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AI: Summary © The importance of following the Prophet sallavi's advice to avoid breaking fast and reward the loss of love is emphasized. Finding a way to recite the Prophet's teachings and avoiding drinking in school hours is also emphasized. Being more conscious of one's eating habits, patient, and staying patient while others do things are also emphasized. The importance of fasting is emphasized, as it is necessary for achieving certain goals, including reducing one's weight and improving sleep quality.
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Don't just go back to sleep, get up. And even if you can have a sip of water have that because the prophets of Allah Salaam said, there's Baraka and eating, so who so do not leave it even if one is to drink a sip of water, even if it's just a sip of water, and the people who eat who will earn in a Hadith, that Allah and His angels send mercy upon those people.

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When you're eating suhu, for the sake of Allah, Allah is sending His mercy on you. And his angels are praying to Allah He Allah, please bless the servant of yours because she's eating seafood, he's eating seafood.

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In another had these we learned the problems with a lot of setup said how excellent our dates as the believers who who, meaning having dates dombey is actually something that is proven from the Sunnah, meaning if a person has a first rule that is best, so make sure to incorporate dates in your diet, during the month of Ramadan in Soho, as well as at the time of default.

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And when it comes to breaking the fast also,

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this is a very beautiful time, because in our heads, we learned the fasting person has two occasions for joy. One when he breaks his fast because of his breaking it, and the other one he will meet his Lord, because of the reward for his fast because when you're breaking your fast, there's, you know, that happiness, that relief, and that hope that insha Allah, you know, the reward is complete, because the fastest complete so inshallah, one more fast has been added to my record

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in sha Allah. So when a person breaks the fast, then there is joy for him, because he finally gets to eat and drink. But remember that what will be more joyful than those horses and pakoras is the reward that Allah has in store for you.

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Because you know, when we're waiting for those moments to break the fast find a year that that bell or that and then we're just staring at that food and we cannot wait to just eat it. And as we eat it, we thank Allah subhanaw taala for every sip of water, right, because the mouth like it's, it's parched, it's so dry the throat, you're exhausted, and every sip of water, every bite of food, you're so grateful for you enjoy it, like you haven't eaten before you value that water is if you haven't had water before.

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You're happy about those dates as if you've never had those days, even if they're not that sweet, even if they're not that great, but still you will enjoy them. Now as you enjoy that if thought, remind yourself that what Allah subhanaw taala has in store is far better, is much more enjoyable than this food that I'm eating right now. So hope for that reward. In another Hadees we learn the Prophet sallallahu sallam, about how he would break his fast Would you like to know so that you can get more reward. Because remember that when a person follows the sun, then he gets more reward. The same action you could be doing without the sun and you're doing it you're getting it done. But if

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you do it while following the sun of the Prophet sallallahu something, then you know what's going to happen. You're going to receive a loss of love because of the hole and we learn that Allah subhanaw taala says in quantum to hibben Allah factory Rooney, you will come on Ma. If you love Allah, then follow those sort of masa de la hora do Salah, and if you will follow him Allah because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was joking earlier, his manner his character was the best. Allah subhanaw taala taught him what to do, how to do when to do. So this is the reason why it's very essential that we pay attention to the Salaam Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, even when it comes to mental things, such

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as breaking the fast. So how is it that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would break his fast would he break in with a crunchy samosa or with fruit salad or something like that, we learn that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would break his fast with fresh dates with fresh dates. And if those fresh dates were not available, then he would eat dried dates. And if even that was not available, then he would just take a few sips of water.

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So first choice is fresh dates. What are fresh dates? Do you know what fresh dates are like? The ones which are crunchy the yellow ones. Okay, the yellow ones, the ones that are crunchy, they're juicy. All right. Now, I don't know if you can find them here. If you do, please do share with your friends so that they can also follow this and notice of the loss of a lot of them. And you will notice that if you have that date, many people they don't really enjoy it but it's an acquired taste. All right. But once you start having it you really begin to enjoy it.

