Taimiyyah Zubair – Fahm Al-Quran – 20A An Naml 60 82

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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How are you all doing?

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Today? Good Karim Allah Bharath Ruta Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Rubbish. Whether you were Sidley, MD

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just number 20

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bush law

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Don't slow the thingy.

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And then Hanukkah summer what you will what ends Allah kamina sama eema BATNA be he had equal data by JT Americana law calm and don't be too shadow raha illa humara Allah Balham como de Lune. Is he not best, who created the heavens and the earth and sent down for you rain from the sky, causing to grow thereby gardens of joyful beauty? which you could not otherwise have grown the trees there off? Is there a deity with Allah? No, but there are a people who ascribe equals to him. Is he not best who made the earth a stable ground and placed within it rivers and made for it firmly set mountains and placed between the two seas a barrier? Is there a deity with Allah? No, but most of them do not

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know. Is he not best? who responds to the desperate one whom no one hears when he calls upon him and removes evil and makes you inheritors of the earth? Is there data with Allah? Little Do you remember? Is he not best who guides you through the darkness of the land and sea? And who sends the winds as good tidings before His mercy? Is their day tea with Allah? Hi, is Allah above whatever they associate with him? Is he not best who begins creation and then repeats it? And who provides for you from the heaven and earth? Is there data with Allah say, produce your proof, if you should be truthful, if we reflect around us, then just a cursory glance will show it

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Was that this universe is indeed very, very big, so big, it is so huge that our minds cannot even fathom its size. So the question is that this universe, that is so huge, and in this earth, were in every corner, there is life. Where did all of this come from, all of this could not have just come about from an accident. And the fact that in this earth, there is life, that all of its affairs are constantly being managed, that someone is looking after all of this. It's not happening by itself, it's not existing on its own. So who is doing this? It is Allah, the Lord of the worlds, because it is not possible for something that is in this creation, like, for example, the sun or the moon, or a

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deity that is made of stone, or some precious metal, it is not possible for that object, to create this massive creation, to create this universe, it can only be by the one who is above and beyond this creation. And who is he? Allah subhanho wa Taala, the one who is above all of this creation, beyond it outside of it greater than it of law hit abelton, the dominant, the prevailing, he is the one who has created all of this, he is the one who is nurturing all of this maintaining all of this, this can only be the work of God. This can only be the work of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So in these if we are being asked certain questions, that think, who was it that created the skies and the

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earth? Who is it that sends down water from the sky, and causes from that water, gardens to grow? And these gardens? They're so beautiful, could you do it yourself? Could we do it ourselves? Never. Did we create ourselves? No, we didn't. Then ala Homer Allah, is there a God with Allah? Is it possible that there should be a partner with Allah? Then we are asked, Who is it that made this earth a stable ground? Look at how this earth is constantly moving, constantly moving, constantly rotating, right? But do we feel that movement? No, we don't. Yet this earth is so stable. And besides, inside this earth, so much is going on. But yet as we walk as we live on the surface of the

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earth, we are at peace. And then through this earth, Allah subhanaw taala has also placed in it rivers and mountains, and in the waters between the different waters, there are barriers so that the water doesn't mix. The sweet and the salty water don't mix together. Could there be a God with Allah, majority of the people don't even know. And then if you don't recognize a law through the signs, the creation that is around you, then reflect on yourself? Who is it that responds to the desperate one moto moto is the one who is so desperate that he has called upon anything possible and has not heard a response? Basically, Mouton is the one who is in a desperate situation, who no one

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has heard who no one has responded to. So then this person who is it that he calls upon eventually, ultimately, he calls upon Allah subhanaw taala that Oh, God, I know you're there. Help me. Even, you know, like, it is said there are no atheists in the middle of the ocean. Right? So what happens people who reject God, what happens when they are in the most difficult situation? Why is it that they're calling out for help, help? Who can hear them? They know that none of the creation can hear them? But still, why is it that they're calling out to God? Because people know this is within the fifth law. This is within the fifth law that there's someone watching me. So who is it that responds

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to them without either da who were actually for Sue? And who is it that removes troubles from you? And then he gives you time to live on the earth Illa Humala Is there a God with Allah? No, there isn't funny lamotta the Quran, little it is that you pay heed. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when a Muslim supplicate to Allah in which there is no sin, or severing of the ties, that Allah certainly gives him one of three things, either his door is accepted or the reward is stored for the ACO or a hardship is removed from him, a difficulty is removed from him. So the Sahaba said, then we will increase much meaning then we will make a lot of law because the law is

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not wasted. Right? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah,

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Allah can give more than that meaning no matter how

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How much you ask Allah Allah can give even more than that. So who is it that responds to you? Illa? Whom Allah? Is there a God with Allah? Allah Allah Mata karoon? Then who is it that guides you through the darkness of the land and the sea? Who is it that sense winds, bringing good news before His mercy? Because when the wind blows, and you hear the rustling of the leaves, and you see that the sky is also covered in clouds, what do you expect? Generally, rain like it happened yesterday. All right. I happen to be at the park with my children at that time, and we saw the clouds approaching thick, dark, dense clouds. And then we heard the trees, you know, the rustling of the

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trees, and I'm like, it's gonna start pouring any second, let's run. And we get home and there's no real hurry. But what happens as the clouds come, and the wind blows? At least it brings that good news that they will be raining and we hope in Charlotte, that there will be rain in China. All right, so at least it brings good news illa homearama? Is there a God with Allah de la hora Manjushri? cone, Exalted is Allah above what they associate? Meaning, if you just look at this creation? Is it possible for a deity made of stone to create all of this? Is it possible to do all of this? No. Is it possible for an idol that was made of a rock that came from a mountain? Is it

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possible for that idol to do all of this? A human being whose body is made from what has come from the earth? Can he manage the affairs of the creation? No, he cannot. This is in whose control the one who is above and beyond this creation, the one who created this creation in the first place. So when he alone, is the creator, good, he have a partner? No, he couldn't, it's not possible. And then who was it that begins the creation and then repeats, it repeats it so often. I mean, you look at it yourself, that how a tree grows, and from it, a fruit comes out. And then from that fruit, there is a seed and that seed, it falls to the earth, and from there, more trees come out who is doing all of

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this? Now think about it. If for the maintenance of life, so much is being done maintenance of life, then how could it be that all of this was created by an accident haphazardly? I mean, we know that a tree doesn't grow this by an accident cannon. It's not possible. There's a whole system, I mean, rain doesn't fall, unless and until certain, you know, like they say that it's all very mathematical, right? I mean, the energy, the pressure, the heat, everything has to be of a certain level within a certain range. And if it is, then there will be a storm otherwise there will be no storm at all. Now think about it for rain to fall. Everything has to be so precise and calculated

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just for the maintenance of life, then what do you think about the creation of life? You think that just happened haphazardly as an accident? No, someone did all of this will may also come in a summer you will have who provides you from the sky and the earth? Could there be another god with a law? No, say produce your proof if you are truthful, meaning either bring proof against what is mentioned here, or surrender to Allah, the One who created you with whom there is no partner, Allah Allah moment for some our work you will or belabor a llama, say none in the heavens and the earth knows the unseen except Allah. And they do not perceive when they will be resurrected, meaning those whom

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you think are creators, or providers, they themselves are dead. You think they're maintaining life? It's not possible. Those who are sleeping, how can they take care of those who are awake? Has it ever happened with you that you're sleeping and your children are awake? And then when you wake up, you see the disaster that has been caused? Right? So if you're sleeping, you cannot keep an eye on those who are awake. Likewise, the one who is in the grave, or the one who is made of stone who doesn't even have eyes or ears? How can that object look after those who are living? Well Manish arona Yana you Barsoom How can they look after those who are alive when they don't even know

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themselves when they will be resurrected. But it doesn't occur in my home Phil era, rather their knowledge is arrested concerning the Hereafter, meaning they don't know about the hereafter. The fact is that there are many things of this world that yes, we can discover. We can get to know about them through research through observation. But then there are other matters, which we cannot come to know of, by our observation, our knowledge, our experience, it's not possible. So alpha also is something that we cannot discover.

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Allah says their knowledge is arrested concerning the hereafter. Rather, they are in doubt about it, but whom Fisher came in her, meaning they don't have faith in the Hereafter, but whom in her own, rather there are concerning it blind, meaning they don't look towards it, preparing for it. But as they die, and as they're taken in their graves, and they're questioned about what they did in their lives, and then raised on the Day of Judgment, then what will happen, all their doubts will depart, then they will come to know that the alcohol was a certainty, effect, undeniable reality. The thing is that believing in the afterlife is one of the matters of the unseen. And even if nobody can go to

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the hereafter to the afterlife, and then come back to the world and give us an eyewitness. Right? And even if somebody were to do that, who would believe in Him? Isn't it? Who would believe in Him? But still, we see that in this life, Allah subhanaw taala has created such things which which prove to us that after this life is certainly death, like for example, anything that you throw away, right? Anything that you throw away? Does it just finish over there? No, it doesn't finish what happens to it. You throw something in your compost bin, and you know that it's going to go to a dump or a place like that. And then eventually, it's going to be turned into fertilizer. And then from

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that fertilizer, what's going to happen, it's going to come back to, you know, some garden, some lawn, and then what's gonna happen from it. More life will come, isn't it. So we know that in this earth, you can't ever dispose of something, even when you throw something away, it's going to end up somewhere else, it's going to continue, isn't it? in our life also, we see that once we do a certain action, we say a certain word, it comes back to us, doesn't it? It always comes back to us even if it comes back to us five years later, 10 years later. So the point is that our lives also are not meaning less, that we live and we die, and then we are finished know, when we die, there is another

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form of existence. That is the real existence, that is the place of eternity, the afterlife. And that is what we need to prepare for. Because if we live in blindness to it, then the consequences are very serious. We'll call it levena cafaro. And those who disbelieve say, when we have become dust, as well as our forefathers, will we indeed be brought out of the graves. So the disbelievers what is their main objection, they cannot understand afterlife How is afterlife possible? But if you think about it, in this world, doesn't it happen that a person breaks a bone and that bone grows back again? Right? You burn your skin and then the skin grows back again. Isn't it so? It happens?

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So why should it be difficult for Allah soprano muthana to create the living from the dead? He can do that. Lakota we're at now had an issue. They say we have been promised this we and our forefathers before us. This is not the legends of the former peoples meaning we've been hearing this from so long. But till now the resurrection hasn't happened. It's just legends. It's just stories. The thing is that when a person doesn't want to accept the truth, that he comes up with such explanations to satisfy himself, say, travel through the land and observe how was the end of the criminals? Yes, people before also denied the hereafter before you now go and look at them. What

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state they're in right now. Well as an IRA him and grieve not over them. Oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, do not grieve over them or be in distress from what they conspire meaning you have done your part in conveying the message. And they say, when is the fulfillment of this promise? If you should be truthful, say, perhaps it is close behind you some of that for which you are impatient, meaning you think it is far perhaps it is very near? And indeed your Lord is full of bounty for the people. But most of the people do not show gratitude. How is it that they don't show gratitude that Allah has given them a life to do something to make something of their lives? But

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what do most people do? They don't benefit from this life. Instead, they reject the one who created them, they ignore the message of the one who created them. What in Arabic Allah, Allah Mo, and indeed your Lord knows what their * conceal and what they declare and there is nothing concealed within the heaven and the earth, except that it is in a clear register.

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Imagine this, there is nothing concealed within the heaven and the earth, except that it is in a clear register meaning every

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detail of every creature is recorded with Allah. This is his knowledge. This is his ability. Indeed, this Koran relates to the children of Islam, most of that over which they disagree, meaning many disagreements that people have. The Quran clarifies those matters to people. And indeed it is guidance and mercy for the believers. Indeed your Lord will judge between them by his wise judgment, and he is the Exalted in Might the knowing, so rely upon Allah, indeed you are upon the clear truth. Because when you come across people who so firmly denied the Hereafter, who so firmly denied the existence of a creator, then what happens you begin to feel weak. Allah says, photowalk, Allah,

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Allah Allah in Allah will help del mu been thrust upon Allah, indeed, you are upon the clear truth. So be confident. In Nicola to smear on mouth. Indeed, you will not make the dead here, nor will you make the deaf hear the call, when they have turned their backs retreating. You see, after a person dies, then when you talk to him, even if he is being made to here, meaning the soul is being made to hear if and we don't know if the soul is being made to hear the words that we say, all right? Even if that's happening, can the dead person respond to us? Well, they cannot. There is a barrier between us and them, isn't it? So? So if you try to lecture a dead person explain things to them?

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Can they benefit? No, they cannot. Likewise, there are people who are physically alive in this world, but they're spiritually dead, their heart is dead. And when the heart is dead, then what happens? What a person hears from his ears, he doesn't understand it, he doesn't benefit from it. What a person sees from his eyes, he doesn't really see it, he doesn't really comprehend it, he doesn't really benefit from it. Why? Because the heart is dead. Because remember that the heart is the King. And the body is its army. The limbs are the armies of the heart, they are subservient to the heart. The culture is the medic, it's the king. And every limb, every part of the body is

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basically functioning in service to the heart. They are windows have the heart. So if the heart is dead, then what use are the eyes and the ears? You understand? What benefit are they no benefit whatsoever. So what we see over here is that once a person is spiritually dead, meaning in his heart, he has decided he's not going to believe he doesn't have an atom of faith in his heart, not even a little bit. Then even if he hears the earth of the Quran and sees miracles with his own eyes, will he believe? Will he believe No, just like a dead person? Can you make him understand? Can you make him do something? No, you cannot just like a deaf person. If you talk to him, and tell him

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answer me, can he answer you? If you tell him set up? Can you sit up? No way he cannot, he's gone. Likewise, the person who's spiritually dead, no matter what do you say to them, they will not respond, they will not understand. This is why it is so important to look after your heart. We take care of our bodies, but we neglect the heart. What is it that makes the heart dead? unresponsive?

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What is it that makes the heart unresponsive? It is over feeding the body over feeding the body

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pleasing the body too much. Because when the when the body is fed, then what happens the heart The soul is neglected.

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And when the soul is neglected, gradually gradually becomes weak and weak until it dies. If you remember, if you were here at the beginning of the session, when we did the welcome Ramadan session, I gave an example to you over there that many times women, what happens with them is that they neglect themselves in looking after their children. They're concerned about the scope of their children, the food of their children, isn't it? And what happens they don't care about their own diet, their own sleep. And the next thing you know the mother, she's iron deficient. She's developed, you know certain health conditions. Why? Because she has been neglecting herself too

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much. When a person over sleeps when a person laughs excessively when a person eats excessively, when a person pursues his desire, like we learned incidental Furqan that the one who takes his desire as his Ella, then what happens the heart, it's neglected to the point that it becomes unresponsive, unresponsive. You know, like if a woman is neglected by her husband a lot then what happens eventually

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He doesn't even smile.

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She doesn't even smile, she doesn't dress up. She loses, you know the ability to be happy because she's living such a dead life, isn't it, so our heart also become sick and weak, and eventually die is when it is neglected. What is it that keeps the heart alive? The secret of Allah, doing with the heart what it was created for worshiping Allah, filling it with the love of Allah subhanaw taala seeking Allah, this is what keeps the heart alive, beating, and you cannot guide the blind away from their error. You will only make here those who believe in our verses. So there are Muslims, they submit to Allah meeting as they listen. They surrender, they obey, and when the word befalls them,

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we will bring forth for them a creature from the earth, speaking to them, saying that the people were of our verses, not certain in faith. Just as the camel was brought out from a mountain,

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when a certain people had to be shown a miracle they demanded this miracle, and a camel was brought out of a mountain a she camel, close to the Day of Judgment, we learn that because there is no profit coming after Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, right, so close to the Day of Judgment, when people will even forget a law. It is narrated in a Hadith, that the day of judgment will come when Allah Allah will not be said.

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People will forget the name of Allah. Just imagine. So in that state, also, Allah subhanaw taala will send a warner to people. And what is that Warner? Not a human being? But what a creature that betta mineral of a creature from the earth. Now what is that creature? Allahu arlon what that creature is, but it will be a living creature, not a human being. And this creature to can Lima whom it will speak to the people, meaning it will do Dharma to the people, that all people, you have a God, He created you there's a day of judgment coming, you are His servants prepare for that time, but the people will not believe and anessa cannot be it in Allah. You know, what is this show to us?

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Allah's mercy for mankind. Allah's mercy for mankind, that how he has created within this universe, numerous signs. I mean, everything is a miracle. Everything is an evidence of Allah's existence, of his oneness, everything. And then in our lives also, so many things happen that prove to us that there is a God, we need him we need to turn to Him. And then the last point Allah sent messengers, scriptures, and then he created people on Fifth Ah, but yet when people will go astray, and then Allah who will send a creature who will do Dawa to people, the prophets of Allah sent him said that when the creature of the earth will emerge, it will put a mark on people's noses, all right on

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people's noses. And these people will remain among you until if a man will buy a camel and he would be asked that Who did you buy it from? He will say I bought it from one of the people who has a mark on his nose, meaning this creature will put marks for what reason? Allahu Arnhem, but he will put something on the noses of people that will leave a mark and the people will identify each other in this way. That Oh, so and so has that mark, and so and so doesn't have the mark.

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