Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 241C Tafsir Al-Zumar 4-7

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of "has been given" and the potential consequences of giving things to children are discussed in Islam. The speakers emphasize the importance of gratitude in achieving a "by the way" and "has been given" concept, citing various sources. They also emphasize the need for parents to choose a child from their creation and the importance of being present during the birth process.
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Allah says no if Arad, Allahu Allah intended meaning if Allah really wanted, and that you're talking about one other than that he should take a child, he should adopt a son, he should have a son.

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Then what would he do last Kapha? Surely he would have chosen estafa salt for a while, he would have chosen Nima from that which yes, local, he creates my Ushaw wherever he lives. If Allah really wanted to have a child, he would have chosen someone from his creation, and taken that creature as a child of his uninformed mankind about it. But the fact is that he didn't. Why? Because Subhana who,

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perfectionist for him exalted nurses, for him his glory, meaning he is above the need to have a child because we Allah, because he's Allah, Allah wa had the one and alcohol, the prevailing, everything is in his control, ultimate power rests with him, why would he have a child? What is this is telling us? No, Allah, who is AYF Allah who wants to have a child?

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Do people want children?

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Why? Because they're incomplete. Right? And there is a weakness from within. There is you know, a sense of greatness that people feel when they have children, a sense of authority, a sense of a higher status.

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Or you don't really feel what compassion is until you have a child in the sense that the compassion, the love that you feel when you have a child, you know, many people say it can never be felt, without having children, meaning a person who has children and the love, compassion, mercy, they feel that same level cannot be experienced by a person who does not have children. That's what people say, right? They could be right, they could be wrong. Which is why, you know, if a person does not have children, and this suggests something others say, Oh, you don't get it because you don't have children. Right? We are limited, right? We grow through experience. Allah subhanaw taala

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is perfect.

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He doesn't need children in order to have compassion.

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He doesn't need children in order to be merciful. He is merciful from before he is a Rahman and Rahim from before. So no, Arad, Allah who if Allah wanted, meaning, Allah does not want even because Allah does not need he does not intend to have a child because he is in no need of a child, because he is above any dependency.

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The creation depends on him and he depends on no one.

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And if he had a child, if he wanted a child, what would he have to do? He would have to choose a child from his creation. Why choose from his creation? Because Allah is wa he there is none like him. You understand? He is well ahead, there is none like him. It's not possible for another god to exist, you know, a child would be also God, but there is only one God. So logically, it's not possible. You understand? God is one, he doesn't multiply. There is only one God. So even if Allah were to have a child, he would have to choose from his creation because there is none like Him. God does not have children, he does not have the need to have children. So let's perform in Morocco,

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Morocco, Maya Shah, and Ben. If he really had children, he would have informed people about it. But has he? No. So don't make up partners for Allah don't set up partners for Allah saying that he has a child because he is who Allah and Ramadan AHA halacha similarity. He is the one who has created the skies. When are the and the earth will help with the truth. Meaning in reality it is Allah who has created the skies on the earth being held for just cause and purpose. He hasn't created all of this aimlessly for nothing. No, it's created for a purpose. You can really Laila you can regrow he wraps a Laila the night overlap on an hour over the day. He wraps the night over the day, where you carry

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on now how and he wraps the day on the main over the night. Such that where the day ends, the night begins and where the night ends. The day begins.

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What is the word you can't wait to meet you? COVID Oh calf Well, raw cow is too coil to wrap

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Something around the other by taking it in circular motion.

