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Juz’ 19: Al-Furqan 21-77 – An-Naml 1-59

Ash-Shu’ara’ 1-89

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surah Shara Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, bossy in meme De Luca tokita. Bill Modine. These are the verses of the clear book, meaning Koran, which is clear and it clarifies the commands that are given in it. Lara lockable hero nepsac la okonomi meaning perhaps you or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would kill yourself with grief that they will not be believers. We need to see how much do I desire guidance for other people, if we will, we could have sent down to them from the sky assign for which their next would remain humbled. Meaning we could have revealed a miracle that they could not refuse we could compel them to

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believe but this is not the way of Allah and no revelation comes to them a new from the Most Merciful except that they turn away from it for they have already denied but they will come to them the news of that which they used to ridicule me Oh, come on, but nafi Harmon college Elgin Karim, did they not look at the earth, how much how many uncountable we have produced there in from every noble kind. Meaning when you look at the plants, how many species of plants are there we cannot even list them. And it's amazing how every part where their soil even if there is a little bit of crack in the rocks. What is it that you see growing from between the rocks these days, plants, weeds,

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grass gum, I'm Butner. Just think how many plants Allah makes to grow in the Fie Valley color. Indeed and that is a sign Womack anecdotal humble meaning but most of them were not to be believers. What in Arabic Allahu Allah zizo Rahim and indeed your Lord, He is the Exalted in Might the merciful and mentioned when your Lord called Moosa saying, go to the wrongdoing, people, the people of their own, will they not fear Allah? He said, My Lord, indeed I fear that they will deny me and that my my heart, my breast will tighten, and my tongue will not be fluent. So sand For how long? I'm afraid I can't do this. Whenever you feel like this hesitation, to speak in front of somebody to tell them

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about what Allah has said. This fear, lack of confidence and you feel like you're going to stutter a lot. Then ask Allah made the DA of musar a salon rubbish rightly saw that he was silly, and rewatchable OData melissani and also the door of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma Nickleby Allah guide my heart, give me the ability to say what is right was suddenly 70 and correct my tongue give me fluency in speech and give me the ability to say what is best what slowed schemata Colby and remove the bias from my heart because sometimes we're biased towards people people are interested in learning but we have a bias against them. And so we get offended or we're not honest

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with them. We're not clear with them. A lahoma the Colby was said that listen, he was slowly a moto Colby and they have upon me acclaimed you to send Masada send me saying send Haruna Sam Why? Because the people have

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Don't they have a claim against me meaning I am guilty in their eyes. Why? Because I accidentally killed one of them. Masada some accidentally killed a man from the people of their own. So I fear that they will kill me. This is very natural. When you have to tell somebody about something good. What do you do? First, you remember your own sense, your own mistakes, that I'm in no position to tell other people who am I? There's no way I can tell them to pray when my prayers are not perfect. I can tell them to be patient when I don't exhibit patience always. Who am I? I make so many mistakes, then how can I tell others? I have no right to advise others. You see, each person is a

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human being. No one is perfect. musala ceram is also remembering his mistake, ally sending him to fit our own. And we'll say this and I'm just saying, oh, but I committed a murder over there. I'm very sinful in their eyes. And I've also made a huge mistake. So this is a part of me. The fact is that every human being has deficiencies. No one is perfect. But at the same time conveying the word of Allah is also an obligation.

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So what should a person do? He should rely upon Allah and seek Allah's help. Ask a lot given the ability and go ahead and do the job and with the blessing of this work. Allah subhanaw taala will also forgive the sins and give you the ability to refrain from sins. Refrain from sins also.

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Color Kela alasa panels earlier said color No way. There's no way you're staying behind. There's no way you can get out of this. Fell Hubba VIII Tina go both of you with our signs you don't want to go along go with her own but you must go with our signs indeed we are with you listening in Morocco Muslim, your own. You go. We are listening to you. This is something that sends chills down your spine. When you're doing something for Allah sake. Allah is watching you. He's listening to you. There's something very, very frightening. This is just like when you're doing some work and your supervisor is there checking to make sure you're doing everything right. What happens even if you

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know your stuff really well? Do you make mistakes? Oh yeah. We need to worship Allah and convey his word forward to people with this realization. In Morocco, Muslim your own and at the same time. This is something that brings great comfort to us also and hope and eagerness that Allah is listening. He will help me he will aid me go to fit our own and say we are the messengers of the Lord of the worlds commanded to say that send with us the children of Israel. He fit our own said nine instead of catering to the request. What if it our own say he began taunting masayoshi son and reminding him of his past fit our own set? Did we not raise you among us as a child and you remain the mungus four

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years of your life without the far left Akala T for Alta one terminal caffeine. And then you did your deed which you did? He's referring to the murder, accidental murder, and you were off the ungrateful look at you all these years. You live with us and then you run away? Do you remember what you did? If we were in place at musar listening, what would we do? jaw drop turn around, go back. We'll start a Santa Look at him Carla, fall to her. He said yes. Without getting angry without getting defensive. He said yeah, I did it. He then what no mean of baleen? I did then while I was of those astray. Masada Sam is admitting his mistake. And this is best when people remind you of your

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past sins. Tell them Yes, I did it. And you know what I found out that it was something I should not have done. And and Hamlet Allah I have stopped. And I want others to stop also, this is what I am telling others. This is why I'm telling you. So I fled from you when I feared you how truthful and honest masala sentiments. I was afraid of you for our own. That's why I ran away. He's so honest. And the fact is that the more honest you are, the more confident you will be. The thing is we pretend that oh, we have no deficiencies we are perfect, because we don't want to be vulnerable. But the fact is that when we are honest with ourselves, that is what brings us confidence. Then my lord

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granted me wisdom and Prophethood and appointed me as one of the messengers, meaning this is a last favor on me. His responses are also beautiful. This is why I chose most artists along with artists and went on to their own, he said, and this is a favor of which you remind me that you have enslaved the children of Islam. Meaning you remind me that I lived with you and you took care of me. Why was done in the first place necessary anyway, how and why did I

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I ended up at your house because you had enslave the children of Israel. I mean, you were killing their children, I was to be killed. And the only way I was going to be saved was if I was in your own house. So Allah put me in your house. So don't do this as a favor on me. This was your own doing this was your own fault. Now fit our own is speechless, so called a fit our own fit our own said, and what is the Lord of the worlds? Again, fit our own is looking for something with which he can make most artists don't get upset, annoyed, irritated. So he says one out of Milan, I mean, so what is this about? I mean, you're talking about most of our lesson came and said very simple words, send

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the money Israel Don't torture them, and fit our own is jumping from one thing to the other. It's like as if he's looking for anything by which he can overcome most artists at most Arizona. He didn't say, Get to the point. He didn't say to him stop avoiding what I have told you. Rather, he just gives him the answer. very beautifully. He says, The Lord of the heavens and the earth and that between them if you should be convinced, corner him and how Allah who fit our own set to those around him and let us do me wrong. Did you hear that?

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on Amazon musasa went on your Lord and the Lord have your first forefathers federal and said indeed your messenger who has been sent to you is mad. Such truthful correct speech logical statements and yet masala Islam is called med Masada Salah, completely ignoring what Ron said as if he didn't even hear him. One time he continued, that Obama Shri Rama Hari Rama Bina Houma, in Kentucky alone, He is the Lord of the east and the west, and that between them if you were to reason, if somebody were to call us mad, what would we do? We'd forget what we have to say to them, and we would go mad, right? We would literally go mad, in anger in defending ourselves, for our own now for our own gets mad. He

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gets angry. He says, if you take a god other than me, I will surely place you among those who are imprisoned. It seems that anyone who believed in Allah was imprisoned. He had no freedom. Allah allowed him to publish a movie in Masada. Sam said, even if I brought you proof that is manifest, fit our own said then bring it if you should be of the truthful so Moosa through his staff, and suddenly it was a serpent manifest, and he drew out his hand thereupon, it was white for the observers. Imagine the slithering snake and the glowing hand The truth is quite obvious that our own set to the eminent ones around him. Indeed, this is a learned magician, their own still didn't

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believe he wants to drive you out of your land by his magic. So what do you advise? They call the miracles magic, they said postpone the matter of him and his brother, and send them on the city's gathers, who will bring you every learned skilled magician. So the magicians were assembled for the appointment of a well known day, and it was set to the people will you congregate, that we might follow the magicians if they are the predominant and when the magicians arrived this have different our own is there indeed for us of reward if we are the predominant Meaning, if we win against Moosa, do we get anything? It's amazing. The prophets of Allah, what did they say to their people? We don't

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ask you for any other and the first thing the magician said if at all, what do we get?

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This is the difference between the prophets and the liars. He said yes, and indeed you will be then of those near to me. Masada Salaam said to them throw whatever you will throw so the through their ropes and their steps and they said by the might have fit our own beer is that if it our own, in the national volleyball, indeed It is we who are predominant, they are saying but there is a fit our own they're seeking the help of our own by saying by fit our own glory, because they believe that their own was their God also, what deception these people lived in. What have we been taught to do? We should say that iRULU beer is the tiller he will call the rocky especially when when we are hurting

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when we are hurting.

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You know there's a hadith in which we learned this man not alone aren't who responded in a glass of coffee. He said I came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and I was suffering pain that was killing me. Have you ever experienced pain like that? You feel like it's gonna kill you. The prophets of Allah Islam said to me, put your right hand on it and say Bismillah Rosa beer is Attila he woke odorata he mentioned Rhema adji do what we say this seven times that In the name of Allah, I seek refuge in the might and power of Allah from the evil of what I feel, and what I fear, say the seven times responded. And who said I said that and Allah healed me. So this door is the best painkiller

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and hamdulillah it is on a card in the bookstore. So keep it in your house.

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Okay, this guy is written the best painkiller. All right, keep it in your kitchen, especially where the medicine cabinet where people come for Tylenol. All right, so put it over there, that you're seeking refuge with ALLAH seeking His help that all your honor by your mind, you can take this pain away you have full ability to remove the stain from me. Then Moosa through his staff, and at once it devoured what they falsified. So the magicians fell down in frustration to Allah because the magicians understood. They said, We have believed in the Lord of the worlds, the Lord of Musa and Harun fit our own set who believed in Musa before I give you permission, we look at the arrogance of

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this man. Indeed, he is your leader who has stopped you magic. First, he called most artists and

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under the effect of magic or magician, he said, You are a liar. You are a madman. And now he's saying that all these people have been under your tutelage, you have been teaching the magic, but you are going to know I will surely cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides. And I will surely crucify you all look at this threat. Who is it that threatens? If you don't do this, then such and such will happen? Who? losers. Those who cannot win the hearts of other people who cannot have others, obey them, listen to them, then what happens they begin to threaten. So if you find yourself threatening your children a little too much realize that you are failing because

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threatening is not the way

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it's not the way right now they're scared of the boogie monster. Tomorrow they'll know there is no baby monster. So this is not the right way of teaching children anyway.

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Federal and threaten them. What was the response of the magician's, they said no harm indeed to our Lord, we will return. Indeed we aspire that our Lord will forgive us our sins, because we were the first of the believers. What an amazing thing you man is that as soon as a person has a man, he sees his mistakes, his sins, and he wants that they should be forgiven. How long had it been for these people? Since they accepted Islam since they believed in a lot, a few moments probably. And immediately they're saying, in tomorrow I'll fill on another Buddha hopper Yana in canal wilhelmine and we inspire to Musa travel by night with my servants indeed, you will be pursued. You see the

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buddy is ye they were enslaved, they lived in Egypt. And there were a significant population. So for everyone to live together in the night secretly. This was huge, then fit our own sent among the cities gatherers and said Indeed, those are about a small band, and indeed they are enraging us And indeed We are a very cautious society.

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So we remove them from gardens and springs and treasures and honorable station thus and we cause to inherited the children of Islam why how because we are our own and his people pursued the bunnies soil at sunrise in the morning they woke up they found out bunnies right had gone immediately around gathered his people and they pursued the bunny Islam and when the two companies saw one another because what happened as the bunnies right left, they found before them the see now what do they do? They're stuck and behind them phenomena has also come. So the companions of masa, they said indeed we are to be overtaken was our listener said Kela in our era visa Dean, he said No way. Indeed with

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me is my Lord. He will guide me He will guide me whenever you see a closed door in front of you. You see an ocean in front of you that you cannot cross that you cannot go into. You don't know what to do where to go. Say hello in Mr. Europe be seya Dini, He will guide me. Then we inspire to Moosa strike with your staff, the sea ended parted, and each portion was like a great towering mountain without listening through the stick and where it landed, a clear path appeared as the water clear to either side and we advance there to the pursuers so the bunnies slide, they cross the sea and behind them who came for our own and his people. And we saved Moosa and those with him all together, and

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then we drowned the others because they ran into the water chasing money is sloppy, but what happened? What happened? The water closed in on them and they all drowned so

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enough evangelical woman can act on Khomeini indeed, and that is a sign but most of them were not to be believers. We're in Nuttall bacana hula zizo Rahim. And indeed your Lord He is the Exalted in Might the merciful. What do I lay him never Ibrahim and recite to them the news of Ibrahim when he said to his father

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And his people, what do you worship? They said, We worship idols, and remain to them devoted. These are the center of our lives. He said, do they hear you when you supplicate? Or do they benefit you? Or do they harm you? Do they protect you from harm? It's a very solid question. And he's making them think the reality is that this power rests with Allah alone which power, the power to benefit and harm. This is why after every what I would do is say Aloha. melomania I'm Lima, our plate will are more clear Lima monarto will even further demon culture. They said but we found our forefathers doing this. He said then do you see what you have been worshipping you and your ancient forefathers?

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Any Why are you following your forefathers blindly use your own mind also, for in the home or the worldly? illimitable aalameen indeed, these gods these idols, they're an enemy to me except the Lord of the worlds. I don't think they're gonna benefit me. They're gonna harm me more. Who is my Lord, the Lord of the worlds and who is he a lady Halekulani for who is Dini? Who created me? And He it is Who guides me. One lady who killed her Imani was KEANEY. And it is he who feeds me and gives me drink, or either merill for who is Feeny. And when I am ill, it is he who cures me. The fact is that we cannot eat unless Allah enables us. unless Allah enables us we cannot drink unless Allah allows

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for us. He provides for us. And when we get sick, who is it that cures us? Only a law and the chef de La shafia illa and although you are the Shafi there is no Shafi except for you No one can cure except you. In another Hadees we learn that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a man said to him that I didn't have the luxury villa Herrick for any legitimate hobby as a hobby actually that he was shown that this is a Dr. Rajan hobby. He said no Allah who Toby. Allah is the real doctor. But under Raja loon, you were just a person. Hmm. Allah is the real one who cures because you see the doctor also what can he do?

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He can only diagnose right and he can only prescribe. And sometimes in that also they make huge mistakes because after all, they're human beings. The real cure is with who? Allah, one lady you meet Nice to meet you Haney and who will cause me to die and then Bring me to life. When Lily automerit thoroughly hottie at Yama Dean, and he who I aspire that he will forgive me my sin on the Day of Recompense. Allah is the one I aspire that he will forgive me my sin on the Day of Recompense. This is the Lord of the worlds that Ibrahim Alayhi Salam believed in. And on the contrary, the entire nation was blindly worshipping lifeless idols that do nothing. They neither

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benefited nor did they harm it will be heavily hoekman well how can Eva slowly hain Ibrahim already said I'm said making Dora oh my lord, you grant me authority grant me wisdom and join me with the righteous. Join me with the righteous who's the law does this remind you of use of Anisa he also said alphabetically with slightly heavy use of wrestler evil a humorous and I'm both of them are saying we want the company of the righteous because the fact is that whoever you love that is the one that you will deal with amaru Marama a person will be with the one whom he loves of the day the Sahaba heard this from the prophets that alongside them, they were so happy. So under the lower end

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who said when narrating this Hadith, or model marathon or however, that I love the Prophet, I love aboubaker I love Omar and I hope that I will be with them because of my love for them, though my deeds are not similar to theirs. So we also love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even though he sent out all the prophets of Allah all the righteous, in hopes that we will be with them, even though we know that our deeds are nowhere near their deeds. What are our Leela sinus lidocaine fill out hitting and grab me a reputation of honor among the later generations. While there are Lehman wallet at genitourinary, and place me among the inheritors of the garden of pleasure make me

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enter denona This is the daughter of Ebrahim well fiddly, Abby says, Oh my Lord forgive my father, Abraham or the son of a sprain for his mushnik father again. Did you make the offer your parents every day every day without a break? Make the offer your parents are bilham Hama, Kamara Bayani Sameera?

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He said forgive my father, indeed he has been of those astray and do not disgrace me on the day. They are all resurrected. The day when they will not benefit anyone wealth or children. The day of God

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is the day when no one's wealth or children will benefit them. Think of your wealth, think of your children and realize nothing will help on that day. It will not be of any use. You cannot give charity from it on the Day of Judgment, you can give charity now, you can do good right now you can do good then who is it that will be saved than a lemon? Attila Have you been selling, but only one who comes to Allah with the sound heart? He will be saved that day. The one who comes to Allah with a sound heart. What is the sound heart? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked which people are the best. The prophets that allows him said the best of people is every person with a

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clean heart and a truthful tongue cannula mill can be said you can listen every person who has a clean heart and a truthful tongue. So the people said we know what it means to have a truthful tongue. What do you mean by a clean heart? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said who would say you know the EULA is MFI well above the o l l little Lola hasakah.

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It is that the who is the key the God fearing

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and nucky who is nothing clean, clean how he said law is Murphy he the heart in which there is no same vulnerability or nor any rebellion without the law, nor any hatred when it has said that nor any jealousy. This is the sound heart. And this is the person who will be saved on the Day of Judgment. Look at your own heart. Do I have in my heart any bad feeling? Any hidden hatred, any grudges jealousy for anybody? Perhaps we cannot see it because when something gets really dirty, it's difficult to see the filth on it even think, who do I talk about about whoever I backbite that means I dislike them. I do not like them. And backbiting is something that will contrary calm,

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Sunny. You see keeping the heart clean sound is a very, very big jihad. It's a very big effort. It's a great struggle. And it's a struggle for life. It's not something that a person can do once and you can say yeah, now my heart is out. Now, because we interact with people on a regular basis, don't we? We get upset we get offended. We get hurt. But the sound heart is the one who cleans his heart keeps forgiving others in hopes that he will be forgiven.