Jewels from the Seerah – Part 9 – Generosity of Rasoolullah(s) by

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Then we come to the issue of generosity,

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which is a very, very critical, critical factor of leadership. No one respects a leader who is stingy. No one respects a leader who will not share no one respects a leader who is not with his people. And this is true if you look at leaders even across if you take Genghis Khan, for example, Genghis Khan had enormous the kind of loyalty that Genghis had from his people was probably unprecedented in the sense of you know,

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very few people at that time. And what do they say what they say but there is one that he ate what is people and he ate with them

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he lived in a tent like they lived in a tent his whole life.

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He did not eat separately he sat with them he ate with them and he ate what they ate. The what the group said is what the king it.

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This is the same thing about Salahuddin you will have to learn this is the same thing.

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And of course, we know that this was true of Rasulullah sallallahu in the Battle of conduct that a man comes to him and he says he lifts up his shirt he has

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a store title my belly, I'm so hungry, that rips up his shirt and there are three stones,

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three flat stones tied on his belly to keep hunger away.

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generosity comes before anything else.

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In generosity,

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I mentioned to you the dua after time for Tamika and so on as examples of forgiveness, but these are also examples of amazing generosity.

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When the sorcerer could have done something to retaliate he did not

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totally amazing example of generosity is the treatment of children with respect to Abdullah and oh by

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the way men Calif. Women salute was the head of the Marine in Medina.

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And he was a man who never left. He didn't let anything pass. He did not allow any opportunity to go past where he could have harmed which he tried his best. He did many things.

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When Muslim came back from the book, his son,

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Abdullah Abdullah,

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who was a Muslim, he came to him and he said, Yeah, Salah my father passed away. He just died.

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And I want you to please give your hope we'll give you a shirt. For me to use as cover for Obama. He knew his father. He knew who his father was, he was afraid for his father's era. And he was trying to do the best for his father. Not only what in terms of Baraka what is better what can be better than the actual shirt of Nabi SallAllahu Sallam which was next is going

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to be a cover for the person who's being buried.

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Now Michelle, took it up, give it then Abdullah bin Abdullah. He said salah, can you please come and do the salata Jana from afar

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dua of

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Syria. Yes.

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He went there. When he stood there with the body and he was standing there

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who came and stood before and he said he will not do not do this. Do you know who this is?

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Yes, I know who it is Omar who was

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again it came to the US dollar Please do not do this. Don't pray for this man.

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No more say

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no more decide. Now we're gonna celebrate sarafa Janaza for Abdullah bin

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Rasul Allah put him in the way

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after that, and this is the Rama of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah subhanaw taala could have revealed that if at any time, he would have revealed this ayah right there before Allah. Allah did not do that

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is that he was doing something a little bit.

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But then it will be so Toba. Whereas America said even if you ask forgiveness for him, meaning Abdullah MindWave in sorrow at the moment,

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he said even if you ask forgiveness for them 70 times submarine Amara,

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Allah will not forgive them.

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Right. What was his reaction to that? The results are absurd. If I knew

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if I knew that my Rob would forgive him. If I asked forgiveness 71 times I would ask 31 times.

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To save his work he was telling me

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that is the meaning of generosity.

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That's why it's amazing. Just think about it in your own life. What we remember about people is how we felt in those situations. That's why they say people won't remember what you say, but they will remember how you made them feel.

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So in any situation,

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when you are generous people remember that and they remember that for far longer than you might imagine.

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There was a man there was a woman who used to sing in Makkah. She was a singer and she used to sing some very derogatory and insulting poetry, relating

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there are people who are writing their sufferings using so after Hatanaka and so on, she lost all her clientele.

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He became very poor. So she can Medina

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imagine the the reputation for generosity how it spends and how it spreads that what people just this woman now Where does she come she comes Medina to the house or Visa Salah

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and she says, Allah I am here I've got nothing I've become a piggery so please give me something.

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So there was a Muslim say he said what happened? All your clients used to sing all the stuff. He doesn't tell God is nobody that nobody's you know,

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service will become Muslim is a

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You have to you have to respect the integrity of these people. She would have pretended to us. She was honest. She was straight woman.

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Allah Allah maybe she became Muslim late. I don't know what that is. But he asked me he said, Will you become Muslim? He said no. What is you? Does he kick her out? No. He called his family and he said give this woman

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and they say they gave her so much she couldn't carry it

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that he's gonna let me sleeping outside under a tree.

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Heat up somewhere in the middle of the afternoon is living under a tree.

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And he saw he hung it on the tree

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there was a man who came there is our chance of Mr. Seller sleeping under a tree the sword they took the sword

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and now the villa he kicked him with his foot

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and woke up he saw the man standing there with a naked sword. The man said yeah Mohammed

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who will save you from me now?

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As well as Allah

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the Homer desert Allah the man's archery and the sword dropped from his hand

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now isn't picked up the sword put on his neck instead who will save you from me now?

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He said you will save me

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will you become Muslim? He said no.

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He's shorter is like

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he's a no

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It didn't have his neck. He didn't say you don't become Muslim and Kyla.

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This is the meaning of generosity

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become their go to kindness