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Episode Notes

by Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samerai


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The speakers are reading a book on Islamic culture and struggling to understand the concept of "three" in Arabic. They discuss grammar rules, including using singular numbers for a number and the use of "monster" in French. The speakers also touch on the use of "harbor in English and "monster" in French, with some confusion and misunderstandings. They mention the importance of "less" and "less emphasizes" in English, with some confusion and misunderstandings. The transcript covers topics such as "marigold," "marigold," and "marigold."

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Where are you? We're live.

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Okay, yeah, it's time to get like Islamic or something. Okay. All right. So we're gonna keep reading this book that keeps you awake at night.

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I gotta finish this introduction. I am committed to finishing this introduction. I think it's cool. And I'm going to force you to think that it's cool. Okay, because that's what good Islamic suppose.

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That's kind of far. I mean, I have to admit, it really is for me, because I can see it. Um, yeah, I could, I could fullscreen it.

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Even then it's going to be small for us. It was pretty far. Yeah, I was pretty good. No. Yeah, I can't do it. Okay, so you know what I'm gonna give you?

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No, it's okay. You don't have to see it. You can just listen.

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Okay, gave whether

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what, what is the web? So he started talking about kind of a side question, which is not as important. But he did mention a pretty

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interesting concept. And we're going to talk about that.

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Let's see.

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So in Arabic, their numbers are weird. totally weird. Okay. So when you have one, like one car, you know, so you know, let's just say your.

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So your wife

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might say, Oh, it's one car.

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And two cars is say you're 30.

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So your attorney if met,

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you don't have to add their content, because it is already to you guys already know that right? So, okay, one into right. But when it comes to three, they make it unlawful marketing. Okay. And I won't teach you the grammar of that. But I want to show you something for law school, say rotten.

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Okay. So that's the car. Now notice the car art is poor.

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Okay, so this was singular. And then when it came to three, it became poor. Okay? They do this until 10. So three to 10. Whatever you're counting, they're gonna use the plural.

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So it's going to be cars, right? But when they get to 11, and bigger, like bigger numbers, then they say for example,

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if the

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Oshawa so y'all

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say Yara, 10 singular or plural.

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Singular again, in other words, from from three to 10 which is lesser quantity.

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Arabic uses this the plural.

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Okay. And then 11 to bigger

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11 n en.

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It uses the, which is more quantity.

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They use the singular.

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Which sounds weird. For lesser, they use plural. And for more they use singular. The grammar is a

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little more complex. It's called dynamic. Okay. So as I read that, that's the point that is going to make that three to 10 is actually the Arab Arabic language uses the plural and 11 an EN it uses the singular. What that did was that in Arabic Bulava in Arabic rhetoric. In Arabic language, sometimes plural

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means less.

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And singular means

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more it's like a word game. You will think plural should mean more and singular should mean less. But actually because of this thing that we have inside their language, it's flipped. So sometimes the plural actually means less and the singular actually means more. Okay, so let's read what he says. Under the above the staminal Gemma attorneys and the appellant other well Who Am insalata in Ashleigh Asha Rafa, he does other and an Asha Raja will move.

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The Arabs use the plural qualifier. For lesser numbers meaning three to 10 they use the plural I just had that three to 10 to use that for and what goes beyond 10 they use the singular for the whole philosophy to reach out they say three men region is plural autobio to the Japanese unbroken plural for men, I shout out to the john 10 men for insider and Ashleigh Masada Catherine Jah Jah, Bill Morford for the whole shrew, Nora Julian

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If it goes beyond 10, and it's much more a number than they'll use the singular issue now Virgil and 20 inside doesn't say 20 men. It doesn't say V. JOHN, it says a module right here. This right here. There's a legend. Why this isn't the news. This is old English, too. They say 20 a man 100 a soldier came, right? So many nights I have traveled, right instead of many nights. So many nights. It's actually kind of like that. Okay. So issue number two. We'll meet at origin 100 men. Well, I'll follow Julian 1000 men are men, men men, right? But here are Gemma up una hooter. Nice and in Kyla will well Morpher up una hota Nizam lil Kapha. So when the 10 years

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fire captains, okay, so 100 100 A men 1000 men. That's how they say 1000 a man means 1000 men, right? They don't say 1000 men, they say 1000 a man. Okay. So they're basically he's basically making the point that the singular in Arabic rhetoric is associated with more compared to the poor. Okay, what can you do on my up on an offer because Robbie, Philip and gentlemen gallican was there's a typo here. So I'll skip the typo. And a lot of times they will put the singular word to tell you something is more where you were expecting the plural will have that quality for most will was more for I don't know alcatra while was formed in Germany, a delusional killer. So describing something

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with the singular means more and describing something with the plural can actually mean less but go Luca eyeshadow muffin Murata on another show genetically with inoty Milo put as your own mouth mirror to him by now your job, Kathy. Awesome. So let's let me

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take you through this example. So Joe is a Sharon is a tree.

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Okay, can you see w

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You see that? He should this into this. How about this? Is this better?

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Nicole? Keep me check you going?

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Is this visible?

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shadow is a tree. Yeah. Ash jar

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means trees.

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It's the it's the plural. My first question grammar review. Is this regular portal feminine portal broken portal? What kind of Portal is x? jerr?

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we know it's portal?

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Well, if it's masculine plural, it should have we're not you know? Oh, so it's feminine. If it's feminine floral it should have

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for it has neither of those and it's still plural. It's a Oh a broken so broken PLO is a human or non human non human. This is not Lord of the Rings.

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So this is not a human. So this is an argument broken through. What did you learn grammar about non human broken? That can be either singular feminine or adjective should be what?

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It should be singular. feminine, right? That's what we expect. Yeah. And what did you just learn about singular today? singular?

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What did you just say? When did Dr. Samurai just say about singular? singular? They Oh, they could be multiple singular is more

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or less? Okay, so watch this.

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Job one. Move me along. tone

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and ash jar on?

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Most miratorg.

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Okay, what you learned in grammar class was a shout one. Welcome pearl. Yes. So the adjective should be singular.

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But it's singular, feminine.

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But the Arabs sometimes take this plural and they give it a plural, feminine.

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What Dr. summit I just say the plural means what? More or less.

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More plural means more local means less according doctors means less. It's opposite, right? And so this is less. And this is no more so if the Arabs as a shot must be right means fruitful. Okay. fruitful trees if you describe them as both miratorg it's lesser trees.

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If you describe them as what we're doing, it's more trees.

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That's what he's saying. Okay, so now he says

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Javelin with me rotten words I wrote tell you that the number of trees is less busy laughy mouth local shelter and most marathon and if you say the spot that use the singular feminine singular though, that means that the trees are much more

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up on Alameda

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little kathira and they also use this the singular pronouns who are here are singular pronouns. They'll use those for more. Well let me know Gemma

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nakoda Nicola remark ootheca Sapna Yanni abunimah kalila was only can imagine a new one in this one. You say Africa only got a remarkable like a solid. But so this one

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roompot is a sphere.

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FEMA on his spears. It's a broken plural. Okay, now our Lima hold. And remember, we made it I looked it up. Okay. Now,

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the kasara is like the under my family. The kasara means it broke. Okay. Reema, who is the moqtada It's a broken tool. It's non human. So it should be feminine, right? So the harbor should be also singular, feminine. So how do I make the cassava cassava cassava? How do I make it come in

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cassava? Yep. Because salad.

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But what's the hoonah version of the customer?

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are remarkable. Who

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are not

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here to have

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a setup for decades. Guess I guess so better set up the

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backup center. Excellent job. That Gus. Now in this one I used here. Which means she and this one I use for now. Which is they feminine for bacon. Right? Then Willie's

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remark is still the spears, the spears? They broke the spears. They broke. What is Dr. Simon like in this house? Which one is more Spears? Here? Yep, Taka salt is going to be more spears. Because sadhana is going to be less Spears because when you use the same word to describe the same thing when you use the plural word you're alluding to less that's the counter intuitive thing. It's opposite of what you expect. Okay, so he's saying and I thought I'll call Nicola remotec Asana, Asana, which is the portal Yanni under remarkably, that means that the spears are what is karela going to be more or less I could pick us up

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on either doesn't matter if you don't know the word look like Asana. Is it more or less like Asana

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really far

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that sound is recorded here because look

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there's going to be less Yep, cannula is less without nickel emoji inulin is what that's because the moon was used

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the lunar feminine in Africa as opposed to us saying remapper Taka Salat ok select just here it is that going to be more or less but not me and not the Mac petyarre that means that the spirits are more when new philosophy lagenda with that we'll move on and noon essentially is for the plural and that is for the singular you already know that from your past tense conjugations. Okay, now look at what Allah does, this is going to be where the fun begins. And I thought about picoliter either don't do not see in the Word of Allah, Allah Allah in that show, what do you guys can see my screen because the monitors are working in

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that asurion Hound of the month as far as a lie is concerned, if now I shall attach If not, I shall I shall run is 12 months. So that the fact that we have 12 months in a calendar is not just something human beings device device. Allah has essentially alluded to the fact that he inspired us to have that there should be 12 months in the year in thekey tabula in the book of Allah, yo maharlika sumati will under since the day he created the skies in the earth minha arbeiten Haroon, from those 12 months there are four that are sacred for our back and photomosaic most of setup for sacred bonds

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danika Dean will call emo that is the established religion find out of the movie Hinata don't do any wrongdoing during those sacred months. I'm for certain don't do any wrong to yourselves and those sacred ones like we're that sacred month right now for example, right. So now, Allah says that this the how many months are sacred or not and how many months are there the year okay, so love before we left

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Apply with Dr. Simon, it just said to us about porcelain less.

