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The host discusses the differences between signs before the Day of Judgment, including personal health, illness, and death, and emphasizes the importance of understanding guidelines and avoiding "will" and "will" words. They also discuss the impact of wealth on the world and the cultural differences between the western and Arabic-speaking countries. The transcript ends with a brief advertisement for a video about COVID-19 and a brief advertisement for a fitness program.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Bismillah Han Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. I mean, what? He was so happy to hear Jemaine Thank you for tuning in. And we are it's Friday night. So we're doing the signs before the day of judgment. If you remember last time, we were covering a lot of the guidelines on how to deal with the signs of further Day of Judgment, and misunderstandings and misconceptions. And we had one more of our LED high tech electronic boards to go through and we have it here today, we're going to look at the differences between the minor and major signs before the day of judgment. Now, as we go through the

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differences, these are generally the differences and I understand that there are some personality types where they just wait to find an exception to everything you say. So if you say this, actually, this happened one time, I was talking about how

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human beings die and the angels don't die. And then one guy came to me and he is like, angels die.

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Because on the Day of Judgment, the Angel of Death will take the souls of all the angels Habibi. And obviously everybody knows that. We mean they don't die, get sick and fall ill and die like we do, you know, they, they will all eventually die, but they don't die as humans and jinn die, you know, have an accident fall down the stairs, get sick. But there are people who always try to find the exception. And of course, today, you are welcome to try to find the exception to the rules that I have here. Because you're at home, and I won't hear about it. That's the good news. All right, so we'll move on.

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Just kidding. We'll move on to the first difference between the minor and major signs. As you see on our LED screen here, we have the minor signs in green, or the descriptions and the major in brown. Those just take the first one, the difference between the minor major signs, typically minor signs that are not out of the ordinary. Now, typically the for that person, you know, who I'm talking about, typically means not all the time, there are some exceptions. I'll give you examples here. And then the major signs are usually out of the ordinary, let's stick with the screen for a minute here. So let's say minor signs. They'll be the markets will be interconnect connected, that's nothing like

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paranormal or like, like out of the ordinary and that sense, markets being interconnected more women than men, you know, whatever it is, but occur in time, things like that. But there will be some things that are not ordinary from the minor signs before the day of judgment.

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Such as the Hadith that speaks about predatory animals, towards the end of time predatory animals will speak that's out of the ordinary, you know, or that I'm in man's whip will speak back to him, a man's thigh will inform him of what his family did in his in his absence. Yes, so some of the minor signs are out of the ordinary, but some of them are just, you know, the things that are happening in the world, you know, diseases this, this and that. They're all from that. They're not paranormal or out of the ordinary, but a few are, but the major signs By comparison, every single one of them is something that is just out of the ordinary completely, like the beast emerging from the earth. dujon

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does not like an easy normal thing where they come in and just kill everybody on the planet.

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The the general ledger is out of the ordinary, that is nothing normal about the digital, right? The landslide in the East in the West, that's something an activity that's not a regular activities out of the ordinary, the smoke, the fire, nothing, nothing, there is normal, whereas minor signs, like I said, markets are all interconnected. And you know, people will go to massage and riding on chariots or chairs or all these things is not out of the ordinary. Okay, so that's the first difference between minor and major signs. Number two

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minor signs, some of them have taken place, and some of them haven't, some of them are taking place. So minor signs can be broken into three categories. Number one, those that have already happened. Number two, those that are actually happening right now, all around us. For those who know what that means. Number three, those who have still still haven't taken place, an example of a minor sign that has not taken place, the emergence of the melody, and it's true some scholars thought the melody was one of the major signs but more correctly it is a mat is a minor sign. So the melody has not come out yet. Right. And if you know of a magic that's out then it's a fake muddy. So the muddy is one of

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the minus ones I have not taken place. Some are taking place. Let's take a look at Dubai and the

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or anywhere else in the Middle East where the construction of tall buildings is one of the signs. And some have already taken place in the past the pasilla mentioned. He said in one Hadith

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over the city of La camisa, count six things that will happen before the day of judgment. So these are now signs for the Day of Judgment. Then individual Selim began with the first one he said, Moti my death. So that one has already happened. So that's minus signs are broken into, those have already happened. Those are still happening around us. Those are those that are going to happen in the future. But the good news, the major signs, not a single one of them has taken place, not a single one of them has been placed. One more time, this is why it's so important to understand these guidelines. We said the major signs, not a single one of them has taken place. Whereas there's a

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very popular speaker and the English language. And he says, Yeah, jujin majority have already come out.

