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Juz’ 17: Al-Anbiya’ – Al-Hajj

Al-Anbiya’ 1-33


AI: Summary © The War of Humanity is a death starring in the name of Jesus after the completion of the pandemic. The importance of the future is emphasized, including the need for questions to see if one can convince them to believe in the Prophet. The speakers also touch on the negative impact of social media on one's views and the importance of learning from the truth. The split of life between reality and reality is discussed, as well as the pride of Islam as a god but not enough to increase submission to Allah.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem I'm about Pharaoh's Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish frankly, Swati were Sidley MD Dr. Tommy Lee melissani Cali

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just number 17 surah toll ambia

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feel awful.

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Boo Boo boom

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim In the Name of Allah, the entire the Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

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equatorial Berlin. Nasty Hey Sabu home. We're home feel of Lattimore a real boon, the time of their account has approached for the people while they are in heedlessness turning away, May at D him and likklemel robbing him of the thin, elastomer Whoo hoo, Wah hoo Mia la Boone, no mention comes to them a new from their Lord, except that they listened to it while they are at play la hetton kulu home with their hearts distracted, Allah is warning all people that the time of their hisab is near, when is this account going to be firstly in the grave after death? And secondly, on the day of judgment. So, the hisab is near meaning the Day of Judgment is near it is not very far. And besides

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before that, what is even near what is even closer death. Because when a person dies, then his afterlife has begun. Why? Because now there is no return from it. Death is certain it is real. And it is definitely coming. Each person who is born will die. So the person who is going to die, then what is it that he should do prepare for what is to come after that death? Just as the stay at a hotel? Is it permanent or temporary? It is temporary? What is it that you're preparing for your ultimate and your ultimate destination? So likewise, as we travel through this world, let's not forget that there is an end to this journey. When you sit in an airplane. How do you sit there? Do

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you sit there with a coffee table? Do they provide you all the luxuries? No. They just give you a small seat that you can barely fit in that is extremely uncomfortable with everything you need. backed up in a bag which is to be placed above you, not even in front of you. You cannot even spread out that much. You can't even get so comfortable in the plane. Why? Because that journey is only for a couple of hours. Even if it's going to be for 16 hours it is going to end. So there is no point making this temporary journey. The goal. Why because the goal the destination is something else. Likewise as we live through this world. Let's remember that this life is temporary at the end of

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this life is the destination and what is that the time off

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herself the time when we are going to be questioned. And the first choice app is going to be when a person will die. And the second hisab is going to be when a person will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment. And both of these events are not far at all. The Prophet sallallahu sallam, whenever somebody would visit him and ask him, when is the day of judgment going to be when is the hour going to be, the prophets of the Law Center would look at the youngest of that people. And he would say, if this person should live until he is very old, your hour will take place, meaning you will certainly die before that. And once you die, then your hour has begun, because there is no return

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from it. And besides the time that has passed since the beginning of the creation, compared to the time that is left, until the day of judgment, all right, the time that has passed is definitely more than the time that is left. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that I and the last hour have been sent like this. And while saying that he joined the forefinger with the middle finger, meaning before the day of judgment, what's the main thing that has to happen? The prophets of Allah is that hymns coming? Once he has come, now, no other prophet is going to come. Now what's going to happen, the day of judgment is going to occur. The fact is that whoever is on the earth, you me, whoever it

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may be, each person is closer to death than he is to life. Death is closer to us. Why? Because there is no guarantee that we will live for the next 10 520 years. But what we know for sure is that we are going to die one day. And after death in the grave, there will be hisab, we will be questioned about what Who is your Lord? Who was your prophet? What was your way of life? What was your religion? These are questions that we're going to be asked about. But what is our condition, we pay little attention to any such reminder, what reminder that tells us about the coming hisab we think very little about this reality. This is why Allah says let he attend kulu boom, their hearts are

