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Taimiyyah Zubair


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The speaker discusses the concept of being Allahdate and how it affects one's life. They explain that individuals have a choice between going on a mission or staying in a place where nothing is happening. The choice of one's life depends on one's goals and success, and they need to make a clear decision to pursue them.

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The thing is that we have to understand that we are Allah servants, we belong to him and him alone. He is our master, he can put us in difficulty and he can also take us out from it. And there is nothing that happens in life except that it happens with his will and his will his with his wisdom.

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And he has sent us in this dunya. For what, for our test, and trials in life, why do they come to wake us up and to increase our award? Now, when we are in difficulty, there are two options. One is that we give up, we walk away.

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One will the person give up one will he walk away, when he was not determined to begin with, he had no end, no destination, no goal in mind.

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That's when he will give up. Now, the other way is that a person holds on strong and he says the storm will pass. He's determined, and he's focused on the goal. And who stays strong.

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The person who's determined the one who has a goal. Now some people they live life, as if they are driftwood. What is driftwood like a piece of wood, floating in the water. And what happens to them, they're tossed by waves and currents of the day.

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They're tossed from one side to the other one way of contradicts them one way another way of comes digs them another way.

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Such people they have no goal in life. They have no principles that they live by.

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These people are losers. Why? Because they're not acting on life. They're being acted on whatever happens happens. It's easy to do it, it's difficult to leave it

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the torrent is going one way Okay, go this way. It's going another way. Okay, go this way, life hits them, like waves of the ocean, as one event rolls into another or one worlds in after another. So one thing after the other happens, and they're just drifting from one way from one place to the other one thing to another.

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Then there are winners, people who act upon life. They're not acted on. They attach themselves to meaningful purposes. They have some goal.

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And they hold on strong. They're not like driftwood.

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That is just shifting from one site to the other. No, they are like a ship sailing in the sea through the storms through the sun light through the night through the day. Through the cold and through the heat. They're going going because they have a goal. Will they end up somewhere? Yes they will.

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Life is not easy for anybody. But we have to see why am I living? What do I want? Where am I headed to what is my destination? What do I want from this life that I'm living?

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Or am I just living because I'm living

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I get up in the morning I go to work I make some money I spend it I become happy I become sad. I go to parties. I spend the night awake. I sometimes pray sometimes I don't. I do what people tell me I buy what's on the fliers. That's it. This is what life is. What is this life going to bring? What meaning is going to bring?

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So these are some important questions that we need to ask ourselves, how am I living? What am I doing? Do I want to get somewhere What is my goal? Where do I want to go? What ends what purposes are my choices leading me to? Is my life in a meaningful or is it just going day after day ending up in something that nothing? If we are clear about what we want if we are clear about our goals, then come as it may whether it's difficult or it is easy. We will reach our goal

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because when you have made a commitment with yourself when you have decided that you want something

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and you adopt a way you adopt something in order to get there and it gets difficult you'll make it anyway you do it anyway.

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Mandala Allah have vain Asada who filed on Ebola and

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