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AI: Summary © The host of a breakfast show introduces a chef preparing meals for the UK lockdown and emphasizes the importance of fasting during the lockdown. The chef discusses the importance of regular deeds and praying for the right way to get rid of debt. The importance of fasting during pregnancy and breastfeeding is emphasized, and the importance of trusting Islam. The segment ends with a promotion for a short and snappy video and a reminder to stay tuned for upcoming events.
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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh the brothers and sisters, it's my pleasure to welcome you again to today's daily Ramadan daily q&a show with the online Masjid brought to you by Islam 21 See, I'm your host I'll be your host today, someone but and just a reminder, if you have any questions, any questions whatsoever about Ramadan it could be about fasting it could about anything you want inshallah? Let us know in the comment section below. If you're watching this on YouTube, or if you're watching this on Facebook, you can let it know I'll be checking myself inshallah and putting them to the chef. And also if you have a question, which may be a bit sensitive, you can email it to

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us at daily QA at Islam 20 as daily QA, at assumption Somebody will be checking that mailbox as well. Speaking of the shed, it's my pleasure to introduce you to our chef. We'll see him Clemson assalamualaikum Angela che

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salam ala come to LA chef

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I don't know if I've been frozen or the chef's been frozen. Can you hear me? Yes

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Yeah, very well just like a lot of coffee. How's the how's the lockdown going for you?

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Locked down is

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is good it's not far off and you need to be honest with me

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about Ramadan Yeah, Ramadan is going good round in

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order to get a salt to get a good steak during lockdown on top of those Ramadan as well.

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Yeah, once I mentioned the supermarket actually I literally walked past one

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Yeah, so I mean, normally we we get our shirt to give us a brief reminder. So if you if you have anything to tell the brothers and sisters then while they send in their questions

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like Nana Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa early he was so happy he made All praise belongs to Allah. And may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa send them. So

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I guess now, all of us are used to the fast we're in day number four coming to the end of day number five here in the UK. And if you haven't already realized that the days are passing very, very quickly. If you look back and start thinking about the beginning of the lockdown we had here in the UK, and then going back six, seven weeks ago and how quickly that time has has passed. And before you know it we'll be thinking about you know preparing for

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Have the last 10 days of Ramadan and then there'll be lots of questions about where or how are we going to produce a lot of Eden? How's that going to happen? So I guess

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the Hadith of the prophets that I send them, you know, comes to mind natm attorney Mark born and Kathie Lee HERC a human and that's that there are two blessings, which people are really fall short of and are deceived by. And they are so hard to work with as your health and they'll fall off and free time.

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And I guess in this unprecedented time, no one has had free time, like they have now. So it is an amazing opportunity for us to

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I guess, reconnect with Allah subhanaw taala in so many different ways, you know, if it's your thing, and it should be really, if it's not, is to go to the Quran as which as much Quran as you can.

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But don't restrict only that, to that, you know, I can't read the Quran and I can't do anything else in Ramadan, but maybe you can get involved in some form of charity, the you give a little bit each day, you know, these are the most beloved actions to Allah subhanaw taala those which are done,

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you know, consistently in cold and even if they are very small actions. So it's about you know, taking each day, trying to maximize and doing as much as you can get those Ramadan planners out, I don't think you've, we've had a time like this where we have time to fill out and take the time. So to keep on top of ourselves. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us COBOL except from what we're doing, and make it easy for us.

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I mean, having a particular fixture on the topic of small regular deeds, you know, reminds me of

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so many things like what in life, not just a birder but you know, saving money revision, you know, learning something, a friend of mine, he said, once that I was contemplating doing a course, part time course, you know, and he was thinking, then, you know, it's going to be hard two nights a week, I'm gonna have to do XYZ, and it's three years long. And then he said, You know what, that was three years ago. And he passed through. So he said, you know, Alhamdulillah made the decision, it's just a little decision, we'll go free or not. And you know, the time has passed, and when you commit to something small, but regular, it's really powerful, can yield amazing, amazing foods and hamdulillah

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jump into questions, we're going to get some good questions coming through.

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Right, we'll start with an easy one feature. So

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before the for the control question.

