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Al-Furqan 63-77 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 64-67

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One Medina and those people who give eternally robbing him who spend their night for who they are, or be him for their Lord, how so jeden were piano, prostrating and standing up to nothing better up to bat yet? What does that mean to spend the night doing something? Like, for example, the person spends the night sleeping, or spends the night talking, or spends the night worshiping. So how do they spend their nights lobbying for the sake of their Lord? They are suggestion with the MS agenda in Florida, sajit, ntm and Florida.

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Meaning they spend a part of their night worshiping and praying, frustrating, and standing in prayer.

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only the person who adopts the first two qualities, meaning he walks in an appropriate manner which reflects his personality. And when he deals with others, he does not waste his energies with them. Because if you argue with someone who's arguing with you, you're wasting your energy, right? It's not going to get you anywhere.

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Think about any time that you had an argument with someone and you really argued with them? Did they listen to you at the end? Did you win? No. What happened? You spent so much time perhaps days thinking about it, discussing it with other people. And it caused you so much mental stress did not it took so much of your time. So a person who stays away from useless things from useless conversations. Only such a person can have the energy to worship at night. If you spent the day arguing if you spent the day debating if you spent the day walking aimlessly here and there, and now you're exhausted Will you be able to stand up at night? It's not possible. So only a person who uses

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his skills and energies properly. He will be able to worship a lot in the night as

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we see that this however to learn who once they went for an expedition and a spy from the enemy came in to see to observe the activities of the Muslims. So he observed them during the day he observed them during the night.

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And when he went back to his people that people asked him that How did you find these Muslims? So he said for San Juan Binda, Harry will burn and believe

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that these people therefore San Juan bendahara their nights by day and their van On Belay Lee and their monks by night, meaning by day, they're like knights, meaning they have a lot of energy. They're very forceful in battle. And during the night, it's as though they're monks that they worship so much. Why would this how they able to do that, because they stayed away from useless things. They focus their energies and channeled all their energies on useful things. Now over here, we see that the worship of the night is mentioned in particular, Joby tune up, the worship of the nighttime is mentioned particular. Now, every believer has to worship during the day. It's an

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obligation, like, for example, you have to fast during the day, or for example, you pray five times a day, right? That's an obligation. But the worship of the night is mentioned in particular, why? Because it is voluntary.

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And not just that it's voluntary. But when a person worships at night, and that worship is free from the app.

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If during the day, you just go into your bedroom, you close the door, and you spend three hours reciting the Quran praying, no, often people of the house are going to wonder what are you doing? And you might feel that, Oh, I'm reading the Quran, they should listen to me. And they should also be reminded that they should also do the same. But if you do the same thing at night, other people will have no idea because they're busy sleeping.

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So the worship that is performed at nighttime, it is free from the app. And it also helps a person have more who sure why? Because you're not distracted by other things. Nobody's watching you. If during the day you're making Dora and you're crying, somebody will come and ask you Okay, are you okay? Now? What do you tell them? I'm seeking forgiveness.

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Why? What did you do? So if you worship during the day, what happens? You cannot have kosher. It's very, very difficult. And it's not that people should not ask me, it's very nice of them. They're so concerned about you. So don't feel offended if people ask you, they're only being concerned.

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But if a person worships during the night, then what will happen?

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It will help him have more horseshoe during the night.

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And when a person worships during the night, then it's just him and his Lord. It gives

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him a sense of a sense of closeness to a loss.

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And this is why in the Hadees, what do we learn that one of the seven people under the shade of Allah will be what are doing decorilla hollein falbo three now, that a person who remembers Allah in seclusion, and his eyes, the overfilled with tears during the day if you want to do that, if you're crying, you're alone. All of a sudden your child walks in and wonders, why are you crying and he starts crying, or other people get worried. So during the night, it helps to have more who should intuited that yet is 17 to 18 we learn, can you kalila mina Lamia, Joan, will as Harry homiest, the hero that the people of gender they used to sleep but little of the night and in the hours before

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dawn they would ask forgiveness, ask forgiveness when will us have at the hours before though? Now Apparently, it seems very difficult to get up during the night to pray. To seek forgiveness to do is to fall to do so due to due to it seems very difficult. It is challenging. However, if you use your energies properly, if you use your time properly, then Allah will give you a few.

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Because during the day, what happens? We're distracted by so many things. We're wasting our time wasting our energies on useless things. So if we stay focused, then it will help us get up during the night as well.

