reorganize ourselves. Tidy up your house reorganize your house. Because in the month of Ramadan, you have very fixed routine a very tight schedule. You don't have time to sleep away. You don't have time to just sit around and start cleaning your closets or your kitchen or your refrigerator. No do all the major cleaning now. And you know what? In the month of Ramadan, people aren't eating much. So the kitchen is generally clean. People aren't home sitting in the living room watching television. So the living room is also generally clean. So if you do your main cleaning before I move on throughout the month of Ramadan, basically you just

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have to maintain. So tidy up reorganize from your kitchen, to your closets, to your cupboards to your pantry, to your shoe closet even fix everything so that you're not wasting your time in the month of Ramadan. Another very important thing, do some menu planning. What are you going to eat? Who is going to eat what? What are you going to eat for supper? Who What are you going to eat for? so that it doesn't happen that you're up at three o'clock in the morning and you're like what should I eat? What should I eat? What should I order no bagels.

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I'm feeling having toast. I don't want to have prata do some menu planning. See what you want to eat and see what other people want to eat as well. Even for a flop so that you don't have people who are unhappy at the dinner table. Honestly, it's

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A month of Ramadan where our focus should be on rabada. But if our food is not proper, you cannot focus on rabada. And even if you have to work, especially as women to feed other people to feed your families, don't worry about that because of the best deeds in Islam is to feed people to take that as a good deed as well. And also remember that whatever you eat should be nutritious, beneficial, healthy. Another thing that you should do is stock up on all the major groceries so that in the month of Ramadan, you're not walking through the grocery store with a huge bag of toilet rolls, or with you know, laundry detergent, nope, stock up on the major groceries. So that all you have to do

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is just get the fresh produce. And that said, Get the meat from before so that you're not going to different different grocery stores. No, get all the planning done from before because number one, you won't have the time for this. And if you spend your time on these things, then you won't have time for another very important thing, set goals and equip yourself set your goals. What do you want to achieve? You want to be able to recite the entire Quran twice, thrice once, whatever your goal is, whatever you think you'll be able to do, you want to be able to perform 10 No, I feel throughout the day Besides, besides the sooner you want to be able to read an entire book of Muslim daraz every

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single day, you want to be able to listen to a good lecture every single day, you want to be able to listen to some of the Quran every single day, set goals. And don't just set goals. But also equip yourself so that the book is not sitting in your shelf, but it's out on the table. The lectures are not somewhere on the internet, but the files are already on your desktop. They're already on your iPod and it's set in the kitchen or it's set in your car or it said wherever you're going to be equip yourself from before take out your most health, take out your door or book, whatever you're going to use, take it out, put it in front of you so that it doesn't happen that at the end of the

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day like oh my god, I forgot to read the house completely. I forgot to recite the Quran completely No. Set your goals and equip yourself from now another thing calculate and set aside years of cat as well as yourself for many people, they like to give the cat in the month of Ramadan. So if you're one of those people you have to give the cat calculate it from now so that in the month of Ramadan you're not running to the jeweler getting your jewelry wait so that you can pay zakat on it No, calculated from now. Likewise Sadako How much do you plan to give separated take out the money from the bank? Not that you think of giving further on the third day of Ramadan like oh, I have no cash,

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okay, tomorrow, inshallah. The next day you didn't go to the bank, you don't have no cash. So you're like, Okay, tomorrow inshallah? No, have it ready. Have it out in front of you. One more important thing, get your eat clothes and eat gifts. Now. Don't spend the last 10 precious days and nights in shopping. Get them out now. If they have to be dry cleaned, get them dry clean. Now you still have a week, almost a week. Whatever you have to do, do it now. And when the month of Ramadan comes and you psych the moon, then don't forget that there are you know, there are there are similar versions as well. And you can find it in any book that you see for the month of Ramadan. Allahu Akbar Allahu

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Allahu Elena will only when a man was salamati will Islam what they'll feel crema taheebo Allah, Allah, the Allahu Akbar. Allah is great. Oh, Allah, a healer, who Elena will only will Eman let this Hillel rise on us with a man with peace and a man and faith was salamati and security and Islam and submission. And also with Sophia, the ability to do good to do what that which you love and you're happy with my Lord and your Lord or moon is who? Robbie bukoba Now, this was our pre Ramadan planning. Did you notice something I didn't mention the install dinners that we're gonna have, as our pre Milan planning, send out the invites. I didn't mention that. Why? Because if you have if our