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distracted. Their hearts are preoccupied, by what by worldly thoughts, by worldly concerns, by the worries the fears of this life, and they're not concerned about the real life which is to begin after death. If we analyze ourselves, what is it that we think about the most about this world, we think very, very little about the hereafter. Whereas the life of this world will one day be over, regardless of how it was, and what happened in it, it will come to an end one day, even if a person if the most difficult life, the most painful life, still it will end. But the life of the Hereafter, how is that it is eternal, never, never to be over, it is never ending. This is why the intelligent

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person the wise person is he whose goal is the author. And this is why most of his concerns and worries are about the afterlife. So as he lives in this world, he is preparing for the next life. As he is striving working in this world he is striving for the rewards were in the next life. And those who do wrong, conceal their private conversation saying is this profit except a human being like you? So would you approach magic while you are aware of it? Meaning they dismiss whatever reminder the profit or the loss of them gives them saying that he's only a human being. And they dismiss the impact of the Quran? How by calling it magic corner of biala monopole of his summer you will Oh,

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well who was semi earlene? The Prophet said, My Lord knows whatever is said throughout the heaven and earth, and he is the hearing the knowing this is so comforting that when someone falsely accuses you of what you are not, then what is it that you can find comfort in thinking, knowing that whatever has been uttered in this world, anywhere or in the sky, when somebody was in a plane, wherever it is said, Allah knows, my lord knows about it. What this teaches us that the only response to

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you know to the gossip campaign the smear campaign against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was what it'll be called.

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Because the people called him magician they called him soothsayer, they called him liar. They called him a fabricator and inventor, someone who was who was faking all of this in order to become a leader, right in order to gain the riches of this life. And today also people are falsely accused, their intentions are questioned. And sometimes you're the victim. You're the victim. That

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You're trying to do something good, but people criticize you. They question your sincere intentions. So what was the response to the gossip campaign the smear campaign against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? robbia aluminum cola facility? Well, this is what Rasool Allah said. So likewise, when people say anything bad about us, then comfort yourself by saying a lot before and I will call, my lord knows what was said. You see, what people say about us what people think about us, what they discuss about us behind our backs. Can we ever find out? Can we know? Sometimes we do. And sometimes we don't. Right? Some people, they have the confidence to come and say harsh things at your face and

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others, they never come in front of you. But they keep talking bad about you behind you. They discuss things against you. What can you do? Can you go confront them? Can you go and say Why are you talking about me like this? You shouldn't say that? Can you know you can't? How much can you justify? How much can you defend yourself? You cannot? We don't even know who is plotting What about us?

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We can never really find out. So how is it that we find comfort that Allah knows about Dr. Lemon Cole? Allah knows, whatever has been said. But aalu Allahu Allah, Min belif Tara who balharshah but they say this Quran is only a mixture of false dreams. Rather, he has invented it. rather he is a poet. There was not an accusation except that they smeared the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with it. So let him bring us a sign, just as the previous messengers were sent with miracles, Allah says, not a single city, which we destroyed, believed before them. So will they believe they were shown miracles that are always showing miracles did he believe no. So what makes these people different, and we

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sent not before you all prophet except men to whom we revealed, meaning before you, the prophets that were sent, they were human beings, just like your human being. And they were inspired to knew he lay him We revealed to them. So in other words, they brought messages, and also they brought miracles, and you have been given a message. And your miracle is the Koran. Because remember, the Quran is not just message, but it is also miracle. So ask the people of the message, if you do not know, meaning as the people of the previous scriptures, that who is it that came as prophets? Was it angels? Or was it human beings? If you don't know, ask them? What we learned from here is that

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whatever we don't know about, we should ask about it. We should question about it. Why? Because that is what will bring this clarity, it will put us at ease. And it will also make the matter easy for us. And if we don't ask about it, and we make a mistake, then who's going to suffer? We are going to suffer? Right? So anytime we are unsure about something, what is it that we need to do? Ask a question, just ask Can I do this? Should I do this? Should I do it this way? Why? Because it's always safer. It's always safer. Otherwise, you'll be sorry. Afterwards, we learned that a juggler of the lower end who he said that once we set out on a journey, and one of our people meaning one

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person in that group was hurt by a stone that injured his head and it was a serious injury. And then this man, he woke up in the state of Geneva. So basically, you have to take a bath in order to pray. And he was afraid that if he would wash that part in his head that was wounded, it would get infected and he would become sick and he would die. All right. You see for us fever is something that's very minor, just take a Tylenol and get it over with, right. But back then, fever was a killer.

