Abu Bakr Zoud – The best deed to be done during the month of Shabaan

Abu Bakr Zoud
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And I say to you that the best thing to do in Chabad is exactly what Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did.

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Can I assume Shabbat? illa kalila is the first Shabbat except for a few days, those a few days they said only two or three days and we'll know you I told you by far, the best deal for you to choose is the fastest. The best deed to choose is the fast and these days. Don't worry, they're not they're not difficult. They're very easy. Yani 12 hours of the day. This is an Al Hamdulillah different to overseas 1617 hours they'll do Shabana Ramadan in summer. Not hungry love. We're doing it in winter, but have at least one meal in your life when you found Chabad Fie severely left all of it. Oh, yeah. And what remains of it from now on until the end of this month.

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The first thing and the reason alone while he was under that he says, the first thing let me give you something so that we understand exactly. What does this great action and worship? What does it mean to Allah subhanho wa Taala and what kind of reward does it carry behind? Me so mamajuana usnm He says,

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Masami Omen feasability that there are other lava shovel. I'm Johanna Sabina halifa. This is Eleni says anyone who fasts one day for the sake of a lot of long distances faced from Youngnam 70s 70s. Yanni Chabad is 30 days

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30 times 70. That's 2100 years 2100 years, sharp and on its own is enough to separate your face from janome for 2000 years, on that day when the faces are being bugged by the flames of Youngnam. Even before the people into the genre, when you are far away from this mess, and far away from this curse, because you decided in 2017 your first job and feasibility lab and your reward in a hadith interview Salalah alayhi wa sallam he says, Listen to this

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demo barf. It begins as a hobby number one Nabi Salaam Salaam is narrating. He says every deed that the son of Adam does is multiplied, is multiplied and has an advantage.

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It's multiplied between 10 times and 700 Times called a Lavoie so as an individual I shall be speaking and then the heavy the novel is stops and it becomes a hobby of Tootsie. Allows origin is narrating now. In other words, what's about to be said is so huge. Nobody himself said it in love soul, except fasting or fasting is not multiplied between 10 and 700 pipella de la la so for him the Holy One ICB except fasting that belongs to me that no The one who does it does it sincerely 100% sincerity for most of Hannah Diana deserved something special. Allah says, Allah, Zb, I will reward for it. And what does it mean a love would reward for it, meaning the reward is too big. It wasn't

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able to be mentioned, if the reward was mentioned and said,

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How many books you need. But allow social summarized all that and said why there has to be I'll give the reward for it. It's too big to be mentioned. Don't worry about it. This is the virtue of fasting. These are the best days of fasting now in Chabad and follow it up with Ramadan. So have Allah and the VESA Lord wanna send them? He says in a Howdy. How do you know

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if you've heard this before law says in the level of manikato soluna. We know the

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Mohammed, Mohammed. What does that mean? That means a Mara soldier is saying that he woman

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and all the angels that are right now on Earth, that are right now going up to the sky and coming down from the sky that are in the first heaven in the second heaven in the third until the seventh, the angels that are in Baden Malmo that seems that they have created it until now. 70,000 angels going there and they come out and never to return. All these angels, the universe, animals

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are sending their prayers upon Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam great virtue. Well, you've now listen to this Howdy. And Nevis Allahu Allah he was selling he says, in the law and a

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legal solution other

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than Allah subhanaw taala that all the angels continuously send their prayers upon the ones who do and Yani basically only wake up. So in other words, the fasting person and where are you going to get that virtue other than in in fasting? Where are you going to find this virtually any worship, other than the worship of fasting? In other words, yes.

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A portion for a London the angels to send prayers and sort of light upon you just by fasting. My brothers. Yeah, I mean 12 hours of fasting, engaged in a continuous worship. What other words and if I told you pray 12 hours, you will be able to do it in the Elijah law. If I told you may think of sit down and make liquor for 12 hours and don't move. Yeah, you can't do an 11 year Shama. If I said to you make God for 12 hours continuous don't move 12 hours go out you can't do it. You only worship that is continuous and connected is fasting 12 hours of worship, whether you're sleeping or you're not working or you're heatless about yourself into your in reward 12 hours until you break your fast

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when Where are you going to find a worship like this? Well, the one that is fasting is what is accepted 12 hours of guaranteed accepted that what other worship is going to offer you the same reward and maybe some amount while he was mm

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hmm and then he comes to us. And he says to me also Allah Tell me something that I learned from you tell me a good deed.

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So let me system with no hesitation it comes so fast. Now listen to the commentary, it says for in No.

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There is nothing that is equal thought there is nothing like it. What does that mean? There is nothing like it that will cleanse your heart. There is nothing like it that will cleanse your soul. There is nothing like it that will bring you closer to a law. There is nothing like it that will help you in overcoming the shame bond and the temptations. There is nothing like it that will bring you only the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah

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subhanaw taala because again, you look at the virtue, the merit behind it, it makes one yeah, and you forget the hardships and the difficulty of fasting and hold on to it for life until he meets a loss of data and hoping from this hustler that a lot of social admits him and for those that are that need to choose something for yourself, identify yourself buy something before you pass away before you die and you make a loss and then resell or whatever you're selling decision how do you do that? How do you visit let me give you a commentary on it. He says the Hulu family saw him available in the law. We know that it means that the breath of the fasting person is more beloved to Allah to

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the people to Allah it's more beloved to Allah than the smell of of musk like if if that's just the breath that is loved tomorrow more than the fragrance of most How about how about the fasting person himself? Because his breakfast mocha love that mess? How about the first thing person himself from top to bottom himself the entire person? How much more is he loved by most of

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it this is a serious version gets you so much reward and levels and pleasure and happiness of Allah subhanaw taala that you would never expect and find in any other way. Look how easy it is. You wake up this Miller is Stein below you and

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he says seek the help of a lot and don't sit back. And don't be doubtful. Don't sit down and count them up. And start just goodness Yeah, and if you haven't eaten anything from now this be less than that. We haven't shown what the other program is delayed data together show love. We're putting the intention that we're going to pass the month of Chabad B is the law what remains on we're just at the very beginning of it. So we finished Friday, Saturday and we're on Sunday right now and we have been delayed until the end of the month where you're any in Chabad what you're supposed to do is find for yourself a friend that will help you in the worship find for yourself a friend that will

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help you in the question Who am I shall know that people have the potential the people who have been asked the most paradata to accept from you all we ask him to Canada to make his worship easy honest. choose for yourself a good righteous companion that will keep you on the track to fasting shall burn until the end of it until about comes or low he by the time Ramadan comes you'll find yourself marisha on what you'll find yourself. Yeah, and the Ramadan will come one of these headaches of fasting when I'm hungry on this and on the first day was difficult lalla you don't have any of this you've already dealt with all that in each other. You come in blah blah blah you already start your

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reading of the Quran start from now start from now for those who are slow read how fresh is it by the time Ramadan comes continues. So inshallah tada you finish it by the end of the month, any divided for yourself, this is a month for preparation. And if you prepare for it properly, and you prepare for it in the best way to prepare is like the way of lasala muscle have a lot of water yourself in how he prepared for it, then Yanis would have a lot to say

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You'll see something from apostle Hannah what data you have never seen before in your life. You've never fasted Shabbat pasta for the sake of

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just at the beginning, Gary can assume Shabbat illa kalila used to fast Shabbat except for a few days, those a few days they said you're only two or three days we're on track is delayed the other way on track your initial data find for yourself that companion will be later

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on this show Matata all of us promise yourself eat dinner before you walk out that you're going too fast the month of Shabbat levita not for anyone else Allah knows it. And the most sincere worship is fasting. You know the best part of it. The best part of fasting is Yanni not

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when you eat something, but actually before that buy something you see. The best part of the first thing is some words you say just before you let me share this with you. I'm lucky these words are more exciting than the meal itself. Let me send them he says What do you know? The one who first he says what's the

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right format Jani. The first is about to go because you say it before you eat, what the letter and the vapours have been quenched with this water that was yummy that you drink. How What do you say after that?

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What are you in sha Allah? Yeah, I need the word. The reward for this fasting has been confirmed. It's being redone. It's not in the book. It's going nowhere. You only worship that you can guarantee for yourself that he's accepted is fasting. Nothing out there's nothing out there is no worship. After it. We say follow the ledger after every worship Allah Mata company Allah. But first thing

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he did is confirm this is the only worship that is 100% in sincerity to a lot of soldiers, it cannot get wasted.

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And he teaches us as well. It's just a way of Sofia and authority of law. You know,

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when the people only when the people of believers are entering the paradise, they pass by the slop just before you enter the paradise. There's something called Kampala there is something called a compiler before you enter the paradise controller, and compiler is where there was problems between Muslims it's going to be sorted on a compiler before you enter the paradise.

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This brother He swore at me and despitefully oppressed me before you enter Paradise, give him give him from your solar, give him from your soul, give him this Muslim your backbiting and he's still he's not happy with you. Give him from your Hassan Sophia. Mo la he says in love so except fasting you cannot give be given to anyone for even know how sad it is protected. You cannot give the first thing to anyone. First thing stays with you. And it is given to no other Oh, only 160 that cannot go anyway. Through that hassle that you enter the paradise. Yeah, and hold on to this great deed is great worship that also a Muslim

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teaches us alone.

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In the Quran, he described the first thing person with this word, a set

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a set your home that you wouldn't be doing at home you don't

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say who you saw? And why did he says what to say Hold on. A second hold is a tourist. The first thing person is called a tourist in the pool. And

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what does that mean? He's a tourist. You see a tourist my brother's is someone who's always excited. He's always happy. He's discovering new land. He's eating new food mesh out of LA, and he's on the heart. He's on a high tourist. No sign is exactly like that. The first thing person is exactly like that. In other words, when you deprive your body from food and drink and sexual desire during the day, you give your soul a chance to elevate you give your soul a chance to discover new levels with the poor, with the most Canada with the first thing with the prayer with the worship that you do on Monday pre while fasting is different to praying while not fasting or making

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is a different feeling to someone making thicker when he is not fasting fat. This is why he is referred to as the tourist my brother's journey I don't want to take longer than this take upon yourself and take an oath with yourself on a contract and an agreement with yourself that we learn you first the entire days left for Chabad in preparation for Melbourne so that it shall live so shall we are more of a chance for the records in the heart to be accepted by most have had a dialogue and those being open during the month. of all of our well

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For those who cannot, or may not I think ego should create ops nearby that they can have data to except for us to forgive us our sins now seems to have a data to make us people on the planet and people have the sooner or sooner lots of alarm audios in the in memory of eligo brother Ali, or some local cinema delicata Vienna Mohammed Wada II or something as you might

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