Taimiyyah Zubair – Finding Comfort in the Qur’an

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Arthur Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman and Rahim are Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah al Karim rubbish raha a solder a wire Siddeley emri washingon iraq data melissani yufka who coli along my the poly B was said deadly Sani was through a Hema Colby Armenia but I mean

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I like to welcome all of you to our program about finding comfort in the Quran.

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Allah subhanaw taala has revealed the Quran for our guidance and guidance doesn't just mean a list of instructions as to what to do and what to refrain from. guidance is about transformation. guidance is about it is about healing. guidance is about having a goal having a burning passion within a person, something to pursue. guidance is about being connected with Allah azza wa jal Allah and Allah subhanaw taala has revealed the Quran for us for guidance. Allah subhana wa tada says in Surah Thea seen inshallah I will begin with the recitation of some verses. Aruba be lovely Mina shale Ponyo Raji

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Bismillah he'll manual Rahi him ye see when will Anil hecky hockey team in Nicola Amina Sally in Allah so you're all playing

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the game?

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Zilla Laura xizhou Llahi team lead to the rock

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the rock

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wall Filo moon

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lapada help Coppola Allah

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accetti him Fairholme Allah you may know

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in majerle nafi na p him Allah Allah for he Isla Ani for whom oma hoan yg

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benei ad him said though I mean all fee him said the for L Shana whom for whom you will see rune was our

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own naturally him

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whom am lamb

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home and lamb to whom you mean no spoon?

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In Amma to the Romani

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The crow Ohashi awash man Abby Louis

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furbish shear who be molefi field What do you

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carry him? In?

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No no he'll Mota wanaque to buma on

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our home. Well cool leshy in Fina houfy eema meme will be seen.

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In these verses we learn about so many qualities of the Quran. But one of the things that really stands out is the fact that the Quran is an Hakim. It is full of wisdom. It is not just a book of instruction. Rather it is a book of wisdom.

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Meaning it teaches a person how to find guidance in the most difficult circumstances also and insha Allah in today's session, this is exactly what we will be talking about. First and foremost I would like to invite sister Miriam Westie to to talk about how to find comfort in the Quran. And hamdulillah sister Marian Westie is a student of Dr. Farhat Hashmi and she has been teaching translation and proceed at the Institute for many years on hamdulillah I'm so happy to have her with us today as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa Alaykum wa Salaam out the La hillberg hamdulillah welcome. So what are you going to be talking about today inshallah. Allah What a beautiful important

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or comfort in the Quran.

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Allah Alhamdulillah without any delay and shallow would like you to continue in Sharla

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mother who want to sell your ladders holy *, Kareem my burn. Bow the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Orbis rocklea Sabri were silly Omri waterflow opendata melissani after hupo li or a visit near edma Allah whom have been dating I mean

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so behind Allah when hamdulillah

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What are ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar

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Abu hora de la and who he reported, Allah His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as saying,

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to say Subhana Allah will humbly Allah, wa la ilaha illa Allah, one law a Kabbalah

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Glory be to Allah Praise be to Allah. There is no god worthy of worship, but Allah. And Allah is the Greatest is dearer to me than everything on which the sunrises

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indeed the blessings of our robber, who is Al Karim, the most generous are so numerous, and so diverse. There are many tangible and many intangible blessings that we benefit from all the time. Sometimes we recognize these blessings. Whereas at other times, we're distracted. And we don't acknowledge the generosity of our most Merciful Creator, who is also perfect in his wisdom, as we were just reminded.

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And instead, we excessively complain to creative beings, or we become excessively boastful, belittling others around us. Despite having numerous types of blessings as human beings, we do experience ups and downs, and different types of deficiencies in our circumstances, from time to time.

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We go through heartbreak, and disappointments, as part of the tests we go through in this worldly abode that we are in temporarily. This world is the ruler I'm in the place of performing actions that are pleasing to our Creator who sent us here as part of his creation plan.

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And the Hereafter is that all jaza the place where the most suitable and be fitting recompense will be given in the eternal abode. The true complete recompense for any of our deeds performed in this worldly abode can never be received here. We know that our wish lists have shortcomings, our capacity to enjoy is limited.

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our imagination has limitations, and our time here in this world is also limited.

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So that state of happily ever after, that we are searching for, is something we all look forward to experiencing right. It is a reality to be experienced in the hereafter.

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And that also by those who have sound belief, whose belief system is approved of By Allah,

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those who believe in Allah as their supreme creator who believe in the day of judgment and Divine Decree, along with the other articles of faith. So that is to say that the state of happily ever after is for those who train their enough's their soul and remain pleased with Allah as there are.