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Infection leads to fever and fever means a person is going to die. There was no recovery from it. We take Tylenol for granted really we do. So anyway, this man, he asked his companions that do you think I should do Taekwondo? Do you think I should do tempo? They said that no, we don't think you should do tempo because there is water here. And the injury is only in your head so you should take a bath. So he took a bath and what he feared happened? He got sick and he died in that sickness. And when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam found out, he said they have killed him. These people killed him. could they not ask when they did not know? The cure for ignorance is inquiry. When you don't know

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about something? What is it that you need to do inquire about it. Ask about it. It was enough for him to perform to your mom and to pour some drops

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have water meaning had he done that it would have been sufficient. Had he washed his, his body being the private part and the rest of it, he should have just done, he should have just done the Mo, right, meaning he didn't have to wash his entire body just do thymoma of the hands in the face. And that would have been sufficient. So this is something very important when we're working anywhere with people when we're doing anything, if we don't know about it before, using our own mind, what should we do? Ask those who can help us ask those who can teach us when murder alone, just hidden layer coluna farm, and we did not make the profits forms meaning mere bodies that did not eat food,

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nor were they immortal on Earth. So what does it show, they used to eat food, and they were not eternal, they died. Then we fulfilled for them the promise, and we save them and whom we will and we destroy the transgressors? We have certainly sent down to you a book in which is your mentioned, then will you not reason? Oh, people just hold on. It talks about you. It is about you. So pay some heat, give some attention to it. You see anything that mentions us that talks about us directly or indirectly? Do we pay attention to it?

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Do we a lot? You know, if there is a particular news story that covers an issue related to Muslims, what will happen? Everybody's going to be calling each other turn the TV on, turn the TV on, make sure you watch the news tonight. Right? Why? Because even though we're not mentioned directly, it mentions our people, Muslims, right. So anything that mentions us, we pay attention to it, it becomes important in our eyes, unless as the Quran mentions you

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fly turkey alone, will you not reason? Won't you pay any heed to it? Won't you give some attention to it? What are you doing? And this is a reality that each time you read the Quran, you reflect on its meanings. It feels like it's talking about you. It feels like this course is talking about your story. Right? I mean, people sometimes accused me that why do you mention us in class? I don't. I'm sorry. I don't know your story. This is Quran because Quran is about us about human beings. It's for our guidance. And many times it happens that you're reading the book of a lion you feel like it's talking about you. Welcome custom Nam in Korea tin cannot avoid the mutton or unchecked number the

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hell Coleman hurryin. And how many is city which was unjust have we shattered and produced after it another people and when its inhabitants perceived our punishment, and once they fled from it, some angel said do not flee, but return to where you were given luxury and to your homes, perhaps you will be questioned. This is the home that you are so attached to Why are you running away from it now? Just like on the Day of Judgment, a person will try to offer the entire Earth's bill of gold. Well, in this world, very little is asked of us. They said oh woe to us. Indeed we were wrongdoers, and that declaration of theirs did not cease until we made them as a harvest more down extinguished

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like fire. When a hot up on a summer Obama baina Humala, a bean, and we did not create the heaven and earth and that between them in play, had we intended to take a diversion had we intended to make something by which to amuse ourselves a toy, then we could have taken it from what is with us, meaning we would not have created you, if indeed we were to do so because Allah is above such weakness. Rather, we dash the truth upon falsehood, we hurl the truth upon falsehood, and it destroys it, and there upon it departs meaning and falsehood cannot remain anymore, and for you is destruction from that which you describe, when a woman for some OTL woman or in the Himalayas,

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duckbill una andreeva, that he will start soon, To Him belongs, whoever is in the heavens and the earth, and those near him are not prevented by arrogance from his worship, nor do they tire. Who are these, the angels? You sat behind a layer one layer two rune, they exalt Him night and day and they do not slack. And if we worship Allah in the day, we don't find the strength in our bodies to worship Him in the night. If we worship in the night, then we have to sleep all day, isn't it? Why? Because we don't find in ourselves that capacity. But the angels of Allah, what do they do? You set beehoon and Laila wanna lie you have to rune day and night without a break, without any pause? What

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are they doing? constantly worshiping a loss of hands.

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Hola Darla. So if at least we cannot worship Allah, then meaning all the time, then the minimum we can do is engage into the kind of Allah develop the habit of at least remembering Allah while we're standing, sitting, lying down cooking, walking, right? Sitting, whatever we are engaged in, at least develop the habit of this be use of behind the spear if not Salah at least glorification in words, praising Allah, I made the huddle earlier terminal of human Sharon, or have they taken for themselves Gods from the earth who resurrect the dead? Meaning can they? Can they resurrect the dead? No, they cannot? Who is it that can resurrect the dead? Only Allah? Had there been within the

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heavens and earth Gods besides Allah? They both would have been ruined? So Exalted is Allah, Lord of the Throne above what they describe any organization, if it has two bosses, what's going to happen to it? Are those two buses going to fight all the time? Too much? Right? What happens in a family where the husband says, I'm the boss, and the wife says, No, I'm the boss, then what happens? Are their power struggles and fights all the time? What happens in a school or in an institution where there would be two people in charge? Nothing would get decided, what happens to a person who has two bosses? Who is he meant to please? Right? So this world, also a massive universe? All right? If

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there were two gods, then how could this world possibly function? How could it it would be in total ruin by now it would be in total devastation.

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So the fact that this entire universe is functioning in perfect harmony, that you see, there's so many systems within this universe, right, so many laws and each is connected with the other working in complete total harmony with the other? What does that show that there is only one being above all of this, who is governing was managing the affairs have everything in it? And who is the only Allah? He is not questioned about what he does, but they will be questioned? No one can ask him but he can ask all or have they taken God's besides him say produce your proof. This Quran is the message for those with me, and the message of those before me, but most of them do not know the truth. So they

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are turning away. Meaning the message that this person has brought is not anything new. This has been there from the very beginning. And we sent not before you any messenger except that we revealed to him that there is no deity except me. So worship Me, and they said, The Most Merciful has taken a son Exalted is He rather they are but honored servants, they cannot proceed him in Word, meaning those who they associate as partners to Allah, those whom they call Allah, children, son, daughters, who are they in reality, they're Allah servants, honored servants, and they're so humble before Allah, that they don't even speak before him. They do not proceed him in Word. They listen to him,

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and they act by his command, meaning they do exactly what they have been instructed, and what is it show their total submission to Allah, their humility before Allah? So how could they be his partners? Yeah, Allah mama Bina ad him, he knows what is presently before them, and what will be after them and they cannot intercede except on behalf of one whom he approves, and they from fear of him are apprehensive, meaning the angels, the prophets of Allah, Who are they, they are humbled servants of Allah. And over here, especially about the angels that they are afraid of Allah, despite the fact that they praise and worship Allah all the time. Like we learned earlier, night and day,

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they're worshipping Allah, what do we learn here? Well, home Minh has Shia to him, which would be a cone. The fact is that when a person worships Allah, the way he should worship, then it increases him in humility and submission, not arrogance, and a sense of pride that yes, I have accomplished so much. No, it only increases him in submission to Allah. It only grows him in his fear of Allah subhanaw taala because he realizes that no matter what he has done, it is not enough. Allah is still too great. And he knows that while he has done something good, it will still be deficient, it will still have its deficiencies. And at the same time, he has also done many things that are wrong. So

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an honest sincere, true real servant of Allah remembers the reality of what he has done remembers his reality and remembers Allah's reality.

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This is why he is afraid of Allah when he appelman home, and whoever of them should say meaning if an angel even claims that indeed I am a god besides him besides Allah, that one, we would recompense with hell thus do be recompense the wrongdoers meaning this claim is unacceptable to Allah, that anyone should claim to be God. Anyone should claim to have divine power to have divine characteristics, divine qualities, this is something that is unacceptable to Allah. So can a person say that? Well, you know, there's so and so his status is so high near Allah, that they have the knowledge of the unseen. Can we say that? No, we cannot have those who disbelieved not considered

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that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, meaning once upon a time, the sky and the earth was not as you see it today, it was all one mess, what happened, then we separated them. And through separating the sky from the earth, the earth from the sky, we brought the earth into existence, the sky into existence. And if you think about it, life is about the splitting of things. Like for example, in our blood, what do we have blood cells, and what happens to those cells, they, they split, and as they split, new cells are formed, isn't that so? And B cells, they're not just in our blood, our flesh, everything. This is how life is splitting, splitting. And likewise, the sky and

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the earth were created in this way also. And we made from water, every living thing, meaning every living creature was made from water, so it has a certain percentage of liquid in it. And we know that every living creature is a certain percentage water, then will they not believe? Will they not believe the Lord Who did this? How can you deny him and we placed within the earth, firmly set mountains, lest it should shift with them. And we made their in mountain passes as roads naturally, that they might be guided, meaning the earth also Allah has made in such a perfect way that life is possible here. You know, the other planets, for example, that we do have some knowledge about, what

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do we learn? Life is impossible there. Why? Because Firstly, there's no water. And secondly, the conditions are not stable. Like for example, certain plans, they have storms all the time, all the time. Right. So the earth, Allah subhanaw taala has made it stable with mountains, and then through these mountains. I mean, it's not just mountains that are stabilizing the earth, and now they're a problem for us. Because sometimes what happens in a building, you have a pillar, and that pinner even though it's serving a purpose, it's a big inconvenience, like, for example, this pillar right here, or that filter right there, isn't it? So, the mountains are not like that inconvenient.

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Allah says that through them we have made passes as rules. So that you can be guided you can travel from one place to the other, meaning within the mountains, there are passages so you can go and we made the sky a protected ceiling, but they from its signs are turning away, they neither look to the sky, nor to the earth, they don't reflect well, who a lady caulerpa Laila Wanda was shumsa Welcome, colon, FIFA Kenya spoon, it is he who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon, all of these heavenly bodies in an orbit are swimming, each is moving on its course, each is doing its work without invading the space of another without invading the space of another, because like we see

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that around the Earth is a is that gravitational pull right? on this earth is gravity. And around each planet is something like that, which causes them to keep away from each other at a certain distance. Meaning even if one comes very close to the other, it will not collide with the other Why? Because there is a barrier, a hidden barrier. So coolant fever, leukemias, Baja, each is moving. Each is going on its course, but they don't collide with each other. And if you think about it, how old is this earth? And for all those 1000s and millions of years, there has been no accident. There hasn't been any accident. And those few times where Allah shows us by sending meteors, right broken

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stars, to chase the shell team, as we learned in the Quran. Those few times that Allah shows us, it teaches us that if this force did not exist, if this protective barrier did not exist, then how could you survive on earth? How would life be possible? What do we learn from this couldn't FIFA like Kenya spoon that each person should know what they're supposed to do? And they should do

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What they're required to do, and not interfere in the works of other people. let other people do what they have to do. And let's worry about what we have to do. If certain procedures have been set. Let's follow them.