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dinners in the month of Ramadan, on a day when you're fasting, you're already tired. You don't want to be grouchy. You don't want to be snapping at people when you're hungry. And you're cooking at the same time preparing a whole lot of food for so many people. And you don't want to spend that time before breaking the fast that should be spent in making the raw on what preparing food talking to people. And because of that you miss your selected tarawih you don't want to do that. If you have to, you must invite people over for a thought. Then you know what you can do? order some food. spend extra money doesn't matter. Save up from other things, but don't compromise on your worship. And

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even better, go to a Masjid and eat there with not just a few

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Have your friends and family but so many Muslim brothers and sisters, spend your time on everybody. Because this time will not come back. You can have parties on a day all day. You can have parties after that. But this time is not coming back for a whole year. So be careful about that. I'm not saying don't have any third parties don't have anybody come over. If you must, then be careful.

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Now during Ramadan, what do we have to do? What's the first thing that we have to do? What's the first goal? What's the first target that we have to have? Fast obviously because Allah subhanaw taala says that quotevalet Muslim fasting has been prescribed upon you. Allah says in the Quran, the financial hit the main commercial failure, so who whoever witnesses the month of Ramadan, then he should fast in the month of Ramadan. Steam has to be a priority. We know from a hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Islam is based on five things booney al Islam Allah hum sin and of those five things is what was so me Ramadan, and fasting in the month of Ramadan. This like Salah

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is important fasting in the month of Ramadan is also an obligation. We know from our Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said fasting one Ramadan to the other Ramadan is expiation for sins in between when major sins are avoided. If you fast in the month of Ramadan, a whole year goes by then Ramadan comes and you fast again. So whatever minor sins were performed in the middle, washed off, gone, erased, forgiven. But this is only by fasting. Hadees tells us that fasting is a shield like the shield of one of you in a battle. And you know, when you're fasting, then even the most little things about you, Allah subhanaw taala loves even your bad breath, because your stomach is empty,

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and as a result of bad breath. So even that Allah likes from our bodies, we learned that the smell of the mouth of a fasting person is preferable in Allah's measure to the smell of must. Allah likes the smell that comes from the mouth of a fascinating person more than the smell of musk Musk is fragrance. So every part of fasting is something that Allah loves. So much so that there is a special door of Jenna, the Bab of only Yan that has been fixed for who those are fast. So if we fast in the month of Ramadan, then we'll be considered as those people who fast. Secondly, the objective of Ramadan, the objective of fasting is what law call that the own. you adopt taco taco is something

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that we have to focus on. being conscious being alert of what we do what we say. And remember that fasting, as we discussed earlier, will not just be protection of what we put in our mouth, but we will also protect our heart protected from what ill feelings, negative thoughts, jealousy, we have to get rid of them. We have to get rid of them in the month of Ramadan. And if you find it difficult to get rid of those bad feelings, make the art to Allah. Allah cure my heart. Yeah, I'll clean my heart, purify it, remove the hand, remove it from my heart for other people. Make me a loving person. Make me a nice person, a soft, a gentle and approachable person, fix my heart. Likewise, we

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have to protect our tongue. What are we going to say? What words are we going to utter? You know, when we are hungry, we become irritable. When we haven't slept enough, we become very sensitive. Somebody does one thing wrong. One thing that we don't like, and we start yelling, we start snapping, we start answering back. And we don't realize that we're answering back to our husband. we're answering back to our parents. were yelling at our little innocent children, it happens to us. So we have to learn to control our tongues. You remember the Hadith in which we learned that when one of you was fasting? And if somebody is arguing with you, then what should you say to them? That

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I am fasting, I am fasting because I'm fasting I cannot fight I cannot argue. In our bodies. We learned that whoever does not give a forward speech, whoever does not give up lying and evil actions then Allah is not in need of his living food and drink. A lot of them need that a person should be hungry and thirsty. What Allah wants from you is that you control yourself you learn to better yourself. So for that we have to fix our tongue. Likewise, we also have to protect our eyes. What are we seeing? What are we watching? What are we looking at with our eyes? Are we looking at somebody's private things, whether it is their body, or it is their Facebook, or it is their email