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Can I postpone that away until the last third of the night? So tomorrow we if you want to maybe describe how it can be performed at home Shannon? That'll be good as well. Sure. Yeah. So essentially, the the night pray is offered after salata Isha and you have until Salat al Fajr. To, to offer that

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bearing in mind here in the UK that the nights are quite short. It's not like some other countries where, you know, you might have eight or nine hours an evening and you can plan, maybe pray some early in the unit preliterate later, it's really up to you, bearing in mind that we've got about five, five or six hours,

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maybe seven hours at the moment to, you know, to establish night prayer, if you want to pre Tala, we leave early in the night, that's fine. If you want to delete the last third of the night. You have that freedom to do that as well. Okay. Is it more audible or less? Or the same? Yeah, so the night is split into three. And as we know, in the well known Hadith that the Prophet saw recently informed us that Elijah lavalla descends to the last third, the last of the heavens in the last third of the night. And Allah Allah Allah calls to His servants who is asking for forgiveness that I will forgive him and was asking for guidance I will give to them who's asking me so I can give to them. So no

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doubt there was a blessing, which is in the last third of the night that you don't find in the earlier part. So the latter part of the night is Yes, more virtuous.

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Okay, so we have another question. This one actually came from yesterday, somebody was asking, Can I do a decaf at home? Yep. So with regards to at KEF, bearing in mind, of course, the the massages are all closed. And if it was somebody's normal practice to perform a ticket if

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something else prevents you from doing that, than to add an eotech then you will be what you intended and legitimate and will reward you for that but isn't allowed to either. However, the decaf is, according to the vast majority of the aroma is only in the home, both for men and women.

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So mustard Did you say oh, sorry, my apologies, sir. The decaf is only premise Linda mustard. Let's say, apologies. I'm at the masjid. decaf is only permissible in the masjid. And that's for both men and women. But like I say, if it was your normal practice, don't think that you're going to miss out Allah subhanaw taala knows your intention what you were.

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You were going to do and of course, based upon the Hadith that the professor said that the person is rewarded

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upon what they used to do, if something prevents them from doing that.

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Yeah Subhanallah Exactly.

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It's very powerful and comforting just to know that if it's something is your your regular practice, you know, you shouldn't become depressed and and upset that you can't do it. If you know you're intending the reward and inshallah the road Subhanallah will still reward you.

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Good question here from Ray.

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If somebody if somebody is exempt from fasting because of a chronic illness or something like that, and if they're not able to make up for it on a later date, do they make some kind of financial

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compensation for that? Yeah, Explain, please. Yeah, so with regards to illness, those who have a permanent chronic chronic illness and they're unable to fast and before proceeding from a permanent situation with him, then it is upon them to feed a poor person for each of the days that they didn't fast that can be done at the beginning of the month, it can be done at the end of the month.

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And that's a nice facade, that's like a one and a half kilos of staple food for that poor person. But you can't do that here in the UK, then you can pay give the money to a charity so that food can be given to the Saqqara and the Moroccan the poor and destitute in another country. That's if you have a permanent situation if it's a temporary situation, you can't force now but I can Fosston maybe a month time or two months time that is nothing upon you there's no failure, there's no you don't pay anything. You just simply make those days up in the future in shorter time, especially when the the the days get shorter inshallah. Yeah, definitely. Aim for definitely the windows, there

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is a good time to make up lots of days in China. So clock pressure. Okay, we have another we got an interesting one is pandemic related. So this brother or sister didn't have a name here it says,

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because someone, if they follow the advice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, and during a pandemic or a plague, and they stay where they are, they don't leave their house, for example.

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Does leaving the house during the pandemic diminish the reward of that person? Because the reward the Prophet sesamum said is similar to that of a Shaheed of a martyr. So does leaving the house reduce your diminisher reward? Basically, okay. Sure. There's a couple of issues here. The first one is that is determining or is this

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pandemic does it come under a plague or not?

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There's some discussion with it or limit concerning this. There is one view is that, by analogy, it can be considered as a plague. However, some other Allama they say it's not quite reached the level of a plague because we know that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us and sounds or Hadith that the plague would not be able to enter into Makkah and Medina, and seeing that this particular virus has entered into El Medina and Mecca as well. There are many cases there, then it's not the plague. I'm not here to you know, say absolutely one opinion is correct over the other, but the some of the discussions that they really might have mentioned on that now, on the premise that, you know, less

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can say, you know, the investor, yes, it is the plague. And it is right to mention the sting in your home, out of the fear of spreading or catching, if it's necessary, necessary for you to go out to feed your family, for you to buy essentials, then, you know, to ensure that this won't diminish what is mentioned in the Hadith, you know, because if you remain in your home, what will happen? I mean, if you run out of food, and you run out of provisions and whatnot, then who knows what's going to happen, but it's all quite it's kind of in line with the guidance that is given to us that you know, you really shouldn't leave, unless there is a need to do so. And if that if you follow the advice,

