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Abdul Nasir Jangda
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu this Abdi Nasir Jenga from column Institute coming back to you with another session of the column Hangout. 30 days, 30 questions. We're trying to answer your questions as much as possible about the month of Ramadan. A question that we got from multiple people was about brushing one's teeth while fasting. So I'd like to take this question kind of from the top. First and foremost, is it permissible to brush one's teeth clean out one's mouth while someone is fasting? Then there are multiple narrations where the Sahaba de la Juan Jose, that they saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam using the seawalk, the stick the prophets, a lot of them

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would use to brush his teeth and clean out his mouth, that there are multiple generations where they talk about ting the prophets, a lot of them using this Ewok while he was fasting, on numerous occasions. So from that, what we take is that it is most definitely permissible to brush one's teeth to clean out one's mouth while someone is fasting.

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The second issue in regards to that is, well, we do know that the seawater is permissible because the prophets a lot is amused that what about using a toothbrush? Well, the toothbrush will be the equivalent of a sea walk. So again, it will be permissible by that distinction. The third issue is well, what about using toothpaste, or mouthwash or something of that nature, then the issue in regards to that and I actually consulted with and spoke to some, you know, dentist and dental hygienists and spoke to some of them. And what they basically told me was that when somebody uses toothpaste or mouthwash or something like that the remnants of it do remain in your mouth when

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physician was telling me that's why before people go into surgery, they prefer that they don't use toothpaste while cleaning out their mouth. So the remnants, because the remnants remain in the esophagus, and things like that. So the remnants do remain, however, at the same time, what we also find is that the remnants that remain number one, or not have enough quantity to where it would invalidate the vast number two, they are not normally what is consumed as food, nobody would sit there and eat toothpaste. And if they do, they have other issues outside of this. But so that's kind of the issue. However, there are still, many scholars that still caution about the use of toothpaste

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and mouthwash, especially things that have, you know, taste and flavor to them. So my own personal recommendation for the fast of Ramadan, specifically, because these are obligatory thought of the past, that we should try to protect our ibadat and do them to the best of our ability. So my own personal recommendation will be in that case, that it is definitely permissible to brushing, brushing one's teeth, clean one's mouth, while fasting, but I would advise not using toothpaste, especially a lot of it, or something that is flavored, not using your while someone is fasting, but at the very most using very, very tiny, very little toothpaste at all, or just avoiding it

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altogether and just kind of renting out the mouth or using a sidewalk, which was which is a sin of the profits a lot. So we're at the most is using a plain brush and cleaning out one's mouth. That would be my recommendation about brushing one's teeth while fasting. There are two things that still remain on the table. The first issue is that even when you are just simply using this clock or just using a plain brush to clean your mouth or rinse out your mouth, then you still have to be very cautious and careful that you do not swallow water. So you want to be cautious. You want to be careful in that regard. Because remember, it is your fast it is a month of Ramadan, it is very

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important that you you take care of your ibadat your worship and do them to the best of your ability. The last issue is in regards to the idea that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he says Nunu from LA Lu from assaulting me up Yeah, well, I'm the lucky man he missed the profits a lot. He said um said that smell that can emanate from the mouth of a person fasting is more beautiful in the eyes in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala than even the fragrance of musk. So what about that narration wouldn't cleaning out our mouth and doing this Ewok take away from that. And are we supposed to kind of seek that out? You know, the smell that would develop in the mouth of

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a person who's been fasting. So more I've been Jebel Ali Allahu taala. And who are very knowledgeable Companion of the prophets a lot. He said when he was asked about this notion. He said that that does not mean that we intentionally go out there and deliberately try to create that smell within the mouth. But if that was something that was

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is admirable, the profit or loss, a lot of them never would have used the seawalk. But rather the profits, a lot of them emphasized hygiene, and good, you know, just cleaning oneself and good appearance and good presentation at all times. But rather what the Hadith is saying that you have done your seawalk and everything in the fastest, very long, it's very hot outside. And even after all of that, you still are developing a little bit of you know, a smell in your mouth due to not eating or drinking, then don't be bothered by that don't be, you know, worried by that. Why? Because at the end of the day, that is something that is more beautiful, before lost power, talent and even

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the fragrance of musk Why? Because that is occurring with you, due to you performing a great noble beloved act of worship, such as fasting. So that's kind of the ruling about brushing one's teeth while fasting, it is permissible. preferable to use this Ewok you can use a brush to brush your teeth. Try to avoid using toothpaste especially that which is flavored and most definitely using a lot of it. And at the end of the day, remember that even if you are just simply doing a walk or kind of renting out your mouth, be very cautious and careful not to swallow any water because that will invalidate your fast. This has been the alarm Hangout. Again if you have any questions, please feel

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free to send in your questions you can tweet them, you can leave your questions on the Facebook page. You can also email your questions to us as well. Just remember to always title or tag your questions with hashtag column Hangout. I hope this was of benefit to you and shallow please feel free to share this with others as well and may last finally tell them make it a very blessed Ramadan for everyone. Giacomo located on Samaniego momento, la he will barakato

Can I Brush My Teeth While Fasting?

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