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The human soul or the enough's has the potential to inclined towards evil, but also the potential to feel regret and be reproachful and thereby become reformed, and to submit before its creator, happy content.

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Those would develop enough that is more common in content, Be assured,

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pleasing to Allah and pleased with him. Those who develop enough studies and worked on my inma are the ones who succeed. So in

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To understand and define real comfort and peace, we need to understand our place here in this world, what is required of us and where are we headed?

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So what is comfort what makes us comfortable, comfort is needed when there is some form of disturbance or imbalance or malfunction. Comfort is sought when there needs to be some level of repairing and fixing and recalibrating, and peace right. To find comfort effectively, we as humans need to identify a base level or a position of soundness or balance, where there is comfort, and who can define this better than the one who created us and the one who knows us best. He knows our strengths, our weaknesses, our heartbreaks, our fears, our joys and our resilience. So to know about what provides real lasting healing and comfort, we need to direct our attention towards our or hub,

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who has described himself as Al Karim, the most generous, the most honorable, and we need to be more receptive to words and accepting of his words. And Allah has described the Quran his words, as both healing and mercy and also a means of reassurance and tranquility. It is a blessing book in which there is abundance of goodness expected and unexpected.

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In sort of israa verse 82, we learn that Allah states one or zero minako Ernie ma Hua Shiva ora, moto lil Mo, meaning koala agazi those Valley Mina illa fissara and we send down of the Quran that which is healing and mercy for the believers, but it does not increase the wrongdoers accepting loss. In Surah suad verse 29, we learned that Allah states Kitab en en el nahu, la como Baraka leya, de barro, iottie, Jolla, tada, cara, Alibaba. This is a massive book, which We have revealed to you, oh, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam that they might reflect upon its verses, and that those of understanding would be reminded.

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If not pay him, he said, As for reflecting upon the Quran than it is to fix the eyes of the heart upon its meanings, and focusing all of one's thoughts on understanding and reflecting upon it. And this is the very objective of the revelation of the Quran. Mere recitation without understanding and reflection is not the objective. So our intention every time we recite the Quran, or we hear the recitation of the Quran, should be to draw closer to our Creator, enhance our relationship with him, develop our consciousness, and understand what we have been created to do, which is to worship our Creator. And since human beings have bodies that need physical nourishment, and they have souls that

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need spiritual nourishment, real balance and peace, comfort, cannot be attained without a balanced nourishment for both the body and soul. Power creator who knows us best and loves us most has provided guidance with regards to how we can keep our bodies and souls sound and healthy and reasonably comfortable in this world. And he has also guided us towards the ways that lead to never ending peace and bliss and everlasting contentment and comfort in general.

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We learned that they didn't stop at reporting Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said, Whoever makes this world whoever makes the world his most important matter, a level confound his affairs and make poverty appear before his eyes. And he will not get anything from the world but what has been decreed for him. Whoever makes the hereafter his most important matter, Allah will settle his affairs and making content in his heart. And the world will come to him, although he does not want it. So we learn from this that the one who prioritizes correctly and gives preference to the hereafter over this world will have the gift of contentment in this world and lasting success in the

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hereafter. In other words, the best of both worlds. There is no being more generous than our Creator and Kareem The one who is perfectly generous and noble and honorable. In verses six to eight of surah to info for

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all of mankind.

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People in general, the human beings are invited to think about an important matter three question. Our Rob who is Al Karim states? Yeah, a U haul. insaan ma Robbie Robbie Karl

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Karim all mankind what has deceived you concerning your Lord the generous Allah the calaca fossa worker for other luck who created you proportion Do you unbalanced you use All righty, Masha, Allah Raka back in whatever form He willed, has he assembled you.

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Corinne is the one with a combination of many virtues. And Kareem is also translated as Noble. And one becomes noble when one has perfected certain qualities. In fact, the Quran is described as Kareem because he has many perfect attributes. And so that'll work. What are we doing in verse 77? In a hula Caetano Kareem indeed it is a noble Quran. So Allah is Allah Karim the most generous, the most honorable, the one with perfect attributes, the Disposer of bounties, who loves to give the one who is most generous, he gives us more than we actually even ask for.

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And his giving does not diminish anything from his vast treasures. Our noble, generous, Rob didn't just create us and fashion us and determine matters for us, but he also guided us and his decisions pertaining to Divine Decree and legislation are all always based on his perfect knowledge and his perfect wisdom.

