Ammar Alshukry – Poem a Day – Where Im From

Ammar Alshukry
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From where kids smile sweet and now's me, where the sun always shines and grandfather's tail tails a golden times and grandmother say prayers that always right on from that day Leah and Rob and women wrapped in thugs Hand Center with sandalwood and sesame with henna for decor, and everybody's got an idea or a plan that'll fix you down for sure I'm from where people still sleep outside at stars still fill the sky and family ties are still a notion deep and thrown meals and never ate a load and kids chase cars to welcome people home and your cousins are always trying to keep your clothes and run your phone because we're all family folk in Canvas some code is scared and 500 is about where

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your family counting begins. I'm from where people's dreams are worldwide and go way beyond the country where they reside if only because home is beautiful and broken so to survive they have to leave by any means by any token gotta run away can stay they just pray better days.

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