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Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters, this is your brother Edie from the D show and I have some amazing news for you. We just made a downpayment and are in contract to purchase this 35,000 square foot facility with over four acres to make it the Dean center, and Hungary Law The project includes a masjid and athletic facility, a live studio for recording the de show and Tao outreach programs. And as you've known I've been looking for a no interest owner financing and Alhamdulillah I found this church property for 2.5 million that will do all of it. I've given $100,000 downpayment to enter into the contract and $1 million will be paid over 36 months inshallah with no interest and

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100 Illa. Right now we need 1.4 million to close on this property brothers and sisters helped us purchase this property to build the D center. Donate right now. May God Almighty Allah reward all of you brothers and sisters