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In verses 28 and 29, of surah to right, we learn about those who turn to Allah with humility, and are guided to the best ways with a special reassurance

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and love alladhina amanu welltok mama in loco loco home Vivek Rila, those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah, Allah be the karela he Tama in colo Verily, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are adored. Because the remembrance of Allah is the Food for the Soul,

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and levena armano those who have believed meaning they have maintained conscious Eman And whose hearts are assured their hearts have implemented none, which is tranquility, being free from too many doubts or too much restlessness. Too much fear too much worry, too much nervousness.

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Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah.

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So the believers heart finds comfort becomes tranquil when he remembers the perfection of his creator.

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You see, we cannot be distracted with temporary relief when we have a more important deficiency or a need that is pressing us right. So when it is that we're very, very thirsty, we need water to quench our thirst. And if we're restless because of that thirst and somebody shows us a picture over a bottle of water. That's not what satisfy us right? We need real water to quench that thirst.

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That's where comfort lies, right? meaning in terms of the body.

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So here Allah reminds us those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah, by the remembrance of Allah. Allah be Vickery la Takuma in Nakuru. Verily by the remembrance of Allah hearts are short.

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And this Vicar this remembrance of Allah includes general remembrance of Allah, the spear that made declaring Allah glory, praising him thanking him. It includes a stem farm seeking forgiveness. It includes performing ritual prayer, swallow, and also reciting the Quran

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connecting with almost kalaam guidance from him.

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You see our sins they make us feel kind of burden, right? Our hearts feel heavy, we feel awkward, we feel stressed. And we feel relaxed upon remembering that Allah is the one who can take care of us in the best ways he is the most forgiving, the ever watchful, the most generous. So how much remembrance of our generous arrived but do we actively remain involved in?

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So you see the thirst the thirst of the hearts of people is only quenched with the remembrance of Allah.

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So what is the cure for the imbalances and the emptiness and the guilt that develops within us and makes us uncomfortable? the remembrance of Allah. It is the vicar of Allah, that brings about contentment in a person's heart. It is the love of Allah that fills the void and the emptiness. This is the cure this is the solution. Because when we remember Allah we are giving the heart what it needs. We are giving it with Allah Sophia. Its spiritual sustenance.

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We learn that Abdullah ibn Arbus, he reported the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Whoever among you is too weak to stand at night for prayer, or is too miserly to spend in charity or is too afraid to fight the aggressor. Let him increase in the remembrance of Allah.

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And in verse 29 of

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kurata Rog, we learned that ulimate and alladhina amanu were amilo slowly hearted cool Bala home was no ma but those who have believed and unrighteous deeds a good state is theirs and a good return, very turning will be good and the place where they will go will also be good, which is Jana, paradise,

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Bull by law home. A good state is theirs, they will have blessedness all types of blessings happiness, comfort, refreshment of the eyes,

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and pull back also is the proper name of a tree and paradise we learn from Hardee's. So ultimate success belongs to the one who brings eemaan and obeys Allah in all times.

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in all times, so when our connection with the Quran is strong,

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we strengthen that connection, we develop there by the enough's, which is multiple in reassured content with belief in Allah.

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And a believing person with such a soul will receive good news or relief and bliss at the time of death, on the Day of Resurrection, and as we know, successful people begin with the end in mind, their intention lifelong remains to draw closer to and attain the approval of their Creator.

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So just yesterday in our 30 minute Quran class we studied sort of the Father

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and in this surah towards the end, we are reminded of the tendency within human beings in general to feel very honored with the extension of worldly blessings

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and to feel very humiliated with the restriction of worldly blessings and possessions.

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And we are then reminded of the importance of honoring the orphan feeding the needy being just and moderate in acquiring wealth. And right at the end of the surah we are informed about what will be said to the believer the one with a balanced content and peaceful soul. Nelson mohtarma in

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in verses 27 to 30 and that is Yeah, uh yeah to Han Solo moto MA in to the righteous it will be sad or reassured So, Eero de la Rob Becky robley item model bleah robbery item model meraviglia. returned to your door well pleased and pleasing to Him. But the holy if you're a buddy and enter among my righteous servants, what the Holy Trinity and enter My Paradise.

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Yeah, a year two and a half solomo Toma in Oriya. Short so the one that was content with the decree of Allah was convinced about Allah's promises and rewards. The one with full Ukraine.

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The one who remembered Allah frequently.

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Not necessarily the one who has a picture perfect life faces no hardships

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is the one who knows is and also knows hardship and understands that both are from Allah. The one was pleased with Allah decree, kind of loss commends.

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The one who remains hopeful and loyal to Allah.