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or whatever it may be? There's some things that we're not allowed to look at. Likewise, people of the opposite gender

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We're not allowed to look at them with lustful gaze. We're not to just stare at them to continuously looking at them No. So, protecting the eyes as well than protecting the ears, what are we listening to? And you know what many times we have to hear bad things, because we have said or done bad things. If somebody is using foul words, if somebody is using angry words, do you, why is it so because you behave in the same way with them, you yell at your children, they will yell at you. You say bad things to them, they will say bad things to you, you snap at them, they will snap at you, you snap at your friends, they will snap at you. So be careful about what you hear. Music, of

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course, you know, bad things, of course, you know, but when do we end up hearing bad words from even our closest family members and for that we have to control ourselves. And we also have to control our stomach. Because Ramadan is not just the time of eating rather it is of fasting. So all day long, we shouldn't be concerned about some more cells and pergolas and fruit. We should be concerned about fasting. We should be concerned about bettering ourselves and for that we have to make the right to Allah for taqwa. We learn a derive the profit sort of Allison taught us Aloma igneous local houda. To our will our fEf will Lina that Oh Allah, I asked you for guidance. I asked you for the

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Aqua, you give me the Aqua are

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being chased? And will Lena being content satisfied? So make the right to Allah for the poor? Think about it in your fast. You're not putting any food in your mouth Hillel and putting your food in your mouth? Then how is it then we can put the flesh of our dead brother into our mouths into our stomachs by backbiting? What kind of fast is that? That prevents you from eating halal food but does not prevent you from eating How long? It's not working that means. So fasting will not just be about controlling our food intake. But it will be about controlling our actions controlling our words controlling our thoughts.

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One more thing during Ramadan, another target with regards to so who? And if.

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So, who before morning meal, and the for when you break your fast. Don't miss it. Don't miss it at any cost. Many times it happens that people will have a heavy if thought and they will just leave. And they will say yeah, it's only been a few hours. So what's the big deal? Forget about who know eats food as well. Do you know the benefit of cereal? What's the benefit? You might wonder? I mean, if you have just a bagel and cream cheese and a cup of tea in your circle, how can that help you for the rest of the day. So it's the same whether I have it or don't have it might as well sleep? Is there any benefit in eating seafood? From Hades we learn the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the

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Sahara eater who for interfacility Baraka because indeed ensue, who is Baraka is blessing and remember I told you about Baraka blessing benefit, that you get more out of less, so you eat less but it will have an effect on you throughout the day. We also learned another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam once he called his companions to eat food and he said, Come and eat the blessitt meal, come and eat the blessed meal. In other Hadees he said that eating this route is blessing do not neglect it, even if you take a sip of water, because Allah and His angels invoke blessings upon those who partake in the pre dawn meal. When you take sahul when you eat it, and Allah, He sends His

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blessings, the angels they pray to Allah to send his blessings on you.

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And eating so who does not mean eating five parameters, or eating three, or eating three bagels? Drinking five cups of water, no eating. So hold means whatever you eat, it should be good. It should be nutritious. It's not the quantity that matters. It's actually the quality that matters. Why do I say that? Because in our bodies, we learn that the best sir Who for the believers is dead debts. A term of debts, if you think about it, sign is very small, but it's very beneficial for you. It's full of iron and very beneficial nutrients for you. And that's why we see that when the companions when they would travel, many times they would survive on eating just half a date, sharing dates

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imagine and we can't even think of having just one date or even five dates, we think No, no until we have some grain until we have some carbs. I don't feel full. I have to have carbs I have to have such and such it's not necessary. It's all in your mind. So the Sahaba enough is a hoody Baraka and remember that when you break your fast at if last time, what are you going to say? The most known there are they have a llama

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Well, the telethon Iraq with Drew insha. Allah and make sure you write this down, print it out. If you can find it on a cars, I'm sure you can find something from the bookstore, get it and put it beside your dinner table, put it on your refrigerator, put it wherever you can in front of you is that when you're breaking your fast, you're not thinking Oh, where was it? Okay, nevermind, forget it. It's okay. No, you want to reap the benefits through every single good deed. And also before if thought is the time to do what it is the time to make daraz it is the time to pray to Allah to have your prep done from before. 10 minutes before if thought just sit down and start making Dora's.

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Start making draws. When you open your fast, open it up with water with dates, pray Maghrib and then go and eat whatever you have too. Many times it happens that immediately. You know we start having gold and deep fried stuff. And as a result, either we become bloated or we feel sick or stomach starts to hurt. Or by the time we're done our dinner we've eaten so much that we can't stand in prayer in Federal Way. So be careful about what you eat and how much you eat.

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Another important thing in the month of Ramadan that we have to do another very important goal is to make duras to Allah subhanaw taala. Allah says we'll call it a vocoder Rooney as the jubilo come, call upon me pray to me and I will respond to you. And we learned earlier that a person who finds a month of Ramadan what should his target be to have his sins forgiven, and to have your sins forgiven? Yes, you're gonna do good deeds, but at the same time, you also have to beg a love of forgiveness, you have to ask him for forgiveness. So amongst the many draws that you make, also do is still far also seek forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran we learn will be as Harry

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whom he is the Pharaoh, and at the time of so who they used to seek forgiveness. So as you're preparing your roof, your pre dawn meal at that time do is the

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stuff that a lot of stuff that a lot of be what a to LA retitle is to seek forgiveness from Allah. And remember your sins. Remember your mistakes, weep over them. Beg Allah for forgiveness, and remember that Allah is the web. He is a food. He is a Rahim at the web means what? That no matter how great the sin is, you will come to Allah seeking forgiveness, he will accept your repentance. So seek forgiveness from Allah, it should be one of our main goals. I mentioned the Hadees to you earlier that a person who does not have his sins forgiven by the end of Ramadan, may Allah distance him May the such a person be cursed. So our goal should be that by the time Ramadan ends, we have to

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be clean. So every single day at the time of servitude at the time of thought in between between the prayers, we have to seek forgiveness from Allah. In the last 10 nights the last 10 odd nights again we have to seek forgiveness from Allah soprano.

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Another very important goal target that we have to set for the month is with regards to the Quran. How can we miss Quran we cannot miss Calderon in the month of Ramadan? Because Allah says Shakira Ramadan and Lady owns Isla filco on the month of Ramadan is the one in which the Quran was sent down. And this Quran is who the only nurse it's a guidance for people will buy and clear evidence submitted who they will for con of guidance and criteria. So our goal our target in this month should be that my connection with the Quran has to become very strong. How many of you are either studying the meaning of the Quran or have already studied the meaning of the Quran? Raise your hand,

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Masha Allah, there are many of you here when a little hand but it happens that we study the Quran but then we forget. We study the Quran we learn the meanings, we give the test, we pass on it, we get our certificate, we get our diploma, but then we forget. It's not possible that you haven't refreshed in your mind 24 seven, it's not possible. So for that what is necessary revision revision is necessary. So in this month, we have to do a couple of things. First of all, we have to do tilawat on recitation of the Quran, set a target for yourself, how much Koran Do you want to have recited by the end of Ramadan? Last Ramadan, some of it I spent with my family and my immediate

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family and my brother, he had set a target that he was going to complete the recitation of the Quran in the month of Ramadan, and on the last day because they're also traveling in the middle and there's so many things going on, but on the last day before Mohit Uppsala he was sitting there and reciting and reciting and reciting the whole day he recited the Quran. Why? Because

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Because it was his target, I have to complete the recitation in this month. He didn't go out. He didn't hang around. He didn't waste time. He didn't sleep extra. No, he just sat and recite it. You know, like I mentioned earlier, Ramadan makes you disciplined and focused. Otherwise you say, Oh, I didn't get to recite the Quran. It's okay, let me sleep. No. Oh, I didn't get to recite the Quran. Nevermind tomorrow, day after tomorrow, like this days slip away from our hands. In the month of Ramadan set a target you have to complete the recitation of the Quran at least once. And if you are at the beginner level of reciting the Quran, then you have to complete the recitation of at least

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one Jews, at least to Joe's how much ever you can do.