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What are you? What do you remember? Three to 10? Do the Arabs use? Because that's lesser number? Do the Arabs use plural? Or do they use singular? They use? Yeah. Because it's less they use plural. And

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more than 10. Do you expect plural? Or do you expect singular? Are the 12 months?

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singular? Yep. And for the four months, do you expect plural or singular?

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For the four months is less, right? Unless you go with opposite? Poor, right? So now watch in that issue hoody and Allah that the count of the months as far as ally is concerned, is 12. In the book of Allah, the day he created the skies in the year, min Ha.

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from them, what's the word for them here? mean? How what what are the two words here, buddy? A minha?

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Yeah, I mean, there's a half of

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Joe and Jose.

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From what word?

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She, right. Because it's non human pearls, right? months, the she is being used. And she is for more, right? It's for more, and the more tells you that it's more than 10 because it's 12 months, but then writing the same idea. How many months are sacred.

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Four months are sacred. Don't commit crimes in those four months in them don't commit crimes in them, that them is that going to be here? No, it's going to be hidden up.

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Because hundreds plural, right? I'm always being used for less. So immediately, Allah switches between the two numbers, right? Because the HA, in the IR was for the 12 and the hidden that is for the four but that's only more p Hana. And for some it's it's pretty geeky, but so cool. How the product immediately switches so pay phone number call if Nasha and minha for months when ha well arbeiten for FY Hana first their model Morford minha will cassava gem if he knows Killa so mean how was used for more and for him that was used for less? Right? I'll skip this. This is just the He's like, How awesome is that passage? But what does that mean? Arpita below for our b&b invoicing.

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Okay, who are you adjusting? How are you and how awesome is this people? Are you judging other scholars? How amazing is this? Are you adjusting? Have you moved to Luna? Luna with any people that are you know, bewildered by knowledge? Isn't this incredible? He's just like, losing it as he's writing it's pretty cool. Woman yesterday mother said to bother fedorova philosopher, philosophical for adultery, who knows what new things are gonna come out in the study of the world? Well, mother, sorry, a nurse manager. I mean, I got a B here and what people are gonna see in the future of its wonders, but in the hazard Kitab coma colossal illustration and that are the people who when I look

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when I look when cafetera that the prophets are even said there's its wonders will never sees, it never ends.

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So my love for on the who associate Mr. Mandela Park, this is actually something that's really interesting to study in the plot.

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So Arabs liked having multiple words, for the same thing. Okay.

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And they were kind of interchangeable, like, you know, I can in English, I can say I'm mad, or I'm angry.

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Same thing, right. And you're not going to say my whole life. If I'm mad at medyo. I'm just going to use the word mad. But if I'm mad at my brother, I'm going to use the word angry, I have decided that mad is reserved for Medea. And anger is reserved for most of us, you can't do that. Because you can't remember, in the moment, you're not going to write, you're going to use one or the other. You can reserve one for one and reserve the other for the other. That's not how language works. Right? I took some time explaining the first one to you. So we'll do this tomorrow. But he's gonna show us how in the front 23 years, Allah decided to reserve certain words or certain things that the Arabs

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never did, the Arabs would use them one way or the other. But Allah over a 23 year revelation decided some words are reserved for certain ways. Others are reserved for some other ways. And that's, you can't do that unless you own the language. You don't just have mastery of the language or good at the language. You own the entire thing. Never does one word go out of place. Right? So he keeps using that particular word in that particular way. For example, I'll give you one quick example of it matter and race. So my thought in Arabic is rain and Wraith is also rain. So if it's raining outside even today, the Arab system tells you know, it's raining right and

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And then the other alternative word for mother is like, what is the Quran do over 23 years, every time Allah says that punishment rained down from the sky, which is negative, he used motto. And every time he talked about rain being a blessing, he was a thief.

00:20:23--> 00:21:00

Even though for error, they're both just rain. They have slightly different connotations. But it sounds like one of them is negative one of them is positive. But Allah is demonstrating something precise about his language. He's not saying McCullough is a bad word, and eighth is a good word. But he's demonstrating how consistently he is. He speaks in the Quran with this perfection that once he decided that he's in negative context, he's going to use the word mcca. He sticks with that. mckees what I'm pretty sure Ah, so I thought that are hundreds of you know, days apart months apart, years apart. How do you remember five years ago, I used this word for rain in a good context. So I should

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still use it in a good context. And I use that word for radio bad context. So keeping in mind that I've spoken like this years ago, I should remain consistent and speak like that even now. That's impossible for us. Right? So even this becomes like, a mind blowing feature of the, like, the casual use of words, becomes unusually specific, and usually precise, and that's what he's going to comment on. inshallah. I'll

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dig some more into that would be, which is so so cool. It's 20 minutes. I don't know how long that was. I don't keep track of time. 20 minutes. 20 minutes. It is barakallahu li walakum somalisa. guys remember gear restaurant? We'll do the rest of the guys. Yeah, yeah.

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You're great. You're awesome. Everyone's great, y'all.