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Juz’ 15: Al-Isra’ – Al-Kahf 1-74
Al-Isra’ 15-43

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Whoever is guided is only guided for the benefit of his soul, and whoever is only Earth against it because no one will suffer in his place, and no bear of burdens will bear the burden of another. We cannot put the blame on anybody else on that day, right now what do we do when we're doing something wrong? We put the blame on the parents, and the husband and the children and the friends and the Society of the teachers on the on the boss, whoever it may be. We easily put the blame on other people freeing ourselves of responsibility. However, on that day, no one can carry our burden. And never would we punish until we sent a messenger a messenger who would tell people the difference

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between right and wrong. And when we intend to destroy a city, we command its effluent, but they defiantly disobey they're in. So the word comes into effect upon it, and we destroy it with complete destruction. And how many have we destroyed from the generations after Noor? And sufficient is your Lord concerning the sins of his servants as Acquainted and Seeing Kabir ombersley? Raw? Whoever should desire the immediate man can you read rajala immediate meaning he wants the reward for his efforts here, right now in this world. So whoever His goal is this world, Allah says, We hasten for him from it, what we will to whom we intend, meaning Yes, then he will get something of what he

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wants here in this world, he cannot have everything. He cannot have everything. And ultimately, we can try all we want, but the results that we get can only be those which Allah allows. There are so many people who work so hard to make money, but do they get very rich? No, they don't. There are so many people who work so hard to have their body in perfect condition, but do they get there? No, they don't, despite all their effort, right. So we will give to whom we want. But then we have made for him hell, which he will enter to burn censured and banished. Why? Because he never aim for the Acela. He never wanted reward in the afterlife. But whoever should desire the Hereafter, His goal is

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Jenna. He's passionate about the law, and he exerts the effort due to it. Meaning it's not just that he wants to go to Paradise he wants that Allah should be happy with him. No, he also puts in the effort. Just as if a person wants a particular degree, that he can't just go to the university and go speak to the registrar, please, please, please come on. I really want it. Come on just issue one for me. What's the big deal? All right, can it happen? You can beg all day, you can bribe them with money even you're not gonna get it. And if you do, it's going to be a crime.

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It's gonna be a crime, what is needed, you have to put the right amount of effort, the due effort is required. So likewise, for the home and Jenna, you have to exert the effort which is due to it. While he is a believer. It is those whose effort is ever appreciated by Allah. The one whose goal is Jenna. You know the prophets of Lawson when he was building the masjid with the Assad and mohideen

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and Mahajan had just left their homes their families in Makkah and now they're come to Medina. They had nothing they didn't know what the future held for them. And the prophets of Allah sent him as he's building the masjid with them, you say? aloha mala? Ayesha Illa.

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Allah there is no life except the life of the hereafter meaning this life. You don't call this life. I mean, this is no, it's got its problems. It's got its hardships. The real life of enjoyment is where in the hereafter because it's endless. Likewise, we learned that when he was digging the trench, when 10,000 people came outside of Medina in order to attack the Muslims, the prophets, Allah Lawson was digging the trench and again, he's saying Allahu Allah insha Allah elimination.

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So when we go through problems in life, that's just a reminder that look, this life is not worth striving for. This life is not worth placing all your hopes in. No, there's something more than this life. Don't aim for that which is temporary, which is barely in your hands, rather aim for that which is permanent, which is everlasting. Once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to a Buddha will do or know that oh Buddha, I do not wish to have gold or silver like mount or hood. Have you seen mount or

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have you seen it? Just go on Google Maps, all right, and type in or mount and you'll be amazed at how huge this is because it's not just a mountain. It's like a range. Okay, it's a very long series of mountains. The province of Assam said I do not wish to have gold or silver like mount or hurt, except that I should spend it in the way of Allah meaning if I were to get it, I want to spend it all in the way of Allah and the day I die. I do not wish to have from that even after

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He rocked with me to this very small amount. Meaning, I wouldn't like to keep even a little bit of it with me for this world. I would like to send all of it for wear. For my home in general, a Buddha said, Yasuo can call and confer is bigger than pirot. All right, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, No pilafs, I am talking about a hero, I want a hero, and you're talking about dunya, you want dunya that you were saying that I should have more? No, I don't want even this much to stop suggesting even accidentally that I should have more than a little bit. The Prophet sallallahu sallam, how much he desired the home of the Hereafter, which is why every day everything that he

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did, was focused towards a less pleasure, even when he at thanks to Allah, even when he wrote on a mount, he remembered Allah, He remembered a lot all the time, because this is the reality of the one who wants the home of the hereafter. And you see, the person who's passionate about gender that he can never rest. He can never ever think that okay, what I've learned is enough. And what I've done is enough, no. Have you ever seen a businessman? A person who's making a lot of money? Just sitting on his money?

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What happens? If one business is thriving?

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What do I do? I need to enter into another business. Another contract, isn't it? I mean, you see these agents who sell property, real estate agents, right? They're selling homes, and then what happens is starts selling prime property, and then they start selling bigger and bigger property and they move on, and then they have these other people working for them. The name is theirs, but other people are working for them. Why? Why is it that they're contented with what they have, because the person who wants money is never satisfied with little money, he wants to grow his money more and more and more, it's like an addiction. And the person who wants Jannah, then again, he's not

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satisfied with the little that he's made. You know, some people are business minded, other people are reminded, we need to see what am I to each category, we extend to these and to those meaning to the dunya seekers and the author of secrets Allah gives to both from the gift of your Lord, and never has the gift of your Lord been restricted. Look how we have favored in position, some of them over others. But the Hereafter is greater in degrees of difference and greater in distinction. We worry about the difference in ranks the difference in position status here in this world, and it hurts us that there's one person who's making 80 K and I'm making only 40 or 30, or something like

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that, right? Or you find out that so and so is making so much money and I'm making less than than what's our goal? What can I do to make more money, get another degree? Fine, I'll do it, isn't it because it bothers us we want to be the best of the best. Allah says that the ranks of the Hereafter, they are much bigger in difference much bigger. So that is what you should be worrying about. Now in the following verses, we are given certain commands about 15 commands. Let's see what we have to do in order to make a do Jenna lether on ma la Ilaha do not make us equal with Allah another day T and thereby become censured and forsaken. And your Lord has decreed that you do not

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worship except Allah except Him and to parents good treatment, because the best deed is to worship Allah alone. And to be good to parents, the prophets, Allah Lawson was asked what deeds are the best, he said to perform the daily prayers, at their times, to perform the prayers at their correct times. He was asked what next he said to be good and beautiful to one's parents. So first of all the HAC of Allah, worship Him alone. And secondly, being good to the parents. Whether one or both of them reach old age while with you, meaning either your mother or your father, say not to them as much as

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Don't even say the smallest word of irritation to them than what about big words.

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A loud voice

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coming in, you know, in sentences one string of sentence after the other, you know, expressing frustration and anger towards parents. Allah says don't even say Oh,

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then can we say to our mother, what's your problem? Can we say that? That's worse than if

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Can we say to our mothers Leave me alone? That's worse than if it's worse. Okay. And do not repel them, but speak to them a normal word. You see what's mentioned over here we'll call lahoma. Colin Karima. Your Honor is in your hand. The way you

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Speak to the other is the way they will speak to you.

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If you want your mother to speak nicely to you just fix how he was speak to her simple because it is not possible that one person is yelling, and the other is, you know, talking normally, except that the first person will also lower their voice. They will lower their voice. So if you want to change other people's behavior towards you, first of all modify your behavior. And after all that is all that we have control over. Isn't that so? We don't have control over the behavior of other people, but we can control ourselves and remember we are answerable to ourselves. We will not be asked why your mother yelled at you. But we will be asked why did you yell at her? You understand? We will not

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be asked why your mother was rude to you. We will be asked why you were rude to her. Each person is going to be asked about their deeds. So we need to be concerned about what we can do. speak to them a noble word and lower to them the wing of humility out of a mercy, meaning show mercy to your parents, especially when they reached old age as they're aging. show mercy to them. Be kind to them and say Rob Burnham, Houma, Kamara, banasura Oh, my Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up when I was small. Make the offer your parents Allah is teaching us to make dua for our parents, and the person who does not make the offer his parents he is truly learned. He is truly unjust, that the

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parents have done so much so much for the children physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, so much they have done for their children and this child, now that she's independent and married, she doesn't even make Dorf for her parents once a day. Really? Think about it, could we be what we are today if it wasn't for the efforts of our parents, no matter how they are? Did they not care about our education, about our health, about our clothing they spent on us right, we were a major part of their life their concern. So at least make the offer them whether they're alive or they have passed away. This should be in our daily drawers, Rob Burnham who may come out of biani salon making

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the offer our parents every day, this should be a part of our daily habit. set some routine for yourself. Like for example, my mother, what she had done was that she had this dog in her most Huff.

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In her most health I got at the front of it, or the back of it. I don't know which side but she had it on one side of it. Why? Because every time she'd open it to recycle, she would be able to make the offer her father who had passed away. So this is something that we can also do, you know, for example, after your Salah, or because this is an idea of the Quran, so you can exactly recite it in your Judo record. But you can definitely say it as Allahumma or Bahama commando by any Selena, right or don't recite it as put on, make it as a DA right. And you could do it after Salah you could write it down somewhere beautifully. And when your mother will see it, she'll also be happy with you,

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have been hemangioma come out of band II, silly at all.

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You see parents are

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most in need of our doors. You know, if you're trying to financially help your parents, they don't need that help. Many times they'll say we don't want it.

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Even when you try to cook for her, she'll say I cook better than you, isn't it? It happens. So then you wonder what can I do? I want to make their life easy. What can I do make?

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That is what they need most when they're alive. And when they have passed away. Because what they need is Allah's mercy. That is what they're most in need of as they're aging as they're struggling through health issues as they're struggling through their problems in their life. You can't do much to solve their problems you cannot. And for us, perhaps those problems might not even seem as real problems.

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You know, for example, financial responsibility, this itself is such a huge burden.

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I mean, really, when you think about your father, think about how hard he works, how hard he works, making money and spending all our most of it. Just provide for the family, just to provide for the family. And what's his concern. He wants to make more money to make your life easier for you. So can you pay him back? What can you do? A little bit hum Houma, Kamara. banasura your Lord is most knowing of what is within yourselves. Meaning he knows what you go through, or children. When you're dealing with your parents. There are times when you try so hard to please them and they never get happy. Allah knows

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What is in your heart? If you should be righteous in intention, then indeed he is ever to the oft returning forgiving. Allah knows the state of our heart, that why are we respectful towards our parents? What's the main reason? Why is it that we are obedient to them? Is it so that we can impress the people who around us? Oh, she's so obedient to her mother, she's so good to her mother? Or is it to get a big portion of their money? What's the real intention? Allah knows, if it's not for Allah, then this effort is a waste. It's a waste. And if it's for Allah, and despite your best efforts, they never become happy. Then again, you are safe.

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So when we are good to our parents, what should the intention be, I'm doing this for Allah because Allah has ordered me This is why I'm not going to be rude to my mother. Allah has ordered me This is why I have to be good towards my father. I'm doing this in obedience to Allah. And when you're doing it in obedience to Allah, then what will happen regardless of whether your parents are good, happy or not, you are safe, and at the same time, just keep seeking forgiveness from Allah.

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In a Hadees, we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he once passed by the loving obey. Remember, the loving obey? Who was he? The hypocrite, right. And the prophets of the lesson when he passed by, are the little bit of a said something very vulgar, very rude. And his son, whose name was also the lender shows the arrogance of this man, right that he gives it his name to his son, anyway, even though there's nothing wrong with the name, but it just shows you about the person. Right? It just shows you about the person that he's so proud of himself that he gives the exact same name that he has to his son. So anyway, his son Abdullah, he was a sincere believer. And when he heard that his

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father had said something so rude and vulgar, to the prophets of Allah sent him he went to the prophets of Allah sent him and said, by the one who has honored you and revealed the Book on you, if you wish, I will bring my father's head to you. This is something really serious, but this shows how angry this person was. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said,

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No, we're lacking, but be good to your father. Go and be good to your father. What does this teach us that even if the parents are sinful, they are doing something that's clearly wrong home.

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Even if they're not Muslim, still, what is our responsibility as children, be good to parents regardless of how they are and who they are, as long as they're living? And we are living, we have to be good to them. The prophets, a lot of them, once a man came to him, and he said that I want to do digital Yasuda love, I want to give back to you and I've left my parents weeping. And the profits or loss have said go back and make them laugh as you make them weep.

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Meaning when a person has made his or her parents cry,

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then they have to do something to make their parents happy and pleased.

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They have to do something to bring a smile on the face of their parents. And the disobedient child the prophets of Allah Islam said Allah will not admit in Paradise, nor look at this person on the Day of Judgment, who the one who is disobedient to his parents. So this is something very serious, and give to the relative his right and also the poor and the traveler, and do not spend waste for the meaning be good to the entire society, not just your parents, not just your family, but be concerned about the entire society, but do not spend wastefully why because indeed the waste for our brothers of the devils and ever has Satan been to his Lord ungrateful. What is the

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truth about the love aren't who said, that's the mobis Vereen are those who spend in wrong avenues? Wrong avenues how, by spending where a person should not spend, or spending more than what one should spend in a certain cause.

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So firstly, to spend where he should not be spending and secondly spend more than what is needed more than what is necessary. These are both forms of the V.

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And this is something serious because Allah says such people are the brothers of the devil. Those who waste their money when we get money we think we can spend it we can waste it like water. You know, just just just spend it freely, freely, without any worry and concern but this is something that's not right. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the feet of the son of Adam shall not move from before his Lord on the Day of Judgment until he is asked about five

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things in life those five things is his wealth and how he earned it and how he spent it. How he earned his money and how he spent his money. And wasting money is something that's disliked by Allah. The prophets of Allah said him said, Allah has hated for you three things. Can you recall? He said, she said, and secondly, wasting money. And thirdly, asking too many unnecessary questions or asking others for something excessively meaning begging people asking them all the time. Can you do me a favor? Can you do me a favor? Can you do this? For me? This is something that Allah does not like for his servants. So wasting money when it comes to buying clothes, when it comes to buying

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food, shopping, all of that we need to be careful. Is it really worth it?

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You know, yesterday, somebody was telling me that, you know, the glasses, so this nose resting? Right? She said that one of them broke off, she lost it. So she went to this optician right? And she asked if she could get a new set. And they said it's gonna cost $20. And she's like, I've had it done before. I don't think it's $20. So she got a little upset, and she left. And she went to another store. And they said, it's gonna cost $3 $3. Okay, now, I was thinking when she was telling me I left I was like, You know what? I'd rather value my time and spend $20. But then when I noticed the significant difference, this would be a waste, isn't it? It's a waste. And when you're wasting

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money, you're helping the cause of shape on your like a brother to shape on. Why? Because this man is lying, when he's saying that it's $20 when it's not worth $20. Right? So this culture of lying and abusing other people and taking from them, what is their right, this is promoting the cause of shame pawn. So we might think that, oh, I have a lot of money, I can spend it No. But when you're wasting money on things that are unnecessary, you're promoting the cause of chiffon. And if you must turn away from the needy, awaiting mercy from your Lord, which you expect, then speak to them a gentle word, and do not make your hand as chained to your neck, or extended completely and thereby

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become blamed and insolvent. Meaning be moderate when you spend, do not exceed these limits. Don't be extravagant, and don't be stingy. Because if you do that, then what will happen, you will be criticized by people and you will criticize yourself also. Because when you will waste all your money, you'll be unable to look after your needs. The profits are lost. And I'm sad that everyday two angels come down from heaven and one of them says Oh Allah, compensate every person who spends in your cause. And the other angel says, Oh Allah destroy every miser. This is a daily draw that these two angels make a lot destroy every stingy person, selfish person. Indeed, your Lord extends

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provision for whom He wills and restricts it. Indeed, he is ever concerning His servants Acquainted and Seeing and do not kill your children for fear of poverty, we provide for them and for you, indeed, they're killing is ever a great sin, which means that children should not be killed before they're born. And even after they're born. One of the problems Xena and do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse don't even go near it. So any door that leads to Xena don't even open that door. Don't even open that door don't even go in that direction. What are the doors of Xena? What are the ways the paths that lead to Xena? The prophets are the laws that said that Allah has fixed the very

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portion of fornication which a man will indulge in, there would be no escape from it. The adultery of the eye is the lustful look. So the fornication of the iron in the eye also commits fornication, how? lustful look? So we should be concerned about what we're looking at careful about what we are staring at, Is it lawful to look at somebody's body which should be covered, but they haven't covered it. We shouldn't be staring at it. Again and again looking at it. No, that would be Xena of the eyes. Because you see, it takes modesty and shyness away from a person looking at home. Likewise, whether it's on the television or in a magazine, by the cash registering, it happens. So

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instead of staring at the magazines and looking, no look away, look at something else. guard your eyes, because the Zen of the eyes is lustful look, and the adultery of the ears is listening to such words and estima listening to words or speech or talk that is indecent.

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That is indecent, whether it comes in the form of conversation on TV, or it comes in the form of conversation in in a book or it comes in the form of some article or it comes in the form of listening to other people's private conversations, whatever it may be. Don't listen to it. So

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Songs even, right? Because in that, I don't know. It's amazing how vulgar it can be, how vulgar it can be. that these were things that were not even spoken of just 20 years ago. And now. It's like it's standard.

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It's standard.

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Recently, I was at the park with my kids and I saw these little girls are lucky. I think they were like nine or 10 years old. Girls, constantly talking about boys, boys, boys, girlfriend, boyfriend, girlfriend, boyfriend. He's not going to date me because I'm Brown and his parents at home like I don't want to listen to your conversations. But you're really loud. Any It's amazing. such little girls are talking about this. I don't know. I guess I've been out of the loop. So I was very disturbing for me very disturbing to hear those conversations even. But this is what happens. Anyway, the Hardee's continues the adultery of the tongue is such speech for her speech. And the

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adultery of the hand is the lustful grip,

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the grip the touch, touching what is unlawful touching, for example, a non Muslim man holding his hand. And then the adultery of the feet is to walk to the place where he intends to commit adultery and the heart yearns and desires, which he may or may not put into effect, meaning now he's come so close to it, you might end up doing how long and this is what happens. It starts from little things. One door opens another door, which opens another door which opens another door. You remember the wife of ours is sort of abusive, to her locker till

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she closed all the doors because she came in many doors to hide that act. Right? And every door she tried to close.

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So remember, these are all doors avenues to Xena which we need to be careful about. And do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden except by right and whoever is killed unjustly, we have given his heir authority, but let him not exceed limits in the matter of taking life. Indeed, he has been supported by the law and do not approach the property of an orphan except in the way that is best until he reaches maturity and fulfill every commitment. Indeed, the commitment is ever that about which one will be questioned. In the law, cannabis Ayoola people will be questioned about the promises that they made and give full measure when you measure and weigh with an even balance. That

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is the best way and best in result, and do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing the sight and the heart about all those one will be questioned. A lot will ask us about what we heard, what we said what we thought. What we looked at a local question is about our faculties, what use did we make of them? So do not pass on what you've heard without confirmation. Just because we have heard something doesn't mean we should pass it on. And anything that we pursue anything that we claim, anything we pass on. Remember, the ear will be question Did you hear it? As the ear did not hear? And the mouth is making it up?

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Then who's guilty? We are guilty. The eyes will be asked Did you see and the heart will be asked Did you know?

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And this is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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good news for the one who guards his tongue.

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Good news for the one who guards his tongue because of the tongue is safe and the whole body is safe, isn't it? And if the tongue is let loose, then what will happen? A person is not safe, the profits or loss and I'm also set the laser Shea aminal. Just study in La Jolla school. Robin Listen, there is nothing in the body except that it complains about the tongue.

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That you're going to get us into trouble.

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Every part of the body, your hand, your feet, they dread the tongue that this tongue is going to make us suffer. It's going to get us into trouble.

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The profits or losses I'm used to make da aloha mama tyranny beset Marie well but sorry, what's your Aloo malware is a mini one so Niala mails limani will hoodman will be Saturday. What the first part of this there are a lot of benefit me with my hearing and my vision benefit me through these faculties not that I am getting ruined because of them and do not walk upon the earth exultantly. Indeed you will never tear the earth apart and you will never reach the mountains in height. Allah dislikes arrogant walk, colada, Alec all that it's evil is ever in the sight of your Lord detest it. So when Allah does it, leave it if you want to become the beloved servant of Allah. That is from

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what your Lord has revealed to you a prophet of wisdom and all mankind. Do not make us equals with Allah another day at lest you be thrown into hell blamed and banished then has your Lord show

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In you for having sons and taken from among the angel's daughters indeed you say a great saying, because when she came back I used to say that the angels are a lost daughters. And when they would have a daughter themselves they would get very angry. So I think what what is this you are ascribing daughters to me and you like sons for yourself. This doesn't mean that sons should be ascribed to Allah. Allah has no child at all. And We have certainly diversified the contents in this Koran that mankind may be reminded, but it does not increase the disbelievers except in a version say if there had been with him other gods as they say, then they each would have sucked the Owner of the Throne

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away. Meaning they wouldn't stay here they would fight for the highest position. Exalted is He and high above what they say by great sublimity.