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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Nina vino Have you been a Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Sallim Ahmedabad. Yo

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fellas Asha machete Raja Alfa Romeo hum sitting around and more fugly

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comes to come situation in the machete in air, alpha and

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arbitrable Schroon de la ciudad es and if you haven't Kitab Mobarak tabula has the jealous of Allah subhanho wa Taala anybody can see now a few minutes are level one you can fill in the lat with a little more leafy of other digital

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As you know, we are focusing more on McCarthy's Allah subhanaw taala show mercy upon him, reward him for what he has done for the ummah of Islam. So alhamdulillah last time we were done with the first and the most important surah in the book of Allah subhanaw taala which was Surah to elevate.

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And today in sha Allah will be the first session for this longest surah in the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. And the surah is the

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is the longest Surah as we said, and it has everything, everything everything. As I told you last time some of our scholars they call it a quality Sharia faculty of Sharia because in the Faculty of Sharia This is where you study almost everything in Medina in the past I don't know now, that in the past is only faculty that has almost everything.

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what they study in the Faculty of Hadith, you study what they study in the language Akita in Tobia in many other places you have. And you have so many things also which are very beneficial important which you don't study them except in that faculty. So when they say faculty of Sharia, they are referring to

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the surah talking about almost everything, as I said, almost everything. So we're going to be dealing with iman yet, we're going to be dealing with

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issues of Aqeedah issues of EVA Mala issues of whatever your o'clock Manas.

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And how to deal with people and how to live with others also. So this is certain Bacara and the name given to the Surah Surah Al Baqarah. Because of the story of the cow, according to an Israeli,

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they will reach that place. And also, naming a surah doesn't necessarily means that the theme, and the topic is going to be all about the surah Ali. No it is not like that. So it'll Bukhara how many times Allah subhanaw taala talk about the Baqarah Pauline, two pages? Yeah, only two pages. And the surah has around 4939 or 49 pages, right only two pages Baccharis mentioned

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that the surah is called Subroto Al Baqarah. So that's why those who said we shouldn't call it chapter chapter, they will write in this regard because if you name it as a chapter, because usually a chapter in the thesis, it has a focus. Yeah. And then the sort of the book of Allah subhanaw taala there is no one

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you might find a surah talking about Bukhara and talking about other matters also. Yeah, not necessarily related to that the story of the of the Bukhara

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam authentic hadith he mentioned that certain Bacara will come on the Day of Judgment, you know, leading sort of Baccarat, and algebra, it will come lead in those people who memorize it and put it into practice and an action this is one of the virtues of this surah and in this surah also you have the greatest ayah in the book of Allah subhanaw taala, I have to call C.

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And also the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the last ayat in this surah are given to the profit and loss of money he went to so that well will Mirage

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and also also, let's assume I set a shape on runs away from the house where sort of tobacco has been recited.

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Chapin cannot stay in house where the sorts of baccarat has been recited when you say so, to Bukhara it goes away from that place. And if you read it completely, you resort to Bukhara completely in your house Eliezer Gela ship and cannot be able to come into your house for three days

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or three days. However, all of these things when you hear about them, you should make sure that you have to provide a conducive environment for them to be active. Yeah, otherwise you will be doing something which is supposed to bring you

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the blessings of Allah Muhammad

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celibate, you are depriving the blessing from entering the place. Right? You have images, you have things which are

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distracting you from coming to, I'm sorry, distracting the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala from entering the place, you might lose

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a good idea angels are there to stop the devils in the shotgun from approaching you. So you have to give them a chance to come into the place also, if your house is full of pictures and images, yeah, you might say, yeah, it's a freedom or any subsequent asset and taking pictures is okay. But don't forget, we have another topic, which is where to keep them if you take it even if you have to take that opinion, which is okay, but where to keep the keep them at home, and jewels will not come to the place. So you're losing. You're losing Rasulullah sallallahu Surma Jabril refused to come to his house when there was an image on the curtain. Because we have to be very careful. You know, you have

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a lot of nightmares. And you chase away the angel of mercy from entering your own territory. Yeah, I read articles you read the article see, but we have the angel comes to protect us by the permission of Allah smart and his command, but they don't have access to them to the house. Good idea. So that's why maybe sometimes you do the adequacy, but you still see nightmares.

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Having co obese in your sleep, you're not supposed to have them

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but you don't let the the protection to have access to place.

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So that's your fault. So we have to be very, very careful, but this is very Greatsword you know, that the person should really take care of

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so let's allow some acid a bottle or lettuce.

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You in some of the narration he says Al Baqarah letters that he also wrote in Bukhara, Alberta, he is referring to the Sahara. The Magician.

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They try they try they try they cannot do anything with Surah Al Baqarah what does that mean? It means if you read it be the light Allah anything that they send to you.

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It cannot be the law.

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So, this is the Quran you know Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said to one Khurana

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Shafi only Ali Quran is going to be Shafi on the day of judgment for those people who who read it and also Allah smarters is what is known as the Lumina Quran, the man who she found Warahmatullah meaning in this dunya it is she felt for you. And in the ACA also it will intercede for you when you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala

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there are so many Hadith mentioned, you know, by the scholars to emphasize on the importance of Surah Al Baqarah many of them are weak narration so that's why I skipped

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most of them except those that I just quoted to you in in manner.

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Again, I have here a lot mentioned by empathy, but many of them are weak regions.

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So this surah is Madonia but the near means

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it was given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after he migrated to

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to make to Medina get it well Bukhara Jimmy Mohammed Ania Bella Kayla even cathedra says Jimmy Mohammed Ania Bella Kala, for him in our iman is, is one of the earliest thing that was given to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I can recall who to Allah with Taku yeomen to geography law your call after a man is an amino Quran where Tamil and takuna

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minha okay Delica itu arriba mean accurate,

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man as you can call it, Danny somebody Baqarah Quran, Allah, Masha, Allah, Allah, Allah have a wealth mo

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so certain Bukhara is one of the earliest thing given to rasool Allah, He said, Allahu alayhi wa sallam,

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one of the earliest in the prophets, Allah sama God and this is very clear. Right? Because Ursula salatu salam, he came to Medina, right. in Makkah, everything is clear.

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Everything is clear. Why is it clear because you are living with

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to two entities. Muslim or non Muslim?

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No, Norman Afric? No, nobody in between. either. You're with these ones. Are you with those ones? No one African only fat in

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my car because who is the strongest America in terms of power?

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Cobalt. Yeah, you're talking you could easily be, you know, finished. So that's what last Mahanta advise them to, to be patient and not to, to resist resistance in terms of replying back in the same way

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either Confira doing to them. This is Khalil Medina Amanu. El Faro Lillian Elia, Juna en Allah is a common American. Like Cebu, Allah told the believers to be patient in Morocco, they cannot fight anyone. Simply because they are the minority. If they are to fight, they could be easily

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destroy destroyed completely

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good idea. So a market that was normally fog because you have either you are with the Muslims or you're with the Kufa, you cannot be in between here you're not here you know. However when the prophets Allah Sama, rich Medina, Musa, Abraham I did an excellent job was having read was the first to be sent by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in the first alcova to go and educate the people of Medina when they came, and Subhan Allah, this is when the colluvial is Safiyah and people are using that Phaedra the moment rustlers, Allah Azza spoke to them, they said, Oh, this is exactly the one that they hold used to threaten us with.

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Because they used to tell them Shala we're going to see this in the future. They used to tell them that

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we are about to receive a Prophet from Allah subhanahu Allah Who will be the last prophet, and we're going to cooperate with him to kill you just like the way Allah destroyed. Odd what your

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is to tell the answer. This Yeah, you defeated us now in the battle. Don't worry. A prophet is about to arrive and we're going to cooperate and fight you with him. So when Rasulullah sama came, and he talked to those anzar that met him for the first time around 12 of them, they say Oh, this is the one that they would use to threaten us with. So let us just quickly accept accept him before that.

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He accepted as well as Allah sama sincerely, And subhanAllah they were so happy with that. They went back to Medina, they started inviting people to Islam and sola, sola sama sent Musa even or male to go and teach them Islam and he did an excellent job. They said after the acaba Afonya, which which took place one year later, because Italica Vania took place and then three months later the hero of the prophets Allah sama happened.

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So when the acaba fernea took place one year later they said there was no house in Medina except that Islam is inside there. Every house you find in Medina that there must be a Muslim inside that. So Allah so most likely we're heading towards being the vast majority in the in Medina right because every house has

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to that also the Mahajan that are coming from Mecca to Medina

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and then the prophets Allah so my left Makoto Medina after the permission of Allah subhanho wa taala. So now in Medina Rasul Allah Soma is faced by a very complicated environment, very complicated environment.

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Why is it complicated? Because you have Muslims Mohandro and Elsa

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and you have kofod from the Arabs kuffaar kofod po Kapha

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right the one who is not hiding his cover everyone knows that he is caffeine he also tells people his caffeine right. And you have your hood

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the most problematic one

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three tribes also not just one group but three places you know, caught unaware and kureta

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and you have on top of all

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that whenever you can, they are the most dangerous one. Because you heard you already know this is your hood. Caffeine you already know this is a caffeine, Muslims are your brothers, whether they're from this or that from that good idea and also the answer. They were divided into two you have outs you have the hazards and they will fight each other for 120 years.

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Yeah, I just want you to understand how complicated was that environment when was the last marriage

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and that those narratives are here remaining families have them when the prophecy last summer reached them.

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So you have them unethical? Who said they were with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we'll talk about them inshallah.

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So Rasul Allah is Allah Allah is in need of a clear knowledge and guidance from Allah, on how to live with each and every one of these entities.

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That's why I said yes, this statement that certain Bukhara is the earliest one of the earliest thing that allows him or her to give Rasulullah sallallahu some after the hijab? That's correct. Because he needs to know how to live with this one how to live in such an environment in Makkah, you don't need any explanation because you know who is this and who you are, and who is the other one. But in Medina, it is not like that. So that's why I sort of Bukhara came in detail and talk to the profit and loss on the first the very beginning of it about each one of these categories.

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And good idea, the last category, I mean, the hood category, they will

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We'll take the vast majority of dimensions

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because we need them to be in the picture. And they used to be the reference for the Arabs, whether somebody is right or wrong, if that person is relating himself to the,

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to the summit

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the LMCC send people to the Jew to ask them about whether Rasul Allah sama saying the truth or not.