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that inshallah to Allah you can come on to the Hadith if it is considered a plague of Allah one challenge that

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we have Zam,

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Zam McWhinney says, on Facebook as salaam alaikum it's difficult for me to wear hijab, but I do so during the month of Ramadan, is there any dua or advice I'm tired of not covering my hair but I pray and fast Alhamdulillah so

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when a person feels that there's a responsibility in front of them, and they feel some burden on themselves, they feel something within their heart that they want to do that. And in this I would say they're like a city holy man. This is this is a man within you wanting to do that. This is your faith and your love for Allah subhanaw taala wanting to fulfill this obligation. So the fact that you know that you can do in the month of Ramadan, Ms. pantile Except that bless you in this blessed month of Ramadan that don't allow

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the good actions as Allah subhanaw taala tells us in Morocco

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Under, just like the woman who is spindling up there, all the work that you have done, don't kind of like undo it after you've achieved so much. So the fact now that to you know, in your home, or if you haven't happened to go out during the month of Ramadan, use this as a kind of a training for you. There's not many people out because maybe you feel there's reasons why you're not wearing it. There's too many people watching me looking at me, I feel, I feel a bit inhibited that wearing the hijab, or at the moment, there isn't too many people out, use this as an opportunity to,

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you know, strengthen yourself about wearing the hijab, and I'm sure that you'll be able to overcome that

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give you the strength of a man to continue. I mean, I mean, it's always good to hear those types of questions, it shows that people are, you know, that you that struggle, the experiences and Sharla, beloved to Allah Subhana Allah. And Allah has made it easy for us, you know, not many people outside and everyone's covering their face as well. Subhanallah Yes, true. I was gonna mention that.

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We have another question on YouTube. Now this is from someone called pray to paradise. Pray for Paradise. So rather,

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if I wake up two minutes after fajr has entered without eating or drinking anything, but I have a bottle of water intended to drink next to me. Can I drink it? Almost I follow the candidate very strictly? Sure. So there's two parts to this answer. There's a personal kind of experience. And then which is in line with the Islamic answer the Islamic answer quite simply is that once the time has come in,

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you can't eat or drink anything. Even though you woke up late. You're not permitted to drink or eat anything. I remember.

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Gosh, maybe 20 years ago, I ate something. And I didn't have any software isn't there a month of Ramadan, and I missed a hole. And even before I went to sleep, I was really thirsty. So I woke up absolutely parched. So I actually went to one of my when I was studying to my one of my friends and I said listen, this this situation Can I

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can I do something about this, he said, You're gonna have to proceed with it. But you know, if during the day, give me some kind of little tips that you feel particularly thirsty, said, You know, you can make more door, rinse your mouth out, have a cool shower, if you feel thirsty, maybe take a nap for half an hour, which can quite easily lead into a couple of what Be careful the whole day. But also the province upset that they saw me for

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that the fasting person has to happinesses in the factory, he ended up the the when he breaks his fast and when he meets his Lord, you can be assured Inshallah, to Allah, that if you happen to be particularly thirsty that day, or if it's today, you will have the best glass of water you've had in your life.

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Just to touch on something you mentioned there. So a lot of people do have naps during the day, especially on the day off or people work from home. What's the what's the ruling on that? Should you try and avoid sleeping? Or does it not matter if your intention is to stay awake longer during the night, for example? Yeah, so much. I guess. sleeping the whole day is not it's not really practical. It's not it's not a good idea. You want to know that and feel that you are fasting but taking like what is known as a siesta. payload and Arabic of the between the harasser doesn't have to be between God and acid. But it depends on the schedule of your type. If you're not taking a lot of rest in the

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day, that allows you to stay awake in the nighttime, that's your intention behind that, then you're rewarded for that sleep SubhanAllah. So there was there's no problem are you doing?

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Okay, so

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we have a question by email. And just a reminder, brothers and sisters, the email address to send any questions is daily QA and Islam 21 And also we have people and myself was all with checking the comments on the YouTube and Facebook. So send any questions there as well. The question is from a brother, I won't mention his name. He says I'm living in Canada with my family, a wife and a kid. I owe a debt of $6,000 to my bank, and I'm really having a hard time to pay it off. The amount piled up during the last three years. I never thought it would go up so fast. It's really hard to make any my payments, especially

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with the current context, what do you suggest me to do? Do you have tips

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for me to or do you know anyone who can help me clear my debt, I made a promise to Allah that I will never go back to the situation in my life. So I might

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I might add to that some people might

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also ask something similar to that and that is taking one loan to another loan to pay off other debts. So you know, you have these kind of schemes for people who are struggling with debt. And part of the stuff that they I'm sure you've seen this on TV and stuff.