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Because it's got water in it, it's got sugar in it. It's got flavor in it. Right? And if that was not available then dried dates dry dates are which ones. Are you familiar? The dates that we normally have the brown ones, not the super hard dry ones, which you get at Nygaard ceremonies, the normal dates. Okay, so those are the dry dates. So it's best to break your fast with dates. And if that's not possible, then at least water and as we break our fast, also remember to help other people break their fast, you know, at the time of thought, get that bowl of dates in your hand. Okay, keep up with yourself. So as soon as the time comes into break your fast you can be the one to

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pass those dates around so that inshallah you can get the reward, you can get added reward because these we learned, he who gives food for a fasting person to break his fast will receive the same reward as him, he will receive the same reward as him. So you're fasting your husband's fasting and if you serve him the dates then inshallah you will get reward for too fast on that one day. inshallah. All right, so, first of all, how about hasten rush in doing good deeds. And also remember, to recycle the idea of breaking the fast we learned about the girls that have a Roma or paternity ruku Tabitha ledger, insha Allah, and if somebody gives us something to break our fast

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with, and remember to make the offer them Also, remember that the month of Ramadan is not just about fasting, it is not just about having the suhu and having the Islam because for many people, and sadly, it is us women, our Ramadan revolves around suhu. And if, before we go to sleep for the few hours of the night, we want to make sure the tote is ready. Right. And we have to wake up early to prepare circle for ourselves and the rest of the family. And for fun also, what happens is that most of the day goes in or a lot of the day goes in, you know, preparing the food, bringing the food and serving the food and then wrapping up. Remember that the month of Ramadan is a month of fasting, not

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feasting. Right? So the goal is not to enjoy food, the goal is to deprive the body of food, so that we can focus on the spirit. Because this body, no matter how much we feed it, it is going to eventually go under the earth. It is going to decay, it is going to decompose. It's going to finish. But it's the rule. It's the soul that matters a lot. It's the actions that we perform. It's the sincerity with which we worship a lust Pennell, Darla that matters because while back

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what will remain are actually good deeds. So this is why the focus of this month should not be just on eating and drinking at the two ends of the day. No, it should also be something else. And what is that? What is the main goal of fasting that we earn a loss forgiveness. We do something during the day. And we do something during the night by which we hope that Allah subhanaw taala will forgive us. And the reason why we are made to experience hunger and thirst is because when we're hungry, when we're thirsty, we feel needy.

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We feel desperate.

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When our stomach is full, our desires are satisfied, that we don't feel that we have any need of Allah. We forget about the things that we are doing, the actions that we're committing, we don't really give much importance to that because we're satisfied. There, we're satisfied. So when we're made to experience hunger and thirst and Ramadan, through fasting, it is so that we can feel our neediness before a loss of power without the fact that we are fully. We're so needy that our stomachs are empty. We're so needy, that we're desperate for even a sip of water.

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We're so needy in the night prayer that we cannot wait to sit down and relax our legs. Were so needy during this time that we cannot wait just except that we can just somehow manage to sleep for a few more hours. The body is deprived so that we can realize the fact that we are not independent of Allah. We need him

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we need him.

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And this is why one of the main goals of this month should be to beg a loss upon Allah for forgiveness.

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beg him for forgiveness, strive to earn his forgiveness. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that one Ramadan expiate the sins till the next level

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Provided that one has avoided the major sins meaning from one normal dawn to the other Ramadan. So for example, last Ramadan and inshallah we get to see this Ramadan whatever mistakes that have happened during this time hopefully inshallah with this coming Ramadan if we are able to fast and pray that inshallah the saints were committed in this past year inshallah they will be forgiven inshallah they'll be forgiven. But this is for those who seek Allah's forgiveness in the Quran we learned that was so Amina was so immense, the men who fast and the women who fast, what have you lean forward, your home will have a lot with decorating a lock, if you don't want that you're not at

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the Laguna home mafia, Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and a great reward. So fasting, the act of fasting itself brings forgiveness. But during Ramadan when we're fasting, it is necessary that we beg Allah for forgiveness also, it is necessary that we seek forgiveness for the sins that we have committed. Because in a Hadees, we learned that once the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was ascending the member he was going up on the member. And as he ascended, he said, I mean, I mean, I mean, and the people that were wondering, we didn't really hear anything, why are you saying I mean, so they asked him, and the prophets of Allah said himself, jabril came to me, and he said, that

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whoever finds the month of Ramadan

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and he is not able to get his sins forgiven, that may be distance.

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Meaning, if a person finds the month of Ramadan, and he does not manage to get his sins forgiven,

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he does not make himself worthy of Allah's forgiveness and there is no chance for this person.

