Giving charity to get relief from problems

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said that she has an issue or a crisis or whoever does have this, and they want to give in a charity in order to remove or get relief from this crisis, that is the best thing that you can do, besides making

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because giving any charity would left and remove and protect again is the anger of God. So the history

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especially given in a charity secretly, of course it is, which way should we give to a charity and like, you know, there are many means of giving in a charity to build a machine to an orphanage, whatever you think is in need most at this time. You know, somebody that is going through a surgery, and they're in need, that is more worthy than an orphanage, and orphanage is threatening to shut down because they don't have fun. It's more worried. Somebody is laid off and they don't have enough funds to provide for their families fine.

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So basically, if you know those who are in need.

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Right now, there is a camp or more camp in in Syria, we all see that the 1000s of Muslims in Syria are vying out of hunger, while millions of Muslims are dumping extra food that they waste in every single meal. So they are more worthy than anybody else of receiving our saw the heart initiative, if you know somebody who can deliver the money to them to spare the lives Baraka Luffy and make plenty of drama and will seize this opportunity to ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for you and for your family.