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They suggest you get another loan, which is lower interest rate that allows you to pay off those loans. So that is one of the things that people are advised Islamically. Where do we stand with that kind of so what kind of advice do we give brothers and sisters like this?

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Yeah, so

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first and foremost, I asked her last contact to make it easy for you to dune or debts are one of the biggest kind of stresses that a person could can have owing money to people.

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I know, you mentioned you're from Canada, but

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it might be worth contacting your bank, or the one who's loaned you the money to explain to them your, your current financial situation, and say that it's kind of escalating, and it's increasing beyond your ability to pay that off. So as you're paying it off, is getting more and more and more is ballooning as it were. So if you can say to them, is it possible just to set up a kind of a payment plan, which allows you to see some light at the end of the tunnel. And at least here in the UK, some banks do have some, you know, specific agreements with certain people, that they'll allow me to cut cut the interest rate, for example, for that individuals and across the board, but certain

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individuals, just so that they don't become kind of swamped by the, the debt. So speak to that particular bank and see if you can have an arrangement with them, that allows you to have some form of plan to rid yourself of that particular depth. That's the first thing I'd say secondly, is,

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you know,

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of course, make dua to Allah subhanaw taala.

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You know, a prophet, at least some entered the masjid in one occasion and saw a companion and saw that he was It was between Salah and Isa, the messenger is and why you sitting here said, you know, a lot of bacteria do that my brain my deaths have have overcome me.

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So the Prophet has taught him a DUA and if you go to Hassan Muslim fortress of the Muslim, you will see the drugs for the paying off of debts. There's a there's quite a few in there in Charlotte actually. So if you go to that fortress of the Muslim, and you repeat these dramas, and you know, as Eliza joke tells us, all my talk Allah, Allahu Maharaja, we are assuming

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Whoever fears Allah subhanaw taala then Allah Allah, Allah will make it a way out for them and provide for them from where they did not know. So Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala is extremely important. Okay, making dua to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah to help you get rid of these debts. And you know, subhanAllah, you will find that Allah subhanaw taala will provide for you and make things easy for you, but you must not lose despair, lose your hope and be in a state of despair. That's very important. So as long as you do your best and try to tailor in speaking to the one who has lent you the money, so that you can have some form of plan and do what is necessary and taking taking the

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necessary means having trust in Allah Islam. I'm sure that your pay off base.

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I mean, may Allah make easy for him?

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We have another question. This is from my brother Ibrahim. He said what a woman who prays Fajr by herself, get the same reward. mentioned in the Hadith that promises the reward of Hajj and Umrah if one prays with the German sits and makes decadent till sunrise.

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This hadith is founded in the Muslim ummah Muhammad and however this the relevant hamata left no

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debate whether it's acceptable or not, with regards to your authenticity, so some of the other might have rented the Hadith life as for those who have rented it to be sahih or Hassan, acceptable. Then it is the Gemini which is established in the in the masjid and not in the home. And almost patronage mist. Exactly refresher. We have another question here. This one's from YouTube. It's from Brother Mohammed. He says is there any difference in the reward for the Shaheed who dies from the pandemic and the should Shaheed Shaheed who dies from in battle, basically, yeah. So, the Prophet alayhi salam, likewise in the Quran in various places tells us about the reward of the Shaheed the martyr

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on the battlefield, who dies for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. The Prophet Allah says I'm also included a number of situations in which a person dies in they also could actually heat so the person who maybe those of drowning or dies of a stomach disease, or curacy, which is kind of a lung disease

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and also our own of the plague and things like that. There's had a woman in childbirth I think, childbirth yeah, there's a number of yes, you're right. There's a hadith mentions a number of situations yes for the sisters as well, of course.

