Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 9

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Episode Notes

This Is Your Opportunity

Daily Reminder Day 9 – This Is Your Opportunity, Ramadan is a time when people make resolutions and try to accomplish their goals of increasing their good deeds or decreasing a vice. Even if it is one small thing at a time, one month of practice really gives us the perfect opportunity to affect positive change for the rest of our lives.


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The segment discusses the importance of elongating decision making and the use of shirts at night. The speakers also mention a plan to surprise someone with a new name of Allah. The segment ends with a discussion of the upcoming top-ranked titles for the title.

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market as you will come in another episode of rock dromeda 2017, day nine, Allahu Akbar. Ramadan is going so fast. But anyways let's go back to the names of Allah still the name of Allah honey. And we talked about the food and the importance of elongating decision making long sleeve shirts especially at night of loss of Hannah, Hannah.

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He says in the end by the only blemish

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or the will he ministry upon yo

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yo My yoke shut

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down in a pseudo that while you don't wanna eat a pseudo different is popping in

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at an affordable home taco ha boom de la what are the I know you're the owner. So God

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bless less of China with that as his limited powers in that day the day of judgment, they will be called those people they will be called to make some issues and they will not be able to call shots and only let it be so disgraced. What can you

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say the more they were called to make sure that they will call to make a lot to come close to our last panel. But they have refused. So that they they will want to make some intuitive judgment, they will want to make solid but they will not be able to help us. This is your opportunity

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to come close and to live with the beautiful name of Mr. Curry and earn this closeness to Allah subhana wa Tada. So try in sha Allah to implement this name, you know, in your life on a daily basis, you know, how can I live? And how can I remember the name of Allah in my life, you know, throughout this, let's say a week, you know, you make a schedule a schedule your like, you know, let's say a Monday a surprise someone by by by you know doing something that you used to say or maybe your kid you know, your whatever it used to say no to them. But remember, you want to fit the closest normalization. So you want to get that closeness to let's say to your kids or to your

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family, so surprise them with something that you know that you used to say no to before then maybe a gift or whatnot. And on that day, Tuesday, maybe you can try something else, maybe Tuesday you know a person that that that maybe has harmed you wronged you a long time ago bite you for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah forgive and try to get that closeness again with them because you want to live with the name of Allah Karim.

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Let's say Wednesday or Thursday, you know that

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that day is the day of this route will be no anything that you do any good news that you hear make one such the promise of Hanna what Allah remember it's such a low it elevates you in our ranking jet not in sha Allah and Allah will wipe out a sin and give your husband a

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Friday maybe let's make it the day of a Savio conocida como de como para boon you know, the day of let's say Mississauga on rush, Aston has an introducing hierarchy. Maybe they have

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a member to be amongst the sub yakun to be amongst the savvy opponents, such as the ones who are always rushing to do good deeds hula aka Alma Carbone, those they will be the close makabayan from the name of Allah curry. Those are the one who has earned the closeness to Allah subhana wa tada tried to work out a schedule on how to live and how to implement this beautiful name into your life until another episode of rakia Ramadan. 2017. I say for now