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So, even a cathedra mentioned, so, this, this is sort of Bukhara, almost everything every part of it is given to the Prophet Allah. So, when he might after he migrated to to Medina, and it was given to him gradually like any other part of the Quran, slowly slowly and gradually until the end then of it

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to good idea. And you can see the last idea was put together Yeoman to their own de la das means Allah will give and then stop and then go to other schools and then sometimes give and then tell the promises and put it there, as well as well as the last summer when he received the Quran will tell the scribes This is should be written in Surah Swanstone. So between is one, so, put it like that, we learn from this that the arrangement and the order of the ayat was done by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Laborat It was done by Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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Yeah, but not necessarily the surah is given to him as a whole, you know, because this is all your material gonna be in Allah is the ayah number 281. Yeah, the whole surah is at 286. Right? And this one, the last one. And you know, it was given to the Prophets Allah server after the Hadith.

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After had

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some scholars said IR to Reba, they're all They're both on the same page. Yeah, that's why the best to the best opinion is one that says this. What

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Allah however, we can combine both right because all of the ayat are on the same page. So we will say yeah, Jabril came to the Prophet Allah sama with the whole page. So he started reading from Alladhina, hakuna Riba, and he ended the recitation with what we open. So the one who says the last thing given to Rasulullah sallallahu Takayama, he was right because the last iron recited by debris to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has Quran is what a human however in that city Rasul Allah sama did not just come. So Jabril did not just come with what we Yeoman, he came with the whole page. So he started with Alladhina, he could already well, those who said Alladhina coluna, Reba is Alas, if

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they are referring to the first thing Gibreel started reading to him when he came to give him the last y in terms of Quran, you get an idea in terms of Quran because he still come to the prophets, Allah Azza Quran did not come after those verses.

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So in sha Allah, we will be going through this surah and I hope you guys will be patient, you know,

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we have a very nice company, you Allah, that is no nothing in this dunya that is greater and sweeter than the Quran to be your friends in your company, especially when it comes to the Tafseer so that patients, don't miss a class.

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Come on time. Don't be like me just come on time and revise whatever you have learned when you are in the place

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in sha Allah, but don't miss a single class and be very serious in your learning process. This is your referrer in this dunya and also in the accurate you have nothing greater than this. Yeah, especially this time of ours. Too much distraction, you know, the best moment or these type of moments in sha Allah. So in this surah

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Sybil cathedra mentioned.

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He says Allah subhanaw taala the first part of it, he talks about the believers in about four ayat

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and he talks about the Kufa in about two weeks.

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You know, and he talks about the moon African in 13

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years he How dangerous are these entities here?

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So we'll talk about who is in Africa and when that that happened, and why inshallah we'll reach that place at a time even like, which Allah so Allah Azza wa Jalla Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Elif Lam me Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, we've already talked about that. Right? It will be with us

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for almost 118 times, right, we already finished the Bukhara one, because we have how many Bismillah? We have

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114 the whole 113 Yeah, we've already done with two al Fatiha that. We have that in left, right although two Toba doesn't have but we have in Surah two in them. Li Yeah, not in the same sense, but Bismillah R Rahman.

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Good idea. Bismillah. All right. So we don't need to go back to to it. So let's assume I said no.

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II anything that is important which he then started with Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, it will be McDole Baraka, the baraka will be removed from from it.

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Or Allah azza wa jal Alif Lam mean, Valley Kalki tabula I feel hood a little more tepee. Elif la me, I live Alif Lam in this is what is known in the karats and

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discipline and the signs of Tajweed as rueful. micarta horrified Macapa you have a lot of them, I mean, hammy, Melissa Nimra names are, you know, many, many, many, how many have solid ERC known?

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So you have so many approaches by the scholars whether we know the meaning or we don't know the meaning. Yeah, the first approach is the one that says we know, we don't know the meaning and this is the best approach actually.

00:20:58--> 00:21:08

Some of them mentioned that the meaning is known to us and they try to give a lot of meaning, you know? Yeah, see, it means here in southern

00:21:10--> 00:21:14

Baja, one of the names of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And

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however, the best opinion concerning this, this rule from Macaca, all of them is that nobody knows the name. Nobody knows the meaning. Nobody knows the meaning except ALLAH, herbal alchemy. So when you talk about them, you say Allahu Allah be Marathi. hibi dyadic Allah subhanaw taala is the only one who knows.

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And this is good actually to go with this.

00:21:43--> 00:21:59

Opinion. Yeah, it supports the miraculous nature of the book of Allah subhanaw taala. Because every prophet that came to, to his people, they brought a miracle. And we talk about this in sha Allah. And the greatest miracle given to regularise Allah sama is the is the Quran.

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You get it, he has so many other miracles a lot, a lot a lot. But the biggest miracle he has is the miracle of the Quran.

00:22:08--> 00:22:16

is what makes Quran miraculous. Because it's something that you cannot imitate it. You cannot imitate it cannot be imitated.

00:22:17--> 00:22:26

You just have to look at it. The construction of the words the fossa, you know that exists in the book of Allah smarter is beyond human capacity.

00:22:27--> 00:22:33

You Allah, it beyond human ability. Those experts have the language they lost.

00:22:35--> 00:22:50

The challenge they couldn't meet it and why they couldn't meet it because they can't. Yeah, this is Colombo Bill Alamy mentioned that one of the best wins he heard he heard that

00:22:51--> 00:22:56

he heard somebody read in the sale of Allah subhanaw taala for the mistake as women who have a sunnah GIA

00:22:57--> 00:22:59

in Surah to us

00:23:01--> 00:23:02

he made seafood

00:23:04--> 00:23:09

and he wasn't a Muslim he means to you it says this cannot be from human being

00:23:10--> 00:23:38

yeah we alas want to summarize all that which happens between use of random just put it in this word is t as we mean who and then Carla Sue Urbana to use to use these type of things. But I must say a swimming pool Hala soon idea. The way it is put weight is constructed he bow this this cannot be for I mean from human beings. They mentioned one of the Bedouins was listening to a person reading the Quran

00:23:39--> 00:23:40

was Sarich was Sarika two,

00:23:41--> 00:23:46

factor or idea who matches I'm the Marchesa by Nicola mean Allah, Allah who are full right.

00:23:48--> 00:23:48


00:23:51--> 00:23:51

Allah who

00:23:54--> 00:23:55

nobody memorize Excel magazine.

00:23:56--> 00:24:07

I said, Well, Allahu Rahim. Yeah, that mind ready to Allah hookah forehead. This bedwin He says, Come on. No, I don't memorize Quran but

00:24:09--> 00:24:13

I don't think this is like that. You should go and check it and see what log of all right.

00:24:14--> 00:24:26

You see, he said, No, it's better to check. Most likely it's not like that. You read it again. And he came back to him. He said yeah, I found my mistake is Allah who has his say yeah, now it makes sense.

00:24:27--> 00:24:31

It says because it doesn't go with a cow idea who Allah haga hooray.

00:24:33--> 00:24:36

That you can do some terwijl to come back again. But we don't need that we

00:24:37--> 00:24:41

is his fellow man as haccombe for identificado.

00:24:44--> 00:24:47

Allah it is it goes with tenacity

00:24:49--> 00:24:50

al khidmat villa.

00:24:51--> 00:24:59

So this is Quran and whatever I'm going to tell you, you know, Quran is beyond this. If you want to enjoy these seven things you should read, at least Khan al Bohan.

00:25:02--> 00:25:27

Xiaoxi Zarca Shi l li, L is currently a CLT. They talk about this, these type of things a lot, a lot a lot. There is nothing being placed in the book of Allah subhanaw taala. Except with the justification of wisdom, whether we know it or we don't know. And we will keep on getting new, you know, subhanAllah lessons, the more you read, the more you get new lessons.

00:25:29--> 00:25:29

That's why

00:25:31--> 00:25:56

that's called a set Latin called the Quran is the only book that amazing things that are contained in it will never end. He will lie if you read it with consciousness, you know, with care. Every time you read, you will understand things. And it will appear to you that yes, this is the most applicable book to the time you're living it. If you're going to stay for 100 years to come. You will say yeah, this is the most applicable book to this type of hours.

00:25:57--> 00:26:03

Okay, Roger Leeson law, human Hadith, whatever that who is that? The Jurmala Imam Shafi says

00:26:04--> 00:26:43

that's the book of Allah subhanaw taala I remember even Taymiyah when he was in jail, they said he was you know, very annoyed with the with the with the innovators who wasted his time he said I wish I did not pay attention to these guys, because they really wasted his time refuting this one refuting that one refuting this one refuting that one. Yeah. Because he has to these guys, they are not willing to let the Muslim community to relax every time bringing something new, which he knows that this is not what Allah subhanaw taala asks people to do. So he has to talk, he has to inform people that this is wrong. And you know, this takes time a lot. It takes time a lot. So he was

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saying when he was in jail, you know, reading the Quran, you know, seen many lessons that you did not manage to see them earlier you were saying never know the Quran is more beautiful, is basically like this. He wish all of his time was you know, sacrifice, you know, on just reading the Quran and getting these type of lessons from from it.

00:27:04--> 00:27:09

So, to keep this interpretation in the way it is, you know, to say that

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only Allah subhanaw taala knows this is the best. This the best appear to be the light to Allah, it helps and supports the miraculous nature of the book of Allah subhanaw taala. However, as I said, there are some who said these are the names of Allah some of them said this name of this, this and that. But all of these we should keep them aside. So we say Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala knows what does that mean? Although there I mean, Quran is an Arabic language, Allah says villas and in Arabi Moby still you have some words in it which the Arabs the experts among the Arab didn't know what it what they mean.

00:27:46--> 00:27:53

It is in Arabic language from A to Z. But still you have some word which the Arab they don't understand that

00:27:54--> 00:27:59

they need to refer back to the sample why for explanation.

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Last Mottola grant is good so Allah subhanaw taala says Alif Lam Meem Valley Kentucky tabula rasa Buffy hood a little bit taki Allah subhanaw taala says the radical Kitab Lowry Buffy This is the book designing cricketer who is a shout out to the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala the Quran you know, Laurie Buffy Allah subhanaw taala says it doesn't have any doubt. It is the only book that doesn't have doubt in it. There is no doubt to matter in the Quran. The most accurate book that you can keep tabula rasa Buffy, there is no doubt everything that you see in the book of Allah subhanaw taala is accurate.

00:28:41--> 00:28:46

No mistake in it, Allahu Allah, and they said somebody accepted Islam because of this.

00:28:48--> 00:28:57

I will never have a chance to read the Quran to read this the story of this person myself, but an old friend was telling me that there was somebody who accepted Islam because of this.

00:28:59--> 00:29:08

He uses his ankle. He said, What What kind of book is this? The first thing he get after the first Surah is that that can get tangled up.

00:29:09--> 00:29:20

He said wait a minute, what is this? Who is this? Who is talking like this? Because he knows that usually when we write a book, if we are honest, what do we say at the end of the book.