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The other person has patience during the day to deal with the ignorant people. Only then he will have the patience to stand up during the night. because it requires patience. It requires resilience. It requires motivation. It requires a lot of inner strength. If you have inner strength to deal with the ignorance of people, then you will have inner strength to fight against yourself as well during the night. When levena and those people who Yoku Luna de se robina Oh our Lord is solely for an IDA Johanna turn away from us the punishment of Hellfire inner thereby her Carnival Rama indeed its punishment is ever adhering. What do they pray for? What are their drawers? You see that

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there are other person? What does it reflect?

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What does it reflect who he is, what he wants, what his goal is, what his worries are? What his concerns are? Like for example, if a person is always making the law for money, that he Allah give me more money, give me more risk, what does it show? That he likes me? Right? If a person is making the offer more knowledge, what does it show? He wants more knowledge. If a person prays for righteous company, it shows that he looks forward to righteous company that's what he likes. So that there are other person reflect who he really is, what he wants, what he wants to achieve, what he fears, what his concerns are. So what are their concerns? What do they pray for that? Oh Allah Yella

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yaku Luna robina is three four Amna Addabbo, Johanna during the way the punishment of Hellfire from us during it away from us. Think about it. You ask for something to be turned away from you, when it's before you. If something is not even before you, how can you ask that it should be turned away from you? What does it show

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that they realize their mistakes? They see their shortcomings.

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And they are certain about the hereafter? And they're concerned they're worried that what if what if I ended up there?

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Many times what happens if a person begins to pray during the night? He is very patient in his manners with other people? What does he think Gemini is for me,

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but a true servant of Allah with all the good that he does, he knows that whatever he is doing is not enough. He knows that at the same time, there are many many things that are wrong that he needs to fix that he needs to improve many things many aspects in which he is lacking.

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So when a person feels like this, when he realizes his sins, then he sees the punishment right before he gets worried. He gets concerned. He gets fearful and this is why he prays a lot. berners Lee, Abidjan it says though I'm standing right before it. It's as though the only thing between me and Hellfire is death. This is how he feels. He's constantly worried, constantly concerned. This is why he prays to Allah for refuge from the Hellfire in other berkana arama Indeed, the punishment of Hellfire is ever adhering a little miss from the earth letters line Romy. And Holden is used for a fine attacks. And Laureen is someone who gives a loan to the earth.

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Now a person gives a loan to the other. What does he do? Does he leave the debtor?

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Does it even know he keeps a check on him.

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And he persists he keeps on asking for his money. Give it back to me. You have one month left you have two days left. You have to give this back to me otherwise this in this penalty you'll have to pay. So her arm is that which is inseparable,

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inseparable, ever adhering, that you can never be away from. So in other kernohan Rama, the punishment of Hellfire, once a person enters there, then this punishment this pain is going to be permanent. And forearm is also used for difficulty and destruction. It's also used for either Buddha eternal punishment. So they fear the punishment of hellfire. Their greatest worry, is the fire of hell. This is why they pray Allah during this punishment away from us in a toaster oven. Well mahkamah indeed it is evil as a settlement, and as a residence, moussaka. What is Mr.

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moussaka is a place of karate, and mukaan is a place of pm. So moussaka is where a person stays temporarily and muqaam is where a person stays permanently.

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So Hellfire is evil as a temporary place of stay, and also as a permanent basis.

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It's an evil abode. It's an evil residents. It's an evil settlement.

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What do we see over here? That Allah subhanaw taala calls these people?

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And at the same time they have fear of the punishment of Allah? Is it because they're bad?

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Is it because they're very sinful? What's the reason? Why are they afraid?

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They know that whatever they have done is not enough. They see their shortcomings. This is just as we learned earlier, and total Menon is 60. That one Medina tuna, Mata aku

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y de la

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Ilaha. Roger, that those who give whatever they give, they do whatever they do, but at the same time, their hearts are wedgie less fearful, because they know that one day they will return to Allah.

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And if you notice that hell is a place that is very evil, as a temporary and as a permanent place of study. Many times what happens people say, that doesn't matter if I do this. If I commit the sense if I commit these mistakes, no big deal. Eventually I will go to jail. Because I've said law either.

