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gentlemen, brothers and family.

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Thank you so much for joining us. This episode 18 of our series the blizzard women around the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And before we begin, we just like to begin by on behalf of myself and the team along with lamassu thanking all those who joined us last Saturday evening for our series in Nightmare on Elm Street, where we discuss the events of the barossa or other the events of the public in the grave. what exactly happens on the at the moment of death? What is it like being in the cover of the woods, the punishments, the tastes, and how we can prepare ourselves for the inevitability and how we can assist those in the cabin? many wonderful questions were asked. And if

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you'd like to receive that lecture, then you're welcome to message us on our WhatsApp line and wait for triple to 38 or you can mail us [email protected] or you can mail me directly whisper [email protected]. And we'll gladly share that lecture, the night of the date. Everything with regards to the boat is off, and perhaps we'll share some of the questions that will ask. But to return to our series. We will conclude with our mother I shall do on her today. And after discussing the personality and the life of Ahmed eyeshadow delana. We said in our last episode, how difficult it was for her at the passing of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for In fact, he passed away in her

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arms after being married for about eight years, eight to 10 years. And this, of course, was the most difficult moment in her life, something which she had not prepared for. And she says that evening when he had passed away, and she had realized that he died, her father Abubakar comes into her room, and he sees the person on line the iminium Sahaba. We're not sure if this was the reality, this wasn't the deal. I'm saying I'm what I'm doing one of those who actually said that he didn't believe that the Prophet Solomon passed away. He couldn't accept that this was true until a worker of the lon comes to the socialist body, and he sees his face and he says how beautiful you are in life and

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in death. And Allah subhanaw taala will not cause for you all the sort of law to taste the pains of death twice. And surely this is the death that is promised for everybody. And he confirmed that the professor made pasta when he recited from the Quran, the ayat, Allah Subhana, Allah mentions that the Prophet of Allah Himself will also die. And the entire Muslim community mourn that day, Medina became like a cemetery, every single house was crying, and I shut up the line. As we said, she was in her neighbor's house. And she said, in reality, they had nothing in the house, even for that night, he didn't have enough oil, to burn the lamps as lighting here to borrow some oil from her

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neighbor. And she was in her neighbor's house when she heard the digging, that they began to the NPD, the professor solemn in her house. And she says that of the great honors and the things that she is blessed with is that of all the wives of the Prophet Salaam, she was the only one that was a virgin, or the otherwise we will come to know, when women that were maintenance or they were mature women in terms of they were married before, she was the only one that was never married before that he sort of Laura sent them. When he was ill, she was able to look after him and his last illness, that he died in her arms, that his head was rested on her chest. When he passed away. That of

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course, she was exonerated by Allah subhanaw taala and that he was buried in our house. So these are the honors that she sees that she has that allows, at least now after the officer passed away, I shall deal with love another 42 you know, almost 50 years, but for the eight years after that she would continue to live and she would play a primary role in the oma. She was known as the greatest scholar, definitely amongst the women and perhaps even amongst the main, one of the greatest scholars and one of the most prolific scholars in terms of teaching in terms of giving advice, and Musashi, a great companion. He would say that when April we as the companions became doubtful about

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a certain report, when we when a question we couldn't answer, then we would go to eyeshadow, Yolanda, and she would always have something, provide clarity or there was always something to be learned from her. Many of the junior Sahaba they would come and they would learn from how to be amazed and I should only learn of course, she didn't have any children. But she had a great affinity for the sons of her sister. She had a big sister called asthma, and she had sons and one of those sons Ottawa even as a way Imola one, became a great scholar. I mean, he grew up and he would spend a lot of time with us on the eyeshadow, Yolanda and he would study under her and he will become a

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great scholar in his generation. And eyeshadow on would be he's one of his primary teachers because, of course, being a nephew. He could sit in her company, unlike an Mahara min. He would even say to her, oh my auntie, how is it that you even you know, on

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Every science when we talk about inheritance, you know, when we talk about seed, when we talk about Hadith you have in every field you have, you know, you have knowledge about it. And even more than that, when it comes to medicine, even when it comes to medicine, when someone is ill, you can even give advice in our community. She was sort of like a like a doctor. So she just smiles and she says, My son, you know, I just learned things as I listen to things I pick up knowledge here and me. And of course, she was a brilliant, brilliant mind.

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I shall have to learn how she would be not just a scholar, but even amongst the senior leadership of the Sahaba. She will be of those that will provide advice to the collapse of Islam, a foreign worker and of course, he becomes the halifa of the district of salons in a worker becomes the halifa. And after him say nama becomes the halifa. And say Normally, I would say that had it not been for Ayesha, we would have been destroyed in terms of not having having her advice, having someone to give guidance when when we were not sure about what to do. So she played a very instrumental role in the in the early Muslim community, and even spinal at the time of Satan alley in terms of the fitna,

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which we won't go into when the oma was in severe political turmoil. She was the head of one of the factions of the Muslim Muslims politically, she had her own political party, we'll call that in fact, she had an army that was rallied under an army that lift maca all the way up into into Iraq following her is called the army of Asia. So she was a very important figure in the Muslim community. That was a very controversial area and time mentioned that Sheldon ultimately regretted the political choices she made after you know, in the time the fitna, and she was returned home regretful, and remorseful and painful for that, nonetheless, the point we're making is that as a

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woman, and again, we think about the society we think about when they began before Islam, women, you know, they had zero value, they were inherited, they would swap, they would change, they were bought, they were sold, things would interchange the daughters, this was how things were, they even killed the daughters, you have a woman that is basically one of the senior most members of the community that you know, the greatest of Sahaba are coming to her for knowledge for political advice. And she even as we say, she even rallied an entire army around her. So there is this hadith and part of the series, what I've done is I've looked at there are certain Hadith or ayat in the

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Quran, and that might appear problematic to us. I've gone to some of the worst websites on the internet, none of those websites that you're thinking of the websites that are anti Islam, you know, Islamophobic in nature, and they would quote a hadith No. So you see, this is what your religion says, How can you follow this religion? So we take these hobbies, and we try to explain it as we mentioned, when ISIS age, age rock, Ilana, that was a bit controversial. There's a hadith in Bukhari with the prophets of Salaam is quoted as saying he said this, no people will ever prosper who a point a female to lead them who is in charge of them. So Allah we take this hadith today it's will

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be I mean, if we put this hadith Today, many of us we, you know, you could could be locked up or you could be accused of hate speech or sexism. So the Hadith says no people will has a female as the leader will ever be successful. So how do we understand this hadith? So firstly, there's two ways of explaining this hadith number one, always ask the context, and this is something that is, you know, just something for us to learn. You don't just take an ayah out of context from the Quran, you have an eye on the Quran for Waverly masala so whoa and destruction and jahannam for the one who makes sada if you just put the ayah like that, of course is meaningless. You need to continue the next

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ayah Allah in Oman salatu salam, those who are neglectful or negligent in the Salah. So this Hadith, why did the Prophet Solis and I'm saying it, what is the context? He didn't just come one day and say, Hmm, I mean, I have something important to tell you, whoever makes a woman, his leader, then he will be successful now, rather than Muslims. At the time it was an empire called the Persian Empire, and they were extremely antagonistic against the Muslims. And you know, they will you know, in person against the prophets of Salaam. And it so happened that Allah had caused the royal family of the Persians to fight amongst themselves. In fact, they even killed each other. And one Emperor

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after the next was killed in the assassinate who another until they had no like male input as a lift, they appointed a female as the Emperor as always the impetus. And the professor basically said, this woman will ultimately cause the Empire comes through and it happened as was predicted by the prosecutors and law. So this hadith some scholars have said, is very specific for that time, meaning this empire appointed this woman will not succeed because of this. However, if we were to say expand on the meaning, and we take this Hadith, let's say and applicable to all times, then how do we understand this, all the scholars of Hadith, and imams of the Medallia agree that this Hadeeth

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should only be understood in the context of two things, the Caliph or the halifa and in the context of you

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lasala so let me make this highly relevant to us. When we talk about ladies and having females being in positions of leadership, sisters, being in charge or being in very senior positions, does this hadith mean that we should limit them that a woman cannot be in charge of anything? Because this hadith says anyone who appoints a female as a leader will fail ultimately, no, this hadith is saying that basically when it comes to being the halifa, the overall Soufan and halifa of the Muslim Empire, the one who's going to leave them in Salah, the one who's going to make footbaww for Juma the one who's going to be in charge of the armies and be in front of the jihad, this position. In

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this case, it's only open to me that's the only restriction and of course leading in sada females cannot lead Minnesota by unanimous consent by the mother hypothesis from the sooner the pasta is countless evidence for that. So these are the only two areas really that a woman is excluded in terms of the Sharia. In every other field. We don't look at gender. In fact, today, if I shall was in our day and age, she would you know, would you ask? Could you be part of the MTC? Of course she could be. Could she be part of the hidden fatwa committee? In fact, she probably the chairman of the fatwa committee, if she was here, would she be part of the motion committee? Yes, we make her the

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chairman of the budget committee, she could she be a CEO. Absolutely. So a woman and of course, her agenda in Islam does not exclude her from leadership positions, whether it is politically whether it is from Islamic sphere, whether it is in terms of organizations being the chairperson, the principal of the school, being the CEO of the company, being a judge being a party, being a female does not exclude her at all. And of course, the greatest example of that is our mother, Ayesha rhodiola, Anna, amongst the Sahaba. She was, of course, a very powerful and senior leader. And so even to the point we actually get an army was very prolific in her time. So this hadith must not be taken out of

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context and must not be misunderstood and they are those who use this to abuse and to undermine the rights of women. And this is of course, using the words the prophet SAW Selim against what it's meant to do. This is something which is of course very, very wrong. So this Heidi does not in any way limit the women and of course we see from Isla de la from herself. What a great you know what a potent role she played in oma getting back to eyeshadow Viola and how she would spend most of her life as the otherwise the person in Medina. She would travel sometimes to perform hygiene Amara into Makkah along with her co wives, and of course, in the days of fitness, she did a very strange thing,

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which was to leave all the way to Iraq and to participate in the fitness

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events for the sake of the oma in her he had playing her role in terms of doing what is best for the oma. Of course, he regretted afterwards in return and matoba for that, but what is amazing is that of all the houses of the proposal, um, so he obviously had multiple wives, and each one would have their own house. The only house that remains today is the house of Shabbat Ilana, that is we we find if we go to measure another week to Medina, we will find the professor's grave is buried in her house. And when the professor passed away, he continued to live in that house. And she would say, you know, after two years of the different professors alum, her father abubaker, who was horrified

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he then became ill and he came to her and he asked to be buried in her house and of course, she's her father. So she agreed, and we first say no, Baccarat Dion is buried next to an ibclc in Ayesha's house. And Ayesha continues to live in this house. So the grave of her husband are the prophets of Salaam, the grave of worker is in her house, and she would basically cordon off one area or one section of the house, and she would love in that small area. And she would say this area where she was living in, she lifted reserve. This is where she was going to herself be buried next to her next to her husband and a visa annex to Albuquerque. And then 10 years later, say Norma was the halifa he

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was injured, he was stabbed in the Sala and when the doctors basically said to him that look, there is no chance for you to be to survive this you are going you're dying, say normally sent his son of the law to Russia. And he says ask Ayesha that Omar not the halifa. I'm not asking her as the halifa as the Amir. I'm asking her justice Omar, will he will she give me the permission to be buried next to my two friends meaning next to the Prophet Salim and next to a co worker. And I share when she was asked. She said that look at this grave spot she had hoped to keep it for herself. But because she knew how much then abyssal Salam loves drama. And she knew how close the three of them were that

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she couldn't say no to him and so therefore she said I agree, Homer mine, maybe buried the and so on is buried next to Albuquerque. If you imagine how they operate the vehicle Salaam is buried and at his feet basically you have seen our bucket. And then behind the number bucket you have seen it as well. And then of course on the right side facing the Qibla. And this is Ayesha would say this was how

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You know, in all of this is in a house and that's basically how big our house was not mostly wasn't space for yet another grave. And she would say that and look at the level of hierarchy or the level of modesty of this woman, when she would come and visit the professor solemn and walk out of the cupboard, before she would be released.

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And not completely completely in the level of a job as required, but who is the boss, because of course, this is her father and her husband, then we say normal is buried the she would now practice you put a curtain between her and the grave say normal, because he's a strange man. He's not, you know, of Muharram Subhan Allah, even in depth, this high level of hijab, when we're speaking to the sisters, during our event on Saturday evening about the video. Now many of the systems of course, when in fact, the sisters shouldn't be there, when we believe the date so most sisters don't get to actually see the video process. And many of them were surprised that when a lady is being buried, we

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first cover the the grave with a with a sheet with some kind of covering, so that when her body is removed from the, what we call the cattle or the the casket, which is the body is being transported in and her relatives or loved ones take that body out and enter into the oven. She's under a covering so that her former finger is not shown even in death. We give this level of modesty and respect to our sisters. One hungry line is something quite unique for the sisters to actually experience. So a mother I shadowed Yolanda. She had always hoped to be buried in this house along with a notebook along with the prophets of Salaam. But of course, the nama was buried. And

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therefore, when she was at 66 years old in the time of Satan, Amalia delana, almost, you know, almost 60 years after the different prophets of Salaam she would come at this bit, and she realized that she was about to die. She first of all asked any people that she knew that was around her for pardon if she had done anything wrong. In particular she had some Salama was alive was a co wife and they had the the tension and when we get to Santa Monica, we'll see that between Ayesha and Salama there was there was some tension as is between co wives and she system Salama? What happened between us is what normally happens between co wives competition for the same man and she asks, please

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forgive me for anything that I've done that was wrong. And of course, I'm Solomon, you know, forgives him. And I show them you know, gives every last one even little she hadn't, she never had much, but she gave everything she had away. She had no slaves, she had no property really. And when she passes away, she's buried in Buffy, along with the other wives of the Prophet SAW Salem along with soda, soda and Ayesha. They are very empathy with all the other wives. Of course, Aretha

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was built in Makkah. So we have now discussed three wives about Salah mentioned our mother Khadija, we mentioned our mother soda. We mentioned eyeshadow, the olana and inshallah in our next episode, we'll begin the discussion on the next life one of them have been to Homer have saw the daughter of a number of the approximate married female workers daughter Ayesha, and you also may have saw the daughter of Satan Ahmed, how did she become the wife that would be so slim? How did this occur? We'll talk about that inshallah. In our next episode, Zack Allah Hi, thank you so much for any questions, concerns comments with [email protected] please contact us directly circle hypersonic

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Kumar lawyer.