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If he cannot take advantage of Ramadan, then when when will he change? When will he ask Allah for forgiveness? If in this time of the year when the gates of Paradise are opened up, shalina locked up there is an entire atmosphere of worship. If a person does not manage to get himself forgiven, then when will he get himself forgiven? So it is very essential that we strive to seek a loss forgiveness through various ways in this month. One of those ways is fasting. Another is making the wrong

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ask Allah to forgive you say during the day stuff that Allah have been can lead us to believe Yeah, Allah I cannot even count the number of sins that I've committed. I don't even remember what I've done. I don't even realize my sins. I don't even realize my mistakes you know, you know them better than me. Yeah, Allah forgive me for my sins which are preventing me from so much hate.

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Yeah, luckily me cleanse be because you know, our sayings. They create hurdles for us. They don't let us progress. They don't let us go forward. They chain us they bind us. So it's very important that we seek Allah's forgiveness at this time. Also, we learned that at the time of school, when you're up anyway, when it's so easy to wake up these days, you know, in the month of Ramadan, especially because you know, that if you don't get up, you won't be able to eat and if you don't eat, you know, may Allah protect you. Right, because the faster along so you better put something in your stomach. So you're up anyway. Do you have that sir, who. And as women, sometimes we have to

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spend extra time while our husbands and our children are getting an extra half an hour of sleep. Here we are standing in the kitchen, in front of the stove, feeling pity for ourselves. But at that time, as you're preparing the food dues to fall, in the Quran, we learned about the people of Jenna, were bill as Harry

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at the time.

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They used to seek forgiveness from while others were sleeping. They went back a lot to forgive them.

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ask Allah to forgive you. And as you see that fire on the store, remind yourself of the fire of hell.

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And ask Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness, and and our Hadees that you all are very familiar with, in which we learn that one half of the night or two thirds of the night is over at the time of Zoho basically the last part of the night. Allah, the blessing and exalted, descends to the lowest heaven. He comes very close to his servants, very close to his servants. And he says, Is there anyone who needs something who wants to ask for something so that I can give him

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Is there anyone who wants something so that I can give him Is there anyone

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who asks my forgiveness so that I may forgive him? Is there anyone who wants forgiveness for me so that I can forgive him? And Allah subhanaw taala keeps asking is there anyone who asks him Dora? Is there anyone who needs something? Is there anyone who wants forgiveness?

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Ask and I will give you and he keeps saying that until it is the time of budget until it is daybreak. So as you are preparing that food as you are eating that food, don't just eat silently. And even if you're quiet in your mouth, you know in your head in your heart is the most apparent on the forgiveness make use of that die seek forgiveness from Allah soprano darda somebody I had these various of God which if we read, for example, that Illa Illa, Allah, Allah will have a condition called the 100 times likewise to panela he will be harmed the use of handle login or leave 100 times so many have gone, which if a person reads 100 times a day, then what happens is sins are forgiven

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even if a sins are as much as the form which is unseen. You know, like the water waves when they come, there's so many bubbles that they leave behind the scum, the form. Imagine if your sins are that many and there are if we truly ask ourselves, we do have many things.

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But if a person remembers Allah through the day, while he's fasting, then inshallah there's forgiveness for him.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to say a stuff ilaha illa de la ilaha illa Who

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are you to LA in his such that he would seek forgiveness in his report, he would seek forgiveness. When we're standing. In no effort we're praying the wife will extra voluntary prayers in the month of Ramadan. The focus should not just be on finishing the Quran, internal we are in focus should be to her enormous forgiveness. So as you stand up and when you go down to the core, ask Allah for forgiveness. When you go down into such that, ask Allah for forgiveness. And the month of Ramadan is the month of fasting, it is a time to seek forgiveness. But it is also a month that teaches us taqwa that teaches us God consciousness that teaches us to be more alert more careful. Because what

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happens is that certain things, certain actions, certain words, certain behaviors, certain reactions, we know they're not right. We know that if our child makes a mistake, we shouldn't just snap at him. We shouldn't start yelling at him. We know that if our husband walks in through the door, 10 minutes later than expected, we know that we shouldn't be angry at him at that time. Just give him a chance. Take it easy. Give him a break for God's sake. But we become very difficult in dealing with people. We become very impatient in dealing with people. All right, my quest certain words that we shouldn't be using. But bad habits. When I'm alone is a time that helps us break our

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bad habits. How many of you are in the habit of having D regularly?

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Mashallah there many people? For many women, there has to be a cup of tea in the morning, and a cup of tea at 12 o'clock, and a cup of tea in the evening. Right? And maybe more than that, or less than that. For some people, it's not tea, it's coffee, whatever it may be, it's a habit. And if you miss your tea one day,

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may Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on your family, right?