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The word is used for wrapping a turbine,

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wrapping a turbine because when a person is wrapping the turbine around their head, how do they take the cloth? They take it in circular motion around their head, think of your hijab when you're wearing it, what do you do? You take it down, and then you take it out, and then you bring it down again. And sometimes they get up again, I don't know how you do, but you do it sometimes. Right? So this is Coach to take something round and round. So he wraps the night over the day, and he wraps the day over the night, meaning constantly one after the other the night and they are coming in succession, or Sahara shumsa will come out. And he has subjected the sun and the moon. And the sun

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and the moon alter the alternate, right meaning they come one after the other up in the horizon. Couldn't then each Yejide it is running, meaning it is proceeding on its course Lee agilely Musa until an appointed time and what is that appointed time because everything has an unripe to the sun hasn't and the moon has an there is nothing in this world that will remain forever. So Lee agilely Musa, Allah unquestionably who are he is alive Xyzal afar, the Exalted in Might the Perpetual Forgiver the names of Allah that are mentioned over here so irrelevant. It's amazing. Why is the Aziz mentioned, because who can make all this happen except the one Who is Aziz.

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I mean, the massive sun and the massive moon and then the earth and the way the night and day are coming in succession, one after the other, who is behind all of this, as is the one of ultimate power and have far far

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have you ever gotten angry with somebody and taken away from them something that you gave them, moms, older sisters, older cousins, maybe you give a toy, you give a candy, you give a cookie, even something as small as a candy. And what happens you get mad, because the child disrespected, you just take it away.

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You don't have the heart to forgive. We do this right? A lot. Or if it's not that we take it away, we show our anger, we say I'm never gonna give this to you again. And later on, we do give it we're so weak, we cannot even remain true to our word.

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How a lost parent is hurting the Most Forbearing because my mom was recently aware, she just went for a trip and she came back. And then I had to take care of the kids and you have to like be so heavy and forbearing with what they want with everybody wanting to eat something different than it or not wanting to see but the correct amount of the correct time. And not only with them but I also was working on the side with a conference with other people who are volunteering and then also when people when we don't meet deadlines all at the same time or things are pushed back. So again, going back to your intention of doing this for the sake of Allah subhana it forces you to be honey

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everything goes back to like your intention.

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So Allah is a lot of fall, night and day. We sin we disobey Allah.

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But because of our sins, Allah subhanaw taala does not stop the sun from rising again. Allah subhanaw taala does not stop the moon from coming again. He doesn't stop the night from coming or the day from coming. No, he keeps sending blessings upon us because He is the Perpetual Forgiver hamacher Calm he has created you the nevsun Wahida from a single soul sooner than Jhala he made men have fathered meaning from that single tool as an adult in his salon xojo hair its mate. And what is this referring to? This is referring to how Allah so Allah created all of you from a single person and find that person Allah created his wife.

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What isn't an icon and he sat down for you. Mineral anom of the grazing livestock thermometer as wedge eight pairs as wedge port of Zote. eight pairs, meaning he has produced for you of grazing livestock for you as in for your consumption for your benefit for your use. Eight

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of the grazing livestock and eight refers to the four pairs. All right four pairs

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both male and female, as we learned in total an arm 143 Somani at the US watch. All right, men a nickname Wamena Mars's name Wamena EB lithophane Wamena bakr is name do from sheep to have goats to half camels and to off cows. So total how many? Eight for male and for female, so total eight. So he has created them for who?

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For him for you

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all of this livestock who enjoys it. We are the ones who are enjoying it. So he has produced them for you. I want you to notice something over here Enza Allah calm. Angela. What does Angela mean?

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To Sandow? He sat down for you these animals? What does this mean? Some have said what this means is that I was Ella. This is her PT. As you take it literally. He created these animals were a no Holika awful Jana.

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These animals were actually made in Jannah. And then they were sent down for a call in Zoll happy cotton this in Zeile coming down is real. Okay, in reality, it's literal. Others have said under and over here is figurative. Because these animals, their food is mainly what

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what is it? Grass produce, right? And that doesn't grow unless and until it gets its risk from the sky which is in the form of water and sunlight. So when their food comes from the sky and the sense that water, it comes from the sky, and then the grass grows and then these animals eat, so unzila All right. And others have said that Angela over here gives a meaning of unshare Jhala that he has produced them for you he has created them for you. Another meaning of unzila over here is when Allah sends down it means that he has legislated something

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right, like he sent down the Quran. So he sent down the law of the Quran, right? He's legislated it he's commanded it. So under another account, meaning he has legislated these animals in your favor, but you use them the primary purpose of these animals is your benefit. He has decreed them for you. He has decreed them in your share.