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They have not come out, they have not come out. And anyone who says that is severely mistaken, severely mistaken and you should not listen to them anymore because everything is messed up in their head. It's just a big jumble of things. Don't listen to such people. All right. So major, none of them have taken place. Let's move to the third one. The minor signs are not limited to any number. There are many if you count, one of the scholars counted over 400 minor signs before the day of judgment. If you look at the authentic, there's somewhere around the close to 140 130 something like that authentic without repetition. Okay, but the interesting thing is the minus signs can be

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repeated. Okay. I'm going to point number six let me let me leave it there not limited to any number. The major signs are 10 only anyone wants to add one more and make it 11 or retire one and take it away is out of their minds and it's only 10. Number four, let's stick with the board here.

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The minor signs they generally do not close the doors of Toba when one of the minor signs occurs you can still make Toba to Allah subhanaw taala. But the major signs some of them close the doors of Toba. Which ones just like quickly like this off the top of my head that the Jan when he comes out, the scholars say there's no you know, he closes the doors of Toba. Now, what does that mean? So

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they said, when the journal comes, anyone who like you can't hear that, oh, the john has come out. So stop alcohol, stop smoking and make Toba and start praying because of the judges out. Because the Hadith says the person who is already practicing and thinks is a man is strong, that the judge will make him this belief. So what about this guy who's just made Toba in the morning because he heard that the judge is out, you understand? So they're saying that the journal when he comes out wherever you are at that point, that's where you're going to remain. And not only that, some people will leave a man to go to cover because of the judge but because of the job, I believe it's reasonable

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will allow them that the job, the smoke when it comes out, there's no tobacco Why? Because as you inhale the smoke, and we will get to inshallah, it affects you based on who you are at that moment. If you're a believer, you just get like the runny nose and the sniffles. And if you're not a believer, then your face becomes black and your body becomes bloated. So how can you make Toba at that point, it already affects you as you are.

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Then they mentioned and of course, famously the sun rising from the west. Anyways, the major signs some of them they cannot make Toba after that, but the minor signs for the most part, you can make Toba off to any of them. We move on to the next one. Number five.

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We said minus signs they can deal with with things that are halal and haram prohibitions. They can deal with social issues like the numbers of women to men.

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And they don't even have to be halal and haram as we famously used the example of the construction of tall buildings. That's not halal or haram. It's not haram it's harder, right? Sometimes it refers to social issues. But

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it remember it can deal with these things. But the major signs they don't deal with any of that. You know, the beast has nothing to do with halal haram social issues, the smoke, the landslide from the east, the landslide from the west.

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You know, the the the journal union judge the return of ERISA is set up now we have one more the fire the great fire. So, clearly next point.

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The the minor signs can be repeated. I gave you the example last time. All right. Last time we said that

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the wealth of the

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Salim said that the day of judgment will not come yet thora Fie, come on man, until wealth becomes abundant amongst you. So some scholars said he's talking to the companions. Other said he's talking to the oma. But either way, we counted different times when wealth has increased in the past, and it will increase in the future. We said, during the reign of Omar mo hottub, wealth increased, during the reign of Omar Abdul Aziz wealth increased so much that they couldn't find any poor person in Africa to receive this account, then in the future, at the time of the MACD wealth will increase. And then after that, at the time of a sub pneumonia, wealth will increase. So this is one minor sign

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that will reoccur four different times. But now going back to our board here,

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the major signs only occur once and it says between brackets, thank god hamdulillah. Why? Because imagine,

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after the sun rises from the west, and that's a catastrophic event, right? Then happens again next year, or the smoke happens more than once, or there's more than one beast, or probably the worst one, that the German

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another the gel comes. So we needed a sub nummorum to come back and kill the first one who's gonna kill the second one, we just finished killing the gel, and then we get a new digital who's gonna take care of that guy. So it's a great blessing that the major signs only happened once.

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Number seven, the minor signs are not always on a global scale. But there are exceptions for that guy who loves to find exceptions. The mahadi, for example, is an exception, when he's a minor sign. But when the man he comes out,

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the proscenium said em Low Earth, he will fill the earth with justice. All right, that means the earth will feel his presence. But for the most part, the minor signs are not things that the whole world

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like it feels the impact of all right, but major signs are no joke. Major signs are for the most part, either directly or indirectly affect the whole world, either directly or indirectly. What am I saying that because we said there's a landslide in the east and a landslide in the West. But what about those living in the north? All right, okay. But it they will, it will impact the world. That's the point. Next point.

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Number eight, we said the, the minor signs can be very far apart. One of our earliest minor signs was the sending of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the death of the Prophet and look at how long ago 1400 years ago, that was the first minor sign before the day of judgment. And then after the major signs occur, there will still be minor signs, you know, the social issues, lying and people stealing and committing murder, that will happen even into the major signs. So the minor signs start from the sending of the prostate, lung, and they will continue until the Day of Judgment itself. Whereas the major signs, as you can see there from the font, they're all closer together, they're

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all close to get together. Now, we said the Hadith that mentions the difference, or between the major major between each major sign is 50 years.

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That Hadith is weak. And some people will try to calculate the okay it's 500 years from the mid to the you know, from the origin until the day of judgment, then if we can just guesstimate where how far we are from the origin, then we can guesstimate how far we are from the Day of Judgment never, ever, ever, you can never figure that out. But in general, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in an authentic editor does not mention years. But the problem he described he said that when the first sign happens now compare this to the major, the minor, the minor started 1400 years ago only continue until the last minute before the day of judgment. But the major NBC La Silla mentioned that

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when the first one happens, the next one will follow and they will come in rhythm. And then the possum gave us a visual, he said it's like when you have like a necklace or some something, some beads in a string. And then you cut that necklace or you cut that string, the beads will fall, but they're gonna fall in a rhythm. So I have some beads in a string. Okay, hanging upside down like this. When I let go, the bead will come out of the string and the first one will fall. And the second one will fall immediately. It's not gonna wait in a day and then fall. The next one falls in two minutes. Next one in seven minutes. It's gonna fall in rhythm. It's gonna they're gonna fall out

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Like that problem described that those are the major signs. Okay?

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So most likely what's going to happen is we've decided to, to every single day and Ramadan, do some of the because when we voted last time the majority of you wanted the minor signs. And a few said just skip to the major. And my point was Let's finish something before Ramadan, but then we got a better idea. What we're going to do inshallah is we're going to have a 30 minute,

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like lecture every day in Ramadan, and it will hopefully cover I think we're going to probably cover something like 96 of the minor signs, and then cover all the major signs until the

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day of judgment. So that's what's going to happen for today. I wanted to finish what's on the board's there and do one of the trials and this Okay, so you ready? Let's do this one. This is exciting. And I chose this one because

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you it's a perfect example of how you how it's essential to look at the whole the big picture, the timeline, otherwise it would sound like I'm talking about our times and the Coronavirus Alright, let's do it. Let's follow along. This is incident epidote Rahim Allah Abner Omar rodella han Hama narrated. We were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he spoke of the trials to come until he mentioned the trial of last okay the the narration or in in Arabic it says he mentioned the trials and spoke a lot about them until he mentioned the trial over Atlas. So he was asked by someone concerning the trial of an atlas fit net, an Atlas.

