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Juz’ 19: Al-Furqan 21-77 – An-Naml 1-59

An-Naml 1-59

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aloo onaga

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Allah tala

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g Minami

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sunako, naml, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, la scene tilaka taco ano kitabi Moby. These are the verses of the Koran and a clear book, who then has guidance what Bashar and good tidings little move may mean for the believers, those who establish prayer and gives a car and of the hereafter there are certain in faith for them. This book gives good news in alladhina la you mean una bella Hera indeed those who do not believe in the Hereafter, the yen Allah whom armella whom, for whom Yama Hoon, we have made pleasing to them their deeds, so they wander blindly, meaning they find their deeds very, very pleasing, very attractive.

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They're happy about what they're doing right now. They don't look forward to the chocolate or they don't care about right and wrong. Those are the ones for whom there will be the worst of punishment. Or homefield karate Humala soon and in the Hereafter, they're the greatest losers. Why? Because they never prepared for it. Well, in Nicola to La calco, Anna, Milan, Hakeem and Arlene and indeed he received the Quran O Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from the one who is wise and knowing this Quran is not the word of a man who himself is ignorant. No, this is the word of the Lord of the worlds who knows when every leaf falls. We haven't even reached close to what Allah subhanaw taala

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is aware of this Koran is from him. So it is perfect. It Kala moose le le he mentioned when Masada Sam said to his family, indeed I have perceived a fire, I will bring you from their information, or will bring you a burning torch that you may warm yourselves. This was when Masada Santa was traveling with his wife. They had left meridian and it is said that they were going to Egypt, Allahu Allah, perhaps they were going there. But in this journey, what happened? Masada salam, he saw fire on a mountain. And notice in ne and a stew. He says that I see. So perhaps he was the only one who saw this fire. Because there were other people with him also, and they didn't see it. But what we

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see is that he says that let me go there You stay here. Let me go. I'll get some news, some information about which way we should go. And then perhaps I can get some fire from there. And you may be able to warm yourself, you see is a husband, such a good husband, responsible man taking care of his family being concerned about their needs for the merger, but when he came to it, he was called bless it is whoever is at the fire and whoever is around it. And Exalted is Allah, Lord of the worlds was so behind Allah He biller, Allah mean he heard this Who said this? Allah said this Subhana Allah He, but I've been around I mean, this is also one way that we can do this be, we can

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glorify Allah subhanho wa Taala it'll be even Carville eslami he said that he used to spend the night outside the door of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. Why? Because he used to bring the water for the prophets of Allah Islam. So he wanted to make sure that he would be helping receiving the prophets of Allah and the moment he stepped out of his house. He said he used to hear the messenger of a loss of the loss of him saying at night Subhan Allah He loved Bella alameen sapan Allahu Akbar Allah mean, he said he would hear the

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profit or loss and repeating that for a while repeating that for a while. And then he said Suppan Allah He will be handy he. So these two accounts upon Allah He little bit Allah mean Subhana Allah He will be handy he these are to call that we need to say when when we go to bed

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these days I'm sure the moment you put your head on your pillow you're knocked out, right? But generally what happens when you lie down and you're lying down for quite a while. So at that time, don't just stare at the ceiling Keep your eyes closed, but keep your tongue busy with the vicar of Allah also yamasa in the hood and Allahu la xyzal Hakeem almost indeed as I Allah, the Exalted in Might the wise, and he was told throw down your staff, but when he sighed moving as if it were a snake, he turned in flight and did not return. Masada said I'm not scared because imagine if you see his snake slithering towards you, it's quite frightening. So musasa turned in flight. He ran away he

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did not even return a loss of handle Darla said almost Fear not, indeed in my presence, the messengers Do not fear. Why are you afraid? Otherwise he will wrongs then substitutes good after evil? Indeed, I am Forgiving and Merciful. Meaning Yes, if someone has done something wrong, they have a reason to be afraid. And yes, we know you've done something wrong in your life. You killed him and accidentally, however, you change the bad with the good. And this is such a beautiful lesson we learned from this. You see, when you think about meeting a law is you're happy about it. But does it frighten you?

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Does it frighten you? Of course it does. Right? What's the fear? Allah knows me. He knows me and he knows the mistakes that I make in the sense that I keep doing over and over. Despite trying I keep failing. I do things in privacy. Nobody knows. Allah knows. And Allah knows what I feel in my heart. So yeah, I want to see Allah but I'm also scared of Allah. So what do we see here? That if a sin has been done some but dollar hostname bar the zoo in replace that bad with a good

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that bad thing in your life? erase it and replace it with a good Yes, more bad will happen. That's going to happen. But as something bad happens, replace it with good for in Neela photo Rahim For indeed I am Forgiving and Merciful. The Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said that are you not aware of the fact that Islam wipes out all the previous sins, verily hedgerow wipes out all the previous sins, and verily Herge wipes out all the previous sins. Messiah Sam was told, put your hand into the opening of your garment, it will come out white without disease. These are among the nine signs you will take the fit our own and his people. Indeed, they have been a people defiantly disobedient. But

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when they came to them our visible signs they said this is obvious magic. And they rejected them, while their inner selves were convinced they're off out of injustice and haughtiness. So see how was the end of the corrupters. So who is the offset the most is the one who sees the truth knows and recognizes it learns of it, but yet he refuses it. This is facade. While odd attina the Buddha was Sulayman or ilma. And we had certainly given to that woman today man knowledge walk on Alhamdulillah Hillary for balena allele for bernera la casa de memory buddy Hill momineen. They both said, praise is due to Allah who has favored us over many of his believing servants. And this is something we

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need to remember also, Allah has indeed favored us in different ways over so many of his believing servants. What was it that that wouldn't Sulayman were given in. They were given their realm of Deen and their aim of dunya and their aim is really an honor. It is a blessing it is a treasure, which is why when a person goes to seek knowledge, even then what happens? Listen to this Hadees the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever takes the path upon which he seeks knowledge, then Allah makes a path to paradise easy for him. Allah will make the path to general easy for the person who goes on the path to learn knowledge. And indeed the angels lower their wings in approval to the ones seeking

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knowledge. What does it mean that the angels lowered their wings that means either that the angels they come down, if they're up in the air, they come down, or they spread their wings. They spread their wings like a red carpet, so that the person going to seek knowledge

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It is stepping were on that red carpet, on the wings of the angel. This is how the angels honor the person who is going to seek knowledge. So when you come here everyday, come with the intention to seek more knowledge of the Quran.

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Indeed, forgiveness is sought for the knowledgeable one, by whomever is in the heavens and whomever is in the earth, even the fish in the water. Can you imagine the fish in the water? They seek forgiveness for the one who seeks knowledge and the superiority of the scholar over the worshiper is like the superiority of the moon over the rest of the stars. You see the moon? What is the moon compared to the rest of the stars? Sometimes you don't even see the stars but you definitely see the moon. Likewise, the person who has knowledge, his superiority over the worshipper is like that.

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Think about it when you go to the mall, who prays for you do the birds prefering do the ants pray for you to the fish pray for you know, but when you go to learn the deen, then what happens? All of this creation prays for you so we should be greedy for what will benefit us eternally. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Indeed this world is cursed, what is in it is cursed except for the remembrance of Allah.

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And what is conducive to that? The knowledgeable person and the learning person, everything else for the problems, well of problems. These are the only things which are free from problems, what are they remembrance of Allah, and anything that is conducive to that the knowledgeable person and the person who is learning

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so Sulayman, early sandalwood early cillum, they were grateful for the knowledge that Allah gave them until a man inherited that wood. He said, Oh people, we have been taught the language of birds. Imagine they knew the language of the birds. If we know other human languages, we become so proud of it. And we have been given from all things Indeed, this is evident bounty in our football movie. What else should a man or this I'm doing over here? So a man or this anime is basically talking about the blessings that Allah has given him and his people. And he's mentioning these blessings before the people because we've been here material bigger for this, talk about the blessings that

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Allah has given to you. This is what brings gratitude. This is part of gratitude, and gathered for such a man where his soldiers of the jinn and men and the birds what a huge army, he must have had imagined. Men jinn birds, and they were marching in rows was not a random crowd. They were so organized, until when they came upon the value of the ends, and and said, Oh, and enter your dwellings, that you will not be crushed by Sulaiman and the soldiers while they perceive not. How big is a valley of ants? It's quite small. But imagine an end, it sensed the army approaching. So it warned everybody get inside, because you might get stepped on and said a man or the center, and his

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people they wouldn't even know. For the best similar he can be nikoli her sister, a man or less than him, smiled, amused at her speech, amused at her speech, and he said, I'll be there and he and escallonia meta keleti and Antara layyah Oh, my Lord, you control me. He's worried that what if I become arrogant, he says, Oh, my Lord, you control me. You enable me to be grateful for your favor which you have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, because they will notice and I was also gifted, and to do righteousness of which you approve, this should be our concern and wish. We strive to please people, parents, husband, friends, we also strive so much to please our children to take at

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least one moment, they're happy and the next moment I want this, and if I can't have it, I'm not your friend. So we see that so the manner in a tsunami says, What anomalous Allah hunter bow gave me the ability to that which you will be happy with. And admit me by your mercy into the ranks of your righteous servants. What are the hidden either automatic or fear about the cause slowly hate use of earnestness. As for the company of the righteous, Ibrahim is and I'm asked for the company of the righteous. So the man or the s&m is asking for the company of the righteous, even though they themselves were righteous, because good company enables you to keep doing good. So this should be

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one of our draws. So the minor lesson was basically asking Allah, Allah, keep me grateful. Keep me grateful. What we see over here also is something about the ends, that how the end, it recognized, still a minor list and I'm coming and it recognized the problem.

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Allah, if n and can recognize the Prophet of Allah, then how are the people who don't recognize the Prophet of Allah,

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said that an ENT bit, a prophet amongst the prophets, and that Prophet had that place of the ends burnt

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and Allah inspired to him, it is because of one and that bit You that You burned a nation amongst the nations that glorify Allah,

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and colonies or white nations that glorify Allah subhanaw taala, I'm sharing this hadith with you because I know where we live, there are a lot of ants in Mississauga in Toronto area, many ants in your garden in your front, you will find ants. And our mission is to somehow get rid of those ants. The fact is that you can never eliminate and you know that you can never eliminate them. But what you can do is when you see an entity look, oh, and you glorify a life, you call your own space, please go from here.

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And do something so that the ends don't come in cipher don't start killing them.

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That is dangerous, because you are killing creation that glorifies Allah.

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So the manner in Islam took attendance of the birds and he said, Why do I not see the hoopoe, the Hood Hood? Or is he among the absence? I will surely punish him with a severe punishment or slaughter him unless he brings me clear authorization. Look at how vigilant so the minor dcnm is one bird is missing. And he says better, bigger, good reason. But the hoopoe stayed not long, and it said I have encompassed in knowledge that which you have not encompassed and I have come to you from Sabah with certain news. Indeed, I found there a woman ruling them and she has been given up all things meaning she has so many resources she's well off. She's rich, it's a very rich country, and

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she has a great throne. The bird is impressed by the throne especially. I found her and her people prostrating to the sun instead of Allah. And shaitan has made their deeds pleasing to them. Chitwan has made Schick beautiful for them, and he has a version of them from his way so they are not guided. And so they do not prostrate to Allah, who brings forth what is hidden within the heavens and the earth and knows what to conceal and what to declare. Allahu La Ilaha Illa who are bhullar, Sherif Ali, Allah there is no deity except Him Lord of the great throne, because the bird was impressed by the throne of the queen. And so he says Allah, his throne is the greatest. So a man

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said, we will see whether you were truthful, or were the liars. Amazing. So they might have this and I'm does not just accept the story of the bird.

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He says, I will confirm, take this letter of mine and deliver it to them, then leave them and see what answer they will return. So they matter. They said I'm the moment he finds out about these people. What is he doing? He's sending a letter to them. And what is this letter? It's basically an invitation to worship Allah alone. All right. It's amazing the moment he finds out about some new people. He's concerned about doing Dawa to them. When we get to know new people. What is our concern? What do we ask about? What is our concern generally how we can benefit from them?

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Perhaps they can tell me about some guy who my sister can get married to right or maybe they know about somebody who can get me a job somewhere. This is what our concern is generally. But today my notice and I'm What Is he concerned about? their emotion. She said the Queen when the letter was delivered to her she said oh eminent once she spoke to her courtiers indeed to me has been delivered a noble letter in the human soul a man we know who Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim indeed it is from Suleiman the king. And indeed it reads In the Name of Allah, the entirety Merciful, the Especially Merciful eleftheriou aleja. What do any Muslim mean? Be not hearty with me, but come to me in

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submission, meaning us Muslims. She said, Oh, eminent once advised me in my affair, what should we do? I will not decide the matter until you are present here. Meaning you have to be part of this decision making. I'm not going to decide this myself. Should we listen to a man or should we raise our weapons against him? Look at how she's taking their advice. You see those who take Shira they have helpers. And those who don't take Shiva who don't take advice of other people, then they remain alone. They said we are men of strength and of great military might, but the command is yours. So see what you will come in. Meaning if you'd like to fight Solomon, we can do that we can go to war

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with him. But if you don't want to do that, that's also your decision. Whatever you decide, we accept, look at the trust that these men have in the

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Queen. Why? Because she consults them. she discusses things with them, she gives importance to them. And the fact is that the one whom you give importance to, even if he has something, even if he's supposed to be greater than you, but he is not, he will still respect you. Because sometimes it happens, like, for example, husband and wife, the husband doesn't have a job for quite some time, but the wife has, or the wife has a lot of money, and the husband doesn't, it's possible, or the husband constantly feels threatened by the fact that my wife is too beautiful, right? So if she respects him, then he will also respect her. It is not possible that you give importance to someone,

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and they don't feel appreciated and valued around you.

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So she said, Indeed, Kings when they enter a city, they ruin it, and render the honor of its people humbled and thus do they do meaning the outcome of war is never good. There's so many casualties. But indeed, I will send to them a gift and see what reply the messengers will return. Meaning I'll send them a gift to see what is it that Suleiman really wants? Does he actually want me to accept Islam believe in Allah leave this idolatry? Or is it that he just wants to take over my people and my country? So I'm going to send a gift and see what happens? So when they came to send a man, he said, do you provide me with wealth, but what Allah has given me is better than what he has given

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you. He's not showing off over here is just saying that I've already got enough, I don't need this money. I didn't send a letter to you, in order to take your money, I am doing power to you rather, it is you who rejoice in your gift, meaning I have no need of it, returned to them for we will surely come to them with soldiers that they will be powerless to encounter. And we will surely expel them their freedom and humiliation and they will be debased. So the mannerism said Oh, assembly of the jinn, which of you will bring me her throne before they come to me in submission. So basically, eventually, the queen, she decided that she was going to go with her people, they were going to

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accept Islam, they were going to believe in Allah. But Selena listened and wanted to show to these people, that you're not making a bad decision, that you have made the right decision. And for that he had to show to them the power of he had to illustrate to them his own power. So he said, that all suddenly have the jinn who can bring me her throne before she gets here.

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A powerful one from among the gin said, I will bring it to you before you rise from your place. And indeed I am for this task strong and trustworthy. You can trust me with it, I can do it. What did he say I can bring it to you before you rise from your place. Can you imagine you're sitting and then you stand up? How long will it take you? Three, four seconds, maybe five seconds maximum. Or if your back is really hurting and your knees are hurting, you've been sitting for a while It will take a few seconds longer. But what happened, said one who had knowledge from the Scripture, I will bring it to you before your glance returns to you. glance returns to you. Meaning when you look, you open

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your eyes, you see something? And then you understand what it is? Do you get it? you set your eyes on something and you perceive it this is your glands returning to you. How long does it take?

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split second. So this one said that I can bring it to you that quickly? And he did. Because so the matter is and allowed him. Now this is a miracle of the book of Allah. Because who is this person? Is it a human being isn't an angel? Is it a Jin Alo RLM we don't know who it was. But what we do know is that in the hood, a luminal kita. What made him special was the knowledge that he had off the book of Allah. Knowledge is power. And when sold a man saw placed before him, he said, this is from the favor of mine Lord had them and finally it'll be Leah balloony ash guru, UK for his dusting me whether I am grateful or I am ungrateful, and whoever is grateful than his gratitude is only for

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the benefit of himself. And whoever is ungrateful than indeed my lord is free of need and generous. You see over here, so the man already sent him again. He realizes this is a test. Allah is watching me, do I become grateful? Or do I become ungrateful? The fact is that we have to be grateful always, always all the time, even if it's just a little that we have because the prophets of Allah is that I'm sad man lemmya squirrel Colleen, lend me a squirrel Kathy, whoever is not grateful for little, he can never be grateful for a lot. So so the manor lesson we might say that, oh, he had so many things, why should he not be grateful? Well, the fact is, that the one who is grateful for little

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things on the then he can be grateful for big things and and receiving a blessing immediately. Thank Allah and this is what we see. Instead of

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or listen to an incident happen. He's being grateful here the throne is brought and he's being grateful. The prophets of the laws that have said Allah does not bestow a blessing upon any slave and he says Alhamdulillah except that what he gives is better than what he received, meaning what the person said Alhamdulillah saying Al Hamdulillah is better than what you received, but this is when immediately on receiving something good.

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Karlin, Akira Harsha, he said disguise for her her throat, we will see whether she will be guided to truth or she will be of those who is not guided. So he wanted to test them if they were just superficial, because when a person sees only the apparent, what does that show, he's superficial. But when a person really observes and recognizes things, then it shows that he has his farsighted. So when she arrived it was set to her is your throne like this? The Queen said It is as though it was it. So she recognized her throne despite the fact that it had been changed. What does it show she was really wise. And women should never underestimate themselves, they should use their mind.

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They should use their because look at this queen. She's so wise, intelligent, said a man or a Sam said and we were given knowledge before her. And we have been Muslims in submission to Allah. And that which she was worshipping other than Allah had averted her from submission to him. Indeed, she was from a disbelieving people. That's the only reason why she wasn't much thicker. Because the moment she learned about the truth, she accepted it. And there's so many people like that who are living in ignorance of Allah, and that is why they're disbelievers. So who's going to tell them who's going to tell people like her? She was told enter the palace, but when she saw it, she thought

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it was a body of water, and she uncovered her shins. Why, so that her clothes wouldn't get wet? He said, Indeed, it is a balance whose floor is made smooth with glass. This is glass, not water. So she said My Lord, a little bit in Neelam to nuptse what a slum tomorrow today, Manoj? lillahi Rabbil aalameen. She understood that a man or this man is not just a king, he's a prophet. And what he's saying what he's doing is definitely true. It's definitely from a lot the Lord of the worlds. So he or she recognized the superiority of certain men are they center. So we see that she didn't surrender, she actually believed she didn't just surrender that, oh, we give up since we were weaker

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than you. We accept, you know, she actually believed and she didn't submit to Suleiman, who did she submit to Islam to mA Sulaiman? lillahi Rabbil aalameen. And this is the essence of our religion, the prophets of Allah, they came to connect people to their Lord, that You worship Allah and you obey the Prophet,

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what are called Auto sellner Isla Moodle, a home slowly her and certainly we had sent to them their brother silent, saying worship Allah, and that once they were two parties, conflicting, Saleh la salam, when he said to his people or Buddha law, worship Allah, what happened immediately the community was divided into two groups, one group, those who believed in him and the other group, those who opposed him. He said, Oh my people, why are you impatient for evil instead of good? Why do you not seek forgiveness of Allah, that you may receive mercy, meaning the people who disbelieved in sila had a Salaam, instantly, they began demanding from him that if we are disbelieving in you, and

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you threaten us with punishment, well then bring the punishment. So he said to them, Why are you being impatient for evil? You should ask Allah for good. Why don't you seek forgiveness? They said, We consider you a bad omen, you and those with you. He said your Omen is with Allah, rather you are a people being tested. Generally what happens is that in our life when we face problems, we begin to blame people who are around us that since they have come, I have become sick since this child was born. There have been problems in our life in our family, or since this person came to our house as a guest there have been problems in our family know our Omen bad omen meaning bad that happens

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happens by whose will whose permission unless a panel todos permission, and that is a result of what our own deeds. So rather you are people being tested, and they were in the city nine family heads causing corruption in the land and not amending its affairs leaders were creating or causing corruption. They said take a mutual oath by Allah that we will kill him by night, him and his family meaning solid honey Salaam, then we will say to his executer we did not witness the destruction of his family, meaning we will lie and indeed we are truthful. So basically they're saying that kill him and the next day, just make up

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lie that we didn't do it. We don't know who did it and just say we are truthful. And they plan to plan and we plan to plan while they perceive not. Then look, how was the outcome of their plan, that we destroyed them and their people, all of them, when they applied it to kill the Prophet? What happened? Instead, they lost their lives. So those are their houses desolate because of the wrong they had done. Indeed, and that is a sign for people who know and we save those who believed and used to fear Allah and mentioned loot when he said to his people, do you commit immorality while you are seeing meaning you realize, you know yourself that this is wrong, still you do it? Do you indeed

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approach men with desire instead of women, rather you are a people behaving ignorantly. Because when a person blindly pursues his desires, then he is being ignorant. But the answer of his people was not except that they said, expel the family of loot from your city. Indeed, there are people who keep themselves pure. They're marked at them, saying, Oh, you were very pure. So we saved him and his family, except for his wife. We destined her to be of those who remained behind and we rained upon them a rain of stones and evil was the rain of those who were warned. Only hamdulillah say All Praise be to Allah, wa salam on honor a birdie lettino stafa and peace upon His servants whom he has

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chosen. Law who hate ask them is a lot better. A man usually cone or what they associate with him, praise for Allah and Allah Salaam, his bs for who for his servants with servants over here, especially the prophets of Allah, because they're the ones who are mentioned over here. We learn in a hadith and Muslims

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that jabril early said I once came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said in Naropa, cassava gela jaquar Laika Salah that your Lord is sending the greeting of Salaam to you. He is sending salam to you. And the fact is that Allah He is a Salaam Allahumma anta Salah woman ca Salam and Salam peace security is from who Allah alone. And it is for who for those who surrender to Him for those who are Muslim, who submit to Him. So we see over here in these examples that are mentioned, that those who surrender to Allah, then they're the ones who are saved and protected in this life and the next and the one who opposes the Messenger of Allah who opposes the command of

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Allah. Then for him there is no safety neither in this world nor in the next

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subchronic along will be handed a shadow a la ilaha illa Anta a stock hirokawa tupu take a Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh