Tom Facchine – Hadith Series – #03 – Allah Despises This Person

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of opinion and arguing in favor of Muslims. They believe that individuals are too emotionally invested in their arguments and that it is difficult for them to accept the truth. They also mention that it is difficult for Muslims to back down when they try to disagree with someone.
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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith collected by Muslim that the most despised person abogado reached out to Allah is the person who is too argumentative, and they are extremely hot headed when they argue with other people, we would say they're belligerent when they get into a disagreement with other people. And all you have to do is go online. And look at the comment section of this video or that video from the speaker and that speaker, and you'll see sometimes there are people where things escalate from zero to 100. Really, really quickly, and you just scratch your head and wonder it's like, how did it get this far this quickly? Right? All of a

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sudden, somebody is trying to criticize something and maybe they even have a valid criticism but mixed in with their criticism or all these accusations and you're this and you're this and mockery and sarcasm and all these sorts of things, right? Um, you know, sincerity needs to be questioned at that point, can this person really be guided to the truth on this issue? Or are they so emotionally invested in being right, or whatever sort of hobby horse that is that they're that they're writing they want? They have this sort of fixed idea and this particular issue? How are you supposed to have a discourse with this person? How are you supposed to have a conversation with this person? It's

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very, very hard for a person like that to back down this person has exceeded the bounds they have transgressed when it comes to being argumentative and being antagonistic. And so this is something that Allah hates as something that Allah hates, because it prevents us from accepting the truth when it comes to us. If we approach things with an even keel, if we approach things with a cool head, and we say even tentatively, it's like, look, this is how I understand the issue. But I believe that you're wrong. And I believe that this is why you're wrong, this issue and that issue and the other issue, then you would be amenable to being corrected if in fact, you were wrong. And somebody showed

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it to you in an equally calm and collected manner, then you could come around to the truth. But if you've exposed yourself and you've, you know, had this tantrum right, while you're trying to disagree with someone or point out the shortcomings of a certain person or their argument that it's going to be very, very, very difficult for you to accept the truth and that's something that is, is very, very problematic for Muslims, people who should be concerned primarily with the truth above all else.

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