00:29:21--> 00:29:23

This is Javed butchery,

00:29:24--> 00:29:41

is human effort. And it's very possible for you to see mistakes and errors in it. Please when you see a mistake, fix it as long as you have the knowledge and you are doing this honestly. Yeah. Good idea. That's what the scholar said.

00:29:42--> 00:29:42


00:29:46--> 00:29:53

Asking Melaka nappy he says well, maybe I'm in Qatar in warm in Zellen. I've been to fi is La heliborne.

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

Lacking Bishop alignment well in Safi for that was I mean Admiral

00:30:00--> 00:30:33

He said, Well, maybe having help. I mean, he wrote his book, you know? So is there any cutter mistakes that you're going to find in my book? He says, identity is healing and I give permission to anyone who wants to fix it to fix that cover. Because I am human being is okay when you see it mistaken or is very normal. You say identity is like a healing and proper, like lacking Vishal tell me well inside say I just have two conditions for you to correct my mistakes. You must be a very knowledgeable person.

00:30:35--> 00:30:48

And you must be added trustworthy. You're doing it with justice. Yeah, because there are some who will do it out of hatred wasn't that much mistake, but put it in the wrong way they criticize in the wrong way.

00:30:49--> 00:31:01

The father was I mean, admitted outside he so this man was saying that usually what we know is that any any compilation? It carries mistake, but this one, the author, the one who make it, you know, the one who brought it.

00:31:03--> 00:31:08

You know, the one who said it, the Quran wouldn't say make it because Quran is not created. That's the

00:31:09--> 00:31:15

one the only correct opinion. Quran is not created by Allah subhanaw taala. It's if that means if Atilla has

00:31:16--> 00:31:41

you remember that case, right? Calico Quran, which which put so many so many scholars into trouble, you know, Muhammad Imam Shafi really got into trouble because of this. You know, many of us nowadays because we too much you know, occupied with useless and nonsense things, we might see things which are key and crucial in Islam, not being crucial. Now, many people will say, Well, why didn't lead themselves to be punished because of this? Just tell them Quran is marucho. So

00:31:42--> 00:32:17

no, this is one of the most dangerous thing to be said actually. Because you know, what does that mean? If Quran is mock look, the possibility of it to be wrong is always there. The possibility of the Quran to be missing is always there. The possibility of Quran to be old, not you know applicable to the time we are in is always there. Those scholars they know what they do it that's why they rather go to jail for ages and one of them they beat him Imam Muhammad they said they were beating him every day. They said that mount of the beach they be they put on him if they are to use it on an elephant, it will die.

00:32:18--> 00:32:33

Of course they don't do it at once, but every day will come and beat every day will come and they just want him to say Quran is macklow Quran is creative, they know what they do. Otherwise, why would they insist at the government level actually this who was doing that at that time, it was a government.

00:32:34--> 00:32:58

They know what it means. And we also know what it means. And Hamdulillah he those grades call it the last month they give them a very strong heart. They resist somebody went to Mr. Muhammad, he told him, You have been beaten? Why can't you do what some other scholars did, because some other scholars just just play game with that with those people. Nice and beautiful games, some of the games that are narrated to us on our island, but

00:32:59--> 00:33:07

they said Imam Shafi Allahu Allah, this is what the famous story attributed to him that he wanted to go out tired of getting beat.

00:33:08--> 00:33:16

So he said, let me just fool these guys, and get released out of the jail. So when the person who is

00:33:17--> 00:33:28

beating them comes in the morning, and he told him I'm with Shafi, it says, okay, Allah, do you still believe that Quran is not mock? Look? It's a look. Let me tell you something.

00:33:30--> 00:33:48

It says looking over here, he said Quran indeed Zaboo at Torah, can you see these? Yeah, it's a all of these are created by Allah. That guy understood Quran and Jesus the world but Imam Shafi told him already can you see these guys these one

00:33:50--> 00:34:00

is that they're all created about Allah. Talking about what his fingers but the man understood that he's talking about Quran, Allah this one really the punishment work in him okay, go out.

00:34:01--> 00:34:16

Imam Muhammad doesn't do that. That's why Subhan Allah, He has issues with some scholars who did the Tolia. And he had to tell people that yes, I don't have an issue in their trustworthiness can go on there with them, but I myself, I just have this stance I look them in this way.

00:34:18--> 00:34:20

They try to explain to him he doesn't want to understand

00:34:21--> 00:34:59

because he sees this as something which is inappropriate for a scholar to do. He himself when that scholar went to him and told him why can you just tell them the world and go out? He says, look, look outside there is what do you see? He said, I see students and we hundreds of them with the pen. Everyone is holding a pen and a paper just watching them Muhammad they just want to see what is he going to say? It will be written and it will remain until our time. It is all of those ones that are just waiting for my opinion. Whatever I said, I'm doing totally Anna. People will not understand it as Tolia they will see it as opinion of Imam Ahmed

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

Yeah, somebody has to come in the future and give explanation No, no you don't understand. He say I don't want that.

00:35:06--> 00:35:22

Said the people of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah when he was out of the jail when that government was gone, you know, the son of that King came, you know, and he released him. And he said money to him. He asked him this money is for for what he said.

00:35:23--> 00:35:30

His Excellency is giving you this as a compensation for what his father did. He said Subhan Allah in LA when

00:35:31--> 00:35:36

he said this is worse than the JIRA or say, take it back to him. I don't

00:35:37--> 00:35:42

know our time. Allah kittila CAFR Allah Han falak

00:35:44--> 00:36:18

So, Quran week is not my clue. Quran is the Sefa of Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, as being Sefa of Allah subhanaw taala that means it will never, never perish, and it will never, never end. Yeah, there will be no time when the Quran will finish even when the live Massoud set before the Day of Judgment use right like it'll be lengthy later, Allah subhanaw taala will remove his book, you know from the heart. There will be a time when the Quran will be taken from our heart even sorted fattier also will not be there in your heart you cannot remember anything

00:36:19--> 00:36:29

Subhanallah and then a person will rush back to his house to check about the Quran he left at home and he will see nothing except blank pages.

00:36:30--> 00:37:10

Yeah, most likely this will happen at the time when the Prophet sallallahu selama said letter comesa hectolitre coloful Allah Allah PMO will not take place until you don't find anyone who is saying Allah Allah on earth. You know, people are really corrupt the way they don't deserve to have the book of Allah with them. Allah took even the one in your heart is taking the one on the pages blank. But this is just the one we wrote. Right? Because this is our writing. Yeah, writing is created. When we say Quran we're talking about the Quran the Quran itself the one that last month I said it that's why if I come to you, if somebody comes to me and he says he took on like this he said oxygen

00:37:10--> 00:37:13

we'll be having masa. Is it right or wrong?

00:37:15--> 00:37:35

is shipped because these papers are decorated? Yes, the ink is created the papers created the pen you write and it's great. If you take the Quran and say oxime will be handled Quran is shipped he cannot do that. But he can oxen we have a mishap that's why you cannot swear by mishap because most happens this

00:37:36--> 00:37:41

but you can tell by the Quran. Oxen we will Quran as a seafoam insofar as

00:37:43--> 00:38:19

you get idea is very important issue that Quran is not created by Allah this monitor is he's the one who who said it. So this man, that was the thing that led him to read the book of Allah smarter when he said when he sees this confession, that the one who said the book is saying no, no doubt in it, no mistake in it. And it's the most accurate one that led him to read the Quran completely. And according to the story, he accepted Islam. Whether the story is authentic or is not authentic, we don't need it. Actually. Quran is like that. The challenge is open.

00:38:20--> 00:38:50

If somebody can find a single error in the book of Alaska to his work, an oxymoron biller until the Day of Judgment, there is no way for you to find a mistake in this book kappa law smarter. Whoever claimed that there is a mistake in it, you know, subhanAllah they became Oh, the hookah children are laughing at them. I heard somebody who is saying that that is a mistake in the book of Allah smarter even how to read it, he doesn't know. And he was the one who was saying there are grammatical errors and to read the text also he could

00:38:52--> 00:39:04

see how Allah is going to let it's exposing them. So the most accurate book, the most excellent book is the book of Allah subhanaw taala and the only 100% book correct book is the book of Allah subhanaw taala

00:39:05--> 00:39:08

that's one of the scholars said Abdullah who and your team in Lekki temple.

00:39:10--> 00:39:41

Nothing is complete except the book of Allah subhanaw taala and whatever is related to eat off the other high which is the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Allah subhanaw taala say Daddy can Kitab Allah, Allah you Buffy there is no doubt in it. There is no mistake in it and everything you find in the Quran is is accurate. That's why somebody was right when he says Quran is not the book of science. But it is the most accurate book that will give you the most accurate information in science, which will never be wrong.

00:39:43--> 00:39:51

Quran doesn't come to teach you science or any other topic like that, even history. But that's the only place you can find the accurate approach and all of these disciplines.

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

Whatever you get from others could be doubtful, or whatever you get from Allah smarter in this book is the most is the only accurate one

00:40:00--> 00:40:05

nowhere near that accurate history other than that which Allah smart Allah has mentioned to us

00:40:06--> 00:40:13

exactly inshallah that's what Allah smarter says Daddy can capillary Buffy you know you can read also dedicate Kitab Allah

00:40:14--> 00:40:16

Yeah. And then he wouldn't limit happy

00:40:18--> 00:40:41

yeah this is the real book without doubt is a book of Allah said the most excellent book without doubt Laurie Buffy hit there is no doubt in it. Both Okay. figure who the limiter clean and inside it you have guidance for the for the righteous people. Allah subhanaw taala say daddy Kenickie tabula rasa Buffy who the Linwood Turpin Quran is guidance, you know, for for the believers.

00:40:43--> 00:40:58

hidayah is guidance. And this is divided into two areas Rishard and Tofik, you find both through the book of Allah subhanho wa taala, it adds to the shard is what we're doing, you'll come to me advise me to do this and that basically that really shut

00:40:59--> 00:41:01

it shut. This is within our capability.

00:41:03--> 00:41:07

You know, this is what we can do. However, Hidetoshi This is a lost job.

00:41:08--> 00:41:14

You cannot give to fix somebody to accept what you see. No way.

00:41:15--> 00:41:22

That's why only when Allah is going to grant them that gift, they could be able to see it. So my job is just to stick to the header to

00:41:23--> 00:41:23

you that

00:41:25--> 00:41:37

I don't care about heterotrophic because it's not my job. Because if I worry about here to fix sometimes I don't be I don't observe patients in inviting others. When I talk to him, please stay away from this and he doesn't want to listen.

00:41:38--> 00:41:42

What am I trying to push him to do? Hey, Dad, don't

00:41:43--> 00:41:50

you know and that's why I was I'm impatient. So I just leave him tomorrow I go to another person that also rejected me I also leave

00:41:51--> 00:41:52

because they're not accept.

00:41:54--> 00:41:56

I forgot that he learned to freak is mean Allah azza wa jal

00:41:58--> 00:42:01

Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam and tried his best to guide who?

00:42:02--> 00:42:10

His uncle right I will tell him was able to do that. No, even at the last minute, he went to him he said yum. Kula Illa Allah

00:42:12--> 00:42:25

can imagine how jelica in the liable Gala. He said, Just say like that. I just want you to say the word. I promise that on the Day of Judgment, I will stand for you until you go to paradise. Is it just say the word

00:42:27--> 00:42:30

Subhan Allah He was about to, you know,

00:42:31--> 00:42:36

get what he wants. The tough criminals comes

00:42:37--> 00:42:37


00:42:38--> 00:42:39

and his other friend,

00:42:41--> 00:43:22

they interfere and they quickly told him that, don't you ever agree to die according to a religion? That is different from the religion of Abdulmalik? Subhanallah he died, saying that he agreed to that according to religion, a property of Napoleon he lost. Allah says in Nicoletta demon, well I can rely on Demacia you have no power and capacity to guide whoever you wish that Allah Samantha is the one who is guiding them. So my job is to stick to the head I took a shot he led to a I mean to give the hour according to according to the Sunnah of Muhammad Salah Listen, well, not according to your own way. Yeah, we have to be very careful because we are given down according to our own way.

00:43:23--> 00:43:27

You get it, you have to do it according to the way of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam?

00:43:29--> 00:43:42

Is that clear, we have to really be clear about this. You don't give Tao according to your own way. That's why sometimes either we are not patient or sometimes we try to modify things and bring people according to the way we want them to behave when they accept Islam.

00:43:44--> 00:43:47

You Allah, that's when they come to Islam, they become Cambodia for the Muslim it's

00:43:49--> 00:44:15

a good idea because we give them a lot of discount. we portray Islam as something you know, subhanAllah that they just come a they absorb your freedom in it. No religion of Allah is not like that. It's a system. You need to know. Tell him to accept Allah as much as the one who will control who controls his life. Whatever he does in this life, it has to be according to what Allah smart Allah wants. He needs to know this.

00:44:16--> 00:44:27

Some people might be thinking that no, if you do that they will run away, no problem. Allah doesn't need anyone, you will realize better for him to run away rather than coming, you know and becoming a muscular for Islam and the Muslim mean.

00:44:29--> 00:44:39

Give him the correct religion of Allah subhanaw taala let him make a decision based on that. And that's how when he comes based on this, you will be you will see him being very sincere.

00:44:40--> 00:44:53

So thou has to be according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and you must observe the patient, you must observe patients and done try to get the head out to think because this is not in your hand.

00:44:54--> 00:45:00

Do your best to make sure that you convince a person with wisdom if he accepted Alhamdulillah if he does

00:45:00--> 00:45:22

Accept it, pray for him to see what you are advising him to do, so that he can apply it correctly and go to gym. As I always mentioned that your purpose and given the hour should be how to help this person to pass the test in this dunya and go to gender, not how to convey the message to him, because many, many, many, many they already know somebody already told them

00:45:23--> 00:45:27

we need different approach saying the same thing but in different way.

00:45:29--> 00:45:52

You get the idea of giving him the correct accurate and the correct information but in your own way, in the way you believe that inshallah he will understand and he will accept the last word and do the right the right thing. So wisdom is necessary. So this is a big topic and he led to the sha Allah smart Allah says he wouldn't limit tapping. It has guidance for the for the Mattoon, in it, who are the Muppet.

00:45:53--> 00:45:57

These are the people who observe the taqwa. What is the taqwa

00:45:59--> 00:46:00

Taqwa is to be

00:46:01--> 00:46:03

to be cautious, right? conscious.

00:46:04--> 00:46:05

In whatever you are doing.

00:46:07--> 00:46:14

In Sharia, when you talk about the taqwa, they're talking about you putting a barrier between you and the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala.

00:46:16--> 00:46:32

Get it please do understand this correctly, because they give the example of a Taqwa is when you are in a place which is full of phones, you know, the phones and you're going to work on them. How are you going to work on that place? There is you know,

00:46:33--> 00:46:34

careful you know,

00:46:35--> 00:46:46

that's the taqwa in terms of literal approach, but technically Taqwa means nothing other than you put in a barrier between you and the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala.

00:46:47--> 00:46:49

And that barrier is what

00:46:50--> 00:47:00

practice of the religion according to the Quran, and the Sunnah Muhammad salah, Salah, it's as simple as this, to practice the religion according to the Quran and the Sunnah. This is

00:47:03--> 00:47:14

exactly. When I, I, I have my shop, you know, and I sell Halal things. You know, I don't engage in Riba. What am I doing?

00:47:16--> 00:47:55

Observing Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. Again, when it comes to the Muslim, I pray to Allah observing Taqwa when I marry, according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salah. So what am I doing? Taqwa of Allah? subhanho wa taala. When you stay away from anything that is not appropriate and wrong. Islamically What are you doing? Taqwa of Allah? subhanaw taala when you have good manners, and you relate to others, in a good way, what are you doing Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. So it has a very broad, you know, a big meaning. Taqwa means to do the right thing according to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Salam, Allah subhanaw taala says Who the lilmar tappin this Quran is

00:47:55--> 00:48:05

guidance for the otaku. Why am a taco Quran is supposed to be the guidance, guidance for everyone right but Allah subhanaw taala says it is good a little more Tophane

00:48:07--> 00:48:16

and we know who are the multiple right so who the limits are clean Allah says guidance for them routine because these are the only one that are reflecting upon the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:48:18--> 00:48:36

Yeah, you go to a place which is not fertile and you plant something will not bear any fruit. You put it in the heart of Turkey will be at the fruit. Quran is for everyone. But the one who is benefiting from the book of Allah subhanaw taala more than anybody else is the Motoki that's why the focus is on them.

00:48:38--> 00:48:57

The focus is is on them. So who are these multiple because somebody might ask I really want to be among these people that Allah smart Allah talk about Allah subhanaw taala says Alladhina you mean una Bill Haley? What up? Munna Salah to me Mara Zatanna, who you will feel good. The motorcoach these are the people who believe in

00:48:58--> 00:49:01

AlLadhina belagavi What is Iman?

00:49:03--> 00:49:06

Iman is a testicle mosteller Zimo Kabuli. Well,

00:49:07--> 00:49:16

that's how the scholars define it. And this the best definition of Eman even literally. A testicle almost tells him a little cabal will Yvan.

00:49:18--> 00:49:52

You know tastic acceptance confession that necessitate a cabal you know you confess confession conviction that necessitate a cabal well is on submission and acceptance. It means you trust that which Rasul Allah sama asked you to trust you agree with the Prophets Allah Zuma does the test do you agree with something but this agreement has to have some meaning and significance in it? That's why our scholars such as you know, they mean and many others they said if you just say artistic

00:49:54--> 00:49:59

it will not have any significance. Because we have some people who will have that as the also

00:50:00--> 00:50:24

Abu Abu Talib agree with the Prophet sallallahu ceramah that he is speaking the truth. Abu Talib doesn't have doubt in the Tao Priscilla Salah Shiva you know that he doesn't have doubt in his hour. Because he said it. He says look at the Alamo Annapurna Allah McDouble Latina wala urinary the COVID about it says they know that our our son we never try any live from him he never lied to us.

00:50:25--> 00:50:41

And nobody ever has issue you know with the privacy law. So my life is is everyone knows what a urinal Bukola about oily and he is one of the few if not the only one who doesn't focus and pay attention to useless things. Every citizen his life

00:50:42--> 00:51:19

to get idea and he told us the prophets, a lot of sermons, just go and do whatever you want to do. They will never reach you. And nobody can touch you in this place. And he kept his word. So he has to stick with him. But it doesn't lead him to accept in the province Allahu alayhi wa salam and also submitting to whatever as well as Allah Azza wa sallam, he lost because of that. So that's why when you define Iman, if you see a testicle must tell Zimlet Kabuli Well, Yvan, don't just say stick on keep quiet. No. And Mr. l must tell them mustard Zoomobile caboodle is the one that necessitate acceptance and submission.

00:51:21--> 00:51:28

That's the literal approach of the Iman, when it comes to the technical meaning of the email. This does dig that you have the strong conviction that you have.

00:51:29--> 00:51:47

When you put it in the heart. You get it and you utter it with the tongue. And you practice that which you're uttering you know, with the tongue, you practice with the limbs. You know, this is what we call ima. So what are you artery, your artery in that La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah

00:51:48--> 00:51:57

you have the conviction in the heart and you say with the tongue and you practice with the limbs that there is none to the worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:51:59--> 00:52:14

that's Iman, whenever you hear him and this is what is required from you, your heart is involved and your tongue is involved and your limbs also are involved to translate what is there inside the heart otherwise, Eman cannot be seen by by a person.

00:52:16--> 00:52:54

I know can you further and all of us are Muslim you know? How do I know? Because we meet in the masjid we pray to Allah subhanaw taala and they love Islam according to what we see you know all of us we say we love Islam. So according to what we see and what we know about ourselves, we say Yeah, we love Allah subhanaw taala and we go for Hajj. We do this occur, we do the CM. Allah's motto grant is ability to see the Kenyan one minion Ramadan, and also in sha Allah. We do all of these, all of these physical active physical activities. These are the ones that are translating that which is in the heart otherwise, how do I know that this person is a Muslim this person is not.

00:52:55--> 00:52:59

That's why it's necessary for the activities for the actions to be part of the EMA.

00:53:00--> 00:53:05

And this is the correct opinion of the scholars that Iman has three components. You know

00:53:06--> 00:53:09

Amaryl will listen. Once you are

00:53:10--> 00:53:21

the action of the heart, the action of the tongue and the action of the lips. Allah subhanaw taala says when my cannula hoody via Iman, Allah will never neglect your email and he's referring to it

00:53:22--> 00:53:30

as salah, Salah to Kumble bait, as well as Allah Azza wa said Al Imam Hassan was the owner shuba

00:53:31--> 00:53:36

he says Iman has 70 Something branches. It says Allah

00:53:37--> 00:53:48

Allah the highest one is la la. Well I do not have a map to the other and Italy and the lowest one is removing something from that from the road. This is not like

00:53:50--> 00:54:25

there's another belief in the heart is action and the prophets Allah sama put it as one of the branches off of the EMA so Allah subhanaw taala says Alladhina Umino noble guide so we're talking about these ones those people who have this strong faith in the heart which they used to utter with their tongue and they put it into practice and action under the name inevitability they believe in what what is elevate Marga vana anything that is hidden that Allah subhanaw taala hide from us, starting from herbal Alby. Yeah, can Allah subhanaw taala be seen?

00:54:27--> 00:54:30

If you say yes is wrong, if you say no also is wrong.

00:54:33--> 00:54:34

So what left?

00:54:36--> 00:54:58

feet of sea right? It depends, right? It depends on what when a person is talking about right? Seeing Allah smarter in this dunya is it possible? No. Somebody tried to see who was that? You know, if it all was up in Toronto, the Joker. Very very funny for a politician. If your honor was the was the Joker

00:54:59--> 00:54:59

trust me

00:55:00--> 00:55:13

He just wants to distract people. That's why he says yeah Harmon. Only Sir Hello Ali Abdullah will asthma as Baba sama Watty. Appa ILAHA Musa, we need Ovenu Kariba

00:55:14--> 00:55:16

Allah was just playing me

00:55:17--> 00:55:36

in his own way to distract people to show to them that he is still in in power. Yeah, that's why he was saying the Rooney accent Musa is is really really nice. And it shows how fun is this guy because nobody was holding him. But he was saying leave me alone. I'm gonna get Musa but who is holding him? He knows he can't.

00:55:37--> 00:55:52

Yeah, so that is somebody who likes this person who says he wants to see Allah. Musa Ali salaam right or the DeAndre Lake. Carla glentoran Allah subhanaw taala says length Ronnie lanterra And he used the word land. In Arabic language the word land means

00:55:53--> 00:55:54

never right?

00:55:56--> 00:55:56

You have

00:55:58--> 00:55:59

as it been, never

00:56:00--> 00:56:01

doesn't mean never.

00:56:02--> 00:56:06

But what do you use to support this? Colombian, Colombian Arab?

00:56:07--> 00:56:09

Allah says length Iran

00:56:11--> 00:56:14

according to normal interpretation, we say you will never see me.

00:56:18--> 00:56:30

Yeah, we even have a class on the heat we study the whole book, you know, for these people from A to Z. And I even intentionally read all of the commentary of the book, but they forgot as usual.

00:56:33--> 00:56:34

Like I say, I mean.

00:56:38--> 00:56:47

So this is used by those people who believe that Allah subhanaw taala cannot be seen at all. They say because Allah smart Allah to Musa Lanta, Ronnie.

00:56:49--> 00:56:53

But then the expert of the language said this approach is wrong.

00:56:54--> 00:57:23

Because they are using the word learn to negate something forever. But he says according to the Arabs, this is wrong approach. That's why he says it will not interfere with or Motorola and Nokia billon more or better for cold who did was Yahoo for aguda he says Whoever tells you that negating something use a lens is a bit morbid means is whatever it is, reject the statement tell him that ARVs are not like that.

00:57:25--> 00:57:46

When you see learn, it means something might take longer periods of time before it happens but it doesn't mean forever it will not happen. That's why he said kick out this statement and support something else but not this. And also Allah is smarter if you see he did not learn aura he said length Iran he will not see me different from lung, lung or lung or means.

00:57:49--> 00:58:20

It cannot be seen. If he says this Then yeah, you can say that. Yeah, there is nobody can see Allah subhanaw taala even this one, we will still wait for some other some other nurses to see maybe that is something which will clarify the understanding. But Allah did not say that it's a lengthy run. That's why in this dunya there is no way for a person to see Allah subhanaw taala you see this this Akita if people accept it, nobody will come and deceive them. You know, even among some people who call themselves Muslim, do you know that there are some people who think that they're schewe, Allah,

00:58:21--> 00:58:25

evil Allah in this dunya? There are some people who are calling entities Allah.

00:58:27--> 00:58:48

Yeah, if they understand this statement of Rasulullah sallallahu sunnah that Allah cannot be seen on Earth. Nobody can deceive them, the Christians and the Jews and anyone who is taking something else to wash it, in this dunya claiming that this is Allah if you understand this simple Aqeedah that Allah cannot be seen here with us on Earth. They will never believe in this.

00:58:49--> 00:58:55

You can idea that's why matters of Akita every single part of it is crucial. Every single part of it is crucial.

00:58:57--> 00:59:04

That clear, so don't take it lightly. So Allah subhanaw taala says, and tyranny so see Allah subhanaw taala in this dunya

00:59:05--> 00:59:13

is impossible. In a Muslim the prophets Allah Azza wa set in no. La Yara Allah NEERA Komarov Bessho

00:59:14--> 00:59:28

nobody will see Allah subhanaw taala until he dies. Yeah, so the first thing is death. When he says Hatay mode has to add to is the guy right? That means after death, a person can be able to see Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:59:29--> 00:59:47

And that's as true the sooner supported that the Quran supported this. Allah subhanaw taala says, Would you do anything? Now we are in our on behalf now Vera there'll be seen Allah subhanaw taala on video with judgment Kela Imam Abdullah beam yo mazing lemma Jubran. There will be deprived from Siena last March Allah on the Day of Judgment.

00:59:48--> 00:59:59

Now as means there are two places right on the day of judgment before going to gender righteous people will see Allah subhanaw taala this hadith in Sahih Bukhari very authentic narration and in Jana

01:00:00--> 01:00:02

Also people will be seeing Allah subhanaw taala from time to time

01:00:04--> 01:00:10

and please aim for this. Yes, aim for this don't you agree with anything you know?

01:00:11--> 01:00:22

That is, I mean, except for this one because when you get this, you're going to have it in videos and also add to that you want to see him in videos.

01:00:24--> 01:00:43

Allah subhanaw taala after he get people in tight Jana and they enjoy the enjoy so much and when he will ask them they want me to give you something else apart from the mercy that he gave them, and they're the one and then he also tell them I will give you some increased. They don't know what that

01:00:44--> 01:00:48

Subhanallah and then Allah Samantha will let them see see his face.

01:00:49--> 01:00:57

even look at him says in his no Nia it says were either arhoolie nasil lady, comfy mana little.

01:00:59--> 01:01:15

He says Wallahi Lola Roberto Rahmani fille. Jannetty Mapa delivery funny please listen to this carefully inshallah you motivate us in light Allah to be more careful in what we're doing and also to be more hardworking, he says

01:01:17--> 01:01:30

he says low low to Rukmani he says to Allah he will say he said well life if not because of the fact that we will be seen Allah in Jana Matamata did really funny and now will not be as interesting as it is

01:01:31--> 01:01:35

the fact that people are going to see a law smarter is the most interesting part object.

01:01:37--> 01:01:41

It says well law Hello allow you to manifest genetic multibillion dollar fine.

01:01:42--> 01:02:25

And then he says whatever I will move me nuts will let the home feed him in mana little island. And he says when the believers see Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment Subhan Allah they will forget what exactly they are in, you know any Nirma that they you know, in Jannah one second wala one second agenda is capable of removing any difficulty and hardship you face in this dunya. One moment in Jannah will delete any hardship you cannot even remember it remember that that person right Allah smart will ask him you know, and he was the worst person in terms of poverty in this dunya and also he received a lot of hardship in this life. Nobody is like, Alaska hotel will ask him

01:02:25--> 01:02:27

when he put him in Genet because he did the right thing.

01:02:28--> 01:02:30

Allah put him in Jannah. Allah asked him,

01:02:32--> 01:02:38

did you ever experience hardship in your life? And guess what did he say? He says Lau Allah Hara

01:02:39--> 01:02:44

is no way Allah He was Allah that he never experienced hardship in his life.

01:02:45--> 01:02:54

Can imagine what kind of blessing is this? What kind of what kind of enjoyment is this? But then all of these enjoyment the moment you see alas monitor you forget what exactly is in Jannah

01:02:56--> 01:03:00

you get what I'm saying? The reason why I said you should aim for this all the time.

01:03:01--> 01:03:09

It's a nice lady Humphrey, he Myrna little nanny. It says Allah He Murphy had hit dunya I love the ministry, I can update the Rahmani.

01:03:11--> 01:03:22

Take this from him and from myself that there is nothing in this dunya that is sweeter and better than you have in the room smell like

01:03:23--> 01:03:30

you Allah being with Allah subhanaw taala is priceless. And how do you be with Allah smarter in this dunya be righteous?

01:03:31--> 01:03:42

be righteous, be good. And do what Allah smart Allah wants you to do. pray to Allah subhanaw taala with consciousness oximeter villa there is nothing that is more sweeter than this.

01:03:43--> 01:04:03

You Allah, you just need to follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam and study the zero Rasul Allah sama and see the way he lived. And try to apply that in your life. You Allah, Allah will make you happy. Sometimes you have you pass moment you know which you don't even know what exactly is bringing this happiness and good mood to you.

01:04:05--> 01:04:45

The only interpretation is that you do that which has to be done. And Allah smarter control your heart and put happiness and tranquility and peace of mind. You would never be depressed in your life. That's what we need nowadays. That's what we all the time until we meet Allah subhanaw taala. Therefore, I really advise you to be patient. Be patient, be patient, don't accept anything except righteousness. Whatever you know, to be wrong, stay away from it. Don't follow the trend we're following nowadays Shiva Shiva things you know which we know that sugar the least you can say it's true, but we still do know Allah is not good for you. Because you're going to, you know, put your

01:04:45--> 01:04:53

soul into that, you know, situation of lack of relief. You will never relax. When you follow your heart you will never relax.

01:04:54--> 01:04:59

Always do that which you're sure to be right and inshallah you will enjoy life

01:05:00--> 01:05:10

Last one Rotella promise as in his statement zero to n. He says when Amelia Sally has been vacating our own thyroid hormone Mihran fellow no hair no head, but

01:05:11--> 01:05:20

if you are to believe and you put your belief into practice and action Allah says We promise a lot promise you a pleasant life

01:05:21--> 01:05:30

now there's no way for your life to be pleasant unless if you're doing this is that the two conditions and last month and put for success in this life? Iman, well, Amazon

01:05:31--> 01:06:07

so therefore my dear brothers and sisters, advise you please look into your life. Check about your life properly and see what you do and if it is not in line with that, which allows me to the ones stay away from it. And don't worry, there are so few life allows me to take care of it. So Alladhina you immunoglobulin IV The first wave is Allah Rabbil Alameen Yeah, we don't see him, but we believe in him. You get it whatever He asked you to believe you believe in his Rubia all you hear as much as the fact we believe in all of that. Herbal alchemy and the greatest and the Most High, the most powerful, and nobody is more powerful than him. And he's the only one that he can joke with. But

01:06:07--> 01:06:28

when his name is we mentioned you're supposed to reflect the Muslim and remember that this the time to joke is over. Mikael Ali Salam, when Allah subhanaw taala asked him to go and see the hell Subhan Allah He saw the help. He came back. There was a lot somos asking you breed why Mika is not laughing He never saw him laughing. You know?

01:06:29--> 01:06:37

Me he told him that yeah, he loved before. But when he saw the hell, he told the angels were there with him. Is it the time to laugh is over.

01:06:39--> 01:06:53

You were Latino who is the last word to Allah much more greater than us. That's where the amount of the top what they have is much greater than ours. So let's Allah sama said right Gibreel can Hudson Valley. You know Mikhail has never been seen laughing after that moment.

01:06:55--> 01:07:26

Jabril was seen by the prophets Allah Salah in the heavens, and Hudson Valley in Karachi Tila, hence it Ballymena al Qaeda. And Karima Kadima is in the past, they used to have these old bags they used to get water, fresh water with with it, you know, the very old one the one that if you oppressive, it will crush and get destroyed. Is it that's how I see it really in the heavens. Very humble. And look at his size. He says I saw him Lowe's to meet JIRA.

01:07:27--> 01:07:38

You know, giant, he saw him very huge. And he has 600 wings, each one of them covers the directions. It goes to, but he saw him in that situation. He said out of the fear of Allah subhanho wa taala.

01:07:40--> 01:08:01

Get it? This is Robert Alamy. He says Allah subhanaw taala has given me permission, you know, I took the permission to talk about one of the angels, you know, his feet started from the lowest part of the earth. And his head is connected to the earth. You know, what is the distance between the heaven number seven and the arch Allahu Allah.

01:08:02--> 01:08:18

But his head reaches the arch. And he says, I'm told that if you were to travel from his shoulder before you reach his ears, you spent 700 years and guess what this angel is saying? Subhana kowhai through Quint, glory be to you yeah, Allah wherever you are.

01:08:20--> 01:08:59

So when Allah subhanaw taala said to us or you have the room Allahu, Allahu Allah Murthy and Pusi convert while I'm on the log of all right, it wasn't a joke. Allah doesn't joke. He was for our own benefit. So look into your actions in the activities and fix them. This is not to scare you to make you always hearing No, Allah wants you to live a comfortable life. And all of these mentioned that you see in the book of Allah smarter is is for us. But why they are for us, none of them is for Allah Sahaja he doesn't need it is for our own benefit. So you will be given a good life in this dunya and when you meet him also you get the best.

01:09:00--> 01:09:23

What is it more excellent, you you are happy in this dunya although you didn't have that much. Because happiness is not based on how much you have or how much famous you are. It's about how much content you are in your heart. How much peace you have in your heart, how much tranquility you have in your heart. And this one you cannot get it my Deborah says there is no way for you to get it unless you deal with Allah subhanho wa Taala

01:09:24--> 01:09:31

what is more beautiful than you will be in tranquil in this dunya and when you go to Allah swatter he put you in infidels.

01:09:32--> 01:09:59

So we see this in your life and do that which is right you know favor Allah smart Allah over everything and make sure that whatever you do is in line with that which Allah smart Allah so Allah Vina immunoglobulin David The first one is Allah and the angels. You know, they're also a guide because we don't see them. You know, Jana and how we believe in the existence and they are right now and created by Allah's man to be there did we exist? There is somebody there are some people who said Jana did not exist

01:10:00--> 01:10:13

I just like the way you have those people who said in the hereafter Allah cannot be seen. Tell them lacantina Kamali will Ed. You Allah, why do you fight him? He said he doesn't want to say Allah does leave him like that. Say inshallah I will see him.

01:10:14--> 01:10:52

And I hope you will be guided before you die. You also want to see will do things that will make you see Allah smarter on video judgment. There are some who don't believe in Jana and hell also. There are some who believe that Jen and hell also will perish and finished. Leave all of these useless beliefs take the belief of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and that Jana and hell both exists right now. These are places which will never perish both of them none of them will perish. In Allah sponsored creative things which will perish Everything has a beginning except Allah subhanho wa Taala the rest of the creation of Allah swatter they have a beginning however, there are some things

01:10:52--> 01:11:07

which Allah has wanted to not make and for them, he makes them like that. Like Jana Jana doesn't have an end. That's why the poet when he sees a cool Lucia in Makkah Allah belt or coluna, ami, lamb, harlot is, he says everything other than Allah will perish.

01:11:08--> 01:11:15

So anything other than Allah smart Allah is falsehood Rasul Allah sama said this is very good statement

01:11:16--> 01:11:32

is the most accurate statement set by a poet. And then the poet says we're calling a Malama harlot is that he said that it's every neighbor that you see in this life. For sure it is going to perish and and the prophets Allah sama said cada

01:11:33--> 01:11:36

he lied. The name of Jana will not end.

01:11:37--> 01:11:47

Yeah. Jana is the only name any name that you have. If he says that even for dunya Yes, he was right. There is no Nearline dunya which will not fill it perish.

01:11:48--> 01:12:08

That's why when you see people like I will not mention anything so that we will not go and put me in the media and say that yes, I'm saying that criticizing the science. But that was a joke when I hear some of the scientists saying that there are some system that cannot be cracked and cannot finish it cannot be destroyed cannot is an old joke.

01:12:09--> 01:12:23

Anything that is related to the dunya or as well as Allah Somerset, Allah has made a promise that you will get it down. Just give you the time. The only thing that doesn't collapse and cannot perish is the thing that is connected with Allah subhanaw taala

01:12:24--> 01:12:26

lie you did * you do

01:12:27--> 01:12:28

in the llama Lila has

01:12:29--> 01:13:04

nothing that can remain except something which was done for Allah subhanahu wa so Allah Vina Mineola wildtype as a mother Banda, whatever is hidden from us, but we are told to believe in it, we accept it, Inshallah, in the next there's even light Allah before he moved to the next area that is a very beautiful Hadith concerning this. We will talk about that hadith and then we'll move to the next inshallah. Okay, so this is the first place where Allah Spartina talk about the emoticon and describe the motorcade The second is the last one to talk about the believers. So don't forget we are talking about who are these mckown that Allah subhanaw taala praise. The first thing they have

01:13:04--> 01:13:39

the first quality they have is to believe in Allah subhanaw taala and anything that is a tool to them to believe in it get it especially the Muhammad Salah sama is so special because of our faith in in the right because we don't see or we trust and we believe in because of the federal we have from Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah subhanaw taala grant is good and ability to learn the book of Allah subhanaw taala and put it into into action in in Nairobi College. Emilian Kafeel Subhana Colombo behandling a shadow Allah in regard to the lake Saramonic morality

01:13:46--> 01:14:01

the first question chef is from Abu Bakr Shira, Salam Alikum. Chef to the Quran. The Hadith that mentions the Hadith it mentions the passing of the dog and women in front of the person praying to nullify prisons pray on demand this hadith a lot.

01:14:02--> 01:14:20

Is it does it is it only for a black dog or any type of dog? Only for the Black Dog? Sula, Salah Somerset black dog then they say they also lie. What's the difference between the black and the white and other colors? Is it very knuckleball as well the shape on because the black dog is shaped ah

01:14:22--> 01:14:26

that's why Szczepan is the title. Not origins Ashati

01:14:27--> 01:14:29

you have very dedicated very righteous Jean

01:14:31--> 01:14:59

very, very dedicated gin. They have righteous gin and they have bad ones just like us a good any help we have bad people among us. So shaytan is a title given to somebody who has that attitude behavior of destruction, facade corruption, you know, evil behavior, scoresheet? Ah, that's where it last mortis is shouting ins religion, Devils from the human beings and devils from the chin. Do we have shelter ins? Number one is real and

01:15:00--> 01:15:00


01:15:02--> 01:15:22

then we have a lot of them you know had this will encourage anyone who doesn't want peace to take place in our territories is shape and form among the Muslims also Sheltie yeah shouting and shouting those gangsters who are not letting the community to relax What do you call them? Sheltie

01:15:24--> 01:15:25

that's it yeah I

01:15:30--> 01:15:33

guess shape on is a disgrace not

01:15:36--> 01:15:44

get it if that shape of a person or a cray cray creation led him to commit COVID Then he's covered.

01:15:46--> 01:15:54

You can IDI Szczepan is a title given to anyone who is corrupt and doing corruption did nothing other than firsthand.

01:15:56--> 01:16:01

Yeah. So we call them those people who are not willing to let everyone relax their Sharpie,

01:16:02--> 01:16:03

Sharpie and Sharpie

01:16:06--> 01:16:14

Yeah, I told you when I was in secondary school, somebody was asked what is your name is Aisha on

01:16:16--> 01:16:20

Yeah, I look when I look at him I swallowed because really

01:16:24--> 01:16:32

anyway, so you haven't shared the genes you have Sheltie human beings you have shouted in animals we have shot

01:16:33--> 01:16:35

the black dog to profit and loss of Mercedes ship.

01:16:37--> 01:16:39

So whenever you hear the word ship and doesn't necessarily mean

01:16:45--> 01:16:49

Salam Alaikum wa Katya chef, astrological if you didn't know

01:16:50--> 01:17:16

which the real should we use to narrate the moment for you go to somebody's question. Shazam. Jamia has a very nice and funny. Tally can send this in his vocal cords in Rania. It says since the prophets Allah Azza wa said the reason why if that dark cross in front of you have to repeat your prayer prayer is gone because it's his shape and so the tally lists him being shaper What if you're sure

01:17:17--> 01:17:22

that the personal the thing or person that crosses in front of you is shaper

01:17:24--> 01:17:26

your prayer is it battled or not

01:17:32--> 01:17:43

an issue but what is he says this they asked him why CAL will ask what breaks the prayer? Why why why we don't get the white one, the blue one the green one.

01:17:46--> 01:17:51

Why don't we get the other ones he says because this one is sharepad Then do you think in pls

01:17:52--> 01:17:53

you go with the tallied

01:17:58--> 01:18:02

but he doesn't cross that one, you lost the use of the bait

01:18:03--> 01:18:16

trap yourself. And that one was trying he says he was trying to buy actually this against you actually that had a thank you for giving me evidence to the story. Because he said he was trying to break my prayer. And and I got him.

01:18:17--> 01:18:18

So he did not let him cross.

01:18:20--> 01:18:23

Yeah. And he said he was trying to break my prayer.

01:18:25--> 01:18:26

That means when the shaytaan break,

01:18:28--> 01:18:29

walk in front of you the prayer will be

01:18:32--> 01:18:32

I did not complete.

01:18:34--> 01:18:51

Yeah, he said he took him to the ground. And he held him so so harshly. And he said his intention was to keep him until the next morning. Tell him the one of the pillars of the masjid. And the next morning he will give it to the kids they will play with him j&j

01:18:53--> 01:19:00

But then he remember the daughter of his brother, Solomon, Allison. So the man says, Yeah, Allah gave me

01:19:02--> 01:19:20

the kingdom that you will not give anyone. So he said that was the reason why I just didn't want to destroy the happiness of Solomon and so he can do it. But he said, I stay away from it. So how'd you get the wrestler even he was so the man was dead. But still, he said let's keep that he wants to be the only one to let us make it like that.

01:19:22--> 01:19:25

Anyway, this this issue, it sounds to be like

01:19:26--> 01:19:37

something that very rarely to happen. Right. But in terms of the professor last summer, he saw it. Right. And subhanAllah in one of our trips without mentioning the country, we went to

01:19:38--> 01:19:59

a one hour trip, you know, so Hala, we have the terroir of the students in the hotel they put us that they have these images passing in front of the backlight and their prey, including also some of the the teachers who are with us also. So in the way we just wanted the I don't see anything in that place. But many, many many of them are saying yeah

01:20:00--> 01:20:10

After witness this, this and that, And subhanAllah that hotel after they talk about that, you can understand why this is full of full of images and statues and things you know

01:20:12--> 01:20:20

it Muslim country also look at them. Anyway. So, if let's say this has to happen according to some of the scholars

01:20:21--> 01:20:21

too far.

01:20:23--> 01:20:26

Yeah, according to some of the scholars, journalists have been teaming I believe that

01:20:27--> 01:20:34

chakra chakras have been teaming I believe that this area is modular, when you are sure. The question is how are you sure?

01:20:36--> 01:20:48

He said when you are sure since the inlet is this, and it's very clear his opinion, Allah is this then if you're sure that the one that cause in front of you is this one of them, then they have to see a ceremony and free again.

01:20:49--> 01:20:52

Right? Stop. If you can stop them. I don't know how

01:20:55--> 01:20:59

you think cannot stop them then. If they work in front of you, then you have to replay again.

01:21:01--> 01:21:10

However, Chef, Chef, you know feminists, in another opinion, support you so he says no, we don't extend the inlet to other Sheltie.

01:21:11--> 01:21:16

Yeah, so if you want to be on the safe side, you take the opinion of Sheikh Salman t&t. Yes,

01:21:17--> 01:21:20

the person should repeat the prayer again if this happened.

01:21:21--> 01:21:24

Yeah, but don't let your wife cross in front of you and you

01:21:27--> 01:21:28

have to choose another house

01:21:35--> 01:21:39

in this question check why is the woman mentioned?

01:21:40--> 01:21:43

Let's see, I was going to tell him please do not ask that question.

01:21:45--> 01:21:46

Where are you from? Why do you just ask?

01:21:50--> 01:21:56

The best answer is well Allahu, Allah Allah. I have never come across a place where the prophets and lots of I mentioned

01:21:57--> 01:21:59

Yeah, so we'll just see what

01:22:01--> 01:22:18

donkeys mentioned matured woman who reaches the age of maturity is mentioned and also blocked off as mentioned. I share the Allahu Anhu rejected this hadith. She said she saw way to Mona Bill Hamid will kill him. He said you are comparing us with dogs and

01:22:19--> 01:22:48

donkeys, what kind of thinking you have Yeah, but this you just put it in the in the bank of Ayesha rejecting some of the things which are firmly established by the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah is Allah rasool Allah sama pass you read. While standing. Aisha said Whoever tells you to Sula Salah sama ever passed, you read while standing, he is light. And this is an alcoholic? Because if I were a man said I was with him. And I was covering it.

01:22:49--> 01:22:54

I said, Whoever said that is a big liar. So we will say what

01:22:55--> 01:22:59

she did not see. When have you heard it and

01:23:00--> 01:23:03

somebody else memorized and shouldn't have been rice? And that's it.

01:23:05--> 01:23:13

Did he do that? Yes, he did. He said some of the type of the Doha prayer or celestial awesome I never did because she was always with him. No, she wasn't always.

01:23:15--> 01:23:19

So some of these claims were right. She was right. And some of them she was she was wrong

01:23:20--> 01:23:50

in them. So the best answer in this is Allahu Allah. There are scholars who are mentioning that because of destruction and all of these, these, these these and the best is to keep it aside. Because sometimes especially living with this kind of mentality we have nowadays, where people are really out of their brain, criticizing the Sharia. You know, I was there when when a sister I told you wrote a message to one of our scholars in Medina, saying that whoever says that woman I created from the ribs. May Allah curse

01:23:51--> 01:23:56

Sheikh said in Allah when I read it because who said that? Pursue Eliza Eliza

01:23:57--> 01:24:14

Annie Rasul Allah, Allah azza wa jal talking about the nature of the way Allah smart Allah created everyone. That's what you see in the past, there was no issue when it comes to these cases. Nobody even pays attention to them. Yeah, nobody even pays attention to them in that way. But now in our time, no

01:24:15--> 01:24:32

person will come and criticize Allah subhanho wa Taala and say whatever they want to say whether from the male or the female. So we shouldn't also contribute to this disrespect to the Sharia of Allah subhanaw taala by giving an explanation to things which Allah has wanted to not give an explanation.

01:24:34--> 01:24:52

As well as Allah sama said, If a baby boy pass urine, if this baby boy did not eat food, you can just sprinkle water on the urine. Who said this Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and if a baby girl who did not eat you know they are the same. And she passed you you have to wash it.

01:24:54--> 01:24:54


01:24:56--> 01:24:59

You have some people say is because the one that will come from the girls is Monica

01:25:00--> 01:25:01

has happened. Who told you this?

01:25:04--> 01:25:26

Is it a valid question who told him this? Nobody told him this rasool Allah Sama, just say, this is how it should be done finished. Just do like that. He explained, we explained, he doesn't explain, we just keep quiet, we just pass it the way it is. That's it. Because if you're going to say this, trust me, especially maybe in the past, they would just understand, you know, respect this quality and keep quiet, but in our time, you say this.

01:25:28--> 01:25:34

Yeah, there are those people, those sisters who are at the edge, this is one something to put some some push them out of Islam, you know,

01:25:35--> 01:25:42

go out, so you're not helping them any in any way. Some of them said, Because of this, and that, you know,

01:25:43--> 01:25:49

and one of the scholars was asked, Why is it like that? It said, because Allah created Adam from,

01:25:50--> 01:25:51

from the clay

01:25:52--> 01:25:59

and he created Hawa from, from the from Adam. Do you understand that? The man said no.

01:26:01--> 01:26:28

So he told him again because Allah created Adam from the clay and he created howa from Adam. Do you get it? He said yes. He couldn't get the first one the second one he get it in the same way the chef was put in it but what does he mean? It means that if you were to have a clay you know and put it in the room put water in it and put it in a room for instance and have a flush of meat and put it in another room after a few days which room you can be able to go in

01:26:30--> 01:26:31

the clay or the

01:26:32--> 01:26:35

Beckley So what is he trying to say?

01:26:36--> 01:26:40

You get the message right? Yeah, this opinion you take it and put it where?

01:26:41--> 01:26:42

In the garbage.

01:26:44--> 01:26:51

You Allah do respect for him whom Allah but this one is just taken and keep it aside because Allah sama never said anything like this.

01:26:52--> 01:27:03

Now if you're going to say this to the Sisters of today, you know, what do you think she's going to do? And you might say, well, I don't care. No, you should care. Because you will not be happy when you see her going to hell when she disrespect Allah subhanho wa

01:27:05--> 01:27:09

Taala should care you should care, you should do things in the way the Eman of others will be kept.

01:27:11--> 01:27:27

You get ideas. So when Allah is monitored did not mention a justification. The best is to keep it in the way this no justification. Why this? Why that we just leave it like that. Good idea. So that's the best good do you bring this? I love the question. At the end of the day, I was annoyed. But

01:27:28--> 01:27:52

the end of the day like it? Yeah. So the best answer to this why is this is included with it. This is the Sharia of Rabu Alamy. There are some justification mentioned by some scholars, but I don't believe this, these correct justification, distraction, this, this this and that, you know, that's not the only policy with the best answer is to say, Allahu Allah shall guess

01:27:58--> 01:28:19

where they come, some say that if our Isha they had one, Allah has an opinion, we should prefer that opinion, because she is the Prophets wife. And she's been with him longer than others. That's true. And so if she has certain opinions, of course, you take that one should take that one. How do we

01:28:20--> 01:28:23

come into our sort of class? Nobody?

01:28:24--> 01:28:28

I think you should send the invitation to that classroom for him to come right.

01:28:30--> 01:28:39

To the class that is a topic and also the fact that says code is heavy. How do you deal with the code as a hobby? Not every time as a hobbyist? It's something you take.

01:28:40--> 01:29:14

Yeah, that is a Colusa Harvey's statement of a companion that agrees with the Quran, you have to take it. There is a statement of the companion that goes against the Quran, you have to keep it aside, must stay away from it goes against the Sunnah of the Prophet, Allah sama. And we believe they're not doing that intentionally. Most likely, they did not see that soon, you get an idea. And that is called sahabi, which he said something and the rest of the companions agreed with him or at least they keep quiet. This is the one that that she was talking about that we have to take it if I just said something. Nobody among the companions said something other than what she said. And her

01:29:14--> 01:29:35

statement doesn't contradict any of the verses of the Quran and the Hadith of the prophets Allah sama we must take you must we have no right to use our own opinion. We have to go with her opinion. However, if she said something and another companion said something else different from what she said. In this case we have to look for an external evidence to support one of them.

01:29:36--> 01:29:38

You don't take it because he's the wife.

01:29:39--> 01:29:43

You take her opinion because her opinions the one that is supported by the

01:29:44--> 01:29:46

by what by the text, right?

01:29:48--> 01:29:53

You get the example I always give in the class is the marriage of the professor last summer with my Munna

01:29:54--> 01:29:59

been inherited the word the last wife. When did he marry her? Was Was it when he was in the state of Ihram

01:30:00--> 01:30:05

Commercial Kalia or the prophets Allah somos. Net mo him when he married my Mona

01:30:06--> 01:30:10

at the library about said he married my Munna when he was

01:30:11--> 01:30:12

about Rafa.

01:30:13--> 01:30:21

And the rest said no, he wasn't a model. If you have to look at the close relationship of the library bus is more closer to the prophecy law. So Milena Bourassa.

01:30:23--> 01:30:25

Janet, and I've lived in

01:30:26--> 01:30:31

what is his name of the library a bar set? The marriage happened when he was in

01:30:32--> 01:30:34

Iraq. So who do we take?

01:30:36--> 01:30:50

It goes to the boss because he's a family member, you know. However, I've often said, No. So since there is a clash, if we're going to take that concept, a companion saying this and he's more closer, so let's allow some of them we will take from the live in our bus.

01:30:51--> 01:31:03

But then when we take the correct approach, we go for the external evidence we take from Abu raffia. Why? Because the Sunnah says like, what are you Muharram cannot marry.

01:31:04--> 01:31:09

And we cannot give him a wife, who is the first person that is why they would want him to apply this Rasulullah

01:31:11--> 01:31:21

good idea as an example for us to follow. That's number one. And our Buddha said in some of the variations, he says he was the agent between Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi, wasallam and Maimunah.

01:31:22--> 01:31:29

And I'm the one who will tell him what happened. He was the one who was going between them, you know, and I come to tell them what happens. And also,

01:31:30--> 01:31:35

on top of all my Munna, which I call the greatest evidence actually concerning this matter.

01:31:37--> 01:31:40

Because most of most of the brothers

01:31:42--> 01:31:44

after the marriage, they forgot

01:31:45--> 01:32:06

the date of the marriage. Usually sisters will never forget the day she married. That's very natural. But the brothers, We Care We Count with seconds. When is the marriage going to happen? Right after the marriage happened? Ask him after a few days. When was it he will be? I guess inshallah? I think it was. I think it was Tuesday, right? Yeah.

01:32:08--> 01:32:09


01:32:10--> 01:32:40

So I told the people in the class that I went to register my my child in the GP and the birth certificate and the man asked me, there is a new law now you have to bring the marriage certificate and things that I said I registered to this is number three. And nobody ever asked me about these things. So I did not bring them I have but I did not bring it's a noun that is a new law. You have to bring them but then he told me he said no problem. No worries. I just need the date of marriage.

01:32:43--> 01:32:44

I told him I forgot

01:32:47--> 01:32:53

you're alive. So he asked me is a call and family and ask them. I call them I ask them you know, they did not hesitate to tell you.

01:32:55--> 01:33:01

So then I remember this. My Munna case when she said Rasulullah selasa. married me when he was an Emirati.

01:33:02--> 01:33:40

I always related to this ice. Yeah, this should be the biggest evidence, you know, that can help us to keep the opinion of the Lyman Abbas aside and take the opinion of my moolah and the other components of the computer logs. So we have to put it in the right where you cannot say whatever complainant says we have to go with it. No, that's a less if nobody contradicting if you have two companions as in different things. You have to go with the one that is supported by external evidences. And this very good topic because you have issues which are still controversial, controversial among us. Yeah. And you have companions of the Prophet Allah Azza cual, whom talked

01:33:40--> 01:33:48

about that a lot with the Dalai Lama. So when said this was that the best is to look for an external evidence to support the other, the other side.

01:33:50--> 01:33:51

We don't

01:33:53--> 01:33:59

have so minutes. Can we give five minutes so yes, okay. That's very quickly.

01:34:03--> 01:34:26

Which leader should we use to narrate? To narrate the moment we see all we will forget all enjoined? Which delille should we use to narrate the moment we see Allah we will forget all enjoyment. You can use the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that says Allah subhanaw taala when he gave the people, the zyada, the Muslim will never be given something that is more beautiful than that.

01:34:27--> 01:34:30

You know, the Libyan Assam Husna was yada, yada is the

01:34:32--> 01:34:58

what do you call another energy light key as it is established by the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Salam, and we're told that this is the best moment we have been asked for that which I mentioned is the statement of Abraham. Right That will mean you will not necessarily the home for him and that is nothing, no way for something to be more you know, pleasant that you will be in with Allah smart. No way. It's very natural. Yeah.

01:34:59--> 01:34:59

Just wanted to clear

01:35:03--> 01:35:05

You had mentioned in class earlier about

01:35:07--> 01:35:12

mica Ill not smiling after seeing Johanna. Is that Malika Michaela,

01:35:13--> 01:35:37

that's Malik. So Michaela doesn't smell that Jabril asked the rasool Allah Some ask Jabril Ali wa sallam he said, why I never saw mica in life? Because he had read the talk, they laugh, but mica I never. So then God told him that because when Allah subhanaw taala created hell, and he asked him to see the help when he said it all the time to life is all

01:35:38--> 01:35:53

that was not Malik Malik the prophets Allah summer swim in another in another way. He said, I saw him with his eyes, they are extremely red, very scary thing. Even during the struggle, Mirage, he was one of the angels that Jabril told him

01:35:54--> 01:36:04

when he was in betting markets, praying with the with the prophet who the marsala This is Malik Collins he said unto him, why Allah smart Allah sent Malik to come to that

01:36:05--> 01:36:12

meeting Allah but he saw Malik also in that place and to be told in kwansei salaam to Malik but he wasn't the one

01:36:13--> 01:36:44

that was mentioned by the professor someone he doesn't love but that one also I think we don't need to ask about him whether he loves or not, you know? When other we are medically Yeah, Murray Cooley Jacobi, Elena rockbrook Carina Comacchio people in hell will be asking Malik, Tibet, Allah subhanaw taala to take off their life. Some scholars said he will reply them after 40 years doesn't have time for them. After 40 years, you will tell them in nicomachea a cut Gina can be happy well I can occur communal happy.

01:36:45--> 01:37:06

will tell them in nicomachea scholar said this answer is worse than the situation they were in before. Because the first time they still have some hope. Maybe maybe, maybe maybe. But now, when he says in Nicomachean, they know that for sure they cannot come out of hell. That's why it's the punishment is greater after receiving this information from from Malik, Elisa.

01:37:09--> 01:37:11

brothership Assalamualaikum.

01:37:12--> 01:37:17

If I am attracted to a sister who passed by, am I allowed to ask for marriage straightaway?

01:37:19--> 01:37:20

Yeah, if you want to be smoked.

01:37:23--> 01:37:44

Yeah, because if you meet a very decent Sister, he will hear a lot. And that's good. Actually, for him, he can hear this. Because this part of the protection they have you Allah that you have this prestige, as Yes, talking to the sister directly like this can really get into trouble by the community, and also by the sister Hotel.

01:37:45--> 01:38:03

That's why I asked her last Mahanta to increase your interest in marriage, but do the right thing. When you see somebody that you're interested come and see there are a lot of people that come and ask if they're Oman, you know, can you more so you know, I saw sister so and so on so on. So who is she? Who is she?

01:38:04--> 01:38:21

I wish I can say she has a beautiful moment with some people with you, but I will never anyway. But this is what to me that you know, look for somebody and ask, do you know about this person? And they will guide you, if you already see what you want. And I also advise you not to do that actually.

01:38:22--> 01:38:28

In the way you are saying you I just see says I'm attracted to her and then can I marry you and that

01:38:30--> 01:38:31

marriage is not like that.

01:38:33--> 01:38:34

You're going to cry?

01:38:35--> 01:38:43

And if she can tell you she will tell you with all the beauty I have. How come? You haven't problem with me. But this is very natural. Right.

01:38:44--> 01:38:47

After the marriage, people don't see what they used to see before.

01:38:48--> 01:38:57

Yeah, don't deceive yourself. What do you see? You might not be able to see it after the marriage. I said after the second the first child, a friend of mine.

01:38:58--> 01:39:03

My classmate in Medina, he says no, that was wrong. So what do you mean? He says

01:39:04--> 01:39:06

after a few few days, a few hours.

01:39:09--> 01:39:11

And so Hala, you might say no, this is an exaggeration, but it's true.

01:39:13--> 01:39:14

Both of us will be like that.

01:39:15--> 01:39:20

So what can help you to keep this thing that brought you to the marriage is the de

01:39:21--> 01:39:23

Paula Deen is the best Harris you

01:39:24--> 01:39:32

will keep your brain in that place and then your wife might change for a lot but you will not see that you will change but you will not see that.

01:39:33--> 01:39:40

Dean is really necessary in marriage. So we just see a sister or she sees the brother and then this is the best candidate and then go on marry tomorrow you will cry.

01:39:41--> 01:39:52

The best is when you see Yeah, okay Alhamdulillah maybe this might be just make it like that. Maybe this mic and go to him can you well I was passing to

01:39:53--> 01:39:54


01:39:56--> 01:39:59

when he called this masjid and then I saw one of the sisters who came back

01:40:00--> 01:40:04

I'm really serious to marry and I think this might be a good candidate do you know anything about them

01:40:05--> 01:40:11

then that's that's how we should begin go and check and check also back home there and she also should do the same thing

01:40:12--> 01:40:15

that's why it's not good to married to the Facebook

01:40:17--> 01:40:19

good idea. Get the physical book

01:40:22--> 01:40:23

Allah grant is good and Tofik

01:40:25--> 01:40:33

oh five minutes I think finish okay and we add three more inshallah. Next question, chef. I was still the roster the loss

01:40:34--> 01:40:42

from sunart Troia in his hedge, what is sanatoria and and is it better to move in hedge Sunette Teruya

01:40:44--> 01:40:45


01:40:50--> 01:40:50

I don't know.

01:40:52--> 01:40:55

If you can enlighten us what is similar to Tarawa

01:40:57--> 01:41:03

and all your material we are this is the eighth of the Asia. What can be done on this date is to pray and to make the hara

01:41:04--> 01:41:05


01:41:07--> 01:41:09

to make the hub and then move to Milan

01:41:10--> 01:41:25

immediately and try to pray five prayers a minute. Low. Assa Maghrib Asia and what is fragile? Yeah. And then get ready to move to alpha. These are activities to be done on the day of tomorrow. Yeah, but I didn't know any other.

01:41:26--> 01:41:28

Maybe in the next class he might explain. Okay, next question.

01:41:31--> 01:41:42

From Abu Bakr Shiva, what are some of the wisdoms behind why a man gets more than a woman in Islam with regards to inheritance? Is it related to animal photo it is related to Allahu Allah.

01:41:43--> 01:41:53

Allah subhanaw taala says Allah Akbar buena oculata de Luna Yamakawa kunafa you don't know which one is most efficient for you just keep the inheritance in the way alas Montella kept it

01:41:54--> 01:42:14

is very good. And Allah is going to give all of us he says keep it in the way I kept it because you don't know which one is more beneficial for you. You get it so why man is taking more? Allahu Allah. Get it? Some scholars mentioned that because he's the caretaker and all of these things. But then some people will ask you Okay, then, if now the woman is on who's taking care of

01:42:16--> 01:42:23

his sister to kill him. If the father died, how the inheritance is going to be? Are we going to keep the same thing or not?

01:42:25--> 01:42:32

So good idea. That's why I said if Allah did not mention justification, the best is not to mention any justification.

01:42:33--> 01:42:34

Allah grant is good.

01:42:35--> 01:42:37

We are going to pray now if your

01:42:38--> 01:42:47

kid does it Insha Allah, may Allah grant you good and reward your patients and grant you filled those in Allah and all of us in the whole ecology meaning Kofi Subhana Allah Morbihan decrescendo, let

01:42:49--> 01:42:50

us type record to Malika Salam wa