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Understand, so unzila local Meenal an army Somalia as wedge your local calm. He has created you fee in Bocconi rooms, stomachs on Maha t come off your mother's Bhutan, plural of button, all right back on his stomach. It doesn't mean literally the stomach where your food comes in. It's digested no Bopanna is in your buffer. Okay, your local coffee both early on Maha TiECon. He creates you in the wombs of your mother's how, how you can a creation men die the harlequin after a creation, creation after creation.

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Meaning he creates you gradually in the arms of your mothers over a period of nine long months.

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Gradually, one stage after the other and how exactly are their stages? They're mentioned in the Quran.

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Like for example, in certain will be known right at the beginning we learn about how from mcfa to Allah to Mordor. Right? How is just a sperm drop at the beginning and then a blood clot and then a lump of flesh and then eventually develops bones and the bones are covered in focus on marijuana. LACMA then they're covered with fat until it turns into Hong Kong.

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What was it before a sperm drop? And what is the turning to a complete human being a beautiful human being? So how you can member the whole thing, gradual growth creation, from where does this development happen? fee in woolly mammoth in darknesses honey darknesses fell Athan three,

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three layers of darkness. This is amazing. Have you ever tried to keep a plant in your basement?

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Maybe? Or maybe in a closed room? My office had old is such that it has no windows. Absolutely no windows. All right. There's lights but there's no windows meeting no natural sunlight and many times I want that the room should be nice and bright so that I feel awake. And I would like to put a plant but it's not possible because I know that if I bring a plant over there, it's gonna die.

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Right? Because for anything to grow what is

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Didn't need light. Light is important. Even when people go, you know, illegal plants in their basements, or do they use

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lamps, isn't it?

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You need light. But it's amazing how a complete human being is developed within total darkness. Feel Blue Mountain solid earth and what are these three darkness is referring to? It is sad that first it's the sack that the baby is in. Right? And that sack is within the uterus, the womb. And that wound is where inside the stomach so there is the darkness of the stomach. Then there is a darkness of the womb and then there is a curtain of the SAC

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inside so many layers safe protected, but within darkness he makes you grow to amazing. You know when you see pictures of ultrasound even how are they dark? Dark, I mean, even with 3d ultrasound, it's dark. It's super bright. And that is also because of ultrasound waves that you can see something inside. Otherwise it's in darkness.

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To make anything you need to see Allah create the human being in darkness. Feel a little mountain Celeste Valley como la hora bukem. Oh people know your Lord, that or you people is Allah your Lord? Why did you think you need an intermediary in the middle? Why did you think you need somewhere in the middle to reach Allah when he alone created you? Why do you need someone else to reach out to him? Valley common law who would have broken law who will work for him is a milk

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ownership, Dominion, kingship and l Mulk? What does it mean? The ultimate dominion is his the absolute complete, perfect kingship is whose Allah has because as human beings we may own something, isn't it? We're on many things, but do we have complete authority over them? No. Firstly, it's temporary. well nigh on something, but we lose it and once we lose it, we have no idea where it is correct. We might own something, we might own a suitcase which is full of stuff and we're traveling at the airport, it gets lost. It never makes it to the destination. You own those things, but you have zero authority over them. Zero authority. This is the reality of our milk. And what is Allah

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smoke complete an absolute law whole milk?

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Valley kumu hula, hula Bukom level NOAC La ilaha illa who there is no God worthy of worship but him for Annette to cellphone for unknown so how Allah expresses amazement and wonder. How, why how come to some of whom you are averted, averted from, from Allah, from toe heat to surface from sarafa saga and sarafa is to turn something away.

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Something is going one way that it is turned away into a different direction. So for unnoticeable foon

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How come you are turned away from Allah such that you end up worshiping others? Why are you busy trying to impress others and gain their recognition when he is the one who gave you everything? Why do you turn to someone else or something else? For under two sort of phone? If tactful you all disbelieve or people if you all deny, meaning Allah, then remember that in Allah then indeed Allah, He is Rani, you noncom he is free of need from you. Meaning he has no need of you, honey, who is Ronnie?

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There's someone who is rich, who is wanting

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the one who is not dependent on someone else. He is independent within himself.

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What is it that we find ourselves dependent on others? When

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when there is a need of ours that we cannot fulfill ourselves.

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Okay, let me give you an example.

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You're at home. You're sitting upstairs. You're thirsty. You want water?

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You're thirsty. You want water? All right. But you're too lazy to go downstairs get yourself a glass of water.

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Would you maybe pick up your phone and text your brother who's sitting downstairs

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and then promise him a lot of things and you know, guilt trip him maybe into it. Do something. Why are we asking

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because we're too lazy or tired to go fulfill our need ourselves, right? It's our weakness that makes us dependent on others. Are we created weak? Of course we are. Well, you call in Santa dar ephah. Correct. Allah subhanaw taala does he get thirsty? No. Does he need the service of others? No. He is honey. He doesn't need us he doesn't need anything because he's hola and we are the creation. So we are reminded that in tactful for Imola, honey you noncom if you deny Allah is ungrateful to Allah. Then remember, Allah is free from need of you. He is independent of your worship your belief, he does not suffer any loss. If you deny him, Intuit Ibrahim, I ate Musa SNM he

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said to the people in tactful until we're mindful of the Geneon for in Hola Hola, Linien hammy, if you deny, and not just you, but all those who are up on the earth deny Allah that Allah is Lonnie. He is still independent. He doesn't need us he doesn't need you. But the thing is that when and not Yoruba, he approves, meaning Allah does not approve. What does Robbie I mean, to be pleased with someone or something, right to approve of their action to be happy with what they have done. Now you're there, he does not approve of He is not pleased with he does not like it. Allah does not approve near a body for His servants and kufra the disbelief or the ingratitude, meaning when the

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servants deny Allah, when the servants are ungrateful to Allah, then Allah does not like that. Why does Allah not like that? Why does Allah not like that? You know, if somebody is ungrateful to us, do we get upset? Do we get offended? We get offended. Why? Because we feel like we've been disrespected. But Allah does not get disrespected, even if the whole creation denies Him because He is Hamid in and of himself. He is perfect in and of himself. His perfection does not depend on the worship of people. So then why does Allah not like, good food for His servants?

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Okay, he's a lawyer, dude, why else?

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Our kufr harms us.

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Our question harms us. You know, many times parents will say things like, you know, if my child is being disrespectful, yes, it's offensive, but forget about that. I'm worried about their flock.

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Right? I want my child to be a good person. These are not good habits. It's not good for them, isn't it? So now your body or your body will call for Allah does not like for His servants because Clifford harms the servant. Lie your door, let the body heal. It harms the servant. We're in touch guru. And if you are grateful, then you're the hula comb. He likes it for you. He approves of it for you. Why? Because sugar benefits us. If you deny, if you're ungrateful, he doesn't like it. But if you're grateful he likes it. Because our ingratitude hurts us our denial harms us, because nothing can bring contentment to us except the worship of Allah, except the fulfillment of our life's

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purpose. And if we're not fulfilling that purpose, we will suffer. So when we suffer, Allah does not approve of that.

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And our gratitude, it benefits us. So Allah likes it for us, one at a zero, and it shall not bear burden, who was the rotten any bear of burden, what we would not bear what we would not carry wizard or okra the burden of another person. Meaning each person is responsible for himself, no one is going to come carry the burden of our ingratitude of our denial, some ilaro become murgee will come, then to your Lord is your return for you not be Oh come, then he will inform you being a quantum Tom balloon with that which we used to do. Meaning think about what you're doing. Your actions of gratitude or of ingratitude of obedience to Allah or of denial, because you're going to face your

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actions one day, in the Holleyman be that is so do indeed his knowing of that which is within the chests even. Where is gratitude in gratitude, it's in the heart, and Allah knows what's in our heart also. What do you see in this ayah Allah does not like our ingratitude, who likes whiners, people who whine

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complain nobody, the one who gave us countless blessings, does not approve in gratitude at all.

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In gratitude is like whining. You know, it's like a spoiled child who's been lavished with so many gifts and so many blessings. And still he's complaining that why is the color not brighter? or this or that? Why is the size like this or that? Basically what we learn is that we have no reason for ingratitude. If a YouTuber who Salam was not, then how could we be ungrateful? And the worst ingratitude is that Allah subhanaw taala gives me an everything, and what does man do in return, he runs towards others, pleasing them seeking their approval. The second thing we learn this idea is that what Allah likes, what Allah is pleased with is the gratitude of His servants. So much so that

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in the Hadith we learn that when a servant eats a morsel of food, a bite of food, and he praises Allah for it,

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you understand, you have a bite of food, and you say, Alhamdulillah, generally we say Alhamdulillah. You know, we say our dollars after having a whole meal, how about when we have a candy or we have a mint?

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Something small, even if we have one morsel of food, and we praise Allah for it, that Allah likes it in Allah, Allah Ya Allah is happy. He is pleased with the servant, a yoke woman, a clatter, for your mother who Allah that he eats one bite and he praises Allah for it. Oh, Yeshua Shabbat, or he drinks one sip and for your mother who Allah and he praises Allah for it. So praising thanking Allah for every bite for every sip, you know, once there was a person who was saying Alhamdulillah after every bite, so somebody said, you know, why are you doing that you don't have to.

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You don't need to, you can just say 100 Allah wants at the end. And he said, UCLan were hanging

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on min Atlan was something a cleaner handle meaning eating and praising Allah is better than eating and staying silent.

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I'd rather thank Allah because I'm enjoying every bite. I'm enjoying every bite so I'd rather thank Allah, why stay silent. We then in the Hadith at once the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to a man, how's your morning, how's your day been? And he said, I am grateful to Allah before you meaning Oh Prophet salallahu Salam, you will witness that I am grateful to Allah, for whatever has happened thus far. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, This is what I wanted for you, that you should be grateful. You see, even people like gratitude.

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Not when we are grateful to them, but when we are grateful to Allah, even people like so imagine how much more Allah subhanaw taala likes, if you wanted to say something.

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I think it's very easy to say, you know, like, I have this and that to be grateful for, but it's hard to actually like experience the feeling of gratitude and just like hold it, you know, and I think a big part of that is just making dua to Allah that Allah please grant me even gratitude, because we might see the numerous blessings that we have in our life, but we might not, you know, feel grateful for them. And are these we learned that when a servant says Alhamdulillah he cathedra you know, when you when you just enjoy that meal, or when you enjoy that cup of coffee, or when you enjoy that company, with your friend or whatever it may be, and you say, humbling, and people say

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this in different ways, like in order to say hola, hola, clock Shaka?

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I don't know if that said in another language in a different way. But Alhamdulillah he cathedra that's basically what it means. That Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Al Hamdulillah Alhamdulillah. All right. When a servant says that, Allah says, up to Boulia de la, Mati cathedra, right for my servant, a lot of My mercy. He is showing a lot of gratitude. He's going to receive a lot of My Mercy. Gratitude pleases Allah subhanaw taala so la Salam Alikum Allah subhanaw taala he chose us from million of North PA and more on like us, like for example, more than like me, no one likes a certain me or no one like like unique Allah subhanaw taala He created us for that

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even we have the say Alhamdulillah so we don't need to copy anybody. And we don't need to show up for anybody because we are a unique Allah He creators unique because He loves us.

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Recitation low Oh, the long way. Ducky that one off

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