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Now with regards to dunya we or well

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oddly rulings, then they differ. The one who dies on the battlefield, ie the one who dies on the battlefield is is not washed is not shrouded and buried where they are. As for the one who dies of the diseases or the situations I mentioned previously, then they are washed. And they are shrouded and prayed over. Okay and at the very. So with regards to worldly issues, the slight difference in the ark era. Then he started to add

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the status of the one who is in the battlefield, there is a Hadith which mentioned specifically the reward that they will get, which is over and above others, because the martyrs they are not the same level in the hereafter. But nonetheless, if somebody gets the reward, or is he receives the reward of a matter a matter, then no doubt. They're saved for many trials, like the trials of of the grave, and will receive a beautiful full reward in the hereafter. But their very highest level of the Shaheed is when he dies on the battlefield. Okay, so

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we have another question here. This is from Sarah as salaam alaikum women who have many months of fasting to catch up on because of pregnancy and breastfeeding. From several children catching up these fast is quite difficult. Can women pay video for missed fast?

00:26:20--> 00:26:21

Right? So

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if the system may Allah make it easy for if she has the ability to fast

00:26:28--> 00:26:29


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those fasts remain in her account. So sometimes sisters over a period of you know, years, they might have, you know, go through giving birth, and then nursing their child and then go becoming pregnant again, and then giving birth and the nursing again, there's a bit of a cycle. And sometimes that can last, you know, for three to three, four or five years, depending on the amount of children that they have. It kind of adds up. So every every certainly does.

00:26:54--> 00:26:55

Yeah, it can be but

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you have a valid excuse not for fasting those because of the situation that you were in. But that being the case, those days do still do remain in your account. Just paying a fee of a nonfasting them is not an option. But you would have to, you know, to slowly but surely,

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fast them and as you mentioned earlier that in the wintertime, these are very, very short, especially in November, December, January, somewhat in February as well. You know, you may be fasting maybe eight or nine hours a day. Just made up really quickly laying lunch basically. Yeah, pretty much that Yes. So put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala. And remember that you're fulfilling one of the pillars of Islam. It's not a small thing. It's one of the things that defines us as Muslims. So it's a good opportunity for you know, to do that.

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Excellent. Zach law, federal law make it easy for her and all the sisters watching. In a similar position. My My wife was in a similar position as well, on the last panel. You know, she has, she has this habit of maybe just kind of when the days are shorter, she tries to make make use of that time and they make it easy.

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They say the the winter is the spring of the believer, right? Yes, so long

00:28:09--> 00:28:17

island stays ashore. Speaking of the MLA, I was wondering if you had some advice on how to advise people how to go about praying

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taraweeh we at home, we had a few questions about this yesterday, we weren't able to answer this. But sure. I mean, if someone hasn't got that much Quran memorized, can they use short solos or? Yeah, yeah. So just a little while ago, I was having discussed with discussion with somebody and I said, I asked that person Have you memorized like from Surah tomar on to the end, which is the last eight chapters of the Quran from Surah Al Marone. Alright, Elijah, you can deal with it until the end. And then after that, you have a chapter they said he will have Yes. So I said even if there's a very short sorters if you were able to pray one of these chapters, and each of the rocket, you will

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have offered eight look at as the prophets I send them used to do in Ramadan. And then all you have to do after that Inshallah, to Allah is to pray with a three block ad. If you want to recite

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you know, the three very short chapters, then you have prayed your head to Ashoka, you've prayed 11 The locket, just as the prophets I send them did, some of us have a lot of pressure on ourselves that I have to, you know, recite, from, you know, alpha to how to finesse through the whole, you know, the whole of Ramadan, if you can do that and have dinner for me whenever but if you can't, don't overly put pressure on yourself that you end up doing nothing. Okay? Sometimes there's a middle ground. So just do whatever you can. And you know, Allah Subhana Allah is carrying to word unless pantile is generous, is merciful and knows your situation in detail better than yourself. So

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all you need to do is your very best in childhood.

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So it's quite an important lesson just generally for life. You know, if you can't, if you can't do something to the you know, in a perfect way, don't just leave it. Exactly and try and don't let perfection be the enemy of good.

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Some people say

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I'm afraid that's all all the time we have

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for today's show Zach love Alisha for forgiving time. And Zach Nakata and brothers and sisters for tuning in and sending your questions. We'll be here inshallah the same time, same place tomorrow. We want to keep these short and snappy so we can spend this time just before the you know between us and modeling for people to engage in themselves and decode and use it in a beneficial way inshallah. So please do you know, stay tuned to the online Masjid. We will be

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releasing some tasters this week for different programs coming up and check out online Masjid dot Islam 21 That's online Masjid dot Islam 20 For now, I've been your host salon but thank you very much again to our shake. shack with him crimson and see you all tomorrow, same time. 7pm youtube and facebook Zack now hayleigh Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh