Sulaiman Moola – Piety Has No Age!

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the myth that piety is only associated with seniority and that older people cannot be considered friends of Jesus. They also criticize the use of the term "med strict" to portray older people as the "med strict" of the age.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim there is a myth out there that piety is synonymous to seniority only. When you talk of a saintly person or a sage of the age, then the automatic image that comes to mind an elderly person, a weak person, a frail person, and in many cases that is correct. wisdom comes with age with time, with experience, etc. But that does not suggest for a moment that a young person cannot be the friend of Allah. And today I want to dispel that myth. Jews 15 chapter 18 verse nine, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I'm Jose better and as you can see, we're at the mecca no Minaya, Tina Jabba, do you think that the people of the cave will wonders from amongst our signs, verse number

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10. When Allah elucidates and elaborate, he doesn't reference them again as the people of the cave is awash in alfetta when they took shelter in a cave, but rather from grammar we learn fi is smooth via here mo the Hamid Allah came with a proper noun in the place of a pronoun. Allah didn't say when they took shelter, Allah said when us took shelter, Li Abdullah Allah camellia Pahlavi him to indicate the greatness and the accomplishment of these youth. Leah Dona Ana camellia tala be him Hi, so it terbaru houfy highlighting yesterday Luna Fie Bella, we were lucky that these youth obeyed Allah at a time when the average young man is preoccupied with amusement and entertainment, and they

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were defined and profiled as the friends of Allah. What did Imam Shafi say my young brother and my young sister, woman further hood de la Mohawk, Tasha Bobby he, for Kabira la urban liver 30 he, if you've lost your youth, and you did not obey Allah in that youth, you've died a spiritual death before you die the physical death, probably you can perform for duck beards, and have a figurative funeral over this person. Without turning Fatah voila, hippie like me what Toka the virtue of a young man is through piety and obedience to Allah. And yet again, one pious scholar said that a young man in his youth who obeys Allah, it is said to him, and you have Cheb utter Riku Shahada holy

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*, Mata Beth de Lucia Baba hoomin edgerly and tell him the Kaaba mela ekati. curb your evil desires, suppress your evil aspirations and obey Allah and you will rank like the melodica in the eyes of the Almighty

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