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The one who doesn't become vengeful and hateful and full of self pity, the one whose approach is Alhamdulillah Allah Quran

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to the righteous reassured soul, it will be said, era de la rahbek mirabilia. Tomorrow bleah returned to your Lord, you were in the dunya to do something you were created to worship your rob you did that he tested you with hardship Benny's Now come back to your door and his reward and what he has prepared.

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in Paradise,

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your jury ihlara Big mirabilia to modally returned to your adored, well pleased and pleasing to Him.

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And this type of person is happy to meet Allah and is made happy. This is success. Happiness is about knowing your robber, being pleased with your Rob and submitting before him to the righteous reassured soul eventually it will be said for the holy AP or anybody can I draw among my righteous servants

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enter among their ranks, to Allah honors His servants who are special by calling them his servants, the righteous ones.

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What the holy Jannati and enter My Paradise. And this will be said to a person at the time of death at the time of resurrection. And so we learned from this that when we take time to fix our connection with Allah through his words, and on his terms,

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and we're walking on the path leading to Jannah.

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So we need to ask ourselves, what are we preparing for our meeting with Allah had an important meeting how much of our time on weekdays

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On weekends, in the summer and in the winter, whether we're young or old is invested in drawing closer to our Rob and inviting others to do the same. How aware of the mercy and the generosity of our Rob are we? How much do we long for real success in Jana? Jana, a place of permanent comfort and bliss and happiness were happily ever after becomes a reality, where those who invested their time and energy and pursuing Allah's approval, and learned his column will be relaxed, on adorned couches.

00:25:31 --> 00:25:47

In the finest clothing, delightful food and drink, best companionship and more importantly peaceful, grateful content, they will be able to see their rub, such that he is pleased with them. And now they know that they can never do anything to displease him again.

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And we learned that Abdullah even armory reported are so long that an audio Sallam said it will be set to the Companion of the Quran.

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Cora Watashi wa tell recite and ascend as you recite it in the world. Verily your rank is determined by the last verse you recite.

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May Allah make us of those who are and luperon May Allah open the doors of a special mercy upon all of us, may You forgive us? Where does beneficial knowledge that will enable us to become his best leaves, but yet our hearts with faith and keep our tongues moist with his remembrance. Aloma in the US Allah can have some bigger motomachi in the nobili Arctic, what are low IQ worktop no iQ? I mean

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there is no federal governor to be like a Santa Muerte Gomorrah like what what? Why would concern what are what Allah barakato dear sister, Madame Jackie lehighton cathedra for such a refreshing reminder Alhamdulillah I just want to mention to everybody that, you know, just listening to a few verses right now was so refreshing for us Alhamdulillah imagine doing this every single day, where you are studying, you know, a whole section of verses, you're looking at every single word, reading it, listening to it reflecting over its meaning. And here, I would like to take the opportunity to tell everybody about our new upcoming course at Ohio, the institute and this course is the 30 we'll

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call on course in which we cover the Tafseer of the entire Quran at hamdulillah. And in this course, we actually also go through the translation as well where we look at the word for word meaning of every single word. And of course, you know, when you are studying that the seed of the Quran you also need some supplementary subjects in order to enhance your understanding of the Quran. So of course we have to gwede we have a little bit of grammar we have a normal Quran we also study Hadees and I think it's really something that you should give to yourself with you deserve to study the book of Allah, you deserve to connect personally with the verses that Allah subhanaw taala has

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revealed, for your healing for your comfort, for your guidance. And you know, we all want to be we all want to increase in our knowledge of the Quran and our understanding of the Quran and our hamdulillah This is an excellent opportunity where you know from your from the comfort of your own home, you can enroll in this course and study the Quran with so many sisters. And here I would like to

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also show you a short video in which you can see the reflections of some of our students. It's best to hear from the graduates what their you know, experience has been in studying the seat of the Quran at ohada Institute.

00:29:04 --> 00:29:16

Rose Obaidullah, he means show you a new regime. This Mila here rock man you're rocking what has kita boon

00:29:20 --> 00:29:20


00:29:21 --> 00:29:29

vein Edie and this is a book which we have set down less than confirming what was before it.

00:29:34 --> 00:29:44

If only we took the time to open it, because if we just opened it, if we just opened it, our hearts would come alive we would seek and we would be found.

00:29:45 --> 00:29:59

I was painting with desperation of healing. until I reached the healing began. I was free. I aim to be a better giver, not a taker to leave my comfort zone and strive in the way of Allah

00:30:00 --> 00:30:30

provide shade for those facing hardships alone, to help those in need, regardless of the differences in color and creed, to spread the light of Quran to all of those around me, my relatives, my neighbors, my friends, and every soul in need of a little guidance and a little hope, because you are on is my guideline to life and true success in the eternal abode. I want nothing short of the approval of our ever knowing and most Merciful Creator.