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Because we're so used to it. We start depending on these habits, but what happens in the month of Ramadan? Where does your ego? When do you have it? At the time of Sudoku, even if you want to have any child yourself? If I have it, I'll be awake. I actually want to catch up on some sleep. So maybe I'll skip. But other people, they're like, no, I cannot leave my team.

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When do you have your tea that maybe a conference room, maybe a company for maybe a cup in the middle, but your habit of 12 o'clock tea break? It goes away? For 30 days, you're not having tea at that time. We have a habit of snacking, you know, eating, but what happens the month of Ramadan, you reach out for food like no, no, I'm fasting.

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You have a cup of water before you understand. I'm fasting. you're preparing food. And you have a habit of munching on things as you prepare. You know, I'm fasting, you're feeding your child. And he's not finishing this routine. So let me just finish it and I know that I'm fasting, all those habits of eating of drinking, what happens? You're able to break them, isn't it? Ramadan teaches you that you're stronger. You're stronger than your desires. You're stronger than your excuses. You're much stronger than you think you are. If you can resist the urge to eat and drink

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for over 12 hours. Then you can also resist the urge to give someone a piece of your mind. You can also control your tongue

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What is going to unleash? Right? You also have the strength to replace bad words with good words. You have that in you. So Ramadan fasting, it teaches us taqwa. And the Quran Allah tells us yeah, are you in Medina hamano categorical Sam Can I go to Valhalla, publico, nanako The reason behind making fasting and obligation on the Muslim Ummah is so that they can develop the form. They can develop God consciousness.

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And this taqwa is so essential, it is so important because if a person does not have fear of God, then in like in our heads, we learned that if you don't have shyness, then go do whatever you want. First normal shift. If you don't have higher for a velocity of data, then first normal shape, then go ahead and commit anything you want. Because you don't have any shyness, you don't have any fear of God. So this fear of God is very important to protect us from sins, to watch our tongue to watch our expressions even to be careful about our reactions, our dealings with people. So this month is a month of training. It is a month of training, law, local, that the own and this training, are we in

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need of it? Are we need him? Because, you know, sometimes people ask us or we may even think, what's the point of fast 30 days in a row? What's the benefit? health benefits? I don't think so. My sleep schedule is upside down, I'm struggling through the day. I'm just waiting for the month to end. You know why? Because we're not really reaping the benefits of this month.

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The objective of this month is not to starve us. The purpose of this month is not to make us hungry and thirsty. That's not the purpose. That's not the objective. The purpose is something much more. And that is some training, to resist your urges to have a better control over yourself over your body over your actions over your emotions. And this is the reason why we learn from Hades and where it is necessary to protect our mouths from food and drink. It is also necessary to watch what we say. Because if a person is not watching his words, is not watching his behavior with others, then Allah subhanaw taala has no need of his staying hungry and thirsty. Allah has no need of that. You

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know how these we learned the fasting is not just abstaining from eating and drinking. But fasting is also refraining from vain speech, from useless stock and foul language and sexual actions. If one of you is being verbally abused or annoyed, he should say I am fasting, maybe, even if someone's provoking you if someone else is provoking you. They're saying nasty things to you and you're getting really upset and really angry and you want to say something at that time the prophets Allah doesn't say, I am fasting. scholar said that who should the person say this? Do I am fasting? Do you know who we should say this to? To the other person? Right, who's provoking him, but not just the

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other person, also to yourself, remind yourself, I am fasting, high end fasting, it does not prevent a person who is keeping away from food and drink for the sake of Allah, that he goes on yelling and abusing people with his words, yelling at people. No, it does not defeat him. So remind yourself I am fasting. Because if we don't do that, then what's the point of staying hungry and thirsty? The problem is that a lot of centum said some fasting people get nothing from their fast except for hunger.

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And some people who pray at night get nothing from their standing except sleeplessness. So many people who fast during the day but what do they get at the end? Just hunger, just hunger and thirst. And there are so many people who stay awake at night praying, but what do they get just staying awake at night. They didn't really benefit from their fast they didn't really benefit from their opinion. And other Hadees tells us that whoever does not give a plying

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and forge speech meaning light and evil actions, then Allah is not in need of his leaving his food and drink.

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A lot does not need you to say I'm hungry and thirsty. You better watch your fast and other ways. So Ramadan fasting. It teaches us taqwa. It teaches us to be more conscious. So as you are more conscious of your eating your drinking your sleep.

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Then be more conscious about being patient. Show more patience. Try that your fast is not only about staying hungry and thirsty, but also observe the fast of the eyes. Pay attention to what you're looking at. Pay attention to what you're thinking about.

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Pay attention to what you're listening to pay attention to what you're saying, pay attention to what you're doing with your hands.

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Because sometimes the same hands that we, you know, grass our children with, we hug them and we, you know, show them our love the same hands, we used to abuse them also, even if it's just like slap at the back or something like that. Be careful, be extra careful where the feet are taking you what the hands are writing, because sometimes we don't abuse with words we abuse out with what we type. So it's necessary to pay attention to that also. ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you

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one of the doors that we must strive to make throughout this month is the door of Allah give me Grant mitaka grant me more consciousness of you along the anti nuptse dunkwa Oh Allah give my enough's. It's the point it's piety, it's consciousness that it desperately needs. Ramadan, the month of fasting also teaches us patience. It also teaches a sub, let us suffer suffer is basically to control yourself have some naps, it is to control yourself. It is when you have the urge to do something, but you tell yourself No, I'm not going to do it, to have that composure.

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And it's a three kinds supper is of three kinds. One is at the time of adversity at the time of difficulty, that when a person has suffered from a loss, or he's suffering from some pain or some kind of difficulty, but at that time, being patient, meaning accepting a loss decree, and not saying anything that would be inappropriate that Allah subhanaw taala would be displeased with. That is one kind of patience. Another kind of patience is to become patient on good deeds, meaning needing to become firm on obedience. Because you really have to sometimes force yourself to get up and drive to the masjid, especially at night further away. And you really have to force yourself to stand up from

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the back of the masjid, and go and stand in the roles insula, you really have to force yourself, you're going against your desires, your body wants to rest, but you push it to wake up, you want to lie down and take a nap. But you force yourself, no, just a few days, recite some Quran. You want to just sit down, and maybe watch something and take it easy, give yourself a break. But you force yourself you push yourself to open up the Quran instead to listen to something good instead. So in this month, we're basically training ourselves to develop more patience. The third type of patience is keeping away from sins. Because again, when sin is before us, the opportunity is before us. And

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there's that urge also, then what do you need a lot of willpower to stop yourself. You need a lot of willpower to stop yourself from sinning especially when you have the ability and the opportunity.

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So in Ramadan, what happens, the food is in front of you, you know how thirsty you are, you know exactly how it's going to taste and how it's going to feel when you put it in your mouth. But even if somebody gives you $20 you're not going to eat it.

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Somebody says, You know what, I'll treat you to something, I'll buy you something, you're not going to eat it.

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It's made easy for you to disobey a lot but you're not going to do it because you're fasting you know sometimes little children they don't understand why their mom is not eating so what happens there as they're eating, they put food in the in their mother's mouths. They try to the mama you also eat but what happens somebody is trying to put food in your mouth your child, your child is trying to put food in your mouth would you say no no mama spastic I cannot eat and they look at you in confusion that what's going on? Why won't you eat?

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But what happens you managed to stop yourself you have a better control over yourself. So to Milan proves to us that if you can keep away from eating and drinking, even though you're thirsty and hungry, you desperately want that food, then you are also able to remain patient.

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You can also stop yourself from saying you can also push yourself you can also force yourself to do that extra good that you've been ignoring and delaying and procrastinating for so long. It shows us It proves to us that we can we can push ourselves forward. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam described the month of Ramadan as shadow sub shadow slavery. in Hades we learn that fasting the month of patience meaning fasting in the month of Ramadan, and the fasts of three days each month. There are more rancor from the heart. They clean the heart of the person they help the person get rid of grudges than the heart is clean.

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Fasting in the month of Ramadan, the month of patience, because if you think about it, what is it that doesn't allow us to forgive others? It's impatience, right. We cannot tolerate what other people are doing. We don't want to accept the injustice that they're doing against us. We don't want to accept it. That's our impatience. We want things to happen the way we want them the way we desire, but things happen otherwise. So we get angry, we get upset, we hold grudges in our heart against Allah, and also against Allah servants, but fasting in the month of Ramadan, it helps you clean your heart.

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In the Quran, we learn forges our home female Sabo, Jonathan

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and their reward because of their patients will be gentle, and silk, fine silk, meaning the people who observe patients