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Look man, don't be alarmed ya know, there's nothing clickup that mentions that he was a prophet after minimal delay assaulted him a sleeve of a lot from among the righteous and a lot of social mentions his soul and soul of man. He dedicated an entire school for him. If Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to honor someone, he made mention of them in the plan. And if Allah wanted to disgrace someone, he also made mention of him in the program, like find out right his name came in the Quran, but in a disgraced type of man

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his name came in the plant, but in a form in where people would recall the the beauty of his story recall his life and would begin to say all the love of animal always as they read the story, his story was in the quiet that means his story was an input inspiration for us homosassa into the stories that came in the plot and every area that came in and first and foremost it was for sort of law so the law I think, you know, send them hey, how much is this person love by Allah Subhana Dada de la social would dedicate an entire fula by his name, and then a whole page about his story with his son. And he you know, some of the professors they mentioned that both men lived 1000 years, your

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1000 years if you want to write the history of a person that lived 1000 years, he will need volume after volume after volume. But all we have about man is one page. In other words, this is the summary of look man's life this is exactly what we need to know from 1000 newzealand all we need to do Roman soldier deems important for us something that will take from a man's story and benefit from it. All we need is one page that's it his entire life of 1000 years summarized for you by a loss of habitat a one page for me How important is this one page and how packed and loaded isn't with information and guidance were able to take and any employee in our own lives that is found in this

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page many and many of them Sharma data will see you only if the language allows origin allows us to share from a while so origin begins by introducing lock variable of the alarm on when he says one

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man and hegman indeed, certainly no doubt about it, we gave Look man, and this is a special gift from Allah Subhana data to this righteous man. He gave him an enigma yet in other words, the first thing Allah wants us to learn is that look man would not have been look man without this heckler. How many times have you asked the last question? How many times have you said this and CRC a lot more men? Yes. achema

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grants, you know, they want me to burning to eat this man that no man is was because of logins, human HIPAA law, the same Illa that gave Look, man and the same elector is able to give you Vedic math as well. How many times have you asked him for an extra 50? You need to understand first and foremost you stop at this word. And you say a little bit what is the Sigma that you gave the man if I was given some of it, a little bit of it. It would be an awful lot. So when you said you didn't take

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a lot of social gifts and hikma we'll speak about what it is. But what gives it to whoever you want to make sure there is no limited journey. It is not limited in one human being. It's not limited to profits. It's not limited to sahab it is not limited to those who came after the Sahaba and saw the Sahaba it's not limited to any of these. It is open made here sha Allah says you d o t is a present tense in otherwise, otherwise he continuously gives it gives a Hekmat to whoever he wants. And if someone received the magma allows over here he says what makes them

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who they are.

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Anyone who has been given an egg is being given goodness. And well that's that's good enough to be given a lot of answers to that. Garfield, when we use the metaphor kakatiya Lupita was enough that was enough of a gift that you're given complete and ultimate goodness. But then a lot of social he adds another adjective, not only higher on caphyon he can imagine any how much discord is lost or gently saying that he gives this hegman to whoever you want. What made look man into the character he is in the Quran that even those who most of them would benefit from Look, man.

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was the fact that a lot give him an hikma What is this Heckler and polemics itself. As we go on with the air it's going to explain to us what Eggman is. But linguistically, let's understand what an enigma is. It comes from the word hacker, when hacker is actually the reams that they put on the horse, for you know the horse, obviously, only when you ride on a horse, there are a range that you hold on. And then that way you're able to see those lifted right go forward go backwards, you can see the horse with the reins. That is an hakam holding the Arabic language for the hikma

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is to put something in its right direction and steer it in the right direction. This is what an egg pays. If someone is given hikmah, meaning Allah azza wa jal has given him the right guidance in his life, meaning he walks on a path or Lord wants him to walk the person is guided. He knows that which is right he knows how to see in his life is not lost Janya horse without dreams, you'll walk left if you want to walk right if you want backwards if you want forward if you want. If that's the case, they have to put him in a fence staff defense him off. Otherwise he gets lost. That Jani and hikmah is the regimes that are on the horse when they run the horse, meaning you have complete control of

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the horse. So the one that has an hikma has complete control of himself. He controls his desires, he controls himself, he sees himself in the direction that a lot wants him to be in, and he stays away from that which Allah Subhana Allah has prevented him. This is an enigma in each linguistic form and what it means what are called attina men and hikma Now, part of this hikma that Allah gave him that a lot of highlights here, you know, a lot of things. But what is it exactly that a Lord gave him from an additional layer that you show gratitude to a law? This is

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an additional listener? This is what it is that you show thanks and gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala This is what made me so have a look at this. Some people when they hear the word and hikma Firstly, they translate it as wisdom. That's number one. That's the first wrong they do. The other wrong they do is what do you say at Heckman, you be honest to yourself, what do you think about people think wisdom is a few words that someone says that have powerful meaning in them. And Hector is only given to someone that is really old, that 7080 years old. He's lived eight years in this life. He's got a lot of experience, and he can share with us a few words, summarizes his eight years

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and gives us some words of eloquence, people to people that isn't hegman and I wanted something that is maybe you can say a form of hegman. In my mind, a lot of Zoysia is concentrated and focused on in the soil. Yeah, that look man was given and commanded to do by is initially led to show gratitude complete gratitude to what most have had on that journey. In other words,

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when one for example, for example, these are the only parts of an higman when one eats when one eats and says of humbly law of these food, he's shown a loss origin. Gratitude is Yeah, this is part of America. And there is a law that you send him he says in

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in the law nailbiting I've done yet according

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to the law. So origin is pleased with such a person proof what's coming in the Huggy urge your laws or your satisfaction actually earns your loss, pleasure and happiness. What is it that if one was to eat something he says and humbly laughter? And if he was to drink something, he says, I'm hungry laughter in the last layer.

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I spoke about new holiday you set up in the Poland, how did he describe? No, he said, he said described No, he said the Ria doesn't have an AMA No, it no mukana abdon shockula they said Chicago and London every time something in say Alhamdulillah close it granted him the title of shockula showing gratitude to almost a shackle is from the hegman the law so just give someone

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how to learn critical meanings and the results of the missing people. So here, the one who eats something, and he says and humbly lady leviosa Can you help me? How will it mean new one out? What is his reward? Anyone know? If you ate and you said this, after the food

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a lot of soil forgives him for his past deeds. With this is a sign that a lot soldier is pleased with somebody. So now that the two hobbies come together, and what is the sign that allows origin is pleased with a person to the point where he now forgave him only seems because he said I'm humbled enough after the food and this is part of an higman that allows origin give love man and you should. We should provide more data. showing gratitude to a lot of social also includes in that, that you perform the follow up, you perform the obligations and you stay away from that which Allah azza wa jal has provided us. you'll select edit this select that we prayed this morning. This is a sugar to

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a loss of paradigm. There are 1000s that choose to sleep and not wake up the people that did that they ghafar on the left. What does that mean not disbelief Ghazal here means they were ungrateful to illustrate

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pilota and a coup from Belgium as the I would mentioned towards the end very soon we're going to get to it, but should never shoot through lawyers who have a data showing gratitude, complete gratitude, and thanks to Allah includes in that, that you perform the obligations on their time, and that you stay away from that which allows origin for video. Now we we've come to the complete meaning of additional lab, while not as a net of metal hegman. You see, when you're given how much you're guided to, when you're given an assignment, you're guided to doing your obligations on time and missing nothing off them, and you're guided abstaining and stay away from

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temptations will help you stay completely away from them. And you're on the path of the pleasure of a loss of how to die. One thing you're given from a lot one gift you're given a lake, but it will do a 360 yard change in your life. So

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we need to ask a lot of storage for the first benefit we come out from the first is that no matter how many times from let's say from yesterday until now, you asked a lot of social fun.

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It is part of your keep this part of your day and night that you sell more homemade meals. And you can hikma a local hikma

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segment of the standard remember, you have a deal

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that is not limited to anyone. And everyone is qualified for anyone who's qualified for the young, the old, the righteous and unrighteous. So everyone is qualified for an egg. But once you get it, you're in the right way into a lawsuit paradata and this could lead to a loss of Hannah Diana highlights here. Jenny is going to answer a question for us. Let's make that question first and then see the answer. And then when you show gratitude to a lot of is really benefiting, when it when you show gratitude and thanks to Allah who's really benefiting? A lot of solution wants us to understand and know that don't ever ever think that a loss or heal is the one that benefits from your

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shortcoming alone is a no need of your sugar. A lot of socialism No need of we said part of sugar is that you worship alone that you do the obligations, in other words alone is not in need of your slab is not in need of your fasting a lot. So he's not in need of you to stay away from the familiar needs. He's not in need of that. And when you show gratitude to a lot of who really benefits, a lot of social says what may your score for in a school enough say? And whoever shows gratitude and thanks to Allah, really, really fame denier scarily enough, say he shows gratitude and thanks to himself, then all the reward of the gratitude is going to be yours on the Day of Judgment. The

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gratitude you show to a law is what will be pleased on your scale on the Day of Judgment, not anyone elses skill, one law soil doesn't need it. What is the proof that doesn't need it? It's going to come at the end of the the proof that doesn't need your sugar, fat one and check out for it is good enough. See the deeds that you do. They are they are yours. They give it to you on the Day of Judgment. And that in this life, when you perform the righteous good deeds, you're presenting and you're making for yourself a gift on the Day of Judgment. How do you want to receive your gift on the day of judgment? You receive it, according to that which you did in this life. And somehow the

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lights amazing sometimes when people pray, they breathe, they're solid. It's as though a lot so he'll lead in the show sometimes how people break Hello, solid bone for example, Yaniv, is that because he prays that by himself he finishes in two minutes. So that was that and then it also came, he sees all of his 15 minutes left he left it late on purpose he just kept delaying it got up mean to a halt like in the business and I mentioned that it will sell out and whatever whatnot called naka de Can he predict like the chicken praise it? Right? Yeah. Anyhow, he picks down into the ground when he eats his food or when she eats the food. And then he finishes it. How solid this this

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kind of solid is an example of a person that fourth you select is for a loan. That means that when you print like this form, and then you destroy your gift on the Day of Judgment, I'll give you this example. Now if it's a true story or not, that's not the point but just to bring the image a bit closer. This is a story of an old man. He said that this old man he used to work for a construction company used to build the houses and whatever it is that they appointed assigned for him

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during his old courses and old age now he's been many years in the company and now he wants to resign for the boss the system nor his will accept your resignation under one condition that you only take one more project if you build and finish one more house and then you're able to resign. Alright, fair enough Norris for the person who's excited to finish his work and travel back to his family and spend the rest of his life with his family enjoying very quickly my life which this house together a house maybe it's supposed to take three, four months. He finished it in less than in less than two months. He finished it very quick. He finished he got a sense of the keys that we're

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getting belonging to the house.

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He went to the boss. And he said, Here are the keys, the house is finished along, ready to go. He says, Wait, wait, before you leave man as a token of appreciation for your many years of work, he these are the keys of that house that you built, that house is yours now. Will you sit down? And he's regretting it? No, why did I rush it? This was my house, if I knew it was my house, I would have taken time I would have built it. I wasn't even using my resources, even paying anything for it. I was using the resources of the company, a guy could have made my dream house finding my Russian, of course, now it's too late. That's it, you've been given the gift move on. But it's a

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matter of getting it example that I'm trying to give you is that on the Day of Judgment, first you're living on a large land. And the resources you're using are most resources. Yeah, I mean, the food that you're eating wasn't yours to begin with. He was from alone, with a drink that you're having is from a loss origin, where everything that he enjoys in this life of health, and whatever it is, it is all from a lot. You're using a most resources on this life. And you come on the Day of Judgment, with the one that rushed in his obligations. On and off at this. This is what you're making for yourself. This is the day of judgment. It comes packaged in a box in a book and it's

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given to you and it says yeah, everything you did in this life, it's yours.

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You use our resources you could have

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a this is what you have now.

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That's why they have what was called the open another that they have regret. And whether people regret the opportunities of good that went by them that they did not have to take by they regret the good that they did, why didn't they perfect it even better.

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My brother's in his lab we need to understand these meanings. These meanings are going to train us and give us that that training that we need in life until we reach him somehow or the other woman check out for in school NFC. Always be conscious of this error before you pray. Always be conscious of this error before you do any good. That the good you're doing you're doing it for yourself. And no one else is going to benefit other than you woman your school for in a school in upstate woman cover up woman cover here. It means and whoever shows up gratitude and gratefulness here, go for it doesn't mean any guff. All of the lead in disbelief in a month, never go from here. It means you

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need to show we are not to be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala. But from the meanings women check out of a marriage girl FC, to prove from the plan. How when you show gratitude to a lawyer, you're the one that's benefiting follow the law. So he says, Let him Shackleton. What's the result? As he that Neko, so he's the one that benefited a lot of soldiers. He said the one who shows gratitude, a lost promise for him is, let's see the nickel I shall increase you over over again. How many times a large associate would see

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that the one who gives FUBAR info who

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will multiply it for whom low for him, that no matter socially seeing the one who shows gratitude to Allah, a love would do good for him. He's the one that's doing good for himself. Woman check out of a nimesh Guru nfca what is the unfortunate cases? Woman kufan. Law social tells us women govern. In other words, there are people there are people that don't show gratitude to allowance or that they are supposed to ask Allah to keep you away from this group of goo from the NEMA and cohort of Nemo An example of this is one example of it is someone that a lot of Zoysia gives him and gives him off what house or car or mental health or whatever it is, well, he still doesn't play. Well, he still

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doesn't fast. He still doesn't give to the to the to the to the poor and to the needy. And it doesn't it doesn't give her that someone can follow up a Montessori and give him a game. And he did not use any of this to help him in his worship in a lot and he did not use it to help them whether they are the creation of Allah, an example like this is Guevara for someone like this a lot so he responds and says to him, for in the love and he and Hamid doesn't fit in a lot of honey, a lot of soil is rich. But this

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is rich in and of himself. He did not need your sugar to begin with. Why doesn't need our worship?

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He's the one that is the rich and he's the enricher from the names of Allah azza wa jal and morning when Modi is the one who gives and enriches others. So if he is the one who gives Why would he need from you for him not only you're having it as well after that Hamid, Hamid Gani Yanni self praised This is having meaning of our social he was praised before you are created and he remains praised after the entire creation die in the entire creation parishes you know, time will come on Earth.

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When nothing would exist on it, there will not be a single soul on Earth, not a tree not a creation of a love that is declaring the spirit and saying so Pamela and seeing and hamdulillah that did not decrease from a loss. A lot of socialist priests has always been there from the very beginning minute oh one from the very beginning of someone with a last question, but with a lot of social he's always been praised. The self praise fame, the money and having you existed, you did not exist it did not change in the last part of that is praise himself, fading the love and even having a powerful conclusion to the I have to teach and reinforce to you that the one who showed gratitude to

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a lot a lot of money and happy and the one who chose not to show gratitude to a lot, a lot is still hurting you and having you understand that the beginning of the attainment of man and Hagman and Hagman was dusty the house, steering it in the right direction, meaning that you show gratitude to a lot steering it in the wrong direction. Meaning not having headbutt is to show gratitude to a boss who handle data for for in love and he would have been

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now in the next hour loss of handle data speaks some more about Look, man. And he says what if porn and don't manually be wahoo? Ai? Let's understand something here. We've fallen madly medieval who we are, who

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the first AR was about Look, man,

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in relation to himself. Yeah, look, man, I hope your loved one one himself. How was the man with himself? He was shaking. He showed gratitude to a lot. The next day is about look man with someone else. And that is who that is his son. In other words, what are we learning? We're learning this, that aligment itself. And hikma itself is two things. And Hickman is two things. Number one, that when one is complete in and of himself, that is by showing gratitude to a large surgeon, and he completes others by advising them. This is the most complete of human being general about my mother, she

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said that the highest level of a human being the highest level a human being can reach in his relationship with a lot, and the most complete of human beings are those who number one have completed themselves. How do you complete yourself by being grateful to Allah by showing sugar thanks to about Xhosa. That's how you complete yourself. And then not only that, you complete others that are around you. How? By Amazon? What if God were to leave me with Yahoo as he was advising in getting giving good advice? And who do you give advice from among mankind, he be the closest to you, your family, and that this is the most complete of human being read solar philosophy in solar that

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also teaches us this meaning. I'm sure everyone knows the importance of solar philosophy. Even if you did not look at the colossal you've already heard countless examples of hope and hobbies and lessons about the meanings and the importance of sort of the hustle itself. Why then is that also look how simple it is allows origin begins by also which is the type that you have the time that renamed in your life is you also everyone's asset was different in the Senate, because this is a fact everyone is in loss. And how do you save yourself from this loss? Allah has declared mankind the loss, how do you save yourself and the rest of the school teaches you how to save yourself for

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things in the livina middle saw they had those who believed in the branches, good deeds, these tough

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stuff for yourself. And then the next one also will have to and also the solid, the advice that encouraged others to the truth to that which is righteous and upright and good. And they advise each other encourage each other to remain patient. These last two are for others. In other words to save yourself from loss is that you look after yourself by Avenue

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and you look after others by the loss of unhappier doors or the soul. And the first people that you look after is your family and so forth called manually beneath your oars. These are great meanings at least now you've completed the magma while you've called it manually but he was a boy who a lot of social he says yeah but he had a delay in the ship Calhoun one of him but if Carlos manually de

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Blasio the same way, when you see the word what if everything that comes after what is in the poem in the stories of the prophets and the righteous meaning this is what made them who they are,

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is learn this meaning anything that comes after him in a story of a prophet, meaning this is the moment that made him who he is. This is the moment that made a lot of Zoysia love him and this is the moment in where he earned

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Lost pleasure. And this is the moment in where a lot choosing to be an example for that kind, everything after if that meridian salty below him,

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he says what could

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be any bodily

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any when he spoke to his father tower, that is what many people are into is anything that is after the word if that is the moment that made the person who he is, for here we learn in Greek beings. What made Look man, the person he is, is when he sat with his son and advised him how simple as that. But when was the last time you actually sat with your son and you gave him advice? Or look, any kind of advice? Look how he began with which advice. What if all, willy nilly, well, who?

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Who is giving him advice? What's the other word for advice?

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No, see how Allah did not say what oil? What's the difference between nasiha amarela This is the difference. And know whatever is an advice. That is a touching advice, advice that is really coming from the heart that eventually makes a person feel this advice within his heart before he's easy.

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And it makes him cry as well. In the heart, even the

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Sahaba when they described the simple formula, some of them came upon us. Wow. They said listen.

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he was alive, my wife was Sheila minahan.

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They described it as a more Eva, how did they describe it? They said that nobody saw Selim gave us a more Eva that shook and trembled the hearts and maybe it that is called a mortal meaning. This is emotional advice. Yeah, emotional advice, meaning when he advised his son, it was with compassion, with kindness, with care, with love with gentleness with meekness and submissiveness. That is the kind of advice meaning with the word wahoo. And that is proven with the words after year Buddha year, when caught in a fairly big war, who ever who didn't we say yarn will means caring and compassionate advice. How did this advice begin? He called him out my son. He said to you.

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He did not say to me.

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Oh, there's a difference between yeppoon A EP, whatever that means. Yeah, but it means my son. Yeah, EP means my son. What's the difference? The difference is this. That booni they call it a simple sphere. In other words, cabaret means my beloved son, my

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son, I love you. This is this is Brady, meaning you're saying that you love your son in the woods? Yeah.

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Yeah. Exactly. Like your other D. You know, there's Yeah, a B, and there's Yeah, buddy. Yeah, buddy with the extra debt implies love and concern and compassion. Same thing with the abalone. This is his compassion and his kindness. He said with his son. He made sure first that his son understands that the Father loves hate before he gives him any advice. He just wants to know that as your father Lincoln.

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And he mentioned that to him. And he spelled that doing my words. Yeah. How many times have you sat with your son and told him something? I love you. Listen to that advice. I want to give you a new beginning. give him advice. A Microsoft is telling us what may look bad into the person he was, was that he advised the sub.

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Not only what do you advise them, what do you advise them is huge as well. But the way he advised him and how he began his advice, he said and he said he said

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he made sure first that the song understood that the Father loves him. You got that. Now the advice I'm going to give you is because I love you for Listen up carefully. Now the heart ears paying attention about is paying attention, then to the relationship between a son and a father is different to the relationship between a son and his mother. It's different. They always find the kid. He runs to his motherboard. And he listens to his mother more. And if his mother wanted to speak to something, he gives him full attention. But if the father was to speak to his child was very difficult to come across. He had a lot the son has with his father getting father's always

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angry, always huge screaming, shouting, coming late. Doing this doing that doesn't like to be annoying enough to do that. Finally the son sort of he feels like there's this barrier between him and his father, that they you need to go out of your way to say I love you sit down Let me speak to you. Now he's he becomes more attentive and listens to that kind of advice that he gives you. Wife call it off mentally beat you away.

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Yeah, but a lead to shake the lead, either the first advice, he said to him do not associate partners with a law, or whatever to promise that either his son was a disbeliever. And he told him recently some of them was guided to Islam. All he's saying this to him in the intention that any my son, I'm going to advise you off the most dangerous thing that you'll ever face in your life. Be careful that you're not falling the should cover loss pattern or that either he could have been a wish. And then he became a Muslim, or either he's giving him some serious advice concerning his future. And for a long time, you will die. And he's so live after that he gives him now, timeless

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advice that would remain with his son until the son dies as well, my father, no family be able

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to sleep in a ship get ahold of him. He said to him lead to sleep. Do not associate and ascribe patterns with a mark. In other words, he's teaching him the dangers of a ship. And what it means to be young holding upon the terrain. And this is why the only way and like a time like this in where tonight is New Year's, or one week before was Christmas. And we seek to make sure that you're you're responsible responsibility to teach your children to read and what is right and what is wrong. And first begin by teaching them what it means to worship one law, and what should means and to teach them of the dangers of *can to keep them away from that. And when we say this to you, we're

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saying it because this is the first thing that a lot of social highlights in the relationship of a righteous father towards his son, he said to me,

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and that was that was the legacy of all the prophets. Look at the example in Ibrahim Ali. He said, look at the example in the Apple Valley. You said I mentioned this story. What did he say about it? What was sloppy able to tell him that he had been here in the last Bafana como de

00:31:58--> 00:32:04

la so he says, He says was so funny that he

00:32:05--> 00:32:45

gave advice to his children. And yaku gave advice to his children. When they were dying. What was the advice they gave them? Yeah, as they were dying, they were not sitting there and saying, when we die, my money is in this treasure. Make sure you Yaki divided among your brothers and sisters equally, please don't have one of these and make sure you take care of this and take care of your mother and think that wasn't their planning advice. Their paliwal advice was in the last Bafana komati that a lot of choose this team for you find out Don't leave a forbidding him do not die 11 to the moon except that you're in a state of Islam submission to Allah subhanaw taala.

00:32:46--> 00:32:48

I'm going to show that if How about

00:32:49--> 00:33:14

if God anybody he met Abu Dhabi. He says we witness that we they seem to the resources that were you there when Yahoo was dying, like you want them to listen to what happened in that room as he was dying. I'm going to try it. How about I know you have to be sitting right now he's lying on his deathbed. He's dying. And his children around him are who they are 12 children from among the abuse of being around him.

00:33:15--> 00:33:17

I'm going to show that

00:33:18--> 00:33:39

if anybody is dying, what do you say the straw man darboux living body? What are you going to worship after I die? Heather is concerned for their dm is concerned for the lead. What are they going to live upon? When he dies? madaba dude, everybody, they answered him and they said call to Nabu in

00:33:46--> 00:34:05

the mood. Now he died, he rested when he died. Then he knew he stood too close. They confirm that they affirm that they will worship the Lord of your own and the Lord of his father, which is evil or even Yani Smith, and his half Illa were hidden one enough

00:34:06--> 00:34:32

for me to understand even the prophets, that was the great concern, as they were dying in their advice to their children always above the list was to teach them at all hated the dangers of a ship. Then he said the sun in the ship government. Verily associating partners with Allah is a wound of him. Your involvement of Viviani it is the greatest wrongdoing one could do. Do you know what you learned from this show Flo Claire Ali's lover over the lawn

00:34:34--> 00:34:48

that when he told his son something, he said to him do not do *. He did not stop it. That's incomplete. He explained to him why you should not do *. In other words, what we're learning from the great father.

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

Well over the long run, is that when you tell your son not to do something, explained the why you shouldn't do that thing. And then this is the legacy of the of the righteous and of the prophets as well.

00:35:00--> 00:35:32

Explain lair to ship biller, he did not just say that there is a problem he explained to you why you should look to ship that under ship full Mojave. It is the greatest oppression and wrongdoing one could ever do. How can you worship besides about someone when Allah was the source of all blessings, and the one that you're going to worshiping? did not earn anything of the blessing to begin with? You see why it's from the wrong and the greatest of wrongdoings, then you mean

00:35:33--> 00:36:17

a loved one who was the source of all blessings to someone that nothing from the very beginning? Surely admission government IVP explained to him that when you say to your son to do something, don't stop there. Explain to him why he shouldn't do it. And you say to yourself, I don't like that or why not? Why explain that enough's is tempted to learn the human nervous system to delay things if you don't sit down and explain to you improperly why you should not lie, he's gonna remain mine for the rest of his life. If your son steals or cheats, or he's acting rudely, or whatever it is, and you wanted to teach him and other teaching character matters, then you need to explain to him

00:36:17--> 00:36:47

why he should be doing what you're telling him not to do or stay away from what you're telling him to do. You have to explain this to him. This is how the man is being presented in the oil. He not only said the sunlight tertiary pillar he explained to him in nutshell killer woman Avi in the eye after a lot of social he says what was so in an insanity where they fall asleep inside everywhere today. We enjoy a pod man that he take care of his parents. Also in an incentive you add Meaning?

00:36:48--> 00:36:52

Meaning being beautiful to your parents account is something incredible going on.

00:36:53--> 00:37:18

A lot of social pause for us the best advice look man hasn't finished his advice in two hours after it you say to him Yeah, boy. Yeah, boy. Yeah, boy, you continue giving him advice. But Allah has paused his advice now for a moment and now allows origin interjects words Allah Xhosa now speaking. And, of course, all of it is a last words but Allah azza wa jal elaborates

00:37:19--> 00:37:31

on the tongue of lamb or their loved one. So lukeman says the Sunnah to she believed in the sheet colorful monopolies pause, like a movie pause. And no love would say, well slavery instead

00:37:34--> 00:37:34


00:37:36--> 00:37:38

a decade ago, we'll see why in just

00:37:40--> 00:37:40

a second.

00:37:44--> 00:37:49

For on a bill come back tomorrow, resume. entanglement

00:37:51--> 00:38:39

is very important, allows or heal himself took upon himself that he is going to teach mankind beware today. For what he taught us from what look man said, This is what look man said to when said led to Sheikh Villette, he told him to hate but then allow social teams that what goes straight after this topic should be a little relative, straight after and who are loving not allow the parent to teach Allah Himself put mankind beware today, you do not find that part of the advice of luck man, then to the Father, and the mother is the mother. For externally, a lot of surgeon would advise the child to have good weather, then why then knowing that when the parent as a parent, if you're a parent, when

00:38:39--> 00:38:41

you come to your child, and you say to him, you have the bill already.

00:38:43--> 00:38:52

You tell him beware. But you're supposed to do that with your parents. And you see how the chain will never stop. Sometimes.

00:38:54--> 00:38:57

You say to yourself, instead of

00:39:01--> 00:39:07

screaming at yourself and screaming to yourself, do you have parents as well, even if there is still no opportunity

00:39:09--> 00:39:19

for loss or deems that it was his advice to give to that kind, then the everyone in it is equal. Your child needs to execute

00:39:20--> 00:39:40

in the same amount you're supposed to execute on whether they're doing parents as well. There's no difference between your children doing beware today, and you're doing everything for your parents for law soil. He's the one he introduced this topic. And it was so important that it was followed up with the topic of terrain. This is why

00:39:41--> 00:39:51

from the beginning to the end. Yeah, and in most places when a law speaks about the terrain, and worshiping Him alone, he'll follow it up by Google anything

00:39:52--> 00:39:53

to ship will be a

00:39:56--> 00:39:58

waste of them yourself.

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

What is validating? He said, and he said, and he said that when he was born when he dropped fresh from his mother, what did he say? And then he just came out from his mother, what did he say? He said, Well, also he

00:40:15--> 00:40:16

was sick.

00:40:19--> 00:40:29

He had he obligated upon me a solid and a second, so long as I leave, right? What is that? That's worship Allah, I wanted to follow up with

00:40:31--> 00:40:37

it. And he also advised me that I showed goodness to my mother, they may get a mother, he didn't have a father.

00:40:38--> 00:40:48

I have even his paddle even here. The father is saying that to ship Beloved. We've all seen it in Santa Fe. And I want to

00:40:49--> 00:40:51

understand these meanings, you shall know we'll just finish with this, I

00:40:53--> 00:40:58

was seen an incentive you were leading. And when he did, and when did they hear of the father and the mother.

00:40:59--> 00:41:33

And at the same time, in the Arabic language, they're given another name. And you can call father and mother were leading. And you can also call them one other way. You can also call them avoid meaning to parents as well. A lot of soldier choose to say he had been well he they've not been avoiding or not. They mentioned that Abba Wayne comes from the word up. So if the word of a whim is mentioned, meaning there's more highlight on the father, even though the mother is still included, and when when he then is mentioned when he then comes from the word one a day you need to give birth, who is that according to?

00:41:34--> 00:42:04

So when when the date is mentioned it there's a highlight more on the mother, but it also includes the Father. So when the law says we'll be in what little incentive Be wary, they, we we we are obligated upon the human being that key show gratitude, any show greatness and the show Jani goodness towards his parents a little more to the model. And what proves this is that the continuation of the area's about the mother, how many to Omo, that his mother, boy, his mother carried

00:42:05--> 00:42:13

on our one and Allah means weakness upon weakness, when another one means weakness upon weakness, and

00:42:15--> 00:42:57

they say one another one is this, that the stages of pregnancy make a woman weaker and weaker and weaker. What does that mean? It means number one, the pregnancy itself makes the woman weak. That is followed by contractions, which that makes her even more weak. That is followed by them, the actual birth process, they call it labor, right, which even adds to her weakness, then that is followed by a robot, which is breastfeeding, and that also adds to the weakness. This is why Islam would give her the concession that you don't have to pass them on. If because obviously, there's going to be an element of weakness in that. What Allah what what you saw roofie I mean, if you saw a few Babu, I

00:42:57--> 00:42:59

don't know, if you saw the movie, I mean,

00:43:00--> 00:43:22

if you saw these in two years, facade comes from old fossil, fossil that means what? to detach to separate something, meaning the child detaches from the breast of the mother in two years, meaning his breastfeeding should be for two years of the Salafi. I mean, initially, when he when he dhekelia, mostly before I get there, understand this incredible mean.

00:43:23--> 00:43:33

Hello, this is Jani. By far, this is the greatest in what we're going to get in these two. As you know, what a lot of Xhosa is teaching is this, that

00:43:34--> 00:44:10

in this passage, you're not going to find advice from the mother to the child, you're not going to find the daddy, when the mother of look man said to look like you're trying to see this. Now the father is advising a lot of soldiers, his teachers, that the greatest role a father has in the life of his child, is that he educates him and teaches him and advises him. The greatest role you are going to play in your child's life is that you teach them and you educate them and you're advising and the greatest role the mother would play in the child's life has already happened.

00:44:11--> 00:44:53

And that is that she carried him and she gave birthday. And she breastfed him as she took care of him all of that duration. That is the greatest contribution your mother and the woman ever had in the life of her child, that she her own hope the greatest contribution she can I ever have in the life of the child has already been done for a mother, how she's finished. And she passed them successfully if she gave birth successfully. And she took care of the child by breastfeeding him for two years. She's done the greatest contribution in the child's life ever. Now, your contribution remains. We said you're the greatest contribution our father is supposed to have in his son in his

00:44:53--> 00:45:00

son's life and children's life is that you educate them and you teach them and you advise them and you continuously do that and you

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

Stop in the one passage javaone is repeated three times

00:45:05--> 00:45:15

a year but I wouldn't want to sit one of you has moved on in the entire time. But the teachers that this year one is supposed to be recurring over and over again, whatever

00:45:16--> 00:45:25

they say this year, but he wasn't in one CD. This happened over a couple of seedings, many seedings sometimes every year and another time

00:45:27--> 00:45:27

another time

00:45:30--> 00:45:30

another time you

00:45:32--> 00:46:01

continue and this is your greatest role when you when you achieve this role. You've yeah I mean equal in the woman achieving own greatest contribution which is giving birth and breastfeeding this job. understand these are the roles that a lot of socialists set forth for mankind understand these meanings though that yeah, this is an incredible meaning of a lot of stories and teaches us additionally, then he says initially, what he wanted ache in a lawsuit getting all Selena in Santa Ana, she could leave early they

00:46:02--> 00:46:14

didn't care. In other words, a law social obligated upon mankind, that they showed gratitude to a law and show gratitude to while you led to your parents. Now, what does that mean?

00:46:15--> 00:46:41

How do you show gratitude to a lot more gratitude to your parents that are available hammer home a mother who said the old Sophia never known a girl even he said mom son, there was a new LED from Chicago, La Hoya Chicago new LED, that the one who prays his five prayers, and follows up every solid with a dryer for his parents in his suit. He says all bill fiddly when you add your

00:46:42--> 00:47:19

obedience on the law, that he has showed gratitude to a law. And he has also shown gratitude these parents, this is why I say to you beware today does not only finish when they die. But when they actually the real part of it begins when they die landed. Now it's the most sincere bill because they're not around anymore for the house and see what you did with your parents when they died. And now you begin to remember that and make these over and over again for them. And remember to visit the grid from time to time and remember to give a solid on their behalf. And remember to raise your hands and say no will

00:47:20--> 00:47:59

feel the griefs like, well, what's your FICO score either open up the graves. And when you remember to do this after the dead mother is the true bill lender before that, when you went around as they were alive, you might have done good so you can hear it from them so that you can see them happy for there was something that encouraged you to do goodness to your parents, and never when they did what encourages you to be good to them. nothing other than your sincerity. Now on another sincerity we'll talk. This is why a little amount of Greek meaning in this that shook lilla was so cruel invalidate is that when you pray, you've done sugar through a lottery or soda. And when you eat out for your

00:47:59--> 00:48:15

parents, you've made sugar to them through that drive because they'll benefit from that. Additionally, Wiley Wiley De La Masia, eventually at the end of last session would say to everyone, the final return would be to a loss of head on what the beginning of the I mentioned.

00:48:16--> 00:49:00

Initial delay and this passage finished my mouth initially, when he when he they can see. Did you see how much sugar has been mentioned in this role without the sugar that you do to a large soda, which began by a lot giving an hikma to nowhere until you can't get anywhere in life. The greatest contribution that's required from a father taught his children you will not achieve it without sugar and hikmah from a muscle panel dad a very important task a lot so that he accepts your sugar and that He grants you and gives you this hikmah be the light I will continue next week with polio died or injure Hideki to silica be laser can be found at Oklahoma. This is the guidance of a Muslim

00:49:00--> 00:49:21

holiday Allah giving us journey. Okay, let's say someone had terrible parents. You see some have a lot of blood and didn't leave any situation out. There. No one can ever come and save us and I got a unique situation, or the unique situation is included in the plan. Maybe there are parents that are bad, rebelling parents that Jani had

00:49:22--> 00:49:59

encouraged and they obligate and they forced their children into government or they forced them into disobedience of a law. How do you respond with that? There is a reason for why this ad came down. And the reason for this was the story of Siva who passed what we love, and he's full of his mother. And a lot of soldiers would reveal this and ciabatta will share that story next week with some of your costs. How did he deal with his parents and what was the advice and why did this come down and then followed up with a continuation of the advice of Ben continues with his son schelotto as they were able to continue this next week.

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What's up Obama? cinemavilla got it. You don't have any money.