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For what do we see that if a person is unhealthy or even for a few moments, even for a few moments? It's a terrible place to be in sir at Mr. kavon mahkamah

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and those for whom there is eternity in Hellfire, no matter how much they strive to come out of Hellfire they'll never be an

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intro to america i 37 we learn you read una and Yahoo jumilla nary woman whom Bihari genome in her one of whom are the Obama team. They will wish to get out of the fire, but never will they emerge from there and for them is enduring punishment. In surah baqarah 162 we learn how to read in a fee her lair you have a four unhuman either boo whenever

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abiding eternally there in the punishment will not be likened for them, nor will they be retrieved. It's rottenness at 56 we have learned Coloma knowledge of judo. But then

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every time their skins are burnt up, they'll be replaced with a new set of skills. So they realize that this is what Hellfire is. This is why they're afraid. They're about to rock man. They show servitude to Allah. They are humble, they are obedient, they are worshipers, but at the same time, they are afraid. And this is what true or better is that a person stays between fear. And

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a person stays between fear and hope that he hopes for mercy. He hopes for reward but at the same time he fears punishment. Because when a person stays between fear and hope, then what happens? Think about what happens. He will do more. He will keep doing he will increase in his good deeds. And then the person thinks, what I've done this enough. I've done this, I've done that I do this already. I do that already. That will not motivate him to do more.

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So this fear, it drives them to be conscious to be careful to be obedient in every aspect of life, even in their finances. That were levena either unfaithful, that those people when they spend for anything. When they spend on themselves when they spend on their families. How do they spend Lemieux salifu they do not spend excessively

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But at the same time, what am I able to do? Nor do they spend sparingly? What kind of a Nadella cola?

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But are ever between that justly moderate? What does it mean by a suave lamb use? LIFO? What does it mean? that a person overspent, what does it mean by that,

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that a person spends beyond the needs more than the need? More than what is necessary?

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That doesn't mean a person cannot have anything extra. Like, for example, you can live on five pairs of clothes, can you not have six? Can you not have seven? Would that be as hot

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is rough is that when a person cannot afford much. But still, what does he do? He spends beyond the permissible limit, or he spends beyond what he can afford.

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There's recently somebody was telling me, that somebody who has to work for them back home, they came to them once and they said that, you know, I just got my son married, can you please give me this much money, we didn't realize we had a lot of expenses.

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And the kind of money they spent was beyond what they could afford. Why? Because they had to give gifts to everybody. And they had to give so much money to the girl and so much money to the boy and this and that and all the feasts and the dresses and everything. This is what he saw that when people have to work for two to three years to make sure they have enough money, so that they can throw a huge wedding party, a huge wedding feast.

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Or they are not allowed to get married. Why? Because their parents say to them, you do not have enough money, we do not have enough money to throw a huge party.

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If it's not within your ability, then you don't need to take a loan, you don't need to sacrifice on your education. Many times that happens that girls for example, they will not be sent to school. Or if they have to go to school, they have to take a loan and all the money that the parents have, what will that go on, and their gold jewelry, on their wedding dresses, on all those 50 some clothes that have to be stitched when they get married.

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The same money could be spent on their education, so they do not have to take a home loan.

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You know, I'm amazed sometimes people come they're confused. What do we do? Should we take this loan or not. But at the same time when you go to their wedding, when you go to their brother's wedding to their sister's wedding, it says other millionaires, they cannot afford education, but they can afford such expensive wedding party. This is what is love is that a person spends beyond the limits. And his love also includes that a person spends for the sake of showing off.

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Think about it. What's the objective of getting all that gold jewelry, all those clothes at the time of wedding? And all that decoration? What's the objective? Yes, it should look nice, understood. It should look nice. It's a wedding, you should have a happy feeling the place should look nice. People should look nice, understandable. However, things can look nice, even within a certain limit. Why is it that everything has to be color coordinated, and everything has to be matched and everything has to be on special order? Why is it like that? What the objective is to impress the people. So Islam also includes spending for the sake of showing off.

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And it's not just spending for the sake of showing up. But Islam also includes spending on prohibited matters.

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So if you're under 30, he said that I have even a grain that is spent in disobedience to Allah, what is it? It's rough, it's extravagance. So even if a person spends a little bit on how long then that is what is love. So when Medina either un*in lamb use refer, whenever they spend, they make sure that they're not spending on her arm, they make sure they're not spending beyond their limit. They make sure that they're not spending just to show off for self protection. Because in all of these three ways, wealth is being wasted. If you spend on how long if you spend to show off if you spend beyond your limit, in reality, what are you doing?

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wasting the money? Because whatever you bought to show off to the people all that color coordination and perfect things at the wedding, perfect decoration. What's going to happen to all of that the next day? Where's it gonna go? garbage.

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All that lovely material that was ordered. So much time was spent to choose the particular color and the fabric and the decoration, all of that it's going to go into the garbage The next day, you're not gonna wear it. So the first thing is let me use LIFO. This is one extreme. What's the other extreme?

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that a person becomes very stingy, very tight fisted. Like for example, when it comes to a wedding, he says what's the Neato wedding?

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Just wear simple clothes. And honestly, when it comes to wedding dresses, even, there should be such clothes that a person can actually wear afterwards.

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Either at their sister's wedding or their cousin's wedding or something, at least they should be wearable again. Because if a person gets something made, or they were something just to impress other people that that moment at that time, and they can never ever wear that, again, than that suit, that dress is going to sit for years and years and years.

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It's a total waste. And think about how expensive these dresses, literally someone's house could be renovated. Somebody could get education for that money. Somebody could go for Hajj. You know that how many times that happens that people they don't go for Ramadan, they don't go for Hajj for years and years. What's the reason we don't have money, but they have money to buy expensive shoes and expensive clothes and expensive bags and expensive this and that one thing after the other. It's about having the right priorities right. So let me use reefer while I'm yocto. yocto is on the roof metrics cost data. And if data is when someone spends very little on permissible metrics as well.

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When someone spends very little on permissible metrics, like for example, you're going for groceries, you're buying food, you're buying fruit, fresh, healthy, good fruit you're buying for your family, but you say what's the point of getting one apple per person, let me just get do everybody will share. You have the money you can afford. There is no need to be stingy. It's a permissible matter. It's something that you should be spending on. So don't go stingy over there. Be careful with your phone so that you have less phone bills. Be careful with your all these cable channels that you have for which you have to pay every month. Because many times people will spend

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on TV they will spend on you know internet on phone on so many things. And it's possible that these things are very important, but at the same time, they will compromise on things that are necessary. When it comes to paying for a class when it comes to buying a good book, when it comes to hiring someone to do some work for you. So that you have time to pray, you have time to save for something we will not save over there. And October is to spend very little. And look there is a very stingy nature. Someone who is very tight in his nature is very stingy.

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And in particular, it is also used for someone who is very stingy with his family.

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When it comes to spending on himself, no problem when it comes to spending on the front, no problem. But when it comes to spending on the wife and the kids,

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then it's a problem. So let me walk through. They're not stingy. Then how do they spend? What can avena danika Coloma, and their matter is ever between that between what between Islam and ACTA? Their matter is a felon. What does COVID mean? kilometers from path? Well, me and calam is to be an upright posture. When something is upright, it's balanced from both sides, neither bending to the right nor to the left straight, upright posture. So what kind of been a radical coma, they have a moderate way of spending between actor and a suave? And how is that that the spend according to the commands that Allah soprano,

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they spend where it is necessary to spend.

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So what does it show that rebreather are human, they're also very sensible when it comes to money matters. Maintenance, we think that if a person is righteous, he shouldn't be concerned about money. We think that you should have an open hand and you should spend lavishly, you know, Allah gives risk. So why worry? Sometimes people go to this extreme, and without keeping any account, they would spend, spend, spend, spend, without realizing that they're spending beyond the need beyond what they can afford. So rather Rockman they're very sensible when it comes to money when it comes to spending. They spend where it is necessary to spend, and they spend according to their bucket.

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They're not extravagant, they don't spend more than they need, and they're not even stingy when it comes to spending on good things.

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Like for example, it's possible that a person spends a lot on himself on his family, but he does not spend under the even this is an appropriate work anabaena Delica Kawashima What does it mean that a person spends everywhere wherever it is necessary? How much ever is necessary. So this moderation is extremely important. In total 27 we learn in a MOBA darina cannot shy away that indeed the waste for Who are they? The brothers of Shelton in total, so I have 29 we learn what are the Julieta mooloolah done electronically.

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Well, Adam Sokka, Columbus, Fatah, Kuroda balumama. Meaning don't go to extremes. Don't tie up your hand completely and don't open up completely rather

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the Madrid because if you go to any extreme than you will become remorseful, regretful at the end.

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So we see that money matters. They have a lot to do with what?

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because every purchase that you make, don't try to decide before it made us what happens. You see an advertisement, you see, oh my god, this looks very nice. You don't see what whether you need it or not. You go to the mall, you see it, you buy it. Or if for example, just because something is on sale, people have to go through all those aisles and find something that they can make use of just because it is on sale. And what if I need it later. You see, we should just make one principal. Buy only what you need. Buy only what you need. And you will see that you will have the money to buy what you need if you spend only on what you need.

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Sometimes we spend on things just because we like them just because we want them and what if we need them? And what if this happens and what if that happens?

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Keep whatever for later when it happens then deal with it.

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Okay with this set of the recitation