00:30:31 --> 00:30:47

This book is a mirror that shows me who I am, my flaws, my mistakes, my beauty and my light. Allah chose me specifically to learn this for a reason. This book you see, it is for Allah, to have the best eyes to perceive the world. The best heart to perceive a microbe

00:30:49 --> 00:31:27

or on is the manifestation of a loss. Like the gleaming bright, radiant stars that guide us it sparks and shines and beautifies the skies You see, just as these lights the Quran decorates my soul, nothing at all can come close to its worth. It has given my life purpose and I prayed to never ever let it go 30 Jesus to guide me 114 citizens fire me I am protected with the words of Allah brings clarity to the healers justice to the weak and it breathes life into the spiritually dead what can bring the heart more comfort than the words of our Lord, what can beautify the heart more than the words of our Lord the rub that knows me best and loves me most?

00:31:28 --> 00:31:30

Ron for all

00:31:31 --> 00:31:32

in every hand

00:31:33 --> 00:31:34

in every heart

00:32:05 --> 00:32:38

took me in which we will go through the Tafseer of the last three verses of the Quran and inshallah there will be student reflections as well. I invite you all to attend that program live hear from the students more students as to how their experience has been and how the Quran has been a source of comfort for them on hamdulillah and hamdulillah I'm so happy Today we have with us Sister dounia schreib and hamdulillah who is Masha Allah known for

00:32:40 --> 00:33:24

you know the way that she connects you know psychology with with religious knowledge to really help us have a develop a holistic you know, understanding of you know of ourselves of the deen and and hamdulillah her talks How are so healing so helpful and hamdulillah I would cinematic from dunya How are you doing while like myself lover? Catherine hamdulillah How are you? Can you hear me fine? I'm so sorry. I'm having a little bit of technical difficulties, no problem and hamdulillah we can hear you and without any delay I would like you to begin in sha Allah does refer you to casino FOR JOINING US Federal vacation her Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu

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salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was fabulous alum rubbish rockne Sabri wastefully, Emery, Agata melissani of kahakai ammini Erbil alameen salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa better katsu who does that hello hi you're on for having me. It's such an honor and privilege to be joining you all today Masha. Allah sister Miriam's talk was so heartwarming, especially when she spoke about the beautiful Aya from Surah to rod where Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about how the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala is a source of comfort. And we know that the Quran is the greatest one of the greatest forms of the wicked. The Quran is sapan Allah not just a great form of victory, but Allah

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subhanho wa Taala calls it a Shi fat.

00:34:18 --> 00:34:59

And I wanted to share with you all one narration from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which he gives us a key to finding comfort in this world. Even though we know that this world is full of trials and tribulations This world is dunya this life is filled with things that remove comfort. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he taught us how to find comfort and in this beautiful narration he teaches us a draft that's very powerful. And when I saw the theme of tonight's program, finding comfort in the Quran, I thought that this was a

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appropriate data to share with you all. Even Miss rhodiola han who he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there is no Muslim there's no believer

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who is afflicted with distress, with sorrow, with sadness with something that removes their comfort, right? The stress sorrow, sadness is the absence of that comfort. And says this beautiful that Allahumma inni Abba took it but no haptik iblue ametek na CIT b edik malbun Fi hockomock Adlon fear Cabo oak as Luca buckwald lisman who elect some Mater be here in a sec. Oh, and delta houfy kita back our alumna who had an inhale kick, I will set the behavioural melody behind that. And Ted Jalil Khurana, Robbie calbee were no surgery will gela Husni with the hammer hammy alumna amin, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever makes this, this application which says, Oh Allah,

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oh my lord, I am your servant. Starting off this beautiful supplication by admitting to Allah subhanaw taala who you are, you are a servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you're not just a servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala but you are the son or the daughter of both a female and a male servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then saying your Allah my forelock is in your hand, your command concerning me always prevails, your decision concerning me is always just, I call upon you, by every one of your beautiful and perfect names which you have described yourself or that you have revealed in your book, right the Quran or you have taught any of your creatures or you have chosen,

00:37:19 --> 00:38:14

chosen to keep in the knowledge of the unseen with you to make the Quran the delight of my soul, the spring of my soul. And that word right there is very interesting inshallah, we're going to talk about it. There'll be Appleby why neurosurgery and the light of my chest, wa Jalla has nowhere to hide behind me and the removal of my sadness and the dispeller of my anxieties. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever says this, Allah subhanho wa Taala will remove their affliction will remove with that which is removing their comfort, will remove that and replace it with joy and happiness. And so Sahaba Dr. rasulillah That's amazing. Should we not learn it? And the

00:38:14 --> 00:39:03

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yes, and whoever hears it should learn it. And in another narration, a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said, O Messenger of Allah, whoever is deprived of these words, has been wronged and the prophet SAW Selim said yes. So So say these words and teach them to others Subhan Allah. And now the part that I wanted to focus on in my short time with you today is the end part. vaginal core, Anna Robbie kalbi, may Allah make the Quran, the spring of my heart. Subhana Allah when I was reading what had the scene have written about what Allah Subhana Allah what the prophet SAW Selim says here, see something so beautiful.

00:39:04 --> 00:39:57

Think of what the spring is. The spring is the season that brings the most comfort. It comes after the harsh, long, dark winter, and it comes in it brings comfort, the spring is also a time of growth and renewal. When the vegetation and the plants that have gone through, you know, a lot of difficulty a lot of them have weathered some of them it looks like they have died. And Allah subhanaw taala gives them life again. And that's exactly what the Quran does for our hearts and for our souls and for our minds. It can revive our hearts and our souls. The Quran the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala are so powerful at bringing comfort to those who believe in them with those who

00:39:57 --> 00:39:59

believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:40:00 --> 00:40:13

And the Quran enough itself is a source of comfort in all stages of our existence in the dunya the Quran is a source of our comfort, because think about it.

00:40:14 --> 00:40:16

What are things that remove comfort?

00:40:17 --> 00:40:28

What are things that cause distress, things like death rate, things like loss of wealth and property and loved ones, loneliness,

00:40:29 --> 00:41:18

the harm from other people and think about what the core and how Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us comfort for all of life's distresses. panela every time I open up a book have to see it. It's so beautiful. It's so comforting to see the professor say, and these Ayad will reveal to comfort and console the profits on the law highly he was sallam. And think about that it wasn't just revealed to console and comfort the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but also all those who follow the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam when you're sad, and you open up the Quran, and you read will have a lady either sajama dakara buco and

00:41:19 --> 00:42:06

when you read Ly, you can look for love on us and allows her when you read Allah subhanaw taala, describing the reward of those who are patient, describing the pleasures of Jenna, and insert the ride, where sister Marian was talking to us about in that sort of right before these as well, Allah subhanaw taala says LGBTQ related group, there's a beautiful passage, you know, inshallah, all of us can go and look it up this evening or later tomorrow, where Allah subhanaw taala describes what he gives the believers. And he's panela. Taya describes gentlemen and he says something so beautiful, and he says, This is what Allah subhana wa prepares for who, for the believers, and their children

00:42:06 --> 00:42:35

and their spouses and their parents, those who who have lost who they've lost in the dunya. So it's a comfort to let you know and children Jenna, you'll be reunited. And so the Quran is a source of comfort in this world. But the Quran is also a source of comfort in our graves, the prophets, Allah, Allah highly he was sending, he told us that when we're in our grades, and it's so dark, and it's so lonely,

00:42:36 --> 00:42:49

that a beautiful looking person will join us. And we'll ask Who is that? And they'll say, I am the core and that you used to spend time reciting and learning.

00:42:50 --> 00:43:12

And then it doesn't just stop bringing us comfort there. It brings us comfort in our dunya in our cupboard in our grave, but also on the Day of Resurrection. Where as the sister was describing Allah subhanaw taala will call and he'll say Where are the people of the Quran? Where am I special people.

00:43:13 --> 00:43:18

And Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant them a special honor on the Day of Judgment.

00:43:19 --> 00:43:53

So the Quran is a source of comfort. It's not just a source of comfort for those who recite it because there is a lot of comfort in just listening to it and just reciting it. But how do you get that true source of comfort by comprehending and understanding and that's why it's so important for all of us to make an intention starting today to start on a journey towards understanding the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:43:54 --> 00:44:08

And what a wonderful opportunity that Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us with, with an Hooda Institute where we can from the comfort of our own homes, start learning

00:44:10 --> 00:44:56

a loss of path has words and what they mean. And then in sha Allah when we do that, the Quran will truly be a source of comfort for us in this world. But every time we're feeling distress, we can open up the Quran and read through that use of and understand the story and understand how Allah subhanho wa Taala you know shows us comfort by changing the situation of use of Halle Salaam. We can recite the ayat where Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about he does not burden a soul more than it can bear and we could understand that we could stand in our Salah where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that in the salons the coolness of his eyes, it's a source of comfort. When he was

00:44:56 --> 00:44:59

feeling discomfort. He would go to the land

00:45:00 --> 00:45:13

See the higher Vila copper prayer so that we can find comfort. But how can we find comfort in our prayers if we don't understand what we're saying? And the majority of our prayer is what?

00:45:15 --> 00:46:03

And so in sha Allah I pray that each and every one of us is able to take this wonderful opportunity and start on this journey towards understanding the Quran. There's one more narration I wanted to share with you all, just to really show how the Quran is truly a source of comfort. Alberto will be the one who reported he said that there was a man who was reciting surah to calf in his barn. And there was an animal in his barn that when the animal was hearing certain calf was unsettled. And when the men looked, he saw that his barn was filled with like mist or cloud overshadowing him. And so the next day he went to the prophet SAW Selim and he mentioned to the prophets of Allah and he

00:46:03 --> 00:46:54

was telling him what happened. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, continue reciting the Quran for it was a calm a comfort which descended with the Quran upon you. So when we recite the Quran, we receive comfort. When we understand the Quran, we receive comfort for our emotional distress. And remember that being a companion of the Quran will not only bring you comfort in this life, it will bring you comfort in your grave. We will need it so much. It will bring you comfort in sha Allah on the Day of Resurrection on a loss of pantallas rectus and it will bring us comfort by elevating our rank in genma insha Allah to Allah, I asked Allah subhanaw taala

00:46:55 --> 00:47:47

that he allows us to be from his special people from an Al Quran I asked Allah subhanaw taala to give us a tofik and the ability to start this journey on learning. And, you know, seeking knowledge to understand the Quran ask Allah patho to grant the steadfastness in learning and understanding we'll call and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make the Quran, the spring of our hearts and the light of our chests and the banisher of our distress and our sorrow. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to grant us comfort through the Quran the way he granted the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comfort in the hardest and most difficult times of his life. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala on this blessed night

00:47:48 --> 00:48:22

that he subhanaw taala replaces all of our hardships with ease all of our sadness with happiness and faith in Him all of our anxiety and our fear with tranquility and trust in him. I asked Allah subhanaw taala the same way that he gathered us here virtually that he gathers us with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in genital folders alone, I mean, does that allow for you and and share potamia malice patter bless you in your efforts. May Allah subhanaw taala bless everyone who's joining us.

00:48:31 --> 00:48:58

Jackie laden Kathy Hello my dear Mashallah. A very, very helpful reminder, I especially loved the connection that you made here with the draw. Because it's such a powerful draw in which we, you know, begin we mentioned the names of Allah we asked him by his names, right, and we're asking that may Allah subhanaw taala make the Quran a source of springtime of our hearts and I love the comparison that you made, you know, with springtime because it's really a time of growth.

00:49:00 --> 00:49:13

And a time of, you know, you really see plants coming back to life. Right, and not just plants. I mean, you know, all of a sudden you see birds returning there's so much vibrancy and color and

00:49:14 --> 00:49:59

happiness, enjoy their comfort, right because after the cold winter when the sun comes out and you feel those, you know sunrays on your skin, Suppan aligner remember, one of my teachers used to tell me that every time I recite this is to recite some Quran afterwards and to feel the effects of the Quran in granting me comfort and I pray that we're all able to, you know, really find the Quran as a source of comfort. I mean, I mean, and, you know, the examples that you gave about how, you know, when you when you read sort of the Doha when you read through the use of really, it's, it's, it's so helpful, but you know, there are portions of the Quran that

00:50:00 --> 00:50:39

hamdulillah we are very familiar with, you know, for example, stories of the prophets or certain sutras that we have been, you know, listening to or, you know, perhaps we have studied and Alhamdulillah in this course actually we go through the entire Quran. And he there are verses which, you know, for example, I see it in the, in the faces of the students that when they, when they read those verses for the first time, they are amazed, you know, that they're surprised that this is also in the Quran. Because generally when we think about the Quran, you know, we typically think of what's Hello, what's her arm, you know, the rules related to marriage, divorce, inheritance, etc.

00:50:40 --> 00:51:30

And yes, that is in the Quran. But, you know, the Quran is, is not just a book of instructions, right, and especially like you said about the Prophet sallallahu earlier said that how the Quran was a source of comfort for him. Right, it was revealed over a period of 23 years. And the reason Allah subhanaw taala mentions is Lino sub b2b for others, so that we strengthen your heart through this, and all of us need that strengthening, right, we need that we need something to pick us up to to put us back together. And the iron is really, really helpful in that. And I think every single person should, you know, should give themselves the gift of, of studying the entire put on beginning to

00:51:30 --> 00:51:36

end. And I actually wanted to show something over here very quickly,

00:51:37 --> 00:51:41

about Excuse me, I'm trying to do this for the first time.

00:51:44 --> 00:51:45


00:51:46 --> 00:51:57

everyone should make the firm intention right now to be a student of the Quran. And to not meet Allah subhanaw taala was at least that intention

00:51:59 --> 00:52:49

to understand his words, in sha Allah and just wanted to show very quickly about how we go through the the, the Tafseer of the Quran. This is just a sample of our course book that we use. So here you can see pseudocode Fatiha, where we literally look at the word the meaning of every single word. I remember in one class when I was teaching, there was a first class and one of the students Michelle, she's she's a doctor. And right after the class she's like, now I understand sort of total Fatty, right, it's a panel lights, a soda that we recite every single day in our salon. Right, but sadly, we don't know what it means, right? under the lights an opportunity to look at every single word.

00:52:50 --> 00:53:30

And the best thing is that in this course, we we take time to reflect on the verses because the Quran was revealed not just for the purpose of recitation, right, but for the purpose of reflection for the purpose of the Buddha. And the reason behind to the Buddha is to relate the verses with yourself to introspect right to see how you know what you can take from these verses and how you can act upon them. And with that, strengthen your connection with Allah subhanaw taala does Akela Hayden cathedra dunia for being with us today?

00:53:32 --> 00:53:32


00:53:33 --> 00:54:12

reminder banca love to be an honor does that allow fade and I pray that Alice paddock continues to bless you and bless her the institute and May Allah subhanaw taala make this very heavy on your scale for reviving this love and this connection to the book of Allah Ameen Baraka lofi ki does Akela Eden cathedra. I also wanted to show another video to our guests today in which you can, you can actually listen from one of our students about how her experience has been in studying the Quran and how it is benefiting her now that she has graduated from the Institute.

00:54:24 --> 00:54:59

I said I'm already going after the law here, but I got to my name is Mario Hanif and looking back at my experience at ohada and completing Dynamo put on. I don't think I've been more appreciative of such an opportunity now than ever before. It's when I'm no longer in that beautiful and sheltered environment in which everyone is remembering Allah and pushing me to become the best version of myself that I value the ability to understand Allah's word even more. You know, it's in these challenging moments when society is pressing a notion that doesn't quite really work.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:45

align with my values that I can quite literally understand Allah's words and lean on for support. It gives me a sense of confidence and a sense of empowerment, knowing who Allah is, knowing who God is. and that in turn, defines my purpose and gives me a sense of mindfulness and every thought and action and every word that leaves my mouth. And one of the most important takeaways that I would want to shed light on from my experience in completing dinuclear and is that I will forever be a student of knowledge, right, I will always be on this chase of self betterment, you know, and in that case, that will result in familial and societal improvement as well. You know, when I begin to

00:55:45 --> 00:56:11

change myself, to please Allah, right to please God, that is when everything translates as well. And just a side note, when you complete your Dynamo journey, and the first formal bond comes around, maybe during your after your journey, just make sure to grab a pencil and write down how you feel because spoiler it's going to be the best experience of your life inshallah.

00:56:17 --> 00:57:04

And Hamdulillah, so inshallah the new Terry Maclaurin course is beginning in January. You can see over here the links have been shared with you, you can also find more information up on the screen. And if you have any questions, you can check out our FAQ page and of course, you can also send an email, get in touch with us inshallah, and we will help you find the best option for yourself. And another thing I wanted to share with you is that in sha Allah the current program that we are going through right now in which sister medium is teaching that course that hamdulillah is is going to complete on December 26 Saturday, so please join us and and listen to the Tafseer of the last three

00:57:04 --> 00:57:37

sutras. You can get an idea of what this course is about how we literally dive into the verses of Hamlet in law, and you can also listen to the reflections of the students hear from them about how the Quran has helped them what they have taken from the Quran, how their journey has been in sha Allah does echo Hello Hayden cathedra if we can again show the flyer the thorium will caught on fire inshallah, so that everybody can take any kick can take the information

00:57:41 --> 00:57:41

at hand that Allah

00:57:43 --> 00:58:27

does alchemilla hate him cathedra everyone for joining us today botica lo fi calm and we look forward to seeing you in 30 multiple on course in sha Allah, please share this information with your friends with your family. These days now a lot of people are studying from home excellent opportunity to do this course at the same time, especially for sisters because it's a it's a course that is taught by sisters, four sisters and inshallah you can form some of the best friendships even in this course in sha Allah, vertical of econ Zakouma located and cathedra subhanak Allahumma will be handed a shadow Allah Illa illa Anta esto Furukawa to Lake wa salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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