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So and he said it will be horrible, horrible. It will be flight and plunder. Okay, first of all, let's start with the name. So in this hadith and Nabi sallallahu wasallam mentioned three trials that will come and before the day of judgment so and in order to completely forget one of the rules we mentioned in order to completely understand where this all three of them fit in. You have to also be have knowledge of all the other narrations so you can place it perfectly otherwise, just pretend that someone's gonna say Coronavirus, this is findable, Alice, let's look at it. First of all, and there is also an item called the fitness class and Alice general hints is the plural of his. And

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what is his it's a cloth that they put on the back of the camel before they put the saddle on top of it. All right. So they put this cloth on the back of a camel. Then they put the saddle on top. So the column called the fitness LS. While asked why after, why is it named after this cloth that's on the back of the camel. Because

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the scholar said this at the hills, his molars in alcohol base, it is always there on the back of a camel. If you're looking at a camera that has a saddle on it, you know for sure there's a hill underneath that saddle. So it's always there. Look at how, how

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clever how intelligent these the naming is here. Because it's named after something that's always there. So that means it gives you the hint from its name, that it's a fitness that will always be there constant and steady. It's day one and duration and it's continued continuity. So we were sitting with the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam and he spoke of the trials to come until he mentioned the fitna the trial testimony of last we said plural of health because it's always continuous it will always be there its duration.

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So he was asked concerning this trial, someone asked him about it what is fitness loss and he said it will be flight and plant flight here not flying in the air but flight fleeing from one another and plunder her Robin. We'll have her up.

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so her up is people fleeing from one another. Now it's easy for someone to say oh, well, we're in a class right now. Because her up people are fleeing from one another and they're supposed to stay away from each other. But some scholars explained here that the the hot tub here is due to the the violence and the aggression from people, meaning people are so violent and aggressive and people there's so much killing that your best way to stay safe is to flee and distance yourself from other people.

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And then how the Hubble money will earn is people losing their wealth and their family members and

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Here we go COVID-19 people they're like There we go. First it's hooked up social distancing and then how the herbal manual URL you lose your fam your money and your family COVID-19 getting fired your your business

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can't keep a straight face your business you don't have enough money you have to shut down your restaurant so the horrible man here you go losing your wealth when you lose your family to the virus for you.

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Thank you so much for your brilliant brilliant observations and that's why this is such a good example of first of all slow down and then look at it within the context of the entire Hadith. because realistically you anything, many things can match any you can I can you know mention some something vague and you can say well it matches the Coronavirus or it matches aids or matches but yeah anything can match but it has to fit like a like a glove and if it doesn't fit

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you know he should do that

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then it says there will then be a test which is pleasant

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all Mashallah, look at that. Okay, I have to stop now. And I have to give a shout out to someone dear, who some fantastic This is brother Mustafa. How do you say

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to Jade, from Morocco, Marrakech.

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Kedah home, Stovall episodic coochie here say hello because I love as well on how it can be harder and harder to Bousada. This is you know, everyone knows our very dear and beloved brother Aziz from Eman Academy. This is actually his older brother from Marrakech, I had the honor and the pleasure to meet him when I went to Morocco and,

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or as the locals call of Marrakesh, so fantastic that he's actually watching duck McLaren and thank you everyone else who's watching and our condolences to everybody in Montreal who's watching anyways, so continuing since there there will then come a test which is pleasant. Yeah, because the test and there is also some fitness as a rock the fitness of a syrup

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and Namah Namah ality to suit rudeness and Norma ality to solidness so this is ease and luxury. Now, remember, the fit and a test is not always through difficulty and poverty. Sometimes a low will afflict or give people wealth and that becomes their test that becomes their test.

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So and it is also Lam said then there will come a test which is pleasant fitness Asara, but it's not completely good. It's murkiness will be due to the fact that it is from a man from the people of my house. So he is from the people of the family of the prophets of Allah Salah, meaning his lineage goes back to and Nabi sallallahu wasallam, who will assert that he belongs to me.

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Whereas he does not belong to me. What does that mean? first president said he is from my family. Now he's saying but I'm not because he's the alum. He's distancing himself from this person because of his because his lack of righteousness. That's why the Muslim then says, where he was, he does not for my friends are only the pious in Nima only. He takuan the righteous are the ones who were my my only close friends.

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So it starts because of a man from adult bait who's not righteous. And someone might say how can he be debated not righteous type. Have you heard of somebody called the Buddha? That was the uncle of the Prophet Allah? Was he righteous? No discussion over. Mahalo. Mahalo. All right. Bye. And then we've seen this again, we've seen it in the Koran with no Haile Salam. No, no. RSM asked Allah subhanaw taala about his son who drowned in the flood. He said, You told me my family will be saved. A lot of you tells him in who Lazar mean adhunik whereas his really his son, meaning what distance yourself less in Cameroon, virus Allah it is a is an N for his actions were not righteous might not

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So then, that was our second fitna, the first one was fitting it Alas, the second one fifth nut, a syrup. And then the problem says we're going to the third, then the people will unite under a man who will be chaotic in our

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A blue line, who will be like a hip bone on a rib? You probably thinking what does that mean hip bone on a rib? All it means in No. Yeah, Annie, that mazouz that it is not stable. That's all the visual you need. The rib is curved when you put something on it or a hip bone or it's gonna because it's curved, it will be rocking like that. So it's not stable. mazouz It's Rocky. Right? So then the people will unite that, then the fact that it says the people will unite. The scholars say it shows that the believers don't have an Amir at that point. So they unite under this man who will be like a hip bone on a rib that means he is not he does not have firm rule. And that's why the problem

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compared to him coworking other Villa

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then there will be and that my translation here says the little black trial but it's wrong. Then there will be fitting it do a map a do I'ma pipe. A do Hema Hina

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Da, da Dharma any soda. So that means black. But when you make this clear, the diminutive form? Yeah, just like we have, you know, whatever.

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Omar and a mirror or Kelvin cool a bit like that. So the hammer, do Hey, man, you would think it's smaller. But sometimes in Arabic, you use the diminutive form to show that it's big, not small that something is big. So here do haima doesn't mean little black trial. It means the big black trial. You can do that this later to show something that had the examples. There are the examples.

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Was brother Aziz. Where's our Arabic?

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Yeah, anyways.

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Yeah, so so we're saying the Hadith then says, then there will be fitness do haima the big black trial, not the small black trial? And if someone says fine, what's your proof that it's the big blood trial, not the small backdrop? Well, if we continue with the Hadith, you'll see that

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currently bisazza lamb

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left let's go ahead and minha illuma el la palma hula Mama.

00:27:32--> 00:27:49

What does that mean? The problem is saying it will not leave anyone from this open mic except that it will strike him. So is that does that sound like a little bug trial or a big blood trial if it will affect everyone in the oma? No doubt a big block Trump

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then in the bisazza lam said and when the people say that it's finished it will be extended every time people think is the you know the fitness is over. It's going to be extended.

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Every time they say hello says final handler died down it just you know comes up again. So the process then said during it a man will be a believer in the morning and a disbeliever in the evening, so that the people will be in two camps. A camp of a man which will contain no hypocrisy for Star two for starting a camp.

00:28:26--> 00:28:45

Stop that will contain no it will have a man and no hypocrisy and a facade of hypocrisy a camp of hypocrisy which will contain no he man then in the visa lottery, Selim says when that happens, expect that the judge that day or the next.

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You see why it's important to to finish the ad. Most commonly what's up video philebus Hello one the beginning Oh This was COVID-19 horrible. No herba Allah, Allah so how affinis

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when you finish it, now you see what's happening, right? So we've got fit into a class, followed by the fitna of Sarah, which is has some kind of luxury, whatever people are tested through that. And then it's caused by a man whose lineage goes back to the Prophet solo Salah, but he's not righteous, then people unite under a man but he will not have firm rule Calvary can Allah lilla then there will be fitness, do haoma that will affect everyone from the oma. And then he said when that happens, it will split people into two camps. A camp of a man that will have no hypocrisy known if UK and a camp of the Falcon not even half a minute no Eman And then he says when that happens expected the jail

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that day or the next that means

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especially this third fitna puts us right before the major signs before the day of judgment. Right now

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When that happens, by the way, someone might say that what about the math? The math is not mentioned here. expected the judge that day or the next day Monday comes before the judge by Yeah, Mama, when did the jump comes? Where's he going to be? Which camp?

00:30:15--> 00:30:21

The camp of he man with no hypocrisy, and that's one of the amazing things about the Phaeton. Right?

00:30:22--> 00:30:28

And fitten and in what they do is the the purify, right, they purify, that's why

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in Arabic usafe attend to the hub well filter, which means is when you get gold, and it's got other things in it and you know, impurities and other ores and what have you. So you put it over the fire, you put over the fire, and then that fire which is the test right will bring the pure gold from the other impurities, and it separates them like that. And the fitna does the same thing for the omen for the believers. Everyone is a great believer when the sun is out shining. But then when there's a test, you see who stands out, you see who's courageous, you see who has EMA and you see who has taqwa because of that fire that fitna that took the test. So what's beautiful about this last fitna

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here fitness to Hema is that it's gonna separate the oma into a camp of believers in a camp of hypocrites. So in that sense, when the Monday comes, he knows the camp of of believers now. And he's in the camp of believers for sure. And it doesn't have to worry about hypocrites and spies and what have you in their midst. And in a sense, then he also saw that the fitness serves a purpose that facilitates the work of the melody. The melody then for sure facilitates the work of a submarine when it comes down. People are already organized, they're already believers only. They're already in their, you know, their camps, their regiments, and soldiers, they're in their ranks. So each one

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serves a purpose. But we see that fitna to do Hema is very close to the the End of Times or The beginning of the major signs before the day of judgment.

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When you look at the Hadith like that, is there room now for this to be talking about the Coronavirus? I mean, and here's the thing.

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And I said this last time, we are dealing with the unknown. So no one can say Yes, for sure. And no one can say no, for sure. So what I'm saying now is actually

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one if someone says the Coronavirus is one of the signs before the day of judgment. So which are you referring to that describes it? Or you mean in general that there'll be many, much many diseases and illnesses? And that sense then, yeah. Coronavirus and AIDS also on cancer also. I'm Olivia. Annie, don't make it like it's just about that. Okay, that's one. Number two.

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could could it have something to do with fitness? Alas, I mean, there's some descriptions that match. Remember our rule, we have to match all the descriptions. But what we're trying to say is, you always have people who believe we're at the end of times, I mentioned to you a scholar from Al Andalus, who believe that the math is going to show up in his lifetime, this is hundreds of years ago. And he's to tell the students if I don't see him, you'll see him. So give him Sam from me. So whatever generation is on the earth, the fall into one of two categories, number one,

00:33:25--> 00:34:09

they believe every sign is going to happen to them. And they're in that time period where they will see the muddy and they will know that the gel is near and all that. And the second thing is for the second thing is they're completely certain that it will that it's far away. And what and that's what's so beautiful about the unseen is that you won't know anything. We said that there are certain catastrophic things, if they happened, they would change the world so much so that it will look just like that world where the gel emerges. And that can happen within five or 10 years. Right. But as far as how things are going, right now, we're not we don't look like the gel type world, or Maddie

00:34:09--> 00:34:50

type world, or halifa world or any of these civil war work, the description added, it doesn't look like it happening right now. Right? But one more time, I'm gonna repeat it for those who weren't listening. There's certain things that could happen. And within 10 years, it will look just like that, or within five years, it will look like that. And we mentioned some of the, you know, these catastrophic events that were mentioned, solar flare, which is very unlikely, you know, nuclear this or $1 collapsing, it will change the world and economies will collapse and after that the world will look just like the world. So the point is, nobody can say for sure. But

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

at least here we see these three fitten getting closer to the first of the major signs that that the right before the junk

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

Comes meaning he'll be very close when that happens, which means the Maddie will come as well, and we move on to that world right before the day of judgment. Anyways, that's it for tonight. I just wanted to do this one Hadith, but inshallah and Ramadan it will be every single day we'll do 30 minutes we'll do at least one or two or three of the signs before the day of judgment there should be some interesting stuff in Sharla so please make sure you join us for that some lahoma botica Mohamed Salah Heron for your attentive listening was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh