Curing Our Faith #03 – Caught in the Storm

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The transcript discusses the negative impact of remembering certain words and actions on one's behavior and abilities, including thoughts of hopelessacy and fear. It also touches on the benefits of having a strong positive attitude and acknowledges that everyone has a unique way of thinking. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of positive thinking in helping us achieve success.

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Rila hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah holla Ali or savage Mariana big in the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah and mais find his peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family and his companions and all those who tread his path.

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So, we continue in our discussion on curing our hearts and our faith, from NIFA. From hypocrisy and being infected with this disease, this most dangerous disease that eclipses every disease of the body, that we would travel to the farthest corners of the earth to treat that those diseases only cut us off from this world, whereas the diseases of the heart may Allah forbid, cut us off from our salvation, our meeting with Allah, our relationship with Him subhanho wa taala. And to be perfectly honest, today was supposed to be about

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the approach of someone that is infected with NIFA with hypocrisy towards Salah and toiled towards sadaqa Prayer and Charity, but I was afraid that you would think that I timed it because tomorrow's a fundraiser.

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So we're not going to talk about that tonight. I'll push that one to Saturday in sha Allah Tala.

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Instead, let us speak about

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the person who is plagued with ni fac their approach to advice and their approach to reminders as framed by the Quran. What is it like when they are reminded about Allah azza wa jal about faith about the last day.

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And they are either bothered by these reminders or they are not moved by them very shallow benefits they get from reminders from wakeup calls very short lived.

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You remember, on Tuesday, we said that holiday for the allawah answer. There's four types of hearts if you remember this, we said the hearts of the believers like a fiery radiant lamp, there is the heart of the disbelievers, sealed and hopeless. There is the heart of the hypocrites, the full blown hypocrites, that is upside down a disbeliever. And he knows it right but he's inverted he thought he got it all figured out. So that is the full blown hypocrite. Then there was the fourth one that I told you we need to pay special attention to because in all honesty, may Allah protect but this is the one that we probably relate with every last one of us right more than any others, which is the

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fourth heart The heart that is midway right pumped with the healthy substance faith but pumped off also with the hypocrisy the disease at the same time. And the fear is that the hypocrisy becomes dominant and he becomes category three right? Where did where they forget this from there are Ayad in Surah Al Baqarah for example, when Allah says

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feel a little math in law you will see rune some hypocrites are just stuck in the darkness that's category three okay stuck in the dark they can't see anything. Someone Bookman Romeo and film light or JRun, Deaf dumb and blind they will never return to faith because they don't even realize they're outside of it. May Allah forbid right that is the category three then Allah says this is category four can't believe I'm throwing numbers on this. el caso de Mina sama if he valamar to Nora I don't know about or another category of hypocrites the lesser form right? Or is like they experience faith like what the Quran like what like a rainfall Subhanallah to rainy night I guess it matches Right?

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Like a rainfall but a rainfall that involves darkness and thunder and lightning

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Yeah, I Luna wasabia home feet then he him you know so if they're constantly sticking their fingers in their ears from the sound of the Thunderbolts have their own mouth fearful of death wala humo hate on Bill caffeine and Allah and compasses all the disbelievers What is this talking about? By the way, you know, Allah sent down the Quran to give life to our hearts. So this parable, this example, instead of their hearts blossoming with this rainfall, right this poor and they experience it like a thunderstorm. They're bothered by it. Because you know, the inner conflict now the contamination, right? You know, when someone's sick, even they perceive the sweet, sour, right? And

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so they are infected with the disease of hypocrisy, but not full blown yet. They're not category three, this is category four, fear to be on the way to write those who are deaf, dumb and blind. totally right. So Allah is saying these people experienced this rainfall along with thunder. It is scary for them. And lightning, there's flashes of truth, but it's like mixed up, right? You ever seen those pictures when they catch it? Just when the lightning strikes? It looks like it's daytime, right? They see things crystal clear, but

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For a moment only right.

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Little Matt and Moraga know about you. They're sticking their fingers in their ears. Why? Because the Quran involves sometimes uncomfortable conversations about you about the hypocrisy that hides inside you. No one likes to hear that stuff. But the brave person will engage it. The brave person will say no, I need to find out. I need to not be in denial. If there's a diagnosis to be made, there has to be a diagnosis. The hypocrite does not like advice, doesn't want to know, doesn't want to be diagnosed. He's afraid it might be true that he is in fact disease. That's why the Quran says Ja Rule Munna, Afia Pune and Tunez. Allah Allah him Surah tune

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to Nabil whom be Matthew Paulo be him. The hypocrites are always afraid that another chapter come will come down on them, that informs them about what is going on inside their hearts. That's why they're like this. They almost don't want to hear the next verse, right? proceed now to the next area. Allah says your care don't bark, profitable Surah home could lemma Allah Allahu Machelle fee were either of Allah Allah him como, those flashes of lightning almost snatch away their eyesight, it's, the truth is so blinding. It's so obvious to them, that it almost causes them blindness. Every time it gets enlightened for them, Allah Allahu Meshel fee they walk towards the light.

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fee waived the other lemma Allah him calm, and then it goes dark again so fast, and they stand still. This is the description of someone whose heart is disease, we said he doesn't want the advice, or he doesn't act on the advice. He sees it for a moment. And then he just stops again, sees it for a moment and then stops again, he stop and go on his feet, you're inspired when you hear the reminder. You may even shed a tear or two, and then you get up and you walk out and as if nothing happened. It's a very scary description. Because on some level, we all well wait a minute, that happens to me and the whole boy that happens to me when I get the advisor this happens to me. I'm

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inspired for just a moment and then it's business as usual. Does that mean Right? And so after I've described how the monad is or someone diseased, partially even within the fact is with advice, let me give you the positive note in the last three minutes. The positive note is Allah also said was that good for in vicarage and meaning remind because reminders benefit the believers, all of us are boosted a little bit with reminders. Just because you're more boosted in the reminder doesn't mean that your stop and go in your faith. What is the difference now between the believer who is boosted in his reminder and the hypocrite who is boosted only for the reminder, it's how far you dip after

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the reminder. How critical your behavior becomes. Do you actually go back to defying Allah? Or are you just not as vibrant in your faith? Because not as vibrant as you are during the reminder is perfectly human. Right? Faith is like that. It deteriorates the moment the reminder stops. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us, He said to humbler, you know 100 Allah came and said, Yeah, I feel like I'm a hypocrite. They said why is because my faith is so strong when I'm in front of the prophets all sudden them and then I go home and I'm with my family and my businesses and stuff. And I forget like the effect of so much of looking at that same thing

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happens to me. Wait a minute, am I a hypocrite to this is authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim so they go to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam and they say rasool Allah, I'm a hypocrite. He says, Why do you say that? He said when I'm with you and you describe Paradise and the Hellfire forget and yeah, it's as if the two of them are right in front of my eyes. And then I go home and I see my kids and my states and my business, my farm, and I forget a lot of what you said. He said some are humble if you're actually able to keep yourself at the level you're at with me and with reminders were physical. The angels would be holding your hands in the roads, you'd be almost like an angel they'd

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be in your company not just people normally can't do this. It's not natural for the most part at least not 24/7 Right? He said but oh hamdulillah the satin was out there's some time for this the reminder and some time for just being human. We're not angels and there's a moment for this and so the idea is the reminder when it's gone it doesn't dip you too far and maybe that's a good build up for sada and Salah to speak about it on Saturday. How far do you dip in your Salah in your lacks moments of faith? How far do you dip in your sadaqa in your lacks moments of faith? What is the critical line right? But otherwise, and I'll end with this hadith in the last 20 seconds he told us

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Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam in an Eman Allah clock faith is like that. It withers away all the time, constantly withering away. The same

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Lea garment grows old and withers away. First Allah Allah to Allah and ujet diddly Manaphy Hello become so just keep asking Allah to renew the faith in your heart. Oh Allah renew the faith in our heart. Continue to renew the faith in our heart learn that do I and constantly repeat Oh ALLAH renew the faith in my heart cure the faith in my heart, guide my heart through your book and renew my heart with it Allahumma Amin Subhanak along with him diksha Allah Allah Allah and minister Farooq, Anatoly